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Ultimate Handcrafted Pen Blanks There are some important elements involved in pen making. The beginning step is selecting a “Pen blank�. A blank is a block of wood, acrylic, bone or other material used to form the body of the writing implement. It is cut and a hole is drilled in the center to insert the barrel. The barrels are usually brass; the ends of the blanks are squared off with a barrel trimmer. The quality of the trimmer which is used to make the writing implement blanks should be good.

Handcrafted Writing Instruments Virtually all handcrafted writing instruments are “turned� on a lathe. A lathe is a machine that rotates the work piece or a Pen blank on its axis to perform various operations like cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling etc. Many ballpoint makers use a mandrel to hold the work piece. A mandrel is a long, usually steel rod that the writing implement blanks are placed around on a lathe.

Writing Instruments “Bushings” are fitted into the barrels to hold the ballpoint body on the mandrel. The mandrel spins and the maker carves the shape of the writing implement body. A great finish needs to be applied to most great writing instruments. There are exceptions with acrylic surfaces but most others need a coating of finish to maintain a protective cover and a great shine.

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There are some important elements involved in pen making. The beginning step is selecting a “Pen blank”. A blank is a block of wood, acrylic...

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