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FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012 (continued from front page)

Exempt Trash Pickup Charges For Nonprofits The Bloomberg administration’s plan to charge for trash pickup will cost non-profit groups about $17 million. This new policy proposal would have adverse effects on thousands of non-profits around the city, including colleges, churches, museums, social service groups, cultural institutions and athletic programs in Queens as well as all others throughout New York City. “We need to do everything we can to support our non-profit organizations and cultural groups, which work tirelessly to provide vital social services for countless individuals and families and help make New York City the amazing place it is,” said Council Member Greenfield. “This short-sighted decision will have a major impact on these groups at a time they can least afford it, and could easily end up costing the city in the long run when we have to replace the services we lose as a result. These groups add to the fabric of this city and should not be taken for granted, and my bill ensures the city doesn’t turn to them for revenue when it comes to a basic municipal service. I thank my colleagues including Councilman Van Bramer for co-sponsoring this legislation and for his advocacy on behalf of cultural groups throughout the city.”

Proposed Int. No. 792-A: Rates for collection and disposal. The commissioner may charge for the collection and disposal of ashes, street sweepings, garbage, refuse, rubbish, dead animals, night soil and offal, and all wastes and recyclables, including trade waste from business, industrial, manufacturing, or other establishments conducted for profit, at rates established by the council by local law, upon recommendation of the commissioner, and on such terms and conditions as the commissioner shall prescribe and subject to rules of the department governing such collection and disposal. The commissioner shall not charge for collection or disposal of such materials from (1) any building owned by a notfor-profit corporation as defined in paragraph five or a foreign corporation as defined in paragraph seven of subdivision a of section one hundred two of the New York state not-for-profit corporation law, except for portions of such buildings leased to or otherwise utilized by for-profit entities, or (2) any not-for-profit corporation or institution, including, but not limited to, such a corporation or institution maintaining or operating a public library, museum, botanical garden, arboretum, memorial building, aquarium, zoological garden or similar facility.


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