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Welcome ! Be part of our philosophy The Resort of the Wonder Wings is located in the Southern part of the Island of Karpathos, in the area of Afiarti that extends close to the International Airport.

One of the most unspoiled and breathtaking seaside landscape in the Mediterranean, this area has been shaped by more than 3,500 years of history.

The Wonder Wings Resort philosophy is driven by a genuine desire to promote Karpathos while protecting and preserving its natural beauty and heritage, which is why for the construction of the building we have used rocks and stone deriving from the Island .

The Wonder Wings : Flying over the land of the Legend of Olympus

In this beautiful area, upon completion the resort will comprise 10 distinct Villas divided in 3 buildings featuring 3-star residence with common facilities, as well as a wide range of sport and nature activities for families which are unique in the Mediterranean.

Karpathos Island, a quality destination in the Mediterranean !

Karpathos, home to several species of birds, is also graced by the presence of the Caretta sea turtle and flamingos. Stunningly diverse landscape, unique habitats


Pristine coastlines,


extensive pines forests


olive groves,


numerous and yet unexplored sandy and rocky beaches,


and a wealth of flora and fauna define this special land where wildlife abounds.

The Wonder Wings : How to arrive In addition to seasonal direct flights to Karpathos International Airport

from select destinations abroad, year-round daily flights from Athens and Rhodes to Karpathos, will offer convenient connections to guests arriving from major European hubs. The driving distance from Karpathos International Airport to Olympus Bay and the Resort of the Wonder Wings is just 1.5 km . Olympus bay is also easily accessible by road from Pigadia, with a driving distance of 12 km . For guests driving from Europe there are frequent almost daily ferry connections from Rhodes and from Crete to the port of Pigadia . Unspoiled yet easily accessible, the ports of Karpathos can serve Ferry and Touristic boats, which already dock regularly.

The marina of Pigadia , the capital of Karpathos Island will cater for small private yachts.

Extending over more than 14.000 sqm of gently sloping hillside, the Wonder Wings Resort is a stunningly beautiful east -facing location.

Richly endowed by nature, the site overlooks a magnificent front rocky beach and is surrounded by a beautiful sandy beach that stretches for over 1 km, washed by the warm clear blue waters of the Southern Aegean Sea.

The resort is inspired by a modern style of houses, clusters of low-rise villas have been built using native stone and typical design elements, which blend harmoniously into the natural landscape.

The amenities of the resort include pathway to the Sea and around the landscape , green common garden, a barbecue area, the close by leisure facility of the Windsurf Station and limitless opportunities for indoor and outdoor pursuits including Scuba diving .

Wonder Wings Resort : where beauty meets quality.

The resort offers 10 Villas, ranging from 63 to 118 m2, with spacious terraces and shadowed verandas , affording unobstructed sea and sunset views in a unique verdant landscape .

Beach-entry and extensive outdoor seating areas offer great opportunities to relax, interact or savor the fantastic views.

A range of indoor and outdoor pursuits await guests year-round, along with numerous leisure activities and fascinating excursion opportunities. The diverse natural environment of Karpathos offers several outdoor activities on land and sea for all skill and energy levels.

In addition to stunningly beautiful the natural environment, the real attraction of Karpathos is its vibrant culture

and age-old traditions, steadfastly preserved and passed down from generation to generation. In the Island of Karpathos you will have the opportunity to discover and become a part of this rich heritage. Mingle with the local people as they celebrate saints’ days and the changing of the seasons in village squares, tavernas and churches.

You will taste the flavour of the tradition heading to the old town of Olimpos, in the northern part of the island, where the time seems to have stop passing since a century .

Here are some of the beaches of the Island

At the heart of the Wonder Wings business philosophy is the intent to fully integrate the construction of the Villas into the natural environment of this unique and beautiful beach .

The lay out of the buildings will accompany the declining hill of the Bay of Olympus. Also the colour will adhere to the ones of the rocks and of the vegetation of the area .

At the heart of the Wonder Wings business philosophy is our strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility. We have a planting program of olive, citrus and other trees within the property land. The electricity needs of the Wonder Wings will be met for 40 % from renewable energy through a privately owned photovoltaic system, once it is permitted and constructed. The water from the reservoirs, together with recycled water, will cover the irrigation needs of the Wonder Wings Resort, which will run a specific waste management system and recycling program. The Wonder Wings Resort, working closely with local community and associations promotes local culture and education and supports local Karpathian businesses and products.

Villa Aphrodite Here are the project designs of each the 6 Villa for sale . Let’s take Villa Aphrodite : Fully equipped Villa in a 1000 sqm + plot of 63 Sqm internal + 95 external + front garden. Villa Aphrodite comprise : 1) 2 Bedrooms (1 double bed + 2 single beds) 2) 1 Living room 3) 2 bathrooms with shower + a small one 4) BBQ equipped veranda 5) a gorgeous 180 ° sea view 6) a 2° front veranda 7) a covered parking area 8) front balcony and terrace 9) Facing East 10) 100 Sqm front garden 11) 1.000 sqm metres plot 12) Car road to the House 13) Pathway to the sea 14) Common green areas …………….Just 30 Mt from the sea!

In this design you can see the night area of the Villa with the 2 bathroom with shower , lobby and a little laundry room .

Here some of the design of the exteriors :

Villa Aphrodite

: the interiors

Villa Aphrodite

: the interiors of the Villa

The construction of the Resort will start on May 2010 and is planned to be completed by February 2011 By April 1st 2011 the Villas


Hermes Dionis Arthemis Poseidon Athena Aphrodite Giunon Diana Minerva Venus

will be ready to be fully enjoyed and lived . The Villas of

Hermes , Dionis , Arthemis and Poseidon are owned by the designers and founders of the

Wonder Wings Resort. The 6 Villas

Athena, Aphrodite, Giunon , Diana, Minerva


Venus will be sold in the


next weeks and delivered on April 1 2011 to the new owners. Only for a limited period of 90 days On May 1st 2010 it will be opened the subscription to a selected number of interested buyers (mainly Italians, Germans and northern Europe citizens) to book the purchase of one of the 6 Villas .

Question: How do I purchase one of the last 6 Villas of the

Wonder Wings Resort?

Feel free to contact us in the given period to ensure to book in time the villa of your dream before its sale is closed.

Who do I contact to book my Villa? 1) If you heard of this unique opportunity or read this brochure while abroad, please feel free to contact directly the Wonder Wings Resort founding company via : Facebook : Wonder Wings Skype : Lonewolf7777 Mobile phone : 0039 3498545132 you will be in contact with Stefano or : Email :

web site

2) If you are in Karpathos during this summer 2010, please refer to our partnering Real Estate company Karpathos Island Properties and namely our close friend George Diakos. You can reach him all the summer in Karpathos at his main office in Pigadia

Here are George contact details :

Facebook : George Diakos

Mobile phone : 0030 6972025181 Email :

Skype : georgediakos

web site Price of the Villa The price (not exceeding 250K euro) comprise a fully furbished Villa in a 1000 sqm + plot of 63 Sqm internal + 95 external + front garden : 1) 2 Bedrooms (1 double bed + 2 single beds) 2) 1 living room 3) 2 bathrooms with shower + a small one 4) BBQ equipped veranda 5) a gorgeous 180 ° sea view 6) a 2° front sea veranda 7) a covered parking area 8) front balcony and terrace 9) all windows facing East 10) 100 Sqm front garden 11) 1.000 sqm metres plot 12) Stone made road from the municipality road to the resort plot

13) 2 walking pathways to the sea 15) common green areas And additionally the full set of indoor furniture : 16) Complete bath furniture including shower box 17) 2 Bedroom wardrobes + 2 roof fan + 4 persons beds 18) Fully equipped kitchen (Sink , refrigerator, fire place, oven) 18) Outside shower 14) Veranda wooden and tents covering

……………. and all of this just 30 metres from the unique crystalline sea waters of the Bay of Olympus! For additional information on price, details of the materials and equipments together with purchasing process, do not hesitate to ask us .We will provide you with an ad hoc guide and assist you in the process.

We, Stefano and George look forward to collecting your information and booking request and to assisting you while in Karpathos this 2010 summer visiting or while at home in your own town . You will be carefully assisted in your decision process as well as in the purchase preparation matters and the logistic arrangements. You can count on me and George to receive locally and remotely all the needed assistance to address all the legal and tax compliance matters . This will ensure you to become one of the very few fortunate owner of one of the 6 godness marvellous Villa in the Wonder Wings Resort in the bay of Olympus.

Wonder Wings Resort – Olympus Bay are property and trademark of the Wonder Wings resort company. All right reserved . For any info on the present brochure contact us at

UltimateGuide to Wonder Wing Resort - Karpathos Island - Greece  

Presentation ofthe Wonder Wing Resort and of the investtment opportunity to buy a gorgeous Villa in the Island of Karpathos just 30 mt. f...

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