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Science is the lens through which I see my world. —CORINNE, CLASS OF 2010

Proposed Science Center Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

I know that my background in science at Woodlands will help me in college and later in my professional life. —ANNE, CLASS OF 2011

A career in science is difficult, requires a lot of work, and is a challenging and competitive road. —JENNIFER, CLASS OF 1997

Bioengineer & current Patent Law Student

Corinne’s Story From the time I was little, I always wanted to know how things worked. I even invented my own machines, once trying to create a grocery store conveyor belt made from gift-wrapping rolls to work in my child-sized grocery store. When I began Physics freshman year, I suddenly saw Physics all around me, such as potential and kinetic energy in two different field hockey passes.

Today, all Woodlands students are required to take three years of laboratory science, and over 74% of students at Woodlands take four or more years.

Science education has changed dramatically since 1961 when our present campus opened. The proposed Science Center at woodlands academy

I actually enjoyed studying for my AP Biology exam. It was fun to see aspects of my life I took for granted explained. I guess you could say science is the lens through which I see my world.

The quality of Woodlands’ science offerings is a critical factor in maintaining the school’s status as an outstanding independent school. We must improve our science infrastructure to prepare our students to excel in their university experiences and, for

I have been an inventor since childhood. I have always been fascinated by how things work. I readily disassemble and reassemble items. I recognize science in my everyday life— I can see why I should set the field hockey ball off my left foot instead of my right when trying to hit it far (I see the hockey stick as the pendulum, as it will have more kinetic energy the closer it is to the center of my swing. Therefore, it transfers the most kinetic energy to the ball).

some, in their careers in the sciences. Woodlands is committed to the construction of a new Science Center to replace facilities that are increasingly inadequate in meeting the educational needs of our students.

Opportunity is the greatest gift a young mind can receive.

I am interested in a career which involves problem solving. I intend to major in an area of Engineering with a possible minor in Biology and Ecology. I imagine graduate work as well, and certainly my career will be in the field of science.

Students here have an amazing desire to learn, and we have so many students here that want to pursue a career in science. If our labs were more up-to-date and were structured for today’s challenges, we would be better prepared for the challenges we’ll face tomorrow. —PHOEBE, CLASS OF 2010

More students today are seeking careers in the science, engineering, technology, and health care fields. Young women now enroll in science education at the same rate as young men, and according to the National Science Foundation, enrollment of women in graduate science and engineering programs has increased in each of the past 20 years. Improved facilities at Woodlands will help ensure that this trend continues for the next 20 years and beyond.

The new Science Center will provide for innovative course offerings and hands-on learning opportunities that will entice students to enroll in science classes as freshmen and inspire them to continue science education throughout their high school years. The construction of a new Science Center allows Woodlands to renovate existing space to make room for much-needed classrooms and offices that will support program growth and enhance student experiences. Excellent science programs require uniquely adaptable learning spaces and laboratories, technology to access global information, modern science equipment and materials, and space for student conferences and reflection. The new Science

There is not enough space in our existing classrooms to conduct experiments, nor enough secure space for ongoing experiments that span multiple class periods/days. Labs lack ample space to conduct group work, which limits idea generation and our ability to collaborate and learn from one another. Group work is an essential skill for work in any field, and particularly a career in science. We are not as prepared as we need to be for college and beyond. —CORINNE, CLASS OF 2010

Center will provide a state-of-the-art facility designed to meet these needs and National Science Education standards. Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart continues to be recognized as one of the finest high schools in the region by providing young women with an exceptional education that also cultivates strong values and deep faith. It is critical for today’s young women to have the educational opportunities Woodlands provides. Additional classroom space and the ongoing growth of our endowment assists us in attracting and educating a new generation of bright and talented young women. A new

I love the challenges and discoveries of science. But, our labs are organized in a way that restricts interaction with our instructor and other students. As society evolves with technology, we as students need to keep up with the rapid pace in order to compete and be successful. —INGRID, CLASS OF 2012

Science Center prepares our students for college studies and successful careers.

Your donation is vital to the future of our school.

The Science Center is critical to continue the tradition of educational excellence at Woodlands Academy. The Science Center will provide:


Laboratory/classrooms for biology, chemistry, and physics in a new

9,867 square foot structure.

> >

A multi-purpose design, complete with a laboratory and lecture space. Larger rooms for faculty to conduct long-term student projects

and incorporate state-of-the-art technology into daily lesson plans.

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Five student conference rooms for group projects & study. Sufficient faculty preparation areas and separate storage facilities,

allowing teachers to work more efficiently while providing a safe environment for students.

Science Center Campaign Science Center Construction Equipment Site Work Contingency Existing Space Renovation and Endowment

$2,100,000 400,000 200,000 800,000


760 East Westleigh Road

Lake Forest, Illinois 60045

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Transforming Lives Campaign Brochure  

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