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A march special of The Co-operative Newspaper of Woodcraft Folk

Young Woodcraft Folk members Stand up to Austerity for a Future That Works The Editors Woodcraft Folk is the co-operative children and young people’s movement. We run hundreds of grassroots education groups in towns and cities across the UK where young people of all ages play games, make friends and learn about big ideas from social justice to climate change through cooperative activities. Young people in Woodcraft Folk are marching today because we believe in education for social change. The government is committed to spending £130bn on nuclear weapons - but we've seen local youth centres locking their doors for the last time. We believe this is wrong.

A core message of this march is that austerity isn’t working, especially for young people. We are supporting children and young people to be central to this march, sending a clear message that the future is something we build together, that young people are central to the Trade Union movement, and that Woodcraft Folk is THE children's organisation for those who believe in a progressive future. “In Woodcraft Folk I’ve seen how relatively small sums of money can pay for the space and minimal equipment we need to give children really inspiring experiences, and empower them to make positive contributions to their communities. It’s essential youth groups like us can carry on doing this” says one of our members in London.

Above: Woodcraft Folk has a long history of campaigning for equality and workers rights with children and families

Woodcraft Folk works with co-operatives and Trade Unions around the UK to share values and take action for a more just society. If your organisation would like to affiliate to your local Woodcraft Folk group, or collaborate with us on a national level, we’d love to hear from you. Our young people are the next generation of co-operators and trade unionists. ☛ Find your local Woodcraft Folk group at or or 020 7703 4173

Everyone in the UK has the right to peaceful protest. If you’re arrested for protesting, activist networks recommend making no comment to any police questions, and asking for Bindmans solicitors, 0207 8334433. ☛ Article continued inside on page 4

Woodcraft Folk relies on the donations of members who support our educational work with children and young people around the UK. If you, your local Trade Union or and send it to Woodcraft Folk, Unit 9, 83 Crampton Street, London, SE17 3BQ

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The Courier: Issue 3, Winter 2012  

The 3rd edition of The Courier, Woodcraft Folk's co-operative newspaper.

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