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When you engage Wood & Grieve Engineers (WGE) in your project, you’re getting a Project Engineer for it’s lifetime. Automated Noise & Vibration Logging On every project unforeseen challenges will present themselves. Our engineers appreciate that these issues need to be mitigated with proactive solutions to keep the project on track.

Imagine being able to monitor your project’s noise and vibration impacts in real-time? WGE can make that a reality, thanks to our automated monitoring technology.

One such example is the work that WGE are doing in helping clients with Noise Monitoring.

Automated monitoring of noise and vibration occurs during the construction phase. Clients and stakeholders are able to access via a Cloud database to access historical records, with audio recordings also available to ascertain the cause of any exceeded noise.

By being proactive in managing noise and vibration impacts from construction and demolition on sites, WGE helps our clients mitigate any potential issues with stakeholders, such as neighbours, governments and local authorities. Our acoustics team has expertise in: • • • • • • •

Assessing noise and vibration impacts due to construction and demolition activities Develop mitigation measures for activities that generate excessive noise and vibration Assess vibration impacts due to construction on heritage structures and critical infrastructure surrounding sites Co-ordinate with relevant stakeholders and develop noise and vibration management plans Prediction of construction noise and vibration levels and assessment against targets Noise and vibration monitoring, including Blast monitoring (where required), both attended and unattended Assistance in establishing suitable criteria for projects based on local regulations or typical activities within a work space

However, the biggest benefit to clients and stakeholders is the ability to receive alerts directly to their phone via SMS or email. The system will generate an alert any time a preconceived noise or vibration level is exceeded, allowing clients to mitigate any potential issues in real-time.

Imran Khan

Acoustics Section Manager

Ph: +61 8 6222 7717

“Noise impacts can always be a challenge, especially when developments are in close proximity to the community. We’re seeing the technology have an immediate positive impact on relationships. The fact that our clients are able to rectify any potential issues in real-time allows for better communication between all stakeholders, and a smoother project for clients.”






Project value $75 million

RAINE SQUARE REDEVELOPMENT, PERTH WGE are currently undertaking construction noise and vibration monitoring on site of the Raine Square redevelopment. The project involves continuous monitoring with automatic alerts being sent out to various stakeholders involved.

Completion 2018

As the development is within close proximity to the neighbouring Bankwest building, continuous noise and vibration monitoring is required to ensure appropriate levels are maintained. Should at any time those levels be exceeded, the clients, construction team and stakeholders are alerted in real-time to ensure quick action to rectify. WGE’s responsibilities include: • • •

Implementing a full automated and continuous noise and vibration noise monitoring system of construction works Weekly off-site noise and vibration analysis and reporting, based on criteria levels set by the client Assisted the landlord and tenant in establishing a suitable criteria for noise and vibration due to construction, so they did not adversely impact both the construction and tenant’s operations.



Project value: $209 million Completion: 2016

Project value: $209 million Completion: 2016

Project value: $350 million Completion: 2019

Project value: $100 million Completion: 2016

The Perth Busport is the first bus station in Australia to include the latest technology in airport-style dynamic stand allocation to unlock space and passenger efficiency enabling up to 200 buses per hour by 2031.

WGE’s acoustic team worked on various projects within the MMG Rosebery mine in Tasmania, including preparing a noise and vibration impact assessment, which studies the potential impacts from construction and operations of the proposed 4/5 Dam located approximately 100m east of residential areas.

This project is a 67-storey mixed-use residential tower comprising 478 apartments and community spaces including recording studios within the state heritagelisted Sydney Water Board site situated at 115 Bathurst Street, Sydney.

The project consists in a complete refurbishment of the North Point shopping centre and addition of a 14 storey hotel above the retail area located at 100 Miller St, North Sydney. The project will provide new three level podium retail including major retailer, specialty shops and food court.

WGE were engaged to deliver the complex building services for this major infrastructure project. Given the highly complex nature of the Perth Busport and the surrounding buildings and transport infrastructure, the project required WGE to conduct a thorough assessment and development of noise and vibration management measures. The project won two accolades at the 2017 MBA WA Excellence in Construction Awards, including: • •


Winner: Best Civil Engineering Works Finalist: Bankwest Best Project

The report provided a baseline study with measurements conducted at per-identified noise sensitive receivers that could be negatively impacted by construction and operations of the dam. Noise criteria were set out and predictions were provided based on typical construction plant and equipment. During the review process of the project to gain approval from the regulators, the Tasmanian Environment Protection Agency (EPA) division provided comments with regards to the noise assessment and were assess to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


Challenges include the structural engineering of what will be Australia’s most slender tower (by ARUP), with a height of approximately 240m and adapting the State heritagelisted building at 339 Pitt Street that adjoins the development. WGE are currently conducting Noise Monitoring to monitor the noise emissions from general construction works. Includes low/mid rise construction and high rise construction of a 66 storey residential development over 18 months.


WGE were involved in both the acoustic design of the project (DA stage to construction), through to real-time monitoring and alerts to the site manager. WGE set up two noise monitors and a vibration monitor to overseeing cladding works of the existing 44 storey commercial tower. The equipment also monitored the noise emissions from general construction works, including demolition, excavation and low rise construction.

There have been 5 Noise Loggers set up over the site.



MEET THE TEAM Olivier joined WGE in 2009 as the Acoustic Section Manager in the Sydney office and has been the National Acoustics Coordinator since 2012. His experience and understanding of other disciplines relating to acoustics such as electrical, hydraulics, mechanical, structural and architectural allows him to provide an integrated approach to design, ensuring the projects acoustic performance requirements are met without compromising the design intent. Olivier has acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience by working on high-end projects across Australia.

Olivier Gaussen

National Acoustics Coordinator, Sydney NSW

Having a wide understanding of multiple disciplines has allowed Olivier to bring a strategic contribution to the concept stage of a project, setting it up for success.

Daniel Castro

Imran Khan

Michael Lanchester

Brandon Notaras

Daniel has over 20 years experience working on projects at local, national and international levels. Having a strong background in research and development, he has also worked on developments across sectors, from infrastructure to noise cancelling – with a particular emphasis on environmental noise assessment and building acoustics.

Imran has gathered valuable noise and vibration experience working on a variety of architectural, environmental, industrial and building commissions. His combined knowledge of acoustics and mechanical engineering has equipped him to deal with challenging projects, making him an asset to any design team.

Michael has over 20 years experience in acoustic consulting, offering his clients the benefit of his extensive knowledge of achieving satisfaction while providing cost effective outcomes. He has an extensive portfolio of projects in a variety of sectors, including health, education, defence, commercial and office fit-out.

Brandon joined WGE as a Graduate Acoustics Engineer, and has excelled in providing high quality advice to clients on a diverse range of developments.

Acoustics Section Manager, Melbourne VIC

Acoustics Section Manager, Perth WA

Acoustics Section Manager, Brisbane QLD

Acoustics Project Engineer, Sydney NSW

In quick succession, Brandon has taken on the responsibility as Project Engineer, leading projects in a variety of sectors including residential, commercial, health and education.

To us, it’s more than just work. 4

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Thanks to a new automated system, Wood & Grieve Engineers are working with clients to help mitigate any potential future issues regarding no...

Info Flyer | Noise & Vibration Monitoring  

Thanks to a new automated system, Wood & Grieve Engineers are working with clients to help mitigate any potential future issues regarding no...