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Gen Y adds Value In recent weeks my interest in the habits and preferences of Y Generation has been rekindled. By coincidence I have been drawn into discussions regarding the subject more than once and it has been plainly obvious I have not kept myself apprised of any changed philosophies over the past few years. Maybe the improving outcomes of Bowens’ own collection of Y Gens is clouding a malaise of concerns in the broader community? A little research was necessary. Shuffling between magazine articles, books and the internet it quickly became apparent that understanding Gen Y - and giving them a whack along the way - has become an industry in itself, propelled by many contradictions and exaggerations. Despite the volumes written on the subject I struggled to find much material on the matters I was hoping to contemplate, such as how Y Gens were committing themselves to careers as tradesman and builders. How did their living preferences alter once children were thrown into the mix and were they growing into the people academics believed they would become when the first written analysis began over a decade ago? But first, a quick refresher. This is, of course, the generation born between the early 1980s and 1994. Kids said to be suckled on a diet of immoderate praise, the mind-fouling internet, materialism and an absence of accountability. One school of thought says they have so far turned into narcissistic, lazy, disloyal and needy adults. (The Age, 15 March) A more balanced summary, provided by anthropologist William J. Schroer, describes Gen Y as being “the largest cohort since the Baby Boomers, their high numbers reflect the larger number of their parent’s generation. Gen Y kids are known as incredibly sophisticated, technology wise and immune to most traditional marketing and sales pitches. They not only grew up with it all, they’ve seen it all and been exposed to it all since early childhood.” The New York Post (Feb, 2014) claimed Gen Y was the worst generation ever; the Josephson Institute, a Los Angeles-based ethics-training centre, described them as workplace thieves and a footwear company named them as prolific liars. Wide ranging generalisations appear easy to make, however most written material is narrowly focussed. If you are not a university graduate or don’t intend working in white collar professions it is hard to find reliable, well researched data. Professional organisations increasingly reliant on this sub section, such as the HIA, are devoid of any specific exploration into the subject. It therefore became necessary for me to contemplate my own experiences and observations …. a risky undertaking! Gen Y is frequently referred to as “Gen Me” and their contributions dismissed by older generations who become exasperated by their selfish ways. I am not so sure. Perhaps the problem is more about the obstinate and inflexible group of 40 pluses unable to appreciate a generation that has collectively decided to diverge from the well-trodden path of their elders? When I observe young fathers of today, I see men who are a lot more attentive to their child’s needs – and that of their wives – than I can remember of my father’s generation. Many times I have heard those in their ‘greying years’ boast they “… never changed a nappy and were always able to fit in a game of golf on Saturdays before heading to the football.” Younger fathers appear considerably less likely to chase this yardstick. Are they therefore inferior by comparison? I would suggest not.



More women are now expressing themselves at work and being rewarded with more senior and challenging roles than those who went before them. While families might come later I don’t observe any less pampering or love once little people force a change in lifestyle. The prams are vastly improved and the child’s wardrobe is most probably better stocked; surely this is better for all? Sporting clubs and employers, run by Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, are becoming increasingly frustrated as Y Genners head off for midyear vacations, not at Noosa or the Gold Coast, but in Asia, Europe or other exotic parts seemingly undiscovered when their parents were starting out. Again, should this detract from the group’s appeal or should we celebrate the smaller world to which they now have access? Just as we have some great people at Bowens and Timbertruss in the 40+ age groups, we are equally blessed with many in their early 20’s to early 30’s. In fact we are incredibly excited with so many who we believe will soon become leaders of the company in their own right, earlier than most of my generation made the transition. To those who suggest they don’t exhibit the loyalty of those from generations past I say you are wrong. While blind faith in Bowens as an employer is not a top ten characteristic, I believe we are being rewarded if we put the effort into becoming an improved employer and a good corporate citizen. To this end I would suggest Bowens is a better business because of it, with further improvements already in planning. While I hear many complaints from our customers about the reliability and commitment of apprentices, I am also aware of many who would be making their mums and dads proud. I wish I had data to compare the number of new accounts we are opening for those 30 and younger compared with 10, 15 or 20 years ago. What is not in dispute is that we continue to open as many accounts as we have done for a decade or more; they can’t all be for Baby Boomers. I wonder if this generation of 20 somethings are causing any more consternation than the equivalent age group in the 1960’s and 1970’s? Rather than bemoan their ‘alternative’ ways I am keen to learn as much as I can from a generation with incredible reach and new ways of thinking.

John Bowen, Managing Director


A HUGE SUCCESS! On behalf of the team at Bowens, we would once again like to personally thank everyone for the overwhelming response at the Bowens Building + Innovation Expo 2014. Once again it turned out to be a great Expo! Exhibitors who attended all agreed that it was a wonderful experience and were quite thrilled to be given the opportunity to communicate with each and every customer in attendance. We trust you all enjoyed chatting and mingling with leading suppliers and manufacturers in the industry. Hosting our sixth Bowens Building + Innovation Expo this year, we decided to add a “footy theme” and wanted to ensure that the event was even better than any before. With a wide range of over 300 exclusive “one-night -only” specials and more exhibitors than ever before, it was another great opportunity to liaise with exhibitors offering new products, demonstrations, information and most importantly, discover something new and innovative. It was great to see so many of our exhibitors make the extra effort this year and it really showed. For those that attended, Australia’s world strongest man Derek Boyer, attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for the Longest Time To Lift A 500KG Weight With the Shoulders! It had to be seen to be believed! Special congratulations to the winner of the Scorecard competition, who won a $20,000 Peter Stevens voucher and thank you to all our customers who travelled on the bus all the way from Phillip Island, Shepparton and even Echuca. A huge thank you to all those 3,000 plus customers and their guests who attended. We hope you found the Bowens Building + Innovation Expo worthwhile and that we were able to provide you with something you didn’t already know. Not to mention all our staff who worked tirelessly in supporting this event and of course, our loyal exhibitors who have supported the Bowens Building + Innovation Expo continuously over the years. Whilst the event was a huge success, we are always looking for improvement and would love any feedback that you may have. Have your say: feedback@bowens. We look forward to seeing you again at our next Bowens Building + Innovation Expo.

Bathroom, Kitchen & Appliance Specialist

It is with great pleasure we welcome Anne-Marie Branch to Bowens as a Bathroom, Kitchen & Appliance specialised representative. For many years, Anne-Mare has lived and breathed bathroom and kitchen products including kitchen appliances. It all began at Reece Plumbing where she was a showroom consultant, which led to her move across to Think Appliances where she was first introduced to Bowens. Anne-Marie began assisting Bowens account managers and sales managers from various branches with kitchen appliances training sessions and attending on site dual calls, visiting builder accounts and introducing kitchen appliances, mainly Beaumatic and Linea Appliances and later Astivita, through the Bowens channel. “Plumbing fixtures, sanitary ware and kitchen appliances are all essential items to every homebuilder, every homebuilder is an essential part of the Bowen’s business. The builder can now enjoy the ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ experience by shopping at Bowens Timber & Building Supplies for their complete building needs”. Our aim is to provide the builder with competitive market pricing, a high level of customer service and convenience, whilst supplying the right product for the job.

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Protect Your Home From Hidden Dangers Historically, condensation hasn’t been a huge issue in Australia. Our warmer climate and construction methods have helped guard against the insidious damage that condensation can cause, allowing us a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude to the problem. But that was then. As we move into the future, embracing energy-efficient and sustainable construction practices (insulation, sarking, and sealant), buildings are becoming more airtight. While this reduces uncontrolled heat leakage, it also leaves less room for water vapour to escape - which can increase the risk of condensation.

What is condensation? Condensation occurs at any given temperature when water-vapour-saturated air comes into contact with a cold surface. Cooling the air down to its dew point reduces the capacity of the air to hold the water vapour and the excess is released as beads of water or dampness (see image). Given that an average household can generate up to 12 litres of water vapour each day, condensation is highly likely to occur in most homes and buildings.

How does condensation affect buildings? Condensation within buildings may form as visible surface condensation or may be hidden within building fabrics. The latter phenomenon is known as interstitial condensation, which occurs when the moist air penetrates into a wall, roof, and floor space and reaches its dew point within that space. Over time, this condensation can be far more damaging than surface condensation. It can result in accelerated frame deterioration (rotting of timber and corrosion of steel), mould infestations, sick building syndrome and costly repairs.

What causes condensation? There are many factors that can contribute to condensation in your building including, but not limited to, high water vapour levels, the use of building materials that have a low surface temperature, and uncontrolled flow of moist air from a source to a region of cold temperature.

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How do we minimise condensation? It is difficult to completely eradicate water vapour sources in your building; however, careful design and thoughtful use of materials can control the flow and reduce it to a level of minimum risk. In your design you must consider, at a minimum, these two factors: • Building materials. These can have a big impact in condensation management. For instance, choosing building membranes that are impermeable to liquid yet highly breathable to allow water vapour to escape from the building will assist in controlling condensation and maintaining energy efficiency requirements. One example is the new HardieWrap™ weather barrier. It is a nonperforated, highly breathable and reflective safe-glare weather barrier designed to be used in wall and gable applications. • Climatic Conditions. The flow direction of water vapour can be determined from an understanding of the pressure inside and outside of your building. In cold climates, the water vapour flow is typically outward, while in tropical climates it is usually inwards. Thus, building materials will change based on your climate. As a result, some manufacturers, like James Hardie, do not recommend using breathable barriers like HardieWrap™ weather barrier in tropical climates as it may allow water vapour to enter your building As a designer, you must always: “Design to keep moisture out of the building envelope, but when it does get in – and it is likely it will get in, allow for it to escape.” (ABCB, 2011).

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What is it? HardieWrap™ weather barrier is a non-perforated, highly breathable and reflective safe-glare weather barrier designed to be used in wall and gable applications with James Hardie®, Scyon™ and other* external cladding products to help protect your building. Made from an advanced triple-layered material, HardieWrap™ weather barrier has been engineered for the Australian climate. It delivers a triple-shield of protection to help against external weather penetration, internal condensation build up and external heat penetration.

Highly breathable, non-perforated, reflective safeglare. Designed to be used in wall and gable applications with James Hardie , Scyon and other* cladding products to help protect your building. ®

Where do you use it? HardieWrap™ weather barrier can be used in wall and gable applications in all Australian climates zoned from 2 through to 8. Similar to most wall wraps, the exception is zone 1 – the hot and humid tropics of Far North Queensland, the Northern Territory and parts of Northern Western Australia. * It can be fixed to timber or light gauge steel frames, beneath James Hardie®, Scyon™ and other* external cladding, in residential, medium density and commercial buildings.

What Are The Key Benefits? • Up to 50% faster installation - In certain applications compared to 1.35mwide products • Reduces condensation build-up - Due to highly breathable pores that help interior water vapour to escape the building to the outside • 10% less wastage - In certain applications compared to 1.35m wide products • Lighter and easier to cut - Compared to many other foil wall barriers • Save insulation costs - Its safe-glare reflective surface can improve your wall thermal performance by up to R0.3 m2K/W without the need to upgrade the bulk insulation** • Fire & Bushfire compliant - Its low flammability makes it suitable for all bushfire areas in accordance with AS 3959 – 2009

© 2014 James Hardie Australia Pty Ltd ABN 12 084 635 558 ™ and ® denotes a trademark or registered mark owned by James Hardie Technology Limited.

APRIL 2014



Crescent Connect Clamp

The Word’s Most Versatile Clamping System Expandable, Powerful, Versatile, the Crescent Connect modular clamp system redefines expectations of what a clamp can do. 227kg of clamping force secures your work with almost 60% more holding power than comparable clamps. That’s strong enough to hold heavy objects upright with confidence e.g. when working on a door, but the real power of the connect clamp is its’ integrated connection system that lets you join and rotate multiple clamps to achieve almost any position, odd angles and difficult corners, like those on cabinets and furniture are securely held in position. Crescent “Twin-Lock Connector’s” allow you to easily add additional clamps, expanding your connection options. Simply attach a “Twin Lock Connector” on the end of the clamp rail and slide another Connect Clamp into place. Connect Clamps are equally as useful as a spreader by lifting the bar lock button and sliding and reversing the position of the head. The trigger action now applies force in the opposite direction. Large pads provide maximum surface contact and protect delicate surfaces. The pads can be removed to gain additional clearance when working in tight spaces or around overhanging edges. An integrated pipe grip is moulded into each Connect Clamp, round objects are locked down tight preventing rotating when cutting and/or drilling. Durable rubber grips add comfort and prevent slipping and the Crescent Connect clamps are built to last with the rugged quality that has made the Crescent brand famous.

Expandable, Powerful, Versatile, the Crescent Connect modular clamp system redefines expectations of what a clamp can do.

Crescent Connect Clamps are available in 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm lengths, and with the “TwinLock Connector” accessory ensures that you have a clamping solution for every situation.

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Bowens Hire

The Weather Doesn’t Wait

Make Sure You’re Covered Winter is just around the corner but the weather doesn’t wait! Particularly here in Victoria where a sunny day can turn thunderous in minutes. You know what they say – 4 seasons in one day! Not to mention climate change which has driven some very unpredictable weather our way. In recent years we’ve witnessed unprecedented flooding, huge hail storms and even tornados in the north of the State! In these conditions, when building or maintaining a valuable asset such as a home, it’s important to stay covered – and I’m not just talking insurance! Your local Bowens stores stock heavy duty PVC tarpaulins ready for hire when you just can’t count on the weather. Bowens’ Hire tarpaulins are made specifically for building and construction sites. Invaluable when dealing with storm damage from hail or fallen tree branches, tarps can be hired at short notice to protect valuable assets. Keep in mind it shouldn’t take a major weather event or emergency situation to trigger the need to hire a tarpaulin – being prepared is key. Rain, wind and sun damage can reek havoc when renovating an existing residence or building a new one. Tarps help protect the home and your hard work. At Bowens, we use only the best heavy duty PVC tarpaulins for watertight protection. Tarps are flexible, UV resistant and come in 3 sizes to meet your particular site needs. Tarpaulins are a versatile and valuable piece of equipment. They are helpful when it comes to protecting stock, inventory, machinery and tools on site. Whether it’s your plywood sheets, LVL, plasterboards or expensive tools, moisture and dampness

can distort your expensive materials rendering them useless or lead to mold and mildew and even corrosion. So too, dust from sanding and cutting can get into every corner of a building site making clean up all the more tedious. Tarps can protect the work you have already completed and help prevent dust and dirt getting into stains and paints throughout your materials and into nooks and crannies impossible to reach. The best way to secure your tarp is with the reinforced eyelets and ropes which are spaced 1 metre apart around the perimeter of the tarpaulin. The tarp can also be tethered internally with ropes to help secure the centre of the tarp. Take care not to use a hammer and nails on the tarpaulin or drag the tarp across sharp or protruding objects as this can lead to tears or damage and ultimately additional repair costs. So talk to your local Bowens Hire representative about your tarpaulin needs. We can help keep you covered this winter.

‘At Bowens, we use only the best heavy duty PVC tarpaulins for watertight protection.’

Hire Sizes • 8m x 6m • 8m x 8m • 8m x 10m

Bowens Hire customer Lynton Mott from Swannee Pty Ltd uses a Bowens Hire Tarpaulin to help protect his current renovation in the beautiful Gembrook countryside. The tarpaulin is folded across the roof of the site each afternoon to protect the days work from overnight weather events.

APRIL 2014


The Latest And Greatest TO GET THE JOB DONE Bosch Multi Tool

Makita Rotary Hammer Drill

250watt variable speed GOP250CE • Ball socket joint and Zn gear box, for flexibility, robustness and vibration reduction • Easy service access for fast change of carbon brushes • Attached AC adaptor • 6 speed dial wheel


780W with SDS Mode HR2610 • DS Plus Type Chuck n One touch sliding chuck for easy bit changes • 40 different bit angle settings • The bit angle is adjustable without chisel adapter • Depth gauge can be adjusted with a single motion • Same speed and torque even in reverse rotation • 3 Mode operation: rotation only, rotation with hammering, hammering


19 Piece Drill Bit Set Paslode Air Pair Powermaster


B20430 FRAMER & CNW70 COIL NAILER • Air powered Framer & Coiler kit suits all trades • Framer has the power to fire a 90mm nail • Framer is lightweight & well balanced • Coiler fires 15degree nails up to 65mm • Coiler is lightweight & compact for hard to reach places • Includes Gulper Nozzle, Cartridge Filter & Foam Sleeve

Bonus Box of Coil Nails


150BOWS2M • Stronger Where it Matters • Ti Nite coated tip, 3 x longer life • Drill depth Indicators • Parabolic Flute Design for increased chip evacuation


Bugle Batten Screws 14x75mm Galvanised (500) SBG1478 • Strong 14G multipurpose fastener • C3 provides superior corrosion resistance in external applications • Type 17 Tip design to prevent splitting • Competitive price

Selleys Liquid Nails ASA1003 • Can be used on wet & dry timber • Can be used in all weather conditions • Consistently strong & lasting bond • Remains flexible enough during joint movements • Easily extrudable at low winter temperatures


$79 a box

Senco Hardened Coil Nails


2.5 x 32mm (4800) BF15AHAU • Applications FFDD Metal Strapping, Tripple Grips, Timber To Metal Batterns, Fencing

$149 Bailey Trade 150kg DP 1.8m Ladder FS13432 • Industrial Duty Rated • Easily converts from a step ladder to a straight ladder • Tapered back legs for extra stability when used as a step ladder • Anti-slip feet for safety & security

Cordless DEWALT® Framing Nailer • No Storage Of Flammable Gasses • No Breathing In Toxic Chemicals • Increased Productivity • Less Recoil / Vibration • No Gas • Less Noise

$899 No More Gaps 475g 6 Pack

s Bonuls Nai

$22 6 pack

ASF0804 • Interior/Exterior flexible gap filler. • Formulation delivers superior flexibility. • Long term resistance to cracking and crumbling. • Ideal for filling/sealing gaps/ joints where expansion and contraction occurs. • Paintable and easy clean up with water.

APRIL 2014


Industry News

New And Improved Website For HIA GIL KING HIA Exective Director Victoria

The Housing Industry Association is pleased to launch its new and improved website. Easy to use, immediate access, and up-to-date advice. The site includes many new and improved features such as: • New search function – this narrows down your search into area, topic and specific content type such as media release or training course • Shop@HIA – a one-stop shop for all your business needs such as contracts, signage, first aid kits and more • An improved online membership application and renewal process • The ability to purchase event tickets and register for training courses online • My HIA dashboard – a centralised area for members to access all their personal information and documents like invoices and licences.



In addition to our new website, we wish to advise that the 2014 HIA Awards are now open! HIA’s Housing Awards program presents the ideal way to showcase outstanding workmanship and design, and to make your business stand out to consumers looking to build or renovate. HIA Award winners receive widespread exposure through local print media, on HIA’s consumer-focussed website, in HIA Top Homes magazine and recognition at the Awards night in front of industry peers, colleagues, manufacturers and suppliers. This puts your business in front of potential clients and reassures them they are building with the best. Entries close Friday 2nd May. For entry forms and further information on this year’s HIA Awards, call the HIA Events Team on 03 9280 8255, email or visit Go on what’s stopping you? Enter now!

Take a look today, visit

‘The ideal way to showcase outstanding workmanship and design, and to make your business stand out to consumers’



Installing Timber Over Concrete Slabs Some of you will recognise I wrote about this subject 2 years ago. I suppose you would be part right in thinking I was battling to find a new subject. However, having said that, I am regularly asked for advice on how to install strip flooring over a concrete slab, so I make no apology for re-raising a subject that might save you, are valuable clients money. As about 90% of new homes are constructed on a concrete slab and as a lot of people like to have a timber floor, I thought I should talk about the various scenarios that can be used to install timber strip flooring over a concrete substrate. The three methods of installation are; • Direct Stick • On battens or • On a plywood substrate

IN GENERAL No matter which one you decide on, careful planning in advance is a must. Remember surrounding rooms with other floor coverings that adjoin the timber floor must work in with the heights required. In the case of the battens, the slab is usually recessed out. In all cases the slab should be checked for levelness; plus or minus 5 millimetres over 3 metres, or plus or minus 10 millimetres over the whole room (refer the Building Commission’s Guide to Standards and Tolerances 12.5 Floor Levels). A levelling compound may be required on low spots and conversely grinding on high spots also may be required. In my opinion in all cases a waterproof membrane should be employed. I have listed what I believe to be cheapest and quickest type for the three scenarios following. I know some people choose not to use a membrane if they believe the slab to be dry. The possibility of the slab cracking, perhaps due to drought or the membrane under the slab being properly installed initially, in my view casts enough doubt on the long term integrity of the slab staying dry. So for the sake of the expense of installing a membrane, it should be done. Wherever possible acclimatise the flooring as set out in our “Suggested Flooring Instructions” on the Bowen’s website.

DIRECT STICK The various steps are; • Apply a “paint on” expoxy 2 part mix (part A and part B) moisture seal, I recommend Bostik Moisture Seal. • Screed on the Bostik Ultraset Adhesive. • The boards should be dead straight to avoid gapping. • If the boards require pressure to pullout any bows, anchor blocks will need to be installed. Then time will have to be allowed for the adhesive to go off before releasing the pressure, then the process may have to be repeated again, depending on how many boards can be done at a time or another option is to apply periodic anchor board using mickey pins.

Expert Advice

• If the slab is large enough it could have expansion joins. If this is the case the paint on waterproof membrane will probably NOT stop moisture ingress. Accordingly, proper research into choosing an appropriate expansion profile, so it still acts as an expansion joint and inhibits moisture ingress, is required.

ON BATTENS • As stated above, the slab is usually recessed to allow for the battens. • I believe the cheapest and best waterproof membrane to be 200UM plastic sheeting. • A common problem I see is the battens used are softwood which has very poor nail holding properties. I also believe the normal F17, where Vic Ash is usually available, is too soft as well. Accordingly, I believe a specie like seasoned Spotted Gum or seasoned Blackbutt should be used because they have good nail holding properties. It is worth while noting if the flooring was applied directly to floor joists the Australian Standard AS 1684.4–2006 states: minimum size for nails into a softwood joist is 65 x 2.5mm (machine driven) or 50 x 2.5mm (machine driven). Keep in mind the battens are usually not that thick, so I believe a hard specie batten essential. • Use the Bostik Ultraset sausages to glue the flooring to the battens. • Using the standard 19mm thick flooring, the battens should be spaced at no more than 450mm centres.

ON A PLY WOOD SUBSTRATE • Again I believe the 200UM plastic to be the most cost effective way for the waterproof membrane. • The plywood is next installed. Some use 12mm thick, but I am of the opinion the minimum thickness should be at least 15mm. If the strip flooring is thicker than 19mm, the plywood should be increased as well. The fixing to the slab is using redi-drive pins 50mm long, 28 per 2400 x 1200 sheet. • Screed on the Bostik Ultraset adhesive. As with direct stick, screeding on means all the flooring is adhered to the substrate. • Ensure the nailing, whether it be face or secret, does not perforate the plastic membrane. • Straightening non straight boards is much easier than direct stick because the plywood can be used to apply leverage to straighten.

It is not hard to see from all my comments above that my preferred method of all three is on a plywood substrate.

If you’re already experiencing problems and need expert advice, Jeff Harvey can assist. Simply give him a call directly on 0412 550 740.

• In my opinion overlay thickness boards (14 mm max.) should be only used for direct stick.

APRIL 2014




CLEARANCE Destroyer 18V Impact Drill 2 x 3.0ah Batteries & L-Boxx Case








Bonus Compact Rotary Hammer Bare Tool

Makita Sliding Compound


$899 LS1016




WM7002P WM7002S


Stanley Mobile WorkCentre


99L Wheelbarrows

SKIL Circular Saw 5300

Much more instore, limited time only, while stocks last. Available from the 1st - 30th of April


$4.50 Each (Incl GST) 6004484033

700 Roof & Gutter Silicone Sealant - Available in Grey, Black & Transparent - Sealing and weatherproofing roofs and gutters

- Potable water approved - 25 year guarantee - Nuetral cure

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Bowens Builders Bulletin - April 2014  

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