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Dentist Clyde North

High Quality Dental Services in Clyde North Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery is a trusted name in dental services in Clyde North for over 5 years now. We provide affordable quality dental solutions by qualified dentists. You can get in touch with us for a comprehensive range of dental services including general, cosmetic, emergency, and family dental solutions. We have a dedicated team of dentists who have expertise in all kinds of dental services. Come to Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery for an outstanding experience!

Our Services Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery offers various dental services at the most economical cost in Clyde North. Here is a list of some of our dental services: Dental Veneers Dental veneers help in improving the shape, size, or colour of your teeth. The process focuses mainly on encasing the surface of the front teeth. Dental veneers are mainly used as a restorative process or as a cosmetic procedure. There are numerous benefits of dental veneers, such as: It restores chipped teeth. It restores broken teeth. It covers any problematic teeth. It covers any discolored teeth. It covers any gap between the teeth. 1/7

It restores your smile. We make dental veneers with either composite resin or porcelain. Both come with their own set of advantages or disadvantages. Discuss with our dentist which material would be best suitable for your requirements and budget. Dental Implants Dental implant is the best choice for an effective tooth replacement. It is also beneficial for enhanced dental hygiene. Other benefits include improved dental hygiene, reduction in bone loss, enhanced self esteem, and increases confidence. However, there are certain characteristics that decide whether you are a potential candidate for dental implants or not. These are: Good oral health Good overall health Good bone density Healthy gum tissues We provide the best dental implants in Clyde North at the most affordable price! Root Canal Therapy Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Clyde North offers the safest root canal therapy in Clyde North. It is a common process with high success rate. It is a painless procedure that is a better alternative to tooth extraction. Antibiotics are not good to cure root canal infection. You can call us for root canal surgery appointment. Come to us and we will advise you whether you need a root canal therapy or not. Scaling and Cleaning


We provide cost-effective solutions for teeth scaling and cleaning at Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Clyde North. It not just offers you cleaner teeth but also solves minor gum diseases. Invisalign Come to Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Clyde North for invisalign services. Our trained dentists work with precision to straighten your teeth. This process does not include any metal braces that make it a better substitute for braces. Teeth Whitening Looking for teeth whitening services? Come to us. We promise the finest teeth whitening services in Clyde North. You can get rid of teeth plaque and any kind of bacteria in your teeth with these services. We advise our patients for regular dental check-ups for teeth whitening for a continuing hygienic oral health. Wisdom Teeth Removal Wisdom teeth can create a lot of problems, like: Gum swelling Jaw pain Bad breath Tenderness Bad breath Cysts Bad taste in the mouth Redness in gums You might feel scared with the wisdom teeth removal process but once you come to Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Clyde North, our first job is to first explain the process to make it easy for you. We make it dental surgeries easy and beneficial for you. Invisible Braces


Need braces? Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Clyde North offers invisible braces that no one will notice. We offer you affordable invisible braces that boost your confidence and looks! Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic dentistry keeps your teeth not just clean and white but also gives you a better look and feel. We provide affordable dental solutions for Misplaced teeth Mishappening with teeth Discoloured teeth Broken teeth We have latest tools to provide you a complete range of cosmetic dental techniques. Enhance your smile with a boost of confidence with our cosmetic range of dental services in Clyde North! Dental Crowns A small cap that is placed over your tooth to cover any dental issue, cracks, or chips is known as a dental crown. We make customized crowns that match the shape, texture, and colour of the existing teeth. It looks too natural to be seen by the naked eye. Dental crowns can be made using: Gold alloys Porcelain Ceramic Base metal alloys Get in touch with Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Clyde North to get affordable dental crowns if you need it. Inhalation sedation or sleep dentistry


It is very effective for anxious patients. It calms the patient to get any treatment. Very useful and cost effective as compared to general anaesthesia. Dentures Services Clyde North In Woodleigh waters dental surgery, we do partial dentures both chrome cobalt and acrylic, implant supported dentures, full dentures.

Emergency Dental Services Emergencies never come knocking and same is the case with dental issues. Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Clyde North offers you affordable emergency dental services. Certain dental issues can be treated with ease if handled in time. Some examples of dental emergencies include: Abscesses Dental Infections Knocked Out Tooth Chipped Tooth Broken Tooth Severe Tooth Pain Fractured tooth Serious Cavity Give us a call and we will arrange for a dental emergency appointment without making you wait unnecessarily! In addition to these, Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Clyde North also provides the following dental services: Tooth extractions Periodontal disease treatment Teeth grinding Regular dental check up Providing dentures 5/7

The Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Dentists Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery Clyde North provides you with the latest dental treatments at the most affordable price. We have a team of caring and gentle dentists who treat their patients warm-heartedly. Your comfort and well-being is our first concern. We take our time to understand your requirements and customize the dental plan accordingly. We are open 7 days a week and deliver dental services with highest standards. You can get in touch with us for early morning or late evening dental solutions too. You can completely trust our budget dental care solutions. We make dental services affordable to make Clyde North more serious for their oral health. Book your appointment with Clyde North’s leading dentist – Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery today! Gap free checkup and clean with any private insurance It’s easy to forget how important a visit to the dentist is, especially if you’re already regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. So if you are looking for the most effective dental treatments, contact the best dentists of Clyde North at 03 9702 0234 or fix an online appointment here. Our team of dentists will get back to you to schedule a proper diagnosis of your problems and will ensure that dental problems won’t come in the way of your smiles! Book Dental Appointment in Clyde North North call on 03 9702 0234 or Book an online appointment. Gap free checkup and clean with any private dental insurance

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Very affordable and most recommended dentists Dentist Clyde North October 3, 2017 ★★★★★ 551 “Not far from Cranbourne best dental clinic in our suburb Very affordable and most recommended dentists” - Olivia Black

Delightful service and treatment Dentist Clyde North 6/7

October 3, 2017 ★★★★★ 551 “Delightful service and treatment. Care and suggestions made that caused very little pain, both physical and financial. Previous dentists failed to give such advice!!” - Ken Connaughton


Dentist Clyde North  

Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery is a trusted name in dental services in Clyde North for over 5 years now. We provide affordable quality dent...

Dentist Clyde North  

Woodleigh Waters Dental Surgery is a trusted name in dental services in Clyde North for over 5 years now. We provide affordable quality dent...