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SUMMER DRESS CODE 2013 The following changes to school uniform will apply for the remainder of the Summer Term.

1. Summer Dress Code for students in Years 7-9: The summer uniform will consist of plain white shirt (short or long sleeve), plain black trousers/skirts and plain, low, black shoes. 2. Therefore students can leave blazers and ties at home – they do not have to be worn to, in or from school. 3. HOWEVER IF STUDENTS WISH TO WEAR A TOP IT MUST BE A SCHOOL BLAZER. JUMPERS AND OTHER TOPS or JACKETS MUST NOT BE WORN. Items such as these will be confiscated if worn. 4. Any vests worn under shirts must be plain white. 5. Girls are reminded that skirts must be the school skirt of the appropriate length for school. NB. If girls do not wear skirts appropriately then they will be required to wear trousers.

6. Summer Dress Code for Sixth Form students: BOYS should wear plain shirts (short or long sleeve) with plain trousers. GIRLS should wear plain shirts or blouses (short or long sleeve) with plain trousers or knee length skirts or dresses. All Sixth Form students should dress appropriately as they would in a formal office or business environment. Shorts and beach wear are not to be worn Full school uniform will be restored at the beginning of the Autumn Term 2013 Mr A Brady, 8th July 2013

Aws summer uniform code, july 2013