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Front cover •

I started with a simple background that was related to all music but it also had to have a small connection with Rock that’ s why it looks like it has been scratched and creased. The background gives a great look and feeling towards the magazine. Because the magazine is aimed at a certain type of audience which is very individual and targeted. The background aims at these people. The heading looks like someone quickly scribbled it on giving a teenage look towards it. The heading is kept large and wide to catch the attention of teenagers and people in their twenties. The heading is different independent and original creating an almost new kind of way at looking at it.


Mast heading

making •


The main picture is kept simple with a photo of a band all lined up or grouped up. The band is three days grace a rock band which targets audiences who like rock or who are in large selected groups through out Europe and the world the Emo and Goths. You can tell this band falls into this category because of the cloths the band are wearing as well as the makeup. I added a skyline as it is a great way of advertising either competitions or other extras included within the magazine. When anyone has a look at the heading they will see the skyline . This skyline is very visual as it is in more colour than the rest of there magazine so far.

Main photo


Finished •

Because these are proto-types I put a few non existent sub headings on. At the bottom there is a small detailed paragraph about a CD, I put this on because it advertises towards the person reading to look at the full article inside.


The whole magazine together really radiates who the audience is. Its very different and original as well as simple as has no difficult or strange tricks. Side headings

Contents •

I used this background again, for the contents, because looked suitable to go with the front cover. Because of the material going on this page, pictures and small paragraphs , I don’ t think this will look the same as the front page just similar.

backgroun d

making title


The text used for the title of the page was also kept the same as the front cover due to me liking the text and keeping the same kind of style as the front cover to give it a correlation, to make them matching.


The pictures are to give the reader an idea of the stories presented on the contents. Each of the pictures are of a real band. All the pictures are in black and white to give it a different look from the front cover.

Band photos

finishing •

The writing is kept short as it is only there for the small details of what to find in the articles. The writing is in white so you can see the text it is also to keep with the black and white style. Descriptions


The numbers need to be big so you can see what page the articles are needed. I used these style of numbers as there to go with the bubble writing I used for the title. numbers

Finished logo


The picture in the top left hand quarter is the log, as every magazine has one to show who they are this one is no different. Its kept simple as it has music al notes in the background with a V-shape guitar over the top of it and the two initials of the magazine.

double page spread backgorunds


The background is very eye catching and I thought would go well with the photograph of the band. The background is a very morphing picture which will make people think to what it could be. It is actually the lighting of a flame just before it turns yellow. I used it for both pages.

Making and finishing Page title


Title is large and eye catching to get the audience to try and read this article it also has a sense of individuality as not many articles are a s colourful or as well titled as this one is.


The pictures used in the 2nd page are of each of the band members playing their instrument or singing the two pictures besides are pictures of their most famous albums which will be spoken about in the paragraph above.

Band albums and photo

maiking •

This picture is the main picture again it is used again for eye catching purposes as a lot of people skim over magazines they are caught by interesting pictures and photos. This is what this is used for.


This paragraph will be about the bands live tours and there future targets as well as there aspirations. This should give an idea about what they want to achieve in the near future.

Main picture



This paragraph would be about how they became famous and other details about meeting each other. As well as how they learned to play there instruments and sing.

step by step  
step by step  

step by step