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Make your Learning Style work for you!


Auditory Visual Kinesthetic/Tactile

“I love to try things for myself...”

“I can see it in my head!”

Make your Learning Style work for you!

“I need to work out the problem step by step.”

WHAT’S MY LEARNING STYLE? Make your Learning Style work for you! When I...



Kinesthetic & Tactile


Do you tr y to see the Do you sound out the Do you write the word word? word or use a phonetic down to find if it feels approach? right?


Do you dislike listening Do you enjoy listening but Do you gesture and use for too long? Do you favor are impatient to talk? expressive movements? words such as see, picture, and imagine?


Do you become distracted Do you become distracted Do you become distracted by untidiness or move- by sounds or noises? by activity around you? ment?


Do you like descriptive Do you enjoy dialog and Do you prefer action stories scenes or pause to imagine conversation or hear the or are not a keen reader? the actions? characters talk?

Do something new at school

Do you like to see demon- Do you prefer verbal in- Do you prefer to jump right strations, diagrams, slides, structions or talking about in and try it? or posters? it with someone else?

Put something together

Do you look at the directions and the picture?

Do you ignore the directions and figure it out as you go along?

Need help with a Do you seek out pic- Do you call the help Do you keep trying to desk, ask a neighbor, do it or try it on ancomputer applica- tures or diagrams? or growl at the com- other computer? tion puter?

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