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BollyWoodstock Whispering Pine LXXXIV 2016-17


How Bollywood and Woodstock relate

Colorful, energetic, a lot going on!


Colorful: Ever noticed that in Bollywood movies the scenery is always beautiful? Woodstock also has its fair share of gorgeous views: one really popular one being the famous Winterline! Energetic: From Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Mujhse Dosti Karoge!’ to Siddarth Malhotra’s ‘Kapoor and Sons,’ Bollywood has developed a massive following not only within the subcontinent but further out! Bollywood has globalized, having an eclectic range when it comes to its fan base. This includes countries all over Asia as well as North America, Europe, and Africa which just happens to be where most Woodstock faculty and students are from :) Indians working in the other countries brought the cultures of those countries back to Bollywood. Bollywood is basically a hybridization of cultures just like Woodstock! Yay! A lot going on: Woodstock always has a lot going on, whether it’s Win Mumby, Goalathon, Swishathon, Jazz Jam or Talent Show. There is pretty much an event held every weekend. However, we seem to notice a pattern when it comes to these events. Each year we come back, we experience these events again. Likewise, Bollywood has a lot going on, with a lot of similarities across the genre.  5

InDePenDenCe DaY

A Day Of Independence at WS Independence Day (both Indian and Korean) is one of the most enjoyable days at Woodstock. The day starts in dorms, with beautiful national dresses, and so much zeal and zest! After an introduction by the Principal Long, Mr. Seefeldt’s speech leads all the Woodstock students into deep thought about Mughal India, and the flag raising ceremony is completed by the seniors who have been at Woodstock the longest. Afterwards, the cultural show begins, including a captivating fan dance so gracefully perfected by the Korean students. The day comes to a close with a special meal in the Quad and plenty of photographs.





We all have that one upperclassman we secretly wish we were close to- you know the one! The one with the dazzling smile, exuberant aura, and the best Bollywood moves around! The Kareena to Karishma, Sohail to Salman, and Karan to Arjun! Thanks to the National Honor Society, both Upper Years students and Early Years kids were able to bond over their love for superheroes, fries, and their dislike for rules. One special day a semester, nearly 100 students big and small alike played to their hearts’ content.


GoALATHON Bhaag Milkha Bhaag the ball is running away from you! Goal-a-thon was dhamakedar AF, with intense games that literally knocked the covers off the gym lights. From the girls, We Just Got Messi continued their insane three year winning streak, and badum tish! YOLO after a narrow miss last year, scored the winning cup. Woodstock didn’t just spend their money on binge eating on Ram Chander tuck, as always, we raised money for a cause that we as a school believe in. This year, the money raised from all the bindass goals go towards an even more bindass cause, helping farmers from Dunda improve their farming techniques better suited to their enviornment.



Hindi Debate

Excitement, enthusiasm and knowledge- it’s time to let these skills shine, especially for all the Hindi debaters at Woodstock! At the Interschool Debate Competition in Woodstock, team spirit was what mattered the most and Woodstock School bagged 2nd prize in the event. Endless days of preparation and practice helped the representatives make this event a worthwhile experience for everybody. Woodstock UY students burnt the midnight oil and improved their speaking, listening and writing skills through the course of the debate.


Six-a-side Cricket

On a lovely Saturday afternoon, a few groups of Woodstock students formed their own teams for a Six-a-side cricket tournament held in the Win Mumby Gym. This was a great way to start the weekend and the students had a fantastic time cheering for their classmates. There were games involving staff and students, boys and girls, and much more! The senior boys won the tournament. It was filled with fun and frolic.

The Finals


Interhouse Cross Country


On your mark, get set, goooooo! Interhouse Cross-Country is a school event you cannot miss. Every student took part whether it was running in the actual race or cheering for their house and friends. Cross country takes place once a year on the chukkar for students and teachers. You can also see little ECP kids run to the senior staff members that are running, cheering them on with all their might. It is one of the most memorable school events since you get to see so much school spirit and energy. As students and staff cheer for their houses, emotions literally run wild! For the first time in Woodstock history, this year all three houses - Eagles, Merlins and Condors - were tied!




Woodstock’s fashion is one of a kind, with a unique fashion sense that spreads across all grades. Many students follow a specific trend, yet manage to retain their original sense of style. Given the diverse backgrounds from which everyone comes, you can tell that each individual is portraying their identity. This is what sets apart Woodstock’s fashion sense - an eclectic mix of colours, styles, and personalities. A great characteristic about fashion @ WS is that no one is dying to impress everyone with what they wear. Instead, everyone embraces their personal style and mostly dress up for themselves, and do so without having to slide out of their comfort zone. The no uniform policy gives each person a platform to express themselves and showcase their personas!


MY Hiking Excitement, thrill, and adventure! With laced boots and packed bags, they were off into the winding paths of nature. Every year, Middle Year students trek in the fall to the incredible heights of the mountainous regions in Mussoorie. Students work their way around mist and dense greens, admiring the beautiful scenery that reflects in their eyes and minds. Sweaty and sore, they are rewarded with a magnificent view.









A long standing tradition, Friendship Day is when the seniors and freshmen at Woodstock get together for an eventful and enjoyable day at school. Seniors are appointed freshman at random, come up with a theme together and dress according to what they choose. For the past several years Woodstock has seen seniors and freshmen dressing up as characters from Shakespeare, and Disney classics, as well as modern day celebrities like Kim and Kanye. The rush at Alter Ridge and Hostel is crazy before the big day! Everyone’s running from pillar to post, figuring out what characters they want to be and borrowing each other’s clothes to fit their roles. You’ll also hear the usual arguments about who gets which character, but really, that all adds to the fun! The chaos is the best part; this is when everyone bonds. Friendship Day is an exciting welcome for the freshman and a great opportunity for the 12th graders to mentor students as they near their graduation.


Talent Show

Talent is thriving in Invicta City on the night of the 23rd of September. The clock strikes 7 PM. Dr. White has a plan to disrupt the city as the darkness looms. CHAOS. TRAGEDY. FEAR. The talented people of Woodstock scurry for safety and off the streets, leaving their tools scattered. But there is hope. Is it a plane? Is it a banana? No, it’s Bandar Boy! Dr.White’s got no chance, and he’s defeated by the cunning mind of Bandar Boy. As the city is saved by the boy who loves bananas like Popeye loves spinach, the talent comes out on the the stage. Comedians, musicians, and dancers storm the streets and shine in the lights. A brave Adele (Jinhye) and Ed Sheeran (Mubarak) came out first to perform. K-Pop dancers followed with others and the city continuously becomes brighter. It was lit. Suddenly, a mysterious large group of dancers, dressed in white and black, steal the streets, “running low”. The senior boys are followed up by the senior girls who dazzle the crowds with their moves. All in all, the talent show kept the audience engaged at all times, the energy from the performers spreading onto the onlookers.




In the fall of 2016, Woodstock changed its grading scale. From a student’s perspective, the talk of the grading scale began as just a few rumours here and there in the spring semester, which were made clear when the final assembly clarified that Woodstock’s grading scale was going to change. Students as well as teachers tried their very best to adjust to the changes made. The initial reaction towards the change was obviously shocking however, the members of Woodstock kept holding on to the notion that things would eventually get back to the way they were and may be even improve. However, as the weeks progressed, it only got harder for some. The students took action, not only having a peaceful protest against the grading scale but also coming up with a proposal that synthesized their concerns and queries, not to mention multiple solutions. This proposal was presented in the Board meeting, and after a long wait and many careful considerations, the grading scale changed back!


Middle Years Activity Week

On an early October morning, Middle Years students set off on an incredible journey to explore the mountains and villages. With backpacks, hiking gear and jeeps, different grades drove down to various places. Unsure about what the Himalayas had in store for them, these week long trips definitely lifted up their moods. Activity Week varies for each grade where in students are encouraged to participate in hikes, community service and cultural and environmental activities. Activity Week at Woodstock imbues students with life skills such as friendship, empathy, handling challenges, responsibility and of course, lots of adventure! From living in a village and discovering caves to painting and going rafting in the Ganges, this is one of those experiences that stay with the students long after they are gone!  27

upper years \


Activity Week

You tend to notice multifariously when you don’t have your eyes glued to your mobile phone. The thrill of being able to go and explore for an entire week defeats the whole conventional aspect of learning. Activity Week explores things that sparks student interest and helps satiate their curiosity. As an incoming freshman you will be able to experience village life, from learning to cut the fields of grass to volunteering to milk a cow. As a sophomore you will be challenging and pushing yourself, happy with what you’ve accomplished. You learn how to pitch tents, make a campfire, work as a team, and iodize your water so you can drink it. Trail mix will be your best friend. Plus carrying a 10-15 kg backpack. Juniors tend to have more options of where they want to go. Tutoring ESL to the students of the local community definitely proved that “when you teach you learn twice.” Seniors had even more options to choose, from visiting museums and looking at architecture and the structure of Chandigarh, to cycling from Manali to Kaza, to learning the cultural side of Rajasthan. Overall, Activity Week proved to be a successful learning experience.


SADIE HAWKINS Sadie Hawkins is a high school dance where the girl asks the guy to the dance, and has been a tradition in Woodstock for over 50 years. Sadie 2k16 was galaxy themed, with sparkles everywhere. People spent weeks in advance planning and stressing over who to ask and what to wear. When Saturday night finally came around, the dorms were chaotic, as everyone took hours to get ready. The girls finally picked up the guys from their dorm and either walk up to school or go in a taxi (if their heels were too high). As they approached the main gate, they saw a huge sign saying ‘Sadie 2k16’. The dinner menu was a little fancier than the usual Woodstock meal. As they walked up the ramp they saw bright space themed lights and glitter in mason jars that looked like space-sand. Students jammed out to the oldest as well as the latest Bollywood tunes. Date or no date, everyone had a good time.





Despite the inclement cold weather, the dinner and firework celebration at dorms was a success. Several of the international students stayed back for Diwali break, having a good time as they filled their stomachs with traditional Indian food and sweets. The fireworks lasted for about 15 minutes as all the students huddled on the Ridgewood field. The following day, the National Honor Society club organized a spooky Halloween party where there were vendors, a haunted house and trick or treating. The Hostel boys impressively managed to make the Haunted House incredibly creepy. The costumes were pretty unique as many students brought their A-game to create a costume either funny-witty or just plain creepy...  33

Mussoorie half marathon 6 AM, the air is cool and the world is silent. There’s a faint sound echoing throughout the mountain… Well it can only be... IT IS! It is that iconic soundtrack, THE EYE OF THE TIGER. Ready, get set, and GO! A hundred runners ran through one of the toughest half marathon courses in India. The sun gradually rose as runners swallowed the cold morning air into their lungs, burning off the biryani and spaghetti they ate the previous night. The race concluded with a ceremony, congratulating all the runners for their wonderful and incredible feats.


Evening of Jazz

The Jazz Band consists of the most seasoned & talented musicians at Woodstock. The pieces played this year by the Jazz Band were certainly unlike pieces played previously. They included fun ensembles that the crowd certainly enjoyed. This time, the band played a hit pop songs, “Treasure” by Bruno Mars, and truly turned it into their own. What was truly impressive was the amount of time and dedication that went into to preparing for the night and how the musicians played their hearts out, giving it all they had! The Evening of Jazz has been a Woodstock tradition for years, and allows musicians to showcase their talent and hard work.



A much-awaited event at Woodstock, that boasts the enthusiasm of the community and the hard work put in by our Woodstock Tigers, is none other than the Win Mumby basketball tournament. Participating schools from across the country are given quite a welcome, showcasing the Jazz Band and the Army Band that comes from Dehradun. Of course, one cannot leave out the main source of entertainment that never fails to bring a smile on the faces of the onlookers - the WS Tiger mascot! Win Mumby not only fuels enthusiasm, but also raises competition...in the positive sense! Players push themselves harder than they have before; their dedication to the sport is unparalleled. This passion shines through whilst they play the matches, making Woodstock proud regardless of whether we win or lose. It is one of the biggest events at Woodstock, without which our WS spirit wouldn’t be as strong.



fall 2016

“PASTA LASAGNA FOCACCIA !” The Mollusk tribe’s chants echoed throughout Parker Hall. Peter and the Starcatcher, a play about an English boy becoming immortal through bathing in gold dust, took Woodstock by a storm. Molly, a rich girl with a magical amulet, falls for the poor orphan boy, Peter, delivering tension-filled scenes along with Woodstock jokes that most people didn’t understand. Dancing tribes, a whole lot of dust, and a lost treasure. Nobody expected it! Mermaids ran through the crowd and crushed the  38

DRAMA laps of the audience members. It was one of the most interactive plays in the recent years from the Drama department, and we have got to give them a huge “Bravo for a great job done!


Early Years Choir

Tiger Percussion


Junior Choir

MY Select


Chamber Choir

Beginning and Junior Strings


Fall concerts bring acknowledgement, appreciation and excitement to Woodstock students. Every semester music students work extremely hard to perform on these special nights. From Beginning Band to Inter Orchestra to Advanced Choir, young talented students look forward to these mind blowing performances. Woodstock School’s music department put in a lot of effort and commitment to celebrate the achievements of our dedicated students. Many of the concerts included farewells, to exchange students and students who were not returning, from their fellow musicians. Fall concerts display the rich talent, magnificent skills and the fantastic expression of students here. It gives them an opportunity to admire the treasured music of the past and execute this on stage. This year’s fall concerts were indeed praised and admired by many!

Advanced Orchestra


Beginning Band

Junior Band


Intermediate Band

Advanced Band


Indian History Trip


The Studio Art and AP Studio Art class ventured beyond the Woodstock fences to Delhi. They were inspired by famous artists and visited an art university called NIFT in Delhi to see what it was like to be an art student in the capital of India. They also visited museums and looked at various monuments.  46

Woodstock’s Top 10 Songs

THE LIST #10 Mercy - Shawn Mendes

#9 Chantaje - Shakira

#8 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

#7 That’s What I Like - Bruno Mars

#6 iSpy (feat. Lil Yachty) - KYLE

#5 HUMBLE - Kendrick Lamar

#4 Saved - Khalid

#3 Location - Khalid

#2 Perfect - Ed Sheeran  47

Christmas Plays

Delightful mornings of Christmas Plays and carol singing remind students of the times of hope, joy and forgiveness. Spirit Week themes, Christmas decorations, lights all around Mussoorie, and Christmas cards in classrooms intrigue students. People from different nationalities come together to plan these Christmas Presentations, and it turned out to be an amazing event of the year. As the fresh scent of Christmas trees and pine fill the Woodstock community, the plays remind students about the true meaning of Christmas. This year’s presentations mainly focused on stories of how Christmas came to be and how it is celebrated in different parts of the world. It was definitely an memorable event.



Out with the old

Students and staff returned to Woodstock after winter break and were greeted with an exciting surprise - the new dining hall! The Quad dining hall has been completely remodelled to allow for more space, but it has also managed to do much more than that. The monochromatic pictures that were taken years before many of us were even born, and the background music that plays during lunch have given the space character. Warm lights hang down from the ceiling, and comfortable seating ranging from bistro-style chairs and tables to sofa-like curved seats along with round tables, introduce more of a rustic feel. This dining hall makeover has encouraged students and staff to use the quad dining hall even more. From advisor breakfasts to class nights, it has become a popular meeting point.  50

in with the new







Learning Once a year, the school sets one weekend aside exclusively for outdoor learning. There is an eclectic range of activities to pick from. These opportunities included a historical walk around Mussoorie, silent reflection with creative writing, and a trip to Rajaji National Park.


climbing competition The first EVER Climbing competition Woodstock has seen took place in the climbing room in the gym. There was excitement and buzz about it, and wait for it, THERE WAS A LIVESTREAM. The climbing competition had turned into intense heated battles within each division. The participants had learned valuable lessons of climbing under competitive scenarios, something that had never happened within school for Woodstock climbing students. The winners were rewarded with a climbing hold on stage and congratulated with a roar of claps.






Swishathon is one of the most awaited and anticipated events at Woodstock. Roaring music and loud cheers fill the Win Mumby Gym as the excitement and nervousness grow. This event helps establish sportsmanship and teamwork, and improves athletic skills. But most of it all, it pushes people out of their comfort zone and motivates them to achieve their best potential. From cheering on their classmates to keeping track of the score, students love spending their weekend watching the basketball games and munching on some quick delectable snacks. Ice Cream (grade 9), the youngest team, won the girls’ games whereas Cuddle Crew (grade 11) bagged the first prize in the boys’ category. Undoubtedly, this was an incredible weekend that left students with fun filled memories.


A Wrinkle in


“There is such a thing as a tesseract!” The mysterious spooky voices of Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which and Mrs. Whatsit create a wrinkle in time in order to help Meg, a young girl, find her scientist father. The Grade 7 and 8 cast and crew, and the staff, worked extremely hard to make this play a success. The audience was left surprised as the play took them on a journey with science, and left them with its powerful message of bravery, friendship, and love. This play was definitely worth the watch!




Smooth jazzy sounds filled the Quad as the Jazz Band and UY singers performed. The audience was left entertained with food and drinks that added to the sultry sounds, high quality music and the cozy ambiance. The band mesmerised the crowd and created an interactive atmosphere, and everyone started to dance to the last couple of songs. Many staff members were blown away by the talented young superstars. Woodstock will miss Mr. Millican.


The Grade 9 students and advisors worked really hard in organizing the event, successfully raising funds for Sanathan Dharam, and making it quite an enjoyable evening


The Good Person of Szechwan

How does a good person survive in a world full of brutality, harshness and defects? This year’s spring play production was about Shen Te, a young prostitute, who gets chosen by the Gods as the Good Person of Szechwan. A series of struggles concerning love, strength, family, friendships, and wealth cause her to realise that it is indeed the most challenging idea to be a good person. The play was a success and every member of the cast and crew gave their best. This was Mr. Heera’s directorial debut and it was awesome! They say “break a leg,” and that’s what these inspiring dramatists did!




5-DAY DRESS UP Dipankar and Aime We chose two of among the most fashionable Woodstock students and decided to photograph them for 5 days.. let’s take a look at how their choices vary on a day-to-day basis.

Day 2 Day 3


Day 4

Day 5


Students are now able to choose from a variety of community development projects to have a meaningful and engaging experience with people living in and around Mussoorie. The Community Engagement office has tried to set up specific development projects to match the interests of students. While most of the projects have come out of meetings with communities whom Woodstock has had a long standing relationship, some projects are proposed by students. Before a project is launched, we ensure that the project is a priority and that the community to which the project is related is willing to collaborate towards a sustainable solution. The community benefits from the changes aimed to better the quality of life for people, and students have opportunities to gain the understanding, knowledge, and skills which are required to become agents of change. -Mrs Sanjaya Mark, Director of Community Engagement

COMMUNITY MGVS Kaplani School This project encourages students at the MGVS Kaplani High School to pass their final external examination with the best possible marks and to work towards definite careers. The program last year helped all eleven students who sat the Board Exam to pass. Two girls achieved first divisions! “It feels like we’ve climbed a mountain and achieved great things. It takes everyone’s ideas, input and hard work to reach a common goal, and by working together we could get things done as well as having a great time.” – Vanu Nagarwalla  68

Students attempt to tackle the waste problem in our community, to find solutions for keeping our community clean and green.

Waste Warriors

Sanathan Dharam School for Girls A year ago, the Principal of Sanathan Dharam School requested Woodstock to help provide tutorials in spoken English for their senior students. Almost every Tuesday the girls from Sanathan Dharam School and the students team spend quality time with each other. “Touring the school with the Sanathan Dharam girls gave me a lot of perspective about how privileged we are at Woodstock. Living here, we are often desensitized to the amazing campus, and the opportunities at our fingertips. It really pays off to sometimes take a step back, and appreciate what you have.” – Saral Tayal

ENGAGEMENT Professional Development for Farmers Farmers learned good practices in dairy farming that are specifically relevant to the mountainous terrain in which they live. The CE team have since been planning an educational meeting for all the farmers of the Thatyur region. The trained thirteen farmers as well as two of the scientists from NDRI are going to lead sessions, to share all of the information that they acquired.


Liter of Light A grade 12 student teamed up with the NGO ‘Liter of Light Bangalore’ in order to light the streets of Dunda and the homes of Sippancoat slum. His plan is to use old plastic bottles found on campus to create solar powered street and house lights, in the process rid the school grounds of this waste. This project aims to give these residents a sustainable source of guidance and safety. Student’s view “I believe that the best part about this initiative is that I was able to take my classroom learning and apply it to real life. While doing so, I was helping solve a worldwide problem at a micro scale and benefiting the underprivileged. This project is very close to my heart and I hope to benefit several people by providing them with light which in today’s world is essential for safety.” – Aseem Aggarwal

COMMUNITY Women’s Self-Help Groups Micro-banking is where people from lower socio-economic backgrounds voluntarily come together to save whatever amount they conveniently can out of their earnings. They mutually agree to contribute to a common fund and over time, as interest builds, they will use these savings to take out loans and initiate start-ups of their own.

Samvedna Samvedna is a small centre for children with mental and physical disabilities in Dhana, and part of LCH’s outreach programme. A group of students visit the centre to play and work with the children on their basic literacy and numeracy skills.


Vishwa Vidhya


This project aims to spread educational opportunities in the communities surrounding Woodstock. Students design and implement a rural education scholarship program for children in Mussoorie and the surrounding villages. This will allow students with high potential, but constrained by poverty, to pursue their right to an education.

The relationship between Woodstock and FIRS, a home for underprivileged boys in upper Landour area of Mussoorie, is built based on the school’s principles of social justice and global citizenship. For the past few years a team of students has visited the home once a week to lead activities there.

ENGAGEMENT Not Just A Piece Of Cloth This project aims to empower women by breaking down the social stigma surrounding menstrual hygiene by giving them affordable and more hygienic options for menstrual hygiene products. Students host cotton cloth drives have been organised for the purpose of getting the materials to make reusable sanitary napkins, set up outlets in villages to distribute these products as well as host health talks for women to raise awareness.


Honour Council Honor Council Vice President Summer Kang

Honor Council Present Bobby Sharma

Maeve Wakita

Ishaan Pilant

Isabella Shaw

Saral Tayal

Healeam Jung

Joon Kang


Meredith Dyson

Larry Kaplan  72

National Honor Society

Dorm Council




Ridgewood  73

Junior Boys Football

Senior Boys Football


Senior Girls Football

Senior Boys Cricket Team


Inter Boys Basketball

Senior Boys Basketball


Junior Girls Baskeball

Senior Girls Basketball





Treasurers  78

9th Grade Class Governors 1st Sem

9th Grade Class Governors 2nd Sem

10th Grade Class Governors 1st Sem

10th Grade Class Governors 2nd Sem

11th Grade Class Governors 1st Sem

11th Grade Class Governors 2nd Sem

12th Grade Class Governors 1st Sem

12th Grade Class Governors 2nd Sem



ES! ! ! S E I B A







Employees Hostel




Health Center Music Department


Senior School

Quad School

The Kitchen





Dr. Jonathan Long

Jeffrey Doerfler

Jonathan Seefeldt

Andy Crider

Ethan Van Drunen

Nazneen Nagarwalla

Larry Kaplan

Ajay Mark

Sanjeev Puri Chief Operating Officer

David Webb Sanjaya Mark Amy Seefeldt Chaplaincy Coordinator Director of Community Director of Centre for Engagement Imagination



Upper Years Coordinator

Dean of Student Life

Enrichment Coordinator


Academic Coordinator

Early and Middle Years Coordinator

Student Life Coordinator & Head of Sports


L-R: Upasini Purushothaman, Sandeep Rawat, Vimmi Dang Negi


L-R: Prashant Singh, Jitendra Singh, Ritesh Farmer, Sanjeev Puri, Arpana Fernandes, Shailesh Garg, Shadab Begum, Sumit Thakur

Community EngAgement

L-R: Sanjaya Mark, Maria Reaney, Gracy Singh  86


L-R: Monish John, Amrita John, Jerusha Missal, Ronita Daniels.


L-R: Sondeep Peter, Rachna Peter, Huten Laldailova. Not pictured: Aditya Manral and Dilip Alexander.


Top, L-R: Mijung Park, Prarthana Singh. Bottom, L-R: Taeyoung Jun, Priya Rollins.

L-R: Suman Mitra, Prateek Santram, Praveen Jelaji, Pieter er Haar.


uy office


L-R: Anil Bhandari, Nilesh Talaulicar, Raj Mehta L-R: Sonal Talaulicar, Sunil Kumar



Thupten Chophel

Ajay Negi  88


L-R: Marcus Shaw, Andrew Das, Kiran Singh


L-R: Gopika Menon, Will Ferguson


L-R: Judy Crider, Monica Roberts, Tara Menon, Lauri Coulter  89


L-R: Saurabh Joab, Janak Khatri, Nawneet Kumar, Sanjeev Puri, NP Singh, Enosh Thomas


L-R: Vimmi Dang Negi, Sareena Pun


L-R: Monish John, Vinaya Williams, Steve Luukkonen

TRAVEL OFFICE L-R: Eric Roberts, Sunil Baloni, Rekha Verma  90


L-R: Sangeeta Bhandari, Tanya Gurung, Shubhra Luukkonen, Soneyaa Kumar, Sheila Irani, Sunita Panwar


Top, L-R: Mohammad Yousuf Ansari, Rachel Francis, Todd Schumacher, Nikola Guscic Bottom, L-R: David Web, Andy Crider, Ritika Roy, Chandeen Santos, Rajneesh Daniel, Andy Francis, Tobias Tillemans.  91



Left: Curran Russell, Heera Singh Above: Nanda Kumar, Adam Hubbard, Tim Percevecz Below, Top Row: Ravi Arthur, Aloke Maiti, Amitavo Roy, Joan Wallace, Brett Gore, Peter Millican Below, Bottom row: Heather Webb, Swati Roy, Diane Millican, Anna Koester. Not pictured: Gordon Singh




Back row, L-R: Laurent Pacquereau, Juan Francisco Barcena, Andres Tejada, Almudena Fesser. Front row, L-R: Sangeeta Bhandari, Sunita Panwar, Ritu Seth, Amrita John, Mohammad Yousuf Ansari.


L-R: Tesal Sangma, Andrew Plonka, Meredith Dyson, Kirsten Pike, Melanie Reichwald  93

social studies

L-R: Trish Pearson, Nicole Last, Ed Beavan, Shonila Chander, Megan Homewood.

health center

Above, L-R: Jachin Velavan, Ruth Kalsang, Bormani Devi, Kuldeep Bhandari, Dolma Chophel. Below, L-R: Alice Singh, Tenzin Lhakyi



L-R: Zachary Conrad, Tarun Seth, Larry Kaplan, Linda Seefeldt, Jeffrey Santos, John Paulraj


L-R: Christine Anderson, Susan Dutt, Sonya Crider, Nishtha Daniel, Ian Fried, David Raju, Stephen Anderson  95


L-R: Lindsey Alexander, Sue Long, Dylan Bach

Learning Support

L-R: Anjali Sharma, John Robertson, Vandana Sharma-Ferguson


L-R: Renee Bowling, Fabiola Shaw, Swati Shrestha, Daniel Smith



L-R: Nathan Rector, Krishnan Kutty, Akshay Shah, Shantanu Pandit, Tenzin Thokmey, Titu Digambar Lal



L-R: Rahima Thomas, Richard Wartho, Esther Arthur, Meenu Khan


Inset: Anil Jain L, top to bottom: Dharmendra Bhandari, Brijesh Tyagi, Arvind Arya R, top to bottom: Bhaskar Bahuguna, Shailender Bhandari, Harish Kumar

Staff Farewell Ms. Chander

Ms. Chander has been a part of Woodstock for 34 years and what drove her to teach for so long was the personal satisfaction she received from teaching here at Woodstock. According to Ms. Chander, students’ values have changed over time; earlier students were a lot more open and honest, however, now students tend to lie in situations. She said that while this isn’t true for all, it applies to some and can be distressing. Ms. Chander has also seen many students grow into teachers at Woodstock. She believes that this is good, since it culminates into stronger relationships between students and staff, given that they understand each other’s views better. She feels that the WS atmosphere has made her emerge as a stronger person. She knew that she’d have to retire someday, and cherishes the time she has spent with her students and the administration. Ms. Chander initially only came for a year to give it a try, but her stay for 34 years clearly shows how much she enjoyed and loved this place. She said she would never swap this journey for anything else.

Mrs, Crider graduated from Woodstock School in June of 1969. She went here for 11 years as a student. During her time here, she was an athlete and ran short races (relays, 100 m and 200 m) and did high jump. She played a violin in the orchestra and was part of our class’s fancy marching team. As a staff member, she worked at Hostel (known as Clifton Hostel then) for 9 years, in the quad School Office for 6 years, as the Assistant to the Principal for 14 years and for the last 7 years her title has been ‘Staff Welfare Officer’. Her job was to make sure the staff are supported and happy here. She also helped the HR, alumni and the communications departments. She believes that growing up in a boarding school. she learned how to look after herself at an early age. She learned to love music, make friends, enjoy nature and love Jesus Christ. During her time here, Mrs. Crider looked up to Francis and Joan Browne, and Cannon and Esther Burgoyne. She and her husband came to work at Woodstock in Sept. 1979 and have been on staff for 36 years. She absolutely loved her time at Woodstock as a student and considered it her home. Mr. and Mrs. Crider were very interested in coming here to live at Hostel and to be part of the students’ lives and to help make their time at Woodstock special. She had spent most of her life in India and it just seemed natural that she could come back here to work and live.  98

Mrs. Crider

Mrs. Crider said she enjoys visiting the bazaar, eating at the many different restaurants and dhaba’s, hiking around the hills nearby, sharing meals in our home with many, playing games, looking at the jewel box (Doon valley at night), enjoying the warmth along with the breezes as well as the crisp cold quiet after a snowstorm or the green wet misty monsoons or the clear blue skies with the white of the snow mountains in the distance. She never get bored here as every day is different.She loves showing new staff and students Woodstock and Mussoorie and hoping they learn to love this place as much as she does. Mrs. Crider believes that her life has been made so rich from living here in Mussoorie.

Mr. and Mrs. Chophel

Mr. &; Mrs. Chophel have an association with Woodstock that spans 43 years! When they leave this summer, they would have been a part of the staff body since joining the school in 1989.MrChophel first came to Woodstock as a student from Happy Valley, where she remembers performing in Parker Hall. She loved Woodstock but never dreamt that she would get the opportunity to work here. However, opportunity came knocking in 1974 when Patty Stewart (the then head of the Dispensary at Woodstock) offered her a position as an Assistant Nurse at Woodstock. She left in 1977 and after spending some time in West Bengal and Dehradun, found herself back at Woodstock in 1989 with a husband and three children (Tenzin, Nordon and Namdol).Mr. Chophel has had a long association with Mussoorie, but not Woodstock in particular. He first came to the school in 1989 with Mrs. Chophel. Over their time at Woodstock, they have both been an integral part of the community. Mr.Chophel was awarded a National Bravery Award in 1991 by the Government of India for saving the life of one of Woodstock’s staff members. He has served in various parts of the school but has been the Liaison Officer for the school since 1998. Mrs. Chophel was given a gold coin by the staff members during Woodstock’s 150 th Anniversary celebrations for service to the school for 25 years. She has been a familiar face for everyone at Woodstock, serving as the School Nurse since she returned to Woodstock in 1989. We asked them what they will miss the most about Woodstock. Mr. Chophel – ‘As much as the school has trusted my work over the years. I too, have worked untiringly and to the best of my ability. And though I look forward to retiring now, I am going to miss this wonderful community very much!’ Mrs. Chophel – ‘I have loved being a part of this Woodstock family from the very first day, which is what has kept me coming back, and what made me choose to bring my own family to experience this one of a kind place’. A note to the graduating class? Never give up! Keep in touch with the school. Hard work is the most important thing and working with sincerity. Woodstock is such a special school, with all the experience you gain here, you must push yourself through further studies. We have great hope for all of you!  99

early Years  100

Ecp / KG

Not pictured: Nitya Pun, Wilder Van Drunen.

Aleksia Luukkonen

Ellora Sharma-Ferguson

Irina Allen

Jago Sharma-Ferguaon

Jasper Raymond

Natalie Florensa  101

Haven Tillemans

Jared Pun

Paul Santos

Rehaan Santram

Samiksha Bowling

Vihaan Bhandari


Shravani Bowling

Grades 1 & 2 Xenia David

Abhiroop Roy

Enoch Daniel

Gabriel Schumacher

Ipsita Thomas

Jyoti Webb

Levi Francis

Petra Seefeldt

Shreyansh Seth

Vedika Negi


Grade 3 & 4

Arin Puri

Caleb Sharma-Ferguson

Corin Y. Pun

Eden J. Crider

Gabriel Crider

Gideon Crider

Jalori Mathias

Jay L. Anderson

Kaizaad F. Irani


Krish Bhandari

Namrata David


Niranjana M. Schumacher

middle years


Grade 5

Abhinav Agarwal

Abner M. Seefeldt

Lakshya Sharma

Petra L. Anderson

Tenzin K. Norbu

Rohan R. Kapadia

Samuel A. Francis

Sangjun Park

Theo C. Maddison

Vidhi Agarwal

Viraja Fedorova


Grade 6

Aadi Bhartia

Amaan S. Bubber

Amar Rathore

Anamika M. Seth

Anandakuya Murakoshi

Ansh Garodia

Arnav Kumar

Golden Hubbard

Jayant Basnyat

Joel M. Crider

Kesochie Mero

Meher John

Naina S. Singh

Nattawit Thiapairat

Nitya A. Dalmia

Parth H. Chheda


Reyansh Garg

Rohan George

Ruhani Verma

Salyan Karki

Sanaya Mehta

Shreya Seth

Sumaira Chopra

Tanvi Garg

Uma J. Maddison


Grade 7

Aadil Khurana

Aaryan Singhal

Amaanat Dhindsa

Anishka Joab

Arjun Poddar

Baani Gambhir

Darsh Aggarwal

Hyuntaek Kim

Ira Ahuja

Ishpuneet Singh

Jack Carter

Jae-Kyung Sung

Jigme Dorjee

Joyia Raymond

Kalsang Yangchen

Keerat Uppal


Keya Ali

Kwanghyun Jo

Lidoweii Mero

Maanasa Muppala

Mahima Peters

Mesalenuo Tsurho

Nysa Bhatia

Panupak Kitithaveekiat

Pavut Sasivimonpan

Puttaraksa Sripongtanakul

Rahul Kapadia

Rajveer Saharan

Raunak Khanna

Rea Bhushan

Riya Gupta

Saniya Bajaria

Sarahna Daliya

Sentirenla Jamir

Sukhmanpreet Bhatia

Taruna Kakkar


Tashi D. G. Alaneme

Tawishi Dogra

Tenzin Norbu

Vansh Agarwal

Vyan Sachdeva

Yondhen Tuladhar


Thitichayaporn Longduriyang

Grade 8

Aadya Aryal

Aadya Goel

Abhiraj Gill

Adit Joshi

Akshaj Rajbhandari

Amer Beri

Amya Maini

Anchal Agrawal

Ankush Adapa

Archita Aggarwal

Arhaan Chopra

Arush Puri

Aviva Balani

Chhaya Jindal

Gauri Pasbola

Haeun Cho


Harshan Pannu

Ishaan Mehra

Janav Singh

Jigmet Angmo

Jinju Park

Jiten Taneja

Kahini Patel

Kalyaporn Krissana

Karuetat Panaspraipong

Kuhu Singh

Mihika Poddar

Nirvigna Thapa

Kyutae Kyung

Mannat Singh

Nishant Velavan

Tenzng Norbu Norgay

Paloma Hubbard

Pashin Goyal

Sachin Rijal

Saif Ansari


Sapna Tayal

Savya Agarwal

Seongchan Jeong

Seonmin Jeong

Shivam Singhal

Shoaib Ansari

Sriyukta Basnet

Simon Sookias

Singye Norbu

Sunkwan Kim

Uma Sherpa

Warris Godara

Not pictured: Victor Pashuk, Suryansh Singh, Yash Kedia




Abhik Mehra

Abiral Lamsal

Aditi Deswal

Amul Kakkar

Anirudh Aggarwal

Aarti Malhotra

Aviva Philip

Bianca Nieddu

Carlos Rodrigues

Chanon Charuchinda

Chittish Pasbola

Da Eun Joo

Da-Eun Lee

Dhrubhagat Singh

Eun-Seo Son

Gauri Ratan

Giju Kim

Hakyung Yi

Harsh Shyamdasani

Harssh Tanwar


Huijeong Lee

Ilya Pandya

Jigya Talwar

Jiwon Chun

Joanna Victor

Karl Oskar Lang

Karma Dorjee

Kayan Mehta

Kittapa Sasivimonpan

Knema Gardner

Kyumin Kyung

Rak Ogan

Markhamsan Lyndem

Muzhgan Noori

Nalin Mahajan

Navya Sethi

Nitya Mahajan

Palden Gonsar

Phasin Laplamool

Priyansha Agarwal


Radha Laplamool

Remay Pemba

Rhea Ali

Rigpea Wangchuk

Rishabh Poddar

Riya Kohli

Rohan Mathias

Ryan Bajaj

Saira Mehra

Shivaansh Garg

Siddharth Bhandari

Sudhiti Barjatya

Sunggon Cho

Syma Sahu

Tashi Gyamtsho

Veer Arya

Vikentiy Pashuk

Visakuo Tsurho

Suhana Mehta

Tej Dhungana


William Raggett

Won Yang

Yongbean Chung

Yuvraj Bhatia

Zohal Haidari

Zorawar Sethi

Yuvraj Cheema

Not pictured: Diva Goyal, Jia Loomba, Micah Crider, Pooja Shankar, Shyla Robinson, Swapnil Jhajharia, Tara Puri.




Aarushi Vardhan

Abdul Ansari

Adyan Husain

Ahaan Nayar

Akshaya Pradhan

Alisa Husain

Aniket Singh

Anvi Lohia

Apoorv Garg

Arpit Singh

Aryan Balani

Cassidy Percevecz

Cimmi Selden

Chiriki Plum Chrphey

Chowang Taklha

Daeyoung Kim

Daniel Swarup

Detsen Rinchhen

Diksha Singh


Diya Nandini Seth

Diya Digvijay Singh

Emma Karas

Fiza Bakshi

Harshvardhan Garg

Hassakol Panaspraipong

Hasumi Murakoshi

Hyenjin Cho

Hyunyoung Kim

Iqbal Zaheer

Janak Singh

Jaydeep Bajwa

Jinhwan Lee

Karsten Shaw

Khush Patel

Khushi Agrawal

Kritin Garg

Liah Bergerson

Raphaelle Morzadec

Ruke Ogan

Meher Datta


Mubaraq Jay Metha

Nandini Vij

Naphon Laplamool

Nathan Burgess

Nawara Alaboud

Neel Mukhija

Noor Guron

Panisa Vanichthanakul

Ran Singkarin

Red Tsheering

Riya Sharma

Sahil Raos Raisudin

Saksham Basu

Samuel Lee

Malsawmsangi Ralte

Sanjana Singh

Shaurya Bhansali

Shreya Kulshrestha

Shruti Kapoor

Shubham Tibrewala


Siri Norbu

Singh Sanjana

Tanishq Daniel

Talitha Moses

Tarini Boparai

Tenzin Nepali

Vaibhav Jain

Ved Maddison

Yehun Son

Ye Hyang Jung

Yugyal Norbu




Aanik Goel

Aarushi Sachdeva

Aashna Kulshrestha

Abhishek Bhandari

Abigail Gokavi

Akul Bansal

Alli Roshni

Ameya Saba Singh

Ana Raquel Pereira

Anahita Baluja

Andrew Nord

Anou Sood

Arjan Purewal

Aryan Shankardas

Avanya Joab

Deborah Aier

Charis Crider

Dhruv Agarwal

Doyoung Kim

Egor Suvorov


Eva Khanpara

Hah Yeon Lee

Hamin Yoon

Harshvardhan Yadav

Healeam Jung

Humaid Juned

Idika Kothari

Imtiyala Jamir

Ishaan Pilant

Jaeyoun Kim

Jay Yunas

Jayant Singh

Jefferson Wu

Jiya Puri

Joon Kang

Joshua Ali

Kabish Shrestha

Kahini Dhoat

Kavi Ahuja

Kavya Kataria


Kelzang Daechong Dema

Kiara Kanwar

Kyle Devlin Diarmit

Lalchhanhimi Bungsut

Lea Farah

Liz Ostermeyer

Luca Connor

Meghan Pandit

Mehar Bhatia

Nachiketa Kumar

Nandini Aggarwal

Nikunj Dalmia

Noah Douglas

Parth Parikh

Passawit Puangseree

Pavani Ganju

Pema Lhagyel

Phunsok Norboo

Pragya Mittal

Prasiddhi Shrestha


Sabrina Sookias

Sagunya Rawal

Satvi Kumar

Sera Andrugtsang

Shatakshi Kabi

Shivansh Singhal

Shreyansh Fofandi

Sooyeon Park

Sophia Von Hippel

Sophie Mero

Subhajyoti Basu

Summer Kang

Suryansh Prahladka

Taarini Gupta

Tanuj Agrawal Bagaria

Tanya Aggarwal

Tanya Sandhu

Tara Bajpai

Tsephell Choegyal

Tenzin Yigha


Tshokey Gyaltshen

Udit Garg

Vriti Thakkar

Yong Hoon Chung

Varun Khanna

Not pictured: Aditi Manjunath, Hyechan Jun, Saveliy Semyachkin.


Vatsal Jain

Aryan Khanna The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.- Eleanor Roosevelt. This quote summarises one of the most important lessons that I learnt during my time in Woodstock. Woodstock taught me to dream and thrive. I wish good luck to all my classmates as they venture out into the world to translate their dreams into reality.

Elsie Koop Liechty My time at Woodstock is something that I will never forget. Although it was over 10 years ago when I was spending my time in Mussoorie, I made friendships that I cherish for a lifetime. Best of wishes to everyone as you leave the school you know so well and discover a new place. I miss you all so much.


noun: a person who lives outside their native Woodstock

Erica Harp Congratulations on graduating, Class of 2017!!! My year at Woodstock was the most amazing experience of my life and it wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. You are all incredible people and I can’t wait to see many of you in the US soon.

Suryaansh Garg Congratulations to everyone for graduating especially Sohail because I never thought you would make it this far.


Kartik Rajpal For too years that were cut two short.

Khushi Daliya Congratulations Class of 2017! After almost 12 years in Woodstock, I can confidently say that most of you are not just friends but you are like family. There were bad times and there were good times, but I made memories that I will cherish forever. I want to thank especially a few people who made my time there worth it. Angel, Vanu, Mansha, Meghna, Bella, Urja, and Chahat. I don’t know what I would have done without you guys. I want to wish you all the best of luck for your future. And please keep in touch.

Yupel Yeshi Congratulations to the class of 2017. I hope your next journey takes you to wonderful places. Kinley Menzug I can’t believe we made it through high school! Thank you for all the memories, Ad Maiora! Lots and lots of love!

Satvik Sindhu I kept on wishing I knew how to sleep for longer, still my favorite dream lasted only two years! Thank you for making me who I am, Woodstock!


Nisha Khater Congratulations to the most innovative, bright, and loving people I know: the graduating class of 2017!! I miss you guys like crazy, and I wish you the best with all your future endeavors!

Yeshi Seldon Tshering (Selsi) Shout out to “lollipop” class of 017 for graduating...and for giving me some of the best years of my life. Special shoutout to Deasyl and AALIA for getting into their dream colleges despite people constantly putting them down. Love you guys!

Justin White Hi everyone, I wish I was graduating alongside you! The year I spent with all of you is a year I’ll never forget. Now that I’m so far away I’ve come to appreciate just how fortunate I am for every day that I spent at Woodstock and how glad I am for each of you that I called a friend and how lucky I am to have been part of such an amazing group of people. My door is always open to you Class of ‘17. Thanks for sharing your home with me, White Boy.

Sonam Lhanzin To the class of 2017 you have given me a lifetime of memories I will cherish, I wish I could be there to see you graduate but I wish you all the best and every happiness




Angel Yoanna

Seetsele Setlhomo

Aarika Dhir

Ambar Sarup

Zaine Krishnatraye

Faiyaz Chowdhury

Abhimanyu Rao

Zane Chowdhury

Aashish Peters

Sohail Baath

Aashana Jain

Su Lin Kim

Damchuilung Kamei

Caleb Connor

Aimedaphi Sohklet

Hyeji Jun


Shinyoung Kim

Anh Bui

Karma Tobgay

Deasyl Dorji

Yerim Lee

Tanushree Thapa

Devashish Pahadi

Dipankar Nakarmi

Urja Ummat

Arshiyan Ashan

Alina Kabir

Vanalika Nagarwalla

Meghna Das

Taegyeong Lee

Isabella Shaw


Aalia Mehra

Aseem Aggarwal

Tenzin Peyang Lama

Dechen Tenzing

James Manorattanawong

Saral Tayal

Maeve Wakita

Sangrujungla Jamir

Seungik Jang

Sara Bhatia

Amrita Jhajj

Kopal Halway

Sharanam Soni

Ellen Santana Pereira

Mansha Bhatia

Surbhi Singhi

Bobby Sharma

Umang Bansal

Vashisht Agrawal

Dhruv Mukhaji

Kartik Adityan


Tanashya Batra

Dechen Chuki Khangkyil

Shahyan Sataravala

Namhoon Cho

Tenzin Loten Nepali

Tenphel Lama

Ayaan John

Niranjan Bennet

Tanmaye Gupta

Khanh Tran

Noor Khosla

Pelzom Tenzing

Viraj Rijal

Raghavee Neupane

Simoni Garg

Armins Stepanjans

Jonah Kaplan

Jinhye Park

Shanti Mathias

Sharhirah Mathias


Khoa Ngo

Nihal Siriamaneni

Mohammad Fayaz Yourish


Rishabh Poddar


Ikaum Bawa


REVEALED! Go to page 150-151 for the photos and use this answer key to help you find the MYSTERY baby! FROM LEFT TO RIGHT PAGE 1 Loten. Maeve, aayan,armins, bui, deasyl Khoa, ambar, aseem, mansha, arshiyan Jonah, viraj, sohail, ellen, khanh, caleb, sara Fayaz y., james, aashna, kevin, amrita Hyeji, alina, bobby, tenphel, faiyaz Ikaum, karma, aime, tanashya, taegyong Meghna bella tanmaye aashna niranjan PAGE 2 Kopal, rishab, sangru, jinhye, shanti Namhoon, raghavee, zaine, yerim, vanu Nihal, aalia, dechen c, noor, urja Zane, peyan, dechen pelzom, kartik, dipankar Simoni, sulin, umang, shinyoung, setsele, dam Abhimanyu, shar, angel, bui, devashish Aarika, dhruv, saral, tanushree, chahat


ADVISOR MESSAGES I got to inherit this group last year after Mr. Wunker left. It was our final year here and most of them were my Microeconomics students, so the transition was not hard for either of us! Getting to know the ones I did not teach was easy. A group of nine students with six different nationalities was a beautiful experience, geting to know them and their culture and to share your culture, experience and stories with them. This group has been one of my best groups, during my stay here. I will miss Sohail’s ghost stories and his story telling gift! Dhruv or political discussions, a Modi fan, and his heart for Mahavir (Dost)! SuLin’s smile and respectful demeanor! Armin’s chatter and down to earth stories, his concern about his water robotics after he left WS! Aseem’s childhood experiences at WS, his competitiveness in class, and work with Dost (a litre of light)! Shanti’s open and honest opinions about every discussion we had in our group! Nihal’s quiet participation and our time together at Karnal, activity week, with Dunda farmers (Dost)! Dechen’s laughter and friendliness, Amrita’s candidness and honest chatter about everything. One more thing was watching them enjoy home cooked food at Abergeldie, my flat! I will never forget how we always ended up playing charades, Shanti was the best in guessing the words but others always enjoyed acting out their words midst loads of laughter, including our quiet ones, SuLin and Nihal. Thank you for being a great advisor group. Stay in touch and do well in life to bring positive change wherever you are! May God bless you at every step in your life, guide you and keep you safe from all the worldly dangers. Blessings, prayers and love. SChander.

The Millican advisee group has been together since 9th grade. Each individual has grown immensely in the areas of relationships, maturity, motivation and academics. We are so proud of you: Aarika, Dechen, Isabella, Angel, Fayaz, Saral, Anh, Khanh, Khoa and Jonah. You have inspired us and we hope we have inspired you. Blessings on you and this next chapter in your lives. Congratulations! Peter and Diane It’s been really wonderful to have this artificially-made, but authentically-felt, mini family during my (second) time at Woodstock. You guys have helped me feel grounded and connected to the student experience at school. As a staff member, sometimes I would lose sight of what the “student body” was exactly. Each of you, in sharing your own individual experience with me, and generously connecting with me in a person-to-person way, reminded me of the humanity of this mountain experiment. Caleb, your sincere nature is a pleasure to be around. Devashish, I dig your cutting humor and undeniable passion. Faiyaz, you greeted me so warmly on the first day of school, giving me an enthusiastic tour of Hostel. I thought to myself, surely this won’t last, but it did! Peyang, your kind nature warms the soul of anyone around you. Raghavee, I appreciate the cheer and light-heartedness you brought to our little family. Seetsele, your natural maturity and softly-held self-confidence bodes well for transitioning into an adult who does not resist change and growth, but instead accepts and is fed by it. Sharanam, I feel like you played the part of big sister in this fake family with your constant sense of everything-is-going-to-be-alright-ness and I-got-this attitude. Surbhi, it was only fitting that you disappeared the day you received an award for your sense of humility. You’re the bass player in the band that was our advisor group, happy to stand in the back and be quietly essential. Which would probably put Tenphel as the band’s lead singer: confident, eloquent and magnetically charming. I think I’m starting to mix my metaphors, so I better stop now. A sincere thank you to each of you for being a part of this wonderful family/band. Please promise me you’ll never dab again. Sincerely, Daniel Smith.


To my lovely advisees: For six years we laughed and complained, walked up and down the hillside (or took taxis because, “Ms. Dyson, your house is sooooo far!”), played Uno, and scared ourselves during spooky nighttime walks around the chukkar. Oh, and we ate. So. Much. Food. Doma’s or Kalsang’s or Rice Bowl (back in the day). Little Llama’s, Char Dukan, or whatever we made for ourselves (including a certain pizza that will live on in infamy). We’ve had our ups and downs, both individually and as a group (sorry we kicked you out that one time, Deasyl), but in the end, we created something that feels like a family. As graduation draws near, I know it will be bittersweet to watch my Woodstock “kids” move on to new adventures. I’m so proud of the ways in which you each have grown over the years, and I look forward to seeing you continue to grow as you tackle life’s challenges beyond Woodstock. As we bid one another (a most likely tearful) goodbye, I’ll take comfort in the knowledge that our lives are richer for the time we’ve spent together. Love and blessings, Ms. Dyson P.S. Let the reunion countdown begin!

To my dearest advisees, Each one of you have worked hard to reach the goal of graduation from Woodstock. My congratulations to you. As you fly out to continue the journey of your life, May God be with you to fulfill your dreams and take you to the highest of your hope and to the places your heart has ever known. May God bless you and keep you under his wings till we meet again! Mrs. Timothy

To my kids: I will always remember these 11 ¨heart walkers¨ and ¨hard workers¨ that I met one day and became my advisees. I am keeping with me Abhi´s gentleness; the joy of Alina; Arshi´s maturity; the sincerity of Bobby; Meghna´s friendliness; the goodness of Namhoon; Niranjan`s kindness; the dedication of Noor; Pelzom`s sweetness; the energy of Umang and the self-discipline of Shar. Tuesday mornings will be, for sure, less enjoyable without you. Burrito parties will always remain on the air and I promise I will watch more movies so I can practice charades for our future encounters. Thanks for making my days at Woodstock happier and for being so authentic. It has been a wonderful journey being your advisor, and now that our path has come to an end, it does not matter where we will be…our hearts will remain together. Enjoy the world, it is time to make it yours! I love you, Mr. Francisco

Congratulations on your graduation! You have endured countless assemblies, advisor meetings, bouts of strep throat, homerooms, and maybe even an EMD or two. We have enjoyed our time together with you. We will always remember you cooking parathas in our tiny kitchen, and your joy in the simple things, like glow sticks and silly games on advisor nights. As you leave this special place, remember the lessons you’ve learned, and not just the ones in class. Life will always surprise you. Be ready! Remember that you will almost always find what you are looking for, so look for the good and true things. Take care of yourself and the people who cross your path. Mr Percevecz and Ms Pearson


Senior The Friendliest - Zane Chowdhury

The Star Couple Jonah Kaplan & Jinhye Park Most Likely to Become President Tenphel Zoepa

Most Likely to Become a Bollywood Star Ikaum Bawa


superlatives The Scariest - Sohail Singh Baath

Best Smile Devashish Pahadi

Most Likely to Become a Supermodel Karma Thapkhay

Most Likely to Fart in Public Shahyan Sataravala


Oja and oba- thanks for always putting up with my attitude and trying to understand me, you guys know me better than myself and have always supported me through all of my decisions and for that i’ll never be able to thank you enough. Senti- you cry too much but i guess that’s alright and you still owe me Yala- konichiwa yala senpai! you’re so cringe but that’s what i like about you <3 a day isn’t dull when you’re around, now you’re making me cringe person. It’s too infectious KYAAA Sophie- bhuga maiki even though i scare you and pretend to be a ghost thanks for not seriously injuring me when i scare you!. Tshokey- T DAWG Practice you impressions(you know which one) so the next time we meet you’ll make me laugh even more Anou- you’re so obnoxious but it makes me laugh so its chill. Tshephell- Mr.Fried can you turn up the music! Peyang- Thanks for always being a good friend and always listening to all my problems. Won’t say much cause were gonna meet in the future of course. Pelzom- You cry too much pelzom and you never listen to me but i’ll still i will miss you regardless Dechen- you also cry too much Aalia- EVS was fun with you next to me <3 Deasyl- you guys i had lemons! This memory will remain forever Amrita- all those soaps and candles but you still stank jk you know i love you Sara- your gucci glasses is forever your trademark Aashna- hajibureyeh! I dont even know how to spell it but i know its our memory forever Tanushree- you are extra and always will be extra Aime- sometime we rant too much but ah well thats how we bond! Maeve- senpai! I’ll miss reading out manga to you Sulin- anneyong!! Thanks for always putting up with me unni!! <3 Yerim- Yerimaa thanks for always coming with me to mud cup love you yabo <3 Jinhye- your fried chicken is outta this world Angel- you is a cutie Aadeng- northeaster buddies Mansha- may your love for justin bieber never end Noor- the cutest ballerina in town Karma- OPPA. Nuclear wings.You owe me money Aashish- foot ma please cure your foot fetishes Nihal- omg boi you can gossip more than me and that’s a gift! Devashish- youre a cool boy Namhoon- oppa.dokebi. Dipanker- Advisior was always funner with you around Caleb- youre a goon!! Jk thanks for teaching me your language Luca- ill be waiting for that fire mixtape Ikaum - Hello hello Ikaum Sohail- You’re actually a nice guy Ved- youre so tall


Tanushree Mamu and Apa: You’re my strength and my shield, I love you eternally. Nemo: The trick is to have fun, but not get caught. Sexsinity: Picture abhi baki hai dost, this is most certainly not our last chuma. Deasyl: My sunshine, I hope you find all the happiness you deserve, you’re the reason I’ve made it this far. Our poop time, heartbreak playlists, and hilar stories are what made my good days amazing. Sara: I have such bad FOMO about not being with you anymore, the theplas, lakhamaris, the deep talks on cold winter nights, they’re all something I’ll never forget. Aashna: I literally felt like I found my soul sister when I met you, and 7 years later, I only love you more Janéman. Amrita: I promise to always be there longer than your fears, you are my go-to person for advice. Sangru: My first Woodstock bestfriend, we started from the cargo jeans and now we here. Sara Aashna Amrita: No matter how far they wander, people who’re meant to be in your life will always come back to you, and I’m so thankful you did. Katy: My rock, procrastinator buddy, BFFLAD: you’re family forever. Noorie: I’ve got you through thick and thin, I love you. Mots: Stay focused Mots, there’s so more to come. Satu: You’re the best peasant I’ll ever meet. Yerim: Yebo, your ruined sleep cycle and kindness made my 10th and senior year unforgettable. Sels: I miss your knitting and hyperness bobo Mansh: Through the ups and the downs, we’ll always been there for each other. Nihal: Horse D lovaaa, spicy food in studyhall is no match for our spicy friendship. Simoni: Timi kasto mayalu chau, I’ll miss you a lot Simu. Kelzang: Num 10th grade was the best time because of you, stay strong la? Prasu: From Thamel to tennis, I know we’ll always have fun. Tsephs: You’re wise beyond your years and amazingly kind, I love you for it. Akshaj: I’m so proud of the man you’re growing to be, hope you don’t miss me too much! Tej: If it won’t matter in 5 months, then don’t spend more than 5 minutes thinking about it. Stay focused on the important things phuchey, I hope you make me proud <3 Karma, Sohail, Deva, Tionary: It’s always been, and will always be lit with you guys. Zainu, Faiyaz, Abhi, Umang Vash,Saral: We’ve had so much fun together, thank you guys for all the gyan about life and working out :P. I’ll miss you more than you know. James: Tiggaaaaa, your bear hugs and coffee always make my day better. Ladoo: Be the person I know you are: Magical. I’ll miss you.



Thank you “Mother and Father” for always being there for me and supporting me. You guys have always pushed me to my limits and helped me strive for greater things. Karsten thanks for always making me laugh, inspiring me to try hard, be myself, and always letting me hang out with your friends. Life will be hard without you guys. To my Best Friend Meghna (Megasus Henry the V) Das I thank you for always being the music in my life and my bestfriend. Who would’ve thought I’d have liked Juggly, we’d kick booty in Goalathon, wouldn’t be able to sleep because of a gecko, and grow so much in our love and friendship for each other. When you marry Shawn Mendes I better be invited, and maybe we can sing ‘Kala Pila’. Basketball Girls y’all better kick booty next year and always push yourself to be greater and cherish each other.. Doing Sally will never be the same without you guys and don’t be afraid to play against the boys to challenge yourselves. Madame Vanoodle we will always be basketball and Condor buddies and I’m so happy that we’ve been such great friends for so long. I won’t forget how we spent my first day spilling wai wai on each other. Chani and Sonia you will forever be my childhood “besties”. Chani we always should keep a torch on us to look for extreme details. To my Calc and physics buddies though I will struggle and miss you in college, I will not miss the courses we took together. thanks for helping me and making me laugh. Thanks to all of my Music and Art teachers for helping me become a better musician and artist.Jayant thanks for making me laugh and being so nice to me. Cassidy thanks for talking to me and helping me find my inner country.Aimes and Sets thanks for laughing with me and for getting to know me. Phillis you are one of the creepiest, sweetest, and most genuine person I know, Thank you. Boys and girls I play basketball with during lunch, thank you for the pick-ups games and challenges. Aashish thanks for annoying me and the bike rides. Maevey-Wavey and Sulin thanks for making me laugh, giving me hugs, and being my music buddies.To last but definitely not the least my best friend Ayaani, I don’t know what I would have done without you in 9th grade and because you showed kindness to me when I was hurt, you will forever me in my heart. Even though we fight and annoy each other I wouldn’t exchange our friendship for any other in the world.

faith in me,

To my teachers for not kicking me outside the class when I was either sleeping or being hyper, To the people I lost but who gave me memories to cherish forever, To the people dealing with my sugar rushes on an almost daily basis, To the people who were there with me through thick and thin, Thank you.


Angel and Aadeng: Thank you for letting me crash into your room for majority of the last semester and for all the baking sessions we had. Aadeng: You were one of the very first people I started to talk to in Woodstock. I am grateful for our friendship and your random bursts of energy. Please get better in staying contact with people. Angel: I swear I can hear your creepy laugh in my head at times, a sign that I have been spending too much time with you but I don’t regret even one moment of it. Maybe, when you get a tad bit annoying. Bella: I appreciate your enthusiastic nature, especially when we were doing Calculus webassigns. Sulin: Thank you for attempting to teach me Korean even though you gave up at the end. Chicken nugget, study session(s) before calculus test were fun. Vanalika: Honestly, you bullied me too much but I am still going to miss you. Watson, you will always be my extrovert twin. Thank you for making me finish my work and helping me improve my still non-existent skills at using pick-up lines. Please be careful about the number of balloons you blow in the future. Raghavee: If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know how many stupid decisions I would have made by now. Thank you for being a patient roommate while I probably traumatised you with my weird song choices. Tanmaye: Baka, you have been a close friend. I will miss forcing you to listen to my playlist. Thank you for annoying me and being there. P.S. you still owe me two bottles of coke. Surbhi: You need to update your definition of ‘bad’ by the next time we meet. 22 is NOT bad.#getsurbhiadictionary. Niranjan: Jim Jam, even if you are one of the mature people I know, you are such a hypocrite. Your sassiness never fails to amuse me. I hope you find what you are looking for even if you don’t know what it is at the moment. Ellen: We don’t talk anymore like we used to but thank you for everything that you did for me. I don’t know whether to thank you or hate you for reviving my love for anime and kpop. Chahat: Thanks for helping me complete my webassigns.


Mom Dad Nani Nanu Words can never express how much I love you. You’ve given me more than I’ve deserved. Thank you for letting me follow my heart. Meher Sis, thanks for the best childhood memories. You’ve become an amazing, headstrong girl and I couldn’t be prouder. Always here for you. Dech My bestie, never forget that night. You have a beautiful soul, my other half. Can’t wait for Boston sleepovers! Pengs your randomness never fails to amuse me, my giant. Excited to make more memories in Boston! Pel Even though we argue a lot, you know I love you insane amounts. Chuks we connect on a number of things, always remember you’re one of a kind. Aals Our random talks is what I’ll miss the most but you’re just a few hours away, yes! Tanz You’ve picked me up each time I fell, you mean a lot to me. Des We’ve been together through thick and thin, always making me smile. Vash Wish things could’ve been different but here’s to the happy memories. Saral Thanks for being there along every step of the way. Stay alive in the army. Dhruv I can have a conversation with you for hours on end, see you in Boston. Aseem Glad I got to know you, Badri. Amrita, Sara, Aashna, Kopal Here’s to the good times. Sharanam, Sangru, Aime, Jinhye, Alina, Bobby I’ll miss y’all. Subho, Jay, Tanya, Ameya, Tarini, Remay Happy to have known you, best of luck! Luka love your songs. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone your age! MrL You’ve been my mentor in high school, looking forward to the GAIL reunion in! Caleb Got one word - Bing! Jk, see ya in Ithaca. I’ll miss ya. Faiyaz Will miss you, take care. Tsephell Keep working hard, I’ll miss you. Arshiyan I know you’ll do wonders, girl, I’ll see you when we’re some big time CEO’s! Devashish Rogen! Nihal Chubby fries! Sohail, Ikaum Glad I got to know you better, here’s to the fun times in Goa. Egor Take good care of MUN! Squaaa (“TBN++”) to the five most important people in my life. Whether it was our crazy antics, the emotional talks, useless arguments, Rajaji or chaar dukan dinners, I can’t imagine life at WS without you. Thanks for giving me memories I’ll cherish forever. We’ve been through a helluva lot together, which just makes us stronger. Couldn’t have asked for a better fam. Here’s to our future times in NY + Las Vegas. Love you <3


Dechen T.

Mom/Dad: I love you mummy and daddy and I am truly grateful to you for sending me to Woodstock. Dekila: Miss you a lot. Thank you for being there for me even though the distance. Love you. Pelzom: Love you so much, been with you for 18 years now. Don’t know how you’ll survive in college without me. Noorieee don’t leave me. I will miss you and all our times together. You’ve been there for me through thick and thin, I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have you as my best friend. Peyang: Hahaha I will miss all your lame jokes, laughing challenge and other weird stuff you do. So glad to have found a best friend with the same mental disorder as me. Aallss thanks for all your advices and for always having my back. Don’t forget Q and B anyways you do you. Love you Chuki: Haha I’m gald I got to share my name with you, will always remember our inside jokes *bucket list*.Des: Will always remember our Kdrama and wongfuproductions. Teddy’s gonna miss tobby a lot. Tanu: Thanks for always being there for me like an elder sister. Sangs thanks for always being honest with me and standing up for me at times .Kopal: I don’t know what I would have done without you in human geo.Yerima: my first ever roomie.Loveyou. Shah: Will miss our fights the most.Vash: thanks for being such a great friend and always staying true fuddu. Caleb: I’m glad I got to know you. (Your personal chef). Nihal: Chubby fries. Dhruv: Haha will always remember those advisor nights and OLW. Umang: glad I got to know you. Aseem: I’m so glad we got close this trimester. Haha will miss you Badri, please put your hair up. Shinyoung/ James/Ayaan: Thanks for being such great friends and helping me through. Mr L : Can’t thank you enough, you’ve taught me so much and have always supported me. Miss Roni : To the best dorm parent ever . Your kittens will miss you a lot Anik: you’re a sweet guy, thanks for JSB. Shubo: your funny. Thanks for making stats and evs class fun. Kabish: you have one more year left loser. Have fun Nochu/Norbu: Sadly there won’t be anyone giving you food anymore. Miss you both Thapkay : Will miss our art classes but Mr Nandu will definitely miss us more . Remay/tarini: you both are great ballers. Keep making me proud .Love you guys Zane: Thanks for the memories Zane. Never lose that humour .Tenphel :Always.


Papa- You're my inspiration, I can't thank you enough for your everlasting love and support. Mama- You're my bestest friend and biggest critique, I know you only mean the best for me. Jigu- the apple of my eye, you never fail to make my life so much more complete. ZoepsThe next 4 years are going to be incomplete without you around, fights apart, I love you and I'm always here for you. Londey- My forever stable dhokpo, after 10 yrs of friendship, I'll miss you and ur billion dollar smile too much. Thank you for existing. Aseem- My angel, literally. You've made senior year so much more memorable. You might think otherwise, but you’ll always be my bestie. Sangs- I've never trusted anyone more! You never fail to offend me but never fail to make me laugh too. Tanu- I'll miss your chumas. Dede- our friendship overcame anything. Amrita- always a good time with you. Jinjin- we've always had a strong bond since EH days, let's keep it this way forever <3. Ikaumafter all the competition in macro tests, college lists, and sat scores, we finally made it! Ur sense of humor is gold. Jumes- I'll see you in bkk, teddybear! Deva- guess some dreams really do come true. Dhruv- OLW & mosiac was memorable. Zaine- tho you annoy me a lot..thankyou for being there for me :) Faiyaz- 8th grade were the best days. Caleb- thanks for being genuine! I’ll see you.Karma- when we do meet again YOU cook for me, will miss you. Yigs- my sister, you never fail to make me proud :') love you always. Doyoung/REM.:-Spanish squa, I'll miss you cuties and our gossip / makeup sessions.Tar/REM- ball is lyf, I'll miss u bbs. Teju- be good..plz <3. Dorjee- always stay the cutest. Nochlove from ur carrot faced ashim. Jinks/Suri- You left too soon. Mr.L- You were the best support system I had here, Thankyou. Mr.Francisogracias señor. Ms.Roni- You're truly the best dormparent. Mr. & Mrs.John- Thankyou for your love and guidance. Dipaji- Thankyou so much. Sohail- Despite everything, in the end everything did fall into place. I’ll be forever grateful for being there for me no matter what. Thank you for cheering me up with your 24/7 hyperness, I’ll miss you so much! Aalia- my other half, we've literally grown up together..I don't know how I'll college without you boo. Noo- perfectionist, can't thank you enough for ur constant love and support. I know you'll make it big. Dech- *doraeemo.. my soul sis, I've never clicked with someone better than I have with you. Dechen- ogresla…there's so much goodness in you, that you're never too complicated for me. You give me comfort in your friendship. Pel- balelek, there wasn't a time where I thought you weren't there for me. I knew we'd be bff's, ever since the green crocs.TBN++or whatever the new name is now- Ever so grateful to have had you guys. In the end everything does fall into place, I'm proud to say that my best friends are the most genuine and strongest people out there. WS- Adios.



Mom and Dad: There are no words to describe how grateful I am. No thank you’s will ever be enough for everything you’ve given up for me. Love you beyond words. Meets and Viks: Thank you for always supporting me in every way possible. You two have been more than just parents to me and I am forever grateful. Love you 1057. Ishaan: You still have a very long way to go, have fun and love you. Amaani, Ud: You guys mean more than everything to me, thank you for all the nights you spent checking my essays and for supporting me. You've been my inspiration throughout and I hope to one day make you guys as proud as you've made me. Dadi, Nani, Nanu: I am so lucky to have such compassionate and loving role models in my life. Thank you for always guiding me in the right ways. Natasha: Your bravery will always inspire me. I love you and am so proud of you. Ikaum: Starboy, you've given me the best four years of my life. I can't imagine what life without you would've been like. I'll never forget all the times that I've spent with you. More than being an amazing boyfriend, you've even given me a best friend that no one can ever ever replace. Over the years I've seen you transform into a caring and compassionate person that I'm so in love with. Thank you for all the memories and I'm always going to be here whenever you need me. Love you bub. Sohail: Thank you for being an amazing best friend and for always caring about me. You're one of the strongest people I know, never change that. It'll take you places. Dipanker: Dippy, who's going to hit me now? I'll miss you, thank you for the memories. Damiiii: I'll never forget our advisor telepathy and all the laughing and of course my fall down Jacobs, I'll miss you. Deva: My NYC boy, I'm glad we'll be meeting very soon. Thank you for an irreplaceable friendship. MEOW. Aashish: You've given me a friendship worth 9 years that I will never forget, sadly this is how it ends. Caleb: Thank you for the memories, you are an amazing person and an even better friend. Karma: I wish I had known you for longer, it’s always fun with you. Always keep that shoe obsession alive. Tenphel and Loten: Thank you for being in my life and for a great friendship! Kavs: You’re one character, I’ll never forget you. My Girls: I have no words to describe how much you all mean to me. We have a friendship that no one can ever replace. Thank you for being more than just best friends but sisters to me. I love you all more than you’ll ever know.



Sulin Kim 아빠엄마: 부족한 딸 위해서 항상 기도해주시고 믿어주셔서 감사해요 <3 아 빠 따뜻한 격려와 따끔한 충고 감사해유 그리고 엄마 늘 부족하다고 하시지 만 오히려 최고십니다 서영언니: 어렸을때부터 지금까지 케어해줘서 고마 워 멋있는 언니 <3 목영언니: 나랑 놀아주느라 고생해 재밌는 이야기 또 해 줘 <3 애린언니: 언니 덕분에 많이 웃는거 알쥐? 역시 언니가 짱이야 <3 Aadeng: Remember no more social media? Keep in touch Maeve:I’m glad to see your progress with eating Korean noodles Jinhye: 가끔식 너의 애교 가 생각날거야 ㅋㅋㅋ 연락하자규 Angel: I hope you know I can annoy you better than you can Aarika: I appreciate your Hindi skills Hyeji: Hope you find a new lunch buddy in college. I don’t know if you’ll find a better one though jkjk Aashna: Math classes wouldn’t be the same without you. I’ll miss your lame jokes even though you laughed at them more than I did haha Sangru: Never let you go by 2AM Bella: Best stand partner Meghna: I’ll always remember your Hello~~ in the dining hall :D Sara: Stay the same Simoni: I didn’t expect EJH joke to last so long haha Raghavee: Hope you become “Biology” You know what I mean :) Khanh: Stop acting like a Korean Khoa: Stay awake Aime: Your reaction always make me laugh Seetsele: Stay cooool Healeam: 친구야 나 먼저 간다~ 연락해 Sooyeon: 나랑 스페인어 같이 들어줘서 고마 워 :) Kyutae: 첼로 연습 열심히 해! Mrs. Seefeldt/Ms. Chander/Mr. Arthur/ Mr. Roy/Mr. Francisco/Ms. Dyson/Mrs. E/Mr. David/Ms. Ronita: Thank you for teaching and helping me throughout my years at Woodstock. It’s been an honor being your student. God: You’ve done things that are impossible and I don’t know what I would do without your love that you showed me. Thank you for everything.

Maeve Wakita Mom/Dad/Aya: Thank you for all the support for the past 9 years. I love you guys♥♥ Junjun: Seesaw friends forever Meguna: Always make horse faces. Especially during the exams. Jenny: Babe #1 forever♥ Spongebob: Thank gosh it’s monday♪ Dr.Su: You will always be my kimbap♥ Aimy: Tokyo/Chardukhan buddy♥ Bella: #boyfriendmaterial Jungly: Senpai...(n*´ω`*n)Urjie: Stats buddy♥ Allykat: English buddy♥ Ellen: Bihar buddy♥ Angie: Tribe buddy♥ Adung: Stay cute Seets: I love your hair Vans: Keep tissues in your pocket. Always. Teddy: Stay teddy forever Aashish: Karaoke buddy forever Shahyan: Advisor buddy forever Tanashya: Stay intellegent♥ Sim: Where’s my EJH? Shawarma: Hi♥ Raghavee: Stay cute Deasyl: Spanish buddy♥ Thaps: Stay hyper♥ Chocho: Favorite mortal Bui: Favorite Vietnamese Sacchan: Japanese buddy Nihal: Bio boy Khanh: Precal buddy Hasumi-chan: 後2年間頑張って!:) ♥ Sophie/Healem: I miss our extra clean room and tea parties♥ Summer/Joon: Gonna miss my favorite twins very much♥ Tshokey: You’re such a cutie♥ Sooyeon: You’re such a sweet heart♥ Hoon: You’re such a brat, but I’ll miss you Aryan: Trumpet buddy Ishaan: Smartass, give me your brain Josh: Filthy muggle (jk widzard) Yigha: I’ll miss your sarcasm♥ Jeffery: Candy Jefferson: Alexander Hamilton Wu Gillbert: RIP 日本人の先輩方: 色々お世話になりました。 あり がとうございました♥ Woodstock: Thank you for an interesting 9 years.


DEASYL D. Mummy,Apa,Ashim,Bidham,Ama Though the rest of this is dedicated to my Woodstock fam.I want you guys to know you’re the OGs.I love you all.TZoeps A friendship so strong that we even cheated death together. Can’t wait to tell your little princess and my little baller about all our crazy adventures My Chogs..Amritavan Don’t know what I’m gonna do not seeing your stupid face first thing in the morning and last thing before i sleep. Can’t wait till our first single releases cause it’s always a duet and not a solo.GOODNIGHT NEWYORK CITY. Tanu Who woulda guessed you and I would become best friends and share all our secrets in a small cubicle thanks to one of us who always took a little too long.My other half I wouldn’t be able to survive without youJungla Kept it real with me every since 7th grade and i’m glad to say you and I are the perfect team. Aashu The love,hugs and jokes i’m gonna miss it waaaay too much.KAR KEY DHI KA YING GA!.Serah It’s always an adventure.Numb toes and 1am talks.I’ve never felt so secure,happy and free with anyone else.Sexsinity Thankyou for showing me what true friends are.Always sex and cuddle.I love you guys.Thappy You’ll never be dethroned,Best friends forever even after death. i definately lucked out when we became besties.Love you my golden hearted Zandey. Tshoks I Hit the jackpot when you came into my life. Shayu The cheeks are all yours. #1 Cutie forever. Always make my gloomiest days sunny<3 Where ever you are i’ll come meet you for some ear time. Sohail The world isn’t against you,all it takes is for one to have your back and I got yours. Aashish When you finally find her i can officially say she’s the luckiest girl in the world.PeyangAlways by yourside like you are mine.DechenT You,me,tobby,teddy will forever be a family.Come cuddle with me in college.Zaine My first friend in woodstock. We actually freaking made it.My arms are open just like yours have always been.Feyazz DoubleTap.Susu duties will continue forever. Zane Late night talks,bad advice and one last C.We both will find the right one one day. Dam Mac and Cheese will always be my favourite.You set the bar too high. D2 forever. Yuggie My favorite always.love you little brother.Dorj that cute little Nepali nose always breaking my heart.Noor Only one who stayed true.Tseppy Love you loser stop being a weirdo #FOK Anou,Ana,Tanya,Kyle,SophieYou made the cut<3.Pel PP+DD always.Deva There is always an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.Ikaum no more malai tikka.Nihal Hi Boyfriend,i’ll get you munch.DipuUndercover gentleman Jinhye,JonahPretty cute.Vash The dream is true, I got you.Shakti Love you<3 Aseem Forehead goals kulboi<3 U-mang Bo the baleybaley better work.Dhruv Keep the rocket at the station please.Maeve,Kopal tg for AW and Spanish classes.Sonam,Selsi,Yupi Would’ve given anything to end this journey together. 017,Woodstock This 6 year journey has finally ended and it hurts my heart to say goodbye.

AMRITA J. Woodstock School - I guess it’s time to part our ways..finally.. Mummy and Papa -Thank you for everything, I hope I make you guys proud one day. Seerat - My ride or die. Sara - You’re my better half, the person who always makes my life adventurous and getting in trouble is always worth it when it’s with you. Aashna- I’d be lost without all the support you’ve given me these past four years. You both mean the world to me, thank you for adopting me in ninth grade. Sands and ashes total badasses. Des- Remeber when I said I could never write a novel? I could probably write one about us.You’re like family, and family doesn’t say goodbye. I love you. Goodnight New york city.Tanu- People aren’t always as kind, but don’t let that get to you. Thank you for always babying me like the child I am. Chuma deyo. Sango- Your carelessness shows me how much you care. Thank you for the tough love. Sexsinity- You give this vegan some cheese in her life. Thank you for everything and more. Kopal - keep fighting warrior Fiz- We’re like peanut butter and pickle, it’s an odd pair but we work well together. Thank you for always making me laugh when I’ve wanted to cry. Zane- Through all the ups and downs, we made it. Zaine- You had me at Oi and I had no idea what kind of trouble I was getting into. Thank you for the countless memories.<3. Aseem- If we were a bollywood movie it would be a blockbuster. The gita to my babita. Sohail- It’s time you stop doubting yourself, you’re pretty great and I know you love hearing that. Nihal- Do i make you blush? Tenphel - Your secrets are safe with me like mine are with you. Dhruv - testie bestie. Umang -Lets have fun. Vash- *insert cliche quote about missing you* Abhi,Shahyan- Thank you boys for the all the memories, care, rule breaking and support. WS would be incomplete without you. Aalia and Peyang - My first friends in WS, thank you for sticking by me till the end and Noor Can’t wait for the next time gossip session, thank you for all the good times!! Special shoutout to my soul sister Shanu, you graduated a year too early. Ahaan, Dorjee, Tej,Tsephell, Tsokey- I’ll miss you cuties like you’ll miss me Thank you to everyone who made my WS journey so special it’s hard to put it in words. 017 - This is only the beginning to great things. Love always, Amrita jhajj


AASHNA J. Mummy and Papa: Thank you for always believing in me and going miles out of your way (sometimes literally) to fulfill every small wish of mine. Manan: I will always be there for you to turn to. Love you! Namita: You always (somehow) know when something is wrong with me and make me feel better. Thank you for always believing in me. Aseem: We’ve come a long way but Simu, this is just the end of the beginning. Sara: You really were the strongest branch. Don’t worry the party will always be where you are. Amrita: We don’t always go together like PB and J but we make one hell of a combo. Tanushree: We started together 7 years ago jaaneman, and despite the ups and downs, we have made it to the finish line, hand in hand. Deasyl: It’s always a sunny day with you, lil drake. Sangru: We were both young when you first saw me. The mama is all yours… just keep the secret lol. Sexsinity: We are like puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. Thank you for everything. Faiyaz: My support and bad advice will always be with you. Every memory with you was amazing and there better be more to come. Zaine: You have the best smiles and the biggest tantrums. I’ll miss you and your enthusiasm. Dechen C: I never expected us to be so tight but I’m glad things turned out different. I will get my pillow next time lol. Kopal: You handled my cranky mornings and hyper midnights hallu. Sulin: You were always the perfect peacemaker and math class buddy. And btw, you truly are a mugshot icon! Umang: You are likely to take a pill in Ibiza. Just do it with me though lmao. Abhi: You are acute algebro. Zane: It’s always great to have you as a makeup and hair guide. Na dhin dhin dha. Simoni, Raghavee: I am so glad that I got to know you cuties. Keep it touch! Tanashya: Apart from being MB, you are like a caring older sister. And believe me, you will end up being the whitest sheep in your family. Vash: Tu cheez badi hai mast mast. Dhruv: It’s not goodbye because “Boston” is yet to come. Ms. Ronita: Thanks for being my back-support for the past two years. I’ll miss you so much! 017: It’s been 7 years but it feels like it’s just too soon to say goodbye.

SARA B. Fam: I’m very grateful for having such a supportive and funny fam <3 Mumma thanks for being so extra when you _ dressed me up for fancy dress competitions. Papa thanks for being so annoying every time we discussed politics. Gattu: _ You’re like an item song and I’m a masala bollywood movie; I wouldn’t be a hit without you. Also, thanks for always keep _ ing things real with me (except in our fantasies lol). Am: Started as enemies and graduating as bestestfriends. Who thought Missaltoe would be right? You didn’t always show me the right path but it was always the best one. (Also, tg you helped me write this will) Rajooo: It saddens me how you’ve set the bar so high, because nobody can compete with the happiness you two have given me. Des: Thanks for being my Sunshine Potato and infecting me with your happiness. Tanu: Remember that time we were going through your diary and arguing about fate. Well, our friendship does makes me believe in fate a little bit. Sango: I wish there was more cuddle after the sex we had. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the handcuffs off. Sex-sin-ity: Life without you guys will be a constant FOMO. Sulin: I hope you and and Bui actually get it on ;) Chowdu: My life is a constant state of rainbows when you’re around. Zaine: You’re a drama queen on steroids but tbh I wouldn’t have it any other way. Aseem: Can’t wait to watch you on the big screen one day Shahyan: Are you LSD because you’re jokes got me trippin. Umang: Your recklessness makes me feel alive. Abhi: Hopefully we’ve performed a song on stage by the time this will gets published. Zane: Merry Christmas Bouncy Bangladeshi Boi Vash: You’re such a cliche. I like cliches. Viraj: Hope you find a new braineater in college. Tenphel: We were the swaggiest School Presidents ever. Ms. Ronita: Your love kept me going the past two years. Thanks for always believing in me. ‘017: Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt. Woodstock: You gave me the best four years of my life yet. But knowing everything that you’ve taught me, I know the coming years will be better. Love, Bhattu


UMANG & VASHISHT Raghav Chattu Bhattu(Sara) Jaini (Aashna) Jhajam (Amrita) Noor-e-huda Diesel (Deasyl) Dhaniya (Tanashya) Airtel (Simoni) Shartik (Sharanam) Peljom (Pelzom) Sweetuu (Mansha) Acool Dhruv Shivaansh Udit Humaid

Ammi Jaan Pita Parmeshwar Dadi Ladoo (Dhruv) South Indian (Kartik) Slim (Aseem) Diplomat (Fizz) Tharki Baba (Zaine) Jane (Zane) Bahadur (Viraj) Saral Tyagi Bajirao (Abhi) Underwear (Shayu) Khoa Halwai (Kopal)


Thank you for all your love and support mum, dad, Aastha, grandparents! Aashna, it’s been a long journey! Who could say we would be best buds 7 years ago! Countless fights, one sided love, intense competition, deep talks & all other times make you my soul mate, Dhruv! My newest & bestest brother, Faiyaz. I wish we had more time, but glad that there are countless memories of the most crazy & senti times we had. Bicep Bawa!! Handshake? Workouts, FIRS Fridays, night talks, basketball games. Nothing would be same without you Ikaum bro! Thanks for being there. Vash, my food supplier, accountant, advisor, I don’t know how I would survive Woodstock without you. You get the high 5 of the day, Shabaash! Remember, Namhoon? Abhimanyu Mathematician! It’s time you start showing your magic in other fields also bro!! Zaine, the earthquake hit me hard in 9th and 12th grade! Won’t forget all those bed countdowns and EVENTS & CHARACTERS, Muhammad Ali! Umang, can’t believe this carefree and chilled dude is the same person who did HW afterschool and slept at 8pm. Kartik, thanks for always listening to me and supporting me bro. Esp. in hard times. ZapZane! I’ll never forget your advice, straightforwardness, and Dharamsala. Shahyan! Hey Sinu! Wait, that’s me! Your humour lights up my day bro! Dipankar, two-time roommate, I can’t say that anyone else could still be a bro after going through so much together. Tenphel, Loten, I can never forget the memories with my first buds in Woodstock. Aashish, quit losing in sprints and basketball bro. From -kryptonite. Anh, or the guy who “never swears”, will never forget Wunker’s class and RW basement. Shinyoung, Bobby, told you I’d end the streak! Thanks for being there at all times. Khoa, Khanh, still waiting for you to beat me at DOTA, LOL, and singing. Rishabh, you’re the perfect Raghav in movie Luck! Saral, You came a long way! Ambar, enjoy your time! Amrita, UMMM!! You’re like fast food! Your imperfections make you so perfect! Sara, your extreme energy certainly matches your level of trust! Tanusree, Deasyl, your hyperness will be missed. Knock Knock Pelzom! Thanks for the bumpy ride but a safe landing! Glad we’re friends, my 3 year angel! Peyang, Dechen– I came in with my eyes closed, but you left them wide open cuz when all is said and done, more is said than done. Aalia, from aloo to abs - we came a long way. Noor, wish we actually got close. Dechen Tenzing, your company is always entertaining. Aryan, Kinley, Satvik, Suryaansh, You guys will always stay in my heart!


Mama, Papa: Thank you for sending me to Woodstock for the best years of my life. I wouldn’t be where I’m today without your love and support. Neel: I want you to know that I love you and I’ll always be there for you no matter what. Vash, Umang: Baba Bansal and Zi Mazique, Senior Year has been truly special with you guys. From the chakkar walks to our late night talks, I’m going to miss everything. Thanks for always being there for me and I’m glad Woodstock’s given me two kaminas who’ll always have my back. Kartik: Yendu you’ve been my go-to guy since 8th grade. We’ve cried together and j*r@#d together, Woodstock without you would have been like idli without sambar, incomplete to say the least. Aseem: From our intense college conversations to our depressive love talks, I’ll miss it all bro. Stay the same… Tera dil bahut saccha hai, kisi ko itni aasani se todne na de! MANYUUUU: Arijit’s Channa Mereya is no match to you singing Panda bro. I’ll miss our deep convos, messing with Kartik and giving you my gyan. Faiyaz: Kalle, your lame jokes, brotherly love and Track 10 will always top the charts in my heart! Zaine: From the RW bullying to our YOLO times, we’ve made countless memories. I’ll miss you loads brother! #Best&worstsexualadvisorever Shahyan: Are baba, how we always twin?!! Just remember, Mr. Fried still hates you! Don’t believe me? Ask my 11th grade bros Subho and Harsh! ZapZane: CHEF, It’s been great cooking with you! Will never forget those crazy Dharamsala nights! Viraj: Your perception is bodaciously immaculate bro! #justdollythings Saral: From our immature 8th grade fights to our meaningful talks now, we’ve come a long way! Bobby: HOW’S IT GOING?! NamHoon: CHOOO, Don’t know what I’ll miss more, you or your candy! Bui, Shin, James, Nihal: I’ll miss you guys. Stay in touch! Ikaum: BAWWA.. Your lame jokes, that night at shipra and all our college convos is something I’ll never forget. Sohail, Tenphel: Will miss ‘those’ talks ;) Sara, Aashna: You’re the nicest girls I’ve met! We got really close in 11th grade but don’t know where it all went wrong. Wish I could turn back the clock! Amrita: Advisor nights <3 Deasyl: We’ve had our ups and downs but #dessthebesttt. Sharanam: From Media Studies to U.S history, I doubt I’d graduate without your ‘help’! ;) Simoni: Will never forget those sundeck talks! Dechenck: Your imperfections are what make you perfect. Stay the same! Noor: Always felt comfortable telling you anything! Dechen,Pelzom: You guys never failed to put a smile on my face! #losers Peyang: That laughter challenge in Rajaji! Aalia: Stargazing that night in 10th grade #noteddycallinganymore Arshiyan: I know we’ll always love ‘mango’ Satvik, Suryaansh, Avi: Woodstock’s not been the same without you guys! Miss you bros! <3 Mr.Negi: You’ve been my mentor throughout! CricketTeam: All the best! Sagunya: My favorite junior! Tanuu: My cutecumber, it’s been an amazing journey... One that I’ll cherish for long! Thanks for being with me through literally everything! I’ll miss you loads! <3 Class Of 017: Remember it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning!



Ma & Baba: You guys have been my biggest supporter since day 1. Whatever decisions I made, whether good or bad, you always had my back. You guys have done so much for me; I hope that I made you guys proud. I love you both so much. Dadu, Dada Bhai & Nanu: Thank you for always praying for me and worrying about me. I hope I made you proud as your grandson. Boro Chachu, Tuki Chachu, Chachin, Tanu, Moni, Mama ji, Zayna: Thank you for all the support, advice and help, all you guys played a big part in my life whether I showed it or not.. Fiz: Bro we have been through too much. Ever since I came to 017 you and Zaine have been my closest and best friends. The experiences we both shared have been crazy and I hope we have more in Canada. I wish you the best in whatever you do <3. Zaine: Bro, you’ve been on of my closest friend in WS. We have gone through so much drama together and I’m glad I was the one wiping your tears away. I will always love you as a teammate, friend and brother. See you in Canada man, <3. Abhi: Manyuuuuu bro we got so damn tight since you came and I’m so glad that we did. Whether is was work, football or girls, we always had something to talk about. We gonna party it up in Canada hahaha love you bro. Shahyan: Shahyuuuu, man we got so close that we had our own private group (along with the cat). I can’t wait for our road trip next year. Till then love you bro. Aseem: Dude I’m so glad we got close in our last year. We always had things to talk about and laugh about *cough* twins *cough*. Love you bro. Dhruv: Gonna miss your silent laughs and grabbing my shoulders. Take care in Boston bro <3. Umang: Bro I’m gonna miss how ballsy you are and your nasty local jokes. Love you bro. Vash: Bro gonna miss the memory of us dying on the floor laughing about Sava and Armins, take care bro. Viru: Love you Jeremy. Saral: I love you as much as you love your legs <3. Katy: Bro we have shared many intimate secrets that we’ll never forget. Take care in Chicago. Bobby: Gonna always remember about our love life, especially when it was about the Singh sisters. Love you bro and see you in Canada. Shin, Nam, Bui & James: My fellow brothers, it has been a crazy ride and I wish you success in whatever you do. Love you guys Amrita: We have had our rough times but I’m gonna cherish our good memories together <3. Des: Gonna miss the time we opened up to each other, like how we made mistakes about dating Tibetans ;). Sara: Gonna miss your crazy party animal personality, good luck for everything bhattu! Aash: I’m sorry for making you always sign in for me, thanks for everything. Meg: I’m gonna always remember that night when we made tea, watched movies and talked till the morning. Kops, Sharna: Gonna miss our English gang <3 Alina, Arsh: Love you my deshi sisters, see you guys in Canada <3 To everyone else good luck & peace.



Woodstock has been my home for two years but it feels like I have been here a lot longer. I would like to thank Mom and Dad for sending me here. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have met such amazing people. Shahyan: Aye Undie! You are the younger brother I never had and thanks for being there for me. I will never forget those torn tracks you wore every day. Aseem: Mera Bollywood Superstar. From your SRK impressions to our Dangal fights, I can just say Tum hi ho, bas Tum hi ho meri Slimmy ab tum hi ho. Don’t forget me when you become a star. Love you. Faiyaz- I don’t know what I would do without you. You stood with me through thick and thin and made me believe that I could do anything. There’s way too much to say about you and what an amazing person you are but I want to tell you this: I feel honoured to call you a brother. Love you. Zane- Shouout to my Canadian/Bengali/Chinese brother from another mother. I will never forget our 207 room talks, the late night cooking, the FIFA rivalry and the random immature fights. Mere Batman, Gotham needs you. Even with your arrogance( love you bro) just know that you will always be in my heart and that I can never forget you. Zaine- Bhabhiji ko pranam. The one guy I could always rely on for doing the right thing, no matter what the consequences. To me you were always the supportive elder brother who stood up for me. The best ‘Askhole’ anyone could ask for, you always managed to make me happy. I love you bhai. Umang- I will always remember your craziness and the mad stuff we did together. Your love for us is much greater than the love for your bed. Vash- One of the most honest and in your face people I know you always managed to impress me no matter what you did. Mukhu(Dhruv)- My brother in crime( we both know what that means)! Throughout school you remained one of my closest friends. Ji jaun main hamare room ke pal. I’ll miss you and your jawline in college. Kartik- The nicest guy I have ever met. Words can’t describe how much you mean to me. Your heart has enough space to fit all of us in it. Bas Lungi Dance karte rehna! Saral-Keep those GAINZZ coming bro! You are one of the coolest and most sincere guys I have met. VirajBuddhu! I will never forget the talks we used to have. Don’t worry, Jeremy will meet you one day. Shinyoung- Thanks for always being there for me and helping when I needed it. Taegyeong-Thanks for being the best first roommate anyone could ask for. Sara- You BS so much that you could become a politician, but jokes aside, you are the most honest, supportive and crazy friend I have. Never change. Aashna: We went from awkward strangers to close friends real quick. Who knew you had a party animal inside you? Thanks for all the memories. Amrita: You showed me that its cool to embrace your crazy, childlike side sometimes and just be yourself. Thanks for being the crazy friend you are. James: My Thai brother! I loved our times together. Sharanam,Kopal: You guys are very chill and I will always remember our random English class conversations.



Abbu and Ammu: Maybe it was the way you guys were there for me when I was down, the way you guys supported me throughout my journey in this place, all the times you stood strong by me and taught me to believe in myself. Abbu Ammu, you have been there for me day after day, thank you for being the best parents ever. I love you. Wafia: Wafia pray you succeed in every aspect in life, you overcome any obstacle that comes ahead of you. Keep smiling. I love you. Zaine: I know we’ve had our ups and downs but I don’t think I can imagine a day without you, you truly have become a major part of my life and I wish the best for you bro. The memories will never be forgotten and there are more to be made in CANADA!! I love you. Zane: Jap, Never will I forget our late night chills, our team food orderings, the tag team taking care for zaine ;) , disses on each other, workouts, I could go on for days but I only got 450 words. Thank you for being one of the bestest friends, See you in Canada, I love you. Abhimanyu: MANYU!!, I don’t think I have gotten so close to someone in such a short time span. Thank you for being there for me, giving me advice on stuff you have no experience about -_-, late night chills, one of the most fun roommates I’ve had. Thank you for being a brother. I love you. Aseem: Simu, I loved our deep conversations, you will always be worse than me at cracking s**t jokes. I love you. Shahyan: SHAYUU *squeaky voice* Thank you the private tuitions in math, they always got me closer to passing. I love you. Amrita: Jhajj! thank you for always being there for me when I needed you. You have always impressed me with your dancing skills and the way you fought past everything in your way. Never will I forget the memories we have made together. I love you. Sara: Abey Bhattu, Honestly I have never seen anyone more forgiving and supportive as you. Gandhidam ka naam roshan karna. I love you. Aashna: Aashu! You went real quick from being a quiet 6th grader to one of my closest friends. Im sorry for making you sign me in all the time. I love you Umang: Chuttu, your level of laziness truly matches your love for us. I love you.Dhruv: Main tenu samjhawan ki Na tere non-sound laugh ke bina lagda jee, can’t believe I won’t have your hand hitting me on my neck anymore. I love you Vash: Goofball, thank you for lightening up my days with your energy. I love you.Viraj: Jeremy, Thank your being a bodacious friend. Saral: Seral! I pray you squat through all your problems in life. I love you.Kartik:I’ll keep you safe in my heart just like the letter you gave me James: My student pilot, hope you completed the course which was due months back. Maliha: Tomar cheese er dibba has made it. I love you.


Dad&Mama: I made it! I love you soo much! Thank you for always believing in me, and for loving me through thick and thin. I know it is not easy to put up with me, but you did one hell of a job <3Fiz: i honestly don’t know what i would do without you bro. 6 years! We have been through so much i swear! I never imagined getting so close to someone, as close i have gotten with you. You’re literally my other half, my long lost brother who somehow got born in Bangladesh.I love you so much bro, please don’t ever drift away from me.Zane: I can not imagine my life without you bro. We have been through soo much. Thank you for always taking care of me, couldn’t hav asked for a better brother (you’re fiz and my brother from Canada) somehow we got separated, but we found our way back . You cannot drift away from me. I love you soo much. Z’s for life bro <3 Abhi: brothers in life and brothers on the pitch! I love you bro, i’m so glad we got so close to each other. You made my life special bro, and i’ll never forget you. Keep in touch, can’t afford to lose you bro.Simu: bro im so glad we got so close. Will always remember Rw times.I’mwaiting for the day where you become a famous bollywood star. Keep in touch please, i love you bro Shahyu: roomie! Lil bro thanks for always dealing with my crap. I love you so much. Mukhu: that jawline turns me on! Love you bro.Vash: From fighting from 7th grade, to one of my closest friends in my life. You’re the real Gabru. I love you Bansal: bro you’re my peanuts butter to my jaam. <3 Bidu: thanks for always being real with me, much appreciated bro. Saral: bro waiting for your book “Squats and Deadlifts”, already a huge fan! Yendi: Dosa ile, Muthe ille! Thanks for everything bro. PrincessAmu: Thanks for all the memories Amu, i know we had plenty of ups and downs since 9th grade, but it was all worth it. Take care, and keep in touch Cali girl. Love ya. Bhattu: thank you for always knocking sense into me haha. You’re one of my closest friends, and i wish you remain as one. Love you Jain: thanks for being one of my closest friends Indian music class will definitely be missed Des: we have fought so much! We have suffered pysch! You better not forget me, thanks for always being there for me. Love you Shinnyboi: monkey face! 6 years went damn fast. Keep in touch bro. Love you James: Will always remember our Ledge times. Love you Jonah: Jkaps! It’s been great. Thanks for being real, and having my back. Pengu : I know that I always Irritate you, but it’s all out of love. Thanks for 7th Grade -_- Hhahha. Thanks for being there for me. Keep in touch. “our deal is still on yea?” haha


Mom and dad – Thank you so much for sending to Woodstock. I love you both so much. Thank you for being the most supportive and chilliest parents. I am sorry for all the times I let you down, but I promise to be better. SohailBro what can I say. It has been fun getting to know you and creating so many messed up memories. I wish you the best of luck for life ahead and be sure to keep in touch with me. It ll be weird not doing the same funny shit anymore. Love you bro. Damii– haha my roommate for the longest time. It was great getting to know your messed up side and the kinda gay shit you do. Keep doing it, stay in touch. I ll miss you and our deep talks about life. Aseem – Slimmi man it has been great knowing you this far. Made some nice memories I’ll miss you after grad man stay in touch bro. Lotus – Your one of the most funny guys I know with your lame comebacks. Love you bro Dipu - haha bro your one of the funniest,messed up guys i know. It has been good getting to know you takecare bro. thanks for being there when I needed you . Karma - haha it was nice getting to know you bro in the last few days. We some nice memories lets make more in the future. Aalia – Istill remember 9 th grade sadie how shy we were Thanks for the memories in the past 4 years, and the messed up behaviour. Take care and stay in touch. Best of luck for your life ahead my best friend haha. Always stay the same be the savage you are. I can’t believe I won’t be seeing you anymore I ll miss you sooo much. Love you. Always here for you. Caleb – It was fun getting to know you and making you messed up like me and dam. Stay in touch and out of trouble haha. Devashish - messed up boy it was getting to know you and your funny side. One day we will make that hotel. Tenphel - don’t worry man one day I ll come with my Hoodie. Dhruv - Hornyboy it has been fun getting to know you bro. The funny shit we did together in 9 th grade. Ambar – take care in college man. Sangru – funny boy stay the same man and keep in touch . Peyang - haha it was fun getting to know you. Takecare Giraffe. Deasyl- Mosaic memories haha. Shinyong/james- tc boys. Varun/Kavi/Phunsok/ Parth/Yala/Luca– take care guys, enjoy your senior year, it finish end before you even know it. Stay out of trouble. Jaydeep/Dorjee/Yugel/Jinhwan/chowang/Ahaan/ Janak/ Rigpea/Tej - Take care bros, check your gradcards. To all my bros – So just because….. Woodstock - thanks for being my second home.



Ikkie: Brofrom the start, thanks for always having my back, miss all the dumb shit you started and you studying hard but still messing up. waiting for the sweatshirt. I doubt we’ll mature and grow up but that’s okay, never change, I love you man. Don’t come back with hickies whenyoufight. Aashish: its like we were in peace garden yesterday talking about you gifting me a tankand our problems. growing older ,our problems increase but knowing you’re alive assures me I wouldn’t deal with them alone, you wouldn’t neither. Don’t fallinlove every 2 days, love you. Karma: 2 years brought us close. Trustyou with my life. I love you a lot bro. I’ll always be grateful cuzzyouwere therewhennoonewas for me. We’ll go punch Casper in his facesoon. Zoepa: my twin. memories from ledge, buzz days to roasting Aashish is infinite. I thank God for blessing me with a friend like you, we both know whose down to take a bullet for bros. Love you. Lotus: My first friend in Woodstock and partner forever. You have to be the nicest, genuine and most compassionate person I’ve come across. You have a heart of gold, everyone who knows you admires you and I love you. Dipu: Every1goes through shit, few come back up stronger than they were, I respect you for that. May be cocky but you have a pure heart, you’re gonna do great things but if you struggle ill be there for you man. 3chances. Dam: sylvester, 19 is too much. Ill cherish the memories we’ve made, from our messed up room to roasting ikaum, specially Dharmshalla and meeting his Holiness in a holy state of mind, you’ll do great things bro, I know, Love you bro. Nini: Thanks for being my movie companion and helping me out in school bro, love you my southindian who acts Punjabi sometimes. Ambar: Thanks for everything bro, love you always here for you. Caleb: Itscrazyyyy!, miss roasting you and all the movies haha. Thanks for having my back brother, and you know I’ve always got yours. Jonah:Good times on the ledge. Deva: myhyper brother, I love you man, young rich and handsome for life haha Aseem: seen your priorities. Aalia: we’ve had our upsanddowns but im glad we are really tight now, imherefor you.Thank you standing up for me , you are my reall bff in case you doubt that haha, not even close to her lol. Peyang: Thank you for all the great memories you’ve given me, don’t care too much about what other people think as long as you know who matters in your life, I will always have your back. I thank God for blessing me with a person like you in my life eventhough we have had our ups and downs, you have definitely made me a better and stronger person. Footballteam: Best of luck without me. Juniors: Check the grad cards bros and sis.


Mom&Dad-I am more than thankful to you for sending me to Woodstock, to have an opportunity of a lifetime which I will never take for granted-Ikaum-akaSalluKhan-To all the ORS you may have given or not,every other thing you’ve started,those deep talks,we’ve made too many memories to list off-Keep rockin that workout routine and stay in touch scientist!-Dipu-Ey Kobe! I guess everyone deserves a third chance, and better luck while practicing for W.M. on a sunday. But as MoneyM. says “The ultimate goal is to always break records” which I’m sure you have on many levels, thanks for havin my back throughout and keep ballin!-Sohail-To the guy always livin life on the L’edge’, keep being the beast that you are and stay real. Thanks for all the memories, and maybe we get to stargaze one more time haha-Tenphel-To the president who has been a 6th grade buddy-a friend through the R.W mischief I can never forget.Thanks for sticking with me throughout bro-Aashish(XIX)-The jammin,ballin,tough date talks,unintentional vocab flops which I know you’ll never get rid of haha.Its been a wild 7 years through the lows and highs, but I’m glad we’ve made it out together #213-Loten-#MeloAintS**t but whatever helps you sleep haha-Since CC days till this very end, you’ve been an awesome friend and am glad to have known you as much- Karma’TheTobgay’-Through our favourite math classes,and the unending procrastination we kept pushing forward,I just don’t know how we made it-Thanks for everything bruh-This is everything-LEGACY-Devashish-Devu!!You really did manage to spoil all the songs in every way possible haha. I know you gon’ hit those 6 digits when you’re 19, so don’t ever lose that iciness in you buoyy-Caleb(XIX)-“The choice is yours” but I guess we found it out the hard way. Make sure you sleep once in a while and keep magic mikin!!-#213-lilJames/Shinyoung/Bui-Thank you bros for making my time here as memorable as it could be-Jonah-I admire the beast works you’ve put on-Keep working hard!-Ayaan-Ey Johnny boii!-Stay lame and never lose the role model you are to many-Deasyl-You’re welcome for loving cheese pasta, getting into college, and maybe there,you can be the real#7-Keep singing!tc-Aalia-Alloo!I was actually genuinely scared for you the day you rolled down those steps haha-Thanks you being zee advisor buddy and stay in touch!-Meghna-Thanks for the motivation to sing and the art classes-and I know you’ll miss them jokes the most!haha-017-Gratias tibi et te videre. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”-Philippians 4:13



Dam What can I say, you know I love you man. You and I have been through a lot of things together but have always had each other’s backs. Enjoy wherever you go next, keep in touch man. Ikaum Bawa bro, we have had a lot of fun times together and you are surely one of my closest friends man. Wish you all the best for wherever you go,take care and keep in touch. Shinyoung Hey Shinny, we joined school in the same year together in 7th grade, had some fun experiences and now it is already time for us to leave man. Take care, enjoy where you go, and keep in touch. Loten K cha yar, mero first roommate, thanks for teaching me how to make my bed and to make my cupboard. We’ve been playing together for almost 6 years now and it’s been fun man, take care in college yar, love you man. Aashish Aashish man,you always have so much energy and are always fun to be around. You have to stop with those lame jokes though otherwise you will have a tough time in the army haha, anyways enjoy man. Devashish Bro k cha yar. Talai k bhanne yar, hami syano 7th grade dekhi nai mildai aeko cham. Been through a lot of stressful times, but some really good ones too man.Always gonna be there, take care man. James - Hey man .You are great guy who is caring towards his friends. Take care and keep in touch man. Tenphel- K cha yar, 7th grade dekhi we’ve been through a lot, hamile dherai basketball pani khelyo yar. But aba take care in college man, have fun. Sohail- You are a great guy at heart man,and all of your friends know it. I will always be there for you because I know you will always be there for me. Zaine- Known you since 7th grade man, you are a very fun guy to be around and you genuinely care for people. Take care man and have fun wherever you go next. Shahyan my brother from Pune, we have been roommates for 2 years and honestly, it was very fun man. You are such a fun guy to be around and you have always supported me through everything. Caleb- Hey white boy, it was hanging out with you and getting to know you. Take care man. Pelzom- I appreciate and treasure the times I spent with you. Take care of yourself and have a happy journey ahead. Aalia- Thank you for supporting me when I really needed it, and for being a caring friend for many years. Take care and enjoy. Deasyl- Thank you for being a very lively and fun person to be around. I appreciate your cheerful and loving attitude. Take care and keep in touch.



Pala&Amala: You have been my role models all my life and have nurtured me into the man I am now. Thank you so much for always giving me the best in life. Thank for pushing me to become the best possible man i can be. MomolaPadonla: You have always been there for me teaching me the reality of life and how you should make the most of the one life you have. PopoPanjorla&MomoDechenla: Thank you for your guidance and your support. Peyangla: Pengs we’ve been through alot together through thick and thin we have stuck by each other. I love you and i know we’ll always be there for each other. Mr.Jeff: You have always been there for me and i will never have a person to look up to like you. Thank you for always directing me to the right direction. Mr.&Mrs. Peters: You’ve been my family away from home, i’ll always be that second son. Thank you so much for caring for me. Loten: Bro these 8 years that i have been here i got a new brother from another mother. From day 1 we’ve stayed true to one another and i’ll never forget the moments we had in WS. Love you bro. Sohail: Bruv we’ve done too much together but never once have we been caught. You’ve always kept it real with me. One person who i know who would always be there for me is you bro i’ll never forget. Aashish: Bro you mean the most to me thanks for keeping it 100 % real. I love you and i want to see you in that uniform bro. Deasyl: Des you’re that one person that never left my side i’m so glad i had someone like you by my side. I’ll never forget the time we fell off the scooter in Dhasa. Nihal: Bruv you’re the wildest guy i know but on top of that you’re one of the most understanding guy i know. I know you’ll miss all the wild times we’ve had in our room and i hope i have a roommate like you in college. Deva: I’ll never forget the times we talked about hiring people. Remember bro dream big. Bawa: Buff Bawa i hope you find that sweater of yours real soon. Dipu: Bro life moj cha remember ‘the art is to not get caught’. Rishabh: Bro cheers to all the memories we had.Dam: Bro from the first day of school till date we’ve come a long way. Caleb&Jonah: My white bros I’ll never forget the memories we made. All the nights we went out and the video. DechenC: Ehh tube light haha i’ll really miss all those memories that we had in 10th grade. DechenT: The memories we made i will never forget. Aalia: To one of my oldest “girl” friends we made it. Amrita:You’ve always been there for me thank you for always taking my side even when i’m wrong.Mansha: I’m glad i proved you wrong :) Jiya: Lastly Jiya you’re the best thing that happened to me. My senior year wouldn’t be the same without you. I have never had such a caring and loving person in my life. Juniorscheckyourgradcards. Pala and Mummy: Thank you for sending me here for the best years of my life. I know I am a pain sometimes but I just want to make you guys proud. Dorjee: Even though we fight a lot, at the end of the day what really matters is that we are brothers. Tenphel: Bro its been 8 years. Feels like we were in Edgehill just yesterday, we have made a lot of memories together which will never be forgotten. Peyang: I don’t even know where to start, you are the closest friend I have from the girls. We’ve made a lot of memories together since 3rd grade, the crazy things you do still pop up in my head. We didn’t start our journey here together, at least we are ending it together. Ikaum: Eyy these past 4 years have been a wild ride with you, gonna miss your jokes bro. ThapGay: It feels like we’ve been friends for longer than 2 years, even though we didn’t talk in the beginning we clicked right after. I guess I influenced you on your gas eh? It’s been fun rooming with you. Sohail: Damn bro you always got my back and just know that I got yours it may not seem like it but it’s the truth and please stay out of trouble. Devashish: Bro thanks for always helping me out, see you in NY! Nihal: You are the most awkward friend I have, it’s been a joy to be a part of your high school journey. Dam: You are the slyest person I know, always getting away with things easily, good luck! Dipu: Bhai moj ghar yar, college ma betum, Doma aunty lai kura banhna xha. Caleb: Sorry for gassing you all the time, I guess you are just used to it. Jonah: I’m glad that we got closer this year! See you in Boston Aashish: Garhwali dost have fun at the fauji, better say salaam to me when I see you the next time lol. Aalia: Elementary school was the shit. Shinyoung/ Anh: Take Care guys. Aseem: Slimmy you a lady killer with those 8 packs will miss you bro. Tibti’s: Kipo tang lopjong yakpo chi. Drukpa Boys: nga chae nosa ta deyo. Nepali’s: Moj ghar time chito zancha. Ball team: It’s been fun playing with you guys this year, better bring the trophy next time. Peters: You guys are like my family, thanks for taking care of me. Mr. Jeff: Thanks for being there for me. Dechen/Yupi/Idika: I know I’ve been a dick to you guys, just wanted to say sorry. The Ones Missed: Read you grad cards! Class of 017: Thank you so much class of 017, I love you all, good luck for the future!




Mama Papa, I’ve put you through so much, and you’ve been such a blessing to me. Thank you for everything you have done for me, believing in me when I was down and picking me up and making me the person I am today. Meher & Mahima, you have so many years on you, don’t waste them. Work hard and the world will be yours. Vanu Meghna, chaar badmaash will always live on. Zaine, still remember the first day I met you. Take care brother. Summer & Joon have fun in Woodstock, and enjoy life even when it seems hard, you’re the strongest girls I’ve seen. Parth, Phunsok, Jay, have fun and ball hard. Tigers till we die. Chowang, Detsen, Yugel, Dorjee Ahaan Leopard, Subho, Harsh, Dhruv, Luca, Humaid, Kavi Tej, Rigpea I have high expectations. Remember to be humble and good people my little brothers Papa Jeff my coach, my mentor, thank you for always taking care of me. I will always carry the values you have taught me.Sangru take care footma. Always wiggle your toes. Sulin <3 Mansha I’ll write more in the grad card but, thanks for being there babezz. Ayaan we’ll serve our nation together. Mamo, Mami thank you for always being there. Kyle take care of yourself, you always deserve the best remember. Aalia, my childhood best friend, things didn’t turn out the way I expected but thanks for the memories. Take care. Anou Stay cool boss and always be a savage. Dipankar Kobe, pleasure balling with you. Remember I’ll always be better, rookie. Tanya I’m sorry for what I did, but I’m so glad that we’re close again. Thank you for taking care of me behind my back. Love you. Karma Wiggle them toes bruv, it’ll get you far in life I promise. Caleb Barely been a year and we almost died. I’ll never forget the time bro.19 till I die. Des Bam my pretend girlfriend. We had our ups and downs but I’ll always love you. Devashish someday you’ll be as good as me in pool. Keep working hard my bro, you deserve it all. Ikaum- Bawa been through a lot with you. You got a genuine heart. I’ll miss all your lame jokes take care love you Dam, bro been through thick with you. Balling, jamming, literally everything I will cherish our memories so much. Take care. Love you. Loten, where do I start with your silent treatment. I love you brother, and thanks for always being. Sohail, the times we’ve spent together will always be special. You’ve come a long way and I couldn’t be more proud. Refrain from making stupid decisions in life. Remember bruv, your heart is pure. Take care. Love you. Tenphel bro I wouldn’t change a thing. Been there through every step in my life. It’s gonna be weird without you. We’ll always be the don’s bro. Holla We them boyzz. I’ll miss you so much. Love You. Ana my Escobar. These pages aren’t enough for what I want to say. I don’t know where I’d be without you. Thank you for being with me and supporting me through it all. I wish I could spend more time with you. You’ll always be my Esco and the badass girlfriend. I’ll come back for you I promise Meri jaan. I love you the most. <3 To the rest Adieu….nahh just joking ball is lyf.


AaliaWe didn’t even talk in Rajasthan but I’m glad we became friends. See you in the U.S AashishGood luck in the army! Come back with stories… Remember the night of 19 AnaThanks for making my time a little easier & putting a smile on my face. Keep in touch DamStuck together for two weeks with some great memories. Remember the night of 19 DechenWe got close with 40 days left but I’m glad we did. We’ll have fun in the U.S. when we link up Dechen ChukiWe’ve had some good laughs, I can’t wait to hear about Iowa! Come to the East DesWe’ve been through so much, for better or for worse, it wasn’t all bad, but everything happens for a reason. Take care DevaYou were my first friend at WS, stay close in the U.S. I’ll always be there DipuYou got some stupid jokes but they make me laugh, keep in touch West Coast boy. Remember the night of 2 IkaumYou’ve been there to make me laugh and help me out, we’ll never be far, see you in the east JinhyeOne of my closest friends, I can’t wait to meet up in the U.S. We’ll be close forever JonahSome great memories with you & many more in the States. East Coast bro, see you soon KarmaEast Ambassadors since day 1, you’re one of my closest friends, can’t wait to meet up LotenHorror movies to fun times in buzz, we’ll meet in the East and make more memories LucaI wouldn’t have done this without you, remember the 19, love you bro Mama, Papa, GabeThank you all for everything you do for me and your support through everything NamhoonYou’re always fun to be around, keep in touch NihalYou’re the Yin to my Yang, lots of fun in the semesters, more in the States NoorI’m glad we became friends, even as late as we did. see you soon! PelzomSO ONLY if you put me in yours I have to put you in mine? You’re going to the West Coast but keep in touch! PeyangGood laughs this year, we’ll meet up on the East Coast. See you soon! SangruOne of the funniest people I know, we’ll meet up in the U.S, make better memories & eat something spicier than nuclear wings SohailCome to the East Coast, I’ll show you bragging rights. You were there for me when I needed, meet up soon TenphelYou’re like a brother to me & I can’t wait to have fun in the U.S bro talk soon




Mom, Dad: Thank you for everything you have done for me. I wouldn’t be here without the both of you. Despite all the little fights we have been in, I will always love you. Tanvi: You’re a royal pain in the ass, but you are the best sister anyone could ask for. Tenphel: Though the memories were blurry, this friendship was always clear. Glad to know were going out of here as innocent as we play out to be. Always living on the edge. Devashish: Saying you have bursts of energy would be an understatement. Those gucci shoes will be yours once day. Just stop screaming because I can still hear you in the back of my ears. Karma: First person I met when coming here and will be the last to see before I leave. For what it’s worth I’m glad I ‘coincidentally’ ended up in the cage. Also, take the three m***s with you. Caleb: You’re the yang to my yin. For all the times we’ve spent together and the times you saved me, thank you white boy with the pink hat. Loten: You’re probably the nicest person I’ve met here. You’ll do great things in life. I’ll miss your stank. Aashish: It’s always fun having you around. Glad to have been in the same group in Seminar. Sohail: Crazy to think we made it out alive. When you become a famous rapper save a VIP ticket for me. You can always count on me bro. Jinhyeya, Yerima: Thank you for being my unnis and feeding me korean food. And Yerim, stop sleeping in movies. Sangru: Though you me bully all the time thank you for being my personal atm. Tanmaye: My first friend in WS, can’t wait until I beat your ass in monopoly again. Tanushree: All the testicles we’ve talked about - Horse, Elephant, ‘Mountain’ - was insane. Bio labs wouldn’t be half as entertaining without you. Amrita: no des is my girlfriend and I’m loyal. Namhoon: Though I honestly don’t understand what you say half the time, your company is worth it. Raghavee, Simoni: thank you for ‘years and ears’ of listening. I’ll beat you guys in foosball, just wait. Bui: You’re smart, you’ll be fine. Arshiyan: You’re a great friend. It was good to have you when I needed someone. Ikaum:Always way too entertaining. Take care bro don’t change. Rishabh: Glad to have gotten to know you over the past year. Des: Hi girlfriend. Thank you for the munch and my senior will (SURPRISE). Rest of 0’17 that aren’t mentioned, bye.


Mom and Dad: To my biggest supporters and favorite people in this world, I love you and want to thank you for always standing by me with your unconditional love. Words cannot express the things you guys have sacrificed for me and for that I am forever grateful. Lotus: Even though I was your roommate it took you 3 months to talk to me, I’m glad you did. We’ve been through some crazy shit and roomed for 3 trimesters. Stay classy not gassy <3. Deva: My first friend in WS. We’ve been through a lot of shit and made countless memories, here’s to many more. P.S don’t forget the firstweek XD Slim Baath: Man even though we only started talking this year, it feels like it’s been years. Keep rapping and always be yourself. I’ll miss your crazy ass the most. Nini: Keep following my footsteps like you did the first few days in WS haha. Rooming with you is like being in a monastery, but it was fun. Des: Zanday! Jkjk Ily bestfriends forever even after death. Caleppp: You clown ass, always making me laugh. We’ll get “turnted” in the US. Luca: Luca Boomin! Keep making them fire beats and don’t forget me when you rich and famous. Dam The Kamai: I’m going to miss your dumbass making all those noises and weird sayings haha, and maybe one day you can beat me in ball. Ikauuum: BICEPS! We’ve only known each other for a short while, but it seems like we’ve always been friends. TZBlackhammer: Bro I’m going to miss your crazy ass, and all the stupid things we did on the bottom floor. Aashish: I’ll never forget the indian history trip, and how excited you got when we went up with all those..feet. I’ll also never forget how badly you got roasted, P.S you’ll never beat me in COD. Jonah: By far the kindest brolic person I’ve met, continue being yourself and don’t forget about me when you’re in Hollywood!. Nirov: “Met yo boy want some more *****” XD Miss you bro hopefully we’ll meet soon. Jamie: It’s been a fun 2 years haha Imy bro. Imti: Even though you seem awkward irl, it’s always really fun talking to you with your random faces and questionable snaps XD. Taegy: If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have felt so welcome in WS, thank you for that! Sangru: You annoying mf, I have to admit its fun being around you, PS that carrot didn’t deserve that. Pel/Dech: I’ll miss talking about random things with you guys. Aalia: D**k Cookies XD. Jinhye: I’ll miss you so much Jin! Going to miss our studyhall’s and all those funny videos we watched. Namhoon: Favorite korean <3. Yugs/Dorj: You thieves, keep balling and don’t kill all the ladies, I’ll miss you guys. Mansha: Pre-calc has been fun haha Imy Jinhwan: Thank you for always being there to help me, stop getting friendzoned and stay trendy. Juniors: Check your gradcards.


Mom, Dad and Aru: Thank you for being there to support me throughout. I love you three the most. I wouldn’t be myself without you guys. Dechen Chuki: I am so glad that you were my first roommate and I am so glad to know someone like you. You have been there for me throughout these two years. I am so glad we still made “roomie time” for each other. I cannot wait to go to college near you. Sharanam: Sharu I don’t know where to begin with you. So I will start with thank you. You have been the best person in my two years here. Thank you for teaching me to be a better person everyday. Also, thank you for annoying me. I am really going to miss you from across the ocean. “We didn’t start the fire!”Kopal: Khopchaaa, I love you. It took us till senior year to get close, but I am so glad that we did. You are the craziest friend I have and I love all of our conversations, “bouncy bouncy”. Future architect I hope you miss having dhaniya shorba in London. Raghavee: Roomie! I am so glad I started talking to you outside the quad-dining hall on the second day of school. Look where it got us. I am going to miss being your mother. Have fun in Ohio. Love you loads! Simoni: “Hey, do you want to go try out this passage I read about?” Where it started MB2/ fellow campaigner. We have been through so much together, Karnal, Almora, losing CARE head and more (for more information, refer to grad letter). I look forward to more in the coming years. Love you! Kartik: First of all, I am sorry I did not get you the lamp I was supposed to make. I am so glad I got to know someone like you in school. Mother thaniya will give a shrap to anyone who is not nice to you! #housewife. Vash: Flashisht! Will miss advisor nights and popcorn flavoured tictacs. Urja: Thanks for talking to me in Advisor and forcing me to watch teen wolf. I will never forget our time as roommates. Ellen: “get in the oven, witch!”Alina: Thank you for being one of my first few friends in Woodstock. I will miss the walks we took in Ridgewood. You will always be close to my heart. Shinyoung: Thanks for being the best/worst NHS president ever! Also, stop stealing my phone. Aashna: Will never forget our conversations about travelling or making pros and cons list! Ms. Ronita: Thank you for being just like my mother. Love you loads.



Aimedaphi Skittles: Trust me we wouldn’t have survived Woodstock without bitching about humans with each other. From being my first friend to being my first enemy, you’ve crossed all the stages of relationships with me. Sharu: Hey girlfriend, thanks for always insulting Tendulkar with me and helping me with flashisht. Can’t wait to be with you in a different continent (away from annoying people. I love you for always being there for me. Mother Tana: Since you had an amazing time coughing and giving me new names you’ve got to suffer with my “cute” bouncy-bouncy references. “Don’t leave me and go for brunch please.” I love you! Shimoni: Wannabe Nepali, I’m always gonna miss our late night talks. You know the weirdest things about me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to annoy all the time. Rags: You’ve got the world’s cutest smile ever so don’t ever let anyone ruin that. Thanks for always listening to my stupid senti talks while I was upset, you’re a great listener. Chukiiiii: So glad to be close to such an amazing person in such a short time. I’ll always miss spending time with you. Umang: I still remember solving those annoying sudoku puzzles with you during activity week. It was fun to get to know someone whose favourite sentence is- “Chal Char Dukan chalte hai!” Kartik: Hey Hyper Katy, thanks for being the cutest boyfriend to my cutest girlfriend. Just follow your heart and don’t care about what others think of you. Aashna: So glad we became roommates or else I would’ve missed those makhane/ organic honey nights and you watching a movie with a Psych review book. Des: Thanks to our Rajasthan trip that we got so close to each other. I’ll always remember those stupid talks in the bathroom. Amu & Sara: I’ll miss all the fun times we had in Goa. You guys are really cute and funny. Pelzi: I’ll miss our endless efforts for winning the room of the month. Noor: You were one of my first few friends in WS, and I’m so glad to have known someone like you. Fizz: Johnny Bravo, your lame jokes really cracked me up. Aalia & Dechen: It’s always been a fun time with you guys. Abhi, Zane, James, Bobindar: Reading room buddies, thanks for always making our english classes a little more than fun. Vash: I can’t believe that we barely knew each other before 10 months! Thanks for always sticking with me through thick and thin (well in our case it’s just thin but whatevs) So glad to have spent my senior year with a loser like you. I’ll always be there for you. FYI, I love your champu hair.



Parents: Thank you so much for always believing in me and supporting me throughout. I cannot thank you both enough for the love and care that you have provided me with. I love you both beyond words. Simoni: Woodstock would not have been same without you. I could not have asked for a better best friend than you. Thanks for always being there for me, no matter what. Tanashya: I can’t thank you enough for always taking care of me and being my support system. I’ll always cherish those long conversations and dancing to Hindi songs. Sharanam: You are the sassiest and smartest person I’ve ever met. Thanks to your amazing cooking skills, I got to eat such yummy food throughout senior year. Kopal: You’re my Nepali buddy. I’ll miss having you by my side while singing Nepali songs and craving Nepali food. Thanks for adding colour to my life with your art skills. Yerima: Thanks for making my classes so fun and for all the chocolates, ice-creams, and Pyuthani sessions. I’ll definitely miss you, leelee. Jinhye: I feel like Chem, Psych, and Activity week got us closer. I’ll miss your sassiness, junior Adele. I bet you said ew after reading this like you always do. Sulin: I honestly don’t know what I’d do in calc without you. I’ll miss the E.J.H jokes. Mavey: Thanks for all the Dharmshala memories. Surbhi, Vanu and Mansha: Guys I’ll miss those bio “study” sessions. Urja: Thanks for always playing monopoly with me and dragging to movies. Shar: I’ll miss you helping me survive Chem and activity week last year. Chahat: I’ll seriously miss the hair flips and calc classes with you. Thanks for always laughing at my jokes. Ellen: I hope you’ll always remember the movie nights, watching k-pop videos and just being weird because I will. Aarika: As much as I thought I would never say this, I’ll miss the hyper you and weird videos especially the cha-cha song. Vash: Thanks for always making my day with your “funny” jokes. I’ll miss them. Kartik: You are one of the nicest people I’ve met. Thanks for making Calc and Chem classes so fun. (Calc: fun? If that is possible.) Never stop being kind to people. Nihal: You’re the only person who takes the same classes as I do. I’ll miss ranting to you about how hard life is. Aashna: I’ll miss all the plannings we did for dorm activities and Rokeby visits with Ms. Ronita. Teachers: Thank you so much for always believing in me and motivating me to do better.

Family: You’ve always supported me in everything I do and thanks for sending me to Woodstock. Without you none of this would be possible. I love you all a lot. Raghz: I’m so glad to have a best friend like you. You’ve always being there for me and supported me in every decision. Even a billion words wouldn’t be able to perfectly describe our friendship. I honestly cannot imagine Woodstock without you and I hope our friendship stays the same. Tanu: You were my mom away from home. I’ll never forget Karnal, our Dunda trips, long talks in mud cup, the late night jokes and our “best-friend”. Thanks for always taking care of me and you’ll always be my fellow campaigner. Kops: I could talk to you about anything and you never judged me. Seeing your sadhu goes hiking snapchat always made my day. I wish everyone had a friend like you. You are the bomb. Namnam: You were one of my first friends and in two years we’ve built such a strong bond. You’ve seen me cry, laugh, be creepy and weird, and had my back no matter what. You’re the best and will always be. Yerimiii: You’ve been there for me when I wanted a shoulder to cry on. I’ll miss ranting to you in our “secret spot.” Chuki & Aashna: From pranks on Kops to cheese therapies to geoducks to eating a million fries, we’ve made a lot of great memories together. Tanushree: Wall talks, feeding you bread, your amazing cakes, bio models, advisor nights, you losing your phone: all this perfectly describes our friendship. Sulin: You made “bio” really fun. Never forget my style tips(always wear hats). Also how is E.John.H(bald)? Jinhye: I’ll miss twinning with you and our Friday night dinner dates. Maeve: I hope you get E. John.H. Kartik: You’re so sweet, funny and a great listener. Hanging out with you has always been fun. Dhruv: Thanks for tolerating me during senior dance and music practices. IMC would be terrible without you. Vash: I never thought I’d say this but your lame jokes, were funny(sometimes). Umang: Thanks for thanking my friends on my birthday. Nihal: You’re my study buddy (we hardly studied and talked about “stuff” most of the time). Mushyy: Never forget mushy. -maktub. Mansh: I think you should thank me for always taking care of you.*purplemoon**pintothecroc* Alina & Ellen: Horror movies were always fun. Urja: Thanks for being the best roommie. Class of 017’ (Ad Maiora): I’ll miss all of you and cherish all the memories we made.




아빠 엄마, 주영이, Zaine, Dam, Niranjan, Meghna, Viraj, Faiyaz, Aseem, Aalia, Deasyl, Rishahb, Tanashya, Bui, Bobby, Namhoon, Abhimanyu, Dipankar, Dechen Chuki, James, Isabella, Arshiyan, Dechen Tenzing, Fayaz, Sohail, Saral, Zane, Ambar, Sharanam, Kartik, Noor, Hyeji, Vashisht, Caleb, Khanh, Ayaan, Vanalika, Aashish, Tenphel, Dhruv, Tae Gyeong, Ikaum. Kopal, Aashna, Devashish, Khoa, Shahyan, Loten, Karma, Seungik, Umang, Jinhye, Yerim, Summer, Joon, Tej, Rigpea, Jiwon, Daeun, YoungHoon, Youngbean, Jaeyoun Tanya, Yigha, Sophie, Aanik, Egor, Healeam, Ishaan, Tarini, Sangi, Jinhwan, Jaydeep, Chowang, Ye Hyang, Ahaan, Arpit, Knema, Won, Jinju, Nikunj, Sagunya, Parth, Kavi, Norbu, Seongchan, teachers, dorm parents, Thank you.


Woodstock has been a rollercoaster ride of amazing experiences and the first people I would like to thank are Mom & Dad thank you for sending me here for the best 3 years of my life. Liyaan Thank you for not including me in your will but I included you in mine <3. Zane With your stupid arrogance never forget that you mean the universe to me. Zaine My favourite pain in the ass, not having you in my life anymore is going feel empty. Faiyaz My elder brother, saying bye to the person I can open up to most makes things tough. Sophie-Pari don’t think i’m tryna bro-zone you but I like you. If I had the option I wouldn’t wanna spend my senior year with anyone else. Thank you “BRO”. Manyu Gimme your responsibility skills, maybe I’ll go as far in life as you will! Dhruv Aye babla EVS has ended and along with our twinning! Kartik I will miss “seeing” you. Aseem SAT khatam, ACT khatam, chill maar, in no time college khatam Deasyl Cheeky girl keep them somewhere safe, got your back like you got mine. Umang Shhhhhhhh! Hear the voices and here’s to many more screwed up memories with you. Saral Gains/coolest guy I know, keep stuff real the way you have. Namhoona Please try pamper me from the states, you’re perfect Shinyoung ALL koreans are perfect Vashisht Your management skills are very charming. JamesDipu rooming with you guys for a whole year is a memory impossible to forget! Ved If you’re wondering who my favourite giant is!! Take a guess... You’re my BFG! Mansha Hansa, be calm and friendly words you live by. Aashish See you in Pune sir. I’ll probably be saluting you when I see you. You make me proud with how you’ve grown since 10th grade. Jonah Oh hey j-kaps LotenI know you like putting your arm around me after ball practice. Sohail we’ve come a long way since all those HC meetings, I learnt how to enjoy the moment from you HarshSubhoHumaidDhruv Cuties please stay out of trouble and have each others backs when you get into trouble.SaraAmritaAshna Who knew you both had hidden party animals in you. Sunburn was memorable, sorry ashna Ameya You Ameyze me. I hate vegans but not you YalaNina, My bugger buddy, if someone other than me hits you.. Gimme a call. Tanya I promise not to use vaseline….Himalaya all the way. You’re kinda perfect the way you are. Anou British bum, the most unique and charismatic person in ws BeCool. Dech&Zom keep combing each other’s hair. TejBianca look out for each others dumb asses, will you. AhaanHarshgarg Little cuties please stay the same.. you smile, I smile. NeelDorjee only boys in hostel I would enjoy bullying. ChowangJaydeepDetsenJayParthIshaanPhunsok kill it next year.. Your chemistry is gonna be insane..Have faith... 017 -. Love you and bye bye.



Dear, Mama and Daddy: Thank you for everything, I love you guys. Lalita and Raveena: My lovely sisters, thanks for all the advice and being there for me. Shinny: Thanks for always being there for me and motivating me. I love you bro, don’t ever change. Little Bui: I will always remember all the fun we had in our room. Keep that consistency of being called “cute” bro. Love you. Bobb and Nami: The dynamic duo. I will always remember all the fun we had. Khoa: I will always remember the time in Chandigarh. Love you fam. Dipu and Shahyu: I will always remember the time that we were roommates and how much fun we had. I love you two very much, keep in touch. Katy and Saral: Thanks for always being there for me when I was at my worst, thanks for always listening to my problems and giving me advices. I love you guys. Zaine, Zane and Faiyaz: My favorite trio, I will always remember those late nights chilling in Oak Lounge. I wished I’ve spent more time with you guys, but I am happy we got close. I love you three so much, don’t ever change, keep in touch. Karma: My favorite Bhutanese boy, you are a great guy, and I hope you stay like that. Love you bro. Dam: I’ll miss you bro, take care. Caleb and Luca: I’ll miss you guys. Take care and love. Abhi: I am glad we got to know each other, you are a great friend. Love you bro, take care. Devashish: I will always remember your craziness and all those hyper moments. Love you bro, don’t ever change. Rajpal: I miss you bro, thanks for always being there for me, love. Yaejong: Thanks for being there for me. Wished you were here. Love you man. Peyang: You are a great person, stay that way. I’ll miss you. Tanushree: No one will ask for my coffee now, I’ll miss you Big T. DeachenCHUKI: I will miss all those “derp” moments of yours, don’t ever change. Sangru: It was fun spending time with you, I’ll miss you. Aime: Thanks for everything. I’ll miss you. Humaid: My little bro, love you and take care. Tsephell: I won’t be there in study halls anymore, so don’t be too sad. Love you fam. Kyle, Kelzang, Prasiddhi and Ana: I’m sorry if I’m mean sometimes, don’t ever change I’ll miss you guys. Tsokhey and Yala: I’ll miss you guys, DAB. Ameya and Yigha: I’ll miss you guys, love. Doyoung: I’ll miss your laugh, don’t ever change, love you fam. Ahaan: My boy, don’t ever change. I love you bro. Knema: I might miss you, jkjk. Take care, love you.


Bố Mẹ: Con biết bố mẹ chỉ muốn điều tốt nhất cho con. Con cảm ơn bố mẹ đã ủng hộ và nuôi nấng con được đến bây h. Ti: Thank you, no thank you for being an annoying sister. You know I hate you from the bottom of my heart ... jk :) Cảm ơn ti for guiding me through high school. I know you’ll always be there for me when I need your help. To my advisors, teachers, and dorm-parents: Thank you for all the inspirations and making me the person I am today. Aashish, Caleb, Dam, Karma, Luca, Ikaum, Sohail: I never fail to have fun with you guys. Take care. Aseem, Dhruv, Umang: I’ll miss having classes with you guys. Enjoy wherever you’re going. Arshiyan: Sorry for being mean, you know I don’t mean it haha. Party it up next year. Bella, Meghna, Maeve: you guys are few of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Don’t ever change :) Jinhye: Take care (Y). Don’t miss me too much. Nihal: You’re a sex bomb. I know you’ll find some hot chick in Virginia. Loten: I think it’s bout’ time you start studying haha. Yerim: Have fun in Canada. Give me a call if you do come to visit US or Vietnam haha. Zaine: I won’t forget my first kiss and every other shit that happened. Take care brother. Khanh: lên đại học tìm con nào xinh vào xong rồi đám cưới gọi tao nhé. Hihi. Cuntoshi: The name lives on. Take care bro. When you go to college, don’t be too sad that no one is like me. Shinyoung: We’ve been friends for too long. Enjoy Georgetown and I hope you won’t bully anyone there. James: You know I love you, but I think it’s bout’ time for you to lose fat. I’ll miss whooping your ass in pool. Enjoy Thailand. Don’t miss me too much. Come visit VN/US. Khoa: Ping 30 lyf. What is school =]] Chúc chú đại học vui vẻ, game vừa thôi không là xác định. Dechen: My favorite person. I’ll miss all the talks we have. Be yourself and enjoy life. Try to keep in touch and have fun at Grinnell. Namhoon: It’s been a dream come true, having a Korean pop star as my roommate. Don’t become a drug addict in the future pls. To the class of 017’: Thank you all for being my friends and family for the last 6 years. We’ve had our ups and downs, but above all, I’m glad to be graduating with you guys. I hope you all the best for your future.


Hello Darling Woodstock, it’s been a long journey and its time, so here it is “GOODBYE WOODSTOCK, shouting and waving my hands with the biggest brightest smile nobody has ever seen”. I am sure I will miss being here in person but since you are forever going to be in my memory, I guess I will always have you with me wherever I go. My experience here is one that I will always cherish even the parts that were quite harsh. I will smile when I think of you in the future and laugh, so thank you. I wouldn’t have met you if it weren’t for my parents, and my uncle Getem, Aunt Minam and Cousin Gamli, who introduced me to you, so thank you family for everything, getting me to join here and supporting me throughout this journey. All teachers Salute and thank you! Mrs. Daniel & Mrs. Archer Thank you for teaching me IGCSE Chemistry and IGCSE Bio. Hello! Mrs. Datt, You were my first adviser and my AP Biology teacher, it was great learning from you, I will always cherish the M&M lab, and it was a blessing! Thank you for encouraging me through my difficult times. Mrs. Crider, I am sorry for being a difficult student and thank you for teaching me and supporting me, I really appreciate it all; I couldn’t have had a better AP Chem teacher. Mrs. Seefeldt, I want to thank you for teaching me pre algebra and pre calculus, thank you for not giving up on me and being very understanding! Mrs. Bowling, Thank you for guiding and supporting me. Ms. Pearson and Mr. P, thank you for being my advisors and supporting me through my difficult times and sorry for troubling! Now lets thank friends and special people! Sangru, my first friend in Woodstock.. Breaking the bathroom door to get my phone from you was fun! Sara, Aashna and Amrita - weird orange and banana dance! Raghavee and Simoni thank you for teaching me physics and chemistry in dorms!! Yerim, I am sorry and thank you for being one of my closest friends in Woodstock! Aimee thanks for auditioning with me! Kopal, thanks for being there for me and keeping my secrets, Bella thanks for laughing at my lameness! Peyang- thanks for being my friend and listening to my plans. Vanu Adanga here! My favorite person to say the word…you know it!. Niru Bhai Sup ? I’ll miss you so much thanks for taking care of me. Megans you are really the kindest - letting me walk on your feet!!! Dams what’s happens, little talks and sings in art class. Anh Bui thanks for saying Hi! Khanh thanks for being just there, handsome, warm, nice. Loten, sorry and thanks, you got a beautiful smile,(not really). Parky, you sexy girl, I’ll never forget your happy and hyper self! Aarika lets not get started on kpop okay! Thanks for everything, Bomb n Bomb Feel this Energy, thank you for always being there for me and helping me with everything literally! Angel, Thanks for existing thanks for coming into my life, thanks for being strong and will you go out with me? Sulin, lets eat! No social media? Hahah, you don’t know it but you are beautiful! Mrs. Shaw, thank you for everything -listening, calming, advising, trusting me + more ! I love you all!

Aadeng & Ellen

HahYeon I’m starting with you… I don’t even think that you fit the category “friend” anymore, you’ve become my sister now. In early afternoons, walking in the rain barefoot and hoping to not get leeches, or in our “dance sessions,” wherever we were we would have fun as long as we were together. “Together,” not meaning close in proximity, but being emotionally connected. With that said, we’ve always been together through thick and thin, and I know we will be together many years more. A friendship can end, but this isn’t friendship, it’s sisterhood. Chunggaeguri. Ana, you’re my favourite cousin (I have 31 first cousins by the way), which means I reaaaaally like you. Every time I would feel homesick, there you were to cook my favourite Brazilian dishes and cheer me up. You know how much not being with my family during my birthday affected me, but you made sure that every birthday was extremely special. Te amo demais Quel! Mrs. Ronita, you were my mother here. Thank you for feeding me with such good food, and all the times you got in trouble for standing up for me. I know I wouldn’t enjoy living in dorms if you weren’t there. More people who I want to say thank you to: The best friends I could possibly have – Niranjan (JamJam), Alina, Seetsele, Surbhi, Mansha, Angel, Urja, and Meghna (Mami, where are thou?). My K-Pop people – Hyeji, Daeun, Kiara, and Kevin (yes, you are one of my K-Pop people Seungik). My Children -- Meher John, Rea, Veer, Victoria, Nalin, Hyenjin, Tashi, and Aryan (my actual son). My juniors -- Fofandi, Nikunj, and “Dab”borah (I’m so funny). Classmates – Vanu, Bella, Tanmaye (“Oh my God”), Tanashya, Ayaan, Simoni, and Aadeng (my pet panda). Yourish (shut up), and Taegyeong I still think that you’re scary. Raghavee (a.k.a Ravena), let’s meet and sing ‘hot summer’ in the future, and Chahat thanks for making me work. My seniors – Namita and Rishi for being awesome parents, Aditi (Dot) for being so inspiring, Antra for taking care of me like an older sister, and Hannes for being the whitest person I know (still my favourite Blanco). “I always knew this day would come. We’d be standing one by one, With our future in our hands, So many dreams so many plans. Always knew after all these years, There’d be laughter, there’d be tears. But never thought that I’d walk away, with so much joy but so much pain. It’s so hard to say goodbye. I’m so thankful for the moments, so glad I got to know you. The times that we had I’ll keep like a photograph, Hold you in my heart forever… I’ll always remember you.” Thank you Woodstock!


Thank you God for all that You’ve taken me through. I would be dead by now if it wasn’t for You. Mom & Pops, I’m sorry for being such a pain at times but thank you for all the sacrifices. Joshua, I have missed being with you all this time. I love you so much. Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins: thank you for always encouraging me, trusting in me, for helping me and for always pampering me. Akansha, Andrew, Rachel, Akash: Thank you for being great older “siblings”. Thank you for food especially ;). Abigail: have a great senior year. Sarahna: You’ve been like my younger sister. Have a great time. Keep in touch. Joanna: thank you for travelling with me. Enjoy the last few years of your school life. Mesalenuo: Hope your first year here has been great. Have fun. Visakuo: Thank you for being a great friend and for motivating me to workout. Have a great time! Meher, Aarushi, Tara, Kavya: We might have grown apart but you all are still special to me. Have a great senior year guys! Teachers and Dorm Parents: thank you for teaching me, for taking care of me, for being patient and for being so encouraging. Mr, Mrs Millican, Baby Isaac and Advisor Peeps: Thank you for the wonderful fun advisor nights. Thank you for always encouraging me. It has been great knowing you guys. Take care! Uncle Darab and Auntie Naz: Thank you for encouraging me and for all the help. You have been like my second parents and I’m really grateful for that. Ellena: My Brazilian twin and sister-in-law!!! ;) Keep in touch! Chahu, Sanju, Meggy, Uru: There is so much I want to say but thank you for still being there for me! Aime, Alina, Taegyong, Kevin, Mancha, Tanmaye, Niranjan, Hah, Surbhi, Yourish: Thanks for all the entertainment. Love ya’ll! Sele: I’m gonna miss going to the gym with you! Raghavee, Simoni: Thank you for helping me with studies. Sim, always love Tub… maktub… Parky, Hye(ji), Sangs, Sulina, Akira, Panda, Maevie: I love you all so much. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. The stories… the food… the jokes… Kpop ;) Meghannnsss, Bella: You guys were my Day One. I’m really gonna miss the sleepovers. Meghannnsss, I’m definitely gonna miss watching movies and TV shows with you. Beastie, Shortie: You’ve been the best-est friends I have ever had. I can’t thank you both enough for all that you’ve done for me…the sleepovers and all other crazy things ;) ;) Ad Maiora: I do not know all of you but I’m glad I am graduating with you all. Thank you for making my time here memorable. I love you all.

Angel Vanalika

18 years into 450 words is way harder than writing an essay. But I’ll give it my best shot. IF I HAVEN’T WRITTEN ONE FOR YOU PLEASE DON’T FEEL BAD CHANCES ARE YOU WILL GET A PRIVATE LETTER. Mama & Papa: thank you for giving me the best childhood in the best home. Meghna: Padhu, I always have your back and thank you for always having mine I love you and you are going on to do great things I can tell and I will miss you “Whatchasay”. Mrs. Das: Thank you for everything you have done for me I would have never reached here without you. Jayant: keep being yourself. I will miss you Char Badmash: I love you all and I hope all your dreams come true. Bella: From dropping maggi to all of life’s problem you have been there I love you Bball bae. My Bball Girls: Frida Kahlo loves each and every one of you guys, your determination and hard work is commendable and I promise you great things are about to take place I can feel it and good luck to all of you for later life… <3 Coach.L: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!. Hyeji and Maeve: My sweety’s you both are so talented and beautiful and I’m so excited to see where the future takes you <3. Niru: Thanks for having my back bro. Angel: Aangle life has been crappy but you have been the ray of sunshine that makes it better. You do so much for everyone around you and I am so excited for you to finally go out and make yourself happy. Aadeng: AADANGA come down to the common room, I love you cute thang good luck for everything. Urja: My drama buddy, I will miss you hit me up if you go to Pune Ellen: My Latina chica. I love you so much Mansha: Shakti you are honestly such a true friend I know I annoy but I appreciate you so much and Niagara Falls will never forget you. Jizz Whaler- Josh Surbhi: From our awkward clock tower café incident I knew you were special. I love you. Aarika: Sherlock I know we will blow many more balloons together. Cassidy: Thanks for being the only child buddy I can talk to about anything. Veer:My baby I know we have only gotten close now but you are truly a relic and I will miss you. Chahat: Tujhe Mujhe Chahu <3. My younger Woodstock Peeps: It’s true when people say you don’t realize how special it is till it’s gone. To all my Wonderful Teachers and mentors over the years you have helped me grow and become the person I am today and for that I am eternally grateful.



017: Thanks for the fun times! Wish you all the best! Hopefully we can all meet up again some day. Football Team: Continue working hard. Remember to play as a team and support each other, no matter what, and don’t play for your own glory. It’s been a great 4 years, I hope you all do well! XC Team: It’s been an honor being part of the team. Work hard, and don’t give up. “Running is simple, but it’s not easy,” right? Honor Council: People are going to say things that you don’t like, but stick to what you believe in, and ignore the haters. Bui, Namhoon, Shinyoung: Let’s cook. I’ll also destroy all of you in Fifa. Bui: 5-1 Fulham (me) vs Netherlands (you), never forget. Ameya: You’ve been so ameyazing. Your British accent is so bad, I do it much better. Clearly more English than you. Also, I know more about GoT than you. Thanks for everything (the letters, that tiny book thing, and just everything), and message me anytime. Let’s make sushi and *tea* again in the future. I’ll miss you (8/15) Summer, Joon, Meghna: I’ll never forget that QB, you know which one I’m talking about. You guys have fun next year and take care of yourselves! I’ll come visit you all! Swaggy: Thanks for being swaggy. Hawaii-Kawaii. You can send me naga beef when I’m in college. Also, thanks for everything. Yala: Keep singing anime songs haha you’re actually pretty good. Tej, Rigpea: Keep working hard, and be more humble. Healeam: I’ll see you in Japan or Korea again sometime. I know you’ll miss me esp in calc. Zane: I’ll see you in Canadia!! Calc and Micro front row seats (best seats) Bianca: I hope Zane gave you the panda,take care of Ameya, and come visit Japan sometime! Mukhija: How’s it going,Dhruv! Yigha: Take Care!! You can always msg me when you need to rant about stuff. Idika: Granny fingers, lol jk, you have ok fingers. Have fun next year! Kartik Rajpal:You should’ve just stayed lol anyways you’re having fun in UWC, but you’ll never have those swishathon moments there hahaha, hopefully I see you soon! James: Your hats are legendary. Keep getting it confiscated, good luck in flight school. Scooper: Good luck with Football and everything man!! Don’t have too much fun next year. Sharanam, Kopal: Best English Class Table ever. The handshake will always remain. Egor: Thank god you cut your hair. I’ll never forget that 8th grade haircut. Future Seniors: Be nice to everyone! Don’t worry about college, you’ll get in! Have fun, Do what you love.


부모님께:무엇보다 제게 우드스탁이라는 학교에 대해서 알게 되고 여기에 와서 이 런 경험들을 하게 된 것에는 가장 큰 도움이 되어주신 것 같아요. 표현이 조금은 서툴러 하나하나 해주신 것들 다 감사하다고, 자주 연락도 못 드려서 죄송해요. 나 름 부모님 도움 없이도 잘할 수 있는 것 보여드리고 싶어서 그랬던 것 같아요. 항 상 저희를 먼저 생각해주시고 이해하려고 노력해주셔서 정말 감사합니다. 엄마 아 빠 사랑해요. Caleb and Jonah: Last Year’s going down day watching sunrise. Connor: Secret love only in Oak lounge, peer pressure got us crazy. Our signature dance moves.Nihal: Almost twin piercings, mudcups and chardukans.Karma: Clothes we exchanged, basketball shooting form, wish we played together in swishathon. 11th grade advanced hike where we found our love with your mating calls. Anh: Yolo Captain, Roommate from the first to last day of my woodstock life. Quarter breaks in Kartik’s house, Chandigarh, Delhi. Learning Korean must be fun? Bobby: Tent-mate from Rupin Supin to Kaza. Watching Liverpool vs Arsenal, with home exchange of Korea and Japan where I was stuck in Japanese immigration. Prettiest of you was found in Chandigarh on dress. Dam: Talented in everything, with your guitar we used to sing together. Trauma of walking down from gym night. Shinyoung: 10th grade hike, all the football, roommates. Whatever some says things about you, you were always there for me whenever I was stuck. Thanks, and call me up whenever you feel like. <3 James: My favourite Jamie Bear, hope you enjoy the stoner camp. Kartik Adityan: 9th grade activity week, listening to skyscraper, IGCSE Chemistry, Health Center night. There is always possibility, and thanks for drooling on my bed.:) Dhruv: Heyyy,Makhiii. No more Korean snacks for you, always miss your sexy goalkeeping. Aseem: Cholatido in Paul’s class, depressed muscle boy. I don’t know, may you? Shahyan: Feeding you in Alter-ridge whenever you open your mouth with my love. I don’t even know how to describe the amount I love you. Much love, keep in touch <3. Zane: Chef Zane in French classes, right-back-right-winger chemistry. Zaine: Spilling tea on my thigh and taking shower together in MAMS. How you introduced yourself on my first day. Faiyaz: The guy who made me work-out, serious talks in oak lounge. Thanks for always being there for me. Viraj: Advanced Hike and Kaza. Loser song for you in uno, your deep philosophy between like and love. Is it the time yet for me to visit Nepal? Jinhye, Hyeji, Sulin, Yerim, Taegyeong: Overdose Jinhye: Out of cash Yerim: Piercings Taegyeong: Sleeping alone in your house. :D Sharanam: Co-class gov, thanks for annoying me repeatedly. Sangru: Grade 9 art classes, ‘would you rather’ games, my signature move motif. Meghna: Lovely geometry to pre-calc, you won’t be able to beat me in fifa. Shorter wills longer memories. Arshiyan: Yuck. YOLO: One of the best memories in Woodstock. Only if the penalties in 11th grade.


TAEGYEONG LEE Family: Hello family. Thank you for supporting me all the time. Even though I never said it I love you mom and dad. I am not sure about my sister but thanks for being a nice sister. Mr Kaplan & Ms. Seefeldt: Thank you so much for writing the recommendation letter. You enabled me to be in the college. Ms Bowling & Ms Shrestha: Thank you for helping me in college application. Mr. Percevecz & Ms Pearson: Hello Advisor. I appreciate your hard work to take care of me. Thank you! Kevin:좋은 동생으로 지내줘서 고맙다. 말 안해도 알지? 고마웠어! Hamin: Hello my second sister. 같이 장난치고 노는것도 좋았어. 한국가면 보자. Alina: It was really good to know you. I will miss you Ellen: I hope you get in to Yonsei University. Mansha: I hope to see you again. Thank you! Raghavee&Angel: You basically allowed me to know about Urja. Thank you anyway! Kartik: I really enjoyed the stay in your house. I will invite you next time. Jiwon:적응 잘하네 ㅋㅋ 공부도 열심히해! Shinyoung: 군대나 가자 ㅠ 늦은 졸업이지만 의미있다! Namhoon: 팔방미인 동생이여. It was good to know you and travel with you. Yerim, Sulin, Jinhye, Hyeji : It was good to have some Korean girls in my grade. 즐거웠어~보고싶을거야 .Devashish: Special thanks to Devashish for being my best friend. I will miss you. I will for sure visit you after grads. Karma, Nihal: You guys were funniest roommates ever. Saral, Zaine, Jonah, Faiyazs, Abhimanyu: It was good to have friends in the gym. Work hard! No skipping leg days. Doyoung & Daeyoung: 남은 시간 재밋게 보내고 건강해~책 많이 읽어!(꿀팁) Tanmaye: Bro, thanks for inviting me to your house. I hope to see you again Khanh, Khoa, Anh: Hi my vietnamese friends. You guys were the most friendly friends ever. James, Phunsok,Bobby, Tshokey: I enjoyed having EVS class with you. Sooyeon: 우리 시크한 수연이 학교 생활 잘 마무리하고 가끔 연락해. Yonghoon, Jeffery: 얘들도 후배라고 쯧쯧..ㅋㅋ 장난이고 공부 열심히하자! Mr. Jun: 힘들때 많은 도움이 되어주셔서 감사합니다. 잊지 않겠습니다 선생님. Mr Huten, Mr. Peter & Mrs. Peter, Mr. Adi, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Alex: Hello my dorm parents, thank you so much for looking after me. Mr Millican & Mrs Millican, Mr David, Mr. Conrad, Ms. Dyson, Mr. Fried, Ms. Seefeldt, Mr. Heera: To teachers who were greatly involved in my life in WS. I thank you for guiding me through difficult classes and I was honored to be your student. Urja: Hello Urja, It’s me! Thank you so much for being a nice girlfriend after all.You made my days in WS. I will miss you a lot everyday. I hope to continue our relationship after graduation. Love you(heart). I will miss you all!!!

SEUNGIK JANG 누나: 누나 사랑해! 엄마, 아빠: 지금까지 제게 해주신 모든 것들 감사합니다! Taegyeong Lee: 밥 사줘요 Namhoon Cho: 형도 Shinyoung Kim: 형도 Sooyeon Park: 열심히 해라 (숙제 좀 제대로 하고) Hamin Yoon:동생인데 내가 먼저 졸업하니까 이상하다…ㅎㅎ 힘내! Hyunyoung Kim: 10학년이라니 애기네 (풉) Niranjan Bennet: Have fun and always be crazy! Ellen Pereira: I hope we meet again so that I can annoy the hell out of you. Alina Kabir: Have fun as an adult! Angel Yoanna: I wanted to, but I won’t write any mean things. I don’t want to hurt your feelings Aarika Dhir: Same goes to you. Laurent Paquerau: Merci, et au revoir a bientot (ou après longtemps). Ms. Chandar: Sorry for the cap! Too everyone in my grade: Some of you might like me, some of you might hate me, and some of you might have no interest at all. But please know that regardless, every single one of you made my best 4 years in my life and made me leave this beautiful school with a smile. Thank you guys. I will only wish good lucks and happiness in your future.


Mommy/daddy: Thank you for supporting me throughout my life. I am truly blessed to have you both in my life. Dekila: anyone would be lucky to have you as a big sister. Thanks for always taking care of me love you. Dechen: we’ve been together for 18 years, separating from you will be hard. Pengs: Belelelek. Will miss your craziness you’re the biggest weirdo I’ve ever come across. Love you my giant friend Noor: I’m so glad I got to know you the very first day you joined this school. I’ll miss all our stupid arguments. Aalia: will miss baking cookies with you. Thanks for always being there and standing up for me will miss you. Chuki: My roomie. Still remember the time in 9th grade when we made predictions. Umang: I’m sorry things didn’t turn out well towards the end but I’ll always remember the times spent with you. Thanks for making time for me and helping me through my hard times. Dhruv/Vash/shanyan: I’m really glad I got to know you guys before grad. Thapkhay: my massage buddy I’ll miss your massages. Ikaum: I’m stronger than you Caleb: SO Yupel: you left too early :( missed out on a lot but still had some great memories. Sangru: you’re one of the funniest person I’ve ever seen. Deva: my English buddy will miss being around you. Kops: my ex Roomie getting room of the month was worth it .Des/tanu: Thanks for being there for me Kavi: Thank you for the memories. Nochu/Norbu: you’re welcome for all the food I ordered for you guys. Take care and stay out of trouble Skr skr Arpit: Take care and don’t eat too much fatty “LOL” PS: hope you get cured from Alzheimer’s Tarini /Remay: you guys are beast ballers. Keep balling and stay fit Mr. L: Thank you for always supporting me and motivating me throughout my Woodstock life. Will miss the morning practices :) Aseem: I’m really glad to have known you better this semester. You’re one of the sweetest person I’ve ever come across. JSJS: Thanks for all the memories. You made me stronger and I’ve learned a lot from you. Squa: cherish all the memories spent together. Don’t know what’s it’s going to be like without you guys. Keep in touch love you guys<3

Pelzom &Dechen Pala-thank you so much for everything. You have taught me skills for life. Everything I am is because of you Amala- I know I’m irrational at times but thank you for always listening/putting up with it Achala- you have seriously gotten me through everything; I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you Popola/Momola/Aghula- you have taught me to stay humble and be kind To those I will never part with: Sharanam- you are someone I can always count on and I hope we never lose touch, thank you for existing Tanashya- you’re that girl that makes everyone around you say, “I don’t know how she does it.” you have always been there for me and I hope we always stay in touch Aashna- I am so glad I got to know you the way I did. Thanks for all the good times. To those whose company I enjoy: Bui- you’re my fav person Sara- you always gave me confidence (made me feel like a boss for eating the most crackers) Aseem- you are so sweet so please don’t change Dhruv- you make it so easy for me to rant about things that may seem trivial and give it importance Tenphel/Des- kinda miss 10th grade Deva- only we’d be crazy enough to be class govs. for senior yr. Thapkhay- I’m gonna miss evs class w u James- it’s always nice to talk to you Saral/Viraj- the intellectuals haha behind that robotic exterior I know there’s a softy in there Umang/Vash- you guys are super annoying but make me laugh hysterically Kopal/Sim/ Raghs/Aimee- you guys are such cuties Sulin- you have the kindest heart Caleb- we got close so fast but I’m glad we did To those who will forever be in my heart: Peyang- you have literally been my rock through it all, you’re irreplaceable Noor- you motivate me, you push me to become a better person, you care and I love you for that Aalia- you are such a go-getter and I admire that about you DechenT-my name twin- I’ll never forget about our secret group Pelzom- my annoying little roomie- if it wasn’t for you I’d be in my bed watching tv shows Dearest Woodstock, it feels like just yesterday I was in 8th grade, but now 5 years have passed, and I am eternally grateful for all the opportunities you have given me and so thankful for

each and every person you have brought along the way.


Mom, Dad and Paroma- thank you for always believing in me and my dreams, and being there for me through everything. You three make me who I am today. My five constants--- Khopcha Lovely Sweets Tikkam Singh Hallu, you are the best roommate I’ve ever had. I’m always going to remember all our random talks in the middle of the night with our beautiful lights and food. Tanashya, thank you for being like a mother to me, and ensuring that I do everything properly. Can’t wait for you to do great things with your law and diplomacy. I’m really going to miss sitting in Mudcup for hours with you. Raghavee, you are undoubtedly the sweetest and most caring person I know. You can brighten up any room with your energy and lame jokes. I’m going to miss making fun of Tanu and laughing at dumb jokes with you. Dechen C, you’ve been there through everything unfailingly and you always know how to make me feel better. I know we don’t need to talk often for us to always be close, but you’re always going to be the one person that knows everything. Simoni, we’ve been through so much over the last year and a half, and I’m so glad to have you in my life. Chem class would never have been as fun as it was if you weren’t there.--- you guys have been my support system, and Woodstock would not have been the same without you. Dhruv, thanks for being as bad as I am at US history so that we didn’t feel bad. I’m really glad we became friends, and I hope we continue to be close in the future. Aashna, even though we don’t talk much anymore, I’m really gonna miss the time we spent together. Idika and Ana, thanks for making bio class super fun. You guys are really amazing and I hope you really enjoy senior year (please work hard). Aarushi, you’re my fave junior!! I’m going to miss you so much. Kill it next year! Kartik, we’ve known each other for such a short time, and we’ve been together for even less, but I could not have imagined getting as close to someone as I have to you. You know me inside and out, and I can’t imagine how tough college is going to be without you by my side. You are the most amazing person I have ever known, and I am so so glad that I got to spend senior year with you. I love you.

SHARANAM KARTIK Amma Appa- you guys are the reason I’m here and I would not want it any other way. I love you both. Praaju/Appu- You have always given me the motivation to be a better person. Love you lots! Sharanam- I wouldn’t even be half the person I am today without you. Although this is definitely not the end, thank you for being the only person to understand everything and be there for me unconditionally. I love you. Tanushree- My first best friend forever. Gonna miss those long and amazing Skype sessions, castle marathons, brunches and honestly everything about you! Mukhu- I don’t think there is any other way to say this but I think we just get each other bro. All the way from that 8th grade science class till now, we’ve grown a lot and I’m so glad we grew together. Dolly- Will miss those long and educational conversations I shared with one of the smartest, most trustworthy people I know. Vash- My first friend in Woodstock and one of my best friends who all the way till the end. You’re the most fun loving person, Woodstock wouldn’t be the same without you. Abhimanyu- You’ve always been there for me and helped me through everything. A true brother for life. Umang- Gonna miss the nights we spent stargazing and drinking ice tea. Never going to forget you! Saral- Through all the immature fights in 8th grade, to my last roommate in Woodstock, it’s been an amazing journey! FaiyazTo the DJ who introduced me to electronic music and other kinds of amazing things, we shared some really amazing memories that I will never forget! Aseem- The hardest working person I know, and you have always been a good friend. Zane- It’s been amazing to have you in my life. I know I can trust you no matter what. Will miss you! Zaine- The chillest guy I know. Never forgetting those emotional nights and the fun days just chilling and listening to music. Namhoon- Crazy memories from ushering team to lunch after music. You’re someone I can always trust and count on. Shahyan- Gonna miss all the small things you do that bring a smile to everyone’s faces! James- My G! You will always be my Jamie bear. Niru - My GTA addict, will miss you! Tanashya- Mother figure!!! Gonna miss all the candid pictures, shoulder tapping and advisor nights #matathanyaaaaglasses Kopal- Kopsicup!!! I’m so glad to have gotten to know you! Please never change! Simoni/Raghavee- Will miss those memories chilling and doing chem/calc! Satvik/Rajpal/Yaejong/Suryaansh/Justin- You guys left too soon... Woodstock hasn’t been the same.



I wouldn’t be here if two people didn’t raise me the way they have. Daddy, as your little girl strides into the unknown I know that you’re scared even though you won’t show it. I want you to know that I will be fine in the great abyss of whatever lies yonder, because you are my strength and I will remember us every moment from now till forever. My dearest Ma, how I have spent years trying to resemble just an inch of you. You are by far the most intelligent, beautiful and capable woman on this planet, and I do far more than just admire you…I love you with every fibre of my being. I will always remember to become humbler as my branches grow longer and longer, and I will always be there for you, no matter the time of day. I am you, and you are me. Faryar, you can be far greater than I can ever be. I will always be your solid brick wall, your soft cuddly cushion, and your biggest fan for the rest of your life. Please don’t puke. Shayaan Hussain, I love you, you pimply big thing. Your hugs make my day and please, I implore you, never leave me and aways be with me because you are my best friend and without you I amount to nothing. Ishmam, I love you more than you will ever know and every moment with you has been worth cherishing for the rest of my life. Tight hugs and kisses. Faiyaz, Zaine, Vash & Co… Thank you for showing me Mussoorie and revealing to me what a wonderful place this is. You guys have pulled me through my saddest days. Fizz and Z, I’d take a bullet for you two. Viraj, you have kept me sane throughout these two years. Call me if you ever need someone to listen to you, because I have enjoyed nothing more than getting a peak of what goes on in that head of yours. Justin, I love you, old friend, and I hope to meet you soon. Isaac, you ma boi. Nirov, you’re ugly, I cried my eyes out when you left. Selsi, you’re too gorgeous for life. Noor, if there is one contact I want to keep for the rest of my life, it’s you. I know that you’re destined for greatness. Namhoon, Bobby, Bui, Shinyoung…I’ll always love you like I hate you. Amber, you’re too funny. Nihal, thank you for being my friend. You have made my days brighter and your smile is infectious. Call me bro, we need to hang. Zane=Favourite Urja, so pretty. Alina= ew. Anush & Tanishq = <3 ‘017 this isn’t goodbye.


Well, this was not an easy journey… I am glad I survived. This journey started with loud cries (for going back home) but it’s ending with a smile (that defines the memories I created.) While writing this Senior Will I realized- years have passed, friendships have dispatched and there is maturity that has been added to my craziness. A big thank you to the people who will always stay constant in my life... Mom- you used to cover the distance from Chandigarh happily whenever I used to be sick or needed home food or just wanted some quite study time. You are like my shadow; you subdue your pain to make me smile. Thank you mama your smile is what keeps me going further in life. Papa- handling your property business, your school staff and then my counselors was not an easy task. Thank you dad, I know I never say it because genes travel and both of us have ego issues but I would have failed miserably in life without you. So here is to all the charts and tables I made and remade to sort everything properly to satisfy a workaholic father. Ishpuneet- There are times I hate you but then I realize I was the same (just more irritating). Love you fattu, I will miss your annoying activities. Yashita- Goodbye’s are hard and the one to you was the hardest. Our conversations over pink lemonades will be remembered forever. Urja and Angel- Thanks for putting up with my problems, and adding on to them(JK) and here is to the “Star Gazing Night” up at Midlands. Ellen and Surbhi- They say roommates know all your secrets, so here is to the secrets we shared and arguments we made. The “Silent Nights” of moon watching and Hindi songs will be cherished. Tanmaye- Here is to all the stupid videos we watch together, to my irritation because of your stupidity, to solving your life problems, to the nail marks on your hand. You have been the most irritating one. Our fights will be remembered. Faiyaz Yourish- Take care of your self! (LOL..). Thanks for always making me laugh and for holding dumb conversations with me. Aarika, Vanalika, Aadeng- Thanks for all the sugar rushes, the abnormal dancing moves and the laughing fits we all created. Fiza- The Punjabi attitude in both of us is insane. I will miss our conversations. Khoa- Economics class would not have been as funny without your power naps, your funny answers and your cluelessness. Ms. Chander- Your disappointment because of my grades is of utmost importance. Your solutions to life problems, aapka gussa and aapki baatein will be remembered. Thanks for your constant support.



To the people who mean the world to me To the sister that was and always will be like a lovable tough grandma<3 To the mother that loves me dearly and who I love greatly To the sister that I love annoying like a little sister, and love to see happy in the big world To the father that made me tough enough for the harsh world To the roommates that survived my tornado of emotions everyday <3 To those who turned from strangers into great friends To the teachers who taught me more than classroom knowledge, and helped me become a more outspoken student<3 ( even if I’m still very shy in class for the most part) To all the memories that now fill my heart with joy and strength. To the love that was lost and gave me fond memories i’ll always cherish To the friends that I now call my family, and to these people who always cared for me no matter what. Through thick and thin, and the memories that have gathered in the dust and will always be a part of me, Thank you


Thank you to everyone who made my year at Woodstock sweet and memorable :) To my friends for the all-nighters we thought we’d be successful at pulling, the movie nights and cuddles, gym sessions in the morning, late night conversations and procrastination, for the free hugs (lol even though you hate them), shoulders to cry on, having high expectations for school dances and school food, walks after Sunday brunch, spontaneous dabbing and special handshakes. Thank you all for not letting me go a day without smiling and most importantly having my back. To my teachers for being patient with me, giving me a nudge in the right direction, being open for discussion about literally anything, playing The La’s ‘There She Goes’ before class only for it to get stuck in our heads, always letting us know we’re not yet fully myelinated, telling me “You’re still a good person” when I hadn’t finished my homework, letting us work outside in Flag Pole area on sunny days, being the ‘cool aunt’ I know would understand me, making programming seem less daunting, telling me my ideas aren’t too big so to take them a byte at a time, not needing an incentive to stop by your office for a chat, letting us out early before Lunch to avoid the long line. Thank you for showing me how to enjoy learning; acquiring knowledge for myself and not because someone told me to. To my college counselor for your advice, food recommendations, chatting in your office longer than we were supposed to meet, and mostly for believing that I could achieve what I set out to. To my dorm parent for the number of smiles I cannot count, making cookies in your living room, the ice cream cakes, ginger chai, warm soup, hugs and advice, for treating us all like your own, I am grateful. To Mama and Papa for letting me take the leap; although we were anxious and uncertain in the beginning, we now see how it was worth it all. Thank you for the regular video calls and constantly telling me how much I’m missed back home. To the rest of the Woodstock fam for being so welcoming and lending a helping hand. We may have only met in the hallways, or will only get to meet the next reunion, but I’m glad I get to say I’m part of the family lol. Much love, Seetsele



Bố & mẹ: Con cảm ơn bố mẹ đã sinh con ra trên đời này. Con yêu bố mẹ. Em gái: Cố gắng học tốt với vâng lời bố mẹ nhớ. Quốc Anh/Khoa: có gì vào đại học vẫn giữ liên lạc đấy. Cảm ơn chúng mày mấy năm vừa rồi. Không có chúng mày chắc tao buồn thối ruột bên này mất. Tanmaye: Bro! Thank you for being my friend and bearing with my mood swing and crazy moments! I will miss you motte. Keep in touch man. Fayaz: Even though we’ve only got closed this year but being with you is fun man. I will miss your humor and craziness. Sohail/ Shinyoung: Thank you guys for being there. Even though we do not talk that much but I’ve learnt a lot from you guys. Keep up with football and college. Ayaan: I will miss your joke man. Sulin: 안녕. Have fun in college Sulin. Taegyeong: Bye bro! I actually like you being with Urja. You smile more than before. Urja/Mansha: We only started talking this year but it is always nice talking to you guys. See ya . Rishabh/Niru: It was nice being roomates with you guys. Thank you! Oh Rishabh should also stop “sleep-talking” at night. Tej/Rigpea: you guys are good at football. Keep up with it. Win Jackie or something next year yar? Football team: Thank you guys. It was fun playing with you guys. Chamber Choir: It was a fun experience singing with you guys. Thank you. Mubaraq/Daniel/Nathan: Have fun in WS boys. You guys still have two years to go. Carlos: Keep singing and don’t be discouraged by anyone man. Hoon: I will miss fun moments with you in Choir. Mr. Arthur: Thank you for teaching me guitar and keeping your temper even though I am not that good of a student. I will miss your lesson. Mrs. Chander: Thank you Mrs. Chander for being strict to me. You are the most honest person I’ve ever met. Mr. Huten: Your advices helped me a lot and I cannot express how thankful I feel towards you. Thank you so much! Dorm parents/teachers and anyone I forgot to mention: Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience at WS. I will miss you guys. Thank you WS.

R i s h a b h

k h a n h

Papa,Maa thanks for the inspiration, drive, and support that you have given me, it made me the person I am today. I have let so many years pass without thanking you both, but you haven’t let a single second pass without loving me unconditionally. Thank you. Pankhuri No matter how much we fight, no matter how much we argue I will always have a special place in my heart because you know me better than anyone else, you trust me more than anyone else and love me more than anyone else. Thanks for everything sis. Tauji,Taiji,AwadhBhaiya,VasuDidi Thanks for always encouraging me to be a better person, and supporting me in my journey so far. MansiDidi,Satyam can’t imagine what WS would be like without the two of you thanks for your support and help throughout my WS journey. Tenphel Bro I am so thankful for having a friend like you thanks for all the memories and hope we get to make more. I know we had our ups and downs but I m thankful that we got even closer in our senior year. Will always remember all the WS dance parties we went crazy in. Faiyaz you where the first friend I made in WS, we did so many stupid things that I just can’t write here. Thanks for all the motivation. I will remember the trips I took with u and Zaine–you and I had our differences but u were still a very close friend and I m happy that I got close with u, will always remember our late night crazy talks and the never stopping laughter for no reason. Aseem Bro I got very close to you during my senior year and I am so happy for it. I never knew opening up to someone would be so easy. I will always remember our walks up to Café Ivy. The memories I made with u will never be forgotten Des I don’t think I could have asked for a better friend who never judged me and just listened to me. Will never forget our Rajasthan trip and all our crazy bazar trips. Deva will miss our weird talks and all the memories we made, special all the pranks we pulled in the kitchen. Nihal I will always remember the memories I made with u in this short amount of time. Loten,Karma,Sholia,Ikuam,Dipu,Caleb Will always remember the childish craziness things we did together and all the memories we made together. Thanks for always making me laugh. Khanh,Niru I m happy I got to know u guys and sorry for all the sleep talking, I couldn’t help it lol. Yash,Aryan,Aneesha u guys always supported me from so far thanks.



“Minutes are long, years past fast”. It’s hard for me to believe, it has been almost two years that I have been in Woodstock. July of 2015 was the first time I visited this nice place on the top of Himalayas. I still remember the first day I entered the school campus. I was wondering how could I live in this place for the next two years of my life; I couldn’t even imagine that this day will come as quick as this where I will be writing about my two years memories I had in Woodstock. I can claim that this two years have been the best two years of my entire life. I don’t want to write a lot, I want to keep all these memories in my heart and live with them. But I do want to say thanks to all those who were always there for me and who supported me in every single moment. I want to thanks Mr & Mrs Millican for being the best advisers. I also want to thanks all my friends here in Woodstock for making all these beautiful and nice memories. Woodstock! You will always be in my heart…..


I want to start off by saying, Mama Papa, I made it. Thank you for everything you guys have done for me. I know I’m annoying, all the time. I know I irritate you guys, all the time. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. No on in the entire world is as lucky as Aman, Meher, and I to have you as our amazing parents. Woodstock was a very unique experience. I’m so grateful I got to share that experience with you guys. 15 years of my school life, with my parents always by my side. How can I ever thank you guys back for putting up with my ‘nautanki’ haha! Thank you Aman and Meher. Best and coolest siblings I could ever ask for! I love you all so much! Aashish: I’m so proud to call you my cousin. Always lift your head up high and be yourself. I love you bro! Jai Hind! Jayant: Never forget that you have a very special gift, you know what I’m talking about. Never change who you are. You’re one hell of a guy! :D Meghna: I know you’ll find that dream guy you’ve always wanted one day ;)! Bella: Never cry over guys, don’t stress, and chill. You’re going places and always be proud of who you are. Vanu: S-H-O-E, that’s how you spell it! Fayaz: I’m so glad you’re one of my best friends. You’re going to be amazing and I’ll never forget all the fun we had ;) haha! Keep lifting! Tanmaye: No matter what you do, I know you’ll be amazing at it. You’ve always been there for me. Thank you bro! Dam: I’ll never forget all the fun we had. You’re super talented and friendly. God bless you in everything you do! Khoa: I’ll never forget how much fun we had in orchestra! You’re a crazy guy and stay crazy! Karsten: You’re one guy I appreciate a lot. God bless you bro! Niranjan: Thanks for being there for me since 4th grade haha! I’ll never forget. Always, since 4th grade! Thank you to all my teachers, coaches and employees for making my experience a whole lot of fun and learning. Ad Maiora, I will miss everything about this class. Everyone is special and I wish all the best to each one of you as you go on ahead in life. Thank you ‘017! Thank you Woodstock! “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!” – Dr. Seuss



These four years went by so quickly. I still remember my first day in woodstock. Khoa my main man!!!! Bruh this past year i’ve had the most fun in dorms. Bro thanks for making this year fun. Fayaz my sharmoda. Bro thanks for all that afghani candy you gave me. Khanh choir buddy, yaar keep singing. Im pretty sure that one you will hit the right note. Jk bro. Have fun in college. Aashna dear Stonier. Thanks for all the advice on almost everything. Once i turn 21 we can have all the weed we want xD. Scarface Beeeest Frieeeeeeend. Arre yaar! I’ll always remember all our skyping sessions and all the kind of weird stuff that we debated on. Man!! College is going to be soooo dull without you. Padhai per thoda kam dhyan de and start chilling a bit more. I’ll miss you the most yaar. Sloth thanks for all the fun memories yaar. I hope you can decide between a coke can and a redbull can. Priviet Mama I am working on my cooking skills. Hopefully, in a few years, I can make cookies properly. Ayaan johnyy! Thanks for helping me and being there for me whenever i needed help. Chahat thanks for letting me trouble you and thanks for all the calc help. Ms. Chander. Thanks for all the advice and thanks for helping me and pushing me forward at each step of my woodstock life. Surbhi thanks for making macro and english fun!! Have fun in college and good luck. Aarika thanks for helping me in literally everything. I would have probably failed this year if you didn’t help me. Nihal bro i’m so happy that i met you last year. You are the most chill person that i know. Thanks for making Calculus bearable and thanks for all the good memories. Ambar bro i will miss all the annoying things we did since grade 9. You were the only person that made me feel welcome in woodstock when i first came. It is so hard to say goodbye to you. I hope to see you soon and good luck.

Bố & Mẹ: Con xin lỗi vì đã không cố gắng hết sức trong những năm qua, con hy vọng là sau này con sẽ không làm bố mẹ thất vọng nữa. Tanmaye: It’s been a ride, time to legit pick up the slack and study. Stop eating so much, burn all that fat before you think about getting chicks. Fayaz: Don’t pull the gay act when you meet new people or they’ll misinterpret your intentions. You’re a hard worker dude, don’t waste/lose this desirable trait. The moment you get into college it’s mostly hardwork that counts. Khanh: Chơi lờ o lờ làm quái gì nữa mày gà bome. Qua Canada xong đừng có mà giở trò, make a good impression. Anh: Có nhiều potential thì dùng đi, you can procrastinate now but not later :)) Đừng có bỏ violin, học lâu năm rồi mà bỏ thì phí lắm. Học tầm chục năm là chơi đc bài 1 con vịt ấy mà =)) Umang: Bro I’d say party hard or do good or whatever the hell comes to my mind, but then I realized you don’t need that. Keep in touch and btw stop playing ADC - it’s too mechanically-intensive for you. Saral: You’re right, hard work paid off for you. I should have worked harder, nevertheless I neglected everything you told me and it got me nowhere. James: I’ll remember the “crap” we did back in Activity Week man, those were fun times and I’d do it again if I could. I wanna see physical changes from you after a few years bro. Namhoon: I’ll miss your singing, blonde hair, plump booty and especially the surprised birthday party you guys threw for me in 9th grade, thanks for making the best out of my worst year. Shahyan: I will miss our excessively intimate moments in Activity Week, you really made me question my own sexuality, jk lmao. Apoorva: Bro you left too soon. I’ll never forget that time when you told me to audition for NYC in 9th grade, you gave me a once-in-a-hs-life experience. Let me hear your singing some time though I know it probably sucks. Shinyoung: You might feel like you must attend college or something, but honestly almost none of us has any idea what to do with our lives right now. Mr. Brian: I made it! Mr. Okie: Thanks for all your proxy back-slaps via Meghna and Bella. Duc: I guess I need more time. Niranjan: Bro quit your edgy act and enjoy life. Ms. Chander, Mr. Smith, & Aime: Thank you all, I wouldn’t have lasted this last semester without you. Ayaan, Faiyaz, & Karma: Ayy Dunce Crew, I hope we meet again someday. WS: Enjoy.




Once upon a time a small girl went to a Big School where she learned the words to too many pop songs, how not to ask for extensions on assignments, how to read surreptitiously under the desks (and while walking), how to turn music practice into socialisation hour, why not to call one’s teacher a ‘quirky rat’, who to eat lunch with, how to procrastinate like a boss (or rather, like a student), that the SAT is not pronounced ‘sat’, and how to even. She failed to learn how how to avoid pillars, which door needs to be pulled, how to walk slowly, how to find time for TV shows, how to get to school early on Wednesdays, and how to use slang correctly. There she becomes a reader, a writer, a scientist, a questioner, a musician, a runner, and a pro complainer about rock climbing. One day she is released into the Big Bad World. This is not the end. (Mum, Dad, Shanti, Rohan, Jalori, Charis, Elisabeth, Rose, Cara, Eddie, Yerim, Hah Yeon, Mehar, Raghavee, everyone on the gym roof at sunset, all my fabulous teachers & so many others: Thank you for being part of my story)


I would like to sincerely thank the overlapping Venn diagram of people who are my family, friends, teachers and acquaintances, for being there for me, and revealing in a million small ways who I am and who I want to be. I also apologise to those I hurt, judged, or otherwise maligned. The previous sentence contained many clichés. I have tried so hard to avoid them; I have tried so hard to be different. That’s why I’m writing this, like this, after all: I pursue that elusive lover, originality. Clichés, stereotypes, anything that’s typical—I am surrounded by these things, and for so long, I didn’t want to be part of them. Yet while clichés are damaging in many ways, they exist to help us understand (or show us how not to understand) the world and people around us. Cliché’s are a shorthand for experience, and, inevitably, they’re part of life. Maybe that’s what Woodstock taught me: to respect stereotypes while acknowledging their problematic aspects, to be less judgmental of those clichés, to—haha. Did you really think that this would be all introspective and inspirational? lol, I’m a teenager, and true to stereotypes, totally went skinny-dipping on a dare. The fun of this, a public space to somehow acknowledge my time at Woodstock, is to refer to in-jokes and obscure incidents that will make my life seem exciting (the previous sentence being a perfect example.) So here, in no particular order and with absolutely no completeness, are my enigmatic dedications. To the lawyername1’s of the world: you’re fabulous. To the person with too much, and therefore just the right amount of enthusiasm: you’re a gem. To the person who explored an abandoned building with me at dusk: it really was more fun than watching TV.To the Lunartics, Tortallans, Montmaravians, residents of Eretz, citizens of the Old Kingdom, Grisha and general fiction aficionados: 10/10, would drag to the library again. To the people I called ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ who weren’t: you’re not body snatchers; I was just confused. I still don’t know any gangs. Thank you to those who helped me come to terms with that. To those I interrogated: it was a sign that I wanted to get to know you. To the Mamma Mia watchers: DANCING QUEEEEEEENS All I need now is a quotation from a song that somehow expresses the poignant nuance of saying goodbye while also demonstrating my command of popular culture, but I don’t have one, so I guess a “random” emoji must suffice.


To my parents and Bhavenesh Kumari Patiala, thank you for supporting me and believing in me. To my teachers, thank you for showing me what the world is all about. Sohail: What a blast I had doing all that I did with you. Study halls with you were always entertaining. Hopefully we can end the year with a bang! You’ll be one of the few people I miss from school. Ikaum: Muscle Man Bawa. Keep telling your ‘so only’ jokes. Aseem: Time has flown too fast since sixth grade. I’ve shared many fond memories with you and will always remember you. Sleepovers and Diwali were all the more fun with you around. Seminar and Physics classes with you were simply great. And let’s not forget that both you and I are the only ones to be on A honor roll since the sixth. Have fun in college. I’m sure you’ll do great. . Nihal: Diwali at my house was great fun. We survived chemistry and 3D! Tanmaye: We’ve been friends since ninth grade. Activity Week with you in Rajasthan was great. I’ll never forget the gym nights, advisor group meetings and my time with you. Keep in touch. Kartik: You’re one of the nicest people I know. I’m glad to count you as a friend. Abhi, Namhoon, Umang, Taegyeong & Saral: Thanks for being friends. Physics/ Chemistry was enjoyable with you guys around. Mukhi: Dhruv, thanks for being a friend. I’ll never forget the eighth grade sleepover. Vash: It’s been great being with you since sixth grade. I won’t forget our fun weekend sleepovers and the accidentally broken window! Sara & Aashna: Thanks for all the interesting Seminar and Research classes. Shinyoung: It has been great to know you over the years. Diwali 2016 was special with you. Thanks for always looking out for me. Johnny & Benson: You were some of my first friends when I joined Woodstock. I really enjoyed our conversations about the military. James: The Thai man! Great knowing you. Good luck in flight school. Kopal, Sharanam, Simoni, Mansha, Tanashya, Ellen, Urja & Raghavee: Thanks for all the fun study halls and the countless rounds of Uno! It was really great. Khoa & Khanh: My crazy Vietnamese friends. Arshiyan: Thanks for being a good friend and sharing the same dislikes! Zane & Fayaz: All the best for what lies ahead. Dipu, Anh, Deva, Bobby, Karma, Shahyu, Dolly, Poddar, Zaine & Yourish: It’s been great knowing you guys. Thanks for all the fun times together. Chahat, Vasu, Angel & Aarika: I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you all in PH lobby and over lunch. To my three advisor groups, thanks for the good times. Mr. Raju, Mrs. Daniel and Ms. Bowling, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ad Maiora, thanks for the great ride.



8 years, that long. I have been in this school, it’s been my home/childhood. This place, which i almost burnt to the ground, helped me grow. Sure now and then i hated it, yea it was a love hate thing. Mostly love, kinda. Do i feel like leaving this place? YES. At the same time it feels like i’m leaving home. Man the memories, from first trying out carpentry to getting my hand broken by a tall Korean dude. (Accidentally) Well that escalated quickly. From trying to play violin, then piano and then singing. Then there are the moments with friends, the cries, laughters and general stupidity. This place held a lot of valuable memories, painful and happy. I value every single memory because i learnt something from it. Sure this school tries teaching its students academically and at times fails horribly. Real horrible. The good thing is that this place helps you find yourself. Sure you might be a A+ student or F student, but the school gives you tools finding yourself. I am not going to say that it helped everyone but it helped me. What are these “tools”? Well for me it was the pointless rules and the injustice to the fairness. The bubble Woodstock makes is good yet bad. It turned smaller for me year by year and finally i had clarity on how the world works. Woodstock creates this bubble which is transparent yet cloudy at the same time. The key to all this is us using these tools to find ourselves. I am not saying that i found myself 100% but i am making progress. If i had the choice to do this all over again from 4th grade, would i do it? YES. What’s my advice to the future seniors? Use the opportunity this school gives you. Question everything the school does. Just because they are bigger than you doesn’t make them right or wrong. You be the judge. The school means well but just doesn’t know how to COMMUNICATE. I think i am done with the lecture. To my friends, you know who you are. To the ones who are still in the school, tolerate Woodstock. They mean well. To my friends in my grade, thanks for being part of my life. Take care, don’t do to much stupid stuff. I will miss you guys and if you ever drop by wherever i am at. Give me a shout. Finally for everyone, don’t be to hard on yourself, it’s just the beginning, not the end of the world. Just relax and make your memories, Don’t be scared of failure, Be scared of not trying. Purple obsessed guy has left the building



Urja, my soulmate, I’m eternally grateful to be able to call you my best friend. Thanks for always, always, always being there for me. Ellen, your evergreen smile can honestly clear all dark skies. Thanks for never leaving my side. Jonah, you’ve earned a special spot in my heart, and I’m so lucky to have had you as my person-to-go-to. 98(Arshiyan), sorry bro, but you’re stuck with me. I’ll always have your back no matter what, homie. Meghna, thanks for the unwavering support and never failing to make me smile. Mansha, Surbhi, Angel, I owe you a lifetime of friendship and yes, you will get that. Saral, Ew. We’re gonna argue our way to our deathbeds one day, but don’t worry I’ll always have your back. Zane+Faiyaz+Anush, you three are family. I’ll always stand up for you guys, a thousand times over. Seetsele, Tanashya, Aime, Jinhye, you’ve made life a million times better and I promise to never let our friendships fade. Thank you Ms Ronita, for mothering me, Ms Mel for helping me grow and Mr Fried for making me laugh with your lame jokes. Mr L, you deserve everything. I have too many words for you. Special Shoutout to my babies : Aryan, Fofa, Hah Yeon, Veer, Sabrina, Taarini, Talitha, Nathan, Josh, Tom, and all my ECP/KG kids, for adding fireworks to my time here. Don’t take a second for granted. Enjoy it while it lasts, appreciate every single bit of it. 017, this one’s for all the times we spent dancing and singing at the top of our lungs. Thank you. For all the times we passed the hallways ‘lightly’ bumping shoulders in a playful manner to say hello. For all the Health Center visits and sneaking in better food under our sweaters. Thank you. For all the times we cast our egos aside and apologized to someone knowing that today, we need to be the bigger man. For all the times we stealthily passed notes in class, proving that even an ocean between our seats can’t keep us apart. Thank you. For all the times we cheered each other on, even when we didn’t actually win the trophy. This one’s for not believing the rumors in the air, because the benefit of the doubt was always granted for each other. For never ever giving up on each other. Thank you. For all the times we looked past each other’s flaws and loved one another indefinitely. And this one, is for all the times we shouted with our hearts swollen with pride and joy, and said, “017, AD MAIORA!” Thank you, batch of 2017. I found home in each and every one of you.

Woodstock has given me many sweet/embarrassing/comical/strange memories I’ll never forget, and I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to make those memories if my parents didn’t kick me out of the house with good advice and a little home cooked food. Love you Mumma, Papa. Major thanks to my two favorite dorm parents, Mrs. Nidhi and Mrs. Ronita for making us ice cream cakes and being the most understanding adults I could connect to. Also, all the amazing people I spend my year with - Surbhi, Tanashya, Raghavee, Fayaz, Khanh, Tanmaye, Chahat. Of course I won’t forget my favorite roommate, Simoni. Seetsele, I wish I could pull off all the lipstick shades you do, but damn you look good. Arshiyan, you are the most committed person I’ve ever known and I really admire that. Aadeng and Angel, you two were one of my first friends here, and still are one of the closest. Mr. Arthur, you made advisor meetings very homely with your music, and Mrs. Seefeldt, I felt comfortable to lean on you for support. Aryan, you were like a little brother and a great inspiration for a kind of friend I wish I could be to everyone. Fofandi, you always lend me a helping hand and were ready to go an extra mile. Khushi (or Smee), Daniel, Victoria, Veer, Rhea and Vanu, you all were the best company in drama and one of my reason to stay committed to drama. You all made the hours worth while. Thank you Mr. Russell for giving me the opportunities that got me neck deep into drama, and Mr. Heera for being so understanding even when my excuses were complete nonsense. Saving the best ones for last. Ellen, I’ll never forget your scary old lady imitation from all our horror movie marathons. I don’t know if I‘ll ever find such a hardcore K-pop fan. Having you next door, wishing me goodnight through the plug every night is something I will deeply miss. Meghs, something about you made it very easy to open up to you. I don’t know who I’m going to fangirl with now, but we’ll skype when 6B comes out! It’s going to take a while to get used to not having you all around. Alina, Mansha and Taegyeong, I don’t think I can find words to express how thankful I am to have you. The three of you were the start and end of my day, and it’s going to be hard to adjust to no late night calls from Mansha, no annoying, but my favorite cheek kisses from Alina, or no more bear hugs from Taegyeong. You have made me the person I am. ~Love you all  188


SurBhi Singhi

On July 19th 2016, I stumbled across people whose names I’d never known before and whose faces I’d never seen. Naturally, I created unfitting categories and imposed labels upon those who didn’t deserve it. Four months later, these people became the reason I laughed till my cheeks became numb and the reason why my heart remained unscathed and intact. They became the reason behind my newfound confidence for horrendous singing and shameless dancing. They are the reason I now think I’m hilarious and can successfully be a stand-up comedian later in life (yes, I’m being sarcastic). I also never knew I was clumsy before. But ever since I joined Woodstock, I’ve had a drastic paradigm shift in my perception of myself. Now I know that my brain-body coordination is definitely dysfunctional because how can someone possibly trip at the same place four times consecutively? From nameless faces, they’re now more than just people I see everyday, they’re faces that have permanently become etched into my heart like ABCD. Now, my eyes bear new dark circles from all the late nights, and the folds on my cheek have become even more prominent from all the endless laughing sessions. My body may carry new scars but my smile has become brighter and my nose has become wider. That’s how Woodstock has impacted me. I might not have grown physically, but mentally, I’ve never been stronger. When I leave Woodstock, I won’t leave with tears but with memories that will forever endure the tests of time. Thank you Dad, Mom, Shubham, Mrs. John, Mr. John, Mrs. Ronita, Lea, Mansha, Chahat, Ellen, Hah Yeon, Angel, Ayaan, Tanmaye, Vanu, Aarika, Fayaz, Seetsele, Urja, Alina, Raghavee, Aime, Chhani and Satvi. And cassh me in Cali, how bow dah?

I can’t believe it’s time to leave this place.Woodstock has helped me grow in every aspect, I made friends, lost friends and most importantly met people who would always be there for me. I have been here only for two years and I couldn’t feel more at home. Thanks to my family for sending me here and wasting so much money. Thanks Mrs Timothy, Mr Heera, Mrs Seefeldt, Mrs Datt, Ms Chander, Ms Ronita, Mrs John Ms Nidhi and Mrs Shaw for being there for me whenever i needed you. Thank you, Aime, Sulin,Ayaan,Khanh,Tanmaye, James, Fayaz C, Zane, Karma, Arshiyan, Raghavee,Sharanam, Kartik, Tanashya for giving me good memories that i am gonna keep with me for the rest of my life Sohail, Taegyeong,Vash, Angel and Vannu I havent seen people as happy go lucky as all of you. I am really glad I got to meet you guys Tenphel, You actually proved me wrong and turned out to be an amazing president. Shahyan, you were my first friend at woodstock. I am really glad i got to know someone like you. I hope you achieve every dream of yours because you deserve the best.Thank you for standing up for me. Keep in touch always Ellen, you’re a noise pollution but i really love you. I can never forget the “machli” moments with you. Thanks Surbhi, for being the best roommate and listening to all my “fly” talks and laughing at them. Youre one of the people i am always gonna value. I’ll miss you loads clumsy Alina, You are the most kind hearted person. No matter what people say keep your head high. - Mansha “always hungry” Bhatia. Sangru, Tanushree and Des, Thanks for helping me always. I’ll always remember times with you guys. P.S. Sangs thanks for coming up with the name Shakti Simoni, I feel bad that you had to deal with me for a whole year. I am really gonna miss you # PURPLE MOONS. Urja, you have been my 2 am friend. Thanks for listening to my pointless dramas and giving me times i am never ever gonna forget. I am always gonna be here for you no matter what. I love you. Aashish, You have been my go to friend. You been there for me constantly no matter what. Thanks for every advice you have ever given me. Just know i’ll be super proud the day you get into army. Be who you are and always stand for what you think is right. Varun, Anahita, Aarushi, Yigha, Aryan and Subho make the best out of the time you have here because it will never come back. Love you all

ManSha BhATIA  189



Dearest Mumshy/Aleen/NaTo: Our world lightened up when you came into our lives! Since then you have won so many people with your caring and loving nature , and turned so many strangers into your friends with your charming personality. We cannot forget your unstoppable chatters during our vacations, always questioning, always being inquisitive. Woodstock has made you self-reliant, confident, responsible and principled. We know that, with your endearing persona and your potential, you will win big in life and continue making us proud. We wish you a bright, shining and a propitious future! Love đ&#x;&#x2019;&#x2122;, Papa/Ammu/Bhaiya Our Sweetest Alina: You have been a Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gift to us. You brought joy & laughter in our lives and made us proud. We pray to the Almighty for your happiness and success. With our blessings and affections, Your loving Dadima & Nanu




Dear Angel, Time has flown by so fast... I still remember how you were born and immediately on birth you grasped the tray so tight that I had to tenderly unclasp your tiny & delicate fingers ... then cleaning & giving the first bath was an amazing experience(Papa). We recall how you used to cling to all of us - make us remain awake during the nights in turns. We remember the way you took care of Joshua being just 4 ½ years older to him...giving him bath, his hygiene, teaching, playing baby games, and so on. You are a role model to all your brothers... Joshua, Faith, Mayank, Felix, Shashwat and Frank. You have made us proud (parents, grandparents, Maasi & Meso, Mamu & Mami, Fufu & Fufa) with your achievements in academics, sports, music, ...and being a missionary where ever you were - Sandra Rickets school, Carmel Junior college, Woodstock School & Scotch school, Adelaide. Since you were 2 1/2 years of age you wanted to become a doctor ... and standing on the Lord’s promises now... it’s time for you to join the medical college which He has kept for you. Do well our wonderful and darling daughter as you step out of WS. Trust God in all you do as it will always be THE BEST for your life. This is what everyone say to you as the Psalmist said in Psalm 20:4 – “May He give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” On hearing our prayers, the LORD replies in the same way as found in Isaiah 14:24 – “The LORD Almighty has sworn, ‘Surely, as I have planned, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will stand.’” Our child, you simply need to hold on to His sworn promise, trusting on Him completely for your future dreams & desires… no one will be able to take those away from you. However, “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16). P.S. Thank you WS for grooming her so beautifully and trusting her as an Ambassador to Australia in grade 11 Mumma & Papa



Congratulations, Caleb Francis Themba Connor

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman

We love you, Caleb, and are so proud of you! ~ Mama, Papa, Luca & Gabriel


Dearest son, you are a graduate now. It was not always easy – but facing challenges with courage, determination and confidence is what matters. We are glad you were able to make it through. We are so proud of you. CONGRATULATIONS! “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and He will make your path straight.” Prov. 3:5-6 Love, Dad, Mum & Gai



Dhruva, our first born, our heartbeat, our very 1st realisation of the greatest joy ever, our introduction to parenthood YOU, our baby, are our pride and joy. As you graduate from Woodstock today, we look at you & do not see the passage of time. All we see is our little baby in our lap. We will try & respect the fact that you are an adult now & that the decisions you will make will be your own, but you must understand, that to us, you will always, always be our little boy. We may not be able to carry you in our arms any more, but will carry you in our hearts always. We are in a state of complete disbelief at how time has flown and our little birdie is about to fly out far from the protection and comfort of the familiar into unknown terrains, to hopefully traverse and succeed in this new journey of his life. As you embark upon this beautiful journey may you always cherish the values and sensibilities that Woodstock and your parents have embedded in you, may you have the strength and courage to take on the challenges life throws at you and calmly absorb success beneath your wings as you fly and soar high. May you stand tall and strong and be grounded always and take positively not only successes but also failures that may come your way. We wish and pray for all your dreams to come true. May you have the most beautiful, healthy, happy, peaceful and fulfilling life ahead. May things always fall in place for you just as you desire them to... Heartiest congratulations to you, our bundle of joy! Love you to the moon and back and beyond. Mama- Papa, Neel - Hyper !



Maeve Wakita

Dearest Maevey! We are so very proud of the way you have grown into such a lovely, mature and wise young woman during your time at Woodstock. You have met and learned from an extraordinary variety of people, experiences and challenges, and all of this is your treasure to carry through the world as you continue your journey. You are and will always be a gift to the world around you, and we could not feel prouder or more grateful to have you as daughter and sister! Love, Mom and Aya and Dad


We were blessed with a diamond in the form of our daughter, Mansha. And now that she is on the verge of crossing another milestone at the end of her schooling life..... We realise how well Woodstock has helped in polishing this diamond. Mansha we are proud to see you shine like this, love you as parents and respect you for being a great human, that you are.

Congratulations Class of 2017

from Pyuthani Cafe

Our dearest Thambi, Just being you…you brought sunshine and magic into our lives. Your sense of humor even while you were just learning words bolded us over and you have an ever growing fan club! The person you have become with such compassion and understanding in your heart and wisdom beyond your age makes you very special. When tsunami hit the Indian cost I recall, you brought your piggy bank wrapped in your little hands and said give it all to the people who needed it. You were only five. To our question what’s next you said you want to make a difference in people who need help was your simple, yet profound answer. You make us very proud - the reflective, empathetic, thoughtful person you have become. What more could we ask! You will soar high by making an impact in the lives of others. What a blessing to know that’s all you wish for! With hugs and kisses Mum and Dad. Joined by Pattima, Jim Mama, Sharmi Athai Jess, Pri, Tenny Athan, Rosy Akka, Jake Mama, Maggie Athai and children.


Darling Peyangla, You are now standing on the threshold of a new chapter in your life...we, your parents, are a little jittery for the journey that lies ahead for you. It just feels like yesterday that you were playing in our arms and running around us. We didn’t realise when you had grown up to become this confident strong yet compassionate and humble young lady. We are extremely proud of you and your achievements so far. As you move forward to greet the future,all we want to tell you is “ Make every effort to become the best you are capable of becoming! Leave no room for regrets! May God bless you with strength and wisdom in every step of your journey!” Lots of love <3 Pala Amala and Jigdel

Dearest Zaine, We have loved to see you evolve from a shy, sensitive boy to a confident young individual. Since soccer is your passion, remember“ The ball is round, the game last only 90 minutes but everything else is just a theory “.- Joseph “Sepp” Herberger. So own your ‘ 90 minutes ‘ and lead the life you want to. Do not let the fear of missing keep you from taking the shot! God bless We are always rooting for you. With love Ma & Dad  204

Raghavee, we remember you in every step of your progress,

In Children's World Pre-school: Your trimester report stated, you were smart, pleasant, cheerful, positive, polite, obedient, sincere, cooperative, confident, studious, and independent.

In Gandaki Boarding school: Your progress report mentioned, you were excellent and very good in cleanliness, punctuality, discipline, co-operation, motivation, obedience, diligence, class participation and home work performance.

In Woodstock School: Your trimester reports described you as: Displays trustworthiness, Demonstrates maturity, contributes positively to residence life, forms positive relationship with staff and peers, personal organization and study skills are good constintently & almost always with Honor Roll 'A'  What else would parents expect from their child.  We have fully enjoyed watching you grow as per our expectations. Thank you Woodstock School (and also previous two) for guiding our lovely child to grow up to our expectations to become a girl.

Grow to become yourself. Grow to become global citizen.

Lots of love from Baba-Aama



Congratulations, Seungik!


To our dear Tanashya. Congratulations on your graduation! We’re thrilled to be celebrating with you as you move on to your next big adventure. You’ve accomplished your dream projects in woodstock. We Luv you and good luck for future. God Bless Aaaravi, Mom & Dad

Dear Ikaum, On your birth our lives were blessed with sheer joy and happiness. Today, at your graduation we feel so proud and happy to see a brilliant, loving, helpful soul you have grown up to be. May God be the guide and shadow to you, now that you embark on a journey that will lead to a future. May you achieve all your hearts’ desires, happiness and success. Love you loads and immensely proud of you! Sonia and Kiran.  208


Papa, Mom, Nemo

Love, Kisses and blessings !!

Remember to stay grounded as you fly higher and higher!!

As parents, we only want the best for you and trust that we have been able to give you both Roots and Wings.

And grow well you did and how at WS!! You have blossomed into a gracious, mature, loving and kind young lady and we hope the learnings at WS and the value systems we have endeavored to inculcate will hold you in good stead and lead you to a successful and fulfilling future both inside and outside.

When You left for the boarding school in grade 5 and were worried if you would have new friends at all, our advice was Learn to listen to others. To be a good communicator, you have to speak well but be a better listener!! And thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what you did, girl!! Of all your endearing qualities, this is what we are most proud of: that your friends consider you to be their favorite sounding board!!

Congratulations on your Graduation !! It seems only yesterday that we took you to the first day at playschool and now, you are already on the threshold of a new and exciting, forwards and upwards path in life. May the Gods bless you with fortitudinous wisdom, resolve, graciousness, humility and strength to be the Best you can!!

Our Beloved Tanushree,

Chase your dreams. Burst out at the seams. Never stop trying. Never stop learning. Live life to the fullest and give it nothing but your best. You can achieve whatever you want in life. All you have to do is believe that you can. We believe in you, happy graduation day. LOTS OF LOVE TO OUR DEAREST DAUGHTER


You will make mistakes and be wounded. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t give in its just an experience. Wishing you to find your own star and reach for it. Congratulations babu so proud of you!!


Our dearest Zane,

“I am writing you a letter for the first time. It is the same feeling for me when I held you for the We could write a book to illustrate how much first time the day you came to our life. You are our first child so everything from your side is we all love you & how proud we are of you new for us. Your smile, the way you use to cry, but here are few words straight from all our hearts to share in your high school yearbook. your first word or your first tiny tooth !! “ AND Congrats on your graduation ! “ when you were the MC at St. Andrews SecondFolks will wish you have a bright future ahead. ary school’s 50 years anniversary, it was a very proud moment for us. Such confidence and poise For me and ma, it’s more important that you have a happy future and one without regrets. at a tender age of 12 years and in front of large crowd of 3000 people. Bravo. You have all the You have all the capabilities and tools to qualities and capabilities to do the best in your achieve greatness. life” Today after your high school graduation you will step into a world where you will be given Zane, seeing you grow into a responsible young the opportunity to accomplish your dreams. It man has been a wonderful journey for all of us in is up to you to grabs these opportunities and the extended family. You have learnt to manage your time better, you have learnt from your make them happen ! mistakes, and you have always been caring and It’s not going to be an easy journey but surely polite to everyone you have crossed path, friends & strangers alike. You have made us proud to be an unique & enjoyable one. With its share your parents. Be confident, be happy and be safe, of ups and downs but full of experiences. Experiences that will make you stronger, and our blessings are always with you. prepare you for even bigger challenges and bigger dreams. Go and make your dreams come Remember baba , Fear is not good for dreams, so go with full confidence and give it your best ! And you will surely accomplish it all.

true. The world awaits your greatness. Lots of love ,

When you turned 16, your Ma wrote a letter to Baba & Ma Dadu & Dada Bhai and Nanu you, just to paraphrase a few of the lines.

All of the Chowdhury family.


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081263 83273

Near Picture Palace

Congratulating the class of 2017

Ram Saran Dass Chanda Kiran Stationery Store!

Yearbook Team

Not Pictured: Akshaya Pradhan, Andrew Plonka, Kavi Ahuja


The Yearbook team would like to give a special thanks too: Ajay Negi, Andy Crider, Andy Francis, Maria Reaney, Mohammad Yousuf, Nazneen Nagarwalla, Sheila Irani, Suman Mitra, Tobias Tillemans, Todd Schumacher, Will Ferguson and Vandana Sharma â&#x20AC;&#x2030;217




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Recipient Name “The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self.” – The 14 th Dalai Lama

Our New Address: Recipient Name “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.” - The 14 th Dalai Lama Congratulations Tenphel la! We are very proud of the responsible, positive, respectful, honest, loving, determined, caring and humble person you have grown into. Keep it up and never forget your roots. Always smile and be happy in life! We love you!!!

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Whispering Pine 2017  

Woodstock School's yearbook

Whispering Pine 2017  

Woodstock School's yearbook

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