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wood river land trust

Photo by Larry Barnes

Winter 2011

A view from Croy Creek Road overlooking Croy Creek, the wetlands, and the cottonwood-dominated riparian forest that thrives near the Big Wood River. The Boardwalk is near the end of the rainbow. Larry Barnes took this stunning photo.

Crossing the Big Wood River


he Wood River Land Trust is combining restoration and recreation improvements into one comprehensive project with construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Big Wood River on our Draper Wood River Preserve in Hailey. The project was approved by the County Commissioners on September 13, and will be completed in early fall of 2012. Construction of the bridge will be by Western Wood Structures of Oregon, and local engineering support is by Galena Engineers. Continued on page 4

Restoration work has begun at the bridge site along the Big Wood River, and 600 cubic yards of old city dump fill were removed

Near the Croy Creek Wetlands Boardwalk, the welcome pavilion, and the Lions Park ballfield, the pedestrian bridge will create a destination spot for wood river residents and visitors alike.

Protecting the heart of the valley...now and for the future.

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