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Welcome We are delighted to welcome you to our first newsletter as an academy. The creation of our Multi-Academy Trust (PolyMAT) is an exciting new phase for Woolwich Polytechnic as the Department for Education recognises our expertise in helping other schools. At some point we shall consider which other schools we may want to bring into PolyMAT but the needs of Woolwich Polytechnic students will always be our number one priority. We are delighted that our 2014 results were, once again, considerably above the national averages at both KS4 and KS5. At a time of much turbulence in the education system, this is testament to the amazing impact that our teachers and associate staff provide. It is of no surprise that we have a waiting list of students wanting to come into the school and that our Sixth Form is flourishing. Next term will see the building of our new Sixth Form block following a grant from the government for half a million pounds – another recognition that Woolwich Polytechnic is one of the best schools in the UK. We hope you enjoy this edition of our magazine as you learn of the many achievements of our wonderful students and staff.

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Parent View Calling all parents and carers, at Woolwich Poly we are always interested to find out your views on how we are doing; your opinions are important to us. Ofsted have developed a website where you are able to answer questions on the school, which allows us to shape our future priorities. We kindly ask that you spare a few minutes to complete the form found at the following website address: Please contact the school office if you would like more details.


Tim Plumb

Byron Parker

Now available: Art Department Calendar 2015 The art department has selected 12 outstanding pieces of art by our current GCSE and A Level students for the 2015 art department calendar. The calendar is priced at ÂŁ2.00 and is available to buy from the school. Please contact the office for an order form.

Key Stage 3 News Year 7 News We are nearing the end of the first term for our Year 7 pupils …it has been a very busy and productive time. To kick off the year all tutor groups visited Wrotham, which is an outdoor pursuits centre in Kent. The purpose of the day visit was to engage the pupils in a variety of problem solving activities and challenges. It gave the pupils an opportunity to foster positive relationships within their tutor groups and with their tutors. Many pupils were fabulous on the day and showed us their ability to lead, to interact, to negotiate, to face their fears ……and a whole other range of both cognitive and physical skills were required! The pupils all appeared to have a fun-filled and productive day despite the cold autumn weather. I must say a big thank you to Mr. Crowe and all the sixth formers involved whose hard work ensured that all days were a great success. At the beginning of the term we held Information Evenings with the Year 7 parents to inform them about the curriculum on offer for their sons. We gave information to parents on how best to support their sons at home. It was also an opportunity for parents to meet other parents, tutors and to share experiences over a cup of tea or coffee. I hope parents who did attend feel that it gave them a head start with their sons on entry to the world of secondary education. We try hard at the Poly to recognise that the transition from primary to secondary school is a massive one and hope that we are doing all we can to make this as seamless a transition as possible . For the fourth year running we have invited the XLP youth group into school to run a lunchtime transition club and attendance to the club has been good. The group takes place every Thursday lunchtime and provides a range of games and focussed discussions on issues associated with secondary school life such as bullying, peer group pressure, building self -esteem, etc… All the issues addressed are aimed at supporting the transition from primary to secondary school. The boys have good fun and are learning great strategies to cope with school life at the same time.

held in Learning Support for homework for those pupils who are supported with their learning by the Learning Support team. . As you know there are a range of other clubs after school and at lunchtimes from art to table tennis - please encourage your sons to attend at least one club a week as they can have fun and learn at the same time. We are doing our bit for charity at Christmas by asking the boys to donate a present for the elderly in our community. It is important that the boys recognise the needs of the vulnerable and take action to support them. Thank you for those who contributed to the Harvest boxes at harvest time, we really do appreciate your efforts with this. We held our Prize assembly recently, where we recognised those pupils who always “do the right thing” where we reward good behaviour, hard work and good attendance, punctuality and a positive attitude to homework and classwork. Boys received certificates and were able to go into our prize draw to win a prize. Please remind your sons to have their contact diaries with them every day (which should be signed every week), their timetables and equipment...this is a must! A little plea too…can you encourage your sons to learn your contact phone number (either home or mobile) off by heart as this is a very valuable number for them to know at all times. Thank you. On a final positive note, the Year 7 pastoral team have been involved in the school’s Christmas pantomime which provided the boys with some light relief and much fun after a very productive and hard - working first term.

Year 8 Enterprise The corridors were alive with the sound of enterprise during the first term at Woolwich Poly. The annual Year 8 enterprise competition was in full flow during September and October. The Year 8 forms were “..raising money for Ms tasked Wards’ Bangladesh school with charity” coming up with a novel way to raise some money for Ms Ward’s Bangladesh school charity. Each form group submitted their ideas and were given £20 in seed capital with which to buy the supplies needed to run their enterprise. From cake selling to car washing, candy floss to chicken ‘n’ rice, “ of the groups had a the turnover in excess of £100” Year 8 students took to the challenge with serious intent. Strong rivalry between the forms and a desire to help a worthwhile cause meant that one of the groups had a turnover in excess of £100. A significant amount of money was raised for the charity and the boys got a taste of what it was like to make business decisions, develop a business plan and be accountable for sales and finances.

Year 8 Harvest Visit The Year 8 boys donated “..the visit was a success!” food items and decorated boxes for harvest. They took them down to the local drop in centre for old people. The visit was a success and some of the men enjoyed teaching one of the boys lawn bowling!

This year our Homework Club for Year 7 is being held in the library after school every Tuesday between 3 and 4pm. There is an additional club


English The English department has had a very busy yet exciting time so far this term: And we are very ready for the Christmas holidays... as are all our students! For starters, every student in Year 11 has taken an English exam already this year! Set 1s did their early entry iGCSE language exam while the rest did their ESOL additional English exam, helping them to practice the skills for their language GCSE exam at the end of the year, while giving them an additional qualification to boot! Most students pulled out all the stops to practice the ESOL exam skills “The slam poetry competition was a great success!” in class, came after school to do their speaking and listening exams and came during the holidays to do their final written exam. We would like to reiterate how proud we are of all their hard work: and how worth it they will find it when they get that extra GCSE this summer! We also couldn’t have done it without all the English teachers pulling together to get the best from our Poly boys! We would also like to congratulate the top set boys on doing their language GCSE so early. It has meant incredible hard work and dedication from them and their teachers: but again the pay off has been great! Most of the boys will get As and A*s for both literature and language GCSEs: they are a credit to the school! The English department has also been holding fun and challenging events and clubs for the students, in amongst the exams and hard work! The slam poetry competition was a roaring success. All the students greatly impressed the audience. Their words were like poetry and their delivery was akin to Dizzee Rascal et al! The Year 7 Creativity club, where passionate and talented Year 7s work collaboratively, is flourishing as well. The students devise their projects and their content in a fashion rarely able to be undertaken as part of our normal English lessons. Currently, club members have decided to create a play and have devised the themes of children fighting for more freedom and independence from adults throughout the ages. Each “Most of the boys will get As and A*s for both literature and scene is being written and staged by small groups of students ready for a drama workshop the week before the language GCSEs: they are a credit to the school!” Christmas holidays... We hope to stage it for parents and staff alike in the New Year! Have a great holiday! From the English department.


remaining insects that survived would witness the large expansion of plants on the land. As a result of this insects adapted rapidly to the new resource and evolved new methods of feeding and living making them an important part of the world we line in today.



As part of Humanities’ Gifted and Talented initiative a group of 12 students are attending Geology Club with Mr Wood. This includes Years 7, 8, 10 and even 13. It is an informal group where students of different ages support each other in competing their work. As part of our first lessons we encountered the Geological Timescale, a representation of the majority of time since the big bang up to and including the period where humans evolved and prospered on the planet. We learned about different epochs and era; their environmental and climatic shifts and the evolution of geological systems and components that eventually led to the spark of life on Earth. Below are a few short points about these evolutionary events, written by the students themselves:

Atmosphere The evolution of atmosphere started about 2300 million years ago. Atmosphere started when there was only land without life. The atmosphere was made by gases and vapour from the cooling earth. Gases such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide and oxygen and nitrogen and water vapour collected around our planet. The gases came out from volcanoes and when the water vapour condensed it formed oceans and the earth’s atmosphere. Oxygen began absorbing some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light and also split to form single oxygen atoms which allowed ozone (O3) molecules to develop. This layer of ozone then protected the Earth from the sun’s harmful rays and allowed life to develop in a safer environment. Brandon

Insects The earliest form of what we could call insects were wingless Hexapods which probably arose in the Silurian. We have well-preserved fossils from the early Devonian which is when the earliest forms of insects started to appear. Insects that we know today have wings and winged insects first appeared in the fossil record in the Carboniferous period, that was around 350 million years ago however they probably arose earlier than that as they had very developed wings. Today as they have wings they can fly; however, they do this by most of the time having folding wings. Wing folding evolved in the Carboniferous period, not too long after the evolution of wings in the first place. Wing folding characterizes all Neopterous insect orders and has allowed insects to inhabit burrows, nests, tunnels, and generally protect themselves and their wings. Some insects today developed through metamorphosis. Metamorphosis evolved sometime late in the Carboniferous or early Permian. Although they have evolved a lot some types of primitive insects were wiped out at the end of the Permian extinction. The


Leo The oldest impressions of fish fossils found date back to around 530 million years ago, but looked more like worms rather than the fish we know today, and were called ‘Pikaia’. The way we can tell that these worms evolved into fish are their similar features, these include the shape of its head, the arrangement of its muscles as well as the nerve cords and circulation system. About 420 million years ago, lobefinned fish evolved into a tetrapod and ray-finned fish evolved into a Cheirolepis. By 100 million years ago, the fish we know today took shape. Mahmood

Reptiles Reptiles evolved near the Carboniferous. Reptiles evolved from amphibians who first came out of the lakes and rivers because they saw food and the lake was possibly drying out. So it must have seen it and went on the land. Thousands of years later, the amphibian grew hard, defensive and useful scales. They lay waterbound eggs so they still lived in the water for a while and they could fully leave the water, as they are still amphibian. Most of the dinosaurs evolved from reptiles. Their brain size is very small and that is good for them in hunting. Reptiles are vertebrates. Marin

Humans The evolution of humans took a very long time from apes and it is very hard to research into the process of human evolution because we only came around very recently. If you imagine it as a clock and in the space of a day, we would have only been a millisecond of that day. Lots of research has gone into the process of human evolution, it has been found that humans evolved from other mammals about 85 million years ago, near the end of the late Cretaceous period. The most recent documentation of the early human (Homo) are the Homo habilis, which walked on the earth about 2.3 million years ago, archaeologist have solid prove of them using stone tools. Miles

Medieval madness at Mountfitchet

the coach and hoped no one else would be sick. I liked Mountfitchet Castle because there were animals walking about and you could feed them touch them. You had to be careful not to scare them. If I lived in the Norman times I would have liked to have been a soldier and ridden a horse in a jousting competition. Ben Lake

Visit to Leeds Castle On the 9th October twenty-eight, year seven pupils visited Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted as part of their history curriculum. Mountfitchet Castle and Norman village is a unique historical time capsule. The reconstructed castle was opened in 1986 and is faithful to the way it would have looked around 1086. The Motte and Bailey castle and village enables visitors to travel back in time to Norman England. The boys visited buildings which were work huts for the villagers such as the church, gallows, prison, coffin maker and blacksmith. They learned about the harsh lives people led and tried their hand at jousting, wearing chainmail and armour and fed the animals. The boys enjoyed their trip immensely and wrote a recount of their adventures. There is an example of what they remembered about the day: Year 7 ACE classes went to Mountfitchet castle. We saw lots of animals and saw shields and helmets. We saw the animals at the bailey. We went to Mountfitchet castle to visit the medieval times. First we went on a coach to Mountfitchet castle but someone was sick on the coach on the way. We split into two groups and one group went to the toy shop and the other group went to the castle. I went to the toy shop. In the toy shop and it was really good. Next we went to have our lunch outside where we were visited by a peacock and his mate. They wanted our food. The peacock is a beautiful blue colour.

In November the history department took 90 Year 7 students to Leeds Castle on an educational visit to coincide with their study of castles. As a teacher the most striking thing about the visit was the behaviour of the boys, they were exceptional! The students were polite to the members of staff at the castle, responsive to the stories that they were told and enthusiastic when asked to take part in the activity session. Highlights of the visit were the boys being amazed by the sight of the resident peacocks (which many of the boys had not seen before), Mr Whitehouse getting lost in “The most striking thing about the maze and the the trip was the behaviour of the ‘dreaded’ gift shop boys, they were exceptional! “ visit at the end of the day – with the boys buying items ranging from sweets to wooden swords. It was a great visit, they boys were able to use their knowledge from their lessons and see practical examples of the castles that they had studied, as well as seeing the bed where Henry VIII slept. It is definitely a visit that we will organise again!

After lunch we went to see the castle and look inside the huts. We saw how people in the olden times lived. Everything was made of wood and they never really had a bath. You could be a solider in the olden times and if you did anything wrong they could put you in the stocks or even the gallows where you would die. Then it started to rain. We went to see the shop where you could by stuff to take home for your mum or dad. When we were ready to go home everyone got on

Year 8 Geography Fieldtrip The whole of Year 8s have been physical geographers this term, spending the day at Kingsgate Bay near Broadstairs, Kent and measuring the landforms there. They have tackled GCSE level skills head on - measured sea caves, the arch and beach profiles. In addition to this we tested them on their knowledge of geographical processes and they were able to apply this to landform formation. We managed to touch on a bit of biology too - plenty of crabs in the rock pools. All topped off with blue skies and sunshine! Perfect. Presley Kuza from 8B2 has written his review of the day: We took a private bus to a far-away beach in Kent. We passed many fascinating sights on the way. As we arrived we went to investigate the arch, which was called the White Ness, but it was tricky to go through it because there was a lot of rocks (from the cliff) that had crumbled and had been covered by seaweed so we had to make sure that we choose our step carefully. We stopped to look at the White Ness and we quickly did a field sketch and annotated all of the features of it. We then spotted a nearby cave that had been eroded and we sketched that as well. After lunch everyone was split into four groups, where we measured the cave, including the height (cm), the width (cm) and the distance (cm). Finally we measured the beach profile with the ranging poles and clinometer, which was pretty tricky.


Maths News High Level Maths Day Nine Year 13 high-achieving maths students attended an event run by the Further Maths Support Programme at Sir Joseph Williamson Mathematical School, Rochester recently. The aim of the day was to prepare students for the Oxford University Entrance Exam and to develop generic problem-solving skills. The students engaged enthusiastically in all of the activities - from a problem-solving master class to a solution-writing workshop. A special mention goes to Christian Aniekwena, who at the end of the event received an individual award for his efforts during the day – an amazing achievement considering there were another hundred students to choose from.

Maths GCSE Enrichment at London Metropolitan University A group of Year 9 and 10 pupils attended “The Maths GCSE enrichment by inspiring minds” event, as part of the Enrichment School programme, which took place on Tuesday 18 November 2014 at the London Metropolitan University. This unique GCSE event was aimed at inspiring pupils to put mathematics to practice with talks by experts in the fields of physics, mathematics and magic. This event featured the famous ‘juggling maths’ talk by Dr Colin Wright and the unique illusionist and physicist expert Neil Monteiro. A key aim of the event was to enhance pupils’ understanding and interest in the subject of mathematics in preparation for their GCSE examinations.

Woolwich Poly Maths Hub On Monday 6 October, Woolwich Poly opened its doors to over 60 primary school teachers for a maths conference with the focus on ‘Raising Attainment in Maths’ – this event was delivered through the London South East Maths Hub, which is led by Woolwich Polytechnic and is reaching across neighbouring boroughs in London and into Kent. All participants were enthused from the day and felt better prepared to take maths back in to the primary classroom, and continue to contribute towards the current status that Royal Greenwich has of one being of the highest attainers in the country. There will be many more training events and conferences led by London South East Maths Hub in the future.


WHAT IS A MATHS HUB? The Maths Hubs Programme The Maths Hubs programme for the first time brings together all mathematics education professionals in a national network of hubs, each locally led by an outstanding school or college, and in partnership with neighbouring schools, colleges, universities, CPD providers, maths experts and employers. This is a new way of harnessing all maths teaching expertise within an area, to spread excellent practice even more widely, for the benefit of all pupils and students. The national dimension of the programme is made possible by the hubs collaborating as a national group, pooling experience, expertise and ideas as a network, and meeting once a term at the National Maths Hubs Forum. This is a new way of fast-tracking current, school-based practice and research to an environment where national policy objectives can be explored and new ideas formulated.

What Maths Hubs are doing The work of Maths Hubs falls into two broad categories: þþ National Collaborative Projects, where all hubs work in a common way to address a programme priority area þþ Local projects, where hubs work independently on locally tailored projects to address the programme priorities.

National Collaborative Projects þþ England – China: a project, involving exchanges of teachers between schools in Maths Hub areas and schools in Shanghai, to explore the implementation, in English schools, of the mastery teaching approach. þþ Textbooks and Professional Development: a project involving primary schools using adapted versions of high quality textbooks currently used in Singapore, and backed up by professional development activities, as a means of supporting teachers to implement the mastery approach. þþ Post-16 participation: a project to increase the participation of post-16 students in advanced mathematics courses of various types, including A Level and Core Maths.

Local Projects As well as work on the three above areas, Maths Hubs are pursuing projects addressing other programme priorities, the mix of which will differ from hub to hub. Examples include: þþ Raising the level of mathematics subject knowledge among primary teachers þþ Improving the recruitment, and ongoing training, of high quality maths teachers þþ Supporting the development of subject leaders through collaborative working þþ Widening the access for all pupils to mathematics enrichment activities.

Engagement Events A variety of local engagement events are organised by Maths Hubs, to explain their work and recruit participants in projects. Click here for a chronological list of upcoming events.

London South East Maths Hub led by Woolwich Polytechnic The geographical area we aim to cover is Bexley, Bromley, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark.

þþ improve student’s problem solving ability

Among our key, strategic partners are the following:

Working with strategic partners, we will offer

Hawksmoor Primary School

þþ a range of professional development opportunities for teachers and support staff

Windrush Primary School Greenwich University RBGTSA Key Borough education leads

þþ develop students’ fluency hand in hand with conceptual and relational understanding

þþ leadership development opportunities þþ support to improve the recruitment and retention of maths specialist teachers in the area þþ opportunities to take part in classroom research þþ support networks for staff at all stages of their careers

What we are doing Our focus areas in the first year: The London South East Maths Hub aims to support the learning of mathematics by assisting schools and teachers to: þþ improve maths achievement þþ improve participation rates in mathematics


New Building @ The Poly Woolwich Poly was successful in a recent bid to the DfE for £500,000. This means that we are now in a position to add an additional building to the Art Block that was completed last year. We will create a learning space that is flexible, sustainable and eco-friendly that will inspire and support our pupils for many years to come. Using the latest technology and sustainable materials, this two-storey building will contain six classrooms on the first floor and a large independent study area on the ground floor for our sixth form students. This area will consist of state-of–the-art facilities which will resemble the undergraduate experience. This will prepare our students for life at university. Designed and built by TG Escapes Ltd. together with the architects Metropolis Architecture, it has been designed as a bespoke eco-classroom solution for the Poly, and uses sustainable materials and energy efficient features.


“a learning space that is flexible, sustainable and eco-friendly...”

TG Escapes - Learning Escapes

A Case Study In the biggest Learning Escape project to date, Woolwich Polytechnic have developed a two-storey eco-building to accommodate their growing intake. They tell us how the building has inspired a connection with nature and has given their school a brand new look, even on a tight budget. Why did you want to develop an outdoor learning space? We needed to create more space at Woolwich Polytechnic for our new post-16 provision. We had to find a way to develop more learning space, quite rapidly, for the growing intake. We wanted to find a way to create an outdoor building that was flexible, sustainable and different. We didn’t want to build something bland or temporary, we wanted it to be innovative and unique to our school.

What made The Learning Escape stand out from other providers?

The Learning Escape is passionate about designing eco-buildings that benefit schools, pupils, staff and the environment.

What are the biggest benefits you have noticed for the children and your school? Our eco-building contains six classrooms and we will provide our sixth form students with an under graduate experience, preparing them for life at university.

The current financial climate is an issue for many schools and we had been saving, what we could, of our school budget over the last two years. We were working on a very tight budget but The Learning Escape were able to offer us a building that would be bespoke, meet our requirements and, most importantly, be cost effective. They helped us create an outdoor learning space that is far from ordinary.


School News Message from Ms Ward and the Pastoral Team We would like to thank parents and carers for all their support this term, and the boys for their hard work and good behaviour. We would like to remind parents that the cold weather is now starting and the boys need coats to keep warm. When you buy these coats they should be waterproof, plain black (or a dark colour) NOT hoodies. A number of boys have not been wearing shoes to school recently, we do appreciate that some boys are heavy on their shoes, but please make sure that NONE of your sons are without school shoes for more than a week (if this is a problem please call the Head of Year concerned). We are continuing to promote healthy eating so please can parents ensure that boys do not buy fizzy drinks and particularly not Lucozade. The ‘sugar-rush’ these drinks cause tend to make boys behave badly, and make it more difficult for them to learn. The attendance to school figure continue to be excellent. Nearly 300 boys (a quarter of the school) managed 100% attendance for the term - this is an amazing achievement for these students! This gives them an enormous advantage in learning over boys who only managed 90% or less. On that note, I would like to draw to your attention that the government has now asked the Attendance Officers to prosecute parents whose children have a less than 90% attendance rate. I also like to remind you that schools are no longer allowed to authorise family holidays during term time. On behalf of myself and my team may I wish all our Poly families a peaceful holiday, and another happy and successful new year. Ms Ward

Environmental Officer Scheme The next stages of our war on litter involve a poster campaign and visits to assemblies. Several students have already highlighted areas of concern after brief assembly visits by staff; demonstrating a rapid shift in some students’ understanding and hinting at the change in culture possible with only a small effort.

In light of the growing concern for litter on our school grounds and in the local neighbourhood it was decided that the Poly students needed to take action. Tackling ingrown issues such as attitudes to litter and recycling is never easy and so, armed with a squadron of Poly boys, several staff members Soon, we will be sending out groups have been challenging the perspective that it is the job of school staff to of students to investigate the cause clean up after us. of the litter dilemma using surveying Primarily the focus of this scheme is to change the culture around disposal of and mapping techniques (suggested litter in the playground and school vicinity. Encouraging positive attitudes is by a Year 8 student) that will enable a challenge in busy environments such as our school but, unsurprisingly, the us to monitor litter in the school boys nominated for the job have taken their role seriously and proven to be on a daily basis – results then being fit for the job. One student has been selected from each form group plus a published on display screens around the small selection of geography students nominated by their teachers for their school. ethos and approach to such environmental matters. These several simple but progressive approaches So far we have installed several new bins on the school site. This has enabled have already been effective. Given time and opportunity it is clear that our students to massively improve their disposal of litter, as conveniently placed positive Poly attitude will help to clean up the school and, in turn, have a bins naturally encourage them to do so. Environmental Officers in charge of positive effect on our environment locally, nationally and, as is always the monitoring the success of these bins have highlighted improvements that case with such things, even globally. have, in a very simple way, adjusted this approach.

Student Council Woolwich Poly Student Council were shortlisted for a Transport for London STARS Top Schools travel award. We were invited to attend the STARS Accreditation Top Schools event at City Hall on Tuesday 11 November 2014. The Student Council were presented with a Special Recognition award for their work improving road safety in their schools location. All of the Transport for London staff who attended the event were mightily impressed by our dedication and motivation pushing the local council for road changes to improve safety. Aadam Bocus 10S1, Abdullahi Abdullahi 9W1 and Louis Richards-Miller 8T1 enjoyed their day at City Hall and were proud to receive the award on behalf of all the Woolwich Poly Student Council.


Prefect Team 2014-2015 The Woolwich Poly prefect team recently recruited more Year 11 students to our fantastic team. Each student nominated completed an application form and was interviewed by already serving prefects from their year group. I was impressed by how well each student conducted himself during the interview and how mature and keen they were to fulfil a new role within the school. A Woolwich Poly prefect is a role model to all students and they are expected to uphold school rules to a very high standard. Their behaviour, attitude to work and appearance must be exemplary and we expect our prefects to represent the school positively in the community. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are a requirement. I have had many glowing reports about how well the new prefects have settled into their new roles. They are a credit to our team and our school. I am very proud to work alongside such wonderful Poly role models! Ms. N. Wormleighton - Prefect Co-ordinator.

Teacher Enhancement Effectiveness Programme (TEEP) The staff have all been receiving TEEP training over three days this term to develop creative approaches in their teaching. TEEP is a process that helps staff improve their planning and teaching by getting them to empathise more with their students and then plan for activities that promote their progress even further. Feedback has been good, with staff stating that they found the Prepare for Learning and Constructing Learning sections particularly useful. With the Prepare for Learning section, students are encouraged to engage in their learning from the outset, often with challenging tasks or questions to consider. With Constructing Learning, students are encouraged to make their own meanings from the stimuli their teachers provide, which encourages independent and creative thinking. To reinforce this further, staff have been informally inviting each other to observe them teaching with these strategies as well as being paired up to observe each and feedback on the TEEP strengths they saw. Our observations of teaching reinforce this, with many teachers being deemed outstanding recently, often drawing upon these creative TEEP approaches to help them deliver engaging and challenging lessons. In the next stages of development, we expect some staff to become TEEP coaches themselves, helping to develop other teachers, as well as further paired observations so that staff can learn from each other’s evident strengths.

Speak Out “Ladies and gentleman, my name is… and I am going to speak to you about...” - it’s a short and simple line but how short and simple is it when you have to deliver it in front of many people? People that are looking at you, scrutinising you and waiting for you to impress them? The Poly boys have proved again that they are not afraid of a challenge, a challenge that would be likely to intimidate many adults – public speaking. In December a public speaking workshop took place that was co-funded by Jack Petchey’s Foundation and by Woolwich Polytechnic School. On both days, an external trainer came, saw (and heard) and left impressed with the performance of our Year 10 pupils. In a short period of 3 hours boys learnt the basic rules of public speaking and delivered their speeches.

Topics varied from tolerance, religion to ethics of the modern medicine. And not all boys found it easy: “At first, I thought that I would rather die than speak out to a group of people”, however in the end the experience for all was thoroughly positive: “but today I have gained confidence and knowledge to speak out.” It was extraordinary to be able to assist in the workshop and see our pupils find their voice. A voice that all of them used to speak about deep things, issues that matter not only to them but to the society. Apart from eloquence they showed maturity, humour and wisdom and we hope that they are going to use their voice to spread them!

Christmas Jumper Day 2014

Where does the money go?

Following on from the success of last year’s Christmas Jumper Day the staff and students at the Poly did not disappoint.

When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, eight-year-old Justin’s home was one of more than 300,000 houses that were destroyed. We gave his family clean, warm blankets, a collapsible water container and purifiers to make water safe to drink. And Justin and his little sister, Grace, were able to get a break from their worries at our child-friendly space, which , his mum says “has taught him to smile again”.

They came in jumpers, hats, scarves and tinsel, all for a very worthy charity: ‘Save the Children’. Thanks to all for your support.


MUSIC DEPARTMENT School Proms at the Albert Hall Three of our students had the opportunity to perform at the Music for Youth Schools Prom Concert on Wednesday 12th November -the biggest celebration of music in British schools. Johnny Rodriguez, Nathan Lyken and Abiodun Afolabi were part of a choir which sung a new work especially commissioned for the event. The work is called “The London Breed” and involved students from four London boroughs. These three boys worked for six weeks learning their parts and performed wonderfully well in front of an audience of several thousand.

Instrumental Galas at Blackheath Halls Woolwich Poly runs two ensembles for the Royal Borough of Greenwich (the only secondary school in Greenwich to do so) and they both performed at two concerts to showcase

“Woolwich Poly continues to have a high profile at music events in and outside Greenwich” borough-wide music making. Our Samba Band and our Bollywood Band were professional in every way and I am very proud of the performances they gave. Woolwich Poly continues to have a high profile at music events in and outside Greenwich.


Drama Club starts again Drama Club has got off to a roaring start with Ms Rudden at the helm. The KS3 club has a great mix of Year 7 and Year 8 and they have already been exploring alien planets, a crime scene investigation and are now preparing something for Christmas.

“off to a roaring start” Year 13 go to see “the Scottish play”! On Wednesday 12th November, Year 13 went to see a performance of Macbeth at the Ambassador’s Theatre in Central London. A great trip was had by all and many new ideas and concepts were seen by the students who said they “could easily understand the Shakespeare because it was being performed so well”. They will now write about this performance in their exam in July.

“Something wicked this way comes...”

“it was performed so well”

Sleeping Trees Workshop We were lucky enough to have a theatre company named Sleeping Trees visit us to work on some devising strategies with our AS & A2 students. The day was a huge success and all of the students have since commented about how it was fantastic to work with professionals from the industry. It’s fantastic that these companies want to work with our students and the company stated afterwards how “talented and professional” our students were.

Upcoming Events 15th January 2015 – A2 Unit 3 Exam 22nd January – Othello by Frantic Assembly, Lyric Hammersmith Theatre 22nd February – AS Unit 1 Exam


PE News Darius Knight Visit We had the pleasure of welcoming a table-tennis Olympian and Team GB member, Darius Knight, to the school on 13 November. Darius showed some of the skills that make him Number 2 in the country during the Year 7 assembly, playing some pupils and Mr. Plumb, our head teacher. Mr. Plumb mentioned that he kindly allowed Darius to win their match in order to improve his confidence for the major tournaments coming up soon. Following this, Darius led classes for the top sets in Years 7 and 9 and was very impressed by the quality of play on display and could not believe the number of students with their own table-tennis bats and the huge enthusiasm for the sport at the Poly. We look forward to his return for a full-day visit (as part of his role as a Sky Sports ambassador) and he will be donating table tennis bats to the top performers on the day.

DARIUS KNIGHT - BIOGRAPHY Darius Knight is a professional Table Tennis star, role model and a Sky Living for Sport mentor. He plays for England on the ITTF World Pro Tour circuit and during his career he has played in the French, Spanish, Belgian and German leagues and has just signed a new contract to play in Sweden. Darius has been playing above his age since reaching international standard when he was 12. At the age of 14, he had his debut playing for the England Men’s Senior team at the 6 Nations. Since then, Darius has been in the top five in the English Senior Rankings, peaking at number two when he was 18. He is currently ranked number three. At 15 he was European Youth Champion in the under 15 age group, and in under 18s he won numerous titles such as Team and Doubles, medalling in silver in both categories. At just 16, Darius became Youth Olympic Champion in Sydney, 2006, with his team mate Paul Drinkhall in the doubles, and won a silver in the team. He then became National Under 21 Champion and won it three years in a row and, at 18, he won the Under 18 Junior Title. In his senior career he has won Mixed Doubles and Men’s Doubles and now seeks the Men’s Singles title to complete the set. He has won the British Men’s title twice. Darius was selected to be a part of the Olympic Team GB for London 2012, as well as being selected as a torch bearer. He was also a silver medalist in the Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi and is now hoping to be in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

Hailed as the Table Tennis’ “Lewis Hamilton” and known for his background as the ‘underdog’ who overcame a tough upbringing to become a Table Tennis star, Darius has amassed a huge following of fans and supporters who share in his vision to pursue their dreams and to never give up. He has had a strong impact on urban youth culture both as a role model and a celebrity, known for giving insightful and detailed interviews and always speaking the truth. Darius continues to work with programmes such as The Premier League for Sport, SKY Living for Sport, the Ping Pong Care Campaign and Ambition Charity to encourage people to play and raise awareness of the sport for all ages and backgrounds.

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RUGBY NEWS Year 7s vs Haberdashers Crayford The Year 7 rugby team beat Haberdashers Crayford in the final round of Met League at Erith Rugby Club. Despite some early errors the boys grew in confidence as the game progressed and eventually won 24-5. There were many stand out performances but special mention should go to Michael Ojobo who scored 2 tries.

Despite some excellent performances early on in the tournament The Poly were unable to complete the clean sweep and suffered a close loss to the overall winners All Saints. Special mention should go to Ashton Mckay– Sarr, Rakeeb Giwa, Josh Freeman and Akinola Awotedu who all scored fantastic individual tries over the course of the tournament. The boys were disappointed to not take the overall title but all felt that they had learned a lot from their experience and are all looking forward to bringing the title back to the Poly next year.

East London Rugby League Championship The Year 7 rugby team travelled to East London Rugby Club in high spirits after a morale - boosting win against BETHS the previous week. After a short briefing on the rules of rugby league the boys took to the pitch to play in their first match of 5 and immediately demonstrated some powerful ball carrying and excellent passing. It was clear to the opposition that The Poly were going to be contenders for the tournament as they adapted to the demands and alternative tactics of rugby league immediately.

FOOTBALL NEWS Year 9 Football team go marching on... The Year 9 football team produced a superb comeback against former national champions Whitgift School from Croydon recently. The team recovered from the shock of conceding two goals in the first 5 minutes to score three goals and win the game 3-2! It was a closely-contested and exciting match with chances falling to both teams. Great credit must be given to the Poly players for their determination and resilience to secure the win putting them into the last 32 of the National Cup.

Upcoming Fixtures January 6th 2015

- Year 9 National Cup away to Mill Hill County High

January 9th 2015

- Year 7 rugby vs Leigh Academy - home

January 12th 2015

- Year 8/9 handball at Carshalton

January 13th 2015

- Year 8 friendly against Sedgehill

January 13th 2015

- Year 9 Inner London Cup at home to Kingsdale

February 4th 2015

- Year 7 athletics at Lee Valley

March 10th 2015

- Primary Boys Football tournament Thamesmead Town

March 12th 2015

- Year 7 rugby vs Leigh Academy (Away)

March 17th 2015

- Primary school Tri-golf tournament


ICT News Computer Science Once again, Woolwich Polytechnic has been awarded Lead School status on the Network of Excellence for the teaching of Computer Science. We have been awarded this because of our excellent Computing GCSE and AS level results and also because of the support we have provided to other schools. We have hosted several training sessions for local schools and colleges who have needed support implementing the new Computing Curriculum and Computing qualifications. There are still only 400 Lead schools in the country and we are honoured to be accredited with the status.

ICT BTEC Why study BTEC ICT in the Sixth Form? Sayshaan:


ICT BTEC has given me a perspective of how ICT works in a real organisation and I am thoroughly enjoying it. This is because of the help of my great teachers. I have enjoyed their lesson because I have been learning new and exciting topics such employment in ICT and software development. The units are really good, for example Unit 1 is preparing me for work life and the programming unit is giving a detailed insight into how programs are put together and coded.

ICT BTEC is a fun subject and it is all based on coursework. I love the subject and the different units that we do as it gives me different communication skills and programming skills. The course is very practical and hands on, I enjoy learning from doing than just reading from text books. The best part of ICT BTEC is the teachers are really nice and always ready to help.

Science News Science Club Project

Astronomy Club

Science club have just finished a topic of “Sugar in drinks we buy�.

The astronomy club has been running weekly since September. The emphasis for this club is to introduce astronomy to students in KS3 through fun practical activities.

The boys did some research on the amount of sugar in drinks that are frequently bought by students at school. They weighed out the amount of sugar and placed it into bags and made a poster for all to see in the science area. They have also been investigating the sugar aspect on teeth, how much it decays the teeth and other harm it may cause.

So far this year we made our own scale and demonstrated the planetary distances from the sun using toilet roll. We also learned the phases of the moon through song. Our next lesson will be to reproduce the phases of the moon using Oreos. The students themselves are thoroughly enjoying the less conventional side to learning and are enthusiastic and eager to learn more.


KS4 News Year 9 News As a reward for their hard work some boys were invited to go ice skating at Canary Wharf:

The Year 9 this term have started studying their GCSE subject. I am impressed with the maturity of the majority of the boys.

B1- Ibrahim Yusuf and Hassan Farooq B2- Momadou Bah and Ryan Ball

As a testimony of their commitment to their studies, the Gifted and Talented boys have also taken part in the enrichment programme, with the Year 10. For almost 10 weeks they have come to school every Saturday in order to have extra classes in English, Maths and Science. The classes are delivered by university lecturers and are of a high level; the boys have been very impressive. They got involved in every activity offered to them, asked a lot of interesting questions and answered very hard questions as well. The lecturers have been really impressed with their intelligence and level of maturity.

S1- Owen Clive, Riandel Madriaga and Anthony Edwards S2- Kaushik Gopaul, Sher Shah and Idreece Hussain T1- Aarogya Neupane and Ingso Rai T2- Aaron Hakim and Regan Ball W1- William Longlan, Jamie Fincham-Wood, Mohammed Ibrahim and Abdulahi Abdulahi W2- Louis Yusnadi-O’Donnell and Taheer Ahmed

This term, as a follow up for their hard work with the harvest last year, the Year 9 along with the Year 8 and 10 have been collecting gifts to offer as a present to Finally Abdulahi Abdulahi has been chosen to receive the Jack Petchey award the elderly. Some of the boys will have the opportunity to go and deliver them. this term, due to his impressive contribution in the school council.

Year 10 News Congratulations to Akaramin Suleiman who has been awarded the Jack Petchey Award for the contributions he has made to the Poly.

Ice Skating Trip

How you can help your son to be the most successful he can be: •

Ensure your son has good attendance. (There is a lot of evidence linking low attendance to lower grades). Aim for at least 96% attendance, which means no more than one day off per month.

Please arrange medical/dental appointments outside of school hours.

Take an active role in your son’s education. Ask him what topics he is working on. Ask to look through his schoolbooks. Discuss his day with him. This can often be a challenge in itself!

Year 10 students went to Canary Wharf ice rink recently. They had the chance to ice skate on the outdoor rink and also take in the sights of Canary Wharf. • Year 10 have had a lot of success this year and this visit was a chance to reward some of the boys. It was a thrilling day and encouraged the boys to • keep up their positive attitudes and focus into the year ahead!

Year 10 Helpers The following Year 10 are practicing to be prefects next year, concentrating on helping out in the playground and encouraging other pupils to do the right thing. Good luck boys! Akar Amin Suleiman 10W1 Connor Davis 10W2 Moses Folorunso 10W2 Mathew Adebowale 10B2 Fabrice Baptist 10T2 Mustapha Abdi 10B1

Ask your son to explain his work to you. This will reinforce his learning and improve his own powers of explanation. Knowledge is power. Be aware of what son needs to do to achieve his potential e.g. coursework, homework, revision, etc.

Be aware of what the school is doing to raise achievement. Regular contact between school and home is key.

Attend all Academic Review Days and Parent Evenings

If you are concerned about your son contact his tutor as soon as possible.

Be positive. Praise your son for what he does right and be supportive when he needs it.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the parents for their support this year. If you have any concerns please contact us. If it is regarding a particular subject then please communicate with the subject teacher first. We wish you all a restful holiday and look forward in seeing you back on 5 January 2015. Mr Haslam and Ms Oyeniyi

Year 11 News Mock Shock Recently the Year 11 students had their first “Mock Shock”. They received envelopes that contained their results from the exams they had taken, and it was a taste of what they can expect, when they receive their final results in August 2015. The students appreciated the effort to create this experience for them, and the event will help them in their continued hard work for their GCSEs.


Art News Westminster Abbey Visit A group of students recently visited Westminster Abbey to take part in a workshop and gain an insight and deeper understanding of art within religion. It was a highly useful day for all concerned. Visiting Westminster Abbey really opened my eyes to the world of religious Art, especially Christian Art. It also taught me more about the history behind the icon paintings and their value and meaning to the church and society. Father Reagan has to take credit for this amazing opportunity. His tutorial helped us to create our own mini icons, stage by stage. He told us about the old techniques of using egg tempera to create paints where egg is mixed with natural pigments to create coloured paints with strong vibrant colours. Real gold was originally used to colour the haloes of the saints and we actually got a chance to apply gold leaf to our icons. The finished pieces looked beautiful. This was a unique and inspiring opportunity and we were amazed at how much we achieved in a day. JT Seva Year 11 Art GCSE student

Royal College of Art Workshops: Fear of Failure. In collaboration with the Royal College of Art, Year 9 GCSE Art students had the chance to take part in a workshop based around the idea of the ‘Fear of Failure’. The students involved were encouraged to make mistakes as they worked and to disregard the idea of a perfect outcome, trying instead not to worry about the final outcomes at all and to embrace the idea of failure as a healthy part of the creative process. The students used a range of art materials including paint, collage, glue, fabric and 3D objects to produce a range of drawings and sculptures. The final outcomes from workshops which ran over two sessions were individual customised T-Shirts. Each T-Shirt had an original piece of work printed on to the front. On behalf of myself and the Head of Art, Mrs Conti, I would like to say a big thank you to Laura Gordon from the Royal College of Arts for working with our students and inspiring them to overcome the Fear of Failure. We would also like to say an even bigger thank you to the Poly boys involved in the workshops for how well they represented themselves, the Art Department and the Poly, as well as their fantastic behaviour. Ms Goodwin

Now available: Art Department Calendar 2015 The art department has selected 12 outstanding pieces of art by our current GCSE and A Level students for the 2015 art department calendar. The calendar is priced at £2.00 and is available to buy from the school. Please contact the office for an order form.



Sixth Form News Bewl Water As part of our induction to Sixth Form we were given the opportunity to go on a trip to Bewl Water, an outdoor activities centre in Kent. Early in the morning we were put into our groups and made our way onto the coach, it was a fun journey.

churchyard. We went to several other oldbuildings including St Bart’s hospital which is also said to be haunted. We also stood by the spot where bodies were burnt on the stake at Smithfield’s meat market. Although we all enjoyed the experience, it wasn’t as scary as we expected. Ryan Curtis

This gave us a chance to make friends and introduce ourselves to some of the Year During our induction to Woolwich Polytechnic Sixth Form we visited Oxford University. 13s.

Oxford University visit

When we arrived at Bewl Water we got into our form groups and were assigned to do a team building activity course. The activities really enabled our group to use our knowledge and engage with each other which helped both the internal and external students build relationships.

While we were there, we met students who study at the university. They spoke to us about various requirements and conditions that we needed in order to get a place there - such as finance, grades and extra work needed to impress interviewers.

After lunch break our group went on to doing water sports. I was chosen to do raft building. Many other members of the group were reluctant in case they fell in the water. We began by putting the raft together with some rope and barrels. We then got onto the water and controlled the raft by using a paddle; unfortunately I fell in, I was annoyed at first but then enjoyed it as it made the whole experience much better. We then ended with an orienteering activity which required us to use our brains.

We later took a tour around the campus and visited the canteen and a garden where the students spoke about their own individual experiences at Oxford, including extracurricular activities, and clubs.

Overall the Bewl Water experience was very good and is one of the main reasons that I built a good relationship with some of the other students. Toyeeb Ishmael

Sixth Form Cultural & Enrichment visit

Then we went on a tour of historic Oxford, which was very interesting. Finally we all gathered together to ask final questions about the university to the students. This was a great experience for us as it motivated us into thinking of considering Oxford university. By Nigel Wattley and Beverly Assah

On a cold, dark, November evening, we went on Ghost Walk around the City of London. There were 35 of us and we were prepared for a scary experience. We met our tour guide at the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral and made our way, by foot to a very old church. The tour guide gave us a brief history of the church and told us a story about a Queen that was beheaded there several hundred years ago and is now said to haunt the

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Apply for our Sixth Form The online application form is now available for all students wishing to join our Sixth Form in September 2015. Please note, the closing date is 31st January 2015.

Poly Perspective - Winter 2014  

Woolwich Poly magazine, Winter 2014 edition

Poly Perspective - Winter 2014  

Woolwich Poly magazine, Winter 2014 edition