The worlds most unusual stamps

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The World’s Most Unusual Stamps Gimmicky stamps made by the world’s postal authorities for fun and PROFIT.

Ralph B. Dinwiddie

“Gimmick Stamps” are designed to be collected by stamp collectors and the general public • Unusual shapes – Circles, ovals, Polygons, and die cuts

• Unusual Effects – Brail, Scents, Molded Plastic, Glow in the Dark – 3D and video clips

• Unusual additions – Seeds, meteorite dust, Tennis court clay and crystals

• Unusual Materials – Silk, wood, metal

• Unusual Media – CDs and DVDs

• Personalized Photo Stamps

Unusual shapes (Perforations)

Andorra Scott 628 September 1, 2007 New Zealand Scott 1161

Lichtenstein 2007 Scott 1380 France Givenchy

USA 2000 Scott 3410

Unusual shapes (Die Cut) Tonga April 21, 1969 Scott 222

Sierra Leone February 10, 1964 Scott 257

Tonga September 30, 1972 Scott 306

Sierra Leone February 10, 1964 Scott C20

Tonga December 1971 Scott C106

Unusual Effects (Braille)

Cyprus March 12, 2009

France 2009

Andorra 2009 Scott 647

Other Countries‌ Algeria Aruba (2) 2009 Belarus Brazil Canada Hungary India Moldova Poland Syria 2008 Vatican City

Unusual Effects (Scents) Brazil 1999 Scott 2717 Recycled Burnt Wood Scent

India December 18 2006 Scott 2179a Sandalwood Scent

India 2008 Jasmine Scent

French Polynesia 2007 Coconut Scented Scott 948

Unusual Effects (Scents) -continued

Switzerland May 9 2001 Scott 1100a Chocolate scent

Unusual Effects (Molded Plastic)

Bhutan April 17, 1972 Scott 145f Plastic Heat Molded

Unusual Effects (Glow in the Dark)

Finland September 10, 2003 Scott 1197

Unusual Effects (3D)

Bhutan October 30, 1967 Scott 91o

Austria August 2008 Lenticular Stamp

Unusual Effects (Holograms)

Unusual Effects (Video Clips)

Finland January 2008 Lenticular Stamp lenticular technology. A special method processes the individual images of the film, which lasts about three seconds (and shows the entire goal scene) and stores them in one single picture using lenticular technology. By moving the photo manually, the impression is created of a continuous action. The result is also known as a motion-image picture. What is truly new in international philately is the reproduction of an entire film - never seen before on a stamp.

Unusual Effects (Video Clips)

Austria 5 May 5, 2008 Lenticular Stamp

Canada, 2009 Lenticular Stamps

Unusual Effects (Video Clips) Netherlands 2006 Lenticular Stamps


Unusual Effects (Video Clips)

Australia, March 6 2007. Lenticular Stamps

Unusual additions (Beads & Crystals)

Singapore Beads Affixed by Hand April 8, 2008

Austria, Crystals Affixed September 20 2004 Scott 1966

Unusual additions (Rocks & Minerals)

Austria, March 24 2006 Meteorite Particles Scott 2042 Russia, February 19 2003 Embossed Foil Application and with clay particles Scott 6751 Gibraltar, 2002 with granite particles Scott 917d

Unusual additions (Seeds) Close-up Of seeds Netherlands May 1, 2007 Seeds on Stamps. Scott 1290

Unusual Materials (Silk) Granada, June 1 1971 Printed on Silk Scott 408a

Italy, 2002 Printed on Silk Scott 2435 Poland, December 12 1958 Printed on Silk Scott 830

Unusual Materials (Plastic)

Austria, 2008 Soccar Ball Material Scott 2146

USA Printed on Plastic Scott 2475

USA Printed on Plastic Scott 2522

Unusual Materials (Wood)

Djibouti January 27, 1985 Scott 593a Portugal On Cork

Djibouti October 7,1983 Scott C187 Switzerland, September 7 2004 Silk Screened on Wood Scott 1188

Unusual Materials (Foil)

Tonga October 19, 1964 Scott 136-9

Tonga July 15, 1963 Scott 128-33

Tonga October 19, 1964 Scott C7-10

Unusual Materials (Metals)

France December 31, 2008, Silver stamp

Russia, Printed on Aluminum Foil April 12, 1965. Scott 3022-23 Bright Rose is florescent.

Vatican City Silver stamp

Netherlands September 25 2001 Etched on Silver Scott 1082

Bhutan, December 17, 1996 22Kt Gold foil Scott 1135

Bhutan June 2, 1969 Scott 103H-K On Steel Foil

Unusual Materials (Embroidery)

Austria, July 19, 2005 Scott 2019

Switzerland, June 21 2000 Scott 1075

Granada, 2003. Scott 3353 Teddy Bear Felt

Unusual Media (Records)

Bhutan April 15, 1973 Record Stamps Scott 152-F

Unusual Media (CDs)

Bhutan 2008 CD Stamps

Unusual Media (DVDs)

North Korea First DVD Stamps Octagon Shaped

Personalized Photo Stamps

The End? • Surely not! • Keep your eyes open for unusual stamps. • Watch for stamps of unusual shapes, interesting smells, added materials, special materials, 3D, video, audio, CDs, DVDs, etc. • Who knows what the next “FIRST” will be in unusual postage stamps? • Perhaps the first “Blu-Ray” stamp, the first USB stamp or the first Gift Card Stamp will be issued before you know it.