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Mest-Up guest edit a special report on sex & gender >> Pages 4 & 5


Innovative Library System Sweats Under Massive Popularity Cadan ap Tomos

The Stolen Cake

Exploratory Journalist

Cuisine Correspondent


oCamp's innovative library structure is facing mounting pressure from an increased workload and is feeling the strain from a lack of volunteers. The structure, trialled for the first time at this year's CoCamp, has proved to be extremely popular and useful to CoCampers, but librarians are finding it increasingly difficult to respond to demand.


hen going into the Bebop Cafe everything seems calm and serene; the smell of home baked cakes, coffee and milkshakes are in the air, it is without question the place to be in the evening! But behind the scenes all is not as perfect as appearances make out. A series of disasters has struck the Bebop, leaving workers hot, stressed and covered in cake mix! After the deeply upsetting and angering experience - the earlier reported theft of cake - things appear to go from bad to worse.

“Some are finding it okay, but others are struggling,” said Zoë Waterman, chair of the CoCamp board. “I don't want to undermine the work of volunteers because they're all doing a great job, but I do see that some libraries are under pressure from their users.”

A major disaster area seemed to be battling the natural elements for victory over sweltering heat, wind, dust and of course wasps! The most traumatic problem area was the one instance of the afternoon baking session it blew a whole table over...cake mix was everywhere! It was carnage. The cakes (Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins specifically) were ruined and had to be started again much to the upset of all involved. Due to a lack of volunteers and under the pressure of constant demand for refreshment in the evening programme the workers have had to take drastic actions in a desperate attempt to keep their excellent cafe afloat. The most controversial of which is the fact that because of consumer demand, Tesco products are being brought onto camp! A full scale investigation therefore took place of course...involving other cafes active on the camp.

The wind blew a whole table over...cake mix was everywhere! At first this story appears to be horrific, however ‘Hood in the wood’ admitted that they also have been swayed by the Tesco local convenience appeal, succumbing to

This paper can reveal that the situation isn't being helped by them seemingly becoming town crèches. Parents have begun leaving woodchips in the town libraries, with no supervision apart from by the working librarians. A librarian, who asked to remain anonymous, said “We have lots of lovely, liberal, free-thinking parents at Woodcraft Folk camps, but co-parenting doesn't always work when we don't have lots of parents here and only have librarians. Woodchips are being left at the library, but the librarians can't look after them because they are very busy.

The Pride March in full swing - Turn to page 4 for the Mest-Up special on sex & gender

the temptation of icing sugar; a necessity for their assorted cake and sweet treats. Other cafes including Chez Chenanigans and The Woodcraft Cafe have managed to avoid sourcing from Tesco, but nonetheless completely understand, saying in an emergency they definitely would go to Tesco also. The Bebop Cafe like the other cafes sources its milk from a local farm, and most of its goods are from Suma or the Co-op...However yet again disaster struck with a whole order of food not arriving from the Co-op leaving them in a predicament almost beyond comprehension. Clearly, buying products from Tesco has caused a big stir in the tranquillity of the claustrophobically hot and stuffy CoCamp, but nevertheless it is blatant that the Bebop needs help! Bebop needs YOU!

How to volunteer with your Library & Cafes

>> Helping out one of the CoCamp teams can be a really fun and rewarding way to spend your time at CoCamp. Just a few hours can take the preassure off volunteers who are working full time and beyond! Here, Emily from Blue Cedar Library reads to a couple of woodchips enabling their parents to attend the nearby Palestine workshop.

“[The libraries] have turned into a kind of a safe space because there's always people around, but unfortunately it isn't really our job [to look after woodchips]. It's absolutely brilliant that woodchips are coming into the library, but we would ask that they must be supervised.” The Librarians themselves are pillars of enthusiam and are keen to remain open and avalable to all ages. Ruth Yates from Red Oak Library said: “Libraries are welcoming places and everyone is welcome.” The library resource, and all the resources within it, have become a vital part of the CoCamp routine. Councils may be cutting funding to libraries all over Britain, but this valuable entity can easily be sustained by an increased level of volunteering.



News and Comment

Waspgate! The scandal with a sting in the tale

You don’t know what you got till it’s gone! Bob Cannell Cann Village 18

Joel White Parasites Correspondent at Large

“A woman got stung and couldn’t breathe.” “On a scale of fist to watermelon it was the size of a watermelon.” “One fell in my drink.” These are the shocking testimonies of a camp coming to terms with a plague of buzzing, stinging, yellow and black bugs. Yes, the wasps have arrived at CoCamp and they are lurking behind every honey jar and compost bucket, ready to indiscriminately attack anyone who gets in their way.

Woodcraft has something very special. A precious jewel, rare to nonexistent in most walks of life. Young people who have grown up with it are unaware of it. Many older people find it uncomfortable. It can make us boil with frustration but we have to work with it. But it's also very fragile and easily damaged.

But this invasion is being met by a similarly vicious reaction from wasp-hunting campers. Jack, from Bradford, is a young, articulate venturer and a valued clan member in Village 18; but he is also a self-described ‘expert’ wasp killer who shows no mercy when faced with a field full of small stinging beasties. Clearly the horror of having his fellow CoCampers overrun with wasps that “come towards the food” and “climb up our arms” has forced Jack into action.

I've heard it called The Woodie Way – and not always as a compliment.

He described how he and other Wasp Hunters get other than the eradication of all wasps.” their high kill counts with ruthless efficiency, filling up empty milk bottles Our interview was interrupted by a millitant with boiling member of the Wasp Liberation Front, Joe, 8 from water and honey, Shipley. Running towards the two creating a death of us screaming “STING HIM, trap. Another Village HIM, STING HIM,” Wespen STING 18 Wasp Hunter, Joe was then happy to Mathew, aged 9, had used describe the fact that he Wespen sind kleine, böse, a cup to catch nine wasps, Schwarz-gelb Insekten, die had had a wasp in his though he chose to release Stechen können. mouth but that it Sie fühlen sich bedroht, them back into the wild. simply “tickled”. durch schnelle

Bewegungen. Roaming camp celebrity Robin This emergent Hood had this to say on the movement has sprung up matter: “I could shoot one with my arrow from the grassroots and from 100 yards. They are an important part of remains an elusive, secretive the cycle of life but a pain in the arse when they entity, known mainly by their black and yellow sting.” balaclavas. Four young WLF recruits, who chose to Though these methods are clearly denting wasp remain anonymous, met me in a secret location to population numbers, it is only the beginning of passionately put forward their feelings that wasps Jack and the Wasp Hunters’ mission. “The problem are being discriminated against, that they feel is getting worse and worse, it’s getting out of “wasp pain” and that their message to “wasp control,” he said. “There‘s a conflict between our torturers” torturers is unequivocal: “Back Back down dow now, or we’ll wo species and it cannot be resolved in any way two

Working things out together because no one is in charge. Leaders whose job is to get us to self-organise. All the 'chaos' and 'anarchy' that drive some of us half-mad because we want to 'stop faffing around and get the job done' when maybe the 'faffing' is the valuable bit. Lack of status authority. Absence of hierarchy. No one in Woodies is powerful because of the position they hold, (well, mostly) .

“They are an important part of the cycle of life but a pain in the arse when they sting.” be there.” An e-mail exchange with the group’s shady leader, WASPMAN 202, reveals more: “TH3SE EVIL WASP KILL3RS WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THEIR BARB3RISM. WE WILL TAKE REV3NGE ON BEHALF OF THE WASPS. WE WILL USE ANY MEANS NECESSARY TO STOP THE TORTURE AND MURDER OF WASPS.” Asked why he was so fond of capital fonts, WASPMAN 202 replied: ‘MY KEYBOARD IS BROKEN’ Clearly the WASPGATE scandal is only just unfolding, with a trail of stung, sore victims in its wake.

Fire Juggling Workshop 14:30 @ BeBop

TECH SPEC Jack Ford’s Patented Wasp Killing Machine

Learn to juggle fire safely & professionally. Then Perform in the evening programme

I am personnel officer for Suma workers' co-operative and we are organised on similar principles. Suma is a £30 million business employing 150 people with no chief executive, no managing director and co-ordinators rather than managers. We are a successful co-operative enterprise, very good wages, growing sales and recruiting in a recession. Yet most of Suma is co-organised and we hardly ever use 'do as you are told' management. Suma needs self-managing members; people who can organise themselves and collaborate in co-operative teams. We spend a lot of time re-training people who are indoctrinated into a chief or follower role by years of school and work. Suma needs active democrats who vote with their feet and hands and voices; not just at a ballot box. So when I come across a Woodie interviewee – and I can often spot them – I heave a sigh of relief. Here is a young person who already knows how to behave in a 21st century business. They usually don't put it on their CV but their confidence in relating to older adults and other people, their ability to achieve and work in collaboration with all sorts, is obvious. These are just the personal qualities required by most modern organisations. For me as an employer, this is the most precious thing about the Woodcraft Way. In our impatience to make the Folk 'work' better, we risk damaging this precious quality. It's much easier to replicate hierarchies and models than to generate co-operatives. Our challenge is the same as Suma's, How do we grow something when 'you don't know what you got till it's gone'?

Today is National Playday! Come and join the Right to Play team at The Common (marked with a parachute on the map) after lunch for fun and games!




Reviews and news

Today’s video news will be replaced with a short broadcast including a bedtime story and a small documentary about Palestine. It will be 9:45pm – 10:00pm prompt, bring your Elfins!

Interview with the Bishops Archie Nicholson Pioneering reviewer


s you may all know, the band Fishing For Bishops has played in Blue Cedar. Blue Cedar was the largest audience FFB (Fishing For Bishops) has played for, so far! I have been lucky enough interview the saxophone player, Sam. Sam has said he has been playing the flute since the age of 9 and the saxophone since the age of 11. The band has been playing for about 3 years however Sam has been playing with the band for 2 years. In addition to this Sam says that people should listen to FFB because FFB are a bit different and are very original. Sam says to the people of CoCamp “Thank you for providing FFB with this golden opportunity. And thanks for the audience’s hospitality.” Sam said that he and his band are inspired by a lot of older and greater bands. The majority of Fishing For Bishops met up in college. The CoCamp Press has given FFB 10/10 and a brilliant 5 Star rating!

Wendy Yellow Aspen “They seem a very dynamic, exciting, energetic and intelligent band of merry men.”

Co-op in a Carton Water Fun - A Ashley Van-Rixtel Freelance Journalist

It was founded in the Silver Birch town Library by three young people from Village 22. The three had a vision to span Red Oak with the smell, the taste and the sounds of popcorn popping and Woodies munching in front of a film. Co-op in a Box helps provide these budding young entrepreneurs with the means to plan their vision step by step. From choosing the concept, to the colour of the sign - even the assignment of jobs. I sat at a table and witnessed their creation. With no adult input they planned every detail, all under the age of 14. They discussed their ideas, chose a name ‘Just Corn’ - done by each of them putting down ideas, circling each other’s they liked, voted on the shortlisted and then finally they have a name. I witnessed this and feel proud to say that in Woodcraft amazing things can happen Oh and what amazing popcorn!!!

Splashing Time Naomi Roosedale Elfinvestigator

Chicken Rampage Thomas Black Eco Pioneer

There have been tons of chickens in Blue Cedar town lately, rampaging through tents, marquees and fields. All these invasions have been slightly annoying but Blue Cedar has lived with it. After two days the feathered creatures increased in numbers. At one point there were so many that one got caught in between a fly sheet and a tent. Folk Marshall had to go in and get it.

On Tuesday I went to Village 18 in Blue Cedar Town for a smashing time. I got soaking wet and because it was hot it made me fresh and cool. I kept slipping on my tummy. The people who made the water slide put lots of washing up

I got soaking wet and because it was hot it made me fresh and cool. liquid so we could slip and slide. My favourite bit was when I slipped right off the end of the slippery sheet and landed on the grass with a bump! Even though I got a bit cold I had a lot of fun! So look out for the next time Village 18 has a water slide!

Boomerangs: the latest defence against the menace.

“I like chickens, as I’ve got some at home, so I’m used to seeing them” Teresa, Folk Marshall

RedParrot Radio A Go GO! JimDog Reviving the radio star As those of you who have been tuning in daily will know, RedParrot Radio is live, kicking and broadcasting daily from the Co-mmunication centre on site. Playing a mixture of music, news and hearty banter from the green streets of CoCamp, a variety of groups of all ages have already been down to have a turn on the wheels of steel.

Betty 13, Olive 10, Tilly 7 with their popcorn stall

The studio is using equipment typical of that you would find in a real radio studio and so is a great opportunity to have a taster of what life as a radio star is like.Fancy yourself as the next John Peel (or even Alan Partridge)? There's several ways to get involved. If you see yourself as a bit of a newshound, you could come and borrow an audio recorder to get some interviews with people around the site. Also, you can text in to the studio with news, requests or announcements on the

RedParrot hotline - 07812440348 Better still, why not come down and have a go at making your own radio show? It's not as hard or as scary as it might sound and the radio team will be on hand to get your voices out on the airwaves. Come along to the Co-mmunication centre during the day to book a time slot for your show, and make sure your friends are listening in on 87.5-87.6 FM


News In defence of the male heterosexual Christie Quinn 21st Century Man - Never using a shortt word when a long word will do

I write upon the eve of the L esbi an-Gay -B isexual-Trans gender-Q ueerPlus Pride March, taking place around the CoCamp site on Tuesday afternoon. CoCamp has much to be proud of in fostering a sense of openness and freedom, as we discuss the issues of gender and sexuality that define our identities in modern-day society. It is in this spirit that I pen an ode to the oft-maligned and misunderstood identity that is the male heterosexual. The feminist movement, which since its inception in the early 20th century has transformed sexual politics in the West, has done much to define the damaging effects of patriarchy and the unequal power relationships between the sexes. This has been

We must strive as a society to disassociate masculinity from patriarchy an immensely positive process with great strides made in achieving equality within the law, shrinking the (still considerable) pay gap between men and women and helping to define the struggle against LGBTQ discrimination. However, one of the unfortunate effects of this process to purge discrimination on the basis of sexuality or gender has been for some to label the very idea of the heterosexual male appreciating his own gender as in itself inherently hateful and discriminatory. The reason this occurs is a result of how patriarchy has been embedded in male heterosexual culture. We can see this in examples of the boorishness of cultural icons like The Sun’s page three and Jeremy Clarkson, where men are conditioned to believe that women are merely companion pieces and devices in the pursuit of their own personal fulfilment in life. However, even men who reject this idea of male predominance in society and work for equality amongst all can be attacked for not completely rejecting their own identity. This actually limits male participation in the feminist movement, by creating the perception that only hetero males who participate in the self-flagellation of decrying all things masculine are ‘real’ feminists. Tackling this problem actually offers us a means of further challenging patriarchal relationships in our society. We must strive as a society to disassociate masculinity from patriarchy and other harmful cultural concepts. It is these that lead to the harmful imbalances of power between gender and sexes in our society. The idea of the modern man that strives to treat all equally, yet can appreciate his own masculinity, is not new. It is increasingly influential within British society, and will in time come to resemble the face of a culturally-normative sexual identity that has rejected its own supposed superiority and perceives itself as merely part of the great family of different cultural identities. However, unless we accept the concept of hetero males feeling comfortable with their own masculinity, we as a movement risk alienating men from the cause of advancing sexual equality.

#cocamp Can two girls be in love with each other?

Find out at Mest-Up

Can't we all just be queer?

What is Mest-Up? The Mest-Up yurt is the place to go for answer to all those questions you have but might find hard or embarrassing to discuss with your leaders or friend.

many should adopt. The idea that we can all change, swap and taster being different genders, being no gender, and having sexual relations with people we love and lust rather than simply boxing ourselves off to only men and only women seems to me an idea that can only bring out the best in us all. As one marcher neatly summed up why can't esterday CoCampers gathered in sexuality and gender be “as fluid as large numbers at Red Oak Town alcohol!” Hall to join in the explosion of Moving on from the booze, however, I do queer euphoria that was the LGBTQ+ understand, once I have stepped back march. I went down to join in the fun and from the idyllic edge of my own utopian ask some questions to see how people felt thoughts, that our society is favoured for about the ever-expanding labels used heterosexual, for the male, and for nowadays to self-define your sexuality. capitalism. This for so long has

Sarah Lawson & KT Moon Pondering from Yesterday’s LGBT Pride March


Not really knowing where to begin due to my ever-changing thought explosions on this issue I have decided to open up the debate on the word 'Queer', a new, jazzy word reclaimed by the LGBT community that describes a do-what-you-want attitude towards sexuality and gender. Whilst I have only heard this word used in radical, alternative networks I feel that the way people such as Susie Billig from Yellow Aspen use queer to describe themselves is actually a healthy idea

“Why can't sexuality and gender be as fluid as alcohol?”

marginalised all communities of people with sexualities and genders that lie outside of the straight, family-obsessed, anally-retentive and repressed workaholic lifestyle. And for this reason I can see why the LGBT community has created so many labels, brands and identities as there is a need for solidarity to provide safety and direction to a group of people constantly persecuted and oppressed by the systems we live in. Like Lloyd Russell Moyle, a Gay Socialist Woodie from Red Oak, I accept that labels are 'an unfortunate divisionary mechanism' but understand that 'their existence shouldn’t be denied, as people need them to ensure equality and to eliminate discrimination.' So in a small, midnight rambling conclusionary type of way, I think the fact that Dominic, from Red Oak, told us




Mest-Up Essentials YOUNG PEOPLE It is staffed only by young people who can not only provide heaps of information on sex, drugs and mental health but also can chat confidentially to you about personal issues in our 'safe space'. SAFE SPACE We are not offering a counselling or advice service but we will be here to listen to you and talk through your problems to help create the best solution together. MEDIATION We also provide a mediation team who are on call 24-7 to offer their mediation skills if required to resolve problems on camp. So if you’ve got a conflict with your tent mate or your leader, you can talk to the mediation team and they might be able to help you find a solution.

he decides to have no label as he thinks they are 'completely unnecessary' is incredible. And possibly more revolutionary than a social-democratichetero-flexible-Swedish-curious could ever be. To finish, Sarah Ashton, a bisexual from Blue Cedar (great alliteration!) said “love is love and

everyone has the right to practise whatever sexual orientation they like” and I think that ultimatly should be the key. Be Yourself. Be Queer. Be Radical!

Come and see Sense Sense at CoCamp Raising awareness about deafblind issues On Wednesday afternoon, CoCamp welcomes SENSE, a national charity supporting children and young people who are deaf or blind. I had a quick catch-up with Debs McCahon, who helped co-ordinate the visit. L: Hello! So, what exactly is happening on Wednesday? D: SENSE are supporting twoo ck deaf and blind teenagers, Jack and Molly, to visit CoCamp to volunteer in a workshop involving a presentation and d st some relevant activites. Most importantly though, they're having a drop-in Q&A session, on, so feel free to pop in with any queries.

For more information on SENSE, visit You can also find more information on how to make your group more inclusive at

Lloyd Russell-Moyle Lloyd delves into the archives

Did you know: Woodcraft Folk Presidents Did you know that the Woodcraft Folk used to have two Life Presidents, The one Life President who we still have is Margate White, Margate was the General Secretary of the Woodcraft Folk for many years and was one of the people that saw us grow into the movement we are today. The other Life President was Denis Goldberg who resigned as president because he believed that we should shouldn’t have presidents in our movement. Den Denis is from South Africa and was active in struggling against the apartheid system sys where the minority white people oppressed o the majority back people. If you want to know more about the struggle in South Africa go along to the Rebel Centre Cen in Blue Cedar.

L: How did SENSE get involved olved in the Woodcraft Folk? D: The Woodcraft Folk have been working xplore how to be with SENSE since 2009 to explore inclusive to people with additional itional needs – in this case, the deaf and the blind. lind. L: Have they done anything ng else Woodcraft-related apart from CoCamp? D: Yes, they've been to regional onal training events, DF camps and have done group oup nights. They do all sorts of things to raise awareness, wareness, so let m to lead a group them know if you'd like them night session or anything else. se. They work with s. all types of people of all ages. L: What are the aims of SENSE's ENSE's workshops?

'Queer', a new, jazzy word reclaimed by the LGBT community that describes a do-what-you-want attitude towards sexuality

Although the sessions itself is a sign-up one, anyone is welcome to drop in to the Q&A session – the more the merrier! However, we ask that the workshop is just for pioneers, venturers, DFs and leaders.


D: To talk to leaders and young ung people about how to make activities more inclusive. They're trying to bring it down to a local level to enhance everyone's understanding anding of how to be that bit more inclusive and nd understand-

ing. Just imagine what the world would be like if you couldn't see ee or hear. L: Sounds like a great workshop! Can we have the specifics? ifics? hops on D: There are two workshops Wednesday afternoon; one at 2:30 and one at 4:00. The location ation is yet to be decided, but just check ck in your est info. town library for the latest

Joshua Ridley Terrific town councillor

Hi, I'm Joshua and I have been elected as a town councillor for V Village 5 in Silver Birch town. I am also one of the four Town Ma Mayors. I really like being a town coun councillor because I like taking people's peopl points and opinions forward. To me, me I put everything that's not important behind me and put the important stuff ahead. ahead Everyone's opinion counts and is taken forw forward. Town council coun is about taking people's points into accou account. We have been organising lots of different activities for our town for all age groups. On O Monday, we had an elfin sleepover in one of our villages, which had all of the town's elfins and was a great success. We are el also organising a pea fair, a talent show, an orga open night and other activities to happen nig before the th end of the camp. I think town councils are important because CoCamp is all about having your voice heard and coco-operation. The town councils help do that and an we are always ready to listen. I would encourage you all to talk to your town encour councillors before their meeting at 11:30 counci today.



News, sport and comment Call us kinsfolk: we’re participants too Some Leicestershire Kinsfolk are uncomfortable with the persistent use of the term “leader” to describe over 21s on CoCamp, especially in the programme. Instead we would prefer to be known as kinsfolk. We see woodchips, elfins, pioneers, venturers and DFs also leading successful activities. As attendees of these workshops, we are hoping to be active learners not leaders. We also don’t want to be underestimating the role of our fab young people as leaders. Secondly, we think that “leaders” as a word implies a power relationship with which we feel uncomfortable. Kinsfolk is a Woodies word that provides the necessary separation. However, it also defines us as Woodcrafters and not in a specific role because of age. Thirdly, we are here at CoCamp as participants. Whilst most of us are leading activities, busying away at all sorts of jobs and happy to be doing so, we also want to be seen as active members of CoCamp in our own right. We feel, therefore, that kinsfolk is a more appropriate, inclusive, equal and all round Woodcrafty term. Leicestershire Kinsfolk

The P.A.R.T.Y. centre at CoCamp is up and running. P.A.R.T.Y. is the centre for Politically Active Revolutionary Thinking Youth, and CoCamp’s centre follows in a long tradition. So far this week we have decorated the P.A.R.T.Y. tent with posters, slogans, flags and symbols with help from an all-ages workshop and had a discussion about lowering the voting age. Today at 3 pm we will be discussing Violence at protests – is it ever justified? Come along for a discussion and debate about violence and vandalism in the name of a political cause. Find us at the far end of Silver Birch, just past the kitchen tent (village 6).

Football tournament Every day at 3.00pm until 5.00pm, there will be a football tournament (4 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss). Teams of between 7 - 9 players of all skill levels are welcome. There will be ten matches in total with each team playing 2 or 3 matches per day. Venturers and adults are welcome and elfins and pioneers also have their own teams and league. We have a football pitch in one of the fields with netted goals next to village 15, Blue Cedar. Don’t forget your water bottles!

Name Miv-Catalonia Travers all stars FC Silva Annoying Orange Shefftown Sholjaz Hornsey England

Woodie groups seek DFs for companionship, with a view to a long and mutually beneficial relationship “I would recommend any DFs going to university to get involved in their local Woodcraft groups. Not only did I find a wider community of friends, it definitely helped me when I came to applying for jobs after university as I had developed a diverse set of skills by helping to run groups,” says Anna.

Nikki Allen and Pearl Ahrens Village 20

As the temperatures have soared this week at CoCamp it’s hard to imagine that less than nine months ago much of the country was in the grip of ice and snow. For Anna Yates it meant facing the possibility of not getting back to see her family in Liverpool. “I didn’t much fancy spending Christmas on my own but as soon as my Woodcraft group found out that I might not get home, I had lots of offers to spend it with them. Luckily in the end I got home, but it made me appreciate how even though I was in Glasgow I had lots of friends in the community thanks to my local Woodcraft group,” says Anna. Anna had been involved in Woodcraft in Liverpool since the age of five but it was in her second year at Glasgow University that she decided to get involved in her local group. “I had lots of friends at university who were a similar age to me but I missed not being involved in a local community and as a student it’s not always that easy to achieve this,” says Anna. Anna contacted her local Woodcraft group and ended up helping to run an elfin group. Four years later she is still involved there, having got a job in Glasgow following her graduation. This week she is camping with both Liverpool and Glasgow Woodcraft groups.

Maddy Williams has worked with a number of DFs over the years who are students at the two universities in Brighton.

CoCamp Lonely Hearts Young adult 16-20 seeks Woodcraft groups for fun, confidence and a sense of belonging. Elfin group seeks young person to empower 19 year old missing Woodcraft at uni, in search of new district Woodcraft district seeks HELP! Struggling young male looking to build personal statement, an elfin group would build his character. Pioneer group seeks political student to educate youngsters PUTTING DISTRICT BACK IN DISTRICT FELLOWS

“Brighton Hill Fort is a very young district with lots of teenagers and we have close connections with both Sussex and Brighton universities. A number of students have even carried out work with our groups that have counted towards their university projects. We always welcome students getting involved in our groups as both they and we get a lot out of it,” she says. Patrick Dowson is one such student from Sussex University. Although he is the Southeast rep for DFs he has also been working with the local venturers for the last year. “It has been great to really get to know Brighton and also have some amazing experiences. For example, I and others helped organise a musical fundraising event for CoCamp and have also been involved in Radio Free Brighton.” He adds, “Any students at CoCamp who are coming to university in Brighton this autumn should get in touch this week. Come and see us at village 20 – we would love to meet you. Or contact us when you get settled in in Brighton.”

What have the tar sands got to do with us? In the picture: Holly, Yali, Poppy, Beth and Bethan from village 19

Red Oak solar cinema on Thursday at 7:30pm is screening of spOILt – a documentary created by a small group of 14-year-olds from Mid-Wales. This short film tackles the huge impact of digging up oil in Canada on both people and the environment. Five venturers who created the film will be present to take any questions about the amazing and eye-opening experience of both researching and making this spectacular film, which was funded by the Co-operative. In the pioneer and elfin league, Randoms and Dynamite share the lead at the top of the table with 9 points each, closely followed by ATY who have 5. It's still all to play for, though. Results for Venturer+ league Day 1 TAS 1-1 FCS; MC 1-0 STS; AO 0-1 MC; H 1-0 FCS; H 2-0 AO;TAS 1-0 AO Day 2 En 0-1 MC; En 5-0 TAS; En 2-2 H; TAS 1-0 H; H 1-0 MC; MC 1-0 TAS; TAS 0-1 H



5 5 2 3 1 6 3

17 9 3 3 1 22 7

Goal Difference 3 -7 -1 -4 -1 5 4

Views expressed in the Courier are those of the individual authors and not necessarily the view of Woodcraft Folk

¡No Pasarán! That was the cry of Dolores Ibárruri in 1936, as the Spanish Civil War was at a tipping point. This war was a fight against General Franco’s fascist, nationalist and generally terrible regime. At 2.30pm today in Yellow Aspen Town Hall we are lucky enough to have an amazing exhibition from the International Brigade Memorial Trust, which showcases the incredible sacrifice and dedication of British and Irish volunteers in this war, something that should never be forgotten.

Elfins and pioneers from Village 11 enjoy a trip to the river that’s conveniently close to the village.

Lost Property

An apology

Can you help?

Purse and Phone HELP! I've lost a purse and a phone. The purse is purple with a union jack on it and contains some money and my Oyster Card. The phone is a white HTC. If found, please return to Rebecca Ryan, Village 4 A pair of black shades They are blue at the front with string at one end. Name tag in case Malcolm Myers, Village 16 >>CoCamp on Twitter


@LeicsWoodcraft LDWF Loving things happening with our #CoCamp long secret friends game. Crafts, kindnesses & hugs are all firm favourite treats!

>>CoCamp on Twitter


@JethreLennox Inspiring talk by Danny Chivers this evening. Over 50 young people listening and asking great questions. #CoCamp #climatechange

and clarification After publishing yesterday's article on the burgeoning Post-Woodchipism art scene, the Courier was approached with the threat of legal proceedings by one “Joshua Gray Esquire” (age 8) who claimed that his opinions were misrepresented and that his name was reported incorrectly. The Courier would like to apologise and would like to clear up the matter. The artist photographed was Mr Gray, however the views expressed were those of a different artist called Joshua Smith. We apologise unreservedly to Mr Gray – who we believe to be one of the greatest creative forces of his generation – for the image of the work which was used without the artist's permission.