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The National: A Case Study The Hub Jessica Quattrini, Laurel Smyth, James Doyle, Alex Quarles, & Adam Gardner

Meet Steve*

*Steve is a fictional character created to represent the target market for The National

He doesn't want to miss out on what the live music scene in Richmond has to offer...

So we did some research.

This Is What His Buddies Think About Live Music

Steve Went To The Wale Concert. He Videotaped Some Of His Friends To See What They Had To Say About The National.

What Steve & His Buddies Like About The National

The Bar

“I like smaller [venues] because it makes me feel closer to the music/artist� -Diana Adzovie, 20

The Venue Size

The Option To Sit Down

“I've been to The National for about 8 or 9 shows and I love it--its huge so there's seats for everyone (or space for dancing), and it’s always really breezy so no sweaty bodies smacking up against you.” –Erin Hudgins, 21

The Slanted Floor

“I like the wide area downstairs and the elevated space in the back, allows for everyone to see the band. Don’t know of many other venues of that size that do that. It’s probably my favorite venue.” –Chris Damon, 25

The Sound Quality

“The sound system is amazing and it is a very comfortable environment to enjoy music.� -Deji Olusuga, 21

Challenges & Suggested Solutions

Evidence of Parking Challenge

Parking • Have option to buy parking pass with ticket • Mention $5 parking on back of the ticket • Have a map or video of where the parking deck is located on The National website • Offer a valet parking service

Evidence of Lack of Awareness Through Social Mediums Steve: Steve:How Howdo doyou youhear hear about aboutmusic? music? Harry HarryQuarles: Quarles:“Friends, “Friends, internet, internet,radio.” radio.”

Lack of Awareness Through Social Mediums • Create more events & invitations for upcoming concerts through Facebook Fan Page • Place links to social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr on The National’s homepage • Create a blog for The National with candid stories, backstage stories, etc. • Create an iPhone application that alerts customers to alert them when favorite artists or genres are coming to The National • Create a YouTube channel for The National to show live shows, video promos from the artists • Create a Flickr album so fans can see pictures of themselves at shows • Twitter about concerts, events, etc. more often

Evidence of Lack of Heavy Promotions

“No, I haven't been to The National. One of the main reasons is probably that I never really see any good advertising for the shows. I end up seeing posters after the event actually happens which makes me think they are going up late/right before the show.” –Sarah Keane, 22

Lack of Heavy Promotions • Allow people to vote on the potential artists coming to The National through the homepage or social networking • Work closely with local publications such as WVCW, Vine, Brick, RVA, Style Weekly. • Create a cross promotion at Gibson's Grill and other nearby bars (Penny Lane Pub, Capital Ale House, Aurora, Bank) such as $1 off drinks with ticket • Do a First Friday promotion on the walk, such as having a local band play at First Friday to promote an upcoming show • Tie The National into large Richmond events and culture to show The National "supporting the arts." • Have promotions at big bars in the West End and Short Pump to bring people downtown such as free or discounted tickets • Do third party promotions. Create a street team to hand out flyers, free stuff, and hang up posters

Low Pre-Sale Ticket Purchases • Balance out the service fees by offering promos such as free or discounted parking or discount at Gibson's Grill, etc.

Drink Prices • Run drink specials or do drink specials related to pre-sale tickets Evidence: Steve: If you could change anything about your experience with the national what would it be? Chris Damon: Cheaper beer.


The National Strategy Presentation  
The National Strategy Presentation  

Presentation of our strategy to move the Richmond, VA music venue forawrd in the industry.