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Sound’s Fine


To celebrat p Robin Hood at CoCamp arriving n here’s a selectio Hood of Robin themes news

ood Robin Hood

Taxing Woodoku

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Hood popular

Hood’s became Robin his of London as he and The forest home yesterday Street with temporary visited Downing Merry Men of speaking to David calling the intention Robin Hood Tax; n about Transactio Cameron adopt a Financial on him to generate vitally that would poverty Tax (FTT) for tackling is campaign needed revenues change. The and climate support with the an joining gaining much on Commissi European EU member number of U wide EUincreasing an EU-wide proposed states and Tax. Robin Hood


Robin since to Robin Hood or with reference 63 films about or episodes There at least TV series at least 40 1908! have been the first Hood was And there that Robin Robin Hood. of ‘Merry based on have speculated with a band Many academics – living in the woods icon s. y going to Gay British was originally been living in lawlessnes Robin Hood Men’ and had previousl version of g The Disney the Fox (which 1937 by pioneerin Reynard ion film in be about ). But Disney a stop-mot Starevich as as ate a made Ladislas was appropri backup! French filmaker, that Reynard Hood was their didn’t think ly Robin essential hero... so

The People’s Journalist

The inherent camp problem with noise levels has reared its ugly head yet again after the last three nights’ parties. We published one complaint yesterday and more are coming in by the minute. Prompted by this outcry and pre-camp’s suggestion to have a consultation on noise levels after the first few nights we sent out our investigative journalist to get to the bass of the matter.

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Protag’s views concur with the general thoughts of those that the nights are aimed at; many think the music is as quiet as it should go already. It was turned down further at around midnight Sunday night but this just cleared the tent and the DJ ended up in bed early thoroughly dejected. There’s a belief that a huge part of Woodcraft camps is the late night programme, it provides an outlet for the crazier side of our younger members and is seen as one of the main ways that venturers and DFs socialise. This is a diverse movement of all ages and a banning of late night noise could alienate a big chunk of that diversity.

Needing an expert opinion on how loud the music should be we consulted Protag our camp soundman. He started off by saying be glad it’s not as loud as the ‘absolute wall of sound’ at Pink Floyd in Knebworth in 1977. Putting laughing and joking aside though, he went on to say it’s actually quite difficult to turn down the volume of a band. It’s like painting, in that you can add colours to a page but “there’s no paint in the paint pot to make blank” i.e. no knob to turn a band down but only one to turn it up. He even goes so far as saying the best way to turn down a band is to get on stage and tap the Speaking out - Most CoCampers agree that the loud music isn’t a problem

Food for thought 25

We’re sorry if anyone’s feeling hungry as we iron out the niggles in the food delivery process. We know that there’s been some frustration as we sort out what is a huge undertaking, to make sure that everything’s running smoothly. We’ve been working late into

The Courier is always looking for budding journalists to take on in depth investigations & gripping articles. Drop into the Communications Centre if you are up for the challenge.

guitarist on the shoulder.

Opinions range from indifferent to indignant on both sides, but reports suggest that most pioneers and elfins in even the closest village to the late night music are sleeping soundly. Louis, 11, from Bradford even said he “quite likes it” and falls asleep easily to it. We also interviewed DJ Panda before he played last night who said he believes that “up until 2am you can never have too much noise. When it comes to live bands and DJs who have come from far and wide to unite and co-operate on making sure everyone has a good evening”

Village KPs. Four town grocer teams. One food depot. A gazillion lorries from local suppliers and the Co-op, with not quite what we were hoping for inside. Somewhere, somehow, there was a glitch or two...

2 4

In defence of the ban on national flags

The Carbon Beastmen

Laurie Cannell

The CoCamp Board Yum Yum

“Nationalism divides, Socialism unites!”

the night to make sure that orders are updated and double-checked to take into account last-minute booking changes and some dietary requirements that we didn’t know about before people arrived at camp. We’re also working hard to make sure we can identify and solve problems and missing items in our daily deliveries to site – and one of the Co-op Group’s local managers is now working with us on this here on site every morning. We think that things are getting better now. All the deliveries to towns yesterday were on time, and most (but not all) gaps in the

delivery we received were filled within a few hours. But things will never be spot-on. And there are some things that village KPs can do today to plan ahead and help make the rest of camp run smoother:

If you’re missing something, or need more of something, then we can sort problems out, but they need to be channelled through your town grocery. Take a look through the list of meal-by-meal quantities that you will have received yesterday from your grocer. This gives you a list of what to expect in each delivery for the rest of camp, as well as helping you to use the right amount of ingredients for each meal. If any

However, while agreeing that the music wasn’t too much of a problem, Village 18 coordinators did want to say that their villagers were disturbed by the noise around the main campfire (also right next to their village). The fiery merry makers had sung and cheered all through the night but when this carried on past 3am (the official end of late night festivities) the villagers thought this was a bit much. Please keep noise levels past 3am to an absolute minimum it’s not fair to flout these already very lenient rules. The discussion continues, do you agree with our findings? Email to have your say. quantities for future meals seem low, please talk to your grocer as soon as possible to adjust your order. If you’re missing something, or need more of something, then we can sort problems out, but they need to be channelled through your town grocery. If you need something extra, we can get it quite quickly, but not immediately – so you need to think ahead a couple of days and anticipate if what you’ve received combined with what you’re due to get might not be enough. When you’re talking to your grocer, please try and distinguish between things that you’ve ordered but not received and things that you want to order more of. We know that things haven’t been ideal but, if we all co-operate together, then CoCamp food will be full of flavour.



Comment is Awesome

Nationalism divides, Socialism unites! Karmen Spiljak & Birute Sabatauskaite Village 10

Coming from two small post-conflict countries, we felt uncomfortable to read an article claiming that “the pride of belonging to the nation is equal to the pride of belonging to a political party that reflects your views”. And we have two examples that show the opposite. Even though we have different experiences, they both show that nationalism rather divides than celebrates diversity. An example of Yugoslavia: a multinational state, united by sisterhood, brotherhood, and comradeship was torn apart by the enforcement of nationalism and genocide that followed it. Until then, Yugoslav identity was based on common values, all the nations could coexist peacefully and it didn’t matter which country the Yugoslav citizens initially belonged to. Very soon after the increasing rise of nationalism the neighbours that lived together for 30 or more years became enemies. The massacres

“ ”

Which country you belong to says as much about you as a person as whether or not you have allergies.

and genocide in Bosnia didn’t happen because of the lack of national identity but quite the opposite. An example of Lithuania: Lithuania was one of the first states who managed to get independence from the iron clench of the Soviet Union. Waving Lithuanian flags while fighting for the right to speak, read what you like, have your own political views, a right to move, breathe or just be different, was a fight for freedom not a right to ethnocentric nationalism. And people waving the flags were fighting for freedom together regardless of their different ethnicities: Polish, Lithuanian, Jews, etc. If they focused on being proud of their nationality, ethnicity, or whatever they would not have a ground for common struggle.

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@Will_K0 Another late night, another #CoCamp courier done 8D. Thanks to @PhinHarper, Cadan, Naomi, the comms team & everyone that got involved! @CoCamp2011 Robin Hood just arrived at the #cocamp office! Sarah was briefly his Maid Marion helping carry his arrows #onlyinthewoodcraftfolk

Letters Will Marshall Dear Editor,

As socialists we are united by values we believe in: equality, solidarity, freedom and peace. By this we focus on what we have in common and what unites us, not what divides us. We find it hard to understand why people would want to focus on identifying with the idea that caused (and is still causing) so much suffering, division and conflicts rather than the ideas which acknowledge and embrace diversity and focus on shared values. And we find it difficult to understand how sharing the same nationality can be a value in itself. Which country you belong to says as much about you as a person as whether or not you have allergies. We also believe that the struggle of our Palestinian comrades is a struggle for freedom and liberation and not the right to nationalism.


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All of this has already been said many times. But not always as inspiring as with the words of John Lennon: “Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for… Imagine all the people sharing all the world.”

We of Village 14 were all very confused to hear about the smoking ban that had been decided on in Blue Cedar. People seemed a bit angry and suggested it was not the town council’s place to decide village rules, and interviews in the article on Monday criticised the ban. However, I was in the very meeting described in the article, and I'm pretty sure I didn't fall asleep and completely miss such a huge rule. The story in fact seems to be entirely fictional, and I'm not quite sure where it was conjured from. The town council in Blue Cedar may be ambitious to make positive changes, but don't worry, this motion won't be met by consensus anytime soon. Will Marshall

Secret Friend NEMOS!!!!! You rock! Thanks for being the most bad-ass KP this side of Red Oak Town. Love from your Secret Friend!.

Lost Property Small black Olympus camera in black case. Lost on Sunday night probably somewhere around The Fishing for Bishops gig. Some of the photos I won’t be able to replace. If found please return to Neal, Blue Cedar V18 Black Donna Karan glasses in hard case In Yellow Aspen Town toilets or nearby, on Sunday If found, please return to Claire Cameron, Village 7, tel 07831 947230

Important Corrections Early Evening Programme Please note that there was an error in the early evening programme timetable. Blue Cedar and Red Oak towns were the wrong way round. Today Blue Cedar hosts the band Fishing for Bishops and Red Oak hosts a Film.

Fire! Lara Taylor Village 11

On Monday morning, all the campers were surprised to hear the sirens for the fire drill. Each town marched off to their fire point. “I was very pleased at how well it went,” said Jon Nott, Woodcraft Folk general secretary.

“The only thing that didn’t go according to plan was that the Blue Cedar Town heard Silver Birch Town’s practice and thought it was for them so we did two at once.” Some people said the fire drill was exciting and fun, some said it was boring and annoying (Red Oak Town were halfway through their lunch – some people took their lunches with them). “We were just really impressed at how organised some villages are,” said Jon. “One village turned up with a laminated A3 sheet with the names of all their

Red Oak town were halfway through their lunch! campers, what days they were there and any health needs. We gave them a gold star.” There had been a plan to light a real, controlled fire at Red Oak Town, but the plan was cancelled. “The Scouts postponed it,” said Jon. “They wanted to test their on-site vehicles but they decided it wasn’t something that was appropriate to do. We think it’s probably because it was too windy a day.”

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The Most Sustainable Town Around The Style Guide >>page 4-5

HOODIE To celebrate Robin Hood arriving at CoCamp p here’s a selection of Robin Hood themes news

Robin Hood ood Taxing Woodoku

R T C F O2 O1


O2 A W O1 C R D O2 R D W A C T D F A W D W O1

Robin Hood popular culture


O1 T O2 O1 C R

The forest of London became Robin Hood’s temporary home yesterday as he and his Merry Men visited Downing Street with the intention of speaking to David Cameron about Robin Hood Tax; calling on him to adopt a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) that would generate vitally needed revenues for tackling poverty and climate change. The campaign is gaining much support with the European Commission joining an increasing number of EU member states and proposed an EU-wide EUU wide Robin Hood Tax.

There at least 63 films about or with reference to Robin Hood since 1908! And there have been at least 40 TV series or episodes based on Robin Hood. Many academics have speculated that Robin Hood was the first Gay British icon – living in the woods with a band of ‘Merry Men’ and living in lawlessness. The Disney version of Robin Hood was originally going to be about Reynard the Fox (which had previously been made as a stop-motion film in 1937 by pioneering French filmaker, Ladislas Starevich). But Disney didn’t think that Reynard was appropriate as a hero... so essentially Robin Hood was their backup!


>>Special Report>>

The Most Sustainable Town Around The Oxford Boys: Reporters in the field

It was a long and far-too-hot Monday afternoon when Kit came and asked us to investigate rumours of Red Oak. This town was said to be the most sustainable in the whole of CoCamp, a title which surely must be hard-won. We had no idea at all about this town, tucked away up in a corner. We came there only once before for a workshop that never was. A disappointment we struggled against when set this task. A disappointment that we came to leave tattered in Red Oak’s majestic wake.

He asked us to investigate rumours of Red Oak. This town was said to be the most sustainable in the whole of CoCamp, a title which surely must be hard-won. We set off to start our journey at the library, and immediately we were pointed at a field to a couple of bikes and what looked like a chippy. This, however, was no fast food van. It was a mobile power point complete with solar cells and dynamo bikes. The Power Pod (PP) is a trailer which travels from Edinburgh to wherever it is needed, spreading sustainable electricity all over the country. It uses a combination of solar panels and a wind turbine to generate electricity while also employing the use of two bicycles. The Power Pod can be used to charge electronic devices on the campsite, for a small fee going to charity. On our search for information on the PP we talked to Emily, a worker who had arrived from Edinburgh only earlier that day. She told us that they show up at schools and festivals, camps and parties, peer educating children on sustainability and warning about the impact of climate change on immigration and international development issues. The Power Pod also comes equipped with cinema, two of the


Carbon Beastmen bikes providing the silver screen with power.

To us the PP was a renewable pantheon of delights and sustainability-based wonderment. Never has a photovoltaic panel looked so sleek or has copper wire been so neatly coiled. Research is part of the vital bread and butter of journalism, and in traditional early-bird-catches-the-worm manner we decided to dive in at the deep end and have a solar shower. Solar and shower is not a combination of words that normally instils confidence in this Woodcrafter; but in the interests of research and with a pressing need to scour the soles of my feet- I jumped in. The water heating system has 9 panels with water flowing throughout, with 5 of the 9 paragons of power being made at the last international camping event, Global Village. The panels are connected to a large tank where the water constantly swirls and circulates to prevent it from cooling too much when not in the panels. The display was quite impressive. A far cry from the traditional set-up of a hose painted black and providing all of 30 seconds worth of warm water. The techie we spoke to claimed that the contraption used was able to provide 40 showers a day, an impressive figure. Travelling through Red Oak, we spotted

more panels, and more electricity. The most sustainable town could never be accused of not giving their villagers a good time, Red Oak also uses solar panels to power a second cinema. During the night, after the batteries have been charged, no doubt there will be numerous punters lining up outside the tent eager to enter the cinema; not only to watch what is in store for them but also to experience the cinema knowing full well it is powered entirely by that shining light in the sky, the sun. Look out for a number of films showing here throughout the camp. On the night of our trip, the

Mick Monroe II News Team 16 - Never Knowingly Factual since 2015

Carbon Beastmen >>

Kit Jones came to me and in a casual and optimistic way he said “I need, a daring team of journalists, who fear nothing and will not stop at anything to get an at least passable story,” I told him I knew the exact right type of people, it was a job for News Team 16.

The Beastmen is the work of a mysterious reporter who found the first paragraph of “The Most Sustainable Town Around” and turned the Oxford Boy’s story into something entirely different...

The moment we were told we would be headed to Red Oak, fear and panic set in, but such was the strength of News Team 16 we kept a cool face whilst our new boss was within eyeshot. Red Oak is notorious amongst CoCamp for being ruffians and producing mass nuclear waste. The tip was, they had been conducting research into genetic engineering naughty woodchips into a race of 7 foot carbon beast-men. Knowing we would all definitely be in great peril, we armed ourselves with leftovers from camp dinner. We were safe in the knowledge that living thing could hope to pose a threat when confronted with such an abomination of chemical refuse. After many days hiking, our defence had decomposed into a fate worse, than a fate worse than death. Our only weapon was now our only obstacle. We pressed on until the fumes from camp ‘dinner’ overcame us and we collapsed. There was little hope as the noxious gases that incapacitated us were coming from our own backpacks and pockets. We awoke in a strange environment. The air was clean, there was no litter on the floor and hardly a wasp in sight. We still thought the only logical explanation was that we had died and somehow ended up in heaven. It must have been a mistake in the afterlife administration offices, but there was no point bothering anyone with that now. A small elfin appeared out of nowhere, as they tend to, and said happily “Oh finally, you‘re awake,” We asked in awe “Where are we?” He responded “This is Red Oak, where are you from? ” I replied “We are from Blue Cedar many many miles away,” The young child cut across me “You mean the village over there?” Sure enough about twenty or so meters over the ridge Blue Cedar lay. At some point we clearly took a wrong turn The child seemed to know a thing or two so we thought we’d humour him by giving him an interview. Why exactly are there not as many wasps in this corner of CoCamp? Well, that’s because we wash up all our plates, try not to litter, and take care of recycling and slops properly, obviously that’s going to reduce the amount of creepy crawlies that are around What do you have to say about the rumours Red Oak have been producing excessive amounts of nuclear waste? Oh, that was a rumour started by Yellow Aspen because they were jealous of how much energy we had from solar power. All of Red Oak uses it, it’s an excellent way of making energy without the waste. In fact if society invested more in it than the modern world’s current power source it has the potential to actually be more efficient. You’re an adult, you should know that. Well what about these carbon beast-men, know it all? [The elfin shifts nervously underfoot] I’m not supposed to talk about this, we did create the theory for them but the Red Oak Council of Elders refused to use the solar energy for such a cause. We were going to burn the plans in the camp fire but some Pioneers from silver birch stole the plans. If you want answers head there, I just want everyone to be safe, but please whatever you do don’t tell the CoCamp press about any of Red Oak’s involvement.

#cocamp Apologies for any articles that are missing from today’s paper. Last minute changes had to be made which meant some pieces had to be dropped untill Wednesday’s edition.


Lena Ulbrich & Karla Presch All Together for Climate Change Project

Chez Chinanigans

Erde über?

Spare Earth?

Du kannst deine Zahnbürste in deinem Zelt einfach nicht mehr finden? Kein Problem, kauf dir ne Neue! Die Farbe deines T-Shirts gefällt dir nicht mehr, weil es nicht mehr in ist? Kein Problem, kauf dir ein Neues! Dein Ipod ist kaputt? Kein Problem, kauf dir nen Neuen! Deine Erde ist zerstört? Kein Problem, kauf dir ne Neue... ...Nein, warte... Wo ist überhaupt das Geschäft für neue Erden? So lange wir nicht wissen, wo dieses Geschäft ist, sollten wir uns besser um unsere Umwelt kümmern. Unser Konsumverhalten ist einer der Gründe wieso wir in einigen Jahren eine neue Erde bräuchten.

Edinburgh Power Pod - The boys get their learning shoes on

cinema premiered not screening a film, but hosting a small-scale planetarium. Red Oak may be the most sustainable town, but no-one and nothing is perfect, and as with the camp there is room for improvement even there. The cafe at Red Oak harbours a dirty secret; fossil fuels are being used for gas hobs at the cafe. This in itself speaks volumes about the nature of how dedicated Red Oak is to sustainability, what we of another town would accept as routine, is the height of the crimes these campers’ area commits. Heading back to Blue Cedar we certainly had a lot on our mind. The effort involved in making Red Oak into the most sustainable town in co-camp is considerable, we were impressed. At the end of the day after all we’ve seen the only real winner is sustainability because sustainability is the glue that binds our ideologies and practices together, driving us inexorably forward in our quest for a better tomorrow. Better and more just than today.

After all we’ve seen the only real winner is sustainability because sustainability is the glue that binds our ideologies and practices together

The Oxford Boys: Ruori Maacitoshbridgestone Likes margaritas and long walks on the beach; that’s when he’s not fighting international environmental vandalism, attempting to understand particle physics and moving to Wales. Ben Remedios Half man, half machine; half hair. Did you know his hair contributes 90% of the world’s Albedo effect, and also has a lower U value than Kingspan. Oscar Short sleek brown coat, answers to the name of Oscar. He can run, fetch, chase after cats, roll in mud and enjoys being tickled behind the ears. Frisbee is his favourite game. Tim Tim doesn’t like bios. Or clean feet.

Stell dir vor, jeder einzelne würde sein T-Shirt wegschmeißen, nur weil die Farbe nicht mehr up to Date ist. Das würden allein an einem Tag 7 Milliarden T-Shirts sein. Können wir die in deinem Garten lassen? Aber das Problem ist nicht nur der Müll. Hast du schonmal darüber nachgedacht, wie viele Rohstoffe gebraucht werden, um ein T-Shirt herzustellen, zu färben und zu verschiffen, nur damit du es in deinem Lieblingsgeschäft kaufen kannst? Die Produktion in Entwicklungsländern ist vielleicht gut für uns – es kostet nur wenige Cents – aber es ist nicht gut für die Umwelt. Enorme Mengen an Energie (Öl, Gas, …) und Wasser werden verbraucht, um unsere Kleidung zu produzieren. Das verursacht riesige CO2 Emissionen und Umweltverschmutzung. Um das zu ändern, haben wir einen öffentlichen Markt organisiert, auf dem wir Kleidung tauschen anstatt einfach Neue zu kaufen und die Alte wegzuschmeißen. Besuche unseren Recycling-Bazar am Sonntag Nachmittag vor der „Blue Cedar Town Hall“! You can't find your toothbrush in your tent? No problem, buy a new one! You don't like the colour of your t-shirt any more, because it’s so last year? No problem, buy a new one! You Ipod doesn't work anymore? No problem, buy a new one! You're earth is damaged? No problem, buy a new one... ...No wait! Where is the shop for new earths? As long as we don't know where this shop is, we should probably take a little more care about our environment! Our consuming-behaviour is one of the reasons why we will need a new earth in a couple of years. Imagine everyone would throw away his tshirt just because the colour is not up to date anymore. That would be 7 Billion Tshirts a day. Can we leave them in your garden? It's not only the problem where to store the rubbish. Have you ever though about how much ressources to produce, dye and ship your new tshirt to your favourite shop? The manufacturing in developing countries may be a good value for us – it's only a few pence for us – but it's not a good value for our environment. Huge amounts of energy (oil, gas...) and water are needed to produce our clothes and causing lots of CO2 emissions and pollution. To change this, we organised an open market where you can exchange clothes instead of simply buying new ones and throwing the old ones away. Come and join us at our recycling bazar on sunday afternoon in front of the blue ceder town hall.

CO 2

#cocamp Pride March TODAY 2:30pm

Red Oak

CoCamp Couture

Post Woodchipism


Lydia Harperr

Pat Downson

Resident Art Critic tic Imogen

Fashion Corespondant

Will Serby Will Searby

CoCamp style comes into nto its own with the sublime collection thatt Will Serby wears so very eloquently. Styling ng himself from the exact date of August 12th 2th 1925 at precisely 1 o’clock in the afternoon, noon, this strapping young lad appears nonchalant in his ‘English gentleman’s’ attire; shirt, tie, tweed jacket. This lookk takes dedication…if you have the commitment ment to devote your lifestyle to this appearance pearance then the benefits certainly aree clear. Will shops almost entirely from vintage shops, and obviously due to their style all his clothes are from tailors in England. The jacket shown is made from the finest Cotswolds tweed coupled with Harris arris Tweed.

Controv Controversy versy struck this movement mo on one occasion n when a particularly reckless young and artist was w using the unconventional unco much ccriticised technique of jumping on tubes of paint to splatter onto on tents. In this case, cas this unknown but important was proponent of the movement m taken by a wave of eenthusiasm and landed so hard that the paint splashed admironto the clothes of watching w engulfed by the white ers, who were engulfe substance. “It looked like bird poo” commented. one onlooker comment But key figures in the Post-Woodchip scene will not back down. Jessica Richards, 6, said “A time tim came when paint traditionally none of us could pain without mutilating the canvas. This movement must succeed ffor the good of creativity. What success would be, succes though, is yet to be defined”


Will 2 Annie


Great attitude Annie…..and such a good look for CoCamp 2010!

Will Another Will now, but this one ne plays down his everyday style…buying most of his clothes from eBay (wow aren’t our CoCampers good at the old second hand game) he gathers a beautiful array of necklaces stretching as far as a compass! I’m not such a fan of orienteering, Will, but I’m a fan of your style! Annie Annie is definitely ‘bringing it’ as a fashion icon at CoCamp. She looks divine in her charity shop-bought clothes… not concerned with popular fashion trends her philosophy is: ‘I’ll get something if I see it and like it!’

n avant-garde art movement is emerging in the elfin underworld. Known as Post-Woodchipism, these radical trendsetters are changing the way that we think about art. Having risen up in the village 18 area of the Blue Cedar town, these mavericks reject using the traditional canvas. nva And they are known almost as much for their bohemian lifestyles, cocktails, lifestyle es, complete with afternoon afte methods and work. as theirr unconventional meth

But is it practical for CoCamp? oCamp? Will assures us that it is very practical….just ical….just look at his socks! He never gets anything nything in his shoes. Other around him are sceptical due to heat issues, but Will is unperturbed…insisting perturbed…insisting you get used to it. And finally when asked ed if there are any essential accessories Will ll Serby b simply l replied “loose leaf tea!”

Jamie the Morris Dancer er certainly celebrated his 17th Birthday in style…shown here with his ith hand-tailored traditional; ‘Border Morris Dancer’ costume. Border Morris Dancing derives ves from the Welsh and English Border der and involves a lot of veryy wild movements with loud screaming. ming. Big sticks are also a prominent part art of the dance. The face paint is a necessity also since it acts as a disguise…in the history istory of the dance you would be in disguise ise so no one would know who you are! I don’t know if the Morris Dancer look is going to catch on at this camp mp but I think you look fab Jamie!



And finally when asked if there are any essential accessories Will Serby simply replied “loose leaf tea!”

I mogen has encapsulated her ideal of what a CoCamp outfit should be…modelling here a blue striped dress which she got from a charity shop for only £1, and a straw boater tied delicately with a silk scarf both of which were a gift. Clearly enjoying the sunny weather Imogen also sports vintage sunglasses. Unseen in the picture are her jelly shoes – it’s all about bringing back our childhood isn’t it, Imogen? I remember long summer days on the beach with jelly shoes…ohhh the nostalgia…..*sigh*. This look is great if you want to make a splash amongst your friends and are also concerned about the ethical side of clothing.

And Josh Smith, 8, said “Most art is a veneer of beauty over a sea of lies, what wha we do is true to the core, challenging the very ve fundamentals of human existence.” Who knows where this movement movem will lead, but these young radicals – who are polarising views in the artistic community – are here to stay. And their mixture of radic radical politics and dismissal of traditional aesthetic aesth value is i gaining currency amongst the more forward-thinking members of the art world.

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