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Protection From Tee To Cup™


ALOFT® INSECTICIDE COMPETITORS DUPONT: ACELEPRYN® POSITION: ACELEPRYN® is the first declared reduced risk grub control granted by the EPA. It is the latest in white grub and surface feeding pest control and fits every growth prevention care plan.

DUPONT: PROVAUNT™ POSITION: PROVAUNT™ offers environmentally favored protection for courses nationwide against caterpillar damage such as cutworms and fall armyworms.


ALOFT INSECTICIDE COMPETITORS SYNGENTA: MERIDIAN速 POSITION: MERIDIAN速 offers quick-acting, broad spectrum insect control, protecting against grubs, billbugs, and foliar pests. A wide application window and relaxed water requirements make it the most convenient choice.


ALOFT INSECTICIDE COMPETITORS VALENT: ARENA速 POSITION: ARENA速 produces the best, long-lasting residual insecticide care that protects against white grubs and offers broad-spectrum insect control.


ALOFT INSECTICIDE COMPETITORS BAYER: ALLECTUS® POSITION: ALLECTUS® is the only broad-spectrum insecticide to control pests both above and below the surface with a low application rate.

BAYER: DYLOX® POSITION: DYLOX® works to quickly knockout pests through ingestion and contact to come to the rescue where other products fail. It protects against white grubs, mole crickets, sod webworms, and cut worms.

BAYER: MERIT® POSITION: MERIT® is the industry standard for preventative and curative grub control with a 90% efficacy rate on almost every type of grub and T&O pests and is backed by a 100% guarantee.


ALOFT INSECTICIDE COMPETITORS FMC: TALSTAR速 POSITION: TALSTAR速 is a water-based, long-lasting pest control product that protects against over 75 pests and has indoor, outdoor, industrial, commercial and food-handling capabilities.



SYNGENTA: HEADWAY®, INSTRATA®, DACONIL® POSITION: HEADWAY® uses the power of two active ingredients to deliver broad-spectrum disease control against dollar spot, brown patch, and many other major turf diseases using dual modes of action to control a wider range of diseases. SYNGENTA: DACONIL® POSITION: Part of Syngenta’s Turf Essentials™ portfolio, DACONIL® controls 14 diseases through a multi-site mode of action that can be used on turfs including fairways, greens, and course tees. SYNGENTA: HERITAGE® POSITION: HERITAGE® fungicide provides you total protection, from root to leaf tip, without compromising efficacy against foliar disease.


DISARM FUNGICIDE COMPETITORS BAYER: COMPASS速 POSITION: Broad-spectrum strobilurin fungicide that offers a revolutionary mesostemic mode of action delivering the highest efficacy at very low rates against turfgrass diseases, especially brown patch, anthracnose, leaf spot, and gray leaf spot


DISARM FUNGICIDE COMPETITORS BASF: INSIGNIA速 POSITION: INSIGNIA速 provides disease control and plant health benefits that enhance root systems and provide more stable control for extreme temperatures.


DISARM FUNGICIDE COMPETITORS SYNGENTA: BANNER MAXX® POSITION: Systemic fungicide that provides effective broadspectrum disease control in turf and ornamentals and offers great mix compatibility and stability. SYNGENTA: CONCERT® II POSITION: CONCERT® II offers broad-spectrum control against dollar spot, anthracnose, and gray leaf spot to bring green quality to fairways. SYNGENTA: SUBDUE MAXX® POSITION: SUBDUE MAXX® minimizes the growth and development of insensitive strains of fungi and offers control of Pythium blight and Phytophthera.


DISARM FUNGICIDE COMPETITORS VALENT: TOURNEY速 POSITION: TOURNEY速 fungicide offers broad-spectrum control of diseases including anthracnose, summer patch and gray leaf spot , while improving turf quality, so superintendents can stay worry free throughout the season.


DISARM FUNGICIDE COMPETITORS BASF: TRINITY® POSITION: TRINITY® controls anthracnose, grass patches and algae throughout summer’s toughest months to increase turf quality and decrease superintendent worrying. BASF: EMERALD® POSITION: EMERALD® takes away the worry of dollar spot with a unique mode of action. EMERALD can help when spots have developed resistance to other fungicides with low application rates.


DISARM FUNGICIDE COMPETITORS BAYER: TRITON速 FLO POSITION: TRITON速 FLO has unique, StressGard technology that protects against harsh environmental conditions and prevents disease like anthracnose, dollar spot, and brown patch, while enhancing overall plant health.. BAYER: RESERVE速 POSITION: RESERVE速 delivers broad-spectrum disease control without turf thinning caused by other fungicides. It also prevents algae growth and can be used with other turf growth regulators.


DISARM FUNGICIDE COMPETITORS SYNGENTA: HERITAGE® G POSITION: HERITAGE® G is a broad-spectrum, granular fungicide for turf that extends control to 28 days to control diseases like brown patch, anthracnose and take-all patch. SYNGENTA: RENOWN® POSITION: RENOWN™, part of the Syngenta Turf Essentials™ line, combines the features of both HERITAGE® and DACONIL® fungicides to offer systemic and contact modes of protection for golf courses and sod farms.


DISARM FUNGICIDE COMPETITORS BAYER: TARTAN速 POSITION: New, broad-spectrum product that provides preventative and curative disease control. Designed specifically for golf courses, TARTAN速 may be used on greens, tees, fairways, and roughs to provide 21-day control.

BAYER: ARMADA速 POSITION: ARMADA速 is a preventative fungicide designed for use on lawns for full-spectrum control of significant turf diseases by combining the power of systemic and contact fungicides. It controls a variety of T&O diseases, such as dollar spot, leaf spot, and anthracnose.


COMPETITOR Protection From Tee To Cup ™ 1 COMPETITORS DUPONT: ACELEPRYN® POSITION: ACELEPRYN® is the first declared reduced risk grub contro...