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SUMMER 2007 Family time along the Big Wood River at the Howard Preserve in Bellevue

Trout Friendly Lawns Protect Our Water and Fish Residents with Trout Friendly Lawns protect the Big Wood River by: Practicing water-wise lawn care You can have a green lawn and save water too! Watering only at night and avoiding over-watering protect our water supply. At night, less water is lost to the atmosphere and plants are able to drink more efficiently and sink deep roots. Over-watering in summer depletes our limited water supply and leaves less water in the river for fish when they are vulnerable to warmer water temperatures. Continued on page 5 n

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ur lawn care practices influence the health of the Big Wood River, its world-class fishing, and the quality of our drinking water. As our communities grow, so do the demands on our water supply. More residences and the associated lawns also mean there is greater potential for fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to enter the water supply. This summer, as part of the Healthy Waters, Healthy Future project, you can certify your lawn Trout Friendly through Wood River Land Trust. Trout Friendly Lawns help keep our water clean and protect fish in the Big Wood River—they can also help you save money on water bills. Whether you own a home on the river or live in town, you can be more Trout Friendly.

Protecting the heart of the valley...now and for the future.

WHO WE ARE A Decade of Commitment


cott describes his love of the West as an immediate connection to the area’s landscape and way of life. That connection brought him to the Wood River Valley in January 1997 to become Wood River Land Trust’s first Executive Director. Having grown up in a farming family in southeastern Pennsylvania that went back generations, he appreciates the values and benefits offered to us by the land on which we live. He believes that conservation shapes community—that we are all the inheritors of the land and water and wildlife and that being good stewards of the land brings us together.

“Education about the importance of agricultural, recreational, and wildlife resources along with a supply of alternatives to development can give the landowner options they might not have thought possible.” Prior to joining Wood River Land Trust ten years ago, Scott spent eight years with the Brandywine Conservancy in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, which was formed in 1967 and is one of the nation’s premier conservation organizations. He became senior planner at Brandywine, a position that enabled him to facilitate conservation of natural and historic resources for communities and private landowners. Scott secured our first conservation easement in 1997, and under


Borah Peak and The Big Lost River are inspiring views that stir our love of the land

his watch Wood River Land Trust has now protected over 6,000 acres. From a staff of one—himself—Scott shaped the fledgling organization into a staff of 9 with a budget of almost $700,000. In addition, his efforts (both administrative and physical) to save and restore the historic home in Hailey that now serves as our office were recognized by the Idaho Historic Preservation Council. Scott believes the restoration serves as an example of what can be done to save historic structures in this valley. One of Scott’s goals is to help people explore options for protection of the natural resources they value and still accomplish their financial goals. He offers effective Continued on page 6

Scott put in many late hours restoring the house that now serves as our office

Meet Our Board of Directors Trish Klahr

Finding the perfect door at the Building Material Thrift Store

Taking Recycling to the Next Level


he Building Material Thrift Store (BMTS) entered uncharted territory on March 31, 2000 when it accepted the first house donation in the Wood River Valley and, possibly, the whole country. Since then, the BMTS has received donations of more than 25 structures that were then sold, moved, and used again by grateful new homeowners. Due to escalating land values and a relative scarcity of bare land, many existing structures have been displaced to make way for new development. The BMTS forecasts at least 5 to 7 houses per year will be moved or demolished in the coming years. Thanks to the Building Material Thrift Store, there are more options for getting rid of unwanted homes than just demolition. Owners may donate a home that will then be auctioned and transported to the site chosen by its new owner. A structure that gets moved provides the donor a tax deduction and saves on demolition costs. It also saves landfill space, saves energy by reusing an existing structure, and may provide low-cost housing. In contrast, every demolished building must be trucked to a landfill near Burley with no reuse of its components. In addition, proceeds from all house sales are donated to Wood River Land Trust! In a time when people are becoming more conscious about recycling cans and bottles, imagine the impacts of recycling an entire house! For more information about donating a home or purchasing one by auction, contact Bruce Tidwell at the BMTS at 788-0014 or bmts@woodriverlandtrust.org.

Trish Klahr and husband, Lee Melly


hat I really appreciate about Wood River Land Trust is how it fosters community in our Valley. We sponsor many activities that bring people together to enjoy nature, wildlife and each other. Events like the annual picnic at the Howard Preserve, kids’ fishing day at Riverside Pond or the many nature walks throughout the summer are gifts the Land Trust brings to us all,” says Board Member, Trish Klahr. Trish grew up in a family of sailors along the shores of Lake Erie during the 1960’s. “This was a tough era for the environment when rivers burned and Lake Erie died,” she says. “This experience had a profound effect on me and I knew then that water would be a significant resource crisis and a focus for my career.” Trish majored in water resources science and limnology (the study of lakes) and moved to Idaho in 1983. She worked for the State of Idaho, the Idaho Conservation League and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Boise before taking a job with The Nature Conservancy and moving to Ketchum in 1995. “I have traveled and worked all over Idaho, a truly magnificent state, and the Wood River Valley stands out for its beauty, wildlife, rivers and streams, and proximity to wild country,” she says. “I especially value that the Land Trust is working beyond the borders of the Wood River Valley and assisting landowners along the Pahsimeroi, Salmon and Big Lost Rivers to protect their lands and waters. This work, combined with the Healthy Waters, Healthy Future project is educating us all on how to be better stewards of our precious water resources,” says Trish. Trish and her husband, Lee Melly, are very grateful to be living in the Wood River Valley and can often be found enjoying backcountry and trail skiing, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking and gardening.


CONNECTING Caddis Capers in June!


he trout are out, and we’re excited to play on the river! Silver Creek Outfitters and Wood River Land Trust are teaming up to host Caddis Capers, a kids’ fly-fishing day. On Tuesday, June 26, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., we will be looking under rocks, in the trees, and at our backcasts as we learn about fly casting, conservation, and bugs near the Big Wood River. For ages 8-12, this fun and informative event will provide the skills necessary to stalk trout on the Big Wood and an understanding of the importance of keeping our river healthy. Bring your own brown bag lunch and we will bring the fun! Plan on getting wet and dirty as we explore the great fishing the Big Wood offers! Spaces are limited. For more information about the event and for registration, please contact Morgan Buckert at 788-3947 or mbuckert@woodriverlandtrust.org. Registration fee is $15 per child.

Kids’ Fishing Day


ring the kids to a fun day of free fishing sponsored by Sawtooth Auto at our restored pond. Parents must accompany children. Fishing rods are available for use. Saturday, June 9, 9:00 a.m. - Noon Where: Riverside Pond at Heagle Park, Hailey

Fly rods and spin rods are welcome


Kids’ Fishing Day: A beautiful morning at Riverside Pond in Hailey

TO THE LAND Trout Friendly Lawns Protect Our Water and Fish Continued from page 1 Using Organic Fertilizers and Limiting Pesticides and Herbicides Certain organic fertilizers, like lawn clippings and compost, promote plant growth and nurture organisms that prevent pests. Some fertilizers can leach into streams and rivers, degrading water quality and stressing trout. n

Vegetating Stream Banks and Lawns with Native Plants Planting or maintaining native vegetation adapted to our dry climate conserves water and protects river banks from erosion. Along stream banks, native vegetation helps prevent erosion, reduces flood impacts, and shades the water to keep stream temperatures cool for fish during the summer. Natural vegetation also filters runoff from lawns. n

We have volunteer opportunities for everyone!

Volunteer Opportunities!


ummer’s here and we need your help! We have lots of projects going on this summer and need a little extra help to make sure they are great. Whether inside or out, an hour or a week, we are looking for volunteers to help throughout the year. From weed-outs to mailings, we have something for everyone to help us protect the heart of our valley. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Morgan Buckert at 788-3947 or mbuckert@woodriverlandtrust.org.

Trout Friendly Lawns Benefit You. They: n n n n

Are safer for children and pets Save money on water bills Are easier to maintain, once established Attract more birds and wildlife

There are a range of Trout Friendly practices to choose from to help protect the Big Wood and its exceptional fishery. Program participants can also proudly post a sign proclaiming their lawn is Trout Friendly! To learn more or to certify your lawn Trout Friendly, contact: Kathryn Goldman Wood River Land Trust (208) 788-3947 kgoldman@woodriverlandtrust.org Trout Friendly Lawns is a public education partnership between Wood River Land Trust, Webb, Clearwater Landscaping, Organic Solutions, Hailey Nursery, Eggers Associates, Branching Out, Alpine Aquatics and Clemens Associates.


THANK YOU. . . FOR A Decade of Commitment Donations were generously made to Wood River Land Trust between March 1, 2006 and February 28, 2007 in memory of: Clark Biedebach Pam Bowen David R. Copley Joan Duggan Thelma Eileen Geiger William F. Gillespie III Walter F. Haemmerle Terri Higdon Carl Kappes Mae Kintisch Ellen LaFleur Roy Lansing Merabella Jack Miller Jean Olsen Marilyn Polverari Ruth Purdy Art Richards Mrs. Sengelmann Topee H. Witcomb, M.D. Jack S. Young


Continued from page 2 and creative development alternatives—that is, possibilities. “Education about the importance of agricultural, recreational, and wildlife resources along with a supply of alternatives to development can give the landowner options they might not have thought possible,” he says. Scott is looking forward to another ten years of conservation successes and is committed to the Wood River Valley community. An impetus to his work is his family—his wife Sally and children Emily and Gunner—who, like all families in the Valley, reap the benefits of Wood River Land Trust’s restoration and conservation work. And then, there is that fishing commitment. A handwritten postscript on a letter by Scott sent to past president Kent Pressman in October, 1996, reads, “p.s. I caught the biggest trout of my life last Saturday afternoon on the Big Wood!!” He’s been on the river ever since…. Because of his dedication and accomplishments over these ten years, we have created the Scott Boettger Stewardship Fund to support perpetual and intelligent stewardship of the lands in our care. Donations in his honor are gratefully appreciated.

R HELPING US ACHIEVE OUR GOALS Condo Donation Provides Staff Housing Opportunities


yn and David Anderson of Sun Valley and Santa Barbara, California have donated a furnished condominium in Sun Valley to Wood River Land Trust to be used for staff housing. This gift helps address the Valley’s shortage of affordable housing and provides an additional means of recruiting and retaining excellent staff. The condominium has been sold and the proceeds will be used to provide housing assistance for our current and future employees. We thank the Andersons for their commitment to Wood River Land Trust and its current and future staff members, and we hope their example opens new opportunities for us and for other organizations to address the Valley’s shortage of affordable workforce housing.

Look For Our PSA on Channel 13 Generously Sponsored by Hall & Hall

Great News For Conservation Donors! A new law provides added incentives for conservation donations of land.


Increases the tax deduction for donations of conservation agreements from 30% of landowners’ income in any year to 50%;

Allows qualifying farmers and ranchers to deduct up to 100% of their income; and

Increases the number of years over which a donor can take deductions from 6 to 16 years.

These new rules only apply to conservation agreements and land donations made in 2007. For more information, contact Kate Giese at (208) 788-3947 or kgiese@woodriverlandtrust.org.

Lyn and David Anderson


THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING DONORS WHO GENEROUSLY CONTRIBUTED TO WOOD RIVER LAND TRUST BETWEEN MARCH 1, 2006 AND FEBRUARY 28, 2007. $25,000 and above Anonymous (2) Building Material Thrift Store Draper Family Foundation Fund John and Elaine French Family Foundation The Lennox Foundation Macauley and Helen Dow Whiting Foundation $10,000-$24,999 Croul Family Foundation Edward and Susan Cutter Robert Disbrow and Kim Kawaguchi Clark and Maria Gerhardt Harry and Shirley Hagey Hemingway Foundation Jack and Marie Kueneman Colin and Anne Lind James and Alison Luckman Osberg Family Trust Silver Creek Outfitters Steve and Diana Strandberg Tom and Joan Swift Barbara Thrasher and Rick Koffey Doris Tunney Gerald and Maryanne Whitcomb R. Buzz Woolley $5,000 - $9,999 David Anderson Charlie and Courtni Billow Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest Tom and Sue Ellison John and Sandra Flattery Roy A. Hunt Foundation/ Dan & Jodie Hunt Bill and Jeanne Landreth David and Lana Latchford The Lightfoot Foundation Scott Lucas Michael and Sarah Mars James O. Moore Bill and Sally Neukom R. Thomas Goodrich and Rebecca Patton E & H Humbly Bumbly Foundation Lois Rosen Springcreek Foundation/ Maud-Alison Long Pepper Walker


$2,500 - $4999 Julia and George Argyros and the Argyros Foundation Bank of America Foundation Brett and Trish Bashaw Gerald and Audrey Bashaw Tsunami Foundation - Anson M. Beard, Jr. and Family Millard and Peggy Drexler Peter and Betty Gray Hare Family Foundation Ali Long Don and Candy Miller Michael and Esther Ochsman Page Foundation Shafran Family Foundation $1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous (2) Lyn Anderson Babcock & Brown LP, San Francisco Richard C. Barker Bill Barrett Brain and Kathleen Bean Steven Beck Robert and Catherine Beyer Blaine County Commissioners Blue Grouse John Brezzo Steve Brown Dr. Christine Brozowski William and Lindy Buchanan Stoney Burke and Candy Forstmann Bill and Kaye Burnham Deer Creek Fund of the Idaho Community Foundation Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Richard Carr and Jeanne Meyers Jay Cassell and Gay Weake Christi Clark Charles Conn and Beverley Robertson Peter and Bonni Curran Jim and Wendy Daverman Peter and Pat Dinkelspiel Ann Down Mary Bachman and William Downing Fund Cecil and Sally Drinkward Bob and Linda Edwards Kevin and Jennifer Embree Jim and Sandy Figge Timothy and Tracy Flaherty Michael Flinn Peter and Ginny Foreman Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer B. Fuller

Wolf, Feli and Fynn Funke-Riehle Mark and Betsy Gates Gregory George Deana and Morley Golden John K. Greene Daniel and Sue Guggenheim Hall and Hall Partners Tod and Barbara Hamachek Len and Carol Harlig George and Paula Hauer Michael and Irene Healy Mike Howard Hull Family Foundation Kip and Marsha Ingham Benjamin Jacobson Glenn Janss Phillip and Edina Jennison Charlie and Kathy Johnson Steve and Courtney Kapp Gerald and Kathy Kavka City of Ketchum Wade and Heather King Garrett and Clay Kirk Margot Larsen Ritz/Larsen Fund Jack Latrobe and Laura Clarke John and Ann Leonardo Jack and Debra Levin Georgie Lindquist and David Friedenberg The Matthias Foundation, Inc. Anthony and Audrey Mattos Ken and Molly McCain John and Janet McCann Camille McCray David and Rebecca Meyers Mark C. Miller Larry Monkarsh and Family Kingsley and Cynthia Murphy George Ohrstrom Susan Parkinson Kent and Karen Pressman Steve and Victoria Riccabona Marie Rohnert H. Jon and Judy Runstad Graham Smith Chris and Caroline Spain Fred Sprenger John and Elizabeth Stevenson Larry and Nan Stone Louise and Trent Stumph Sandor and Terri Szombathy Charles and Cynthia Tillinghast Dr. Lucy Tompkins and Dr. Stanley Falkow Barry and Marjorie Traub Valley Paving/Lakeside Industries Willy and Mary Vanbragt

Frank and Lynn Whittelsey Latham and Suzanne Williams Paul Willis Woody and Priscilla Woods Benjamin & Theresa Wood & The Works of Grace Foundation Lark and Gary Young $500 - $999 Roger and Holly Anderson Fund Chip Bailey Mark Benjamin Scott and Sally Boettger Peter and Toni Breck Stoney Burke Burns Family Foundation Lawrence Goelman and Virginia Cirica Cynthia Green Colin/Jaloc Associates Robert Colman Bob Corker and Liz Schwerdtle Dr. and Mrs. Ronald I. Dozoretz Chuck and Nancy Ferries George and Sandra Froley Bill and Gay Fruehling Robin and Lee Garwood Gary Gigot Bart and Nancy Green Ron and Susan Green Fred and Bobby Haemisegger Hailey Rotary Bill and Anke Hall Marge and Dick Hay Lawrence and Rebekah Helzel Dave Hill Greg and Wendy Hosman Philip Huss Don and Beverly Jefferson Mark and Kathryn Kieckbusch Trish Klahr Deborah Law, Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation Member’s Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Bill and Marlene Lehman John and Elizabeth Lewis Ignacio and Marta Lozano George and Ann Macomber John Maine and Kim Baltzell Bill and Jane McConnell George and Karen McCown Wilson and Lisa McElhinny Mr. and Mrs. Charles McNamee Hal and Sharon McNee John Milner Carmen and Jim Moore Ed and Carmen Northen Ryan Ose and Andrea Perrin Ose Thomas and Mary Rees/Rees Family Fund

Robert and Betsy Reniers Robert and Beth Rohe Roger and Kathy Sanger Russell Satake and Anita Lusebrink Natalie Shuttleworth Greg and Hanna Skjonsby Stephen and Lee Ann Snyder Dick Springs Starbucks “Make Your Mark” Volunteer Program Jen Steele and Jon Hoekstra Mike Stevens and Liz Mitchell Bob and Carol Stevens Todd and Georgia Stewart Carl and Frann Stremmel Bill and Ginny Swigert Dave Theobald Parry Thomas Chris Thompson Jeffrey and Julia Ward Liz Warrick Macauley Whiting Jared R. Williams Gordon M. Younger Bob and Patience Ziebarth $250-$499 Anonymous Mark and Barb Acker Graham and Christie Anderson Kirk and Hillary Anderson Lynn and Claire Bailey Bill and Sara Barrett Victor Bernstein and Gail Landis Blaine Co. Soil Conservation District Hugh Blue Doug and Gail Boettger Elizabeth and Frank Breen Jefferson and Michelle Bruner Malcolm and Teresa Campbell City of Bellevue City of Hailey City of Sun Valley Lisa Cortese Polly Cronin Joe Crosson Dan and Sandy Dahl Thomas Dawson and Jerre Coyne-Dawson Tom and Candace Dee Steve and Mary Kim Deffe’ Lyman and Debra Drake Bob and Ken Dreyer Chris and Holley duPont Steve Durels Andy and Stephanie Evans Kenneth A. Fox Anthony and Carol Frank Mack and Ann Gasaway Dan Gilmore

Wendy S. Goffe Rita and George Golleher Charlie and Linda Goodyear Larry and Diedre Gordon Gordon and Sally Granston Fred Gray and Linda Parker Ed Grubb Linda Hackett Beatrice Ott Haemmerle Hailey Park Foundate Alice and Tom Hennessey Spencer Hosie and Diane Rice George and Leslie Hume Illinois Tool Works Foundation Jim and Wendy Jaquet Sandy Johnston Jim and Mary Jones Trent and Cecile Jones John and Diane Kahm Mattie Kling, Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation Member’s Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Bliss Knowles John and Andrea Laporte Robert and Deborah Law Jan Lowen Caroline Macomber Robert and Jan Main Jon and Margie Masterson Marie and Edward Matthews Chris and Penny Mazzola Cynthia Miley/Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation Member’s Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Dr. Robert Mitchell Marion Monsen Mark and Patsy Nickum Mike and Jane Nicolais Oliphant Family Donor Advised Fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation Pete and Barrie O’Neill John Orb Alex and Suzanne Orb David and Lindsay Ormsby Steve and Marylyn Pauley W. Jeffers Pickard Jack Powell Tom and Michelle Praggastis Duane Reed and Suzanne Strom-Reed Bill and Joanne Reynolds Nils Ribi and Patti Brolin-Ribi Richard K. Robbins Lee D. Rowe, MD Michael and Laura Shannon John and Nancy Shepherd Linda Sisson Mark and Debby Slonim Chuck and Barbara Snow Doug and Beth Stagg Michael and Lynne Sweeney

Crispin and Mary Thiessen Ted and Penny Thomas William and Diane Tingue Michael and Marlene Tom Lois Ukropina Robert and Mary Van Fossan Felisa Vanoff Wick and Liz Warrick Kenneth and Lynne Weakley Webb Landscape, Inc. Jaci Wilkins, Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation Member’s Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Wood River Resource Conservation & Development Wood River Insurance Richard J. and Esther E. Wooley Trust $100 - $249 Anonymous (2) Jon Anderson Richard and Barbara Angle Bruce Augustus Dan and Annelle Ballbach Bank of America Matching Gift Program George and Julee Barber Bill and Betty Barnes John and Janet Barton Roy and Marjorie Bathum John Beaupre Peter and Ruby Becker Jim and Peggy Berman Robert and Joan Bernhard John and Kay Besteman William Beye Thomas and Lorna Bigsby James and Jean Biondi Gary and Heather Black Jacob and Ruth Bloom Jack and Sarah Blumenstein Lisa and Paul Bodor Bill Boeger and Lisa Stelck Patricia Bolding Mr. and Mrs. Greg Brakovich David Bray Marvin and Alice Brown David F. Brown Amy Browning Barry and Sylvia Bunshoft Bill Bunting Robert and Jeannine Burns Vern and Connie Buwalda Bill and Eltiena Campbell Elliot and Elaine Caplow Page Chapman III Joe Chlebowski Ann and Doug Christensen/Christensen Family Foundation

Edward and Nancy Clement David and Courtney Cline Penelope and Harold Coe Kenneth and Pamela Collins Mr. and Mrs. Drury W. Cooper III Elizabeth Copley Bill Corlett and Faus Geiger-Corlett Cindy Ward and Clients/ Cornerstone Realty Bob and Wendy Crosby Steve Crosser Donald C. Dahlgren Ted and Crystal Paul Dalzell Elaine Daniel Anonymous Richard L. Davie Peggy Dean Dave Dederer Ross Dinkelspiel Jonathan and Susan Dolgen Jim and Jamie Dutcher Kirk and Pam Ebertz Kurt and Kelly Eggers Laird and Joy Erman Siouxze Essence Bill and Helen Evans Gregg and Janet Falcone Steve and Norma Farmer Pamela Feld Richard Fenton, Jr. Fred M. Filoon John and Daralene Finnell Jack and Suzie Finney Ed Forman and Jan Swanberg Janis Fulton Brian and Julie Gallagher Julian and Jo Ann Ganz Stephen Gerrish Robert and Deborah Gilbert David Giles Cherry Gillespie Ed and Penny Glassmeyer Bill and Mary Jane Godejohn Linda Goodman Molly! Goodyear and Mike Wolter Jim and Mary Goodyear Dan and Sara Gorham Charles and Elaine Gould Baird and Michelle Gourlay Maureen Groper Bob and Beth Gunton Douglas and Lorelli Hackler Thomas F. Haensly Charles Hall Dennis and Pat Hanggi Paul Hansen Scott Hanson Jeffrey Hanson Ellen Harris


Craig and Carol Hartman Ronald and Sylvia Hartman Joseph Haviv and Wendy Moss-Haviv Mike and Francie Hawkey Tom and Roberta Heinrich Tom Henderson John and Geri Herbert Wayne Herman Alex Higgins John Hill Harvey and Margaret Hinman Gary and Sally Hirst Jeff and Virginia Holloway J.K. and D.L. Holman Carolyn Housman Jeri Howland and Jerry Edelbrock Susanne F. Hubbach Klaus and Ginetta Huschke Stan Joseph Eileen and Bob Judell Richard Katz Family Foundation Cindy and Bob Kesting/River Run Realty Dick Kolbrener Robert and Susie Kopf Lex and Celia Kunau Diana Landis Latimer Family Rebecca Lee John and Carol Lowe Elise G.B. Lufkin Elise B. Lufkin Tom and Annalee Luhman Robert Lynch David Mackenzie and Patricia Garrett Edward and Mikel Magee Jim and Kay Marron Mike and Anita McCann Murray and Mary Sue McClain Arthur McIntosh III Rich McIntyre and Karen Greene Walt and Sandy McKew Jim and Willa McLaughlin Doug and Thelma McTavish Jerry and Sheila Mells Bob and Betty Meltzer Joe Miczulski and Angie Raybom Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mildren, Jr. Charles and Jeannette Miller Steve and Jane Mitchell Sally and Jack Morbeck Gerry Morrison and Julie Weston Marr and Nancy Mullen Roy and Judith Murdock Richard and Carol Nelson William E. and Adrian Norris Bixie and Bill O’Connell William and Priscilla Panzer Flat Top Sheep Company/John & Diane Peavey Keith and Paula Perry


Sue Petersen Kristy Pigeon Priscilla Pittiglio Arthur and Paulette Posch Hope Hughes-Pressman Nick and Sharon Purdy Phyllis Quinn Leigh and Louise Rabel Patricia Radeke Greg Rawlings Rawlings Family Steve and Karen Reid Peggy Richards Tom and Linda Richmond Lyle and Mary Ann Rivera Buffalo and Katherin Rixon Richard and Nancy Robbins Donn and Patricia Roberts Brent and Beverly Robinson Robert Romano Pete Rothschild Patricia G. Rothwell Penfield Stroh and Arne Ryason Calame and Dianne Sammons Lyle and Gloriana Saylor Norman and Lisa Schlachter James and Julie Schultz Peter Segal Timothy Semones and Susan Desko Irwin and Ann Sentilles James and Natalie Service George Shapiro Sandy Shaw David and Nancy Sheffner Gary Slette Jill Smiekel-George Don Smith Richard and Judy Smooke David and Barbara Speer Jeffrey Steinberg and Sherry Warner-Steinberg Clint and Michelle Stennett Brett Stevenson Nancy A. Streeter Sun Valley Long Term Holdings Eddy and Anna Svidgal Peter Taylor Doug and Ann Taylor Martial Thirsk Nancy Thomas Conrad and Jeremy Thomas William and Reva Tooley William B. Travers William and Joanne Travers Richard and Pamela Tucker Scott and Sue Ulbrich Gary and Linda Vinagre Karl and Diana Wadsack Dr. and Mrs. Max Walker Suzanne Walsh

Henry and Valerie Warden Liza and Parker Weekes Myron A. Weiss and Victoria Hunt Catherine Willard Jared and Cheryl Williams Scott and Shirley Wilson Jeremy Wintersteen Richard and Rebecca Worst Bud Yorkin Peter and Cheryl Ziegler Under $100 Anonymous John Ackerman Thomas and Jane Acomb Milt Adam Dan and Susan Alban Peter and Kristin Anderson Kim Anderson Joe and Ann Armstrong Bill and Marty Arvey Ken and Susana Ashcom Alvis and Nancy Auseklis Larry Barnes Nyle and Galen Barnes Daniel and Mariann Begovich Barbara Behling Carl and Gloria Bianchi Mr. and Mrs. Gene Biedebach Carol Blackburn Donald and Gay Boecker Rudy and Susan Boesch JoAnn Boswell Dick and Bobbie Boyer Kenneth and Leisa Brait Broschofsky Galleries Alan and Barbara Bruffey Martha Burke Steve Butler David Caldwell Paula Caputo Tim and Calista Carter Maurice and Elaine Charlat John Charney Sherri Chessen David and Lyn Christensen Don and Marty Coats David and Mary Jane Conger Jean Cooper Jerry Costacos Jeff Coupe Roger Crist Jim and Kristine Curran Melanie Dahl Arthur and Barbara Dahl Robert and Claire Dana Joan Danzinger Tanner and Jill Davis Rick, Anne, and Chelsea Dressell Scott and Barbara Earle

Dale and Jeanne Ewersen Frank and Claudia Fiaschetti Sarah Finely Renoir Lee Finizio Julie Firestone Joan B. Firman Ann Francis Woody and Margery Friedlander Ann Fuller Ralph Fullerton and Myra Friedman Dennis and Gail Galanter D. K. and Louise Gallagher Joe and Gail Gallagher James Geier Susan Giannettino Mike and Ann Giese Glenna Glover Kathryn Goldman and Carl Evenson Kathy Grotto Martha M. Hale Pam Hammond Gordon and Elaine Harfst Ginger Harmon David and Judy Harrison David and Barbara Hart John and Margund Haskell Craig and Donna Hintze Polly and Bob Holland David and Toni Holmes Karen Mott and Laura Hubbard Denise Jackson Ford Mary Ann Jenkins Page and Maureen Jenner Martha L. Jennings Lia Johnson Thaddeus and Virginia Johnson Bernie and Michele Johnson Bob Jonas Anne Kalik John and Jean Kearney Steve and Becki Keefer Michael and Naomi Kennedy Patrick and Cheryl Kennedy James and Linda Kennedy Kim Kerr Heather Kimmel Kintera Charity Gift Program David Knutson Debra Kronenberg Archie Levitan Ray and Sheila Liermann Beatrice Longley Robert Lonning and Elizabeth Jeffrey Kate Lopez Tony and Jean Mabbatt Paul and Jan MacGregor Jack MacPherson John and Carol Matkins Ron and Joan Mendelsohn C. M. Merz

Edith Middleton Helen Miller Bob and Melinda Mobley John and Nancy Mohr Jennifer Montgomery John Morbeck Leslie, David and Riley Mummert Janet Kellam and Andy Munter David and Sharron Murray Craig and Katherine Nalen Francis and Ruthe Norton John and Elaine O’Connor Jerry and Rebecca Olson The Organizers Nancy and James Osborn Janet and Harold Oyen John and Elizabeth Parish Nick Parish and Sandra Bowman

Mark and Roxanna Parker Michael and Lyndell Paul Jim Payne and Carol Goodridge Richard Peay Karen Pederson James Perkins Charles Pomeroy and Jude Hawkes William Pryor Sara Ratekin Don and Barbara Rau Karen Reinheimer Elwood and Helen Rich Theresa Richards David and Kathy Richmond Alain and Karla Rinckwald Ronald F. Robbins Scott and Kelly Robbins Vern and Cheryl Rollin

Michael and Julianne roos Jack and Miriam Rose Bob and Kate Rosso Jonathan and Karen Roth John Scherer Maggie and Brian Schilling Len and Phyllis Schlessinger Roy and Thelma Schwarz Larry and Nancy Shipley Charles and Barbara Smith D. William and Annette Smith Allen and Barbara Spafford Curt Spalding Craig Spiller Mark and Margaret Stewart Tricia Swartling John Sweek and Bege Reynolds John and Genie Swyers

Talent Focused Consulting/Will Northrup William and Patricia Targett Sergio and Denise Tavares Maria Terrazas Denis and Pam Thomas Bruce Tidwell and Char Roth Frank Tornello Robert E. Vestal Robert and Susan Vosskuhler Tommy and Judith Wells Bob and Dee Wilkins Nancy Winton Charles Wood Kathy Wygle Michelle Zimmerman

We facilitate the reuse or recycling of homes, building materials, and larger household items. Proceeds from the sale of materials are dedicated to Wood River Land Trust’s preservation of natural areas and healthy waters throughout the Wood River Valley.

(208) 788-0014


“Prairie Smoke” flowers bloom in spring and then turn “smoky” in summer

Board of Directors Clark Gerhardt, President Ed Cutter, Vice President Jack Kueneman, Treasurer Robin Garwood, Secretary Jerry Bashaw William Burnham John Flattery Trent Jones Heather King Patricia Klahr Bill Lehman Liz Mitchell John Fell Stevenson Steve Strandberg Joan Swift Tom Swift Chris Thompson Barbara Thrasher Doris Tunney Liz Warrick

WRLT Staff Scott Boettger Executive Director

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