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Allestree Woodlands School School news for Friday 14th of March 2014 Dear Parents and Carers, Students, Governors and members of Staff, Congratulations to:  Amelia Maresca for being invited to visit the Houses of Parliament for ‘’Shadow your local MP’’ with Pauline Latham, as part of International Women’s Day.  Those students chosen to attend ‘’WE Day UK’’ at Wembley Arena.  Y7 girls netball team who won the City tournament.  Boys and girls badminton teams who came in 2nd and 4th respectively, at the regional finals.  Y8 boys football team who beat Derby Moor.  Bradley Moore in Year 11 who was selected to represent Team GB in the 2014 Youth Olympics for golf. Year 11 and Year 10 Internal Examination Dates – Y11 exams start this Monday, 17th March. Please go to the school website for links to the exam timetables for the internal exams which are being held for Year 10 and Year 11 students in March and April. Year 11 GCSE summer exams timetable have been uploaded onto the website. The links are listed on the homepage and under the ‘’Students’’ tab and by clicking on ‘’student examinations’’. Year 9 exams in English, Maths and Science will take place immediately when we return from the Easter holidays – the week beginning Monday, 28th March 2014. STEM Week – starts this coming Monday, 17th of March. Please see the attached schedule of events. Year 10 and 12 Parents’ Evenings – thank you all who attended and for the valuable feedback. The Key Stage Three READATHON which ended on ‘’World Book Day’’ was a great success and raised over £770! This translates into approximately 154 books which will be purchased and donated to sick children. Thank you all who supported. PFTA Meeting – this coming Monday, 17th March from 7-8pm in the school conference room. PFTA Quiz Night – will be held in the Theatre at 7pm on Friday, 28th of March. A bar with real ale and Indian food snacks will be available. The cost is £6 to be purchased in advance from the front office. Sport Relief Non Uniform Day – Friday, 21st March – Students have been asked to pay £1.50 to be able to come to school in appropriate clothing of their choice or fancy dress, and have also been given a sponsorship form to raise funds to do a ‘’sponsored mile’’ run around the school track. There will be sporting activities/cake sales, etc. at break and lunchtime. WANTED! – SCHOOL UNIFORM and/or SCHOOL PE KIT If you have any unwanted school uniform or school PE kit then please donate it to the school. We can put it to very good use. Please bring it to reception. Parent View – please sign into this via the school website to let us know what you think about the school.

Dates for your diary Monday, 17th March

Wednesday, 19th March Thursday, 20th March Friday, 21st March Monday, 24th March Thursday, 27th March Friday, 28th March Monday, 31st March

Y11 GCSE Practice Examinations begin Y10 Aim Higher trip Nottingham STEM Week begins PFTA Meeting 7-8pm Institute of Physics Lecture on Nanotechnology 3.45pm Y10 Product Design Trip Non-uniform day for Sport Relief German Exchange Return visit from Osnabruck begins Visit from the Mayor of Derby to celebrate our German Exchange programme Y10 Product Design Trip PFTA Quiz – 7pm in the Theatre Y10 Exams begin

Head teacher’s Surgery: I am available to meet Parents/Carers each Wednesday from 5.15-6pm. If you are able please make an appointment for this time by contacting my PA, Mrs Tate at 551 921. Annual Consent Forms: It is a legal requirement that a completed annual consent form for your child is kept in our records. This form, once completed and returned, ensures that your child receives the very best care during various off-site school trips. The form can be found on the school website under FORM DOWNLOADS. If you have not already done so, please print out a copy of the form, complete, sign and return to the School Office. Please keep your contact details up to date by ensuring that the school office has up to date contact details for you, including email addresses and mobile phone numbers. Parental consent: A reminder to all parents/carers that it will be assumed that you have no objections to your child's details or participation in any of the following:  Copyright/photographs and names of student in the Newsletters, Education Extras and on the school website  Internet access at school  Sex education  Data sharing with Connexions and other educational agencies  Fingertip recognition for student meals If you do object then please put it in writing and send it to me. A copy of the school’s privacy notice can be found on our website Raising of the Participation Age As from September 2013 there is a change in the age at which students may leave full-time education. A document explaining the new rules can be found on the school website under LETTERS TO PARENTS/CARERS and WHOLE SCHOOL. Taking a student out of school during term time st As from 1 September 2013, there is a change to our policy of taking holidays in term time. In accordance with The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, Allestree Woodlands will no longer authorise any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents or carers who take their children on holiday without permission risk a fixed penalty notice of up to £120 per parent per child. Free School Meals: It is really important for the school to know who all of the Free School Meal (FSM) students are. Whatever information we receive from parents or carers is confidential and students who take free school meals are not identified in any way as all meals are monitored using the ‘finger machine'. No cash is exchanged. If you think your child could be entitled to Free School Meals, please contact the school in any way that you feel is most comfortable for you. We are really keen that parents take up this entitlement so we would really appreciate a prompt response. Wise Pay – The school’s online payment system We encourage all parents and carers to use our school on-line payment system called ‘Wise Pay’ for payment of trips and other school activities or equipment. Details of how to do this can be found on the school website on: or by contacting the school on 01332 551921 or by email: Website: A reminder to regularly check the school website for news, reminders and copies of letters sent to parents/carers. Please note: we are in the process of revamping the Woodlands School website; therefore some issues may be encountered until it is complete. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Brady Headteacher

STEM Week March 17th - 21st 2014 A week of Science, Technology and Maths related activities, mainly for Y8 students. Theme: What will be different about the world in the year 2114? Comparing life in 1914 with now, we can see a great change in people’s lifestyle. Predict forward to 2114; how might Science and Technology have improved our lives? Faculty English






Activity The classroom of the future! How learning may be different in 100 years time. Designing/developing the classroom of the future with a focus on the technology which will be included. Maths STEM setting will be a future post-apocalyptic world in which misused technologies of the past have created a hostile environment leading to collapse of infrastructure, social and economic systems. Envision scenes from Mad Max, the Book of Eli or any number of films of similar genre. Possible future technologies are analysed from a mathematical point of view to evaluate their viability. Product design: designing the products of 2114 Food: The only meal you'll ever need to eat. One meal that meets all your nutritional needs in a single dish. Textiles. Fashion of the future. What will we be wearing in the future? Design it and make it. Music: creating sounds from the future ... How will popular music sound in 2114? Art: Look at artists and inventors visions of the future from approx 100 years ago. Draw an appliance we will have in 100 years. Drama: Devise a short piece of drama illustrating how we will live our lives 100 years in the future. Discussion in the target language of what life was like 100 years ago. Look forward 100 years and design a poster/picture story in the target language showing what life might be like in the future. Use of the correct verb tenses. Looking at old wooden racquets and compare using these with newer models to show how technology has moved the sport forward. Discussion of other areas such as sports clothing. Technology and sport eg Hawk eye, Goal line technology. Video referee: is a video always better than human judgement? Do human referees miss too much?

HumanitiesIndustrial revolution: how did this change lives in Britain and throughout the world? History HumanitiesClimate Change: then, now and future. What impact will it have on people’s lives? Geography Student ambassadors are coming from Derby Uni to run workshops on how we will meet our energy needs 100 years from now.


Other two Science lessons: In the year 2114... We are asking students of all ages to think about what the world will be like in 100 years and to share with us a vision of a development they think will have come into practice. This can be a new product, a scientific, technological or medical advancement or a design to help deal with demands on natural resources.

There are also displays in the Library.

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