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Wonil Son

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Bachelor of Architecture

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Same space, Different Behaviour and Special Meaning


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DEC-FEB 2009


Bowl of Human Behaviours


Human life architect must contain and resemble the life of the human. Human life is the base of every space, form, shape etc made by architect. Human acts happen inside the architectural outline made from human life. But we wished that architect should contain the human acts, and resemble. Human acts start from the very first moment of someone’s birth on the ground. The beginning of architect is same as human life. So we try to project this into architect as it has its own color for every different land. Human acts start from the very first moment of someone’s birth on the ground. The beginning of architect is same as human life. So we try to project this into architect as it has its own color for every different land.

The land where National Modern Art Museum will be sited has endured a long changing process. The land is where Royal family centre, Secretary, Library, the era of Chosun was placed, and Capital military hospital and medical college at the Japanese Colonial Period. Later on the land was used for Secondary Seoul national university hospital, and after 1970’s Defence Security Command and Military hospital of district was placed. Through the tunnel of time, it is now planning to contain the program of National Modern Art Museum. But through this time flow, the land has lost its identity. The way to retrieve the color of the land can be done through architect, and the living human acts inside the architect let the color of the land persists. So the program or function may change but we hope that human acts happening on the very land continues. In order to make this hope comes true; the architect must resemble human life and we try to find this action from the past.


Historic Places The selected site is where Registered Cultural Property No. 375, Defense Security Command, is placed. It is left as a memory that the land will keep. The main point of this project is about the meeting with the Defense Security Command. But further more than the Defense Security Command, this project is not just about the meeting with an old architecture, we try to tolerate the history that the land owns. This purpose will be shown as making of the architecture’s form. The architecture will be placed facing the Geunjeongjeon where King’s duty has in charge in Joseon’s palace, Gyeongbokgung. And also to respect the long disappeared dynasty the architecture is slanted slightly forward. The human act of bowing is applied to the form of the architecture. It’s not only the form that is slanted but also inner spaces and structure follows the same idea.





The Barcode Façade plan follows the same idea. The new architecture and the current Defense Security Command doesn’t have to be chained to each other. The two buildings have their own individuality. The difference about the two architectures engages about the area of land they are sited in. Simple mix of two different architectures is like mixing water and oil. The new architecture must be humble in order to be sited in such land and conditions. It must not surpass both Joseon’s place, Gyeongbokgung and Defense Security Command. It just needs to make all these conditions to be naturally understood as one. Understanding like this makes the gap of time between two architectures become as one in the same time period through a long time tunnel. And also it helps maintain each other’s individuality. It’s not a combine of architectures, it’s combination of cognition.


This is Architectural combination with disparate characteristic. As architect starts from the land, architectural façade starts from the land as well. The temporal connection with the land between the architecture acts as the power of the land, combined with the architect generates a three-dimensional face. And part of the temporal connection acts as a catalyst to maximize the effect of the façade. This connection becomes a screen of the Modern Museum to offer a media to generate a publicity of the city. Furthermore it grants the Modern Museum an identity. Three-dimensional façade covers up not only the Museum but the Defense Security Command that endured the long time flow, and as it faces the Joseon’s palace Gyeongbokgung the façade starts to show the passage of time. Eventually the three-dimensional façade that surpasses the time transforms as a four-dimensional façade.





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43 38



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39 36






45 41 36





The Space Every space is related to each other continuously. In this plan there is no separation between exhibition space and public space. A path that contains regional characteristic naturally leads to the museum. That same path extends into the museum and it meets with the exhibition space. As we walk through the space with works of arts, at the end we are faced with the sky. That opened space touches Bugaksan. When looking around a scene that is not usual to come across in Seoul city, the path gives an illusion that the scene is climbing to Bugaksan. With that delusion kept, the path leads into a virtual world of media arts. At that moment the delusion kept converts into imagination. Also a long passage that is connected with the exhibition space is planned to have curator centers and digital information centers every corners to help the path to perform its function. Free-standing walls are free to move around on its necessity, and it blocks direct light to offer natural lightings for the exhibition space. And free-standing wall also makes it able to fluidly plan the space.

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B1 0 1




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Facade of New Museum







10 M


Facade of Post Defence Security Command







MAR-JUN, 2010

In Jongno there is life and there is music. Nakwon Arcade, start of complex building in 1967 was in danger of demolition. The darkness that covers the road and parking lot on the first floor of Nakwon Arcade divided the Nakwon in two. Nagwon starts to live as love child in the dark where music, movies, love and romance used to dream. Nakwon Arcade was born as love child on the land where architect couldn’t start but that darkness will be removed to gift a new life to Nakwon.

Road for Light



Road Darkness

Regeneration of Nakwon Arcade starts from removing the darkness of the first floor. When the dark is gone, a new line of sight that connects Bukhansan and Namsan with Nakwon is created. Roads of Nakwon was considered as concrete forest, but in paradox Nakwon will be the boat that floats above that concrete forest to watch over the city with music and romance. Street remembers everything. The land is connected with paths and it is impossible to forget those memories. A path of light will be placed in Nakwon to remove the darkness and the memories of the land will be pulled to the surface to recall its long-lost memory.

Road for History

Jongro in the middle of Seoul and Nakwon Arcade, World’s biggest shopping district of music, 9

1. Too Massive Mass 2. Loss in character of enterance 3. Darkness 4. Pagoda Arcade 5. the Reason why mass on the roas * a Rank of Streets * a Relationship berween N akwon building and Pagoda Arcade Columns

* the problem that private apartment located on the public road(land)




Existing Malls

Light Roads


Structure, Light and Memory Nakwon Arcade is a space where identifies that human and light coexist. New memory is built through a path where light and human passes. In the process of making light passage, a courtyard is made after analysis of the current structure of the architecture, surroundings of the land and existing shopping district. The courtyard is able to make a new relationship of human inside the building and provides a new condition by clearing out the darkness on the first floor 10


Site Plan

Light, Wind and Axis Light wind and axis has their own power. That invisible force influences physical parts. The axis and the wind that connects the Namsan and Bukhansan pushes the mass on the upper parts of the Nakwon Arcade. Pushed mass stays as pushed and sets their place, and on the sides to left and right there are places to enjoy the scenery and sometimes a terrace space comes in from the side. And in the middle a punctured space can be used as a courtyard to drag in light in the middle of the building. Space where light pushes in creates a courtyard in Nakwon Arcade. Under Nakwon Arcade the dark side is lightened by the light way made from the courtyard where space is pushed by the force of light. The darkness of Nakwon Arcade disappears and a new bright piloti is formed. Nakwon Arcade is huge compared to the surrounding’s scale such as single room, small houses and old buildings. So Nakwon Arcade acts as a wall that blocks Nakwon-dong and Insa-dong. Now we are trying to cut that big mass of Nakwon Arcade and to raise the concrete building off from the ground. Imagined to have a transparent and bright space in Jongro, and by dividing and separating the mass to float the Nakwon Arcade to make the land brighter.


1 2








6 3

4 5



13 6









Detected Reflect













The other colour is green which stands for character and programme of ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS. They are keeping anonymous which could cover the prejudice and they have a exclusive mind to people who are drinking but not in AA. The blue coloured section means that character of alcoholism illustrated that it was from long time ago and all over the world. MANCHESTER, UK ALCOHOLISM REHAB CENTRE The last pink section is about the AA programmes for alcoholic. These programmes are about prevention and recovery. The 12 steps and traditions and listening the other’s story are helping rehab from alcoholism. SEP-FEB, 2010-2011 MSA Barch STUDIO MSA_p This map will help understand what the problems of AA are. Alcoholic people have massive loneliness feeling. They want to recover their alcohol Keyword map is made from the meeting of Alcoholic Anonymous. The keywords are sep- problems so that they go to A.A. meeting to share their experience and method to escape from problems. erated according to types of word. They are 6 coloured types for the map. The red one is for the recover from alcoholics. It says what it needs to be recovered, for example will, They want to escape and have a normal social relationship within ordinary life. However, AA meeting gives only alcolohlic people’s life and relationship. courage, confession and recognition. As they go A.A. meeting more, they are feeling more lonely. So the Local society and Another one is black that shows wall. There is a wall between alcoholic and ordinary people always. People think that they do not have a prejudice to alcoholic people but it is people have to participate solving problems. The programme have to control mixing local people and alcoholics. It would serve the not true that they have it unconsciously. space where both of them have a oppotunity to meet each others. The next one is non-alcoholic people. 14


MSA_p workshop with manchester citizen

pretentious!! pubs and bars canal street the didsbury pub - good foods and company pubs - salford

There were about 60 and more citizens who have various occupations to help our project. They are artists, architects, anchors, regeneration officers, students, director of urban planning and design and etc. The visitors are from 20 to over 65 years old. They had many different thinking about the city for developing. This workshop helps the MSA_project to develop Manchester better. Participant should be helpful for the student to develop their project and get inspiration without doubt. I have got some inspirations from this workshop. As you can see the happy wall, they were talking about pub, bar, drinking place, northern quarter and canal street. One of the men attached canal street in the middle of the wall and he said that there are saturday night parties at canal street. He does not hate parties but sometimes it makes much noisy from drunken people. It makes some trouble with drunken guys sometimes, but it is not the place where he hates. Drinking alcohol properly has no problem but some heavy drunker make it always. There are massive pubs in Manchester and most of them are nice. But we have to concern about alcohol which makes people happy or sad. Alcohol could celebrate pleasant event or console people in their pain of mind. Also it could make people addicted. When it makes people be addicted or out of control, it should be a enormous problem for public. People who are suffering because of alcohols could think it is not public problem but it is not only private problem anymore. The more important thing is that people can not admit it is a huge problem for themselves. They think that “it won’t be me� this thought is an very vulnerable idea because the accident could be happened for everyone.

sat nite destination for her parties....... northern quarter great pubs nice shops & bars

30th, SEPTEMBER, 2011 Sharing the city workshop was taken place at CUBE gallery in Portland street, Manchester. 16

Alcoholic Anonymous There are 20 and over alcoholic anonymous meetings around Manchester on every day. Thus there is no problem about place and time to visit there. It is easy to approach the AA meeting which is anywhere and anytime in Manchester. Manchester is a one of the herb city in U.K. for Alcoholic Anonymous. AA is a kind of looks open society. But it is more exclusive. At first time, they came to AA to heal their alcoholic however they became follower of AA. They call fellowships themselves. There are program called 12 steps and traditions for alcoholic people. They try to stop drinking, not control drinking. The alcoholism means losing control how much alcohol drink. It is change for them not control but stop. Someone whom I interviewed said that if you drink these days, you will come this meeting someday to me. One drink isn’t always one on e unit

Amy Winehouse was an English singer-songwriter known for her powerful deep contraltovocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres including R&B, soul and jazz Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning on 23 July 2011.

Alcopop 5%ABV 330ml


Pint of Lager

Double Vodka

5.2%ABV 568ml

40%ABV 70ml



Large Wine

Strong Lager



14%ABV 250ml

9%ABV 500ml

Strong Cider

Bottle of Wine

1/2 Bottle of


Bottle of Vodka





7.5%ABV 1litre

12%ABV 750ml

40%ABV 350ml

40%ABV 700ml

How much is too much? WOMEN 2–3 units daily

Low risk daily limits

MEN 3–4 units daily

Dependence High Blood Liver Damage Pressure Unsafe Sex Violence Depression

Weight Gain

How much is too much? 9


In pregnancy, no alcohol = no risk of harm to your baby

There are a lot of problems of alcohol in Manchester as can be seen from statistics. The alcohol is not only problems for alcoholics, but also ordinary people. Particularly, children and young adults are placed very dangerous situations in Manchester. Basically, the children who have alcoholic parents are easier to be alcoholic again than others who have ordinary parents. Therefore the society needs prevention for them. The design will be for Amy Winehouse foundation which could be helpful for them having prevention and protection against alcoholic problem such as alcoholism


The site is surrounded various stories buildings which are from 3 to 17 storeyed building. These components could take part in designing new building which will be Amy Winehouse Foundation. On the west side has a highest building which has 17 storeys of circumferential site. To the east side buildings have an average storey which is about 4 or 5. It is very isolated site between 5 to 17 storeys building so that we could design the building that could harmonize among the building forest. Every sites and grounds have a context whether open or not that conclude the direction of entrance or main faรงade. It will be made of the buildings which are encompassed the site. The amount of building could conclude the direction of open space for the public who can approach there comfortably. The sketch would help it find context that will affect making form of this site. The shadow is seen for presenting the height of near building relatively and how near the surrounded building is placed. There are diverse choice for open space to the public and approaching new building comfortably. The studies make it be concluded reasonable. The open spaces of each direction have pluses and minuses for public. It has to be opened for local people and various societies even a small aggressive group hates alcohol.


Northern Quarter, Manchester, U.K.

Shopping Drinking A.A office Site





Programme, Space and Form seving space

tribute or benefit performances to help Alcoholism society.


Ceiling of space have to be raised high. a lot of doors to circulate people who come in and out.



very open an atmosphere that can not be shown as like alcoholic. small space to serve guest and make drinks or foods.

has to

has to


is for

people who want to meet alcoholism openly. gather people without prejudice.

is for

have a forceful regulation for drugs and alcohol.

preparing space

be shown as representative space of alcoholism centre.

seving space control box

the seats stage

is for

presenting film for prevent children or young adult or showing tribute film.

is for


people who want to meet alcoholism openly. drunken people who want foods after night.



massive space for prepare foods. be changed fast food easily tidal flow alternatively

inclined seats to watch the screen without barriers. Ceiling of space have to be raised high.

THEATER control box

the seats


has to

preparing space

be interested for ordinary people.

is for

outside bar


presenting film for prevent children or young adult or showing tribute film.








flexible area which could be adaptable to various situation. be closed to public, but not exclusively.


enterprising the building and alcoholism society. making event and program for alcoholics.


the behaviours of english who is boring and bored without alcohol. make rehabilations and express themselves by singing songs. one of fascinated activities as same reason as written before.


meeting room to dibate systems for helping them. private spaces for officer.

has to

be seperated from public but not isolated.


is for

needs walls for soundproof

people who want sharing their problems.

devices or instruments to turn on musics.


has to

very open that anyone could access there without hesitating.

be soundproven.

has to

is for

gathering people’s voice or instrument’s sound those could make tracks to help alcoholism .


walls for soundproof


sufficient space to deal with diverse instrument. control box to control records sound and videos.

very isolated area where could keep secret.


outside for public music

control box


be soundproven. communicate directors who are in control box. can record every sound such as voice, instrument and even movements.

linked space with outside for public easily. various stlye of music for experience

is for


drunken people who want to see themselves and express their thinking through this space.

needs reflect detect

open space for detecting moving of people who want it. the wall or screen that could reflect what they did.

has to

be used in an atmosphere of unconscious and without reserve. be able to use it on 24 hours.

is for

just listening music or relating with music activities. playing instruments or large open space for music

has to glass for communication


is for

idea is from

is for

helping people who are suffering from alcohol. relieving their presure from not drinking alcohol.

small bar and open space for visitor who could feel different without being intoxicated.


various size and type of space for doing and showing activitied


is for

has to

is for

people who have nothing to do unless drink alcohol. help people to do something different and overcome from temptation.

keep cleaning at night.

various kind of drinks without alcohol. other interested things without drunken feeling.


has to

has to

playing instrumental and private music space


exhibition following her life with music and alcohol

has to

be calm, bright, pleasurable and empathy for public. help alcoholism recovery.

is for

illustrating the Amy Winehouse’s life, music and behaviours. reminding her who is a brilliant singer of england.


showing her died because of alcohol and drugs. what she did is wrong for her life following her life.

has to

semi opened for public. easy to get in and inspirations from her.


The Alternative A.A. must have unique programmes distinguishable than A.A. The form design of building will begin from the programmes. Thus, it is important to set priorities and character of programmes. The each characters of programmes make components’ form. These characterised components have different forms find relationship among them and then get spatial arrangement. This process would get the intergration of programme components making general format. All of programme components have relationship among themselves. They are composed 3 parts for gathering people, memorial/foundation and prevention and rehab. Those are intergrated combinations of similar type of space, necessary connection, adaptable shape and related purpose. These four standards to find association decide another new type of programme combinations. They are improved by combining each other programme elements to be a kind of sources for designing forms and shape of building The next page’s diagram will show you how to apply to the site. The particular location which has almost triangle shape has a own geometric nature. I can find the grid related how much space is opened. Quadrangle is placed due to tendancy of opening for citizen and linked in accordance with progrma component diagram. I arranged programmes depend on the connection diagram and site analysis about opeing space. Some programmes need to open to public(i.e. cafe, food and show myself), in other hand, some of them need to hide from sitizen for example meeting room and counsel spaces. I make them arrange in manner of 2d square as like paper. However we can think 3 dimensional cube, because it is a architecture not painting.


“Form follows function� first popularised by architect Louis Sullivan at the beginning of the 20th century The form is situated among the relationship of the programme elements. The programme element could be settled depending on connections of necessity for universal site. Then, arranged programme dispose the space that have their own shape. The shapes alter themselves following given site’s shape


One way system all over the cities

One Way Memorial One Way system is using everywhere Manchester, London, New York, Seoul and etc. This system is very useful for controlling traffic, but hard to control finding with a car. It is applied for only cars not for people. But we can control moving of human, circulation. Amy Winehouse Foundation is for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic that every people who come to it, they should experience all part of the spaces. One way system will make it with Amy Winehouse Memorial tunnel which cover all of programme spaces. The hall where is located in centre is a kind of common room for all users. They can change their direction or subject what they want to change as like intersection at the city.

12 steps and Light

The Amy winehouse, as an urban space the need to create an urban boundary but to reinforce not to make the identity of “an alcoholic and ordinary person” created the northern quarter. This confliction makes a cascading floor and a form of hill center create a monumental mass into the alcoholic society. “12 steps” is the precedence of the stained glass is a powerful vocabulary in ecclesiastical structures. Masses formed in steps are not represented this building but the skipped floors are materializing internal space.




New York

Amy winehouse Foundation

The backstreets of Northern Quarter and city centre have darkness with many pubs, clubs and bars. The Amy Winehouse foundation is illustrated of lightening Cristal at nights and days. It should be look open at day and any people could approach A.W.F. Also, it could make lighten the surrounded environment by itself within night districts.

I think that the path could be a memorial itself

The path could be a memorial for Amy Winehouse itself. She and every people pass the life as like car goes on the highway. We walk, car drive, horse run. The Memorial has to contain someone’s mind and behaviours. We can catch up with memorial tunnel which contains trace of them. Some legacy and pieces of them are hang on all of tunnel where people walk through. The tunnel locates around the building for circulation and function. When person wants to go particular space, he or she has to pass the tunnel which gives you lesson all the time. So people who use tunnel cannot avoid to get a lesson. AA meeting has a tendency a little bit closed for non alcoholic person and gives them judgement that every drinkers are alcoholic potentially.v The meeting looks clear and open. But the opened gap is so small that it is so exclusive. In this way, ordinary people look on these meetings and people who attend it with jaundiced eye. The alcoholic people are living with prejudice that they are not normal for ordinary people even someone overcame it. It is enormous gap between ordinary people and them. However, alcoholic people look on nonalcoholic people through the frosted glass. So they cannot look on each other without prejudice.






Population Density of Seoul

Word map of Site

Site Condition / Concept Selected site is surrounded with many different spaces, starting from the original character that the site had which is red-light district and drinking, singing and dancing, marketplace, housing etc. These surrounding conditions give the site a potential. We look for the urban patterns and characteristics of this site and hope to connect with the gird patterned city on the opposite to make the city brighter. From the very first beginning, architect was developed in means of principle of instinct of human survival. Architect continues to develop in order to protect from the danger and pressure from outside and surrounded environment. It is important to foresee the aspects of architectural changes in modern digitized society. Architect must develop following instincts of survival and animal instincts of human not only it develops through results of scientific calculations. The development will continue to build higher skyscraper just as many architectural systems and tectonic has developed. In the middle of today’s era, we have built a house to feel various experiences with the minimum structure and space and a house that starts from basic instincts to a scientific ending

There is a lot of waterway in Seoul. In the past days riversides were slums but suddenly one day it is changed to slaves of words, prospect rights and waterfronts. Waterways in Seoul have immense space compared to other cities but it is not properly used and left as just for sight. It’s not only the riversides and waterfronts that houses can be built on but also on the water. Now we are offering a new instinctive space in Seoul with new urban residential system.




MAR-OCT, 2012


































Story of the River There is a lot of waterway in Seoul. In the past days riversides were slums but suddenly one day it is changed to slaves of words, prospect rights and waterfronts. Waterways in Seoul have immense space compared to other cities but it is not properly used and left as just for sight. It’s not only the riversides and waterfronts that houses can be built on but also on the water. Now we are offering a new instinctive space in Seoul with new urban residential system. We have to build a house thinking of the history and the future of how that waterway has been and will change. Where water flows, it’s not only the water but air and spiritual energy also flows. These energies will definitely affect housings with new influence. Because of many waterways, the urban structure is separated and divided and a lot of cities with different characteristics have been developed in between waterways. In case of Sillim-dong, the urban structure contrasts as markets and residential area is across the river to adult entertainment and red-light district. In order to fuse these two contrasted space, bridges are set through urban structure and bridges provide new scientific space. These spaces are not a set space and left to increase and change through needs and requirements.


Story of the Space Each space owns its own characteristic. Discussion about the least decisive space starts from monastery and prison. It’s possible to do every activity inside every room in prison and monastery. But the atmosphere of each room differs according to the user of the room or the use of the room. Just like this theory, we try to provide the basics and to experience maximum space perception in minimized space. It is not the science that composes the space but human, but the space made by human will be helped by science.

Space Diversity

Newly set spaces are originated from the red-light district. Basic spaces in red-light districts were seen as though they can be used in residential area and shopping districts. And also traditional han-ok ‘ㄷ’ space from Jongro-3ga and show windows of department stores in Miari, Pyeongtaek, Cheongryangri and Yongsan is also applied to these new spaces. It may bring a better space perception when compared to normal architectural space and seeing that its function is different to that of red-light district.


Change of Red District Space

0 1 2

Elevation Plan



Original plan was to share space in red-light district to residents. We planned to give out super private spaces in red-light districts to public. Red-light districts in Seowon-dong will vanished and hoped that this would stimulate the dead space over the walls of red-light district. When private space becomes public and residents starts to flow into that public space, this will naturally change the characteristics of surrounding spaces. Instead of solving a problem that a space has, if it acts as a stimulant to create a space through architect it is enough to be a space for human.


Density of architecture and behaviour

Science may make a new space by building frames and casts, but the user’s instinct in the same space carries new abilities. Even if a space is composed with science technology that is high-tech and most advanced, it will be just useless if that space is unable to satisfy instincts of human. This shows that scientific space is devoted to instinctive space. Space develops through science to meet with the requirements of instinct and people will experience a whole new space. It could be seen as more scientific if a space is made when required not made through scientific calculation before need. Architect starts from structure. Architectural structure starts from masonry to modern column structure. SCIENZA In every site, there exists flow of water, flow of air and flow of population. From that flows, architect starts. Columns installed through INSTINCT grid system changes their place as they take in the flows of urban system, columns might disappear, combine or change in size. Flow of water and flow of air flows the same way and columns apply that flow into where they will be placed. Columns made through this flows are linked with each other with girders and beams and above it builds a space.


Connection and Relationship

Site Density

Urban has 2 different densty. One is for building, another is for human behaviour. Architecture and human behaviour want to have relationship. The relationship between them begin from connection. Connection is from human each other or architecture each other. We can draw a line between human and architecture on the plan where ever. The intersection is found among the line. The point on the intersection will be relationship. Relationship is not just connection. Special connection is the relationship among the intersection.


Korean cities have similar images and structure. It may seem to have great night scene with identical apartments, large highways and huge road system but in the daytime the city is vague and dry. Old Korea once called the ‘Land of Morning Calm’ is dead. But this formation is clearly Korea nowadays and it is a country we have to go forward with. This image of city may look as though very dry and vague but with a slight change of view, Korea has a lot to sightsee. People living in first or second floor may think that they have a bad scene from their house but scene between columns changes every day and creates a whole new different city’s scene. It’s not only the far scene of a city that is good view but a close view of a same place every day can give new feelings. This can satisfy the instinct to see by providing slits between columns and masses to view the urban scenery.

Seeing throught the Space




1 2




3 3 4 1


5 6



7 8



Bamboo is growing columns. Graduation Exhibition National Korea Architecture Competition






JUL, 2012


The work from internship making postbox at multifamily house is design from facade of building. Vertical character of house reflected in the post box’s handle. It is made of stainless steel used on the house facade. FRONT PLAN


6 10



Wonil Son

22, Sep, 1985


Seoul, Korea


Architecture Design

Chung Ang Univ. erasmus programme Manchester School of Architecture

My name is Wonil son.

Middle of august of 2011, the time of Ramadan when you can’t eat nor drink in the daytime in Islam, Morocco placed in west of North Africa, city where movie stars could pop out in any second. Finally arrived in Casablanca where in the daytime people don’t move to save energy and in the night time, festivals all over the city would flourish with food and drinks. Wondering around the city alone and arrived at Ain-Diab beach with exhausted body. I was resting at the beach looking at the Atlantic Ocean through few tourists in times of Ramadan. And a Moroccan came to me and starts to talk. Because from Fez, Marrakesh etc many Moroccans touted on the street to me I was engaged in the conversation with no interest. “Where do you come from?” “I’m from Korea.” “Oh! I like Korea, what are you doing here?” “Nothing specially, I was just resting. I travelled here and because of Ramadan I can’t eat anything.” “Ramadan, horrible right? I’m just on my way back from praying.” “Yes, I feel sorry to eat in front of people and it’s getting tired.” Stories went on about this and that, and that he likes to travel. When he was young he used to go trekking, camping etc and story kept on going for quite a long time. “So, what are you doing tonight?” “I don’t have a plan actually.” “Do you want to dine at my place? In Ramadan period we gather around as groups of family and share foods when the sun sets.” 40

I was disconcerted. We’ve only met today and he is inviting me for dinner. And all the Moroccans I’ve met before only tried to rip off tourists to gain their profit. And also I was travelling alone in Africa so my cellphone doesn’t work, and if something horrible happens to me I will be lost forever. But I wanted a new experience and I was curious to see how native Moroccans live. And if something bad happens because I followed this guy, I would think as that’s just my luck. I might be uncertain what would happen but if I get in danger whilst I’m doing something I want to try, that’ll be just my luck; I thought this experience would never come a second chance. ‘Pff, I don’t know. When would I come across something like this? If something goes bad, that’s just my luck.” I followed him. Nothing really happened. It was just a good chance to see how natives live. People were living just fine where no water, electricity and gas was supplied; water from the public well, fire from the firewood or gas burners and electricity from batteries to watch TV. The friend lived in a single room, small room about 2.5m*2.5m wide. That small room could be a bedroom, living room and also a kitchen. His wife and child lived there also and when lied down on the bed or rather a sofa, I could see the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. “I’m a fisherman, and our home is very big. The whole Atlantic Ocean is my house.” And from then I started to think a lot about the meaning of house; reasonable space made from rational? Or space within space with emotional? What is good home to human? And I’m still thinking of the answer to that question. That house I’ve met in Morocco would be the most instinctive home I’ve seen, a house used by instinctive requirements. My recent thought is that science can’t win over instinct in architect, and will that be the final answer to the question?

Shadow and Light Tracker


Sketches with pen, pencil and BRUSH 42


Portfolio _ Wonil Son  

Portfolio from Bachelor of Architecture.

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