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Types of Finance for Rolls Royce Most of the customers select one of these three forms of financing for luxurious cars like Rolls Royce: • Hire purchase • Lease purchase • Personal contract purchase Hire purchase agreements are popular Rolls Royce finance option due to their simplicity. A primary deposit is followed by regular repayments, usually over a period of two, three or four years. This can be done with cash, a combination of the two, or the value or rights provided in the shape of a part-exchange vehicle. The arrangement can be voided at any point by simply paying the remaining balance, plus any interest. Lease purchase policies allow you to lessen the size of repayments by deferring part of the costs to a "balloon payment" at the end of the term. Personal contract purchases arrangements are based on the expected value of your vehicle at an agreed point in the future. When that period of time comes, you can retain the option either to trade in your car on a deal called part-exchange, pay the GMFV and take ownership of the vehicle, or return the car. All types of Rolls Royce finance, whether it is good or bad, can qualify for an auto loan. Small interest car loans are available for customers with existing loans. There are many companies that provide Rolls Royce finance such as, Woodside credit, H.R. Owen, etc. They have a team of experienced professionals provides expert, confidential advice and insurance services.

Types of Finance for Rolls Royce