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Woodslane Education Catalogue 2020

PRE-SCHOOL TO YEAR 6 From leading educational publishers:

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Woodslane Education Catalogue 2020 Woodslane has proudly been involved for over 30 years as an integral link in the book supply chain in Australia and New Zealand both as a publisher and distributor. Over the last eight years, the number of publishers Woodslane represents that have children’s and educational focused publishing programs has been continuously increasing. We have reached the stage where we need a specific resource that will inform and assist you in selecting the appropriate titles for your school. In this our first catalogue, we have selected titles covering early childhood through primary school, that are in line with the national curriculum, that will engage, inspire, and educate children in specific learning areas. To order -- contact your preferred Library or Educational Supplier -or if you experience any problems please

CONTENT: 3 Emotional Development 4 Numbers and Letters 5 Development 6 Nature 7 Life Lessons 8 Cultural Stories

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9. Reading Tracks Books


11 Primary School Chapter Reading

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14 Primary School Geography 15 Primary School Science 18 Primary School History 19 Computer and Reference 20 Picture Books 25 High School Chapter Reading

Emotional Development Ginnie & Pinney - Learn & Grow Books A brand new series from Big Sky Publishing promoting emotional development and wellbeing for all levels of readiness. Designed to stimulate lively discussion and deep thinking about social and emotional themes. An engaging and award-winning series comprising an 8-book-set and free animated videos, accessible by QR Code.

ISBN: 9781922265784

ISBN: 9781922265760

ISBN: 9781922265746

Ginnie & Pinney and their friend's social interactions, concerns and decisions pose dilemmas that model positive self-identity and behaviours: selflessness, persistence, sharing, inclusiveness, responsibility, accepting difference and learning to say sorry.

ISBN: 9781922265791

ISBN: 9781922265739

ISBN: 9781922265753

Awarded as a HundrED 2019 innovator. Selected from across 39 countries by HundrED's international panel of educators, academics and young people as one in 100 innovative educational programs. Developed to support the Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Frameworks. For children of all ages. 32 Pages. Colour Throughout. Paperback. Due for release in 2020.

Teacher Resource Available Online https://bigskypublishing.com.au/ Individual title RRP: $18.99

Education Set (ISBN: 9781922265814)

ISBN: 9781922265807

ISBN: 9781922265777

(8 Books + slip case + 64 page Teacher Resource + Videos) RRP: $196.99


Numbers and Letters These number and phonetic books are an easy way to introduce children to the fundamentals of Math and English and are suitable for 0+ (Early Years Foundation Stage).

One to Ten Counting Series

ISBN: 9781922265616

ISBN: 9781922265623

ISBN: 9781922265630

One to Ten is a new series from Big Sky Publishing aimed at children ages 0 to 6 years old. Filled with Australian animals and scenes, these easy-to-read books allow children to start learning numbers, counting and the basics of addition and subtraction. $14.95 RRP Activity pages are included within the book to help reinforce learning. 32 Pages. Colour Throughout. Paperback. Due for release in 2020.

ABC, 123, Animal Board Books

ISBN: 9781925847628

ISBN: 9781925847635

Three new board books from Australian Geographic introduce children ages 0-5 to the alphabet, numbers and animal names. Featuring classic Aussie animals, these board books are a fun way to read and teach children the basics. 24 Pages. Colour Throughout. Board ISBN: 9781925847642 Books. $12.95 RRP

Sound Stories

ISBN: 9781925545074


ISBN: 9781925545685

ISBN: 9781925545975

ISBN: 9780980723700

Sound Stories are a four part series of books for both teachers and parents. Written by phonics authority Barbara Murray, these four beautifully illustrated covered hardcover books provide 43 stories to introduce 43 sounds to young children. $24.95 Sold as individual books, they look at consonant and vowel sounds. RRP Children ages 0 to 6. 32 Pages. Colour Throughout. Hardback.

Development Baby Sign Language Books Child's Play have a range of Sign Language books to help encourage communication by signing before babies develop the skills necessary for speech. By teaching sign language to children, we can help them to convey their emotions and their needs. Children ages 0+ (Early Years Foundation Stage). 12 Pages. ISBN: 9781904550044 ISBN: 9781904550761 Colour Throughout. Board Books. $17.95

Baby Board Books


Child's Play's Baby Board Book range is a great alternative to paperback books. With a sturdy exterior and interior, this award-winning series has been specifically designed for ages 0+. A great introduction to books through wellknown nursery rhymes and interactive text. Singing songs and rhymes is the perfect way to bond with your child and share quality time. It also aids language development by introducing them to the natural sounds and patterns of speech. Combining these with actions also stimulates the brain and helps muscle development. $14.95 For children ages 0+ (Early Years Foundation Stage). 12 Pages. Colour Throughout. Board Book. RRP

ISBN: 9781846433382

ISBN: 9781846431227

ISBN: 9780859536264

ISBN: 9780859536585

ISBN: 9780859538466

ISBN: 9781846433399

ISBN: 9781846431197

ISBN: 9781846433405

ISBN: 9780859536288

ISBN: 9780859537285

Books with Holes


Books with Holes is a fun and adventurous way to read new and loved stories from Child's Play. Parents and RRP teachers can find an assortment of optional resources* including CD's, dolls, puppets and animals. Children ages 3 to 6 (Early Years Foundation Stage + Stage 1). 16 Pages. Colour Throughout. Paperback.

ISBN: 9780859537278

ISBN: 9781786281784

ISBN: 9781904550303

ISBN: 9781786281777

ISBN: 9781846431081

*Please find all assorted resources for Books with Holes on the Woodslane website - https://www.woodslane.com.au/Publisher/chd 5.

Nature Animal Communication Series

ISBN: 9781925847352

ISBN: 9781925847369

For children ages 3 to 8 (Early Years Foundation Stage + Stage 1), these books from Australian Geographic look at communication and courting styles in nature, featuring unique animals from around the globe. $19.95 Fantastic shared reading books. RRP 32 Pages. Colour throughout. Hardback.

Creatures with Features Australian Geographic's Creatures with Features series is aimed at children ages 3 to 8 (Early Years Foundation Stage + Stage 1) and links to the Australian Science curriculum. Children learn to recognise common features of animals and how body parts are used for particular purposes such as moving and feeding. Double-page spreads allow children to attempt to identify which body part belongs to which creature. Great interactive reading experience. ISBN: 9781925694611 24 Pages. Colour throughout. Paperback. $14.95

ISBN: 9781925694604


Animal Babies Series

ISBN: 9781846438783

ISBN: 9781846438790

ISBN: 9781846438806

ISBN: 9781846438813

Child's Play's Animal Babies series consists of four books for children ages 0 to 3 (Early Years Foundation Stage) A great introduction to animals and what they and their offspring look like, through unique art styles. Children learn the names of the animals and the different environments that they live in. $14.95 14 Pages. Colour Throughout. Board Books. RRP


Helping Hands Series

Life Lessons

ISBN: 9781846432835

ISBN: 9781846432842

ISBN: 9781846432859

ISBN: 9781846432866

ISBN: 9781846434129

ISBN: 9781846434136

ISBN: 9781846434143

ISBN: 9781846434150

Helping with real tasks is a natural progression from pretend play and is a crucial stage in a child's development. Achieving a shared goal encourages a sense of responsibility and develops many skills useful in later life. Simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to encourage further dialogue between reader and child. In this Child's Play series, books include children wearing glasses, in a wheelchair, mixed race families, characters with Autism and more, to encourage conversations around diversity and stereotypes. $15.95 Children ages 2 to 6 (Early Years Foundation Stage + Stage 1). 24 Pages. Colour Throughout. Paperback. RRP

Big Life Lessons for Little Kids

ISBN: 9789814771337

ISBN: 9789814771290

ISBN: 9789814771320

ISBN: 9789814771313

ISBN: 9789814771306

Focusing on life lessons, Marshall Cavendish Publishing's series Big Life Lessons for Little Kids, known collectively as the CAN DOs, are all friends and each have something to teach your child. From sharing and perseverance to doing homework and being a good sport, the CAN DOs help you as a teacher or a parent lay the foundations for a well-rounded and confident child. $14.99 For children ages 4+ (Early Years Foundation Stage + Stage 1). 40 Pages. RRP Colour Throughout. Hardback.


Cultural Stories "Inspiring Indigenous readers, writers and dreamers...."

Indigenous Story Books

ISBN: 9781863340168 RRP: $9.00

ISBN: 9781863340151 RRP: $5.00

ISBN: 9781863340175 RRP: $9.00

ISBN: 9781863340199 RRP: $9.00

ISBN: 9781863340267 RRP: $15.00

ISBN: 9781863340885 RRP: $15.00

ISBN: 9781863340441 RRP: $9.00

ISBN: 9781863340236 RRP: $15.00

Black Ink Press is a unique Indigenous community-based publishing venture based in North Queensland, specialising in illustrated books for young readers. They work with, and build on the strengths in the community to overcome poor Indigenous literacy, and the lack of relevant books; and to publish diverse stories, languages and images in quality books and other media. Their role is to build the skills of storytellers and artists across generations. Fantastic insight into our Indigenous culture. *** FInd the complete range of Black Ink Press titles on our website https://www.woodslane.com.au/Publisher/1bl

ISBN: 9781921843006 RRP: $9.00

ISBN: 9781921843105 RRP: $15.00

ISBN: 9781921843044 RRP: $15.00

ISBN: 9781921843129 RRP: $15.00

The Yalga-Bindi Institute for Community Development provide skills and knowledge that promote self-worth amoungst Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to give them the confidence to embark on new careers and challenges. These titles have been produced to support learning outcomes of classes and courses for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students working towards improving their educational capabilities. *** FInd the complete range of Yalga-Bindi Institue for Comminity Development titles on our website https://www.woodslane.com.au/Publisher/1ya 8.

Reading Tracks Books Learn-To-Read Series From Reading Tracks come a new reading series to help and encourage children with no reading or very basic reading skills to learn and embrace the English language, told through traditions and history.

ISBN: 9781925855081 RRP: $19.95 - Book 1

ISBN: 9781921705434 RRP: $19.95 - Book 2

ISBN: 9781925855029 RRP: $19.95 - Book 3

ISBN: 9781925855036 RRP: $24.95 - Book 4

ISBN: 9781925855043 RRP: $24.95 - Book 5

ISBN: 9781925855050 RRP: $19.95 - Book 6

ISBN: 9781925855067 RRP: $19.95 - Book 7

ISBN: 9781925855074 RRP: $19.95 - Book 8

Featuring the tracking and hunting skills of the First Australians. Readers will be taken on exciting journeys covering the following topics: fishing for barramundi, tracking and hunting emus, kangaroos and echidnas, digging for witchetty grubs and honey ants and so much more. The Learn-to-Read series of 15 books starts at the very beginning of a learners reading journey with a total of 9 words introduced in Book 1, gradually progressing to 154 words by Book 15.

ISBN: 9781925855210 RRP: $19.95 - Book 9

ISBN: 9781925855098 RRP: $19.95 - Book 10

ISBN: 9781925855104 RRP: $19.95 - Book 11

ISBN: 9781925855111 RRP: $19.95 - Book 12

ISBN: 9781925855128 RRP: $24.95 - Book 13

Pack of all 15 books (including one of each plus free Teachers Resources) can be purchased. 9781925855227 - RRP:Â $319.00 ISBN: 9781925855135 RRP: $24.95 - Book 14

ISBN: 9781925855142 RRP: $19.95 - Book 15

With the aim to encourage and help children of all ages, all over Australia including the very remote parts of Australia, the Learn-to-Read series has been created with the help of Indigenous Elders, students and communities.


Reading Tracks Books Story Books

ISBN: 9781925855203 RRP: $19.95

ISBN: 9781925855180 RRP: $24.95

ISBN: 9781925855166 RRP: $24.95

ISBN: 9781925002959 RRP: $24.95

ISBN: 9781925855173 RRP: $24.95

ISBN: 9781925855159 RRP: $24.95

The Story Books from Reading Tracks are 7 Individual story books, that offer more able readers interesting, culturally relevant and informative stories in English. The titles of 5 of the books include the name of the animal in an Aboriginal language. The authentic, hunter-gatherer stories convey the ways in which food is gathered and shared by families. For readers of all ages. Colour Throughout. Paperback.

ISBN: 9781925855197 RRP: $19.95

Pack of all 7 Story Books (including one of each) can be purchased. 9781925855234 - RRP: $155.00

Teachers Resource and Activity Books for Reading Tracks Books ISBN:


Reading Tracks Teacher's Book



Reading Tracks Activity Book 1 to 5 Reading Tracks Activity Book 6 to 10 Reading Tracks Activity Book 11 to 15

9781925855364 9781925855456 9781925855463

$4.99 $4.99 $4.99

Hunting Aherre Activity Book Tracking and Hunting Eland Activity Book Hunting Ilia Activity Book The First Camel Cup Activity Book Tracking and Hunting Ruumiya Activity Book Baramundi Fishing Story Arlaminga Activity Book

9781925855470 9781925855487 9781925855494 9781925855500 9781925855517 9781925855524

$2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 $2.99

Available in packs of 10's or 20's



Chapter Reading Books Nursery Crimes Series

Ages 6 to 7 (Stage 1) Age: 6+ Author: John Barwick Format: Paperback Publisher: Big Sky Publishing Release for books 2-4: 2020

Nursery Crimes: Baa Baa Black Sheep - The Fleeced Fleece Book 1 - 9781925675993 Nursery Crimes: Little Bo Beep - Phone Alone Book 2 - 9781922265197 Nursery Crimes: Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat - Cat-tastrophe at the Palace Book 3 - 9781922265210

$12.50 RRP

Nursery Crimes: Humpty Dumpty - The Scrambled Egg Book 4 - 9781922265203

A new twist take on classic nursery rhymes for children to read and enjoy. Go on adventures with some of our most loved characters as they solve crimes and have fun together.

Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy Series Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy: Shoot-out at the Rock

Book 1 - 9781925275940

Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy: The Horse Thief

Book 2 - 9781925520064

Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy: The Gold Escort Gang

$12.50 RRP

Book 3 - 9781925520217

Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy: Outback Adventure Book 4 - 9781925520842

Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy: Gang of Thieves Book 5 - 9781925675238

Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy: Mrs Thunderbolt Book 6 - 9781925675320

Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy: The Runaway Book 7 - 9781925675894

Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy: The Masked Man

Book 8 - 9781922265425 Age: 7+ Author: Jane Smith Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy features Tommy's time travelling Format: Paperback escapades that take him face-to-face with some of Australia's Publisher: Big Sky Publishing most notorious bushrangers.

Scallywags Series Scallywags and the Troublesome Treasure Book 1 - 9780648280408

$16.50 RRP

Age: 7+ Author: Cameron Stelzer Format: Paperback Publisher: Daydream Press

Scallywags and the Candy Catastrophe Book 2 - 9780648280415 Scallywags and the Hungry Hairy Sea Monster Book 3 - 9780648280422 Scallywags and the Stormy Secret Book 4 - 9780648280439 Welcome to the School of Scallywags. Appropriately nicknamed, SOS, the School of Scallywags is a bizarre boarding school for pirates who need a little HELP to reach their full potential. Filled with themes of friendship, teamwork, resilience and persistance. Teacher Notes available for all four books: https://drcameron.com.au/resources.html


Chapter Reading Books

Ages 8 and up (Stage 2)

Max Booth Future Sleuth Series Max Booth Future Sleuth: Tape Escape Book 1 - 9781925520606 $12.99 RRP

Max Booth Future Sleuth: Selfie Safari Book 2 - 9781925520880 Max Booth Future Sleuth: Stamp Safari Book 3 - 9781925675368 Max Booth Future Sleuth: Film Strip Book 4 - 9781922265104

Age: 8+ Author: Cameron MacIntosh Format: Paperback Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Max Booth Future Sleuth: Clip Blip Book 5 - 9781922265685 - Release 2020 Join Max and his best friend Oscar as they go on special adventures solving crimes and righting wrongs.

Australian Bushrangers Series Australian Bushrangers: Captain Moonlight Book 1 - 9781922132581 Australian Bushrangers: Captain Thunderbolt Book 2 - 9781922132574 Australian Bushrangers: Frank Gardiner Book 3 - 9781922132673 Australian Bushrangers: Ben Hall Book 4 - 9781922132697 Australian Bushrangers: Captain Starlight Book 5 - 9781922132710

$14.99 RRP

A child-friendly look at Australian history through the eyes of some of our most notorious figures.

Age: 8+ Author: Jane Smith Format: Paperback Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Yucky, Disgustingly Gross, Icky Short Stories Series Yucky, Disgustingly Gross, Icky Short Stories: Booga Blast Book 1 - 9781925275360 Yucky, Disgustingly Gross, Icky Short Stories: Barf Blast Book 2 - 9781925675245

$14.99 RRP Age: 8+ Author: Susan Berran Format: Paperback Publisher: Big Sky Publishing


Yucky, Disgustingly Gross, Icky Short Stories: Butt Blast Book 3 - 9781925675801

A fun, action-packed, super-sized, seriously gross series asking the sorts of questions that kids love to know about such as snot, bums and other bodily functions.

Chapter Reading Books Little Witch Series

Ages 8 to 10 (Stage 2)

$14.99 RRP

Little Witch: Secrets & Spells Book 1 - 9781925520101 Little Witch: Hauntings & Hexes Book 2 - 9781925520576 Little Witch: Plots & Potions Book 3 - 9781925675252

Age: 8+ Author: Aleesah Darlison Format: Paperback Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Filled with family secrets, witchcraft and a mystical 'Book of Shadows', Courtney discovers a whole new world of wizardry and witchcraft at the tip of her own fingers.

Pie Rats Series

Award-winning series, The Pie Rats is an engaging series with an important focus on friendship, teamwork, resilience and persistence. Subsequent books in the series invite readers to learn enduring lessons about love, forgiveness, loyalty and hope, unbowed by despair.

Pie Rats: The Forgotten Map Book 1 - 9780987461506 Pie Rats: The King's Key Book 2 - 9780987461513 Pie Rats: The Island of Destiny Book 3 - 9780987461520 Pie Rats: The Trophy of Champions Book 4 - 9780987461537

Age: 8+ Author: Cameron Stelzer Format: Paperback Publisher: Daydream Press

$16.95 RRP

Pie Rats: Child of the Cloud Book 5 - 9780987461544 Pie Rats: The Golden Anchor Book 6 - 9780987461551

Teacher Notes available for all books: https://drcameron.com.au/resources.html

Averil Series

Averil: The Master of Callus Book 1 - 9781925675177 Averil: The Beast of Dreyon Book 2 - 9781925675184 Averil: The Winged Spear of Iraz Book 3 - 9781925675207

$14.99 RRP Averil discovers a world of wonder, sorcery and evil and is drawn into a battle between malevolent powers that threaten to change the world forever.

$14.99 RRP

Age: 10+ Author: John Barwick Format: Paperback Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Alana Oakley Series Alana Oakley: Mystery and Mayhem Book 1 - 9781925275124 Alana Oakley: Torment and Trickery Book 2 - 9781925275216

Age: 10+ Author: Poppy Inkwell Format: Paperback Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Alana Oakley: Bloodlust and Blunders Book 3 - 9781925275803

Join Alana Oakley as she grows up and tries to keep her relationship with her mother and school friends normal as her sleuthing career takes over. 13.

Primary School Geography Geographics Series

ISBN: 9781925847345

ISBN: 9781925847338

ISBN: 9781925847321


Discover Series

ISBN: 9781925847420

The Geographic Series from Australian Geographic, inspires children to look outwards and be open to the world. The books introduce and contextualise basic geographic and scientific concepts, as well as featuring ways in which we can make a difference in the world. Links to Australian Science and Geography syllabus. Children ages 7+ (Stage 1 &2) . 24 $12.95 Pages. Colour Throughout. Paperback.

ISBN: 9781925847406

ISBN: 9781925847413

ISBN: 9781925847390

ISBN: 9781925847673

Australian Geographic's Discover Series is great for guided reading and newly independent readers. This series connects with the Australian Curriculum for Science and Geography and introduces students to a uniquely Australian understanding of the world around us. Children Ages 7+ (Stage 1& 2). 32 Pages. Colour ISBN: 9781925847659 ISBN: 9781925847666 ISBN: 9781925847680 $14.95 Throughout Paperback. RRP

Geography Series

ISBN: 9781925694949 ISBN: 9781925694987 ISBN: 9781925695007 ISBN: 9781925694956 ISBN: 9781925694970 ISBN: 9781925695014

Year 4

ISBN: 9781925694963

ISBN: 9781925694994

Year 6 14.

Year 5

ISBN: 9781925695021

Australian Geographic's Geography Series, is a curriculum-led series for grades 4–6 that examines the human and natural world around us, including the connections humans have to places, spaces, and to one another. This series integrates cross-curriculum priorities. $24.95 Children ages 9-12 (Stage 2& 3). 32 Pages. Colour Throughout. Hardback. RRP

STEM Series

Primary School Science

ISBN: 9781742459448

ISBN: 9781742459455

ISBN: 9781742459431

The STEM STARTERS FOR KIDS series from Australian Geographic, aligns with the Australian STEM curriculum and are packed with activities and facts. Activities include mazes, spot the difference, drawing puzzles, mental challenges, pattern identifying and testing quizzes. Beautiful colour illustrations by Vicky Barker. Children Ages 7+ (Stage 1). 32 Pages. Colour Throughout. Paperback.

Science Series

ISBN: 9781742459578 ISBN: 9781925694420

$12.95 RRP

Australian Geographic presents a curriculum-based Science Series for grades 4-6 (Stage 2 & 3). These sturdy hardcover books comprehensively cover three main syllabus points for each grade with clear, detailed explanations and graphics. Each book also includes topical news pieces that integrate the subject with the cross-curriculum priorities of sustainability, Australia’s relationship with Asia, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait ISBN: 9781925694451 Islander cultures as well as links to online experiments. Children ages 9-12 (Stage 2 & 3). 32 Pages. $24.95 Colour. Hardback. RRP

ISBN: 9781742459585 ISBN: 9781925694406 ISBN: 9781925694444 ISBN: 9781742459592 ISBN: 9781925694437

ISBN: 9781925694413

Stuff You Should Know Series Stuff you should know! is a series of books that look at the fascinating story behind the daily activities we take for granted. Take a closer look at the processes that happen inside our bodies, and the workings of our planet, from the water cycle and the atmosphere, to how the seasons change and why hurricanes happen. Find the answers to these questions and many more as you turn the pages of these books! Includes 4 x 8 page gatefolds and extensive detailed illustrations. ISBN: 9781742456362 ISBN: 9781742458373 ISBN: 9781925695205 Children Ages 7+ (Stage 1). Colour Throughout. $19.95 15. RRP Paperback.

Primary School Science Australia's Most & World's Most Series

ISBN: 9781742459127 ISBN: 9781742458014 ISBN: 9781742458366

The Australia’s Most and World’s Most series from Australian Geographic introduces students to dangerous and deadly animals, extreme adventures and epic inventions. Packed full of detailed illustrations, beautiful images and interesting fact files. Perfect for curious minds. ISBN: 9781742456607

Children Ages 7+ (Stage 1). Colour. Hardback

ISBN: 9781742456614 ISBN: 9781742455068 ISBN: 9781742457628 ISBN: 9781742458007 ISBN: 9781742455877

Up Close Series

ISBN: 9781925694758

ISBN: 9781742459295

ISBN: 9781742459301

Children Ages 7+ (Stage 1). 32 Pages. Paperback.

$14.95 RRP

$14.95 RRP

Snakes might appear scary, but take a closer look – they’re actually pretty amazing. Learn how to recognise the most deadly spiders or how to help someone who has been bitten. Discover how efficient sharks are as they hunt down their prey using super-sharp senses. Includes stunning imagery from the Australian Geographic photo library and is filled with facts that will entertain and educate. 'Up close' profiles Australian snakes, spiders and sharks along with detailed information on the life of these animals.

Australia's Amazing Series Featuring detailed illustrations of whales, dolphins and Australia’s most famous dinosaur species, these amazing books from Australian Geographic profile key species and teach the science behind paleontology and so much more. Includes profiles and descriptions of more than 45 cetacean species and all known Australian dinosaurs. Detailed illustrations of all species. Beautiful illustrations of animal behavior. ISBN: 9781925847000 ISBN: 9781925847574 Children Ages 7+ (Stage 1). 32 Pages. $19.95 Hardback. RRP 16.

Primary School Science Story Books Science Story Books

ISBN: 9781742459240

ISBN: 9781742458274

ISBN: 9781742459196

ISBN: 9781742458281

ISBN: 9781742459165

ISBN: 9781742458250

ISBN: 9781742459189

$12.95 RRP

Science Story Books from Australian Geographic use various formats to introduce children to the world of science in exciting ways. Joy Cowley’s accessible, engaging text, reviewed by scientists and coupled with stimulating illustrations, will help young readers enjoy science in their everyday lives. Makes science and natural phenomena engaging for young readers and includes questions and activities. Scientific concepts accompanied by beautiful illustrations and an easy-to-follow story. Children Ages 6+ (Stage 1). 32 Pages. Colour Throughout. Paperback.

Science Reading and Project Books

ISBN: 9781925694482 ISBN: 9781925847055 ISBN: 9781925847017 ISBN: 9781925694550 ISBN: 9781925695236 RRP: $19.95 RRP: $19.95 RRP: $17.95 RRP: $19.95 RRP: $22.95

ISBN: 9781925694567 ISBN: 9781925694925 ISBN: 9781925694888 ISBN: 9781742459400 ISBN: 9781925695212 RRP: $24.95 RRP: $29.95 RRP: $39.95 RRP: $19.95 RRP: $19.95 17.

Primary School History Portraits of Australia Series

ISBN: 9781925694765

ISBN: 9781925694772

ISBN: 9781925694789

$19.95 RRP

ISBN: 9781925694796

Four-book series that paints an authentic portrait of Australia, based on stories from 30 years of the Australian Geographic journal. Features stunning photography from the Australian Geographic photo library. Incorporates Australian Curriculum cross-curriculum priorities of sustainability, Australia’s relationship with Asia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Children Ages 9+ (Stage 2). 48 Pages. Colour Throughout. Paperback.

ANZAC and Aboriginal History Books

Anzac and Aboriginal History books for children ages 6 and up. With detailed illustrations, children learn the importance of the ANZAC spirit and the history and culture of the Traditional Owners of Australia.

ISBN: 9781925675771 (PB)/ 9781925675788 (HB)

RRP: $19.95 / $24.95

ISBN: 9781922265227 RRP: $14.95

ISBN: 9781925275148 RRP: $14.95

Year 6

Year 5

Year 4

Australian Geographic History Series


ISBN: 9781925675528 (PB) ISBN: 9781925694741 9781925675535 (HB) RRP: $24.95 RRP: $14.95 Shortlisted for Birth to 3 Speech Pathology Award 2019

They Came to Australia: Explorers Before European Settlement A Failure to Understand: Early Colonialism and the Indigenous Peoples The First Fleet: How and Why It Happened Strangers in the Land: The Coming of the Europeans The First Colonial Governors: Phillip, Hunter, King and Bligh The Voyages of James Cook: The World’s Greatest Navigator Convicts of the First Fleet: Sent To A New Land A Hunger for Land: The Early Settlement of Australia

This comprehensive series traces through the 9781742455129 history of our nation. Written in line with the 9781742455136 9781742455167 Australian History Curriculum, this compelling series 9781742455204 tells the story of the Indigenous peoples of 9781742456645 Australia, the first European explorers and settlers, 9781742456652 and the development of the Australian federation. 9781742456683 Features historic illustrations and artworks from the 9781742456720

Life in Colonial Australia: From First Fleet to Federation Major Events in Colonial Australia: 1788 to 1900 Gold Rushes: The New Prosperity Governors, Squatters and Battlers: People Who Shaped European Settlement Exploring Australia: European Expansion Towards A Free Land: From Penal Colony to Free Settlement On the Sheep's Back: Creating Primary Industries Free Settlers: The Colonial Immigrants Visions of a Nation: The Campaign for Federation Immigration Since 1901: How and Why They Came Across the Seas: Where Our Immigrants Came From They Shaped Australia: Contributing to Society Creating a Constitution: The Making of the Nation The Right to Vote: Moving to Universal Adult Suffrage Milestones to Democracy: Creating Modern Australia Coming to Australia: Post-war Immigration

9781742455143 Separated into 3 School Years (4. 5 & 6) (Stage 2 & 9781742455174 3). Children ages 8 to 12. Colour Throughout. 9781742455181 Hardback. 9781742455211 $24.95 9781742456669 RRP 9781742456690 9781742456706 9781742456737 9781742455150 9781742455198 9781742455228 9781742455235 9781742456676 9781742456713 9781742456744 9781742456751

Australian Geographic image library.

Primary School Computer & Reference Guides Computer and Technology

ISBN: 9781840788198 RRP: $14.99

ISBN: 9781840786422 RRP: $27.99

ISBN: 9781840788396 RRP: $24.99

ISBN: 9781840786293 RRP: $19.99

ISBN: 9781840787146 ISBN: 9781840788594 ISBN: 9781840787290 ISBN: 9781840788129 RRP: $27.99 RRP: $24.99 RRP: $19.99 RRP: $27.99 From In Easy Steps, comes a range of child-friendly computer and technology guides. Covering topics from coding to building apps, creating their very first website, scratch programming to web design, In Easy Steps has a book for everything that your tech-driven child might want to learn. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and screenshot-by-screenshot examples to help them on their way, these guides are a great starting point. Children Ages 7+ (Stage 1). Colour Throughout. Paperback.

Teacher Reference Guides Principles of Instruction are widely recognised for their clarity and simplicity and their potential to support teachers seeking to engage with cognitive science and the wider world of educational research.

ISBN: 9781912906208 RRP: $19.99

ISBN: 9781742457970 RRP: $39.95

Compiled by experienced educators this documentary and teacher's guide are perfect for applying elements from the Australian Curriculum for Grades 5 & 6. Venture into the El Questro National Park.

ISBN: 9781921926006 RRP: $34.95

ISBN: 9780648280491 ISBN: 9780975670163 ISBN: 9780975670149 ISBN: 9780975670187

This step-by-step guide to writing, illustrating and publishing a children's picture book provides everything you ever needed to know in a down-to-earth commonsense style, as well as providing Hot Tips & creative inspiration.

From Daydream Press comes four Sketching guides. Easy, step-by-step guides to drawing a variety of their favourite characters from the Scallywags & Pie Rats books series and other creatures and characters. Hints and Facts on every page. Easy resource for children to use (folds flat). A unique insight into the creative process of how the characters were created and how to create their own characters. $16.95 For children ages 8+ (Stage 1 & 2) RRP Paperback


Picture Books

The following books have been nominated for a range of Australian Book Awards, including the CBCA Awards, Speech Pathology Awards, ABIA Awards in various categories.

ISBN: 9781925545692 RRP: $16.95 (PB)

Short-listed for the CBCA Award for New Illustrators 2019.

ISBN: 9781925868180 RRP: $16.95 (PB)

Short-listed for the Speech Pathologist Award for 5 to 8 Years 2019.

RRP: $14.99 (PB) / 24.99 (HB)

Short-listed for the 2019 Speech Pathologist Award for Birth to Three Years.

ISBNs: 9780648488804


Winner of the 2018 ABIA Small Publisher's Children's Book of the Year.

ISBN: 9781925275704 RRP: $24.99 (HB)

ISBN: 9781925675542 (PB) / 9781925675559 (HB)

ISBN: 9781925520965 RRP: $14.99 (PB)

The author’s picture books have previously won the Environment Award for Children’s Literature in 2015.



9780648488859 (HB)

RRP: $24.95 by Karen Young Child Psychologist and children's book writer Karen Young has created three books that look at mental health and emotions in child friendly ways. These books help teach children manage their feelings, emotions, build resilience and explore childhood themes of anxiety and bullying. 20.

Picture Books

All of the following Picture Books, ages ranging from 3 years and up (Early Years Foundation Stage), have a playful educational aspect to them.

ISBN: 9780648267331 RRP: $14.99 (PB)

ISBN: 9780648267300 RRP: $14.99 (PB)

ISBN: 9780994460400 RRP: $16.95 (PB)

ISBN: 9780994460417 RRP: $14.95 (PB)

by Naomi Cook A little girl and her animal friends are on a mission to teach kids to look after themselves.

ISBN: 9781925545456 ISBN: 9780648267454 RRP: $24.99 (HB) RRP: $14.95 (PB) by Cheryl Ann Knights 4 fun and creative ways of telling stories about colours.

ISBN: 9781921928901

ISBN: 9781925117059

RRP: $24.99 by Andrew King (HB)

ISBN: 9781925117721

Created by an engineer and an architect to inspire children to use their imaginations.

ISBN: 9781925545838

by Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern RRP: $24.99 (HB) The rise of socio-cultural understanding in society.

ISBN: 9781925117851

ISBN:Â 9781742458359

ISBN: 9781742459141

ISBN: 9781742459158

ISBN: 9781742458342

RRP: $14.95 by Tim Faulkner (PB) Written by the Director and Head of Conservation at the Australian Reptile Park in the hope of passing down his love and passion for wildlife through four fun and cheeky easy-to-read books. 21.

Picture Books The following topics are explored within these Picture Books: colours, art, music, health, well-being,mental health, feelings, adventure, engineering, animals, fairy tales, family, friendship, and the environment.

ISBN: 9781846434402

ISBN: 9781846434426

ISBN: 9781846434396

ISBN: 9781846430787 RRP: $12.95

ISBN: 9781846434365

ISBN: 9781846434372

ISBN: 9781846434419

ISBN: 9781846434433

ISBN: 9781846434389

These Child's Play Fairy Tales are your classic lovable tales that we have grown up with, in a new accessible way to learn and have fun reading from.

ISBN: 9781925275827 RRP: $14.99 (PB)


ISBN: 9781922265692 RRP: $14.99 (PB)

ISBN: 9781922265715 RRP: $14.99 (PB)

2020 Release

2020 Release

Fairy Tales $11.95 RRP (PB)

ISBN: 9781925694475 RRP: $19.95 (PB)

Picture Books


5675 ISBN: 978192 (PB) RRP: $14.99

ISBN: 9781925839357 RRP: $24.95 (HB)

ISBN: 97 8192 5545 807 RRP: $24 .9 9 (HB )


464 ISBN: 97818 5 (PB) RRP: $12.9

ISBN: 9 7819 256 754 RRP: $ 05 14.9 9 (B C)

RRP: $14 .95 ( PB) ISBN: 9 7806

482 6738 6

ISBN: 9781925675504 RRP: $14.99 (PB)

ISBN: 9780648267317 RRP: $24.99 (HB)

674 275 1925 978 (HB) .99 $24


ISBN: 9781925520279 RRP: $14.99 (PB)

ISBN: 9781925675344 RRP: $14.99 (PB)

415 5520

8192 ISBN: 97 B) .99 (P RRP: $14

ISBN: 97 8192 5675 009 RRP: $14 .99 (PB)

RRP: $14.99 (PB) ISBN: 9781925275933

RRP: $14.99 (PB) ISBN: 9781925275964

12 2756

ISBN: 9781846434822 RRP: $12.95 (PB)

1925 ISBN: 978 ) 9 (PB 14 RRP: $ .9


Picture Books

ISBN: 9781925117738 RRP: $17.99 (PB)

ISBN: 9 7818 464 393 53 RRP: $ 12.9 5 (P B)

ISBN: 978 0648 15080 0 RRP: $27 .99 (H B)

ISBN: 9780859530125 RRP: $12.95 (PB)

8 1757 251

19 978 ) ISBN: (PB .99 1 $ 7 : P R R

ISBN: 9781925839425 RRP: $14.95 (PB)

ISBN: 9781925367911 RRP: $27.99 (HB)

ISBN: 97 8192 2175 830 RRP: $24 .99 (H B)

ISBN: 9781925367645 RRP: $17.99 (PB) 60 555 252

7819 B) ISBN: 9 5 (H 24.9 RRP: $

ISBN: 9781922265111 RRP: $14.99 (PB) 24.

ISBN: 9780994605207 RRP: $24.00 (HB)

ISBN: 9781922132833 RRP: $14.99 (PB)

ISBN: 9781925675382 / 9781925675399

RRP: $14.99 / 24.99

ISBN: 9781925520378 RRP: $14.99 (PB)

ISBN: 97819 222

65098 / 978 19222 65180 $14.99 / 24.9 9


The Rooftop

Chapter Reading Books

Ages 9+ (Stage 2)

The Rooftop

by Toby Hammerschlag At a Sydney school, friendship develops between four diverse students in the classroom and on the netball court. As they learn the story of the Ancient Israelites’ quest for freedom, they reveal their unique stories. Freedom takes on a new meaning when on the day of the netball finals, Maha and her family face deportation. Four friends, four very different stories. The Rooftop is set against a quintessential Sydney background. At Darlinghurst East Public School, Emma, Maha, Simon and Talia, learn about themselves and each other through the unusual combination of Scripture class and netball. As Mr. Zulman reveals the story of the Exodus to the students, they reveal their own stories to each other: Simons parents are separated and warring with each other. Talias dyslexia makes the classroom an everyday struggle. Mahas family is facing deportation back to war-torn Iraq, and, Emma, who has lived all her life in Sydney, begins for the first time to appreciate the value of freedom. Topics of bullying, family, religion, equality, freedom, religious freedom, social tolerance and prejudice are all mentioned. **Teacher Notes are available for this book https://www.woodslane.com.au/Resources

ISBN: 9781925868197 Ages: 8+ (Stage 1 & 2) Format: Paperback Pages: 152 Illustrations: Black & White Throughout RRP: $16.99

Young Adult / High School Readers

ISBN: 9781925675863 RRP: $17.50

ISBN: 9780648327738 RRP: $24.99

Hadamar is a gripping tale A fantasy story that of survival in a world of explores themes of bullying hatred, horror and insanity. and reality changes.

ISBN: 9781925675580 RRP: $17.50

ISBN: 9780987639035 RRP: $15.99

ISBN: 9781925520293 RRP: $14.99

Set in 1914 and 2018 and the mysteries of a family key.

2 dog best friends and the discovery of a magical dam.

Claire's mum has been keeping secrets ... and now she's left Claire's dad and dragged her to live in a rundown old shack in the country. A warm-hearted story about changing families and embracing new beginnings.

ISBN: 9781925367461 RRP: $24.99 Set in South Australia, based on a true story about an Aussie dog called Bob. 25.

Young Adult

Ages 9+ (Stage 2)

Good Selfie by Turia Pitt

Good Selfie contains simple strategies to help kids and teens build self-confidence, get through hard times and go after massive goals. It’s real, straight-talking and funny.Inside this beautifully illustrated and psychologist-reviewed book, Turia explores how to: build self-confidence and selfbelief, get through hard times, re-frame the way you see your life and your challenges, set and achieve big goals and create a kick-ass support crew. It’s basically a teen’s guide to a resilient mindset and a kick-ass life! ISBN: 9780987105745 Age: 10+ (Stage 2 & 3) Format:Hardback Pages: 175 Illustrations: Colour Throughout RRP: $34.95

Book Review from Luke Great book for schools and teens (source www.booktopia.com.au) Good Selfie has been a fantastic resource to use in our High School setting for myself and fellow colleagues. Strengthening resilience and confidence within my students through goal setting, self talk and various self help strategies in my students has always been at the forefront of my wellbeing practice as a Year Adviser and using the extremely relevant scenarios and worksheets in 'Good Selfie' has assisted me greatly in delivering and working through these messages with students. I believe that the activities within the various chapters of 'Good Selfie' enable educators to begin to discuss and develop this skill within their students. The language, questions and tone of the book is fantastic for students as it is written at THEIR level and has been a highly engaging read for students I have used this with. Students love the various 'hashtags' and emojis used throughout as this is really where their headspace is in high school. Students have loved the various quotes and affirmations written throughout and we have used these around the school since the release of "Good Selfie' to continue the fantastic messages that the book communicates. 26.

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In this first catalogue, we have selected titles covering early childhood through primary school, that are in line with the national curricu...

Woodslane Education Catalogue 2020  

In this first catalogue, we have selected titles covering early childhood through primary school, that are in line with the national curricu...