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Your friendly guide to all things Wood’s Homes.

Table of Contents A Bit of History


Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our Leadership


Research / Boards


Programs & Start Dates


Program Pillars


Our Locations


Our Events


Wood’s Homes Foundation


Support Services


Contact Us


Key Messages


FAME Requests


Emergency Preparedness



A bit of history Wood’s Homes was founded as an orphanage by Reverend George Wood in 1914 in Innisfail, Alberta. The Presbyterian minister agreed to care for two motherless children so their father could serve overseas. That pivotal moment was the foundation for what today is our nationallyrecognized children’s mental health centre.

Reverend George Wood and his wife Annie (right) sit surrounded by some of the first children to be cared for at Wood’s Homes.

Want to know more? Check out our FAQs and more about our history at

Our Mission

We create and provide quality mental health services that promote and restore the wellbeing of children and families who struggle with problems big and small.

Our Vision

A world that values and nurtures the mental health of all people and when needed, ensures quality, timely help for all.

Our Values

Commitment - An unwavering persistence in situations most difficult, guided by a call to service and expectations of excellence. Respect - An appreciation of differences and cultural diversity and a belief in the inherent good of each and every individual. Belonging - Acceptance and encouragement of the very basic human need to be connected with others and the development of a collective and inclusive organizational culture. Responsibility - Combining the courage to be accountable with the power of vulnerability and forgiveness. Leadership - Strive for excellence, work with others and lead by example. Trustworthiness - Tell the truth with compassion; be honest, open and dependable.

Ethics are important to our organization. Visit our Intranet for the Ethics of Human Development, developed by David Thomas, PhD. On the landing page, after scrolling down a bit, look to the left under Helpful Shortcuts for David Thomas Ethic Summaries.


Jane Matheson PhD, RSW:


Our Leadership

Jane has been working at Wood’s Homes for 34 years, and has been our CEO since 1995. She is a social worker with interests in residential treatment, leadership, supervision and children’s mental health issues of all types – particularly for troubled adolescents and their families. Jane received her MSW (1979) from the Faculty of Social Work - University of Toronto, and her PhD (1999) from the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary. She is an Adjunct Professor with the Faculty of Social Work at the U of C, teaching a variety of courses each year in leadership and children’s mental health. Jane is a Past President of the Child Welfare League of Canada, a Surveyor with Accreditation Canada and a past member of the Examination Committee at the Association of Social Work Boards in Washington, DC.

The Directors

Teri Basi

Susan Gardiner

Peter Wittig

Bjorn Johansson

Dean Soenen

Rand Smale







Years with Wood’s Homes: 30

Years with Wood’s Homes: 29

Years with Wood’s Homes: 29

Years with Wood’s Homes: 26

Years with Wood’s Homes: 25

Years with Wood’s Homes: 7

Angelique Jenney PhD, RSW:

Our Research Chair

Angelique joined Wood’s Homes in 2017 as the Research Chair in Children’s Mental Health, a partnership with the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Social Work. She brings with her more than 25 years of expertise in working with children and families. In conjunction with our Research Department, clinicians and social workers, Angelique works to enhance and expand our knowledge in mental health treatment. For a look at Angelique’s work at Wood’s Homes, visit our Intranet where she publishes regular Research Dispatches, sharing news on publications, trainings, research projects, symposiums and more.

Our Boards Wood’s Homes:

Wood’s Homes Foundation:

Wood’s Homes Society:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

manages our operations Dan Dunlop (Chair) Heather Heasman Eric Axford Robert Hayes David Arthur Chris Chornohos Collin Harris Lisa Fleck Sandra Mah Brian Heffernan Dr. Gayla Rogers Dr. John Pearce Tim Stauft Terry Schmaltz

manages fund development Kata Acheson (Chair) Robert Hayes Heather Heasman Rob Caracciolo Renée Hopfner Dallas Paquette Doris Murphy Dunlop Nelson Whitmore Kevin Screpnechuk Joe Palin Eric Perez Shannon Glover

manages our facilities

Dan Dunlop (Chair) Chris Chornohos Terry Cotton Robert Hayes Brian Heffernan Kim Hubick Pamela Kazeil Barbara Murray

A volunteer Board of Directors has governed Wood’s Homes since May 7, 1921. Board member photos/ professional credentials can be found on our website.



Our Programs & Start Dates 2017 2015 Whole Family Treatment 2015 EXIT REACH 2015 YCSP 2015 Crisis Stabilization/Assessment 2015 Linking Employment, Abilities & Development 2015 Community Psychiatric Unit 2014 Youth Culinary Arts Program 2012 New Horizon 2010 Exceptional Needs - Under 12 2008 Family Support Network 2008 Capitol Hill 2007 C.A.T.S. Clinic 2007 Temple (now 6 locations) 2007 Starting Points 2005 William Taylor Learning Centre 2003 Collingwood/14th Street 2003 Research Department 2001 Altadore 2000 FASD Support Program


Outpatient Clinical Services

EXIT Youth Shelter Home Connections

(locations in Calgary and Canmore)

Foster Care Indigenous Services EXIT Community Outreach Eastside Family Centre Phoenix Community Resource Team Exceptional Needs Stabilization (original program) Evergreen George Wood Learning Centre

1999 1999 1997 1996 1991 1990 1990 1987 1987 1985 1985 1982 1954

Regional Programs: Polar Crescent Family Connections (Lethbridge) Stepping Stones (Fort McMurray) Trailcross Treatment Centre (N.W.T.) Wheatland (Strathmore) The Core (Lethbridge)

2016 2010 2009 2008 2004 2003

Program Pillars Crisis & Counselling Services

Short-Term Stays & Outreach

Parents & Families

Live-In Treatment

Preparation for Independence



Whole Family



George Wood

14th Street

Learning Centre






Community Resource Team


Capitol Hill Exceptional









Needs - U12

Family Centre

Wheatland Calgary




Visitation &


Support Program






Psychiatric Unit


Stepping Stones

Support Program

(Fort Mac)






Learning Centres & Schooling

Foster Care Network & Family Visits




Children’s Linking




Abilities & Development (LEAD)

Trailcross (Fort Smith, NWT) ROMP Catalyst



William Taylor Youth Culinary

Learning Centre

Arts Program (YCAP)

Phoenix Evergreen

New Horizon

Starting Points


Our Locations 1. Altadore: 4019 17 St. SW 2.



Bowness Campus: 4 cottages, 1 school 9400 48 Ave. NW, Calgary, AB. - Cottage 1: Temple - Cottage 2: Stab Assessment - Cottage 3: Catalyst - Cottage 4: Phoenix



Canmore: 301, 800 Railway Ave.


Capitol Hill: 1719 24 Ave. NW


Collingwood: 64 Cawder Dr. NW


Fairview: 215 Fairview Dr. SE



Fort McMurray: 102 McConachie Cres.



Fort Smith N.W.T.: - PO Box 450, 22 Poppy Cres. - 24 Polar Cres.(Polar Cres. Group Homes)


Inglewood Campus: 1008 14 St. SE

Temple: 6 locations 23 Templeton Place NE 4822 60 St. NE 6507 Temple Drive NE 1826 27 Ave. SW 4518 14 Street NW

Parkdale Campus: 4 cottages, 1 school 805 37 Street NW, Calgary, AB. - Cottage A: CPU - Cottage B: ENP - Cottage C: YCSP - Cottage D: U12/Crisis Stabilization

Renfrew: Children’s Village School,

1210 Russet Rd. NE

Strathmore: - 510 Westmount Drive - 601 Willow Drive


EXIT Youth Shelter: 112 16 Ave. NE


14th Street Basement: 4518 14 St. NW

10. Lethbridge: 312 3 Street 11. Marlborough: EFC/CRT, 255, 495 36 St. NE

We rent/own 29 buildings total. In Calgary, we operate in 11communities.


Never Give Up Gala (September)

Our Events

We’ve hosted a gala dinner for more than 20 years in the heart of downtown Calgary. Hundreds attend this annual fundraiser, featuring live entertainment, live & silent auctions, raffle draws and opportunity to hear clients speak about their journey and the work we do.

Wood’s and the City (April)

This exclusive ladies night out hosts hundreds of women who come together to learn about our work while enjoying culinary delights, entertainment, cocktails and fashion from some of Calgary’s most notable designers.

Lethbridge Children’s Benefit Gala (March) The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Lion King. These are just a few of the themes that our annual Lethbridge Children’s Benefit Gala has featured in recent years. Event proceeds go to directly to our Lethbridge programs as they support clients from the city and surrounding areas.

Stampede Breakfasts (July) We’ve hosted these on our Bowness and Parkdale campuses for more than 30 years on the first Sunday and Wednesday of the Calgary Stampede. With thousands attending the food, fun and western festivities are our way of saying thank you to the communities we work.

Oktoberfest (October)

As part of United Way’s annual fall campaign, we host an annual Oktoberfest for staff. With live & silent auctions, raffles and door prizes, staff come together to enjoy some beer & bratwurst while supporting a great cause.

Parades STAMPEDE: We proudly participate in the Bowness community’s annual Stampede Parade. PRIDE: We have a great presence in the PRIDE celebrations in Calgary, Lethbridge and Fort McMurray. UNITED WAY KICK-OFF: Joined by many other Calgary-based not for profits, we march down Stephen Avenue every September to kick off United Way’s campaign of giving. WHOOP-UP DAYS: In Lethbridge, we join local businesses in the annual Whoop-Up Days Parade.

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The history of the Foundation dates back to the creation of the Wood’s Christian Homes Endowment Trust Fund in 1990. The Trust was created to hold and invest Wood’s Homes’ accumulated surplus, and use the earnings on these funds to support current programming. In the spring of 2000, a metamorphosis of the Endowment Fund began culminating in its transition into The Wood’s Homes Foundation – a not-for-profit entity separate from and wholly owned by the Wood’s Homes Society. With the Foundation came a very strong focus on fund development, a high degree of accountability, and a big emphasis on stewardship, stewardship of our donors, stewardship of funds raised, and stewardship of funds held for endowment. The Foundation is located on our Parkdale campus in the admin building.

Foundation FAQs What does the Foundation do and how is it connected to Wood’s Homes?

What funding is available from the Foundation for my program or clients?

- The Foundation seeks individual and corporate support to help with programs and Facilities, new and existing. It looks for grant opportunities, providing assistance with funding and grant-writing. - Two annual signature fundraisers are held: Never Give Up Gala (fall); and Wood’s and the City (spring). It also supports several 3rd-party events and Days of Caring. - Donor communication: Each donor receives a message of thanks and hears about the impact of his/her support through our bi-annual newsletter, called UpWords.

- Children’s Aid funding: By application for education and skill building. - William Taylor Bursary and the Perry Crisis Fund: By application for families in crisis. - Santa Project: Holiday and year-round support for our families in need. - Check out our Intranet for more ways the Foundation can help! (What’s Happenin’> My Foundation) or by calling 403-270-1718.

How can I volunteer or help with fundraising events? - Volunteers are vital, especially for our signature events. Each require about 50 volunteers for a range of tasks (registration, raffle ticket sales and cashiers who can speak to our work). - There are also other opportunities. Contact Community Engagement Co-ordinator, Derek Moser.

Support Services: Common Questions Administration:

1. How do I book a room for a meeting or function? - On the Bowness campus, email Sarah Rempel or call 403-247-7103. At Parkdale, rooms can be booked through any of the reception desks.

2. How do I order stationary/office supplies?

3. Do I need a parking pass on campus?

- At Bowness, contact Sarah Rempel who will order after approval by a team leader or manager. - At Parkdale, use the same process with 1st floor receptionist Debbie Shipley.

- Parking passes are not required at Bowness. - At Parkdale, parking passes are required. Staff and visitor passes are arranged and monitored by Debbie Shipley. 403-270-1799. - At Inglewood, keep your eyes peeled for our parking signs.

Communications: 1. How do I get a brochure, invitation or banner made? - See the Communications area on our Intranet for our Project Request Form. Be sure to get Manager’s approval and email the completed form and any additional info to Communications Co-ordinator, Justin Wilson

2. Who do I connect with to update program information on our website? - We launched a brand new website in 2017. We take pride in keeping the site as userfriendly and informative as possible. If info needs updating contact Online Engagement Co-ordinator Lindsay Bear.

3. A neighbour has come to my program to report an incident. What do I do? - Contact Communications Manager Sylvia MacIver immediately. All complaints and compliments are documented. This is how we maintain positive neighbour relationships.

Facilities: 403-862-1230 (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) or 403-512-5103 (after hours) 1. What should I do if there’s an alarm? - Call Facilities immediately. Some alarms can be manually silenced, others silence once some time has passed. Facilities has differing protocol depending on alarm and will manage ASAP.

2. What should I do if I smell gas or smoke? - Call Facilities. Remove clients from area. Have a quick look around as you leave for the potential source of the odor. We will assess the environment, and will repair or contact emergency services.

3. What should I do if a program window is broken? - Call Facilities. If possible, sweep glass into a pile or bucket. Ensure clients are uninjured. We will respond as soon as possible, covering the window and then repairing.

3 12

3 13 Finance: 1. How do I get paid? - Timesheets are submitted to payroll co-ordinator, Christin McArthur. To submit expenses, please go to Arlene Gordey or Louise Koristka.

2. How do I find out about my benefits and pension plan?

3. Who in finance is responsible for bill backs?

- Benefits and pension forms / information can be accessed on our Intranet under Reference Centre > Staff Resources. For more information on benefits and pension, Contact Darla Cromwell.

- Accounts receivable assistant Kristina Radder. She can be reached at 403-270-1774.

Human Resources: 1. Where do I find Core Training and other training or learning opportunities? - Visit the intranet. - Go to ‘What’s Happenin’. - Click on ‘Training and Workshops. - On this page, you will find a training calendar and self-directed online learning.

2. How do I check my COE’s? - Visit the Intranet. - Click Human Resources (under helpful shortcuts) - Click the Conditions of Employment (COE) folder. - Click on the year and select the applicable month.

3. Where do I go to view current internal career opportunities? - On the Intranet, Click Human Resources - Click the Internal Postings folder to expand list of all internal postings - Follow instructions outlined on the internal posting document to apply.

Information Technology (I.T.): 1. What do I do if there’s an emergency requiring I.T. support?

2. My work phone password isn’t working. What should I do?

- Call 403-270-1710 and email I.T. at - If the problem is outside of your realm of expertise, DO NOT try to fix it yourself.

- Do not keep entering the same password. Your phone will lock you out and wipe its data. - Call I.T. and the password will be reset.

3. How do I book a room requiring I.T. support? (video conferencing, audio/ visual setup, conference calling, etc.) - Invite the room to your meeting as you would a person. - Add meeting technical support requirements to the body of the appointment.

Contact Us Parkdale Campus


(403) 270-4102 805 37 Street NW Calgary, AB T2N 4N8

(403) 317-1777 312 3 Street S Lethbridge, AB T1J 1Y9

Bowness Campus


(403) 247-6751 9400 48 Ave. NW Calgary, AB T3B 2B2

(403) 816-0338 510 Westmount Drive Strathmore, AB T1P 1B2

Inglewood Campus

Fort McMurray

(403) 774-1674 1008 14 St. SE Calgary, AB T2G 3K3

(780) 750-2252 102 McConachie Crescent Fort McMurray, AB T9K 1T1

Eastside Family Centre

Fort Smith, NWT

(403) 299-9699 #255, 495 36 Street SE Calgary, AB T2A 6K3

(867) 872-2552 22 Poppy Crescent Fort Smith, N.W.T. PO Box 450

Forest Lawn (Family Support Network) (403) 452-4438 4020 17 Ave. SE Calgary, AB T2A 0S7

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Key Messaging •

We are a nationally recognized, multi-service, children’s mental health centre that works with 20,000 children, youth and their families every year from across Canada.

Our 2017/2018 annual operating budget is $38 million.

Client and community safety is our top priority in each and every one of our program locations.

We proudly provide 40+ programs in Calgary, Lethbridge, Canmore, Strathmore, Fort McMurray and Fort Smith, N.W.T.

We employ more than 450+ staff and have 100+ volunteers.

Some of our campus-based, live-in treatment programs are 1/3 the cost of hospital-based treatment.

We operate under the Sanctuary Model of Care. This model represents a theory-based, trauma-informed, evidence-supported, whole culture approach. Ask your supervisor about Trauma-Informed Care.

3 15

In April 2017, after an 11 year, Canada-wide search, Dr. Angelique Jenney was named Wood’s Homes Research Chair in Children’s Mental Health in partnership with the University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work.

Our programs focus on early intervention: We know that immediacy of response, family-centred care, innovative programs and strong partnerships are key in supporting someone with a mental health challenge.

We are accredited through Accreditation Canada and have received exemplary standing and two leading practice awards. Our next Accreditation Process is June 2019.

Those in need of crisis support can reach out to us in a number of ways: Phone, eTherapy, Text, LiveChat and no-charge, walk-in counselling are available through our Community Resource Team and Eastside Family Centre.







Walk-in counselling available at Eastside Family Centre: 255 - 495 36 Street N.E.

3 16

3 17

Procedures for submitting a FAME request Do you need support or assistance with any of the following? • • •

Building & repairs Room set ups for meetings Recycling duties

• • •

Fixtures Moving heavy items Cleanup


Go to


Click on New Request


Click login at the top right-hand corner


Follow all the prompts


User ID: your email address



Password is given to you by I.T.’s Robin Mead upon your first day of employment

On the next page, type what needs to be done. Be sure to include all important information.


Make sure you hit Finish when you are done

Note: FAME is not for emergency use. Contact facilities by phone for emergencies (403-512-4103). Once work orders are completed, you will get an email notification from the FAME website.

Emergency Preparedness Fan-Out Plan STAFF: All staff must be familiar with the location and function of Wood’s Homes safety manual, especially their own responsibilities. It is each employees responsibility be familiar with the layout and safety procedure in their respective program.

SAFETY OFFICER: The safety officer shall inspect and record findings with respect to each of Wood’s Homes buildings annually. Residential programs will be inspected monthly.


FACILITY OFFICER: A role held by the Director in charge of Facilities ensures that Wood’s Homes safety manual is distributed and remains current. In the event of an incident, he/she will act as the primary liaison with emergency services and community agencies .

Incident Manager/ On-Call Director Response/Intervention Decision Meeting Incident Resolved


MANAGER/SUPERVISOR/TEAM LEADER: Managers, supervisors and team leaders shall be familiar with Wood’s Homes safety manual content and use. They will direct emergency response until relieved by a supervisor, Facility Officer or emergency services responding to the incident.

Facilities Office

FINAL AUTHORITY: In the event of an incident, Wood’s Homes CEO or designate will have final authority for all emergency preparedness decisions.

EMERGENCY SERVICES: Once they have arrived, Emergency Services will take control of the incident. An incident command post may be set up. These agencies require quick, concise information. They also require information on hazards to the safety of everyone present.

Post-Incident Review

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Woods Homes 2018 Reference Booklet  

Woods Homes 2018 Reference Booklet