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Wookalily April302013

The Devil is a Woman (Lucy-fare) The devil is woman and she’s always been She’s the wildest meanest woman That you’ve never seen She’ll take you and she’ll break you and make you her slave A betrayer don’t obey her She’ll put you in the grave ______________________ Chorus Lucy-fare-well go to hell You’re the devil in disguise Lucy-fare-well go to hell The truth is in your lies ______________________

The Devil is a woman your body she’ll possess take pieces of your mind and disregard the rest She’ll follow you and swallow you and spit you in the dirt don’t dance with the devil she’ll twist you till you hurt _______________________ Chorus _______________________ The devil is a woman And she’s out to steal your soul Be careful of the wolves In designer sheep skin clothes She’ll woe you and she’ll fool you Enchant and bewitch Until the day you say Get behind me bitch ________________________ Chorus ________________________ Written by Adele Ingram © 2012

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The Devil is a Woman (Lucy-Fare)  
The Devil is a Woman (Lucy-Fare)  

Song Written by Adele Ingram