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5 Ways Fintech Help Consumers Use of technology during Covid-19

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Pivoting to Income Generation Retirement The matter of when to retire varies for every individual. But whenever that time comes, it’s vital to focus less on volatile asset accumulation — and more on stable income generation.



Coould Covid Kill Entrepreneurship? Andi Gray, president of Strategy Leaders, shares outlook and tips for success


James Bond Tribute Manhattanite innovates and entertains during pandemic + concerts from his aprtments





Book of Five Rings Legendary Japanese swordsman’s advice still remains relevant to modern business in the age of big tech


5 Ways Fintech Help Consumers The use of financial technology services – better known as fintech – is increasing during Covid-19

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five ways fintech helps consumers 4 / ADVISORS MAGAZINE

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NOV 2020



At Wood Financial Group, our mission is to improve your lives by developing smart financial strategies for your financial independence. By utilizing investment strategies that have stood the test of multiple investment cycles, we customize financial plans that fit your long-term goals. Knowing that your hard- earned capital is the root for sound financial growth, we take our role as your trusted advisor seriously. We are honored to partner with you in managing your resources. We are committed to providing you the service and personal attention that will enable you to pursue your financial goals. As fiduciaries, we put you and your needs first. INVESTMENT PLANNING



Danny Prestage, a registered representative, offers securities through Triad Advisors, LLC. Member FINRA & SIPC. Wesley Wood, Rachel Biggerstaff and Danny Prestage (Investment Advisor Representatives) offer Investment advisory services through Key Capital Management, Inc. Key Capital Management, Inc. and Wood Financial Group are not affiliated with Triad Advisors, LLC.





Office: 615-826-5749 181 East Main Street | Suite 7 Hendersonville, TN 37075 FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC

COULD COVID KILL ENTREPRENEURSHIP? How To Make Sure It Doesn’t It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has left many existing small businesses struggling, and the continued economic uncertainty threatens to kill the ambitions of entrepreneurs who planned to launch new businesses but now must put their dreams on hold. “This crisis will end up being much worse for small businesses than the 2008-11 sub-prime mortgage crisis,” says Andi Gray, president of Strategy Leaders, a business consulting firm. “That 2008 crisis mostly hit banks, mortgage,insurance, automotive – all of which were primarily big, publicly owned stock companies. The only small business 6 / ADVISORS MAGAZINE

NOV 2020

dominant category was the construction sector which was devastated for years. Today’s crisis hits and potentially harms nearly every type of small business. “During that 2008-2011 period, for the first time, the number of business starts fell below the number of business failures. In other words, more businesses were killed off than were

launched, and many people wondered whether we had killed entrepreneurship itself. It took five years or more for the small business community to recover from that. The COVID-19 pandemic impact is so much larger and deeper.” And when small business takes a hit, the country as a whole suffers, she says. “Small businesses make

up 50 percent of the gross-domestic product and also employ half the workforce,” Gray says. “What happens to them determines what happens to the overall economy. We as a country cannot afford to fail them.”So, what steps should small business owners take to make sure they come out on the other side of the current crisis in good shape? Gray suggests a few questions for them to consider: How is your online game? If business owners aren’t already thinking of themselves as all-virtual, e-commerce sellers, they need to be, Gray says. “That’s how your customer of today and the future is going to want to buy and receive products and services,” she says. “You may need to update your website. Evaluate how good you are at social media communication and promotion. Rethink how you can get orders, track delivery, and receive payments virtually.” What’s happened to banking and access to capital? In recessions, banks shut down their credit lines, and reduce capital access if they have any concerns about a customer’s ability to pay down debts on time, Gray says. “This will get worse before it gets better. That means you may wake up one morning to find your business is facing challenges with access to capital,” she says. “To keep your credit lines open and approved,

it’s essential that you put in the time and effort to work with your bank.” Without access to the proper amount of capital, she says, your business may not be able to function. How have employees been affected? Businesses must be prepared for challenges that impact work production, Gray says. She points to a study by Microsoft that showed employees’ brains are measurably more stressed working remotely than in an office. It’s harder for remote workers to process information and they get

fatigued more easily. “And that’s just one aspect of what our employees are dealing with as the world around them changes so rapidly and dramatically,” Gray says. Build in as many communication and interaction tools as possible. Is your supply chain stable? “Get prepared for more disruptions as COVID continues to emerge and

reemerge and some vendors fall away,” Gray says. “And with hurricane season followed by winter weather, many poorly funded state and local support structures could struggle." Look at how your supplies get to you. If you’re part of the supply chain, look at how you deliver supplies to your customers. “Explore alternate shipping solutions and routes – trains, planes, cars, trucks, boats,” Gray says. “Now is the time to investigate all of them. Build in redundancy.” Staying in business is difficult even without a major crisis, Gray says, as three out of four businesses fail in every 10-year cycle.

“The good news is that small business owners are known for being nimble, flexible, and resourceful,” she says. “Many of them are finding new opportunities by solving problems that didn’t exist, or weren’t priorities, at the start of 2020. If we can buy them some time, they’ll be able to retool, market their new services and products, and keep good people employed.” ADVISORS MAGAZINE / 7

BOOK REVIEW by matthew d. edward

Book of Five Rings Legendary Japanese swordsman’s advice still remains relevant to modern business in the age of big tech

Miyamoto Musashi’s “Book of Five” Rings might not be Sun Tzu, but it still deserves a place on every entrepreneur’s shelf.


ntrepreneurs with experience in Asia know that reading clients, competitors, and even their own local business partners can be difficult, at best. Information remains more precious than dollars in the East – China, especially, comes to mind, although Thailand, Vietnam, and everywhere else in the region runs on essentially the same principle – and sharing is not the norm. Just as Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” found itself repurposed as a howto for business deals, Miyamoto Musashi’s “Book of Five Rings,” written as a guide for swordsmen, offers insight to modern entrepreneurs on how to see into a competitor’s mind – and better understand their own. “In strategy your spiritual bearing must not be any different from normal. Both in

fighting and in everyday life you should be determined though calm,” Mushashi writes, one message of many recommending resilience, mental calm, and to understand the right time and place for action. The warrior wisdom still applies today. One can see, for example, President Donald J. Trump following Mushashi’s dictums on unsettling the enemy – media outlets recently reported that China, internally, admitted to miscalculating the U.S. president’s willingness to engage in a “trade war.” That Trump has read Mushashi is unlikely at best, but common wisdom often finds its way into the larger culture. So too, can one see the common attitude in Asia toward negotiating contracts, with frequent feints, renegotiations, and last-minute additions,

as having a home within the swordsman’s worldview. But where “Art of War” looked at the marco of warfare, from large battles to siege warfare, “Book of Five Rings” takes readers to the micro level of mano-a-mano combat. The advice in this book is personal, focusing instead on how warriors should keep their minds, and swords, sharp. “Your attitude should be large or small according to the situation. Upper, Lower and Middle attitudes are decisive,” he writes. “Left Side and Right Side attitudes are fluid … The decision to use Left or Right depends on the place.” Mushashi’s five books parallel the ancient Japanese elements of earth, wind, fire, water, and void. Each book follows a theme – for example, the fire book covers

combat, in line with its element. Mystical in places, philosophical throughout, but also containing a wealth of practical thought on knowing others, “Book of Five Rings” is worth the read for entrepreneurs and executives either bound for Asia, or just looking for a new take on negotiation.

The Book of Five Rings By Miyamoto Mushashi, published 1645


by ron oertell

5 Ways Fintech Can Help Consumers During COVID-19 And Beyond While COVID-19 is having a devastating effect on the global economy and consumers, the use of financial technology services – better known as fintech – is increasing.


onsumers, through computers and smartphones, rely on fintech to improve the delivery and use of financial services. In unprecedented times like these, fintech provides a lifeline for some, and convenience for others, says Ron Oertell, Chief Financial Officer at LendingUSA, LLC. “Further embracing by the public and private sector of products and services offered by fintech can help lessen the effect of the downturn in the economy, now and in the future,” Oertell says. “Fintech allows for faster, smarter, and less expensive products and services.” Oertell provides examples of how the fintech industry is responding to COVID-driven consumer needs: Quicker access to money. The Paycheck Protection Program loans are an example of fintech’s ability to get money directly to people quickly, Oertell says. Fintech company Kabbage became the third-largest lender by volume of the PPP, following two traditional banks – Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase. “In prior downturns when the federal government has given money to banks, it’s been a little bit of a bottleneck as lenders tightened lending requirements – notwithstanding the government’s intention with the additional liquidity,” Oertell says. “It was harder to actually get money out to individuals and companies. By leveraging the fintech networks and infrastructure, the government was able to send money directly to companies 10 / ADVISORS MAGAZINE

NOV 2020

and, in turn, individuals, which helped save more than 35 million jobs.” More knowledge leading to better financial decisions. The pandemic has also caused individuals to use personal finance/budget apps for the first time as the need to watch spending has increased. “Fintech tools are more nimble, provide more information and deliver such information better than traditional methods,” Oertell says. “They provide immediate feedback on loan applications and how taking such a loan would impact a person’s credit score. Shopping apps that instantly find the lowest price for goods have proven especially critical in these times. Fintech companies process massive amounts of data and allow people to access financial help in real-time. It’s been instrumental in the boom in point-of-sale financing, when the merchant offers customers a financial solution to assist them in buying the product or service.” Lower fees. “Fintech platforms and the increase of consumers using them have spurred lower user fees, Oertell says. “Because of that, retail stock trading is one area where the cost of products and services has been significantly reduced, and to zero in many cases. By hyper-focusing on the products their consumers demand, removing barriers to broad adoption by a large number of consumers, and improving the user experience, the cost to the consumer can be slashed.” Alternative investment opportunities. The pandemic has caused more interest in alternative assets – those not

categorized as stocks, bonds, or certificates. Fintech platforms remove barriers and enable users to access these opportunities. “In a global recession, investors are looking for safe-haven assets, which has spurred more involvement in cryptocurrencies,” Oertell says. “With fintech solutions growing, companies like Bitcoin IRA have enabled individuals to easily invest in alternative assets. In turn, assets such as Bitcoin are at their highest points in several years.” Contactless payments. Social distancing measures due to the coronavirus have conditioned many people to limit faceto-face interactions. With fintech, people can access their money or make payments without leaving home or exchanging cash. “The pandemic has created a need for robust contactless solutions,” Oertell says. “There is fear with paper money changing hands over and over, and the same goes for pin pad systems. More people prefer not to touch anything outside their homes, and the World Health Organization is encouraging the use of contactless payments.” “Rapid, immense changes bring problems for which some forms of technology bring solutions,” Oertell says. “Fintech is well-positioned to help people who are looking for immediate help and long-term solutions as well.” About Ron Oertell Ron Oertell is Chief Financial Officer at LendingUSA, LLC, a consumer lending company focused on physical point-of-sale locations. He has more than 25 years of experience as an attorney, investment banker, investment fund manager and CFO, and has completed over $9 billion in capital transactions.

by joe innace



NOV 2020


he matter of when to retire varies for every individual. But whenever that time comes, it’s vital to focus less on volatile asset accumulation — and more on stable income generation. The state in which you live can play a major role in how early you can retire, as pointed out in a recent article on Yahoo Finance, which showed the lowest retirement ages, typically 62-64, broadly across southern and midwestern states.

Centrally located in Hendersonville, TN, just north of Nashville, Wood Financial Group LLC sits in the heart of what could be described as the U.S. early-retirement zone. Nearby states like Arkansas, Alabama and Kentucky have an early retirement age averaging 62. In others like Mississippi, Missouri, Georgia, both Carolinas and Indiana, age 63 is the average. “A lot of people are retiring too early,” Wesley P. Wood, president of Wood Financial Group, observed in a recent interview with Advisors Magazine, which he said can be problematic given that people are living longer, and often don’t have a financial plan in place. ADVISORS MAGAZINE / 13

And he should know. The firm’s typical client is someone who is in or close to retirement. “We’re a conservative firm,” Wood added. “We focus primarily on income-generating investment vehicles, bond and bond-like instruments. We do stocks as well, but most of our clients are going to be more focused on income and income planning.” Indeed, it’s all about income, he emphasized. If a client is able to generate enough income in retirement, year over year, month over month — more income relative to spending — the chance of running out of money over remaining retirement years essentially goes away. “But I do see, unfortunately, a lot of people who have not done that,” Wood noted. “A lot of people haven’t made the proper adjustments in their portfolios to start focusing on income and preserving their principal instead of accumulation.” The firm functions as an independent financial planning company, offering objective investment advice grounded in years of experience and insight. And Wood admits to being selective when it comes to clients. If a prospect is highly bullish — looking for considerable growth in their portfolio — then his firm is probably not the best fit. But a more conservative prospective client who is looking to go from

more growth to income, most likely is a good match. “Not only do we need to make sure that their philosophy aligns with ours, but we also want to make sure that we like working with each other,” Wood said. “Because some personalities may not mesh well and we want to make sure that we’re taking

on clients whose personalities mesh well with our firm, so we enjoy working with each other.” And once the work begins, among the first questions Wood always asks of his clients is: what is the purpose of this money? Along with that, what are the goals in retirement and what are the primary concerns?

" We're a conservative firm," Wood added. " We focus primarily on income-generating investment vehicles, bond and bond-like instruments." -- WESLEY WOOD 14 / ADVISORS MAGAZINE

NOV 2020

“The first thing we will need to identify is what kind of income do you need to have in order to accomplish all your goals and be comfortable, and then develop a plan to get you there,” Wood added. “And if you don’t have enough money to do that, there are some tough choices to make.” One of those tough decisions might be to not take retirement too early and, simply, to keep working longer. Another difficult choice could be to take less income in retirement. “We must start there,” Wood said. “And if we can develop a plan where we can generate enough income to where they never have to worry about running out of money, then we’ve done our job.” Wood Financial Group doesn’t set a hard minimum investment, but is typically looking for around $200,000 – or a client with enough assets to be a good one for the firm. That’s just sound business, something that’s ingrained in Wood. He grew up in a household where the value of money was taught and appreciated. Wood’s father was a CPA and stressed the need to make sure one’s financial house was in order. His grandfather was president of a bank, and both grandmothers owned businesses — entrepreneurs ahead of their time. A strong work ethic also appears to be part of Wood’s lineage. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, he worked long weekends personally making phone calls to clients. He explained: “Talking with them and just helping them understand, ‘hey, we’re here and here’s kind of what to expect if things get bad, and here’s what to expect in your investment

“ I've determined that the more educated a client is, the more confident they are -- WESLEY WOOD with their investments” portfolios.’ We just shared with them that we’re with them and we’re going to watch their portfolio, make appropriate changes, and weather this storm together.” Beyond such hand-holding, Wood is also a big fan of mindenriching and financial literacy. “It is imperative that our clients have a good understanding of their core investments in order to ensure that those investments are meeting and exceeding their goals,” he said. “I’ve determined that the more educated a client is, the more confident they are with their investments, the better they understand how their investments operate.” The key is to set proper expectations, and there are a number of ways to do that and educate clients, Wood said. “We do it through workshops, in-person meetings, and more recently a lot of Zoom calls. And our clients know that we’re going to be with them in good times and in bad, and we have,” he said. When the economy weakens or the stock market declines precipitously, or something else dire occurs, Wood believes it’s best to get out in front of clients, to calm any nerves. “I think that’s

the main job of a professional financial advisor — to be that kind of steady hand in tough times even if things might not be looking very good on their statements,” he said. And if clients are treated the way the advisor wants to be treated, the referrals — like Wood Financial is experiencing — begin to come back tenfold, according to Wood. “The more you give, the more you get in return as far as your business,” he said. For more information on Wood Financial Group LLC please visit:


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NOV NOV2020 2020

manhattanite innovates and entertains during pandemic

M ATTHEW P IAZZI James Bond tribute + concerts from his apartment

Piazzi. Matthew Piazzi.

other Bond actors. The mystique of Bond’s watches – tricked out with lots of gadgets necessary for If your mind was not in 007 success as a spy – combined with mode when reading that moniker, Connery’s love of the Rolex made read it again allowing yourself to it an easy decision for Piazzi to use be immersed in the persona of the hunt for “the ultimate” time James Bond. piece as the theme for his first Now you are ready to join show. Mathew Piazzi in his quest to save Piazzi is a Rolex fan as well the viewers from the tedium of favoring the Omega Seamaster – virus-created lockdown and social of the pilot episode’s opening first appearing on Pierce Brosnan’s scene, Piazzi assumes a Bondisolation. wrist in 1995’s, “Goldeneye” and Coming sometime in December, like motif. Certainly, he is taking continued as 007’s watch of choice out some bad guys just as Bond Piazzi’s new show titled, “Man with Daniel Craig becoming Bond About Town,” is aimed at helping did, but the main focus of the beginning sequence is the Omega in 2006. guys “up their game without “Mine is the Daniel Craig one,” Seamaster – the watch worn by spending a fortune” with tips he said. “That is my go-to for a Bond actors Pierce Brosnan and on everything from wardrobe to dressy watch.” Daniel Craig and also preferred at-home cooking and intriguing One reason is its average cost by Piazzi. The opening scene menu options to mixing unique fits within Piazzi’s emphasis on is an intense Bond fantasy and everyday cocktails with flare getting the biggest bang for one’s tribute featuring Piazzi and six plus interior design. buck. That is a major theme for professional stuntmen along with “My goal is to show guys how the “Man About Town” series no his director/producer, Deborah to own a room; how to have a matter what type of clothing or Twiss playing the villainess. Piazzi presence there with immense interior design Piazzi discusses. social graces and how to be more outwits them through a variety He believes that no matter what of a gentleman,” said Piazzi. “The of underwater action and above one’s price range is, one can ground fight scenes. show is about character building acquire nice things and create a As one can read, the opening and upping a guy’s style and nice surrounding. He prefers prelifestyle in an easy and affordable scene is chock full of nods to the original Bond, Sean Connery, who owned or refurbished items over way.” new items. recently died at age 90, and to Without giving away too much ADVISORS MAGAZINE / 17

My goal is to show guys how to own a room; how to have a presence there with immense social graces and how to be more of a gentleman.

“Its (the Omega Seamaster) price range is within the realm of affordability. Almost anyone can buy a refurbished one for a reasonable price,” he said noting that the Omega Seamaster’s pre-owned price of less than $1,000 is a much more reasonable price tag in his perspective. “Anyone can feel like Bond and have a watch that will last forever.” That search for and acquisition of affordable is a big part of Piazzi’s goal for his show. But he also loves nostalgia and having a signed copy of the classic Connery as Bond photo included in the filming of the first “Man About Town” only adds more style to a dream come true for Piazzi. “My whole life I have wanted to be an action hero,” he said. “Now I got to train for two days with martial artists who threw me in the pool in a tuxedo. It was just a great, great fun experience.” Piazzi has the professional chops or should we say background to pull off a Bond tribute. His more than 20 years of acting voiceover work includes stints as the voice of Jaguar and Barilla pasta, plus voice appearances on “The Late Show” with David Letterman 18 / ADVISORS MAGAZINE

NOV 2020

and later Stephen Colbert. This experience combined with his upbringing in Manhattan listening to then rising stars such as Peter Allen, Lauren Bacall, Tyne Daily and Matthew Broderick work with his mother, Judith Farris in her vocal studio, provide a solid launching pad for his own web series. “Being in the other room, listening to those people was a great inspiration for me,” said Piazzi, hinting that he hopes

to team up with Broderick for an episode featuring a “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” nod. As he awaits final editing of the pilot, Piazzi continues his weekend gig playing music and mixing cocktails on social media from his home. When the bars and night clubs in New York were shuttered last spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Piazzi’s regular singing performances dedicated to the music of the

1950s and 60s were also put on hold. That just was not acceptable to him. “Right now, people need some entertainment to get through all of this,” he said. “So, a couple of friends join me and we perform from the comfort of my home and mix drinks and watch as viewers comment on the Facebook live feed.” Of course, he prefers a live audience. But for now, Piazzi is

making the most of a situation well beyond his control. “It looks like we are going to be locked up more for the winter,” he said. “So why not make the most of it?” And in Piazzi’s view, why not give back some to the community around him: A community that theoretically can stretch across the globe thanks to the Internet.

“I am very proud of where my life is at right now,” he said. “I want to show others that with a little bit of effort and imagination you can have an interesting and exciting life.” Watch for the “Man About Town” launch on YouTube and other social media outlets in December 2020. Learn more about Matthew Piazzi at ADVISORS MAGAZINE / 19

made for you







In a world of fast food and one-size-fits-all sensibilities, how often does something feel made especially for you? The "Made for You" section celebrates those items that are created with such high quality of hand workmanship and degree of customization that they become individual to you. In each issue, our editors will endeavor to bring you special things from anywhere on the globe, choosing them solely on the basis of outstanding quality. Our goal is to give you guidance on the best of everything. 1 PLANTRONICS CS540 — WIRELESS HEADSET High quality headset: Wideband audio quality includes superior technology that eliminates Wi Fi interference and acoustic protection against audio spikes. Superior range: Wireless multitasking is easy with DECT 6.0 technology, allowing you to clearly communicate up to 350 feet away from your desk. Lightweight design: Sleek design for the most comfortable and lightest DECT headset on the market and includes one touch controls to answer or end calls. Narrowband or wideband: up to 6,800 Hz. Long lasting battery: Features an energy efficient adaptive power system to conserve battery life. Connects to Desk phone.

4 MARTELL L'OR DE JEAN — MARTELL COGNAC A rare and precious encounter. L'Or de Jean Martell is the quintessence of Martell cognacs: a unique blend of more than 400 rare eaux de vies, revealing a symphony of fresh citrus, fruit, gingerbread and precious wood. It is distinguished by the encounter of eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne and the Borderies, the smallest and most exclusive terroir in the Cognac region, which create a blend of elegance, richness and power. The jewel bottle, whose shape evokes a drop in which the cognac is enclosed and protected, is the work of master craftsmen from the prestigious Manufacture de Cristal de Sèvres.

2 BREITLING SUPEROCEAN — HERITAGE II The Superocean Héritage II takes its name from Breitling’s original 1957 Superocean line of watches—iconic diving timepieces that have been catching the attention of watch enthusiasts for decades now. The ceramic bezel is unidirectional to ensure nothing messes up your measuring. And the sapphire crystal is domed and anti-reflective. Finally, the strap is black rubber: comfortable and long-lasting, even with use in water. Want a watch that will (excuse the pun) create a splash? Breitling Superocean Héritage II is the one for you. It’s available in black as shown above, or silver blue.

5 AIR-PURIFYING MASK — COMBATS AIR POLLUTION Ao Air has recently unveiled its Atmos face mask — a hightech, futuristic mask that wraps comfortably around the face while purifying the air you breathe. Recently unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the Atmos face mask has been proven to provide up to 50 times better air quality than the top anti-pollution masks on the market. In fact, although most air pollution masks can help reduce the amount of particulate matter that enters your airways, they typically don’t seal properly around the mouth and nose areas, which greatly reduces their effectiveness.

3 LORO PIANA BOMBER JACKET — CASHMERE-TRIMMED SHEARLING Some men’s jackets are just designed to look expensive. Some of them might look incredible but not actually do the job of keeping you warm. Fortunately, Loro Piana’s CashmereTrimmed Shearling Bomber Jacket fulfils both parts of the deal: not only does it look soft and suave, but it’ll actually keep you just as warm as its buttery material would suggest. In fact, if there’s one brand that breezily guarantees top-notch quality it’s Loro Piana, thanks to its textile specialism.

6 2021 GENESIS GV80 — THE BEST MIDSIZED LUXURY SUV As Genesis’s first entry into the growing luxury SUV market, the GV80 manages to stand out even against intense competition. They’ve done so by incorporating accessories and add-ons such as an all-wheel drive layout, a dual panoramic sunroof, and the largest wheels the brand has yet debuted—22’ alloys. Genesis ensures that its SUV will be highly valued with thoughtful design. A novel two-spoke steering wheel and plush leather and instantaneous climate control bring the comfort necessary in a truly luxurious SUV.


NOV 2020