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Tutors In China IB Revision Course st

March 31 th - April 8 th

4 annual revision course

What we offer.

Accommodation next to the class for travelling students ✔

Mandarin assistants to help with the translation of technical terms ✔

Podcast and PDFs of all the sessions ✔

Our Previous Courses

Shanghai - 2008 – 2009 - 2010

The Accommodation

24hr supervision – Safe – 10min walk to class

The Classes Experienced teachers

Mandarin assistance

The most established course in China

Purpose built classes outside a school

PDF summaries and podcasts of all classes

Follow support after the class at home

Subjects on Offer ✔

Chemistry HL/SL

Economics HL/SL

Mandarin A/B/Ab

Business Management HL/SL

Geography HL/SL

Physics HL/SL

Maths HL/SL/Studies

Costs of the Course Classes ✔

14 hrs of class and directed study Cost per subject 3000rmb Accommodation

200rmb/night - shared

270rmb/night - single

450rmb/night – studio apartment

After Registering How to register: CLICK HERE ✔

Once you have registered we will send you a list of topics to study We will connect you with other students coming from you area/school Revision book emailed to you



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