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top-notch hardwood flooring A wooden Floor is warm, stylish, hygienic, timeless, environmentally friendly, and can be finished in any finish/style imaginable. A suitable wooden floor can be found for any space or room. Wooden floors last a lifetime. Therefore it is absolutely important to choose a top quality product. WOODlife does offer you that quality and versatility. WOODlife offers it´s dealers a full guarantee on it´s wooden flooring.



To make sure that You as a consumer also take advantage of these guarantees, WOODlife flooring is only available at strictly selected AAdealers.

Some of our guarantees and securities: 

at least 10 years product guarantee on our wooden flooring

even when installed over under floor heating*

custom made sizes are possible

large assortment in any desirable style

* only when installed according to our Installation Guide

Multiplanks WOODlife manufactures so-called engineered flooring. These floors consist of a bottom layer of water resistant birch plywood, on which a tick hardwood top layer is glued and pressed. Engineered wooden floors with a top layer made from a single strip of hardwood are also known as Duoplanks or Multiplanks. Because of their construction, multiplanks have quite some advantages in comparison to solid planks: 

Multiplanks are up to 75% more stable than solid planks.

That’s why our multiplanks are even suitable for installation over under floor heating.

Because of the stability our multiplanks are available in larger widths than solid planks are.

WOODlife: a lifetime WOODlife’s multiplanks are available in three thicknesses: 

12 mm, with a top layer of 3 mm

16 mm, with a top layer of 4 mm

21 mm, with a top layer of 6 mm

The wear layer of our 21 mm multiplanks is just as thick as those of solid planks. These multiplanken can be sanded down appr. 5 times, and therefore easily last a lifetime! Apart from that: most people feel the need to sand their floor once per 10 to 15 years.

Huge choice WOODlife’s multiplanks are available in widths from 18 cm (7,09“) up to 28 cm (11,02“)! Next to that, all our multiplanks are available in 4 qualities: 1.

Select Small sound knots up to 1 cm.


Nature Sound knots up to 2,5 cm, filled knots up to 1,5 cm, natural changes in colour.


Rustic Sound knots up to 4 cm, filled knots up to 3 cm, no sapwood, some colour variations, small cracks (filled).


Robust Knots unlimited in size, cracks max 5 mm wide (filled), larger colour variations possible, some sapwood allowed.

Rubio Monocoat


WOODlife’s multiplanks are finished with Rubio Monocoat hardwaxoil. This ecological hardwaxoil adheres with the First microns of the wood by molecular bonding, is therefore very sustainable, is easy to maintain and repair and leaves no colour overlaps, all to keep your floorboards look like new, year after year. Because Rubio Monocoat is 100% VOC-free and made out of natural ingredients, this product is very much appreciated by the ecologically minded. Rubio Monocoat is available in more than 40 standard colours.

easy maintenance Maintenance to your WOODlife floor is very easy. Every floor is accompanied by a maintenance kit. It consists of: a maintenance soap, a spot remover, a little can of maintenance oil and a clear manual. In contrast to many other types of wooden flooring, it’s unnecessary to periodically treat the entire floor surface with a coat of maintenance oil. You simply apply the hardwaxoil locally, there where the hardwaxoil is visibly worn, or where spots are visible. Even dreadful burn marks are easy to repair without any notable difference is appearance or colour!

WOODlife’s oak and ash hardwood floors are


Combined with our ecological, hard-wearing Rubio Monocoat hardwaxoil which can easily be repaired locally, a WOODlife floor is perfectly suitable in households with children or pets or in (public) spaces with heavy traffic. Furthermore Rubio Monocoat is perfectly resistant to including: water, whine and temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius.

The European fire regulations on wooden flooring are described in norm EN-13501-1 (the Euroclasses). Woodlife’s 21 mm engineered oak floorboards finished with the Rubio Monocoat Flamaway System, were recently granted a European Bfl-s1 fire class certificate. A Bfl-classified

fire retardant

product has a very minor contribute to fire growth, and does not result in a flashover. Woodlife's 21 mm engineered flooring can therefore easily be applied in public buildings, in escape routes and in bedrooms.

Rubio Monocoat is available in more than

40 standard colours!

Tips & tricks 1. Did you know that potential buyers of a house are willing to pay a higher price if the house is furnished with a decent hardwood floor? An investigation among 1500 buyers of real estate showed that more than 50% thinks a higher sales price is acceptable, as long as the property is furnished with a decent hardwood floor. According to the investigation a hardwood floor is ranked high on the wish list when it comes to home interior, even higher than modern equipment in the kitchen and bathroom. [Source: VDP]

2. Did you know that home improvement by installing a hardwood floor can, in some cases be tax deductible? It might well be possible that your country offers a national or local home improvement grant or tax incentive for installation of hardwood floors. Contact your local qualified tax accountant to find out.


To optimally combine your hardwood floor with your furniture it is recommended to make sure the colours are contrasting. Do you have dark furniture? In that case you might want to consider an ash engineered floor. Ash has a natural, bright colour and a characteristic, vivid wood structure.

4. Have your floor installed. A WOODlife hardwood floor is to be seen as an investment in your future, which deserves to be installed in a proper, professional way. The installers of your dealer have the proper knowledge and experience to make sure your hardwood floor is installed perfectly. Furthermore he or she can advise you in terms of: - is the subfloor even, dry and strong enough ? - which underlayment is needed? - should I install thresholds? - the proper skirting for your floor.

5. The finishing touch... Furthermore, a professional installer can: - install your floor underneath your door pillars for a very smooth result - finish your floor perfectly near piping, stairs, floor hatches or convectors.

WOOD from well managed forests WOODlife selects her raw materials carefully from well managed, European forests. Our multiplanks can therefore be purchased FSC®-certified.

This way you are 100% sure you are purchasing ‘good wood’.

On this picture: 22 cm wide ash multiplanks, finished with a white hardwaxoil.

The headlines in short: 

oak and ash multiplanks

with a top layer of 4 or 6 mm

in standard widths starting from 18 up to 30 cm

lengths possible up to 6 meters!

until 75% more stable than solid planks , and last just as long!

microbevel or square edged

in 5 different gradings

finished with Rubio Monocoat Hardwaxoil

wide range in finishing options: “from bright white to pitch black”

easy to maintain

hand aged flooring available as well

FSC®-certified flooring on request

can be installed floating, glued or screwed over joists

ideal in apartments with a sound reduction norm

Solid guarantee , even over under floor heating when installed according to our Installation Guide

Only available through preselected AA-dealers

WOOD and lifestyle at it´s best!

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WOODlife Flooring brochure  

WOODlife Flooring brochure

WOODlife Flooring brochure  

WOODlife Flooring brochure