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Boiling Billy Adventure Catalogue 2018

Boiling Billy’s Camping Guide to Australia....... 2 State-based Camping Guides..................................... 4 Adventure 4WD Guides.................................................... 6 Outback 4WD Guides......................................................... 8 Technical 4WD Guides...................................................... 10 Bush Cooking Guides........................................................ 12 Hardback pictorial................................................................ 14 How to Order............................................................................ 16 Woodslane Walking Guides 1

CAMPING GUIDE TO AUSTRALIA Boiling Billy’s Camping Guide to Australia 2/e Spiral-bound edition: 9781922131782, $59.99

Boiling Billy’s Camping Guide to Australia is the complete guide to over 3,000 camping areas all across the country, with everything from beach campsites to remote mountain campsites to camps in the outback. Along with the huge array of sites, this comprehensive new guide features an Australia-wide touring atlas showing the location of every camp.

2 Boiling Billy’s Camping Guide to Australia

This Guide Includes: • Details on over 3,000 camping areas including free and low-cost sites • Accurate and concise access details to each and every site, including GPS and touring atlas references • 52 regional maps and over 180 detailed maps of national parks and reserves • A 120-page Australia-wide road atlas showing the location of every campsite

Boiling Billy’s Camping Guide to Australia 3

STATE-BASED CAMPING GUIDES Written for campers, caravanners, four-wheel drivers and anglers, the Boiling Billy state-based camping guides provide detailed directories to campsites all around Australia. From the beach to the outback, from lakes to mountains, these guides explore the best of Australia’s National Parks, State Forests and regional reserves. • Every guide includes local, regional and touring maps • Detailed access information provided for every site, including types of vehicles the roads are suitable for, recommended season and GPS coordinates • In-depth information regarding facilities at every site, including activities and attractions in the area

4 Boiling Billy State-Based Camping Guides

Available Titles:

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• Camping Guide to New South Wales, 5e 9781921203688, $34.99 • Camping Guide to Queensland, 4e 9781921606151, $34.99 • Camping Guide to Tasmania, Updated 4e 9781922131317, $29.99 • Camping Guide to Victoria, 5e 9781925403381, $39.99 • Camping Guide to Western Australia, 3e 9781921606168, $34.99 • Caravanning & Camping Guide to the Murray, 2e 9781921874970, $29.99 • Camping Guide to Northern Territory, 3e 9781921203978, $29.99 (re-print TBA) • Camping Guide to South Australia, 3e 9781921203985, $34.99 (re-print TBA)

“A must-have purchase for those about to head off on a south Oz adventure” - 4 x 4 Australia, On Camping Guide to South Australia

Boiling Billy State-Based Camping Guides 5

ADVENTURE 4WD GUIDES Leveraging their 20 years’ experience of four-wheel driving around Australia, the Boiling Billy series of 4WD guides provides readers with an accurate, reliable source of information for any 4WD adventure. The 4WD Close to Sydney guide alone has sold over 70,000 copies, making it one of Australia’s bestselling travel guides. In the newly updated editions, all content has been revised and rewritten, the text complimented with over 150 beautiful photographs, and the sections categorized for easy reading. It’s little wonder the Boiling Billy reputation for excellence is second to none.

6 Boiling Billy Adventure 4WD Guides

• Australia’s top-selling 4WD guides • All titles authored by 4WD experts renowned in their field • More detailed route maps and route directions than any competitor product • Detailed technical driving tips about driving in mud, sand and hills • Each trek colour-coded for driving standards • Info on start distance from nearest capital city, total trek distance, and fuel availability

Available Titles: Both the 4WD Close to Melbourne and the 4WD Close to Brisbane editions are available both as spiral bound and perfect bound A4 editions. • 4WD Treks Close to Melbourne, 3e A4 Spiral-bound edition, 9781922131263, $44.99 • 4WD Treks Close to Sydney, 6e A4 Spiral-bound edition, 9781922131454, $44.99 • 4WD Treks Close to Brisbane 2e A4 Spiral-bound edition, 9781925403800, $44.99 • 4WD Treks Close to Perth (TBA) • 4WD Treks Close to Adelaide (TBA)

Boiling Billy Adventure 4WD Guides 7

OUTBACK 4WD GUIDES Classic Outback Tracks 9781921683923, $39.99

Classic Outback Tracks explores Australia’s classic 4WD tracks, including the Gunbarrel Highway, Canning Stock Route and Birdsville Track. Illustrated throughout with wonderful colour photography and detailed route maps, Classic Outback Tracks will enthuse anyone with a yearning to get out and explore Australia’s awesome interior • Written by Vic Widman, one of Australia’s leading outback four-wheel drive tour operators • Includes 19 of the country’s classic outback four-wheel drive tracks • Provides expert advice about driving times and road conditions • Includes detailed, full-colour route maps

8 Boiling Billy Outback 4WD Guides

Travelling the Outback 9781921606649, $34.99

Since this title was first published in 1999, Travelling the Outback has become a must for any traveller venturing into Australia’s vast inland. This book takes the reader step-by-step through the planning and preparation involved in making outback travels not only enjoyable but as hassle-free and safe as possible. • Written by Vic Widman, one of Australia’s leading outback four-wheel drive tour operators • Trusted reference by 4WD clubs and enthusiasts • Provides expert advice about preparing for trips, selecting equipment, and choosing destinations

Boiling Billy Outback 4WD Guides 9

TECHNICAL 4WD GUIDES 4WD Handbook 2/e 9781922131584, $44.99

The bestselling 4WD bible, now in a fully revised and updated edition. Meticulously researched to cover everything a driver needs to know about 4WD, Robert Pepper’s 4WD Handbook is quite simply the most comprehensive guide to 4WD and 4WDriving available anywhere in the world. This title features extensive chapters on driving theory and techniques, detailed information on navigation, communications and gear selection, and expert how-to dedicated to vehicle recovery. • The most comprehensive guide to 4WDriving available • Supported by website with ongoing technical updates • Written by 4WD expert and motoring journalist Robert Pepper • Boiling Billy reputation for quality

10 Boiling Billy Technical 4WD Guides

4WD Glovebox Guide 2/e Spiral edition: 9781925403336, $29.99

This easy-to-understand guide has been written by Robert Pepper, also author of the bestselling 4WD Handbook. This rugged A5 spiral-bound guide fits neatly in the traveller’s glovebox, and is the ideal driver reference for any tricky driving situation. This guide also meets the requirements of Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation (4WD) and is a vital reference for this course. • A superb succinct reference that helps ensure 4WD safety • Explains how to get out of trouble, with clear recovery techniques • Provides specific driving techniques for hills, mud, water, sand and rock • Supported by website with ongoing technical updates • Written by 4WD expert and motoring journalist Robert Pepper

Boiling Billy Technical 4WD Guides 11

BUSH COOKING GUIDES Australian Bush Cooking Perfect bound edition: 9781921203930, $34.99

Australian Bush Cooking offers easy to follow, delicious recipes for the camper who doesn’t want to sacrifice great taste for the great outdoors. With over 200 recipes to choose from, all categorized for easy reference, Australian Bush Cooking is the perfect resource for the outdoor enthusiast with a taste for the tasty.

• Over 200 tempting recipes • In full colour • Offers advice on the best techniques and equipment for great results

12 Boiling Billy Bush Cooking Guides

Australian Camp Oven Cooking Perfect bound edition: 9781921874901, $34.99

The art of camp oven cooking is now as simple as cooking a barbecue. With two decades of outback cooking experience guiding the way, author Jo Clews helps demystify all aspects of camp oven cooking.

• Includes over 120 tempting recipes • Offers advice on the best techniques and equipment for great results • The essential ingredient for every bush cook’s tuckerbox

Boiling Billy Bush Cooking Guides 13

HARDCOVER PICTORIALS Australian Bush Pubs 2/e Hardback: 9781925403411, $49.99

Australian Bush Pubs takes the reader on a journey through the great Australian Outback to the most iconic pubs that populate this beautiful nation. Profiling the most celebrated outback institutions and their often quirky histories, the text is complimented with the stunning photography of Craig Lewis. This coffee table book is the perfect present for anyone interested in the greatest of Australian traditions: the outback pub!

• Profiles over 40 of Australia’s historic watering holes • Beautiful, full-colour photography

14 Boiling Billy Hardcover Pictorials

High Country Huts & Homesteads Hardback: 9781925403398, $49.99

Lavishly illustrated with beautiful full-colour photographs, High Country Huts is a nostalgic collection of abandoned mountain homesteads, shearer’s huts, travellers shelters and many other lonely structures. The text portrays a short history of each hut along with many fascinating accompanying stories! This coffee table will delight any lover of the high country.

• Profiles over 60 of Australia’s historic mountain shelters • Beautiful, full-colour photography

Boiling Billy Hardcover Pictorials 15

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Adventure 4WD Guides 4WD Treks Close To Sydney 6/’e 4WD Treks Close to Melbourne 3/e 4WD Treks Close to Brisbane 2/e Outback 4WD Guides Classic Outback 4WD Tracks Travelling the Outback 2/e Bush Cooking Guides Australian Bush Cooking 3/e Australian Camp Oven Cooking Hardback pictorial Australian Bush Pubs 2/e High Country Huts & Homesteads

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Boiling Billy 2018 Adventure Catagloue  
Boiling Billy 2018 Adventure Catagloue  

Boiling Billy Adventure Catalogue 2018 has all of the books and guides you will need to make your Aussie adventures trips to remember.