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WWW. P I TSTO P. N E T. AU THE PASSION FOR HOLDEN A Celebration of the Classic Australian Marque by Joel Wakeley

The story of Holden, from JA Holden’s 1850s saddlery to the highlights of 69 years of making all-Australian vehicles. With contributions from dozens of Holden enthusiasts about their cars plus hundreds of photographs, this is a unique Holden memento. Code: 48594 H/C 204 pgs $49.99 Signed Copy

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COSWARTH 6/e The Search for Power by Graham Robson

Cosworth designed and supplied race car engines winning F1, CART, and many other Championship races, plus has produced many celebrated high-performance road-car engines. This book celebrates the 50th anniversary of the birth of the legendary DFV F1 engine. Code: 48953 H/C 256 pgs $102.00 SM: Citroen’s Maseratiengined Supercar by Philippe Claverol

This is the story of how Citroen’s flagship model, the SM, came into being. It is the definitive international history of a fascinating and quirky twentieth century automotive icon. Code: 49707 S/C 224 pgs $83.50 MERCEDES-BENZ SL & SLC: 107 Series 1971-1989 by Brian Long

Covering the SL and SLC’s ever-changing specification, race and rally record - and its presence in many of the world’s major markets - it’s all presented here in definitive detail.

In 1962 the Shelby Cobra was born, which spawned the 289 Cobra, Daytona Coupe, 427 Cobra, Mustang GT350, Sunbeam Tiger, and more. This is a must-have review of both Shelby’s history and the history of American racing Code: 49319 H/C 240 pgs $59.99

Allan Moffat is one of the legends of Australian motor sport. His extraordinary career lasted from the mid-1960s to the late 1980s, and was filled with intense rivalries, huge egos, on-course incidents, and all against the backdrop of our motor sport history for over more than forty years. This is THE book for all fans of Australian motor racing. Code: 49919 H/C 320 pgs $39.99

GELIGNITE’ JACK MURRAY An Aussie Larrakin Legend by Phil Murray

Murray was best known as the rally driver who in 1954 won the REDEX Round Australia Reliability Trial without the loss of a single point; but Jack’s sporting interests and achievements were eclectic and far-ranging. Here for the first time is Gelignite’ Jack Murray’s full story as told by his son Phil Murray. Code: 49367 S/C 358 pgs $29.99


To mark the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, this book is a tribute to the Prancing Horse and its golden years, when it was led by just one man: Enzo Ferrari. With powerful and evocative photographs, the work covers the era of the man and his unrepeatable creation. Code: 48690 H/C 320 pgs $113.79

AJ How Alan Jones Climbed to the Top of Formula One by Alan Jones

Few names in international motorsport are treated with the same reverence as Alan Jones. His efforts brought Formula One to Australian TV screens. There are many stories to tell from his racing career, his personal life and business. Some stories that only time allows them to be told. Code: 49295 S/C 416 pgs $34.99 LE MANS 1930-39 The Official History of the World’s Greatest Motor Race by Quentin Spurring

Code: 49670 H/C 208 pgs $74.00 SHELBY AMERICAN 1962-1965 by Dave Friedman

ALLAN MOFFAT, CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN An Autobiography by Moffat & Smailes

Officially licensed with the ACO, the organisers of the annual Le Mans 24 Hours race, this beautiful book is the seventh title in this decade-by-decade series. Covering the nine races of the 1930s, each year includes technical regulations, entry list, circuit changes, full results and category awards. Code: 49769 H/C 352 pgs $101.85


FERRARI Under the Skin by Andrew Nahum

Richly illustrated with personal ephemera, technical drawings, master models, and luxurious product shots, this in-depth exploration of Ferrari - revealing what goes into the making of, many would argue, the world’s most desirable car brand. Code: 49551 H/C 240 pgs $69.95 THE ULTIMATE FERRARI BOOK by teNeues Publishing

Includes 40 spectacular icons, all of them selected for their design and describes the core elements of the craze for Ferrari. A new and different treat for all ultimate Ferrari fans. Code: 49346 H/C 304 pgs $169.23


MILLION DOLLAR CLASSICS The World’s Most Expensive Cars by Martin Derrick

4.5-LITRE BENTLEY OWNER’S MANUAL 1927 Onwards by Ian Wagstaff

The Bentley is still one of the most iconic pre-war cars and is also one of the most sought-after cars for collectors! Today, the 4.5-litre unsupercharged Bentley can sell for over £75,000, while Blower Bentleys can fetch more than £2.5 million, despite never winning a race!

This is a lavish photographic collection of some of the most soughtafter cars that have been made available for auction in recent years, selling for upward of $1,000,000. Includes informative text giving the reader the specs, history and other fascinating details of these dream vehicles.

For all lovers of vintage cars the Carrozzeria Touring is synonymous with sophistication and aerodynamic efficiency. Twovolumes in an elegant leatherbound slipcase and with more than 1300 pictures, this is a monumental book. Limited and numbered edition of 999 copies.

Code: 48514 H/C 160 pgs $39.95

Code: 49285 H/C 187 pgs $28.27

Code: 47144 H/C Slipcase 800 pgs $550.00


Rover V8 - the Story of the Engine tells the fascinating story of the engine that created a legend in its own lifetime and has ensured that it still remains in smallvolume production, half a century after entering production in the UK. Code: 48529 H/C 144 pgs $55.50 JAGUAR XJ-9: 19851992 Owner’s Workshop Manual by Michael Cotton

The XJR-9 is one of the most evocative sportsracing cars of the 1980s, thanks to its success, instantly recognisable Silk Cut livery, and unforgettable V12 engine note. This Manual tells the complete design and engineering story of the XJR series of sports-racing cars. Code: 48955 H/C 168 pgs $49.99 FACTORY ORIGINAL JAGUAR E-TYPE Originality Guide by Anders Clausager

This book covers production versions of Jaguar’s legendary E-type, from the 3.8 of 1961 to the last of the V12s of 1975. Model-by-model, with hundreds of pictures, it gives you all the details of correct factory specifications and equipment. Code: 24963 H/C 176 pgs $66.38

EVO: ASTON MARTIN Behind the Wheel of a Motoring Icon by Evo Magazine

With features on 60 of the greatest Astons of all time, accompanied by jawdropping photography, this is a stunning tribute to an iconic motoring brand. Discover what it’s like to drive the most valuable Bond car of all time. Code: 49314 H/C 224 pgs $47.41

With a fabulous collection of period and specially commissioned photographs, this publication represents a feast of valuable information for anyone interested in general motoring history, Jaguar specific information, as well as for enthusiasts and owners of these fine cars. Code: 48527 H/C 160 pgs $74


ZAGATO Masterpieces of Style by Lucciano Greggio

In 1919 Ugo Zagato established a business that acquired great fame among car manufacturers. It became synonymous with style, designing a series of masterpieces such as the Lancia Aprilia Sport, Aston Martin DB4, Alfa Romeo SZ and TZ, Flavia and Flaminia, and many more. Code: 47930 H/C 196 $91.03

ALFA ROMEO TIPPO 33 The Development and Racing History

The definitive record, this is the first book to be written about the history and development of Alfa Romeo’s fabulous Championship-winning Tipo 33 prototypes. With many previously unseen photographs and interviews with key personalities, this is a vital addition to any Alfa enthusiasts collection.


With an oversize section that brilliantly showcases 40 top models in highresolution 3D renderings, Porsche is a must-have for every auto aficionado! This breathtaking volume captures the company’s milestones, from its origins to the brand’s huge success. Code: 49939 H/C 52 pgs $56.90

A-Z entries provide details of the history, activities and specialities of each European coachbuilder, including the marques they bodied, encompassing both the great era of hand-crafted bodies and the more recent field of conversions and special bodywork. Code: 49746 H/C 240 pgs $75.86

JAGUAR MARK 1 & 2 A Celebration of Jaguar’s Classic Sporting Saloons by Nigel Thorley

Code: 49699 H/C 224 pgs $83.50

PORSCHE The Legendary Models by Fabianis & Andrea

A-Z OF EUROPEAN COACHBUILDERS 1919 - 2000 by James Taylor

PORSCHE 911 3.2 CARRERA The Last of the Evolution by Tony Corlett

The definitive Porsche 911 Carrera book is back! An enthusiasts book covering the history and development of the Porsche 3.2 Carrera, the very last factory designated 911, from its resurrection in 1984 to final production in 1989. Code: 47655 S/C 160 $69.99

SKODA - DRIVEN BY DESIGN by teNeues Publishing

SKODAs do more than move people; they move dreams as well. This new approach to the automotive world focuses on the industry’s brilliant minds and the ideas they create. Includes fascinating photographs, drawings and renderings, making this book a special treat for both car lovers and design professionals. Code: 49377 H/C 176 pgs $59.99 PORSCHE 944 by Brian Long

Back in print after a long absence is the definitive history of the Porsche 944. Introduced to fill the gap between the 924 and 928 models, the 944 quickly became the fastest selling Porsche of all time. Here is the full story of the 944 up to its replacement by the 968 in 1991. Code: 47662 S/C 192 pgs $69.50

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classic cars MOTOR CITY BARN FINDS Detroit’s Lost Collector Cars by Tom Cotter

As America’s Motor City, Detroit is an emotional and historical mecca for car enthusiasts. It is also intimidating to navigate, with numerous dodgy neighbourhoods. Behind the wheel of his classic 1939 Ford Woodie, Cotter trolls the back streets and neighbourhoods looking for lost automotive gems. Code: 48071 H/C 208 pgs $45.00 STRANGE BUT TRUE TALES OF CAR COLLECTING Drowned Bugattis, Buried Belvederes… by Keith Martin

Keith Martin and the staff of Sports Car Market Magazine recount the wildest carcollecting stories of all time. You will be blown away by these eccentric and over-thetop stories of collectors, and their collections.


In this revealing book, the author explores the design, development and manufacture of the Big Healeys, as distinct from the smaller AustinHealey Sprite, to produce a comprehensive and compelling account of one of the iconic British sports cars. Code: 49248 S/C 96 pgs $28.43

2018 COLLECTOR CAR PRICE GUIDE by Editors, Old Car Report Price Guide

Authoritative, easy-to-use guide providing more than 280,000 prices for 19012010 collector cars: sports, domestic, imported, antique, classic, special-interest, muscle cars and trucks. Features the 1-6 Condition Scale, which is now the standard of the collector car industry.

Wolseley cars are easily recognised by their illuminated radiator badges and unique front grilles. All the models from 1948 to 1975 are covered in this informative, illustrated guide. Code: 47971 S/C 80 pgs $27.48 PACKARD An Illustrated History: 1899 - 1958 by Patrick Foster

In the long and exciting history of the American automobile business, one name stands out above others: Packard! Packard combined the finest attributes luxury buyers wanted in one beautiful package, and built them with pride. This is the history of a great marque. Code: 48399 S/C 126 pgs $58.06

Code: 47926 S/C 864 pgs $36.13 CLASSIC CAR ADVENTURE Driving Through History on the Road to Nostalgia by Lance Col

Award-winning motoring author, designer and serial classic car owner, Lance Cole, charts the great classic car enthusiasm in a series of engaging essays about cars, car design and the men that made the motor industry. Code: 49324 H/C 224 pgs $37.91 LAND ROVER FREELANDER The Complete Story by James Taylor

This book covers the original Freelander, from its design and development to its launch and reception in 1997. In 2006, the innovative Freelander 2 was launched, with its pioneering technology in fuel efficiency. Also covered are the Freelander variants from across the world. Code: 49350 H/C 208 pgs $47.41


This book showcases 150 examples of the very rarest Japanese tin toy cars. Almost every major American motor manufacturer is illustrated in full colour and described in detail, with insights into the real vehicles and companies. Includes a guide to rarity and current values Code: 48984 S/C 173 pgs $39.99

WOLSELEY CARS 1948 TO 1975 A Pictorial History

Code: 49566 S/C 256 pgs $24.99

TINPLATE TOY CARS OF THE 1950s & 1960s FROM JAPAN The Collector’s Guide by Andrew Ralston

MAXIMUM MINI The Essential Book of Cars Based on the Original Mini by Jeroen Booij

VAUXHALL Britain’s Oldest Car Maker by Ian Coomber

Vauxhall has been making cars in Britain for longer than anyone else with the first Vauxhall car leaving the Thames side works in 1903. After the Second World War, Vauxhall became the household name it is today, with models such as Viva, Astra, Cresta, Victor, Nova, and Cavalier. Code: 49962 H/C 304 pgs $71.30 SPECIAL PRICE: $59.00 THE VOLKSWAGON TYPE 3 Concept, Design, International Production Models & Development by Simon Glen

The definitive international story of the Volkswagen Type 3. Covering the Type 3’s 20 year production span, and detailing Type 3 Notchbacks, Fastbacks, Variants and the Karmann Ghia, this book provides a fascinating insight into the history and production of these classic cars. Code: 47353 H/C 160 pgs $65 TOYOTA MR2 COUPES & SPYDERS 1984 - 2007 by Brian Long

The first book to focus solely on the cars derived from the classic Mini. Small GTs, sports cars, roadsters, and Fun Cars: Mini-derivatives made the specialist motoring market roar in the 1960s. Includes specs, facts, tons of high-quality photographs, and more.

This definitive history of the MR2 Coupes and Spyders includes nearly 400 photos and illustrations, a wealth of technical detail, and chronicles its development from concept car to production car enjoying worldwide critical acclaim.

Code: 48986 S/C 128 pgs $39.99

Code: 47344 S/C 200 pgs $64.80 MORRIS MINOR by Gillian Bardsley

The Morris Minor was a much-loved car while it was in production and has remained popular as a classic car. Behind the car’s success, lies a fascinating behind-thescenes story of the battle to get into production. Illustrated with period illustrations from the BMC archive. Code: 49246 S/C 64 pgs $19.02


Covers the history, design evolution, and performance specifications from the first Triumph sports cars in the 1930s through the final cars built in 1981. Included are some one-offs, could-havebeens, and racing successes Code: 49937 S/C 128 pgs $26.95

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Few people are better placed to lead you around this vast planet of ours than Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. As well as being a factually dubious encyclopaedia, the guide is also a travel companion for those of you who have been inspired by the Grand Tour circus.

DAY ONE An Automotive Journalist’s Muscle Car Memoir by Martyn Schorr

HURST EQUIPPED 50 Years of High Performance Cars by Mark Fletcher

No other company or individual had as big The real story from the an impact on so many point-of-view of one of the aspects of the automotive period’s most respected industry as George Hurst. automotive journalists, His performance parts and Marty Schorr. For the first competition cars that bear time, you’ll get a unique perspective on what it was his name were some of the best of the era. This is like to actually drive, race, and otherwise thrash his story. what are some of today’s most valuable collector cars. Code: 47379 H/C 160 pgs $57.82 Code: 49938 H/C 208 pgs $59.99

KAR KRAFT Race Cars, Prototypes and Muscle Cars of Ford’s Speciality Vehicle Program by Charlie Henry

Code: 49963 H/C 272 pgs $39.99

Want to make your car look great again?

Do it yourself… AUTOMOTIVE UPHOLSTERY AND INTERIOR RESTORATION BY Fred Mattson Code: 49280 S/C 176 pgs $39.95

AUTOMOTIVE BODY WORK & RUST REPAIR by Matt Joseph Code: 22403 S/C 160 pgs $39.95

AUTOMOTIVE WIRING & ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS Vol 2: Projects by Tony Candela Code: 47920 S/C 144 pgs $42.35

WELD LIKE A PRO Beginning to Advanced Techniques by Jerry Uttrachi Code: 49885 S/C 144 pgs $29.99

AUTO PAINT From Prep to Final Coat by JoAnn Bortles Code: 32785 S/C 304 pgs $64.95

CUSTOM AIR SUSPENSION How to install air suspension in your car on a budget! Code: 50418 S/C 64 pgs $37.91

MOTION PERFORMANCE Tales of a Muscle Car Builder by Martyn Schorr

Brilliantly illustrated with period pictures and modern colour photos, the book takes readers along as Cobras, Chevrolets, Oldsmobiles, even Volkswagen Beetles roll into the shop to get torn down and rebuilt into cars unbeatable on the streets and drag strips.

Code: 47921 H/C 192 pgs $57.82

Code: 49318 S/C 176 pgs $29.99 DODGE CHALLENGER & PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA Chrysler’s Potent Pony Cars by Peter Grist

The ultimate Chrysler pony car book featuring every series and model of pony car made by the Chrysler Corporation in the 1960s and 70s, including the slippery Barracuda and classic Dodge Challenger, along with stars of the big screen and drag strip.


Covers the history, design evolution, and performance specifications from the first Triumph sports cars in the 1930s through the final cars built in 1981. Included are some one-offs, could-have-beens, and racing successes Code: 49937 S/C 128 pgs $39.01

Code: 47677 S/C 192 pgs $59.95 COMPLETE BOOK OF CHEVROLET CAMARO 2/e Every Model Since 1967 by David Newhardt

Showcasing every model of Camaro since 1967, this book covers the entire production history of Chevrolet’s iconic muscle car, from the original concept car (codenamed Panther) to the latest and greatest sixth-generation vehicle. If it’s Camaro, it’s here. Code: 49317 H/C 288 pgs $69.99 MUSTANG Ford’s Legendary Muscle Car by Peter Henshaw

Few cars have been so successful and long-lived and few have inspired such loyalty and affection. Mustang is performance personified. Whether it be a 1960s classic or its modern-day counterpart, the Mustang is designed for power, speed, and style. Code: 49287 H/C 448 pgs $36.17


Author Charlie Henry (a former Kar-Kraft employee) has enlisted the help of many of his former co-workers to bring you the very first book ever published on Ford’s all-encompassing special projects facility, Kar-Kraft.

FORD CLEVELAND 335-SERIES V8 ENGINE 1970-1982 by Des Hammill

Years of meticulous and dedicated research have allowed Des Hammill to collate extensive and accurate information to produce this fully comprehensive, unique technical appraisal of the Ford V8 Cleveland engines, including previously undocumented knowledge. Code: 47687 S/C 96 pgs $39.99 PERFORMANCE MK 1 FORD ESCORTS 1968-74 by Stewart Anerson

This book tells the exciting story of the development of the legendary performance Ford Escort, which became one of the most successful rally cars of all time. It covers the road-going cars, the dealership network, the dedicated Ford factory and the illustrious motorsport achievements. Code: 49378 S/C 96 pgs $29.99

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speed LOTUS 18 Autobiography of Stirling Moss’s ‘912 by Ian Wagstaff

FORMULA ONE The Real Score? by Brian Harvey

Filling the many gaps in Formula 1 records, this book re-writes the racing history books. It includes by races which were not included in historic F1 results, alongside contemporary Championship races and combined with known figures since 1980. Code: 48983 H/C 156 pgs $89.99 FORMULA ONE CAR BY CAR: 1970-79 by Peter Higham

The second in a multivolume, decade-bydecade series covering the entire history of Formula 1 through its teams and cars. This book covers the 1970s, when the sport grew into a television spectacle, with battles between Ferrari and Cosworth-powered opposition a continuing theme. Code: 49298 H/C 300 pgs $94.83 Dec/Jan Release FORMULA ONE CIRCUITS FROM ABOVE by Bruce Jones

Outstanding photography and insightful writing from one of the best Formula One commentators makes this a fantastic volume to have with you when you watch the F1 World Championship unfold. Unique photography provided by Google Earth shows each circuit’s challenges. Code: 49279 H/C 224 pgs $47.41

This is the full biography of Stirling Moss’ Lotus 18, chassis number 912. It is the car that drove him to two famous Grand Prix victories, first in Monaco and later at the Nurburgring. Includes over 300 period photographs and a full portfolio of studio photography of this amazing Lotus 18. Code: 49327 H/C 320 pgs $113.79 POWERED BY PORSCHE The Alternative Race Cars by Roy Smith

A detailed account of the racing cars that were powered by Porsche engines, but where the chassis and development of the car was carried out by others. Covers the entire history of Porsche engines, as well as team history and anecdotes from drivers.

modern motorsport.

Code: 48239 S/C 336 pgs $18.95 THE MECHANIC The Secret World of the F1 Pit Lane by Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley

The Formula One mechanics - these are the guys who make every World Champion, and any mistakes can have critical consequences. Theirs is a world which thrills on and off the track. This book reveals the outrageous secrets and fiercest rivalries, all fuelled by a determination to win. Code: 49671 H/C 256 pgs $37.93


Become an even better performance-oriented driver, whether it’s to enjoy a twisty mountain highway, to take that secret back-road, or to participate in a track day on a racing circuit. Learn how to best use your car’s controls, cornering, dealing with adverse driving conditions, and more. Code: 47944 S/C 160 pgs $29.99 MILLE MIGLIA PORTRAITS by Leonardo Acerbi

When one thinks of the Mille Miglia, the most celebrated Italian marathon that took place between 1927 and 1957, the mind goes back to the people and manufacturers that competed. This book brings together a series of portraits that make up the fragments of this historic sport. Code: 48689 H/C 320 pgs $113.79

Code: 49353 H/C 464 pgs $185

AUTODROME The Lost Race Circuits of Europe by SS Collins

ALAN MANN RACING F3L-P68 by Ed Heuvink

The Ford P68 sports car is famous not because it enjoyed great success - indeed rather the opposite - but because it was a beautiful car and because it was powered by Ford’s legendary Cosworth DFV engine. This is the story of Ford’s three litre sports car from the Sixties.

Around Europe lie a number of long forgotten monuments, all that remain of once great motor racing circuits. From Monza and Brooklands to Crystal Palace, this evocative book includes historical pictures plus stunning contemporary photography of the circuits as they are now. Code: 49384 H/C 176 pgs $89.95

Code: 49401 H/C-Slipcased 158 pgs $150.00 GRAND PRIX YESTERDAY & TODAY Foreward by Sir Stirling Moss by Bruce Jones

TOTAL COMPETITION Lessons in Strategy from Formula One by Ross Brawn

Across four decades, author Ross Brawn was one of the most innovative and successful technical directors and then team principals in Formula One. Total Competition is a definitive portrait of

LOST ART OF HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVING How to Get the Most Out of Your Modern Performance Car by Ross Bentley

MATCH RACE MAYHEM Drag Racing’s Grudges, Rivalries and Big Money Showdowns by Doug Boyce

A timely celebration of motor racing. Each spread shows a facet of the Grand Prix from those pioneering days of more than 100 years ago, juxtaposed with a similar one of recent times. This allows today’s Formula 1 fan to see just how much things have technically changed over the years.

Veteran drag race author Doug Boyce tells the tale of the history of match racing through the cars, the drivers, the events, the classes, the rivalries, and everything else that was fun about match racing during the golden era. Complemented by wonderful vintage photography.

Code: 49672 H/C 192 pgs $39.95

Code: 47922 H/C 176 pgs $50.59

For the auto enthusiast, AUTOMOBILSPORT continues to inject life. It is your quarterly magazine for motorsport and motorsport history. 160 pgs $29.99

AUTOMOBIL SPORT ISSUE # 12: CAN AM Challenge Cup 1969 • Code: 47603 AUTOMOBIL SPORT ISSUE # 13: Porsche’s Grand Challenge, Paris Dakar • Code: 49134 AUTOMOBIL SPORT ISSUE # 14: Alpine Renault Sports Prototypes 1973-78 • Code: 49908

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THE LE MANS MODEL COLLECTION 19492009 3-Book Set by Claud Nahum

This trilogy of books contains a remarkable collection of models, the property of the N Collection, and comprises every single car that raced at Le Mans between 1949 and 2009 – over 3,000 cars. Includes over 9,000 colour photographs, 61 commissioned paintings and 23 period photos.

and Phil Hill.

Code: 49567 S/C 256 pgs $24.99 FORMULA 2 The Glory Years, 1967-84 by Chris Witty

Code: 48881 H/C 974 pgs $430.00 RETURN TO GLORY Story of Ford’s Revival & Victory in the Toughest Race in the World by Matthew DeBord

In January 2015 at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford unveiled a new car and the automotive world lost its collective mind. Onto the stage rolled a supercar..

This sumptuous book, a feast of nostalgia, celebrates the wonderful era of the European Formula 2 Championship, 1967-84, on the 50th anniversary of its beginnings. Includes interviews with many of the surviving protagonists. Code: 48568 H/C 432 pgs $142.24 LOTUS 79 OWNER’S WORKSHOP MANUAL 1978 Onwards by Andrew Cotton

Code: 48095 H/C 272 pgs $37.63 FORD GT Then and Now by Adrian Streather

This book provides a different view of the Ford GT legend, featuring driver interviews, and both historical and new photographic records. Some of the old myths and legends of the racetrack have been revisited and Ford GT drivers have been given their place on the roll of honour. Code: 49708 S/C 240 pgs $83.50 RS COSWARTH & WORLD RALLY CAR by Graham Robson

The Escort RS Cosworth, which started rallying in 1993, was one of the most ingenious designs of all time, becoming Ford’s most successful by winning Five World victories in its first season. Here is the whole story, part of the series “Rally Giants” recently reprinted by popular demand.

Morton’s personal account of Shelby American - a company which was overflowing with talent - from designer Pete Brock, to fabricator extraordinaire Phil Remington, to drivers like Dan Gurney, Ken Miles, Bob Bondurant,

into an iconic F1 car.

The Lotus 79, with its classic JPS black and gold sponsorship colours, was the first F1 car to fully exploit ground-effect aerodynamics. This is a fascinating insight

Code: 47579 H/C 160 pgs $39.95’ KINGS OF THE MOUNTAIN Inside Stories of the Legends of Bathurst by Gordon Lomas

HOW TO BUILD A CAR The Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Formula 1 Designer by Adrian Newey

From his early career in IndyCar racing and on to his unparalleled success in F1, we learn in comprehensive, engaging and highly entertaining detail how a car actually works. Adrian has designed for the likes of Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Damon Hill, and many more. Code: 50143 H/C 400 pgs $39.99 WORLD FORMULA 1 RECORDS by Bruce Jones

Covering the pulsating 2016 season, this new volume includes hundreds of stories and statistics on the legendary drivers, teams and tracks who have helped to make Formula 1 one of the most exciting and popular sports in the world. Brought to life by fantastic action photography. Code: 49870 H/C 192 pgs $37.91 ART OF THE HOT ROD Bestseller!

by Ken Gross

This exclusive collector’s edition is a feast for the eyes--a gallery of gorgeous hot rods, the best you’ll see from the world’s top hot rod builders! Includes special gatefolds, updated text, and exclusive frameable photographic prints. Code: 38194 H/C 248 pgs $79.99

A richly photographed compendium of untold stories from the incredible history of Australian motorsport’s biggest race. Renowned racing journalist Gordon Lomas, interviews over 20 winners of Bathurst, from Bob Holden and Jim Richards to Mark Winterbottom and Chaz Mostert.

1001 NASCAR FACTS Cars, Tracks, Milestones, Personalities by John Close

Covered in depth are 65+ years of the cars, tracks, milestones, and personalities that have made this sport what it is today. Code: 48432 S/C 416 pgs $39.2

Code: 50488 H/C 248 pgs $49.99


Code: 49662 S/C 128 pgs $29.95 FORD FOCUS WRC Autobiography of a Rally Champion by Graham Robson

The story of the 97 Ford Focus WRC cars during their 12-year rallying career including 44 World Championship victories, and the winning of the World Rally Manufacturers’ Championship. Code: 49702 H/C 192 pgs $69.95


24h LE MANS 2017 Official Yearbook Code: 50352 H/C 280 pgs $94.95

AUTOCOURSE 2017-2018 The World’s Leading Grand Prix Annual Code: 49947 H/C 448 pgs $124.99

MOTOCOURSE 2017-2018 The World’s Leading Gran Prix & Superbike Annual Code: 49948 H/C $94.95

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MOTORCYCLING HUTCHY: MIRACLE MAN The Autobiography by Ian Hutchison

LOOKING FOR A WORKSHOP MANUAL? look no further than Do it yourself, from simple maintenance to full repairs. Our workshop manuals will provide the information you need for all routine maintenance and repair jobs. Tasks are described and photographed in a stepby-step easy-to-follow sequence.

A book not only for fans of motorcycle road racing, but for anyone interested in the life and career of a brilliant rider and an extraordinarily brave and enduring man, a hugely popular figure not just for his achievements, but for his unassuming modesty, kindness and humour. Code: 49420 H/C 288 $36.02

THE SUNDAY TIMES NUMBER-ONE BESTSELLER! Michael Dunlop is quite simply the greatest road racer on the planet. In this sensational autobiography he reveals the highs and lows of racing, and what it was like growing up part of a motorcycle dynasty. Code: 49419 H/C 288 pgs $39.99 ISLE OF MAN TT 1963-1982 The Golden Years by Mick Duckworth

never been repeated.

Feel is the story of how a small-time boy from humble beginnings in Louisiana rose to the pantheon of greats, to win the 500cc and 250cc GP Championship in the same year - an historic achievement over three decades ago which has

BARRY SHEEN Photographic Celebration by Rick Broadbent

Published to mark the 40th anniversary of his second world championship win, this is a unique pictorial account of a life lived at full throttle and is an intensely personal look at Barry Sheene - a racer, legend, husband and father. Code: 48661 H/C 224 pgs $39.99 THIS OLD HARLEY The Ultimate Tribute by Michael Dregni

This Old Harley offers a tribute to the bike that stands alone in American motorcycling history, told exclusively by those with Harley in their hearts. Code: 47246 H/C 160 pgs $23.56

Code: 49379 H/C 96 pgs $30.34 GUY MARTIN Portrait of a Bike Legend

Code: 49374 S/C 168 pgs $29.99


DUCATI 90 YEARS A Visual History of Ducati Design by Various Authors

Ducati was founded on 4 July 1926 almost as a dream, thanks to the will of three brothers Adriano, Bruno and Marcello Ducati, This official book presents Ducati’s glorious history: unparalleled tradition made of innovation, Italian style and sport victories. Code: 47402 H/C 320 pgs $120.00

Code: 48063 H/C 320 pgs $37.93

In a remarkably long history dating back to 1907, the Isle of Man TT never lost its status as the world’s greatest motorcycle road race. The TT has seen many changes and never more than in the period covered by this third volume in the Golden Years series.

Renowned for a loveable if scattergun personality, Guy is a down-to-earth hero, a modern-day celebrity motivated by his love of his bikes and trucks. This illustrated biography charts his eventful life in pictures and recounts Guys career in front and away from the spotlight.

The pursuit of your dreams always comes with the element of fear and courage. Read the stories of these extraordinary Australian heroines who have broken the stereotypical mould and they will not only inspire you but will also leave you in awe of their pursuit of their passion. Code: 49421 S/C 176 pgs $29.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $21.00

FEEL My Story by Freddie Spencer

ROAD RACER It’s in My Blood by Michael Dunlop

FAST WOMEN Pioneering Australian Motorcyclists by Sally-Anne Fowles

NORTON COMMANDO BIBLE All Models 1968-1978 by Peter Henshaw

COMPLETE BOOK OF MOTO GUZZI Every Model Since 1921 by Ian Falloon

Italy’s Moto Guzzi is the oldest European motorcycle manufacturer in continuous production, building some of the most iconic motorcycles ever produced. Today sales are increasing thanks to its popularity among celebrities. This book collects every model into encyclopedia form. Code: 47943 H/C 256 pgs $69.99 TRIUMPH The Art of the Motorcycle by Enault & Levivier

From its birth in 1886, the Triumph brand has created some of the world’s finest - and most famous motorcycles. This book is a celebration of that brand. Insightful text and stunning photography make this a must-have for all motorcycle enthusiasts.. Code: 49393 H/C 240 pgs $59.99 THE INDIAN 1901-1978 The History of a Classic American Motorcycle (sp) by Tod Rafferty

A detailed history of the Norton Commando: its antecedents, development, and year-by-year production changes, including the turbulent story of the company that built it. Also includes expert advice on owning and maintaining one of these iconic bikes.

This definitive chronicle of Americas first motorcycle is an essential for any cycle aficionado. It features concise hardware histories of every model produced by the Indian Motorcycle Company from 1901 to the mid-1950s, when the company ceased production

Code: 48524 H/C 144 pgs $55.50

Code: 47643 H/C 144 pgs $26.04

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motorsport dvd’s TT DVDs from Duke Video CLASSIC TT 2017 OFFICIAL REVIEW DVD

Some of the finest bikes and riders of the last 60 years. Celebrate the long, rich history of the famous TT Mountain Course. Code: 49934 $29.95 TT 2017 OFFICIAL REVIEW DVD

All the best highlights of the action from every race, plus the best of qualifying and what happens off the track. Codes: 48650 $34.99 / NTSC – 48651 $39.99 / BLU RAY – 48652 $37.99


Join the Kings of the Mountain and ride on board for six fast laps from the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races. Code: 49138 92 min $19.99

24h LE MANS OFFICIAL REVIEW 2017 DVD The Official Review of the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans DVD by Duke

MOFFAT 77 SPECIAL 6-DVD BOX SET The Ultimate DVD Collection of Moffat Cars by Chevron

DVD features 4 hours of stunning race highlights Code: 49363 240 min $34.99 Blu-Ray: 49364 $39.99 SENSATIONAL SANDOWN 2-DVDs by Chevron

An amazing and varied list of classic racing content. Features big names, great races and extraordinary cars. Code: 48973 360 min $29.95 ULSTER GP 2017 OFFICIAL REVIEW DVD by Duke

Full coverage of a sensational record breaking meeting on the famous Dundrod Circuit. Code: 49959 118 min $34.99


The ultimate 6-DVD box set of Moffat’s marvellous career - the man, the machines and the

Code: 48967 6-DVDs 1020 min $49.95 McLAREN DVD by Sony

The story of Bruce McLaren, the New Zealander who took on the elite world of Motor Racing and changed it forever. Code: 49376 92 min $39.99 CLASSIC AUSSIE MOTORSPORT CRASHES 6-DVD BOX SET by Chevron

Crashes - Get ready for lots of collision and little precision in this panel-bashing, wallwalloping box set of some of the biggest and most memorable crashes in Australian motorsport history. Code: 49958 6-DVDs 360 min $49.95


Capture the authentic atmosphere of the TT Formula One between 198794 in the original highlights. Code: 49403 235 min $34.99

SOUTHERN 100 2017 DVD by Duke

2017 saw a line-up of road racing royalty. 4 races, 4 winners, 4 lap records and 4 race records! Code: 49905 120 min $39.95

20 YEARS BATHURST 1997/98 DVD by Chevron

Some of the best drivers and teams from across the world compete against the homegrown heroes. Code: 49917 240 min $29.95 YAMAHA: A Racing History 19542016 DVD by Duke

Wind back the clock to follow the development of very first Yamaha racing bikes to the present day – and the stars who rode them. Code: 49382 127 min $29.99


Celebrate three of the greatest Australian Touring Car Championship battles 1985, 1987 and 1991 Code: 49889 152 min $29.95


Ayrton Senna da Silva’s blistering performances at the GPs of Portugal, Monaco, Japan and Brazil – as astonishing today as then. Code: 37194 60 min $39.99


The big-winged and bigwheeled Group C touring cars produced a 1984 James Hardie 1000 of epic proportions. Code: 49935 2-DVDs 480 min $44.95 CLASSIC AUSTRALIAN MOTORSPORT DVD V8s Under Lights by Chevron

A great selection of mid 1990s racing, including the one-off 1995 TAC Peter Brock Classic held at Calder Park. Code: 49943 200 min $29.99 BTCC 2017 REVIEW 2-DVDs by Duke

Filmed from seemingly every angle, bumper-to-bumper racing at some of the best circuits Britain can offer. Code: 49944 2-DVDs 240 min $34.99


Full highlights of the 2017 Armoy Road Races meeting – over an hour and a half of action. Code: 49930 94 min $34.99



Charting the story of Formula One’s most celebrated family, Williams is a thrilling account of a racing empire and heartrending tragedy. Code: 49888 104 min $34.99 Blu-Ray: 49887 $39.99


The iconic stages of the World’s most famous rallies including Monte Carlo, Rallye Finland, Argentina and Sardinia. Code: 49945 2-DVDs $34.99

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by Nick Anchen

The locomotive connects us to land and history that was shaped by the machine itself. It is possible to travel by train to some of the world’s most remote and remarkable destinations, and track the many wonderful legacies of the Earth’s extensive history – man-made and otherwise.

The legendary Commonwealth Railways were built through some of the harshest landscapes on Earth, battling extreme temperatures, flash floods and maddening isolation to keep the trains running. This publication is the culmination of 25 years of Outback exploration, research, photography and interviews.

Code: 47741 H/C 400 pgs $39.95

Code: 49961 H/C 208 pgs $69.95

Code: 38537 S/C 144 pgs $28.43 THE FIRST RAILROADS Atlas of Early Railroads by Derek Hayes

A highly illustrated volume tracing the emergence of modern railways. In addition to mainstream railways, atmospheric railways are considered as well as electric, underground, monorails, and mountain (rack) railways. Includes in-depth research and rare photographs and maps. Code: 49570 S/C 272 pgs $44.95

Code: 49081 H/C 184 pgs $24.95 THE DIESEL BROTHERS + DIESEL BROTHERS audio CD A Truckin’ Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life by D Heavy

Discover how you can keep the gas going with this rip-roaring ride behind the scenes of Discovery Channel’s popular series Diesel Brothers. Contains the stories that have made Diesel Brothers one of the most popular reality TV shows. The Audio-CD is read by the authors. Book: 48841 H/C 224 pgs $37.62 Audio CD: 48814 330 min $37.62


Code: 49845 S/C 320 pgs $18.95

take to the skies.

1001 AVIATION FACTS Amazing and Little Known Information by Mike Machat

This book tells the story of Concorde from the beginnings of jet aircraft through the important milestones of passing the sound barrier, and the important collaboration between Britain and France that would see the aircraft

A plethora of compelling information that will broaden understanding and appreciation of aviation in general, plus aircraft and the people who make them fly. Code: 49779 S/C 336 pgs $36.59

Code: 49600 S/C 70 pgs $17.49 BOEING 737 The World’s Jetliner by Daniel Dornsief


First launched in 1965, the Boeing 737, by many measures, is the most successful and longstanding jetliner in the history of aviation. This volume provides an in-depth look into the story of this extremely significant jetliner and the environment that has contributed to this amazing story.

90 minutes of the very best flying action plus 30 minutes of in-cockpit special features. DVD: 47026 120 min $39.99 Blu-Ray: 47027 $44.99 IWM DUXFORD BATTLE OF BRITIAN AIR SHOW 2017 DVD

Includes 15 Spitfires and 7 Hurricanes, with 5 cameras on site and more on board.

Code: 48809 H/C 288 pgs $87.99 WORLD’S FASTEST SINGLE-ENGINE JET AIRCRAFT Story of Convair’s F-106 Delta Dart Interceptor by Col Doug Barbier

GARDEN RAILWAY MANUAL A Guide to Narrow Guage Garden Railway Projects by Bill Bradshaw

19 garden railway projects are included and presented using hundreds of step-bystep colour photographs, accompanied by full cutting lists and assembly drawings. Full of great ideas, useful tips and friendly encouragement.

A handy, pocket-book size book which lists and illustrates 300 non-military planes ranging from the earliest pioneers to the massive passenger jets of the modern age, representing the diversity of aircraft in use throughout the world for tourism and commerce.



A beautifully illustrated, comprehensive history of the greatest railway maps, and the story behind them. Featuring 100’s of images, covering two centuries of advertising, maps, route guides, travel posters, photos, and Google Earth maps. Brimming with history, data and anecdotes.

CIVIL AIRCRAFT 300 of the World’s Greatest Civil Aircraft by Robert Jackson

DVD: 49923 90 min $33.95 Blu-Ray: 49924 $49.95 IWM DUXFORD AIR FESTIVAL 2017 DVD

Includes the RAF Typhoon, the DH88 Comet, the Trig Team, the Auto Gyro, the Rafale, a P-51 and B-17 Flypast, the Apache, Norseman, and more.

With its advanced Hughes radar system, Falcon air-to-air missiles, and a top speed in excess of Mach 2, the Delta Dart became known as “the ultimate interceptor”. The Convair F-106 remains to this day as one of the most successful military aircraft ever built.

DVD: 49927 90 min $39.95 Blu-Ray: 49928 $49.95

Code: 48398 H/C 228 pgs $54.95 PROJECTS OF SKUNK WORKS 75 Years of Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs by Steve Pace

This generously illustrated history covers the stories behind more than 50 secret projects undertaken by the famed Lockheed Martin Skunk Works on behalf of the US Armed Forces, DARPA, and the CIA - all illustrated with official Skunk Works photography and commissioned artworks. Code: 46102 H/C 256 pgs $49.99

SHIPS 300 World Famous Ships by Chris Bishop

Fully illustrated in a striking landscape format, Ships contains 300 mercantile and military vessels arranged in chronological order, from ancient times to the present day. Includes colourful artwork, service history and comprehensive technical data Code: 49827 S/C 320 pgs $18.95

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‘Graham Apthorpe’s account of the Cowra outbreak is superb. Narrated in a fresh way, in elegant and original prose, and with a wonderful gift for taking the unexpected angle, it does great service to this astonishing AustralianJapanese event, and will have a honoured place in the canon of fascinating works on the incident.’ Thomas Keneally Code: 47739 S/C 296 pgs $29.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $20.99 AT ANY PRICE The ANZACS at the Battle of Messines 1917 by Craig Deayton

Messines was a baptism of fire for the 3rd Division which came into the line alongside the battle-scarred 4th Australian Division, badly mauled at Bullecourt just six weeks earlier. Described by one Australian as ‘72 hours of Hell’, Messines would prove the ultimate test for the Australians. Code: 47743 H/C 324 pgs $34.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $24.49 ROUNDS COMPLETE An Artillery Forward Observer in Vietnam by Steve Gower

In 1966, Steve Gower, a young gunner captain in the 101st Field Battery, was sent to Vietnam to serve in Australia’s most controversial war. This is a frank and compelling tribute to men who nobly served but were denied their nation’s gratitude. Their fight for understanding continues. Code: 47742 S/C 224 pgs $29.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $20.99 THE LIGHTNING KEEPERS The AIF’s Alphabet Company in the Great War by Damien Finlayson

This is the story of the ‘Alphabeticals’, the men who operated and maintained pumps, generators, ventilation fans, drilling equipment and other ingenious devices in horrendous conditions in which their troops lived and fought. They do not deserve to be forgotten. Code: 47752 H/C 336 pgs $34.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $24.49

THE MAN WHO CARRIED THE NATION’S GRIEF James Malcolm Lean MBE & The Great War Letters by Carol Rosenhain

THE GLASS SOLDIER Not All of Him Shall Die by Don Farrands

This is the true story of a young Australian soldier whose life of opportunity was challenged by trauma and salvaged by strength. Savaged by mustard gas, the story of this Anzac will stir your soul. It is a story of war and bravery, pain and strength, hope and miracles. Code: 48595 H/C 324 pgs $34.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $24.49

This book describes the extraordinary work of James Lean, whose office during the Great War received over 100 letters a day from distressed families. The letters selected by author Carol Rosenhain are quoted verbatim in all their rawness, the grief, anger and disbelief. Code: 47549 S/C 396 pgs $29.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $20.99

VICTORY AT VILLERSBRETONNEUX Why a French town will never forget the ANZACs

On the morning of 21 March 1918, with the Great War hanging in the balance, the Kaiserschlacht, the Kaiser’s battle, is launched - the biggest set-piece battle the world has ever seen. In desperation, the British commander calls upon the Australian soldiers help hold VillersBretonneux. the very gate to Amiens. Code: 50490 S/C 784 pgs $34.99


On 7 June 1917, the British Second Army along with the Australian 3rd and 4th Divisions launched its attack on Messines Ridge, successfully taking one of the strongest positions on the Western Front. The fighting at Messines would descend into ‘72 hours of Hell’. Code: 47744 S/C 188 pgs $19.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $13.99

DANCING WITH DECEPTION Love, Lust and Deceit in Occupied Paris by Catherine McCullagh

In 1940 Sydney nurse Marisa Carnarvon, then working for a Red Cross Hospital in Paris, found herself pressured into joining the local resistance. Her life is further enmeshed when she falls in love with the new Gestapo chief. Theirs is a story that traverses four countries. Code: 49951 S/C 490 pgs $24.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $17.49

LONG TAN Bestseller! The Start of a Lifelong Battle by Harry Smith

On the afternoon of 18 August 1966, a dispersed Company of 108 Australian men held its ground against a 3-sided attack from a force of 2,500 Viet Cong. The Australians were led by a gruff perfectionist, Major Harry Smith. Now, some 50 years after the battle, Harry tells his story. Code: 46073 S/C 352 pgs $29.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $20.99

AUSTRALIAN LIGHT HORSE Campaign in the Middle East 1916-1918 by Phillip Bradley

The Australian Light Horse story is brought to vivid life through diaries, letters and photographs of those who took part in the bloody battles of the desert campaigns of the Sinai and Palestine from April 1916 to October 1918. They remain, today, the embodiment of the digger ethos. Code: 47052 S/C 208 pgs $39.99

AUSTRALIA’S WAR WITH FRANCE The Campaign in Syria and Lebanon 1941 by Richard James

This is the story of how in 1941 the 7th Division came to fight against the Army of the Levant—Australia against France—in the rocky hills of Lebanon and the barren wastes of Syria. This book seeks to understand a neglected campaign and give it a proper place in Australian history. Code: 49901 S/C 396 pgs $29.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $20.99


SWORD & BATON Vol 1. Federation - 1939 by Justin Chadwick

A collection of 86 biographies representing every Australian Army officer to reach the rank of major general from Federation to the outbreak of WWII. The first of two volumes, it describes a crucial period in Australian military history through the lives of the extraordinary men at its head. Code: 47773 H/C 360 pgs $34.99 SPECIAL PRICE: $24.49


TANKS OF THE WORLD 2018 CALENDAR Code: 48923 $19.95



Freecall 1-800 622 422


Ranked from 50 to 1, the Top 50 Military Aircraft selects the greatest military aircraft of all time, from World War I to the present day. Packed with 300 full-colour artworks and photographs and written for the general reader, each entry is covered over four pages. Code: 49837 H/C 208 pgs $37.91 BLITZKREIG Myth, Reality & Hitler’s Lightning War - France 1940 by Lloyd Clark

The German campaign in France during the summer of 1940 was pivotal to Hitler’s ambitions. Blitzkrieg tells the story of the campaign, the key technologies, decisions and events that led to German success, with a reassessment of the myths that have built up about this WW2 victory. Code: 49831 S/C 480 pgs $18.95 ALLIES STRIKE BACK 1941-1943 The War in the West by James Holland

This a masterful and gripping narrative on the critical middle years in WWII’s western theatre, as the advantage between Axis and Allied forces swung back and forth on the Atlantic and eastern front, and in north Africa and Europe - events that ultimately determined the outcome of WWII. Code: 49627 H/C 720 pgs $46.93

BATTLE FOR THE CHANNEL The First Month of the Battle of Britain 10 July 10 August 1940 by Brian Cull

This volume carries on where First of the Few finished, in the same style and format. 10 July-the official first day of the Battle of Britainwitnessed increased aerial activity over the Channel and along the eastern and southern seaboards of the British coastline. Code: 49897 H/C 304 pgs $40.74 SPECIAL OFFER: $35.00

PEARL HARBOUR & THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC 1941-45 Includes 4-DVDs by Mike Lepine


This Commemorative Edition hardcover includes four DVDs with all 26 episodes of Crusade in the Pacific, long-recognized as the finest film account of the war in the Pacific ever released. Originally produced for the cinema, it contains over 11 hours of rare and dramatic footage.


A compilation of the finest tales of heroism and valour in the skies over the battlefield with stories by Baron Manfred Von Richthofen, Len Deighton, Jay A. Stout, and many others. This unforgettable collection includes tales of legendary aces through to the present day. Code: 49457 S/C 256 pgs $27.79

Code: 47760 H/C + 4-DVDs 128 pgs $65.00 SPECIAL OFFER: $49.00 THE BLOND KNIGHT OF GERMANY A Biography of Eric Hartmann by Toliver & Constable

The ripping tale of Erich Alfred Hartmann, a German fighter pilot during WWII and the most successful fighter ace in the history of aerial warfare. Nicknamed ‘The Black Devil’ by his Soviet adversaries, Hartmann was forced to crash-land his fighter 14 times, but was never shot down.

THE ZEPPELIN An Illustrated History by Phil Carradice

In the early Twentieth Century it seemed as if the future of air travel lay with the giant airships of Count von Zeppelin however as weapons of war they were never truly successful. Their real value lay in their ability to make silent reconnaissance missions over enemy territory and sea lanes. Code: 38151 S/C 128 pgs $39.99 SPECIAL OFFER: $25.00 ROYAL AIRFORCE 100 1918-2018 Technical Innovations Manual by Jonathon Falconer

Code: 49907 S/C 332 pgs $49.99 LAST OF THE KRIEGIES True Life Experiences of Five Bomber Command Prisoners by Reg Barker

The extraordinary testimony of five veteran WW2 Bomber Command Prisoners-of-War who endured and survived being shot down, captivity, degradation, and suffering. Illustrated with previously unpublished photographs to reveal the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

On 1 April 2018 the RAF celebrates 100 years. This book showcases the top 100 technical innovations that have been used and/ or devised by the Service over the past century, ranging from heated flying suits to radar; and from panel fasteners to the VTOL Harrier. Code: 48516 H/C 224 pgs $39.95 NUCLEAR WEAPONS MANUAL 1945 Onwards by David Baker

Code: 49604 H/C 256 pgs $37.84 LUCKY 666 The Impossible Mission that Changed the War in the Pacific by Bob Drury

From #1 New York Times bestselling author, Lucky 666 is perhaps the last untold “great war story” from the war in the Pacific, where in New Guinea a group of US airmen rebuilt their broken down bomber from spare parts – their mission - to disrupt Japanese supply lines.

This book provides an apolitical description of nuclear weapons, how they are designed, how they work, and how they are assigned to different targets in the event of conflict. An entirely fact-based and balanced account for those who seek to understand this emotively sensitive subject.

Code: 47209 S/C 354 pgs $24.93

Code: 48519 H/C 192 pgs 39.95


ALARMSTART The German Fighter Pilot’s Experience in WWII by Patrick Eriksson

Records of one of the few surviving WW2 Luftwaffe members Patrick Eriksson. This first volume (of three) covers Denmark and Norway, the Phoney War, the invasion of France and the Low Countries, the Battle of Britain, combating the RAF sweeps in the West, and home defence Code: 49431 H/C 352 pgs $37.93



LEGENDS OF WW11 2018 SQUARE WALL CALENDAR Code: 48937 $19.95


Freecall 1-800 622 422

MILITARY & MILITARY HISTORY WAR STORIES 37 Epic Tales of Courage, Duty, and Valor by Lamar Underwood

In War Stories - a jumbo book of great stories covering more than 250 years of warfare editor Lamar Underwood has pulled together the finest writings about war-fighting that capture readers’ imaginations. Code: 49799 H/C 400 pgs $29.26 EASTERN FRONT IN WORLD WAR 11 Hitler’s Russian War in Photographs by Will Fowler

With 30 million soldiers and civilians killed, the Eastern Front proved to be World War II’s bloodiest conflict. Drawing on rare photographs from the Ukrainian State Archives, this is an outstanding military and civilian account, of one of history’s most ferocious campaigns. Code: 49846 S/C 224 pgs $37.91 BLOOD RED SNOW The Memoirs of a German Soldier on the Eastern Front by Gunter Koschorrek

For the German soldier fighting under Hitler, keeping a diary was strictly forbidden however Gunter Koschorrek, a fresh young recruit, wrote his notes on scraps of paper and sewed them into the lining of his winter coat. One of the best ever accounts of war on the Eastern Front. Code: 49912 S/C 318 pgs $27.49 BEHIND THE WIRE Everyday Life as a POW by Tom Guttridge

Guttridge presents a unique collection of photographs obtained from German captors by trading items from Red Cross parcels. Together with written memories, the pictures provide a rare visual insight into life in PoW camps, including daily chores, funerals, celebrations and entertainment. Code: 49436 S/C 128 pgs $28.43 BATTLESHIPS YAMATO AND MUSHASHI Anatomy of the Ship by Janusz Skulski

Equipped with the largest guns and heaviest armour and with the greatest displacement of any ship ever built, the Yamato its and sister ship Musashi proved to be formidable opponents to the US Pacific Fleet in WW2. This new edition is a genuine `Super Anatomy containing the most detailed renditions of these ships ever seen. Code: 49426 H/C 336 pgs $55.00

AXIS SUICIDE SQUADS German & Japanese Secret Projects of WWII by Justo Miranda

During WWII both Germany and Japan developed several types of anti-aircraft and antiship missiles. Unfortunately for them, the Allies were technologically superior in electronic warfare. This book depicts all known designs of Axis suicide airplanes and panic fighters. Code: 47779 H/C 288 pgs $50.00 ARMOURED TRAINS An Illustrated Encyclopaedia 1826-2016 by Lt. Col. Malmassari

This truly encyclopaedic book covers, country by country, the huge range of fighting equipment that rode the rails over nearly two centuries. It outlines the place of armoured trains in the evolution of warfare, concentrating on design through photographs and meticulous drawings. Code: 47087 H/C 528 pgs $99.95 DARKEST HOUR How Churchill Brought England Back from the Brink by Anthony McCarten

From an acclaimed novelist and screenwriter comes a revisionist look at the period immediately following Winston Churchill’s ascendancy to Prime Minister--soon to be a major motion picture. It is a fascinating period that is captured in this deeply researched and wonderfully written book. Code: 49575 H/C 336 pgs $39.59 A RUMOR OF WAR, 40TH ANNIVERSARY ED The Classic Vietnam Memoir by Philip Caputo

A Rumor of War has become not only a basic text on the Vietnam War but also a renowned classic in the literature of wars throughout history and, as the author writes, of “the things men do in war and the things war does to them Code: 48799 S/C 354 pgs $28.95 TUPOLEV TU-2 The Forgotten Medium Bomber by Jason Moore

Although one of the best medium bombers of the Second World War, fast, tough, and with an excellent bomb load, the Tu-2 is little known in the West. This book provides a comprehensive history of this important aeroplane, complete with its developmental history. Code: 47796 H/C 192 pgs $75 .00 SPECIAL OFFER: $65


WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DESTROYERS, FRIGATES & SUBMARINES 1300 Wartime and Modern Photographs by Bernard Ireland

This expertly researched volume focuses on the history of destroyers, frigates and submarines. Illustrated with over 1300 historical and modern photographs showing naval vessels in action. Code: 49653 S/C 512 pgs $24.42 WARSHIP 2017 by Jordan & Dent

Warship 2017 is devoted to the design, development and service history of the worlds combat ships. This 39th edition features original research, new book reviews, warship notes, an image gallery and much more to maintain the impressive standards of scholarship and research. Code: 49425 H/C 208 pgs $69.99 TANK COMBAT The Theory and Practice of Tank Combat 19162000 by Christer Jorgensen

Tank Combat reveals how the tank has developed as an offensive tool over the course of the century, and how tactics have evolved both to exploit and to counter this formidable weapon. Illustrated throughout with black-and-white action photographs. Code: 49226 S/C 176 pgs $37.91 WORLD WAR II ABANDONED PLACES by Michael Kerrigan

Explore more than 100 bunkers, pillboxes, submarine bases, forts and gun emplacements from the North Sea to Okinawa. With 150 outstanding colour photographs, this book is a brilliant pictorial examination of both the military and non-military legacy of WWII. Code: 49840 H/C 224 pgs $37.91 HAWKER HURRICANE The Multirole Fighter by Philip Birtles

This book covers the design, development, production and operations of the Hawker Hurricane before, during and after WW2. The Hurricane was a simple rugged metal structure that did not require expensive assembly jigs, absorbed a lot of battle damage, and was also simple to repair. Code: 49075 H/C 449 pgs $95.00 SPECIAL OFFER: $60.00

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These meticulously-researched books include full colour and black and white photography, with many photos never-before published. They are a wonderful collector’s piece. Code: 49902 S/C 496 pgs RRP: $99.97 NOW: $29.99 for the 3-Book Set

MOFFAT AT THE MOUNTAIN A photographic History + 10 MOFFAT PRINTS By Stephen Stathis

PETER BROCK COLOUR PRINTS BUNDLE Set of 13 (34cm x 23cm) on glossy art quality paper

Allan Moffats stellar Bathurst 500/1000 career from 1969 to 1996 as both a driver and team owner, PLUS bonus set of 10 Moffat Prints (34cm x 23cm) on glossy art quality paper

Includes XU-1s, A9-Xs and Commodores spanning the 1970s to 80s. Code: 49904 RRP:$130 NOW: $39.99 for the 13-Print Set

Code: 49903 S/C 192 pgs RRP: $129.99 NOW: $49.99 for the book plus 10-Print Set

ARMSTRONG SIDDELEY MOTORS The Cars, the Company & the People by Bill Smith

ROBERT PEPPER’S 4WD HANDBOOK 2/e Complete Guide to 4WD’ing by Robert Pepper

CANISTER ON FIRE, 2-VOL SET Australian Tank Operations in Vietnam by Bruce Cameron

Code: 16134 H/C 496 pgs $139 NOW: $75

Code: 33207 S/C 488 pgs $44.99 NOW: $29.95

Code: 31443 H/C 940 pgs $59.99 NOW: $41.99

CAMARO & FIREBIRD PERFORMANCE PROJECTS 1970-1981 by Jeff Tann Code: 31342 S/C 176 pgs $52.50 NOW: $29.99

VIC WIDMAN’S CLASSIC OUTBACK 4WD TRACKS Australia’s Best 4 WD Tracks by Vic Widman Code: 25515 S/C 256 pgs $39.99 NOW: $27.99



Code: 18707 S/C 144 pgs $47.99 NOW: $33.59

Code: 21975 H/C 184 pgs $44.95 NOW: $24.95

ROLLS ROYCE ARMOURED CAR 19151944 by David Fletcher

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION 1996 – 2011 by David Baker

Code: 47646 H/C 160 pgs $39.95 NOW: $24.99

Code: 38342 H/C 176 pgs $39.95 NOW: $24.99


NASA MARS ROVERS MANUAL 1997-2013 by David Baker

Code: 38176 H/C 160 pgs $39.95 NOW: $24.99

Code: 27029 H/C 192 pgs $39.95 NOW: $24.99


SPECIAL FORCES IN ACTION Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, Balkans by Alexander Stilwell Code: 40662 H/C 224 pgs $29.99 NOW: $19.49

DEATH BY MUSTARD GAS How Military Secrets & Lost Weapons Can Kill by Geoff Plunkett Code: 46058 H/C 256 pgs $34.99 NOW: $26.95

NAVAL FROGMEN Wartime Underwater Operators by T.J.Waldron Code: 47082 S/C 160 pgs $39.99 NOW: $29.99

CHIEFTAIN MAIN BATTLE TANK MANUAL 1966 to Present by Dick Taylor Code: 46961 H/C 160 pgs $39.95 NOW: $24.99

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MODEL CARS These miniature model cars are synonymous with faithful replication of the original based on exhaustive research, meticulous attention to detail, precision manufacturing, hand craftsmanship, and an elegant finish. Take a tour of miniature model cars, visit BULLIT 1968 FORD MUSTANG GT FASTBACK 1:18 DIECAST MODEL CAR by Diecast Distributors Features:

• • • • • • • • •

12938 Greenlight - Steve McQueen Bullitt - 1968 Ford Mustang GT Hard Top 1:18 scale diecast collectible model car This Ford Mustang GT Bullitt is a 10.5”L x 3.5”W x 3”H die cast metal car Detailed interior, exterior, engine compartment Manufactured by Greenlight The car driven by Steve Green McQueen in the famous Packed in a hard plastic case movie Bullitt. Case size is 13.25”L x 6.25”W x 5”H Includes one 1:18 scale Steve McQueen figure

Code: 48971 $149.95

POSTERS SIMON MAY A3 POSTERS $49.95 Period style Race Posters based on real events with imagined scenes by Motoring Artist Simon May. High quality Giclee art prints on 190gsm paper.





by Andrew White

by Mailander & Ludvigsen

by Bernard L. King

The re-issue of this second volume of the history of Jaguar in motorsport, first published in 1987 and generally considered to be the definitive work on the subject, gives Jaguar enthusiasts the chance to obtain what has become a much sought-after collector’s item.

With unique access to the company, Rodolfo Mailander presents intimate portraits of Ferrari, its people and products, from 1950 to 1955 when Ferrari rose to a dominant force. Written with the help of his friend Karl Ludvigsen, whose world-famous Library holds the Mailander archive. Code: 49109 H/C 386 pgs $599

A reprint of the 13 rare 1930s magazines published by Bentley Motors describing how owners of Derby Bentleys toured with their cars during that period. Vol 1 contains the magazines, illustrating pre-World War II lifestyle. Vol 2 contains indices of the cars, chassis and registration numbers and locations. Code: 49108 H/C 2-Vol Set $299

Code: 49120 H/C 640 pgs $499


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Dream Cars 2018 Calendar Code: 48946 $19.95 (Spiral)

The official calendar of the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship, shows 25 of the most captivating images from the current WRC season. Comes in a 95-centimetre wide panoramic format offering a choice between two very different pictures for each month of the year.

Classic Cars 2018 Calendar Code: 37414 $19.95 Classic Holden Cars 2018 Calendar Code: 48917 $24.99 Classic Monaro 2018 Calendar Code: 48918 $24.99 Our Australia: Utes 2018 Calendar Code: 48888 $19.95 The Original Mini 2018 Calendar Code: 48943 $19.95 Classic British Cars 2018 Calendar Code: 48931 $19.95 Land Rover 2018 Calendar Code: 48935 $19.95

Code: 49895 Size 95 x 48 cm 25 pgs $94.99 McKLEIN MOTORSPORT CLASSIC CALENDAR 2018

This high-quality black-and-white calendar captures all the atmosphere and action from the 1950s, 60s and 70s ranging from Formula 1 to sports and touring car racing, hill-climbs and rallying. Offers two spectacular images per month. Code: 49894 Size 67 x 48 cm 26 pgs $94.99 McKLEIN RALLY HISTORY CALENDAR 2018

For the second time, McKlein takes pleasure in publishing a calendar aimed at enthusiasts of historic rallying by showing the beauty of this discipline in twenty-five breath-taking colour images and offering the choice between two very different images each month. Code: 49893 Size: 67 x 48 cm 26 pgs $94.99

Classic Bike 2018 Calendar Code: 37415 $19.95 British Motorbikes 2018 Calendar Code: 48930 $19.95 Best of British Motorcycles 2018 Calendar Code: 37418 $19.95 Scooters 2018 Calendar Code: 48940 $19.95

Tractors 2018 Calendar Code: 48944 $19.95 Flying Scotsman 2018 Calendar Code: 48933 $19.95

McKLEIN DESKTOP RALLY CALENDAR 2018 - History meets the Present

The 2017 World Rally Cars are, without doubt, the fastest rally cars ever made. The compact desk calendar, which comes with a spiral binding, comprises a mix of the old with the new, including action, technical and atmospheric shots. Code: 49896 Size: 110 x 140 cm 58 pgs $29.99

16-MONTH WALL CALENDARS Peter Brock 2018 Calendar Code: 48913 $24.99 Classics: Ultimate Automobiles 2018 Calendar Code: 48919 $24.99

Tanks 2018 Wall Calendar Code: 48923 $19.95

Classic Ford Cars 2018 Calendar Code: 48915 $24.99

Big Rigs/Mack Trucks 2018 Calendar Code: 48884 $19.95

Classic Sports Cars 2018 Calendar Code: 48903 $21.95 Ferrari 2018 Calendar Code: 48904 $21.95

Concorde 2018 Calendar Code: 48932 $19.95

Porsche 2018 Calendar Code: 48908 $21.95

Vintage War Planes 2018 Calendar Code: 48949 $19.95

Jaguar 2018 Calendar Code: 48906 $21.95

Supercars 2018 Calendar Code: 48914 $24.99 Australian Muscle Cars 2018 Calendar Code: 39740 $19.95 Official MotoGP 2018 Calendar Code: 48981 $19.95 Superbikes 2018 Calendar Code: 48948 $19.95


18-MONTH WALL CALENDARS Mustang 2018 Calendar Code: 48921 $24.99 Volkswagon Beetle 2018 Calendar Code: 48927 $24.99 Volkswagon Bus 2018 Calendar Code: 48928 $24.99 World of Flight EAA 2018 Calendar Code: 48916 $24.99

Aston Martin 2018 Calendar Code: 48899 $21.95 MG 2018 Calendar Code: 48907 $21.95 Citroen Classic Cars 2018 Calendar Code: 48901 $21.95 Fiat 500 2018 Calendar Code: 48905 $21.95 VW Campers 2018 Calendar Code: 48909 $21.95

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engines FORD 351 CLEVELAND ENGINES How to Build for Maximum Performance by George Reid

COVENTRY CLIMAX RACING ENGINES The Definitive Developmental History

The definitive development history of Coventry Climax racing engines: the first British engines to power F1 Championshipwinning cars. It covers the innovative nature of these wonderful engines, and how racing engine technology advanced through an important era of motorsport.

With the influx of aftermarket parts, the 351 Cleveland as well as the 351M and 400M cousins are now seen as great engines to build. This book will walk you through everything you need to know to build a great street or competition engine based on the 351 Cleveland platform. Code: 27012 S/C 144 pgs $39.95

Code: 47714 S/C 192 pgs $39.99


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