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Attacking Masculinity

7 Looking Back


Ten Days We’ll Never Forget Zoe Waterman n Chair of the CoCamp Co-operative Board


hink back to ten days ago, when 2500 individuals woke up in their houses and flats, caravans and tents in Palestine and Portsmouth; in South Downs and South Africa; in Belgium and Bromley young people and adults picked up their bags and set off to be a part of a new community, of a vision of co-operation in action. Nine days ago we woke up in our new villages, members of a co-operative dream, each one of us ready to make that dream a reality. Over the following days new friends were made; new ideas and ideologies created and explored; and new skills discovered and shared.

Here in our community are four vibrant town centres, complete with libraries, Town Halls and independent cafes, the heart and soul of their communities. Our libraries have been the life blood of our towns, a hub of information and creativity and the go to place for fun and discussion. Our Town Halls have been a place to come together and celebrate our community, our abilities and our vision for the future. Our cafes have been a place to meet and debate, for ideas to flow and ideologies to be formed. Our campfires and marquees, stages and kitchens have been full of possibility, of positivity and of a belief that another world is possible.

on co-operation and co-operatives, the underpinning ideology of our CoCamp community. Today we are not 2500 individuals, today we stand as one community, as a body of people ready to take these ideas back with us to our

Here in Sherwood Forest we have built a community based on mutual respect and understanding, on empowerment and openness, on sharing and working together for the good of us all – and all of this is based

homes and schools, our workplaces and organisations. Ready to say this is no longer a dream, this is our reality. This is not an idle hope; this is what we, the youth of the world, can forge into our future.

Palestine and Portsmouth; in South Downs and South Africa; in Belgium and Bromley young people and adults set off to be a part of a new community, of a vision of co-operation in action.

Saffron Macdonald (12) Pioneer. Poet Laureate of CoCamp Ten Days We’ll Never Forget Sitting in a field, surrounded by friends, Thousands of people wishing it will not end. Ten days a year is all we get, But these are ten days we’ll never forget. So many people, so many beings, eings, g All wishing for the same things inggs Peace, love, joy and health Put all weapons back on thee shelf. s Thank the people who, Let this camp be. The tents the expense, The fees and marquees. Till world peace can be let,, These are ten days we’ll never everr forget. All the friends we have met, These are ten days we’ll never forget. When we’re in a world of politics and debt, These are ten days we’ll never forget. We span the world with friendship, Love and peace, to understand we won’t cease. When ten days a year is all we get, These are ten days we’ll never forget.



News & Comment L Lena Ulbrich, Karla Presch & K Nicholas Schwickrath. N All Together Against A Climate Change C

No Sustainability Without Activity


t is nice to talk and discuss about climate change protection and sustainabilty, but there will be no change without activies and interventions. Therefore 20 young adults from 9 European countries decided to run campaigns against climate change in their home countries.

flashmob to get attention and a short rt movie night before the game is released. Our campaign is going veryy well and we hope that it`s going to bee successful.”

Palestine, my Darling... Amani Lefdawi IYF Palestine Delegation Member

Palestine, my darling, living in the Arabic heart, still in your memories a Co-Op In A Box thousand of dreams, A few “Co-op in a box” kits are still available. and a thousand of hopes, Want one to take I wish you will return to us, home and use in your Palestine, you are always and group night? will forever See Julie in Village 6 be in our minds, raising the voice of Muslims and church bells announcing the freedom of Jerusalem, to return all who pray to al aqsa and al mahd, to their mosque and church, hope refreshes the heart, soon spoken by the words of God, and PALESTINE always in our memories.

While Adriana and Enoch from m Norway focused on sustainability in n the transporting system. Their aim is

20 young adults from 9 countries running campaigns against climate change in their home countries.

In May we met in Germany for 10 days to learn about climate change and how to run campaigns. In this training course every country-group developt their ideas and the first actions for the campaigns. We had a lot of fun and in our first small street action we suceeded “all together” at the Kennedyplatz in Essen ( Germany ).

My Journey to CoCamp Walaa Tbhaki IYF Palestine Delegation Member

Motivated back in our home countries we began to realise our ideas: Artis,

Get Involved! A recycling bazar will be held at 2:30 pm in Blue Cedar town centre to share our clothes and to talk about consumer behaviour and its connection to CC.

Liana and Zane from Latvia started right after they got home: “We are making a simulation game about Climate Change. The aim of this game is to get statistics, educate people about green lifestyle and encourage them to take action against climate change. We are going to make a

ATACC on the discovery of facepaper. “It’s like facebook, but on paper.” says Kat Budd.

to reduce transportation by car or truck. Here in CoCamp we came back together again to share our progress and to help each other improving their campaigns. We successfully integrated our project “ATACC” into CoCamp by running a variety of fun, educational, and critical workshops ( e.g. slogans and street actions against climate change, green fairytales or the potato marathon).

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Helping with everything, g, cooki cooking food for RAMADAN, playing games with people from all over the world and attending different culture sessions is really the greatest thing I’ve ever done.


@AdamRamsay Just about to arrive at #cocamp - the @woodcraftfolk camp - to run campaigning training. Then, they shall vanquish the dark forces of evil.

Venturers Bivvy Too! extra layers can solve that, and it was just as comfy. Bivvying Venturer It was definitely worth any The day before yesterday in The Courier discomfort, however, to open my eyes, I was amazed to see not one but two to see the sky in the morning, and to articles about elfin bivvying. But it’s get breakfast in bed! not just elfins who’ve been slumbering sleepily under the starry skys. I read the article having just woken up my first night without a roof over my head along with some other venturers.

Lily McTaggart

Ok, it wasn’t strictly bivvying (we were just in our sleeping bags on a groundsheet) but sleeping outside is definitely the way to go. It was only Brighton Hill Fort venturers on their Bivvy slightly colder than in the tent but

A 1:00 pm on Thursday 28th of July, 2011, I At pa packed my bags and I travelled (50) km from He Hebron “my hometown” to Jericho bridge, it too took more than one hour and a half because of the t queues on the “container” check point. When I arrived to the Jericho Bridge, I had to Whe cross three bridges: the Palestinian autho authority, the Israeli and the Jordanian bridge bridges. It took more than 5 hours to finish passin passing the last bridge, “which is less than 10 km away” there were so many people waiting to cross it. After being exhausted from passing those bridges, I met the (IYF) who are participating with me in CoCamp. We went to the airport. Finally, we arrived in London at 10:00 am, got some rest and went directly to Walesby Forest, where the camp is. Taking part in CoCamp is a great opportunity that was given to me. Helping with everything, cooking food for RAMADAN, playing games with people from all over the world and attending different culture sessions is really the greatest thing I’ve ever done. As I may not get a chance to come again, I’ll try to do my best to arrange a similar camp and give other Palestinians the same chance I had.

Bushcraft Adventure Luc, Jack and an Samuel Bee Boys

But luckily none of us got stung and last night we decided to go back and have another go but a bit further away from the

We were going to have a midnight feast in the woods but we got the surprise of our lives as we started the fire for our storm kettle. Instead of drinking hot chocolate we heard the adults scream “Run, quick run!” One of them had accidentally stepped on a guy rope that knocked a stick into a very angry wasps' nest. The wasps started to chase the adults. One went up someone's trousers, nest. We had a hot drink, told stories and another down a t-shirt. It wasn't pleasant – 14 slept in our bivvy bags. This time it was a stings amongst 4 adults! much quieter adventure which we loved!

“Instead of drinking hot chocolate we heard the adults scream “Run, quick run!””


#cocamp thecourier

Future News

Looking Forward Lloyd Russel-Moyle Chairperson of W Woodcraft Folk

& Jon Nott General Secretary

As we start to think about going home, packing up the tents, using up the last pints of milk and heading across the country and the world, our thoughts are already starting to turn to Project Koodoo, the exciting project to secure a new national campsite for our next international camp.


Will be available online after camp. Keep an eye on

The friendships that we have built here will last a lifetime, the foundations of a new world. But we cannot do it alone. Only if our groups connect to the local and global struggles will we achieve our vision. We need to build and strengthen our relationships with the Co-operative and Trade Union movements. Our future will not be built on greed and cuts but through collaboration with our partners, our friends and getting the wider movement to see Woodcraft Folk as the natural place to do their politics and to change the world though education.


In 2017 the world will, yet again, be a different place than today. Let it be a world of a stronger Woodcraft Folk, a Woodcraft Folk that is the youth movement of the Co-operative and the Trade Unions and part of a united force against neo-liberalism and for socialism. A world where we have more groups, more young people learning the Woodcraft Way, where project We are delighted by the enthusiasm from Koodoo has been achieved. members of all ages for our plans and dreams for our new site. All these dreams and more can Don’t just let wait for that world to be – make come true if we continue to build on the spirit that world now, get moving, get active and we’ll of co-operation that has permeated this camp. see you in 2017.

The folk will only survive and thrive if we revitalise our group work; setting up new groups, keeping old ones going or reviving struggling groups. Project Koodoo complements our ongoing commitment to group work. We all have a role to play - if you are an elfin, make sure your friends, family and school are all as excited as we are about project Koodoo and about starting new groups in new areas. If you are a DF, maybe it’s time to offer to lead a group or take on a district responsibility. If you are a parent who likes Woodcraft Folk, but isn’t sure how to get involved then now is your time to help out. Those of us who are active already need to create spaces for all to get involved, in Project Koodoo and in the growth of our groups. The folk will only survive and thrive if we revitalise our group work; setting up new groups, keeping old ones going or reviving struggling groups. Group work must be our focus. In 2017 we want our international camp to be bigger and better, with more members and more groups - we need to start now. General Council is working with groups to achieve 10% year on year growth. The challenge is yours to make sure that Woodcraft reaches its 100th birthday stronger than ever.

Nemos Thorpe Village 19

Vegetarianism should be the default menu for Woodcraft Folk


We need to do more to make sure that we are representative of young leaders and local activists Joel White > “The Future of DFs” > Below

” he l@t

o DF S



n the Woodcraft Folk we already teach a lot on sustainability and there's been talk before about the environmental impact of food. Many Woodies are vegetarians and we cater for veggies much better than most of our European counterpart organisations. So why do we not show this off? Why don't we encourage our members to become vegetarian and actively promote vegetarianism, or at least reduced-meat diets at our events?

Some meat eaters may have missed the meat but most didn't even think about it! From an environmental perspective there's even more reason to become a vegan, however that makes it much more challenging to eat a balanced and satisfying diet. Already abolishing meat from one's diet drastically reduces their ecological footprint; and in a world with rising populations and food shortages it makes sense to produce less food that takes a lot of land for its output, of which meat is one of the biggest culprits, along with milk and eggs. As a KP for Village 19 I managed to convince our village it was a good idea to remove almost all of the meat from our menu, and we've had some wonderful vegetarian cuisine in its place. Some meat eaters may have missed the meat but most didn't even think about it! It was a learning experience for our Austrian delegation too, most of whom aren't used to a vegetarian diet. I think we're better off without meat.

The F Future of DFs Joel White Chair of The District Fellows Movement


istrict Fellows, like Woodcraft, has a very broad spectrum of interests, involvement and types of participation. We have been working hard this year to try to re-establish more support structures and resources for those 16-21 year olds who want to help out at a local level, as so many do. I feel that accusing DFs of 'dancing' at Woodcraft's 'wake' or suggesting that those who are not 'active' enough at a local level should be stripped of their membership does very little to help the situation as we all try to respond to the challengers faced by the folk. DFs, as a semi-autonomous entirely youth-led

movement, is a fantastic embodiment of the principles which Woodcraft stands for. Many DFs here at CoCamp, from the team at The Courier, to the Board, the stage, the services, the entertainment, MESTUP and the cafes have had the chance to develop skills, networks and ideas through national DF events which in turn help make camps like this so successful. Clearly there are then the huge amounts of DFs who also choose to work with younger groups on a more local level and provide such vital contributions to our Woodcraft events and regular group nights. I would argue that a more positive response to the issue would be to see how both these approaches can reap rewards for folk, rather than suggesting they are somehow unable to coexist. We on national DF Committee would certainly agree that we need to do more to make sure that we are

representative of young leaders and local activists and this year's DF Althing 7-9th of September will have a particular focus on this issue, all 16-21 year old Woodies are invited so please come along and help change your movement! There are currently plans to start looking into 'Rough Guides' for young leaders, training camps about district work, new communications networks for those involved in regional development and possibly the prospect of hosting local camps for elfins, pioneers and venturers which are entirely organised and supported by DFs. We want to be part of the solution in terms of group numbers rather than being accused of being part of the problem.

Corrected Error The previous article in edition six was credited to Joel White and Phin Harper but was actually by Kit Jones and Phin Harper. This reprint is Joel’s.



Looking back 5. One in all in

4. the KP’s and CoP’s of village 4

2. Bushcraft Workshop Sabina Mclaggan

3. 1. Independance party

chicken-related articles

Cut Out & Keep Take home your own CoCamp Pirate Chicken complete with authentic wooden leg!

5. 4. would like to thank Imogen for being amazing

1. Favourite Evening 2. Favourite Workshop 3. Favourite edition of the courier 4. One person to thank 5. Favourite quote of the camp

makes me want to be nice to people

1. Celeigh

5. One guy asked when dinner was after dinner time

2. Moving the DF centre 1. Spontaneous Catalan party


Nuria Casacuberta, Pere Roig & Eugeni Brigneti

3. Stats!

3. statistics page….although the no. of Catalans is wrong

4. All the volunteers who assisted and helped clear up in drop in art sessions


4. Richard, he was their contact and helped them so much

Seal Cameron

1. I loved ved the evening ng I met loadss of new people and went he river to the

“small mound of earth”




my village and cheesy discos

(or whenever the programme was right)

4. I’d like to thank Lydia for making an amazing newspaper...good old ‘mouldy strawberry’

3. Murdoch/ Harper scandal”

5. Do you think the guardian’s based on the courier?

2. I loved when I ran a workshop on the drugs trade…. i thought it was Sam amazing Kooooozaaaarrrreeeeeegeesszz

4. Lydia is who I’d like to thank

5.. w 5 when heen a girl’s h girl gi rll’s ’’ss clothes clo otth heess go g ot mi m ixed xed up xe up got mixed wi w itth h the th hee ffancy ancy an cy d ressss re with dress a an nd someone som so some meeo on ne wore wo w orree and tth heem mo n tth heeiir head heead h d them on their o a fancy fan ancy yd rrees essss d iscco isc is o! to dress disco!

up workshop

1. Open mic night

2. Venturers from V18 recycled tetra packs workshop

2. My favourite workshop was making boomerangs.

age was the bestt newspaper bit

2. Sp S eeches on Speeches the Spanish th War

5. “I’m a kind of poetry activist”


5. When Nadia sat on the sink and it broke!

4.. II’d 4 ’d llike ’d ik ke to to tthank han ha nk k mum my m ym um u m ffor orr o being be b ein ing Cambridge Cam Ca mb brriidg dge camp ca mp coordinator coo oorrd diin nat ato orr camp

5. “give me

Felix Tooth F Fe elliix To T ootth

to stand 4. SHIRLEY!

3. 1. Catalan evening

with the Harper/Murdoch scandal

2.. ssewing 2 ewin ew ing bags ba b ag gss

1. F 1. Favourite av a vo ou urriite t n night ig igh gh htt was was bivvying wa biivv b vyi y ng g iin n the the w th wo oods od ds w wi ith th woods with tthe th he p pi ion oneers onee eers ee r pioneers

3.. I d 3 don’t on o n’tt n’t rread re ea ad d tthe h he newspaper! n ne ew wssp pa ap peerr!!



News he tor Cour Co an a We can now “They once We interviewed Richardand nature of The Courier sub-edi falling into investigate. in ns nd the hidden side. of three boys bodies a reveals a dark, hours in a pile of lettuce about these allegatio su as that all of the bones in their such ts two for 2 to Hogwar breaking of such role. m mine, made me hide conversations between knowledge by the army red that in f the rd had “no listen in to tto be airlifted o, it transpi how the Board “after all the issues in so I could hummus and He spoke of nt of skele-gr ankle and Jessica Eme pe hope t treatme sts could find KPs” said bribe Stewards with ons on practices” and would weeks a broken eeks our journali in related n When vventurer with “I was asked order to listen in to discussi . l. However, the last few their stories.” in the mines, On ing in hospita said another quickly press over s ways of getting upon about d recover bread-sticks system” alkie and to learn more Marquee we will less spuriou pressure mounte news he said began to grow, the camp walkie-t would like about the Town with printed ex of revelation challenged d” with in Blue Aspen g the camp This trickle group of local standar 2.30 a servicin high in with all session es a very became a flood. in the 2006 p board Courier themselves very special a 2½ hr workshop for the Co-Cam also involved how people they had “set experiences Richard was up as Zoe from to get scoops” said They will run about every issue. talk about theirJessica best “I had to dress and talked camp trying numbers) and Village Voice, walk around r. Courier sends sts Global editorial and reporte strike! The where journali y to the paper's whose one Pioneer 'Bugging', beetles of questions clan spoke of speedy recover ladybirds or horn We put a number the shadowy family output, the Others themselves as giant arly g', where ear disguise ous with it's 'Phone camp, ''Tentin team, particul so synonym met with denial; and hide around eavesdrop on tents and name has become correspondence was forms dly hitting used to such illegal or corrupthonest devices are which involves repeate Harpers. All not endorse good ng', a does in Whacki news “The Courier it We make great something better to find of investigation. nation al level, dev suggest you larly at a unities to fashion. We gavve particu s gave the UK opport a girl o a high er dingUK provide he across the th basis. In cont rolls a than thatt Girlgui a weekly to attend take l skills on the t girl only space ncee and skills unity to The Cour ier lve nce on the opport confide n of the medi force themse ha uth have me the n’s confere ng to Sou South ldren’s childre prop ortio t having to have interna tional in 1995, go travelli fficer withou officer offi I would never sabbat ical Murd och young person forwar d for leaders hip a a environ ment by myself , to be a r membe r and 19 myself CoCa mp Medi THE a ERATI over Guide Americ a at t union, to be a Boardand to gett my to put sex environ ment, howeve CO-OP Medi on, h Underc the The l, CoCamp Britis VE PUBLICATIO and by a mixed in my studen the heart of Youth Counci environ ment r these From deep in N OF THE a Chair of the British single sex Video News INTERNATIO transfe I’ve been job. NAL to make, dingUK I could then FESTIVAL ly run a curren t Red Parrot confess ion e of Girlgui to circum stances . now regular OF CO-OPERATI lead’ is the straplin I’ve got a Radio p some things ON a guide and about my ation has ‘Girls in the browni e, isn’t just partici pation the organis leaders Howev er it raft and whilst about youth guide unit. young women ever Woodc of Woodc raft or giving suppor tive g my first learn from News about the l an really enjoyin young people ting also I’m ationa the it’s al issues Intern Seeing interac and person Media gender s Folk camp. sensiti ve 40% British t, but it ages and is brillian differen t in our village betwee n the togeth er differen ce sex one major is a single highlig hts - Girlgui dingUK with you r organis ations I would like to share The Courie Issue Two g space for organis ation. believe that creatin Massiv e 75% if we are y es is crucial share of Harpe r why I strongl youth activiti on equalit y. CoCam p media single sex nce, the by society based control led to create a from person al experie The Harper Speaki ng Family Murdo ch

ION e journalists, In the spir as freelanc ONAL FESTIVAL OF CO-OPERAT ate The press, we, ON OF THE INTERNATI to investig r it's a case have decided CO-OPERATIVE PUBLICATI and see whethe cider

Kat Budd Editor-in-awesome Duped into being a part of the media team through a series of cunning techniques including smiles and cups of tea, and is now a key member of the er o he workforce.

Ph n Harper Sh Shadowy dowy F gu e o Chao N No s ranger o med a w h h s o her ro e as Woodcra Fo k s press officer He has made ade no secre o h s des re o comp e e y con n ro he CoCamp med a hough h s a emp was brough o an end by an exposé n h s very

News N ews wsLyd Fla Fl Flash Lydia a “mouldy strawberry” Harper Ha A skilled Circus performer, who trapezes for an hour every morning before swinging into the office bright and early.

Laur e Canne mme Mag a o P og amme wn or h s e ch h ng n s known nd ru h ess beard and pursu o news He s ar ed h s commun ca ons career a he S Barnabas Pr mary Schoo News e er a g o 3 he age

Patrick Dowson Joined the Courier as an enthusiastic young journalist. youn He has now H been broken b by the communications centre.

Naom Koppe The Rea M Coy She br ngs a eve of profess onaa sm to the team She has en oyed wo work ng on The Cour er tho though she w shes there we were a few more art c es aabout country mus c

Courier itself whole rotten apple or a nts of this soup, as it of one bad are the ingredie stirring it soup. But what a soup? And who is is if indeed it boil? comes to the


t pulls The Who or wha gs and Courier's strin amp media? CoC controls the

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ay Monday Sunday & Mond mme Programm


B der Bord Con C ntrol

ns... And so it begins


www.cocamp .coo

“A living , breat hing, chang ing, chall engin g m m unity ” comm

Let me fly my flag fla



ood Taxing Hood

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of the ban In defence s national flag


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Hood’s Robin his became he and as with of London yesterday Street The forest home Downing David to visited calling temporary Tax; Men of speaking Hood Merry Transaction Robin the intention about a Financial vitally generatepoverty Cameronto adopt would is on him that for tackling Tax (FTT) The campaign revenues the change. with needed an support joining and climate much member gaining Commission of EU wide U EUEuropean number an EU-wide increasing and proposed states Hood Tax. Robin

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Lloyd Russell-Moylee Woodcraft Folk Chair

deeply Many of us have been at the AUF shocked by the events th of (Workers’ Youth League/You in Utøya, the Labour Party) Camp and its Norway. Woodcraft Folk deep members express their We condolences at this tragedy. of understand the importance together bringing young people

For the first t me n Woodcraft h story the v deo news was broadcast ve ast n ght to an nternat ona camp Conta n ng pre recorded news about the recent flurry of protests and nstruct ons on how to make a peace dove out of a m k bott e the programme was anchored ve and has rece ved warm support “The news was awesome – The ve stuff worked so we ” sa d Lott e Atk nson of V age 2

To n Tow Co ncil Cou nc Bans Smo Sm mokin okking ng




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orde rs sure that t to make ecke d to the nigh doub le-ch ted and te are upda last- minu accou nt dieta ry take into and some know chan ges book ing we didn ’t ents that arriv ed at camp . requ irem re peop le befo t sure abou hard to make lems work ing We’r e also tify and solve prob we can iden item s in our daily ing of the miss one and and to site – gers is now deliv eries p local mana site s loc p’s on Grou this here Co-o p with us on work ing ng ing. s are getti every morn s that thing eries to We think All the deliv , and bette r now. rday were on time town s yeste all) gaps in the not most (but nto


>> New Hoo >


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Innovative Library System Sweats Under Massive Popularity Cadan ap Tom


Exploratory Journ

oCamp's innovative library structure is facing mounting pressure from an increased workload and is feeling the strain from a lack of volunteers. The structure, trialled for the first time at this year's CoCamp, has proved to be extremely popular and useful to CoCampers, but librarians are finding it increasingly difficu to respond to demand.

A major majo disast disaster area seemed to be b battling the natural elements for victory over sweltering heat, wind, dust and of course wasps! The most mpproblem traumatic #coca area was the one afternoon baking session instance of the it blew a whole table over...cake mix was everywhere! It was carnage. The cakes White Chocolate Muffins (Raspberry and specifically) were ruined and had to be started again much to the upset of all involved.


dies in Folk

& gender >> Pages 4 & 5

“Some are finding it okay, but others a struggling,” said Zoë Waterman, chair of t CoCamp board. “I don't want to undermin the work of volunteers because they're a doing a great job, but I do see that som libraries are under pressure from the users.”

This paper can reveal that the situation isn being helped by them seemingly becoming town crèches. Parents have begun leaving woodchips in the town libraries, with Due to a lack of volunteers no supervision apart from by the working pressure of constant and under the librarians. demand for refreshment in the evening programme A librarian, who the workers have had to take drastic asked to remain anonymous, said “We actions in a desperate have lots of lovely, attempt to keep liberal, free-thinkin their excellent cafe g parents afloat. The most Folk camps, but co-parentin at Woodcraft controversial of which g doesn't always is the fact that work when we don't because of consumer have lots demand, Tesco and only have librarians. of parents here products are being brought onto camp! Woodchips are being left at the library, A full scale investigatio but the librarians n therefore took can't look after them place of course...inv because they are very olving other cafes The Pride March in full swing - Turn busy. rn n to to p active on the camp. page pa age 4 for the Mest-Up special on ssex & gender the temptation of “[The libraries] have icing sugar; a necessity turned into a kind cess ssity ty fo assorted cake and for or their How of a safe space because sweet treats. Other to volunte volunteer with your there's always people r ca cafes afess inc Chez Chenanigans including Library & Cafes around, but c luding and unfortunately it isn't raftt C Cafe managed to avoid sourcing The Woodcraft really our afe have job [to look after woodchips] >> Helping out one from Tesco, but no . It's absolutely nonetheles of oneth completely understand the CoCamp teams helesss brilliant that woodchips , saying in an emergency are coming into the can be a really ffun and merrgeency theyy definitely would go library, y, but rewarding ut we would ask that warding way to to Tesco also. they must be spend your time supervised.” time at CoCamp. Just a few The Bebop Cafe like hours can take the the other cafes sources t The preassure Librarians itss mi a local farm, and most off milk ilk fr themselves are pillars from rom lars of of its goods are from volunteers who are enthusiam and are m Su Suma umaa or tthe Co-op...However yet working full time and keen to remain he remain o open and again avalable to all ages. beyond! Here, E order of food not arriving disaster struck with h a whole Ruth Yates who ole Yate from Red Oak Emily mily from Blue from the Co-op leaving not un Library ibrary said said: “Lib might “Libraries are eaviingg the in a predicament At first this story Cedar Library re them em appears to be horrific, reads eads to a almost beyond comprehen and eeveryone is welcome.” welcoming places such press. preh Clearly, buying products however ‘Hood in the hen nsion sion. n. couple of woodch wood’ admitted that from Tesco has caused woodchips hips ed a big in the tranquillity they also have been ig stir The library resource, Rod, ir from of the claustropho swayed by the Tesco and all the resources enabling abling their nic the pa bicallyy ho and parents stuffy CoCamp, but Commu local convenience within it, have become d appeal, succumbin nevertheless it is blatant hot :“ a vital part of the problemto g to Bebop needs a attend t tha that hat th CoCamp routine. Councils the nearby the help! Bebop needs YOU! w CoCamp may be cutting funding to libraries Palestine workshop can be, in all over Britain, but . this valuable entity How do w can easily be sustained by an increased level makes d of volunteering. hierarchi

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a sightings of phone. es has been an the site after w a mobile for news and exclusiv people with their way to wildly across dly at the e es suppose t pressur the Rumors flew vehicles making out a team to th Clearly the co-operative principl emergency with report on.” Courier sent barrage of interviews reports Board warping the river. The despite wild But more probing and journalists heart of tthe camp's paper.Lace from the CoCamp ned accident at reveal that, tors Courier's an abando Richard nce We can now “They once nature of The Courier sub-edi falling into interv wed investigate. We intervie having ns and the hidden side. of three boys uce bodies and the allegatio reveals a dark, hours in a pile of lettuce about these such as that all of the bones in their ts for swift two for 2 to Hogwar breaking of such role. mine, ge army made me hide conversations between single a by the that in fact p, had “no knowled the listen in to now transpired to be airlifted how the Board “after all the issues in so I could Emerson is skele-gro, it it as it hummus and He spoke of hope treatment of broken ankle and Jessica if you sts could find KPs” said bribe Stewards with ns on practices” and would ons a related news, 5th When weeks our journali venturer with “I was asked order to listen in to discussi . However, in the last few their stories.” On Friday in in hospital. said another uickly press over s ways of getting a about mines, d upon the recovering bread-sticks alkie system” to grow, and quickly spuriou to learn more Marquee we will be having less spurio pressure mounte news he said began the camp walkie-t would like about the printed ex coal miners. of revelation Aspen Town challenged d” with the camp with This trickle 2.30 in Blue a group of local ages (limited high standar 2006 in sservicing all session with lves a very became a flood. in the p board Courier 84 very special a 2½ hr workshop for had ““set themse was also involved during the the Co-Cam people experiences s” said they issue Richard up as Zoe from to get scoops” They will run for a about how every issue. talk about theirJessica best wishes “I had to dress and talked trying and s) Voice, camp number Village Vill around Courier sends sts Global l and walk reporter. rnalists strike! The er's editoria where journali y one Pioneer 'Bugging', beetles recover or s clan whose Others spoke of speedy as giant ladybird ear ar horn s output, the disguise themselves ''Tenting', whereand tents d 'Phone t with denial; and hide around camp, eavesdrop on dly hitting corrupt forms devices are used to involves repeate a good honest Whacking', which girls to it does give hing better nation al level, develop leaders hip to larly at a s gave particu the UK opport unities girl only space, girls a a high er roles dingUK provide across basis. In leaders hip that Girlgui attend the on a weekly sp to take skills to ia than d. As a girl only space on the skills the opport unity nce and lves forwar confide co confere nce have force themse had the confide nce me the childre n’s ng to South withou t having to have in tiona go travelli interna tional I would never opport unities a ical officer in 1995, hip person sabbat a ment young ed in d for leaders , to be environ Medi a membe r and 19 by myself 1 myself forwar ment, howeve r I flourish 16 my to put over Guide Americ a at t union, to be a Board environ time I reached The Underc l, and to get CoCamp and by the wider a mixed sex in my studen the heart of Youth Counci environ ment r these skills to ws From deep in t British a Chair of the single sex transfe II’ve been to make, t job. dingUK I could then a ion curren run Girlgui ly of Red Parrot . confess larly nce regular regul to circum stances straplin e I’ve got a Radio and now person al experie , lead’ is the le some things e, a guide about my unities ation has ‘Girls in the ownie, brow bro browni hip opport partici pation it isn’t just the organis th er leaders youth whilst Howev discuss unit. raft and about de to uid gui guide young women everr Woodc of Woodc raft W tive space or giving g my first learn from the suppor and to challen ge the g people also about m really enjoyin I’m the young issues it’s al ting Seeing s interac and person olkk camp. Folk Fo sensiti ve and gender lliant, t, but it bril fferentt ages village is brillian ff differen diff n our in betwee n the togeth er differen cee sex one majorr i a single K is highlig hts h you - Girlgui dingUK share with ations to organis like rier for CAT ation. I would that creatin g space 75% ION OF if we are y believe THEorganis INTI strongl Harpe r why ERNyouth activiti es isoncrucial media equalit y. the single sex ATIONAL society basedFESTIVAnce, ed by to create a from person al experie L OF COper Speaki ng OPE

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Science Noise &


To celeHood Robin g at CoCamp arrivina selection here’s in Hood of Rob s news theme


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d’s Robin Hoo Ro his n became he don ndo h and Lon o Lo sst of erdaayy as f est sterd The fore Street with ome yest ning St hoome ryy hom rary pora Dow mp mpo m tem D id Dav visited Men vvi king to ryy M erry call ngg Mer Me T calli n of spea Hood Tax; nteentioon t Rob ion in inte bin he in the th Robin T sact l Tran abou abb ron abo ro eron ly mer m Financia a Cam C Ca t vital raate rate adopt m too adop im him nh on would gene ng pove p rty T)) that for tackling (FTT ax (FTT n is Tax Ta ign ig paig mpa r nues e.. The cam eeeded reve ge. need n ange hang h the ith imate cchan ortt with nd clim and an n ing an much suppsion joining n join ingg m ainin i ion issio gain ga miss Comm member an Com pean urope Eu Euro ber of EU U wide ng num EUincreasi proposed an and states d Tax. Robin Hoo






ed you.

Second y a thank you to everyone who has had a k nd word for our output t s great to know that what we re do ng has been apprec ated and makes t a worthwh e A though we d dn t run as many workshops as we wou d have ked we are rea y happy that ots of younger peop e got nvo ved w th a the forms of med a n Comms Youngsters have been runn ng ve rad o shows go ng out and he p ng mak ng v deos and art c es n the paper w th our he p and somet mes w thout t For qu te a sma team w th have ach eved a ot but there s a so room for mprovement f we had had more peop e power and t me to arrange and p an everyth ng we cou d run more workshops g v ng peop e that have tt e or no exper ence n med a a chance to earn the sk s for the first t me

We have had tt e t me to concentrate on empower ng others or even s eep ng eat ng or soc a s ng proper y env s on a future where peop e work ng n med a at camps w work reasonab e hours a ow ng them to st get nvo ved w th the programme and camp tse f Maybe by hav ng newspapers and v deo news on a ternate days?

hope you have a great y en oyed your da We t me at CoCamp espec a y your nteract ons

the elfin www.coca

t films abou least 63 There at been a 1908! e have And ther Robin Hoo on based emics have Many acad icon – livi ish law Gay Brit livin li g in Men’ and version ey The Disn Reynard th ut be abo a stopmade as filmak French think didn’t so e hero...


There was INTERN a great range N OF THE exper perie of people ience ncee iin Wood LICATIO IVE PUB ing: those those craft Comm standRAT ose who OPE and with lots we nearl were ittees enturers of Ventu yTHE COnture from acros rers. rs. Every Eve regio DFs and those who those with none electoral fraud s the UK eir repre with a rarely , vote twice n was conte were ly be sai senta met said id oof DF , but to put member trying ture of Ventu tives. Ideas were again to chose enthu sted, some (very) nearly elections, not only husia Thankfully two ballo siasm thing that sm from shared for to and there fro t papers election ources. “The rers ranging from can the mem this the was mber in at once! moni bers. rising comm certa offender s. Thee enthu inly huge unication generation en siasm itedly movi room had a real buzz was quick tors were so vigila to and the mani ly apprehend nt that ng abou fest s show and dedication was of Woodcraft 15 of festo t and talkin and people were Wood Jack Brow ed. those craft is to inspiring what an n who was g to each o so to see would like were elected today other ” over the super visin he decisions many young peop important organ g the ballo election isatio ns to stand stood and to offer congratula but The Courier le. Many was organ t box. lack of ; torn by have agon n tions ised and hope that confidence revious Ventu den outside nce.. Every ised nonethele themselve those not to all who rer Comm brought together ss continue nfidence single Ventucommitments or electe by to standlvess into the ittee who with he whol to d and abilit w a the new will get invol rer has e process have grow d.. Candidate y over the comm ved and once they thrown best it n gives last year H Ryan work can be. This ittee to make made the njoyed stan mee a voice e Hal and made -Gill said Venturers decision sugge and d “Venturer and mett sting thing can happen in many the lots of peopI can change thing le I wouldn'tding and met Committee or ways - be being a conta s about the next ople opinion s. I enjoy lots le I woul it otherwis ed stand Venturer ct for your opinion ing their probl e have of turned uppoftoVenturers has also dn't otherwise have Camp group and of impr vote”. This met; my new comm ems and ideas, representi ved as so Venturers has met; standing, with hopes and s seem ng see ed to oved as so many ittee. dreams to many peop also an exhil be echoe a bond the d by many people e” co-operatio le turned aratin atingg exper ooff co Results of those n formed up ience ce.. whilst shari Venturers progress ng Eastern: got really in incre Alex asing the elections nationally exciteed e Seven d aabout Issu (even North East Moor ven – profil clearl if the socie e y demonstra idea of takin m for this of Ventu ty still ll de deems them Wales: Arwy: Jake Tyne electi ted by the these rer, Richa chard g part in rd,, said “I nt and enjoy on. They gave feel elections”. el re North West n Munday off a sense really proud unable to vote). One ment with The electi of involveme mense amou to be able Ivy Plato ion o gave on Midlands : Lily MacTaggar nt which t Venturers to vote in : Christophe inspired t this meet nt of pride seein saying “I ways. One p peop Scotland: a taste eople to Ventu g my ideas r ing” and nture rerr (soon of get invol didn't get Emily Locke Bowler Meg r has been to bee DF ved South East invol DF) said olved really fun”. Plowright sayin ved when “I am quite in other : Ruth O'Sul g I am defin I was a Ve London: itely going sad that Venturer livan st few days, Jessi to do more I but when South West ca Kayode Newm !”” I am a DF, It was manifesto 25 Venturers have a day with an : Somin s and think been Griffin Dave exhausted a bit of e to stand ing abou Laymembe and eve every erytthing and what r: : peop they woul t why potential voter damp from touri Laymembe Hal Ryan-Gill ngg the d change. persu s, people th villag le returning r: ading them excitedly es Laymembe Hannah Michel m to vote appr ap approachin in search of Bowman r: g their frien for them Laymembe Holly Purves and even and r: d of our an attem ds Laymembe Katherine Swin pt at dells DFs r: Laymembe Nic Craven d into ever in Ealing. They r: Tal Came are ything we ron involved do and still Joel Whi in te & Phin it ever y distr centrally organised Chair of DFs t expe ct Harper ict to bene & Wood a n you leas odcra craft ft Press Office fit in the ch is whe like it com es at It’s certa r of distr it’s rk Lun

e, we ne

F rst off a mass ve thank you to everyone that has got nvo ved w th Comms at CoCamp Espec a y the 3am ers we a worked rea y hard and produced some amaz ng stuff so yeah we done


xt gene ration of

me hom

Working The Knight Shift

We have had little time to concentrate on empowering others or even sleeping, eating or socialising properly.


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How do y Our ano way to m as many writers intervi means pressu Richar issue h a succ UK co Our b and main med The of f “W rev lat an p o d



Will Knight Co-ordinator of thee Communications Centre

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Bebop Sport resort to 6

K t Jones Ver ty s Brother

Fo ow ng yesterday s success the news team a so want two new peop e to anchor the news Fresh faces are encouraged Are you up for the cha enge?



The Carbon Beastmen

CoCamp Blo

>> Massive thanks to the technical support team who ve enabled all the communications team to operate! Ra ph Jess & Jim - huge thanks

Pat Dowson Report ng on the Report ng

is Essentia

ce of of rebellio never give against the aren all AUF activists! rebe happening on, we willWhat we ellion is Today organisation in said Rebel in. We will, as the Prime no off C CoCam Tipi? Whatwhat we believe oCaamp, there meet p, al festival, is being is said earlier, actuall actu all rebelled agains llyybuilda up to our internation Minister Jens Stoltenberg In uthe co-ope t? to make sure Openin determined betwee betw g Ceremony: tweeen we are er? Blueration CoCamp, n th Rebel terror with more democracy.” the Tipi Wo 2500comrades and democracy as se Works seen from the newspap rksho Cedar hops our Norwegian more openness dar ps support Evening Program through mutual dialogue, Afterat decidinOnly Tow that weTown wn g tothrough create this such as Rebel me Stage debate against far right investigatet to help Tipi Work hatred and terror struggle buddinglibrary and d th the he R continued friendship and political Rebel will ebe shopsof our Wan el thewe combat s looking for across the in their from abhorrence mysterious thriving part our comrades is alway and will send messages igations & Tipi. The mist m We,erwith camps and express our ist rumou this. t extremism invest of CoCamp. of Couri today rs stand confus depth The young people democracy. further and on in movement, > finding >> where CoCamp, socialist ‘Where from unications and ionsupport at such an attack on to take about ab worldwide bout Next this t The problem the Commin Norwayactivit for journalists have Generat gathering into friends the thecamped ion?'; tal ies from Rebel HQ Tipi, Drop our the world are still stands clears s.with ears talks on anti-cutKettled Many of our members around rs in solidarity as article nge. Mark it that almost itng outside of Bergfeld s with AUF becomes appare became clear grippi for the challe no one Blue Activist Network from the Educatio or shared events with ppaareent week. that ite if you are up n aand NUS' anything about Cedar Town actually is an that many > know > the Rebel Tipi, members and this attack has been set Centr of Well-beh th he to aved up by NEED TO GATHER I read someth solidarity wo women activities have the venturers and “WE history’:ofa timeline seldom make to send message ing on Facebo beyond ‘oh well wish attack on us all. If eyou now n DFs with ow w women’s rights shoulder. directly has any real been incorp ok…’ but no to do so of thethe OF intention of rist on members of > IDEAS > Black idea! orated THE hts encourage one we History works Yet another d into AUF guita BEHIND in n to o workshops al thoug the progra to be investi g activities myster y needed words of the runnin gener Y ”mme. by >> Love Music gated. We stand behind the and workshops throug EQUALIT Theme emailing with the eme think the AND rACY of es Hate Ra concu Racism hout DEMOCR Pedersen: tralisat d at; many de-cen the camp. views d ion and grassro AUF president, Eskil However live >> Rebel Jeweller So the rebellio manyg’s questio ots was turne s are aime nd nightremain AUF will Prota that y n the ns already. Itorganisations shown “AUF and the ideas of unanswered, rumours thoughwasn't really a rebellion. >> Rainboww Liberatio night but are heree this those should go to be it ay as flouris it ught What S Sund stands quite the rebellioc isasas quie t quiet could be a full ight n bed with the isn’t rebellio h how in hing, turned out to fight to n Front; looking into d midn up musi n that was scale uprisin suppor win ended to just be ting librarie n rights for including a er at aroun g implied supplie the DJ a part of the Rainbow P s with program. This a huge s belief th Pride March. LGBT down furth d the tent ,and and that camp's promis a slogan 'No inge, to be eared cleare revolution!' amm d. There’s solution but ted. tte a this just cl Possib ghly dejec iss the late night progr of our ughly ou than gives answer ly raises more questio arly thoro early r side aft camps ns s but there’s he crazie passion of of Woodcraft no doubting in ways for the rroots the CoCam th Blue Cedar part ot and the of the main se an outlet d under my p Rebe Tree Revolu R evoluttion. Rebels seen as one diver leaves . I answe ls.. Viva la it provides bers and is marqu View from ion. call of their This is a The Tree red the vangos and lise.went ger mem night sociaees THE CO-OPER toweri ng branch late kitche up youn power pods came to their of and and DFsstarted ATIVE PUBLICAT ing and rers ns town es bann cookin we a ION centre danced and our way along g. The sity. andOF THE INTERNA crazy that ventu Last weeke cheere d TIONAL ds onFESTIVAL red haired girl and . There I met a of all ages bikes as of that diverstewar nd it mentscouts of some amazinWheat sheaf Way to the CO-OPER cool OF her friend fields, big chunkthe fastest things on move earrin and their crazy was gs both ATION with sound g beginn ings. alienate a camp; crates of crafts #cocamp ocamp Wristb ands armed with could paint. With ’t too 2500 woodie activit noiseies. red face offload Now it’s from trucks music wasn fell off wrists their enthus ing s, the; Librar iansdid want their tea but and people iasm and my towns of cooper25 village s and 4 agreeconstr ing that rs missed the proces ucting inato sion wound Ikea while to the centra coord flat pack Last “Wri stban ds ver,week e 18 was 100 woodie ation. booksh its way Howe l area and by the noise it em, Villag elves andrbed the fell off wrist s in one circle anticip ation probl distu wheels being lots of tools attach shook my twigsinfecti ous ers were much of a with villag s and peop le misse ed to a carpet next to their and swayed in their becom and branch white Now it’s CoCam huge ed d their tea gazebo (also right edand that the breeze tents. cheerto fire e The watchi ng dancin es. I Wande but the p! to say donke ys, commi proce ssion main camp ring DF centre had sung the rs Cafes d past g ttee make woun in on . aroun chair speech I watche d from d its way to itself fell apart merr y every town carried es, time The fiery workin central area the treelin when ythis and grocer teach us to butg quickl ities) sthe villagee). as behind festiv and the infec the change it and thetoIFM try and the night the scenes A town was night e keep. of latebuilt tious antic ipati on flag was passed all through for over the up around . Pleasmy 80th year runnin official end was a bit much on shoo k my twigs Issue Four everyo ne was 3am (the um it’s not bran g. By the end this and excitin scream ing ches. ” ute minim thought and shouti villagers to an absol g prospe ng at the t rules. past 3am camp: A CoCam cts of this more than y very lenien noise levels just a p! these alread fair to flout do you agree nues, ssion conti The discu Email findings? our Mest-Up to guest with uk edit a special press@woo say. report on sex have your

Solidarity for AUF

Political anal

Going Live

n on attiio Educca

“We’re Not Reeb beellss!!”” insist rebe R ls


t was “amaz ng – ke B ue Peter on y better” accord ng to Meg Ryder of v age 19 When asked about whether t was better than Tomorrow s Wor d she rep ed “ don t know haven t seen t ”



Chair of the CoCamp Co-operative

p To Hood CoCamp at Robin arrivinga selection Hood here’s of Robinnews themes

Will “never gets an early” Knight K SSomeone who has been a central figure on the h communications o team in print, pr n video and rad radio. He is known for kn coercing talented coer journalists ourn to join the Courier team by smiling and making cups of tea See!? See ?


Time le Sex Sing nt

any of us exciting and radical than The bookings could dream of alone. across the UK the came pouring in, from space, girls have world. and throughout the wider In a girl only take leadership to hree years ago an idea opportunity the started to form, having to force an of roles without ard. possibility of selves forw international camp them s not co-operation and co-operative and with just to discuss and play – but a living, explore those concepts challenging breathing, changing, and community that embodied celebrated them. to talk started individuals of A group got on board about it, General Council ran cake Folk’s Annual #cocamp Woodcraft Folk districts and in 2009 Woodcraft leap frogs; supported sales and sponsored Gathering voted that they bag a movement jumble sales and ceilidhs; the idea and that we as to raise the it happen. packing and bike rides should commit to making N down IFM-SEI other up and for gatherings PERATIO money At regional OF CO-O submitted Lydia across VAL ESTIthe Harper organisations. Districts country, and IFM events the Town Communications of help and and it rrem Team programme ideas and Investigative the world, ideas, offers remain main Journalist ns u unclea to put these nclearr why districts and appear to Librarians started work they challenges poured in; in o h have ave ggone programme. At CoCamp one throug people and different med h a offers into our CoCamp this mornin groups our young medium dium tthan g Rebel Tipi system m han the library post, through Coordinators solidify that Over email and via of activit insisted that activvitiies. ac leaders alike started to ies. co-operativeactions of setting idea into a their facebook and twitter our dream, to make that tiny up an alterna Andworkshop centre tive The answer tto o these thesse questio th nicknamed has been built by its members. qu massive reality ns comes years of planning,HQ Tipi” is not a rebellio the “Rebel from Rebel Le Leader Lead der, after r, , Karl Kar now, arl Darrell. CoCamp. n against not rebellion “It’s ng, weeks of on how agains ag nstt CoCam months of administrati In 2010 our members voted rebellion agains gain p, it’s we to making, of aiming nst on days t ort work, the t and he ou Woodcraft outer uter forces assembling the rest the the menu should Folk campe at cial Rep in together, awoke world! wor w rs of rld!!” th 2 Spe neutral event and on the the he purpose s, all ages the Rebelof HQ are finally all here this mornindivide a carbon be CO of of our visionday m g to a gloriou on camp. It pi iss to o provide an s sunny opportunity Tipi andalis CoCamp, ready to realise to a quiet rumou way programme happens tion to “org “Nawill that “organ !” r that a Rebel for member gan Tipi had been nise aand nd agitate a co-operative community unisettes a better was decided that every up in Blue orld, ialism over the d, a m Town, making that Socnext more Cedar world, a world world, suggestions ore equal start here in Walesby would be a part of of which had we that at st future ashinted stands stan nds u been rights of the at on the up p for the ten days, and live in the happen, that each oppresssed sed.” Facebook with social networking site would ed.”” skills, ideas, each take the new person coming to CoCamp the group have guide The we Rebel’s play, a name Rebel to memories game a and or Tipi creates ‘A to CoCamp’ friendships bring a workshop n ed educat encouraging space to inform atess an ducating participants our schools ing to discuss and to ‘get involve , inspire made back to our homes, piree and skill to share or an idea an nd help d – organise, young people help get say agitate, educate!’. together we on Centre Aspen Town the road and our work places and As the be for Yellow roaad to an open mind. That tables to helpin questions began helpingg expect Unloadingmay ed create equality in the more varied, right. to be raised… he w would build a camp far world. orld.the growing European extreme this Rebel THIS IS POSSIBLE! . So what is despite against the appear more for ance far Tipi? up in our struggle far more innovative, Zoë Waterman

HOODIE celebrate

Ver ty “Scoopface” Jones Respons b e for mak ng the Cour er organ sed She was a h gh fl er pr or to be ng d sgraced by the phone whack ng scanda and forc forced to res gn and has now embarked on n a successfu new career as a grocer

You may not have seen much o the Cour er s ed tor a team you have seen them you may have recogn sed them by the r bu g ng red eyeba s and ever decreas ng fingerna s They have sat d gent y n the office work ng hard on every ed t on o the paper And you were wonder ng about who wou d be crazy enough to vo unteer or th s task you need no onger wonder


me Leading Com


The Courier Editorial Team


ued page 4 nued ntin onti Coon >>C

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try 6 Poe 3

A day inof the life an elfin

w th the Comms centre and team p ease fee free to send any comments about our work or future opportun t es that nvo ve med a to med a centre@woodcraft org uk Who knows what we cou d ach eve n the future

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Sack Your Headteacher

Palestine Calling

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Chicken News


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CoCamp took a pause last night for Hiroshima and Nagisaki in 1945. the whole camp to come together CoCamp towns; The and remember followed by singing, commemoration involved the a beautiful processi atrocity that occurred in remembering and readings from on from each return from his of the four elfins. in interview with the press. During the intervie Points of Conten int w the protesto tion outside chantin g and then moved rs remained The CoCamp board’s park to attempt towards the car attemp to kettle right to invite camp his a Tory to the car thus attempt voices heard ing to represen again, however and make their camp’s opinion t the whole Spencer ’s car brought round ; ‘the board is rou was the back to naive held to account and should be the office for convenience and to prevent individuals respons – no not the board the getting out of the situation hand. Some for us, this camp ible’, ‘they have done so much people gathered with the protesto wouldn’t be here pr rs however did without them’. with the protesti pro The lack of respect ng methods and not agree peace song were singing songs to try to Woodcraft memberfrom both Spencer and from put across their views. respect, I’d have s; ‘if he’d treated us with After Spencer Spen had gone treated him don’t believe in with respect’, a discussion/ broke out in-betw debate ‘I his political ideals een Silver Birch not being rude but I believe in Cedar ith and Bl to it l

Interview with2025 Centenar y by the Mark Spence popu lated Cam p, r urer s who are MP

It all gets a little awkward when we sit down and I ask what he thinks from what he of CoCamp opportunity to has seen, “it’s a great get in a safe environ together, get to socialise ment and come views whateve and express their r pretty positive their views are, so overall ”. it’s next with the This vague answer when coupled “I got an idea [of what CoCamp but unless you come and see is] hand you never these things first really underst education in many and so it’s been an me that he knew respects” didn’t really reassure what he had let himself in for. When asked about are actually going how the government’s policies he merely stated to help the young people today the fundamental economy and how it is a necessit nature of the y to helping the

youth; “it’s very challenging obvious disapointing ly”. It was a slip where the market into the Neoliberal status quo comes above all and painted moral concern the picture s for the rest interview. of the Inevitably we moved onto the place and was protest which still took whilst we spoke taking place outside the office and his cutting 10% of the camp” response “only who didn’t protestseemed to imply that everyon e did not object. He picks education as a key up that the Pupil theme of the protest and states Premium has specifically to been brought challenge this. I pointed out that in Pupil Premium the Liberal Democrpolicy had actually been in the at manifesto stumped him not his which entirely. Another chang

Last night our Palestinian delegations shared their experiences with over 200 comrades from across the globe. The delegations gave a slide show and presented films showing their work with young people and how they keep going despite constant disruptions to their daily routines. They talked about how the Wall and the overall Israeli occupation affects young people. For example, many thousands of Palestinians are held in prison for political reasons or for minor acts of defiance against the occupation. These prisoners include many young people and the parents of young people. The youth movements present at CoCamp run projects to help these young people. The delegations engaged in a discussion with comrades following the films and as a result of that discussion four key actions that local groups and individuals could do to help were identified.


Comment The idea of masculinity should not be defended Martha Julings

Jack Yeo

Smash Masculinity

Its more subtle than language allows

In response to Christy’s article a few days ago, I’d like to say I find the idea of a male ‘appreciating his own gender’ absolutely sickening. What would this involve exactly? Basking in the privilege he has inherited from thousands of years of female subordination? Male dominance is completely intertwined with how ideas of masculinity are constructed, so to defend the idea of masculinity is, to me, defending male privilege. I see masculinity as a set of gender norms centred on being active, strong and vocal constructed in direct relation to the expectations of femininity, e.g. passivity and a focus on external appearance. We can see this all too well in the way in which women who are

“The idea that you can separate patriarchy from masculinity is laughable.”


Should The Courier continue beyond CoCamp?

I was interested to read Christy Quinn's article “In defense of the male heterosexual”, displayed a dangerous assumption. Whilst the article raised an important issue, it used the concepts of heterosexuality and masculinity almost interchangeably. The ideas it expressed were excellent aims fending only this abstract entity known as the “male heterosexual”? One of the purposes of the pride march was to fight stereotypes. We cannot therefore afford to confuse the concepts of masculinity and heterosexuality. Conforming to this stereotype further reinforces the “us and them” mentality than has been at the heart of driving back the LGBTQQ+ equality movement for years.

outspoken and opinionated are often much more vehemently attacked than men who do similar things, as they are not seen to be fitting into society’s view of how a woman should behave. All these gender constructions help to maintain male privilege by putting masculinity in a definite hierarchy over femininity, so the idea that you can separate patriarchy from masculinity is laughable. In order to fight patriarchy, we must smash the idea of masculinity all together.

Get in touch at press@woodcraft.or woodcraft.or

Stereotypes have no place in such movements. To achieve true equality for any group they must be free from the constraints of assumptions. Christy is absolutely right – everybody needs the right to express their own personality. In fact, even by opening this debate we are falling into the trap of excluding people who do not

What defines us often cannot be put into words conform to our neatly defined categories. Woodcraft is an organisation that prides itself on being open to all, including those who do not define themselves as by these categories. Everybody must be free to be who and whatever they want to be, and media plays an important part in forming people's views. This is why it is so dangerous to write an article from the assumption that one arbitrary label corresponds to another. The reason that the LGBTQQ+ acronym keeps growing is because there is no one set of categories that can neatly cover everyone. In the end, all labels really do is distract from the actual issues. They say actions speak louder than words. The march demonstrated that in fantastic style, and we all need to remember that what defines us often cannot be put into words. All the rest is arbitrary.


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@WoodcraftFolk Blue Cedar Town Hall is buzzing with Woodies planning the first stage of #projectkoodoo #cocamp @kateahr Out in the real world for a day away from #cocamp. *looks around* No. It doesn't look good out here. Let's go back to camp.

“Volunteering” at Camps Will Knight Tired but content I have spent most of my time on CoCamp inside one building of this very large site, working hard with a great team to help produce the media output, often seeing two 4 o’clocks in a day and two 11 o’clocks also. That’s a lot of o’clocks! The issue is that I feel I don’t have any more connection with this camp than many others, in fact in some way my view of the camp will be narrower than others having not had a huge chance to explore.

Riddler on the Roof Someone is trapped in a locked room with a calendar, a piano and a bed. How could they find something to eat, drink and escape? ,radnelac eht morf setad ekaT gnirps dna onaip eht morf syek .deb eht morf retaw


By Fiona Stewart-Roper Chief Riddler The views in this paper do not neccesseraly represent the views of Woodcraft Folk or IFM-SEI

Although I moan, I have had an opportunity that not many, if any, other organisations would give me and I am thankful for that. Helping make a newspaper, video & radio for 2000+ people from around the world I still feel a little short-changed. Is there space for working volunteers to get a number of t-shirts for people working in their centre? Maybe if there’s any budget left over after camp for that centre 50% should be split between all the workers & taken off their camp fees? Maybe we should say to people that have worked really hard that we will give them 10% off their next camp big camp?

Maybe we should pay for their next membership fee? I’m afraid I have none of the answers and many of the questions. But I feel that everyone should come away from a camp with a connection to it & feel they have given & taken proportionally from it. Maybe the problem is that we just don’t have enough personnel working in these areas? But surely the way to solve this is not with a softened stick in the back of but with a small strawberry of reward every day. Even having a meal made & ready for you at meal times nearby to where you’re working lifts spirits immensely and allows people to bond in a way that isn’t stressful and therefore work better as a team. Woodcraft is a place where we discuss any issues that arise democratically and perhaps I am saying things that have already been covered & talked about a million times but I am unaware of this and would be interested to hear your views, I hope that this discussion will continue and that we can reach a place where everyone is not only at camp but part of it as well.

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