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Volume 3 Issue 9 Woodland Tourist Information Center P.O. Box 1012, Woodland, WA 98674 (360) 225-9552 FAX: (360) 225-3490

“Working together to encourage, promote, and protect the economic well being and quality of life of the community.”

2012 President Judy Bartlett st 1 Vice-President Nelson Holmberg 2nd Vice-President Nora Bain Treasurer Darlene Johnson Secretary Mary Urban Director John JJ Burke Communcations Chair Carl Haeger

Upcoming Events September 20 - AFTER HOURS at WOODLAND GRANGE HALL 28-30 FALL FESTIVAL

September 2012 Our New Website is here!!! The Communications Committee has been on a year and a half journey through the world of websites. On our journey we have met many interesting and knowledgeable people. We have incorporated some of the best ideas into our new website. The business directory has been enhanced; it is fully sorted to be accessed both alphabetically and by business type. It also has our featured Gold Star listings. This directory is also fully printable. We have added a survey to the front page. This will feature a new question each week on a wide range of topics from local business issues to tourism to political issues etc. This is your chance to give us your input. We have had a tall order to fill by our need to incorporate both the Woodland Chamber of Commerce and the Woodland Visitors Information Center into one website. Our website is now color coded Blue for the Woodland Chamber of Commerce and Green for the Woodland Visitors Information Center. This color coding should make it easier to navigate the website and find what you are looking for. This has been an incredible journey for us, thank you for your patients while we have made this transition. Please take a few minutes and log on and look around your new website.

Storm Water Issue Update By Jeff Richter

As Citizens of Cowlitz County, We often allow others to make all of our governmental decisions for us. This, unfortunately, often leads to the implementation of permits, laws, and regulations that many of us do not really want, but end up dealing with because we simply don’t want to take the time and effort to get involved with local issues. As property owners, this particularly hits home when we look at the Department of Ecology (DOE)’s Clean Water Act. The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System phase II permit, administered by the Washington DOE, as authorized by the Clean Water Act, is intended to control water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants into waters. The regulations which are mandated by the Department of Ecology are extreme, unnecessary and unreasonable. There are those that call this

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Volume 3 Issue 9

2012 Relay For Life At the time of this writing the Cowlitz/Wahkiakum Relay For Life has collected $205,222.00 towards an ultimate goal of $225,000.00. This county’s Relay will continue collecting and turning in money until the end of August. In light of the current economy, this is outstanding! Just like almost every other entity and business, there has been a decrease for each of the last 3 or 4 years. This community continues to strongly support charitable organizations and the community as a whole. Last year we took 2nd place per capita of donations of all the 13 western states in our region. I fully expect that we will continue that success this year. The whole leadership team did an awesome job of guiding us to a successful event. I am very proud to be a part of this community and especially of all those that gave of their time and money to make this such a stellar year. After a short rest, we will start the process all over again and work towards Relay For Life 2013. Cancer does not stop and neither do we. The American Cancer Society will continue their work until cancer is eradicated from the face of the earth. As a short note, the founder of Relay For Life, Dr. Gordy Klatt was diagnosed with cancer and is being treated now. He now knows personally how important it is to keep up the fight. On behalf of Relay For Life, thank you, Dennis Bird Logistics Chair Cowlitz/Wahkiakum Relay For Life.

“What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate” by Mayor Grover Laseke

Nowadays, we are inundated with communications from a wide variety of sources. In spite of the many ways to communicate, we still suffer from the old adage that “communications is 90% of most organizational problems.” City government is not immune to this problem. Many citizens believe that government is unresponsive to their requests when the real problem is the lack of proper communication. To compound their perception, many times our citizens, the city council and city employees are only able to communicate in one direction. This creates dissatisfaction when the expected result is not achieved. George Bernard Shaw once said, “The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.” Like a marriage, communication has to be worked on every day by all the parties. Failure to continually improve the way we interact exposes us to unacceptable results and general frustration. I believe we can do better and hope that you will join me in improving the way we communicate. The city council has set two goals to improve communications. The first goal is to hold community meetings at local businesses where citizens and council members can actually hold a conversation. The first three meetings will be held in late September. The dates and locations will be posted on the city’s website, http://www. I will ask the Chamber to send out an email blast as well. The second goal involves a community survey to gather responses to several questions regarding city services. The methodology for this survey is being worked on and should be completed in the next 60 days. Continued on Page 6 Page 2

Volume 3 Issue 9

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Volume 3 Issue 9

Storm Water Issue Update - Continued from Page 1 permit a “rainwater tax” and a regulation looking for a problem. On September 27th, 2011 the Commissioners of Cowlitz County adopted the revised version of the NPDES Phase II Storm water Permit. The form in which the permit was adopted was a victory for developers, builders, home owners and citizens of Cowlitz County. According to a Land Use attorney assisting the citizens group, our county was able to adopt the least onerous ordinance in the state. This is considered a small victory and only a minor interference to the eight hundred pound gorilla otherwise known as the DOE. We celebrate this victory with the belief that we were able to make the ordinance less onerous on the citizens of our county. But was it enough? The original version of the permit was fraught with unreasonable, unnecessary and extreme language that highlighted the Dept of Ecology’s goal to further cripple affordable housing and our economy. The ordinance in its original and revised form is an all out attack on our private property rights and we must continue to challenge the Dept of Ecology’s regulations. During a public workshop leading up to the adoption of the permit, citizens were informed by the county engineer that the Dept of Ecology drafted yet another revision to the permit. The language in the new DOE permit is beyond reason and belief. It was at this point that a decision was made to contact our local State Representatives and Senators. Meetings were held with the Representatives and Senators from the 18th and 19th districts to gain support during the 2012 legislative session, with a primary goal of implementing a 5 year moratorium on any new revisions to the permit. The current revision to the storm water permit is being appealed by a coalition of concerned citizens and our local Storm water Advisory Committee held a meeting in

August to determine whether our county should join in this appeal. The decision of this committee will be taken to the County Commissioners and County Prosecutor Attorney to assist them in making the final decision. We should all agree that managing our storm water run off and having clean water is something we all want for ourselves and our children. However, the problem begins and ends with the notion that our government can decide what is best for our citizens. The Department of Ecology has gone unchecked in their overzealous efforts to control the rainwater that falls from our skies. They have not taken the time to establish baselines for gauging flows and pollution levels, nor do they feel it necessary to act on input from the citizens of our communities on how to best implement their rules. Furthermore, they have not conducted studies to determine the financial impact on the business community or the private citizens. The attacks from the DOE will continue. If we sit back and do nothing our private property rights will continue to erode. The battle will continue with the help of our county commissioners, staff, landowners, homeowners and members of our local chamber. What we learned from this process is that we can have a collaborative effort with our local government to fight unnecessary regulations. Furthermore, we should say thank you to all the people that worked so diligently in combating the extremism being mandated by our state government. If more of us were willing to get involved, we would certainly only see more decisions being made that benefit the residents of this county.


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Volume 3 Issue 9

In memory of George Fred Theony Oct 24 1930 - July 22, 2012

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Volume 3 Issue 9

“What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate” - Continued from Page 2 In addition to the above, I recommend several other communication methods: • Since nothing can replace a face-to-face conversation with two way communication, call to make an appointment to talk or to schedule your own community meeting. • Use the citizen comment form located on the city website. • Send an email to your city council member. Email addresses are located on the city website listed above. Comments can also be sent directly to me and I will distribute them to the city council or appropriate department. • Attend a council meeting and express your opinions during the public comment time. Most council members and I are available during the 30 minutes before the meeting starts to talk about your concern or issue. • Deliver your written comments to City Hall or present them at a council meeting. • Schedule a city speaker to present a topic of interest at a group or club meeting. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you in the Chamber newsletter. You can contact me by phone at 225-8281, by email at or through the comment form located on our home page at http://www. with questions or comments.

REAL ESTATE By Joel Lengyel

It is hard to believe that summer is winding down, the days are noticeably getting shorter and we are finally harvesting tomatoes from our gardens. September is not only a very pleasant time of year with beautiful fall weather, it is also a time when we normally see the real estate market slow down, but that is definitely not the case this year. Sales are up and everyone is busier than ever. Why the change, well from what I see and hear from you out there is that sellers and buyers are just tired of waiting and most everyone has adjusted to the current level of values. Hence, we are seeing the market make the turn we have all been waiting for. I read an interesting article at the Redfin website that caught my eye and here is part of what they are saying: “A survey of 982 prospective buyers in 19 markets by tech-based brokerage Redfin shows an increasing conviction that home prices are on the rise, and a growCarol Rounds ing reluctance to get into multiple-offer situations. Many VP. Branch Manager buyers who emerged from hibernation this spring eager Woodland Branch to take advantage of low rates and near-bottom prices 782 Goerig Street Woodland, WA. 98674 now seem to have become demoralized by the intense competition for a limited selection of homes for sale,” P: 360-225-9421 the company said today in releasing the results of the f: 360-225-8146 COLUMBIA STATE BANK survey, which was conducted Aug. 16-22.Seven in 10 of those surveyed said they’d encountered competition on

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Volume 3 Issue 9


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Volume 3 Issue 9

PRESIDENTS LETTER With the national conventions of the two major political parties happening recently, it’s a presidential time of year, which gives me thought that it’s good timing to provide a little update. Our current president, and friend, Judy Bartlett is still with us – more often than not connected by spirit, but with us nonetheless. Judy, true to her word, is fulfilling her service as president as much as she can from her new job in Longview, and has not resigned. She’s staying in touch with JJ and I, and keeping a close eye on what’s happening. As a practical matter, to make sure that we’ve got coverage of check signers available to JJ, or officers available to him for matters that need presidential action – such as signing a contract for the office’s new copier, etc. – the board recently took action to name me as acting president, for those times when Judy’s simply not available. I’ve accepted that role and you’ll begin seeing lots more of me at Chamber events from here on out. While titles aren’t all that important to me, you’ll notice that I’ll continue to go by “first vice president” until such a time that the membership decides to change it for me. Nothing else really changes. Nora will continue as second vice president, and whenever Judy has the opportunity to join us at events, she will.

After Hours

Don’t forget the Chamber-hosted September after hours, which is set for Thursday, Sept. 20 at the Grange hall. JJ, Mary and the rest of the After Hours committee are have great plans, including a barbeque from 5-7 p.m. It’s a potluck event, so please bring a side dish to serve 10 people. After Hours events are great a opportunity to network with your peers and colleagues, to learn more about each other’s businesses, and to just have a great time socializing, so I encourage you all to attend. Unfortunately, this is one event I’m going to have to miss as the port commissioners are meeting that night in the Yale Valley. Nelson Holmberg First Vice President

REAL ESTATE - Continued from Page 6 at least one offer, and 31 percent said they’d back off when faced with multiple-offer situations, up from 28 percent during the second quarter. While 46 percent believe now is a good time to buy, that’s down from 56 percent during the first quarter. And 32 percent think now is a good time to sell, up from 13 percent during the first quarter -- further evidence that would-be buyers think the market may be shifting against them, Redfin said. While 61 percent of those surveyed by Redfin believe prices will increase, up from 32 percent during the first quarter, the percentage of would-be buyers who are worried about the economy also grew from 20 percent during the first quarter to 27 percent in the latest survey. The National Association of Realtors said today that its index of pending home sales posted its 15th consecutive month of year-over-year gains in July, reaching the highest level in two years.” Good news indeed and with the upswing in the market, it is my feeling we can all breath a small sigh of relief. Yes, we still have a long way to go and lots of ground to make up, but maybe, just maybe we have seen the worst. I for one will sleep better at nights and it is great to hear the phones ringing like they used to! We here at Cascade Title are ready to help you and my experienced staff can get the job done.

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Volume 3 Issue 9

September 2012 The Woodland Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Meetings are open to the public. Please join us every Tuesday at The Oak Tree Restaurant from noon to 1 PM. SUN







33 12-1pm: Chamber4


Luncheon 6pm Planters Day Meeting 7pm: Woodland City Council Meeting



5 7:00pm Wdlnd 6 3-7pm Farmers 7 1-4pm Byron Fer-8 Historic Museum Society meeting







7pm: Woodland City 12-1pm: Chamber 5:45pm CommunicaCouncil Meeting Luncheon tion Comm. Meeting


7pm: Woodland City 11-12: Chamber Council Meeting Board Meeting 12-1pm: Chamber Luncheon


10-4pm Fall Festival at Horseshoe Lake Park

guson Birthday 10-4pm Community Safety Fair/Antique Emergency Display






3-7pm Farmers Market

3-7pm Farmers Market








7pm: Woodland City 12-1pm: Chamber Council Meeting Luncheon


After Ho







3-7pm Farmers 10-8pm Fall Festival Market at Horseshoe Lake 4-8pm Fall Festival Park at Horseshoe Lake Park




September 04 - Check website for details

Chamber Luncheon: Oak Tree Rest. Chamber Board Meeting: Oak Tree Rest. Chamber Communication Committee Meeting: Grange Hall Legislative Phone Call: Tourist Center Woodland City Council: City Hall Planter’s Day Comm: Grange Hall Woodland Historical Museum Society: at the Museum

September 6 - Woodland Historic Museum Society Meeting at the Museum

September 11 -Check website for details September 18 - Check website for details September 25 - Check website for details



September 8 - Byron Ferguson Birthday Open House at the Historic Museum September 8 - Community Safety Fair/ Antique Emergency Display at Horseshoe Lake Park September 7/14/21/28 - Farmers Market Downtown 3-7pm September 28-30 - Fall Festival at Horseshoe Lake Park

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September Final Newsletter  

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