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Alexander Arthur Ministries & Word of Life Christian Center International

present Pastors & Ministry Leaders C O N F E R E N C E 2012


Committed to the maximization of your vision Pastor Clarissa and I welcome you to the rst Annual Pastors and Ministry Leaders Conference 2012. We are excited about what the Lord will do here as He brings His plans for this dispensation of grace to a successful ending. We are of the opinion that the rapture of the church is close, and truly God is redeeming the time. Ministry is more critical at this juncture of church history than ever before. Souls are to be saved, bodies are to be healed, minds are to be renewed, miracles are to be done toward a life of total prosperity for God’s people: speciically, those who are hungry and thirsty for the authentic presence of the Living God in their lives. That is why Faith is so critical. None of these things can be accomplished outside of Faith because Faith is basic and fundamental to ministry! It is our prayer and expectation that you will nd the presenters and the entire conference to be relevant to you and supportive of your ministry. Yes, we are committed to the maximization of your vision. Come and let us go up together and enjoy communing with our Father God, our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Head of the church, and the Holy Ghost our Teacher. Pastors Alexander and Clarissa Arthur


Bishop Joe Cross Bishop Joe W. Cross is a native of Murfreesboro, Tennessee and has served and fought in the U.S. Army. He graduated from Victory Fellowship Bible School in Nashville, Tennessee in 1998. Bishop Cross has been married to the former Ann Smith for 38 years. In 1994, together they founded Freedom of Worship Outreach Church in Murfreesboro and established their vision with the purchase of 17.3 acres of land for the building program of Freedom of Worship Outreach Church. They have three adult children and one grandchild.

Minister Fred Adom Minister Fred Adom is an ordained Minister serving at Word of Life Christian Center International where he also serves as the Minister of Finance. Minister Adom has served as the Director of Metro Nashville Government, OďŹƒce of Financial Accountability since June 2001. He has a BBA from Tennessee State University and over 28 hours toward his MBA. He is a Certiied Public Accountant, a Chartered Global Management Accountant and a graduate of the prestigious Tennessee Government Association oered by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Minister Adom and his wife Florence have three children.


Pastor Ronnie Simmons is described as the “dynamic Spirit--lled preaching “Revelator” and his wife Pastor Terrie Simmons is described as the beautiful, Spirit--lled administrative “Regulator.” This powerful team pastors the House of Faith Christian Center in Smyrna, Tennessee. Pastor Simmons has ministered, traveled, and participated in numerous conferences both nationally and internationally. He served as a guest speaker representing the United States in an International Pastors and Leaders Conference held in the Congo of Central Africa. Pastor Simmons and his wife have two children and two grandchildren.

What is God’s Word About Ministry? PRE-REGISTER NOW for 2013 Pastors & Ministry Leaders Conference Friday and Saturday September 20 & 21, 2013 Pastor Clarissa and I appreciate your taking the time off from your busy schedule to participate in our rst Annual Pastors and Ministry Leaders Conference. Our prayer is that something a speaker said, as well as the Second voice (Holy Spirit) behind that speaker’s voice brought you closer to the First voice you heard about your ministry and even yet closer to the manifestation of that vision. Until we see each other again next year, God willing, may you increase more and more spiritually, mentally, physically, and nancially in Jesus’ name.