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Vinyl Stair Treads And Precisely Why Every Stairway Really Should Have Them It happens frequently that someone slips and falls down the stairway. This can be scary and lead to injury. To prevent unwanted falls and accidents, covering the steps with treads can provide added traction. They can be easy to install and add a clean, classic look or even color to your stairway. By making use of vinyl stair treads, you can be assured that you increased safety at your residence. While vinyl treads are normally used in commercial locations, they can be found in a family house. In any sort of home, these treads can be used in houses with any style from modern, to rustic and even those with a more classic look. On any smooth inside step, these treads can be mounted as long as the shape and contour fit. You may want to think about painting the risers if you decide you would like treads on the steps. Compare paint swatches and vinyl products to get a good match with the treads you plan to install. With the lighting style in the area, you could easily match colors. Because you will be positioning the vinyl on wood steps, getting an exact color match for the two materials can often be difficult. It might make it easier to select the vinyl stair treads to begin with rather than the paint as there are limited alternatives. You can take a small sample of the vinyl in the color you want to a paint professional to get a color match. When complementing colors, never feel restrained. Mixing the colors of the wood and the vinyl can provide an appealing look. You could try a number of options for example you might want to use a deeper blue tread with warmer more neutral paint like beige or khaki. Additionally, you could use a neutral tread and classic white paint for a much cleaner style. In terms of installation, prepare the particular steps first. Use sandpaper to remove any old adhesive if the steps had treads on them before. Also, make sure that any paint, varnish or old coverings have been eliminated. Repair any damage on the steps with wood filler and sand the risers so that they respond well to the fresh paint. You should paint the risers first, eliminating any gaps or spaces between them and the treads you intend to put down. This also prevents you from getting the paint color on the treads. Wait no less than 24 hours after painting to put in the treads. So that the treads fit each step correctly, you will need to cut them to size as they will come oversized and untrimmed. The vinyl should cut very easily when using a steel straight edge knife or even a linoleum blade. When you are prepared for installation, make sure to vacuum and wipe down each tread. This will help protect against dirt or debris from getting stuck between the tread and the stairway. Do this just before you place each individual tread. To help guarantee that it is completely sealed at the edges, mount the tread by the nosing first. A good fit between stair treads and steps is essential. Should there be any spaces, feel free to use caulking to fill in the gaps. Vinyl stair treads not only provide an extra measure of safety in the home, but they can also provide an attractive look. Very easy to install yourself, they should not be difficult to place into

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Vinyl Stair Treads And Precisely Why Every Stairway Really Should Have Them position. Be sure to paint any steps before installing the treads, and cut each tread separately. The most important thing is to make sure that no space is between the tread nosing and the step. If you follow these directions, you are sure to be happy with your treads. You will get an enhanced appearance and increased safety from Koroseal vinyl stair treads through Robert Brooke & Associates. For more information on Robert Brooke & Associates are readily available at the corporation's web page,

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Vinyl Stair Treads And Precisely Why Every Stairway Really Should Have Them