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VISION! If your goal is to build a rewarding and exciting career in publishing, then look no further than the best woman-owned company & professional networking team ~ Women with Vision! We can provide you with the opportunity to create a great career.

Women with Vision! is an award-winning publishing company that educates, promotes, inspires and motivates its readership, locally, provincially and across Canada. If you’re a positive outgoing person who likes to:

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Meet new people daily Showcase your community Educate, motivate and inspire others Work with a dedicated team of professionals Make a great income while having fun… ...then Women with Vision! Magazine is for you! Business

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We provide training, additional income streams, a vested interest in building the company, retirement security for you and your family while owning your own business within a business. Now that’s a VISION!™ Women with Vision! offers the opportunity of a lifetime for women looking to own their own business in publishing. Women with...


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Founder/Publisher, C.E.O. Lorraine Leslie Feature Editor: Lynda Pogue Sales/Marketing: Lorraine Leslie Feature Writers: Janette Burke, Cathy Day, Meredith Deasley, Paola Gucciardi, Dean Hollin, Deborah Johnson, Annette Lavigne, Lorraine Leslie, Ron MacRae, Mary Ann Matthews, Donna Messer, Mark Metus, Beth Nigh, Rose Peller, Lynda Pogue, Dr. Ben Pezik, Marj Sawers, Karen Sencich, Marilyn Wetston, Rick Ziemski

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Jeanette Arsenault ~ My Inner Voice By Lorraine Leslie

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Making Global Connections Through Networking By Susan Baka How To Build A Better Business Network By Donna Messer Why An Advisory Board By Rick Ziemski Mastering Your Emotions By Janette Burke Willpower By Mary Ann Matthews

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Spa Angel ~ Janine Doucette By Lorraine Leslie What Our Food Cravings Are Trying To Tell Us By Meredith Deasley Expired By Lesley Paul Golf And Whole Body Vibration By Mark Metus

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Spalicious From Days Of Olde By Beth Nigh What’s Old Is New Again By Marilyn Wetston

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Women with Vision aims to provide editorials that educate, inspire, motivate, stimulate, inform and promote women in business and daily living.

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Switching Swanky Stuff By Karen Sencich

Make Old Love New Again By Rose Pellar

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Some Things Don’t Change By Annette Lavigne

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Hi, Lorraine, Just a quick note - as I wanted you to know that both my Mom and my birth mother's family LOVED the article - go figure!! My Mom was delighted with all the pictures and the telling of those childhood stories that are so vivid for her as a mother...while my birth mother's sister said that their mother (the one who sent Bev away) has realized after all these years that maybe as parents they were a bit harsh on Bev... it was such a different time. So…my birth grandmother enjoyed the article too! And I had a woman get in contact Choos NUTR e ITION with me who adopted a child recently P u bli who thanked me for sharing my story Speakcin g - which was so nice. WITH E A S E Anyway, just wanted you to know what you already know -- that your Leisa magazine and the stories change Way Don’t F people and touch people... ail To Women with...

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Chocolate Extraordinaire By Lorraine Leslie The Place To Be ~ Huron Club By Lorraine Leslie Tilapia In Argodolce With Sweet and Sour Sauce By Chef Mirella Damiani Orange Blossoms By Chef Mirella Damiani

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Seafood For One By Chef JD Copper Blues The Huron Burger By Chef Dave Knox The Huron Club

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Custom Nautical Decor By Lorraine Leslie Spring Garden Time Management By Janet Kurasz

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Cultural Development By Ron MacRae Fast, Loud, Funny and More... Debbie Collins By Dean Hollin

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My Inner Voice... Jeanette Arsenault: By Lorraine Leslie Steam Clean Your Life By Marj Sawers The App Gap By Lynda Pogue Practical Intuition By Deborah Johnson As The Mountain Turns Karmic Lessons By Paola Gucciardi Last Word By Lorraine Leslie

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Deidre Morris


Hey Lorraine, I thought that I would drop you a quick note to thank you again for the wonderful article you did in the Winter edition of Woman withVision magazine. Tayler and I received an overwhelming number of positive/supportive comments as a result of the article. And, your introduction to Kenny East from KENMARK Snow Sports resulted in Kenny sponsoring Tayler.Your efforts and support are very much appreciated. Tayler has recently competed in her first World Cup SBX Race. Just being invited was fantastic. Then to qualify was WOW! She qualified 22nd. Then finished with 16th overall. She had the 3rd highest Canadian finish on the woman's side behind Canadians Dominique Maltais (X GAME gold) and Maelle Ricker (Olympic gold medalist). We are stoked for her next World Cup start later in February, in Stoneham, QC. The quest for Olympic Gold continues. Cheers

Brian & Tayler Wilton


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Hi Lorraine, Thank you for the meeting last night. It was insightful and wonderful to get the opportunity to meet such progressive minded women. I can see that this type of networking will certainly be what I need to get my business off to a great start! I look forward to meeting with you over coffee. Please let me know when we can meet

Email: womenwithvision@rogers.com Mail: 156 Brophy’s Lane, Blue Mountains ON L9Y 0K3 Phone: 1-866-306-6021 Web: www.womenwithvision.ca

Hi Lorraine, A big thank you for the opportunity to speak at the networking group in Owen Sound. Even though it was bad weather that night, I think I made some good contacts. The necklace is lovely and I have a Lindor sweater that exact colour so I was excited to wear them together the next day. I enjoy the magazine also so I'm sure Kelly will drop another one off in the future. Thank you for this time we had together and meeting you.

Mary Anderson Lindor Fashions, Owen Sound www.womenwithvision.ca 7





Follow Your

Heart’s Desire When putting together this spring issue of Women with Vision magazine, I asked our writers to focus upon “What’s Old is New Again” or to consider the idea of “Retro”. I could see this theme evolving as I read through their articles…and it was interesting to distinguish how each author interpreted her/his own thoughts to paper. You will observe the incredibly diverse results. As kids, we go to school to learn our ABC’s; we play with our friends, learn our lessons, experience hundreds of new things every day and before we know it we are adults who are exceptionally different… this is a good thing. Our personal energy fields are real… a phenomenon that has been scientifically proven. We grow to become independent beings; choosing our own personal path in life. Not even identical twins are completely alike as they have different energy components in their DNA. Some of us work at the same job for most of our adult lives; others may change careers 7-12 times in a lifetime. (By the way, this is becoming the norm.)

career path has always been focused on assisting those seeking optimal health. Sometimes we have to recycle our thoughts to become who we really want to be in life. Choosing to follow your heart and do what makes you happy, ultimately releases many of the negative energy fields you carry with you on a daily basis. If it’s true that we are only here once… then let’s make the best of it!

As we learn to become aware of our own energy fields and thought patterns we intuitively act upon them. As you have read numerous times in our magazine, selecting a career (or series of careers) that makes you happy is truly fulfilling. Over and over again we hear from successful entrepreneurs who tell us that following your passion (your inner energy field) leads to success and gratification. In this issue you will read about a woman who started a career at a young age, and, as she matured, she listened to her inner voice and made a major life-altering decision: Jeanette Arsenault held true to her vision to become a professional songwriter. And, in our column called Women with Vision Making a Difference, you will see how Janine Doucette’s

Lorraine Leslie

Nominated for

2005, 2006, 2009 & 2010

The feature women about whom I write, have traveled a long, winding road to success – each woman on her own journey; a journey that sometimes hasn't been smooth. These women open their hearts to inspire and motivate other women, of all ages, to follow their dreams and passions... 8 www.womenwithvision.ca

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…connecting through educational & networking updates







Making Global Connections

How to Build a Better



We are going back in time, to where we built communities based on needs and common interests. In this article, I use the acronym RISE. It can help your business network SHINE!

By Susan Baka

In Germany, I met with members of the European Women’s Management Development International Network (EWMD). When its President, Kris Hauf, told me about plans for a 2012 conference in Istanbul, the wheels spun into motion in my head.The prospect of visiting Istanbul and witnessing the blend of Eastern-Western cultures intrigued me. I began thinking about the possibility of organizing a trade mission for North American women to Istanbul in 2012. Istanbul: a whirlwind So I jumped at the opportunity to visit Istanbul this past fall as the guest of a friend who works for the World Law Group, which was holding its conference there. As in the spring, I leveraged the TIAW network to get introductions to women’s business organizations and entrepreneurs there. Thus began a truly amazing trip where one connection led to another and another. I had a whirlwind of meetings with incredibly dynamic entrepreneurs and their organizations, including EWMD, KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) and Business & Professional Women (BPW Turkey), all of which represent excellent partners for a trade mission.

10 www.womenwithvision.ca

Each in turn introduced me to some of their members, whose business acumen and generosity of spirit were amazing. Through one of life’s moments of sheer serendipity, I met a Turkish entrepreneur with a business similar to mine, had an immediate connection and have already agreed to pursue a business partnership. A tour of her office felt like an instant second home. I also visited Canada’s new Consulate in Istanbul and appreciated the reception received and hearing about the opportunities open to Canadian businesses. I also met with Garanti Bank, a member of the Global Banking Alliance for Women.

Rapport, Information, Solutions - Ethically Build a Rapport with the people in your neighbourhood. Gather Information on concerns that impact your area of expertise. Find Solutions together, utilizing the talents of many, not just the skills of a few. Do it Ethically – learn to listen to everyone in your neighbourhood as well as in your business community. The safety, security and growth of any network is all about Social Capital. It’s who we know and what they know that makes the difference. Statistics show that the higher the Social Capital is in a network, the higher the economy. Social capital is not just the sum of the institutions, organizations, and individuals that underpin our society – it is the glue that holds them together.

Planning trade mission To experience Istanbul from a business perspective was exhilarating. I was truly impressed by the dynamic business culture and the trip convinced me more than ever of the global trade opportunities that exist out there for us. No question, there is a strong network of collaborative partners in Turkey. I’m following up with them about a potential trade mission for women entrepreneurs to Istanbul this fall that will include a combination of one-on-one business meetings with other entrepreneurs and professionals, along with attending a conference to expand networking opportunities. There is nothing quite like visiting a new country and experiencing a different culture when you have likeminded women at the other end. Indeed, it makes the possibilities limitless. ■ Susan Baka, President Bay Communications & Marketing Inc. sbaka@baycomm.ca www.baycomm.ca

8 Top Tips to build a better, stronger, more economically sound, network and community!

• Get comfortable being uncomfortable; there are plenty of ways to get the job done.

• Ask for help when you need it, and be prepared to give help when asked.

• Hire young people, and mentor them; share your knowledge

Information is learning more. When gathering information use social media, it will give you a wealth of information on the individual, the association or the topic that will help cement a relationship. Solutions are important. Find ways to help others without expecting any financial gain. This is crucial. Have a list of resources you can share. Ethical - We are in a new era, one that is based on trust and that trust must be earned. Social Capital is knowing more about a person, it’s taking the time to understand not only what they do, but what they like to do. It’s learning about their hobbies, special interests and in some cases what goals they have set for themselves. Social capital refers to networks that enable collective action in a community. Increasing evidence shows that social capital is critical for sustainable human and economic development. ■ Donna Messer Networking Expert, International Speaker www.connectuscanada.com

and your resources.

• Share what you have with those who have needs. • Barter goods and services, trading helps build a stronger community.

Photo: Yanka Van der Kolk

I’m a firm believer in the power of networking. Advances in technology over the past decade have provided the opportunity to network beyond our borders and take our businesses global. In the past year, I visited Europe twice – in the spring and fall – and used the opportunity to connect with women entrepreneurs there. I leveraged my membership in the Organization of Women in International Trade (www.owit.org), which is part of The International Alliance for Women (www.tiaw.org) to get introductions in advance via e-mail to women’s business organizations in Germany and Turkey that are also part of TIAW’s global network.

• Buy from local merchants. • Support neighbourhood schools and initiatives. • Learn to listen and the true voice of your community will be heard. Rapport is the first stage of networking. Get to know each other before you move on to the next step. Building rapport means finding common denominators – what is there between you and those you meet that you can recognize as “shared” interests?

Women with...


Life Line

Business Mentor

Transformational Coaching

• Marketing Consultant • Advertising Specialist

Life Line Transformational Coaching is your professional link to building awareness and taking your business and personal life to the next level. Improve your marketing and communications skills while achieving your life goals.

Lorraine Leslie 1-866-306-6021 womenwithvision@rogers.com

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Why an Advisory Board By Rick Ziemski

“Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes and the rest of us have to be the other people.” ~ Zig Ziglar Personal experience is a great teacher and we humans learn from both good and bad experiences. However personal experiences are time consuming and bad ones are usually costly. So I can’t help but wonder why more business people don’t use the experiences of others to shorten the learning and reduce costly mistakes. Larger businesses that hire capable and empowered management teams and boards of directors do benefit from the experience of others. Unfortunately, for small business the costs of these infrastructures are not affordable and the owner/managers tend to look to themselves exclusively for the vision and operating expertise needed by the business. What they fail to realize is that the demands of a growing business will sooner or later outgrow their skill sets. Smart entrepreneurs overcome this problem by using an advisory board which is defined as; “a group of individuals selected to help advise a business owner regarding various business issues including marketing, sales, financing, expansion etc; a body that advises but does not have authority to vote on corporate matters.” The group usually deals with both operational matters inside the business and also with the business environment including legal, financial and other trends that may affect the business. In this regard it is wise to select carefully the right individuals with the right functional expertise such as finance, marketing, human resources etc. A pivotal resource is someone with strong CFO experience. The first key to creating an effective board is to pick not only individuals with strong technical capabilities but ones that have

12 www.womenwithvision.ca

the experience and success behind them; successful problem solvers. Equally, they need to be a cohesive group that works well together and relates well to the owner/manager. A very thorough search process and due diligence is needed when putting this team together. Tapping into strong networks is the best way to find good members. A key to having motivated members is to pick those who have a true interest in the nature of the business at hand. The second key for an effective board is to actually use the advice. There is nothing more demoralizing to a board than a business owner/manager who gives only lip service to the ideas and recommendations of the board. It usually ends in members resigning. People who join advisory boards do so for the love of truly helping the company succeed. In fact, compensation for an advisory board isn’t necessarily costly if members are highly motivated by their involvement. Compensation can range from monthly retainers to payment per meeting or to some form of stock participation like stock options. The fundamental issue to resolve before structuring an advisory board is to honestly understand and accept your own shortcomings in depth, experience and knowledge, and to know that you can leave your ego at home when it comes to working with your board.

■ Richard Ziemski C.A. Management Consultant rickziemski@cogeco.ca



Mastering Your Emotions By Janette Burke As a Women Entrepreneur, learning the right marketing strategies will help you create success, but unless you also master certain emotions, GROWING your business will be a significant CHALLENGE.

Unless you isolate which of these occurrences is your money trigger — and take specific steps to keep you emotionally centered — you’ll find yourself wasting a lot of time and energy on "Money Drama."

Suppose a client cancels their agreement with you. From a purely business perspective, there are practical steps you can take to deal with this situation. But what about your feelings?

Money “stuff” happens, but how you handle it is what’s most important because all money stuff is part of a pattern that you ultimately have the power to transform.

Circumstances like this can trigger emotions of fear, doubt, anger and victimization - and STUNT your business growth. Feel your feelings, but don't allow them to take YOU over - make you stay STUCK in the “how dare they” mode or keep asking “why is this happening to me?”This mindset holds you back and undermines your confidence.

Being Emotional Is Part Of Being A Woman Entrepreneur… When you USE your emotions to ALTER patterns into new, healthy policies, you create amazing advances for yourself and your business.

This checklist of emotional triggers helped me expand my business: Recognize Your “Emotional Switches” - Every woman has things that activate feelings of unworthiness, doubt and fear. Once you pinpoint what they are for you, you can catch yourself from getting prompted and put yourself in control.

■ Janette Burke Marketing/PR Coach, Consultant and Columnist janette@yourmarketingmagnet.com www.yourmarketingmagnet.com

Say you hate saying no, you'll likely attract demanding clients who will continually challenge your boundaries. Knowing this, you can establish clear limits early on. Whenever a boundary is objected, remain calm, gentle but firm and let your client know what you will and won’t do. Know Your “Stress Pattern” - When you’re tired, on deadline or feeling pressured, your likely to let your boundaries slip. If you get snappish or micro-manage everything, being aware of your patterns will help you minimize them. When I'm under stress, I let some things go and trust others to stepup. This serves me better than sweating all the small stuff myself. Identifying your pattern will help you catch yourself, feel less tempted to overly direct and ask your team for support. Familiarize Yourself with Your “Money Triggers” - Every woman has an area with finances that is easily triggered. Clients pushing for price reductions & discounts, suggesting bartering for services, canceling out of programs (and trying to make you the reason for it), requesting refunds, paying late, declining credit cards, programs not filling up as fast as predicted or unexpected expenses are some.

www.womenwithvision.ca 13





WILLPOWER … try that twice. It’s important By Mary Ann Matthews

The meaning of willpower is often used to mean self discipline. How often have you heard someone sigh and say, “I wish I had the willpower (substitute self-discipline here) to go for a walk, or stop smoking, or change my eating habits.” Does this sound like a familiar wish to you? Even though we are aware that we need to change or improve something, we just don’t have the persistence to change that habit. .

In handwriting or printing, the trait of willpower is found in the pressure of the t-bars (the line that horizontally intersects the up/down stroke of the letter ‘t’. Notice the look of the tbars in the words, ‘try’, ‘that’, ‘It’s’, and ‘important’. The t-bars are much thicker and heavier than the rest of the writing or printing. The heavier the pressure, the more willpower the writer is showing to us.

So what is it, this trait called willpower?

The example is a combination of writing and printing. You can find willpower in either style of script. In fact, you can find willpower in the t-bars of a language that you don’t even know! It’s all about the pressure that the author has used. Exerting more pressure with the pen or pencil makes the t-bars appear to be heavier and thicker than the rest of the script.

It really comes from within. It’s our inner strength that controls our emotions and our impulses. Willpower is the ability to direct our thoughts and actions toward a specific goal. It’s the enemy of laziness, procrastination, being indecisive, quitting a project before it is finished, etc.

Having willpower is neither strenuous nor difficult. We don’t have to change our world overnight. Just taking little steps can alter our behaviour dramatically. Be persistent and don’t be a quitter. Try that ‘something’ twice. We really are the masters of our minds. There are many who believe that if we change our writing or our printing, we can change our lives. Try putting some energy and pressure into your t-bars. After 4-6 weeks of doing this, see if your willpower hasn’t increased a bit. I know, I know. You’ve heard all this before. Because everything old is new again, why not give it a try?

■ Mary Ann Matthews CGA - Certified Graphoanalyst maryann@handwriting.ca www.handwriting.ca 14 www.womenwithvision.ca



Make Old Love New Again By Rose Pellar, B.A.S., LL.B. Did you ever expect a Divorce Lawyer to talk about keeping love alive? I am on a campaign to help couples keep their love alive because I know that in so many cases, divorce or separation need not happen. Remember how you felt when you first fell in love with your spouse? You anticipated with excitement the next time you were going to see him. You even took extra care with your appearance and you were more attuned to his needs and desires. You were interested in that person’s goals, his friends, his families and his hobbies.You were both more considerate of each other and wanted to please each other. Do you ever wish you could feel that way again or at least feel you are in a relationship that is alive, if not vibrant? People, it does not happen on its own. Love takes work. A new relationship takes even more work, so why not invest your time and effort into making that old love new again?

gentle touch on the hand or arm demonstrates caring. Holding hands say “I’m here for you” or “I feel safe with you”. It may sound as if it’s a one way street, it is not. In order to receive one must first give. I highly recommend you read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman and take action if you want to make your old love new again.

■ Rose Pellar, B.A.S., LL.B.,Barrister & Solicitor Pellar Family Law Professional Corporation rosepellar@pellarfamilylaw.com

When he talks to you, no matter what the topic...listen, give feed back. Many wives (and husbands too) complain “We don’t talk any more.” People (and husbands and wives are no different) like to feel important. When last did you make your spouse feel important? When last did they make you feel important? Use words of affirmation to each other. Life can be very hectic and we as individuals get carried away with busyness that we spend little time with the people we care about. This is upside down thinking. The things or people we care about the most deserve our attention the most. Spend quality time with your spouse. Don’t forget date nights! It feels great to get a gift for Christmas, birthdays andValentines but doesn’t a gift for no reason at all feel even more wonderful? A gift doesn’t have to be expensive - it could be a cup of coffee - just something that will tell your spouse you thought about him. Give gifts for no reason at all. What about being of service to your spouse? Maybe ironing his shirt if he usually does that himself or picking up his drug prescription from the store. Make acts of service part of your communication. Did you used to hold hands, hug and kiss each other? Humans need physical touch in order to thrive. Start being tactile again. A www.womenwithvision.ca 15





Some Thing’s


Don’t Change! By Annette Lavigne

Fashions of the 70’s and 80’s are back. Retro is in, skinny jeans, and even big hair is making its way back for those who dare to visit. What about the art of communications? The younger generation would tell you that the advances in technology are too great and phenomenal to ever go back. Have you had the opportunity to play with the I Phone 4? It’s like an

Pellar Family Law Professional Corporation

Rose Pellar, B.A.S., LL.B.

“We care not only about your results, we care about you and your family” SEPARATION/DIVORCE RESOLUTIONS for Custody, Access, Support and Property Division through Litigation or Collaborative process

705-429-1153 Fax 705-429-2780 998 Mosley St. Unit 2 Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 2G7 rosepellar@pellarfamilylaw.com www.pellarfamilylaw.com

16 www.womenwithvision.ca

easy bake oven on steroids. It does everything but bake the cake! With all these new advances, I still beg to differ. Face to face communications and the value of tone and voice between human beings have not changed and those who recognize that will do better in business and life. This my friend, will never change. In the book The 8th Habit by Stephen Covey, it reads “This 8th Habit is to Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs.” Talk about a moment of validation for what I do. He further goes on in the book to explain that the future of employees of corporations will not be hired based solely on their specific work skills but their capabilities of communicating them and being able to train others who will be working beside them. Is this a new concept? I don’t think so.

...living life at its best

For those of us over 30, and I say that graciously…we may choose not to learn all there is to learn about the new technology, but may I suggest that we embrace some of the new tools by still incorporating the old standards of good communication skills. For example, emailing and texting, it will always be a good idea to read twice and send once. Double check for spelling (I know this is old fashioned) but perhaps we need to consider if the note is being sent to our children or an adult of our generation. Triple check for tone and attitude. This alone could save you from embarrassment when someone is no longer communicating with you at all. A lesson I had to learn. If you’re of the new generation, take heed. You can facebook, you can text, and you can twitter to your heart’s content, but at the end of the day how you and I communicate still, and will always be current and crucial for your growth either in your chosen field, or in life with friends and family. Making the decision to be a highly effective communicator will always be in style!

■ Annette M. Lavigne The "Shy Buster!" www.speakwitheasenow.com

© Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime.com

One of the large communication companies was running an ad campaign with the tag line “we use live people at our call centers” Now that’s a new concept!

www.womenwithvision.ca www.womenwithvision.ca 17 17





Women with Vision Making a Difference...

Janine Doucette

Spa Angel! By Lorraine Leslie

When I think of someone who has given of herself to others and paid it forward unconditionally, one of the first women who comes to mind is Janine Doucette. A wife, mother and entrepreneurial businesswoman, Janine has been taking care of people most of her life. Born on March 5, 1968 in Surrey, England Janine tells me that she was a girlie-girl. Her family moved to Oakville, Ontario when she was just an infant. As she got older Janine loved to spend time in her mother’s beauty salon; except for the days when she was being a tomboy playing sports at school or being part of a competitive team of gymnasts from grades 6 to 8.

“I grew up in the health and beauty industry. My mother worked in a salon, and I’ve had a passion for being hands-on and consequently making people feel good since I was a young girl. I loved working in her salon. My job was to sweep the floors at first but as time passed I learned a lot about hair colour and the business side of the salon. I learned everything I could from my mother while I was still in school and by the time I was eighteen I was spending all my time at the salon. The esthetic side of the business was my focus: manicures, pedicures, skin care and makeup.”

18 www.womenwithvision.ca


“We moved our home to Meaford and I worked in Owen Sound for a few years. The time came when I closed the business in Owen Sound and opened Solitudes Spa in Meaford.That was in August 2007 with Bryon as co-owner and spa manager. My vision and dream had come true after twenty-five years of hard work! Bryon took paternal leave to stay home with Haley and worked part-time doing our bookkeeping and ordering supplies. As Haley got older and started school Bryon became the pivotal point in the operation of the spa. This took all the stress off my shoulders of running the business and allowed me to do what I love most: provide the services and working handson with the clientele.” Janine realized the new salon needed to be handicap accessible for those in need. And she a Bryon devised a marketing plan that would welcome seniors and retirees into the salon. They now offered a senior’s day (65 plus) providing advanced foot and diabetic foot care.

“It’s a day out for seniors and who doesn’t LOVE to be pampered? We chat and listen making everyone feel like part of our spa family. If for some reason one of our senior clients can’t make it on their own Bryon will go and pick them up and take them home again. We also go into local nursing homes at the families’ request. And with more and more people moving into the area our wedding services have skyrocketed.”

During this time, Janine started giving spa services to developmentally and physically challenged persons. “The energy they received from stimulating their sense of touch and smell has been amazing. They might not really understand what is happening to them but the smiles on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes tells me that they’re responding to the treatments.”

“One young girl, Olivia, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is challenged in many ways, has been coming to me for quite some time. Bryon assists in bringing Olivia into the salon…sometimes he will go and pick her up and take her home again…he always carries her in from the car and she is all smiles. One day I received a heartbreaking note from Olivia’s mother…we both cried we were so touch by her words.”

A young couple both wanting to have a career Janine and Bryon decided to move to Southern Georgian Bay and make this their permanent home. Janine was now nineteen and knew she had to work but she was unable to find an esthetician position so she took a job at the Gateway Restaurant in Collingwood where she was as server and a floor manager. She also began working part-time at another restaurant in Thornbury.

Testimonial: I have had the privilege of seeing another side of a woman whom I already admire as a sharp businesswoman as well as a fun, funky mom. My daughter was born with a disorder that challenges her in many ways. Janine has been providing amazing therapies to her such as reflexology and massage therapy and each time we are there I’m struck by the attention which she pays to the littlest details which would help Olivia to enjoy her session. Through their time together, Olivia and Janine have developed a trusting, beautiful relationship such as I have never seen. Sometimes she gifts Olivia with a complimentary treatment. I have now come to see after more than a year, that Janine’s kindness comes from a deep compassion and caring for a little girl and a belief in the treatments she offers…I’m thrilled and thankful to have Olivia benefit from her treatments and equally thrilled to be witness to something which is quite special. – Shirley Almond

During this time we were blessed with adopting a baby girl; our daughter Haley. Bryon and we were now ready to work together so we sat down and discussed a plan of action. I attended the Christina & Gina’s School of Esthetics and over time I received all my papers in reflexology, massage, acupressure, hot stone massage and aromatherapy… plus I also received my gerontology certification – working with the aged.”


“While starting out with a small salon in a chalet across the road from Blue Mountain Inn my thirst for esthetics grew so strong that I knew I really wanted to pursue it. I moved from location to location… sometimes even giving spa services out of a room I rented in the back of a hair salon in Thornbury. The word spread quickly and I built up quite an extensive clientele. People were driving from Tobermory, Owen Sound, Sauble Beach and other parts of Grey County. I was busy seeing about 70 clients a week.”

Janine met her future husband Bryon in Kitchener… “I knew he was my soulmate the night I met him. He’s a professional engineer and worked at Alcoa for 20 years until they closed the business. During this time we were trying to start a family but after many tests the doctor’s told me I was in the 1% range of women who could not conceive. Bryon had been offered work in Cleveland, USA but we didn’t want to leave Canada so we decided to close that chapter of our lives and bulldoze forward.”

"I took course after course to receive my certification in esthetics. I had the great opportunity to learn from two amazing women who I like to refer to as my mentors – Beth Nigh and Kelly Logan.


Janine shared her note with me and it says it all…

Janine is a caring, companionate and focused businesswoman who keeps things fun and lighthearted in her spa. Her action plan and research has brought much well-deserved success making her our choice for our Women with Vision Making a Difference, 2012 spring issue.

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WHAT OUR FOOD CRAVINGS Are Trying to Tell Us By Meredith Deasley Now that spring is upon us, many of us want to shed some of that winter weight and fit into that fantastic wardrobe that we fit into a year ago. If only we could curb our cravings, we know we would lose the weight and feel better about ourselves. Our food cravings are actually a valuable source of education. Individuals are drawn to certain textures, fat content, flavours and smells of various foods for a reason. Crunchy food cravings are outwardly directed and occur when we want to scream or get back at others that have hurt us. When we crave crunchy food, we are feeling hard emotions, such as anger, bitterness, frustration, resentment, stress and/or tension. Soft or creamy food cravings are inwardly directed and occur when we are angry at ourselves or have a deep longing for comfort and reassurance.When we crave these foods, we are feeling soft emotions, such as anxiety, betrayal, depression, embarrassment, fear, grief, insecurity, regret, sadness, self-doubt and/or shame.

you will crave a food that contains pyrozine, such as peanut butter, cashews or walnuts. This is because pyrozine triggers the pleasure centre of your brain. The body always attempts to achieve homeostasis, and if you ignore your gut feelings, your appetite will seek to fulfill the body's needs through food cravings." DoreenVirtue. Here are some actual drinks or foods that we crave; with an explanation of why we crave that food and what affirmation we can adopt to overcome the craving: Beer - Desire to shut out anxiety. Wanting more love, fun and appreciation. Affirmation: I trust my inner source of strength to see through the highs and lows. I allow myself time-outs for feeling refreshed. Chocolate covered nuts - Frustrated because your love life is boring or nonexistent. Losing patience. Affirmation: I have the right to plan my life and take charge of meeting my needs.

Chewy food cravings occur when we have mixed emotions i.e. a combination of hard and soft emotions. We might feel fear or shame mixed with anger or tension.

Cheese - Braced for the worst and feeling exhausted. Fear-based thoughts. A desire for comfort and a new start. Affirmation: My source of energy shines brightly within me. I replace fearful thoughts with feelings of love.

High-fat cravings for foods such as cheeseburgers, French fries, milk shakes represent fear.When we crave these foods, we are generally in fear of facing something in our lives. We might need to change something we don't like in our life or stand up to someone in our life. The fear feels like emptiness and the fat fills the stomach like nothing else.

Coffee - Overwhelmed with unwanted responsibilities. Awakening in the morning dreading the hours ahead. Holding jobs that don't correspond to your natural talents or interests.Affirmation: I focus on the real source of energy – truth and guidance deep inside me.

When we crave nuts or nut butters, we are looking for fun. Nuts are also crunchy so are perfect for the highly stressed individual. Breads, rice and pasta are the comforting and calming foods and are also craved by the highly stressed individual. Cookies, cakes and pies are craved by those of us craving hugs, pleasure and reassurance. Candy is craved when we need an energy boost, reward and entertainment.

The body never fails us; it is we who fail to listen to its wisdom and trust its guidance. The next time you have a craving...what aspect of your life do you need to improve? I like the affirmation: I allow my true self to shine through. It applies to each one of us. If we each adopted that affirmation, how different would we feel? How different would our lives be? How different would our world be?

“Here is the important bottom line: we crave foods and overeat in an attempt to regain equilibrium and peace of mind. Our cravings are always for foods that correspond to our ignored gut feeling. If your gut is telling you to have more fun, but you ignore your gut,

■ Meredith Deasley, Author: The Resourceful Mother Secrets to Healthy Kids www.theresourcefulmother.com

Salty snack foods are craved when we feel stress, anger and anxiety.

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By Lesley Paul, B.Sc. Phm

As spring is often considered a period of renewal it is a prime time to think about cleaning and organizing. While you remove the cobwebs from your head and home this spring, why not add an overhaul of your medicine cabinet to your annual spring cleanse.

First, take a look at where medications are stored. The best place is in a cool, dry cupboard, out of the reach of children. Do NOT store medications in the bathroom, as the constantly changing temperature coupled with the humidity will affect their stability and ultimately their effectiveness. Secondly, check the expiry dates on all medications, including overthe-counter products, nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbal products, and any creams and ointments. Look for any outdated products as well as any prescription drugs that aren’t being used anymore. A safe “rule of thumb” is to remove any prescription drugs that are over a year old. Eye drops can easily become contaminated during use and should not be kept after the treatment period. There shouldn’t be any leftover antibiotics in the cupboard either. In most cases, a course of antibiotics should be finished in its entirety the first time around. Don’t forget to check any first aid kits for expired ointments as well as bandages and dressings. Dispose of all outdated, unwanted or contaminated products. But STOP! Don’t flush unwanted medications down the drain or toilet. Our sewage system can’t handle them. Bring expired or unwanted medications back to your pharmacy for proper medicinal waste disposal. All “sharps” (used needles) to be disposed of must be returned in a proper “sharps” container. Glass or plastic jars are not acceptable. Sharps containers should be available free of charge from your pharmacy. And lastly, if you are unsure about any of the medications in your medicine cabinet, this is an opportune time to book a MedsCheck with your community pharmacist. He or she can help you decide what to keep and what to dispose of.Your pharmacist can also provide tips on how to take your medications properly and avoid medication wastage. Ask your pharmacist about receiving only a one month supply for new prescriptions. If you have difficulty remembering to take your medications, a weekly dosette or “blister packaging” may be helpful.

© Micro10x | Dreamstime.com


Talk to your pharmacist today about your medications and get a head start on your spring cleanup by focusing on your wellbeing. A fresh start on your health will surely clear the cobwebs in your head. Rule of thumb… Q - How many hours does it take your system to have an "empty stomach after a meal? A - Food stuff normally stays in the stomach for 2-6 hours. When taking medications and or supplements the generally rule of thumb for "empty stomach" is 1 hour before you eat or 2 hours after you eat.

■ Lesley Paul, Pharmacist dlpaul@sympatico.ca

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& Whole Body Vibration By Mark Metus, BSc DC

I often refer to the body’s core as the container of muscles that make up the abdomen, spine and pelvis.When the skeleton-muscles work in symphony they provide the anchor from which the leg and arm muscles operate and protect your spinal vertebra from injury. My wake up call came when two of my most unstable chronic back pain patients told me they where no longer experiencing pain as a result of using a new technology called whole body vibration. Their core muscles had strengthened to such an extent that their spinal instability disappeared. All they did was stand on the machine for 10 minutes three times a week! In disbelief I examined the machine and its origin along with the multitude of scientific research pertaining to this new form of exercise. The Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine was their answer… Since my epiphany I have developed numerous exercise programs using WBV, but they all start with training the core muscles. Aside from increasing strength, one of the most amazing results is waistline reduction. The common testimony of both men and women is “my waist has shrunk!” The research shows by standing on this vibrating machine muscles will tone, however adding resistance exercise burns fat as well. Most people are unaware of the importance of a strong core; lifting objects with the back and neck can often lead to muscle strains. Core centered vibration workouts help us to quickly identify the core and trains these muscles to automatically engage prior to lifting any heavy object. A good practice to remember in lifting something heavy - bend your knees, engage the core muscles and then lift the object slowly without twisting or turning the body until it is upright. WBV - the ultimate training device is used by members of the PGA and LPGA tour. Golf fitness experts all agree that professional golfers are now much fitter than their predecessors and this accounts for the greatly increased length of drives while on the tours. Anika Sorenson increased her long drives by 30 yards between 1997 and 2000 because of fitness training. Today’s golf pros and amateurs include slow stretching routines while working on joint mobility, postural stability and balance to maintain core muscle strength resulting in increased spinal range of movement…using the WBV helps to increase all of these important components at once.

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Finding Health Clinic Now Open! Are you looking for an alternative health care system that has the power to transform your health...one that respects and operates in cooperation with your body’s priorities and needs? Then Jessy’s “Finding Health” Clinic is for you!

Reiki BodyTalk Access Fast Aid EFT

(Emotional Freedom Technique)

Osteopathy and more Find, Optimize and Maintain your Health with Us. Call Jess to reduce your stress!

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Mark Metus...continued from page 22

Practicing a golf swing this way dramatically increases neuromuscular feedback to the brain. During vibrational stimulation the postural muscles involved in the swing contract and relax stimulating a response from the brain to maintain control and balance.The improved strength and postural stability during the golf swing delivers more power to the arms, increases club head speed and results in longer drives.



Quality Personal Home Support Caregiver Support House Cleaning Escort for Errands Appointments & Shopping

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Call Helen

EST 1981 by Joanne Davison-Shaw

Do you have hair loss? Call for a FREE consultation. Male and female wigs and hair systems for pattern balding, chemotherapy, cranial surgery and dermatology hairloss conditions.

(retired nurse) References Available

What could be better! A 10 minute workout three times a week and you’ll have a better golf score plus after awhile your old golf shorts won’t fit you as well as they used to!


■ Dr Mark Metus BSc DC, Clinical Director The Chiropractic Healthcare Clinic Kwikfit Studio Collingwood www.kwikfitstudios.ca

Reward yourself with a beautiful smile

Dr. John R. Miller

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Transitions Lenses

....look and feel your best in flirty spring fashions

By Beach Eye Care's Dr. Ben Pezik

Transition lenses are dual-purpose lenses that go from regular lenses indoors to sunglasses when exposed to sunlight outdoors. They are intended to provide corrective lens wearers with the benefit of not having to switch between their regular lenses and sunglasses.

Dr. Pezik provides comprehensive examinations for your entire family.

Dr. Ben Pezik 1 Market Lane Unit B, Wasaga Beach, Ontario L9Z 0B6

www.beacheyecare.ca Tel: (705) 429-EYES (3937)

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Function Transition lenses are designed to be completely transparent under regular indoor lighting conditions. When the wearer exposes the lenses to any amount of UV light, the lenses will adjust correspondingly to the amount of light. For example, on a bright but cloudy day, the lenses might only darken halfway. Advantages The main advantage of transition lenses is convenient UV protection. UV protection is important to prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, and eye cancers. Transition lenses will adapt to any current lighting conditions to ease strain on your eyes. They keep you from needing to buy a clunky clip-on or regular prescription sunglasses and can provide a convenient hands-free option, especially while driving, although they only darken slightly in the vehicle, because vehicle windows are UV tinted. Disadvantages One disadvantage is that occasionally they might not transition all the way to a transparent state indoors if the room is especially bright. Another disadvantage is that transition lenses do not always get as dark as regular sunglasses and might not provide enough protection for sensitive eyes. Also, transition lenses do not automatically change tints, instead taking several moments to go from light to dark or dark to light.

Shane MacLaughlan | masterpixcanada.com

We offer all of our patients the most advanced technology by using the Optomap Retinal Scan as well as providing a High Definition Digital Eye Exam.

Shot on location at Smart’s Flowers, Collingwood

Angie Vancise Owner, Azul Jewelry Boutique Cotton top and pant Awear eco-boutique Downtown Collingwood

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Karen Bogo Fashion sales associate Cotton top and black skirt Awear eco-boutique Downtown Collingwood

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Angie Vancise Owner, Azul Jewelry Boutique Cotton dress & cover-up Awear Eco-Boutique Downtown Collingwood

Denise Tateyama Home-maker Pant & top, Birch & Co. Village at Blue

Angie Vancise Owner, Azul Jewelry Boutique Pant, top, vest & jacket Birch & Co., Village at Blue

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Jane Tilley Tilley Collectibles Front ruffled dress Awear eco-boutique Downtown Collingwood

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Denise Tateyama Home-maker Black & border print dress Barb’s Clothes Closet Stayner

Angie Vancise Owner, Azul Jewelrey Boutique Polka Dot Dress, Birch & CO. Village at Blue

Jane Tilley Tilley Collectibles Scallop Angle Dress, Birch & Co. Village at Blue www.womenwithvision.ca 31

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Karen Bogo Fashion sales associate Red dress with open back Awear Eco-Boutique Downtown Collingwood

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Angie Vancise Owner, Azul Jewelrey Boutique 100% Cotton dress Birch & CO. Village at Blue

Denise Tateyama Home-maker Ribkoff top with black pant Barb’s Clothes Closet Stayner

Karen Bogo Fashion sales associate White tailed blouse with jean Birch & Co. Village at Blue

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Spalicious from Days of Olde By Beth Nigh

Denise Tateyama Home-maker Floral top and black capri pant Barb’s Clothes Closet Stayner 34 www.womenwithvision.ca

Jane Tilley Tilley Collectibles Geo-print dress Birch & Co. Village at Blue

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Remember when there were no Spa's and we had to look into our own cupboards to see what sort of beauty concoctions we could come up with? Since our skin is still behaving and aging as it always has, here are a few recipes that are considered "Oldies but Goodies". Oatmeal is an excellent multi-purpose skin care treatment. When used as a cleanser, oatmeal will absorb and remove surface dirt while providing a gentle exfoliation and will help restore the skin's natural moisture balance.

To rid eyes of puffiness and dark circles, puree: 1/2 Cucumber (seeds, peel and all!) Strain through gauze and then add 3 T Witch Hazel

All you need to do is blend or process oats to the consistency of flour. Add either water or milk to make a paste. Apply to your face and massage. Rinse with tepid water, and then moisturize.

Dip with cotton balls and gently apply around eyes.

Add some to your bath to help soothe and moisturize your whole body. Here is a treatment for dry, chapped lips that I know everyone has the ingredients to: 1 tsp Honey 1 tsp Baking soda Olive Oil Mix the honey with the baking soda. Apply to lips and leave on for a few minutes. Then gently rub off. Rinse and apply the olive oil.

Cold tea bags and cucumber reduce vascular inflammation and decrease swelling as well. This combination is terrific for dark swollen circles because of the tannin in the tea, which helps in the elimination of puffiness. I can never say enough regarding exercise, getting a good night's sleep, eating well and drinking plenty of water. How we treat ourselves will show on our skin. Take care, Beth ■ Beth Nigh, Certified Esthetician www.womenwithvision.ca 35






IS NEW AGAIN By Marilyn Wetston

The Wardrobe Doctor

Here are some oldies to revive and revisit: • Remember the day dress? It’s back! A shift or sheath accessorized and teamed with a jacket reflecting your personal style will assure you are dressed au courant.

Each spring fashion designers offer their vision of the season to come. They sometimes revisit the past and give us the opportunity to recapture looks that escaped us the first time around.

• Revisit your good fitting pencil skirt and know that it will be very stylish and versatile this season. Just plan to spice it up using your jewellery, stockings, booties, shawls, leather jacket or knee length coat. The modernity of these items will take your historic items up a notch or more.

This spring 2012 offers this chance.

• Another “oldie but goodie “is your menswear tailored white shirt. Rather than button it up and hide it under a suit, wear it on its own with sleeves rolled and collar standing or over something. You can also soften its masculine message by adding your version of a man's tie using a ribbon, or interesting scarf.

■ Marilyn Wetston marilynsthestore@rogers.com www.marilyns.ca

The Painted Wardrobe Fun with Fashion

Dresses for all occasions...

• Retrieve your ageless pearls from your jewel box and refresh your spring look when you layer them in combination with strands of beads or chains.

over 600 in stock...

• In the eighties I called it "day time swish" Now once again we can use our shimmery items to add sparkle to our day as well as evening looks. Bling is welcome anytime.

• Those who longed for the opportunity to accentuate their waist focus figure will enjoy the revival of the comfortable cinch belt and appreciate having their hourglass figure to showcase. • Those who have the need to create an illusion of a waist will applaud the return of the layered look. Use this season’s loose over fitted columns to draw attention away from any area and highlight your positives. Spring inspires us to explore the current fashions. When these looks include a revival of classics and retro looks as this spring season does, we can reinvent ourselves using our old staples. Step into your closet and revisit your archived favourites, examine your historic items and cast them in a new role with exciting modern items.You 36 www.womenwithvision.ca


will definitely build a positive message for spring 2012. Make it a statement you are proud of, with your unique blend of old, new and fresh. Enjoy looking back while you up-date your wardrobe and step into the present season confident that you have successfully created your special message for Spring.

• With a little imagination the eighties bow tied blouse will voice more than its feminine retro message.

• Nautical stripes are revisiting us in 2012. Retrieve your bold black or navy and white stripes and you will have succeeded in pushing the refresh button in your wardrobe update program.


largest selection in the area!

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organic clothing, jewelry, handbags & shoes

Swanky Stuff

Walk-ins always welcome

By Karen Sencich

© Andres Rodriguez | Dreamstime.com

If you’re looking for a fun activity to share with your closest friends you might want to consider hosting a swishing party. It’s a great way to kick start your spring household organizing campaign. Swishing is the latest international, eco-friendly craze. Defined as “switching swanking stuff”, swishing is also known as a clothing exchange or swap party. To get started, grab a box and ruthlessly clear out your closets. Invite friends who will be comfortable changing in front of others. Basic swishing rules include swapping one item for another without reference to the value of the items swapped. If you bring 15 items, then you can take 15 home. Check out the numerous Internet sites that describe the rules and etiquette of organizing a swishing event.

shop online: www.awearecoboutique.ca 143 Hurontario St. Collingwood 705-293-1008

36 St. Marie Street, Collingwood

Some parties include broad categories such as makeup, hair care products and perfume. It’s up to the host to determine the appropriate categories. Generally, the swap includes clean, gently used wardrobe items such as: clothing, outerwear, purses, belts, scarves, pashminas, jewellery and shoes. Swishing party participants get the chance to unload duplicates or items bought on impulse that they later regretted. Remind them to include gift items that were the wrong size, colour or style. (Just be sure that the person who gave the gift won’t be attending the party!) One obvious benefit of a swishing party is the space that you’ll regain after a wardrobe clear out, but also consider the fun you’ll have during the group try-on session. Friends can provide objective feedback about which outfits best suit your body shape.You’ll also pick up fashion trends and tips on which underwear and bras are best for disguising figure flaws. Remember, your new wardrobe pieces are absolutely free so you’ll be able to afford to have alterations to achieve the perfect fit!

Trendy fashions

for Men and Women

Donate leftover items to charity. Create a list of potential not-for-profit organizations such as a women’s shelter that may appreciate a donation of clothing suitable for current weather conditions. Be sure to call ahead to find out who is accepting donations and whether they pick up or require you to deliver the merchandise. Some community groups collect and refurbish party clothes to provide prom outfits for local girls who can’t afford evening wear. Contact church organizations to determine if they have resources to fund the cost of shipping clothing overseas to those in need. Organizing a swishing party and donating the leftovers is an excellent way to “pay it forward” and feel good about parting with items that no longer suit your figure or your current lifestyle. ■ Karen Sencich CPO® Certified Professional Organizer®, Speaker and Writer www.havoctoharmony.com 38 www.womenwithvision.ca

\ 170 Jozo Weider Blvd www.birchco.com 705-446-1400

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SUCCESSFUL results with our GREEN PEEL Herbal Peeling Treatment


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Established as Collingwood’s original men's club in the 1880’s, The Huron Club now invites people of both genders and all ages into their beautiful dining venue and social music bar. The club has become one of the hot spots for locals and tourists alike. As you enter this little piece of history, on your left is a small intimate fireplace flanked by two windows that receive the glowing southern sunshine. The hardwood floors have been refurbished and the warm décor with cozy scatter rugs and exquisite window coverings set the scene for visitors to be greeted by the friendly staff who graciously invite everyone in for a comfortable dining experience. Taking a few steps to the right and walking past the brick walls and ebony wine shelving to two long expanding steps, one enters into the social bar. When you saunter over to the mahogany bar you can order anything from an exotic cocktail, to a local beer or a glass/bottle of wine from over the 30 selections - all hand-chosen by the owners and expert bar managers. The Huron Club's superb food presentations are created by the outstanding kitchen staff. Food service is high on the list of priorities and continual training is done to ensure nothing is missed by the energetic and personable wait staff. Locally grown food is used when available in the preparation of the seasonal menus which change every few months to keep up with the time of year and clientele's tastes. Wanting to provide the community with a variety of amenities, owners Ian and Joanne Duff renovated the second floor into a special events room for birthdays, weddings, seminars, or

community presentations. A spacious patio with wrought iron fencing adorned with greenery and cascading flowers provides an intimate space for couples. It can also become a fun dining experience for groups looking for a great meal after a day on the links. The big screen television rolls down for the big game events: hockey, football, golf, basketball... for both the men and the ladies to join in on all the fun and the cheering. Open seven days a week, there is something for everyone. Music lovers can pick and choose from a variety of entertainment. From Wednesday to Sunday local performers bring in the crowds for some live Rhythm and Blues or Jazz. Periodically, you might be lucky to hear local performers singing their own songs. Friday nights host many regulars... it's the place to be! Always wanting to be part of the community, the Huron Club likes to host special events such as the Elvis Festival in July, Whiskeylicious in November or the Collingwood Ice Sculpture Festival in December...it's all about fun, great food and creating a fine dining destination that will leave customers happy. “The Huron Club is a fabulous place to meet the gang, make new friends, and grab a great bite to eat"… RM www.womenwithvision.ca 45

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Gourmet Tilapia in Argodolce with Sweet and Sour Sauce By Mirella Damiani

Ingredients 4 pieces tilapia filets - fresh works best however if using frozen completely thaw and pat filet to absorb excess water Salt & fresh ground pepper to taste 6 tbsp flour for dredging 4 tbsp vegetable oil 2 tbsp capers 1 tbsp pesto 1/2 cup white wine 1 tomato diced 10 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp butter Directions Lightly salt and pepper both sides of the fish filet then dredge each piece in flour making sure to shake off excess. In large 12 inch skillet bring vegetable oil to medium heat. Add fish and sautĂŠ approximately 2 minutes per side, until browned and your filet is cooked through. Transfer to plate and cover to keep warm. Discard oil from fry pan. Bring pan back to medium heat and add a pinch of flour. Let the flour brown over medium heat. Add remaining ingredients and bring to a boil; allow to boil for five minutes. Your sauce will thicken and be similar to light syrup in consistency. Spoon your sauce over fish and serve. This recipe goes great with any white fish of your choice. 46 www.womenwithvision.ca

Orange Blossoms

Seafood For One

The Huron Club Burger

By Mirella Damiani

By Chef JD, Copper Blues

By Chef Dave Knox

Ingredients 6 eggs yolks 3/4 cup sugar 2 cups of whipping cream (whipped) 1/3 cup of Cointreau 6 oranges Directions Beat eggs and sugar until stiff Fold in whipped cream and Cointreau liquer Prepare oranges - cut in half, remove juice using manual juicer and scoop out all pulp Fill in oranges with mixture and freeze for minimum of 2 hours

Ingredients 1 lb mussels, cleaned 1 king crab leg Two scallops 3 tablespoon olive oil 2 onions, chopped 2 celery stalks,chopped 1 small can tomato paste 1 large can plum tomatoes, chopped Preparation: To make the sauce, heat olive oil in a large saucepan, add the onions, celery, garlic. Mix in the tomato paste and tomatoes, salt, pepper, and simmer gently for 15 minutes. Add the mussels, scallops, king crab & simmer for 10 minutes and serve.

Ingredients 1 Seedless ACE hamburger bun 1 tbsp - sun dried tomato mayo* 1 oz baby greens 8oz burger patty grilled medium-well 1 slice of old cheddar cheese 2 rings of raw red onion 2 slices of double smoked bacon 2 breaded onion rings 1/2 slice dill pickle on skewer Burger Patty: 1 lb ground beef 2 eggs 1/2 cup finely dried white onions 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp fresh garlic salt and pepper Combine and divide in to 8oz balls and flatten Should yield 8 burgers The Perfect Build Toast bun on grill. Spread the bottom with sun dried mayo and top with greens and red onion. Melt cheese on patty, place on top of greens, top with bacon and onion rings and secure top with pickle skewer www.womenwithvision.ca 47

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Happenings Party Rentals Collingwood in May 1989.

Happenings service the Georgian Triangle and has also supplied events as far away as Toronto, Niagara Falls and Muskoka.

Our mission is "Creating Life's most memorable events!" We do rent equipment for the special event industry however we are creating an experience for our customers. From transforming a backyard into a tented reception area complete with a fabric ceiling, chandeliers, dance floor, and seating for all your guests.

Or maybe simply renting a small order of dishes for a small get together of close friends we are involved in life's most memorable events.

Not only do we supply equipment for weddings and anniversaries, we also have a large inventory of children’s games such as Inflatable castles, slides, interactive games like ring toss, balloon pop, etc.

From weddings, anniversaries, children’s birthday parties, or even a celebration of someone’s life, we assist all of our customers in creating life's most memorable events!



The Quality Place • Fresh home grown produce • Daily baked pies and goodies • Hand made crafts & home accessories

Owned and operated by Jim & Isabel Almond

East of Meaford on hwy 26 519-538-2281

Grandma Lambe’s

APPLES & APPLE PRODUCTS • Country fresh baking every day • Jams & pies made in our own bakery

Chef Mirella Damiani Call for live cooking demo dates

• Frozen fruit available all year • All occasion giftware & baskets

Four generations of serving you 7 days a week, year round

Highway 26, East of Meaford, N4L 1W7 • Phone & Fax 519.538.2757 Highway 6 & 10 Chatsworth • Phone 519.794.3852

48 www.womenwithvision.ca

www.womenwithvision.ca 49

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50 www.womenwithvision.ca

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

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Custom Nautical Decor By Lorraine Leslie Interior Design Silvie Kremp Photography Lorraine Leslie This beautiful 6,000 square foot home took just over two years to build. Joyce and David Arsenault were getting ready for retirement when they decided to buy the waterfront canal lot on the shore of the Nottawasaga River near Beach Area One of Wasaga Beach in 2002. In 2006 the land was cleared of nearly 26 trees and the original septic tank and old cottage ground footings were removed. Breaking ground was a dream come true as Joyce and David. Each weekend when they came to see the work in process they found themselves changing the original blue prints as the house was being constructed by LCM Contracting. Separate individual installers were hired to do the specialized cosmetic features such as the Board and Baton exterior walls; which had the Cape Cod grey colour baked all the way through the product. Each piece of Board of Baton was individually wrapped and shipped and opened accordingly to what section of the house was being built. The ceiling panels inside the entire house came from Vermont in 16 foot lengths. The special density of each panel is made in such a way that it prohibits knots from showing through the white baked on paint. By spring of 2007 the house was ready to inhabit but there was still a lot to be done inside; this required the contractor to show up daily; he even had his morning coffee with Joyce and or David while they chatted about any changes for the day. Every inch of the floor came directly from a mill in Brampton ON. Throughout the entire house the floors are heated by a uniquely designed instant hot water system that runs under all the floors; Joyce likes to refer to the water pipes as the “bones of the house”. Beautifully crafted custom slipcovers and upholstery for your existing sofas, chairs and ottomans. Many fabrics to choose from or use your own.

Offering Decorator Styles piping • buttons • cushions

The house started out as a basic square shape with four quadrants added to the edges. The only angled walls in the house happened by accident which resulted in a unique and appealing cosmetic feature. The large cathedral ceiling is encased by hurricane windows that embrace the walls from the wild winds of Georgian Bay.

nail head trim • monograms custom headboards

705-441-7936 by appointment

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Time Management By Janet Kurasz, Hort, AMCT(A) I’ve completed many small and large projects for my clients and on my own property; too many times we found ourselves scrambling to get the plants in the ground in 30+o temperatures. Stating the obvious, it is all about planning, but good planning includes contingencies. When working outdoors, the weather can turn ugly undermining your carefully planned schedule. The best approach is to divide large projects into smaller parts. If progress is interrupted, you can focus on completing one aspect of the project. Too often we find ourselves overwhelmed and running out of time and under this type of pressure, mistakes are bound to happen and decisions are made without proper thought. Good planning has considered contingencies. Now maybe this sounds like much ado about nothing, but costs can add up quickly. Plant material sitting in containers, baking and drying out in mid-summer heat puts young plants under severe stress and several hundred dollars can evaporate in a hurry. A new garden can be developed over a period of time. Not everyone has the resources to hire a crew to install a garden in a day! For most, it is a lot of hard work and time squeezed out of already busy schedules. A garden can be started in the fall. Choose the location and remove the existing vegetation. Work in well-aged manure, home-grown (organic) compost and/or peat moss and leave the new garden to “percolate” over the winter, under the snow. In the spring, wait for the first set of weed seeds to germinate and give the garden a thorough weeding allowing another 10 to 14 days to pass and then weed the garden a second time, if necessary. Now the garden is ready to plant. Install the plants and top-dress the garden with 2” to 3” of mulch. The benefit of staging the construction of the new garden is the addition of the soil amendments and the opportunity to eliminate weeds as much as possible, providing a really good start and getting the plants in the ground early enough in the season so they will become established before the heat arrives. This same approach can be utilized beginning in the spring. Prepare the garden bed in the spring, as soon as the ground is workable. Weeds can be plucked from the garden throughout 56 www.womenwithvision.ca

the summer and if there is enough heat generated, some weed seeds may actually cook and become non-viable. Install the plants in late summer or fall, making sure to add mulch. You may not have an “instant” garden, but the results will be much better; the plants will have a great start and you will have energy left over to attack all the other outdoor projects. A well-planned garden can be timed with other garden tasks in mind. What better time to build a garden then when there is a need to divide or thin existing plants? Most perennials can be divided in spring or fall (a little continued on pg.58 research will advise of the few


Unit 17, Harbour Centre 20 Balsam Street 705-445-6165

Owen Sound

RR5 519-372-9411 1-800-513-3025

www.clarkpools.com clarkpoolscollingwood@bellnet.ca

www.womenwithvision.ca 57





Spring Garden Time Management... continued from page 57





exceptions). With your new garden ready, set about dividing and thinning, planting the divisions immediately to reduce transplant shock. These plants will flourish, grateful for the new fertile soil and a little more elbow room to expand their roots. In the old garden, the new spaces created by thinning the plants provide the opportunity to add soil amendments to the tired soil. ■ Janet Kurasz, Horticulturist www.kurasz.ca

Dirt Cheap Gardening • edging • pruning • clean up

Helen Gauthier/Owner Serving Collingwood, Stayner & Wasaga Beach 705.351.2306 dirtcheapgardening984@gmail.com

56 Hurontario Street Collingwood


800-946-7444 www.ftd,com/smartsflowers

58 www.womenwithvision.ca

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Development By Ron MacRae

Some interesting ‘culture data’ came across my desk the other day: “Creative cities are vital to meeting our community and national economic and social goals. By happy coincidence, the conditions that foster creative cities also foster economic innovation, social inclusion, democratic engagement and environmental sustainability.” We know that cities and towns pursuing economic development projects (aka: ‘New Business’) are in heated competition for attention and favour. Less well known is the value that accrues to communities that have a significant ‘creative quotient’. It escapes many that Arts and Culture is, in fact, an industry; one that is increasingly more critical to the long term success of economies of our post-industrial society. How significant? Here is some more info: “The direct impact of the arts and culture sector in Canada–as measured by its contribution to GDP – was close to $40 billion in 2003-04, with total direct employment reaching an estimated 600,000 jobs (roughly the same as agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, oil & gas and utilities combined.” Joining the Arts and Culture sector as a volunteer will have a tangible impact in our community in many ways, not the least in fostering a brighter economic future for us and our children.

■ Ron MacRae BMFA Communications Director www.bmfa.on.ca



Fast, Loud, Funny…

and more! Debbie Collins By Dean Hollin

The year 1999 had recently passed, the new millennium was upon us, and I met Debbie Collins! As fellow cast-members in a production of “Swing” for the Stirling Festival Theatre, our on-stage chemistry became quickly apparent – a chemistry that’s happily played out often! I know Debbie Collins! That being said…this incredibly fast, loud and funny lady has been doing some reinventing…preparing for the next half of her career! Please appreciate…entertainers don’t typically have a dandy retirement package at the end of the day to look forward to. Mind you, we LOVE our work and don’t really ever want to retire. Deb is a perfect example of this. Of late, in addition to keeping herself in the best shape (body and mind) that she possibly can, this “forty-something-plus-a-bit” has been adding some pretty hefty credits to her entertainment resume. From what used to be Willowdale, she got her start on the late side, beginning dance instruction after her high school years. The Roland & Romaine School of Dance was her stomping ground. She worked hard, caught up quickly, and a dancer she became! Her first pro job was dancing in an early-eighties CBCtelevised presentation of The Genie Awards. A fellow dancer from that gig got her working over at the Skyline Hotel at “Diamond Lil’s” – a sort of cabaret/saloon show, where she continued to dance and sing back-up vocals. There, she approached band leader Hart Wheeler about her doing a 5minute comedy bit in the show. Five minutes turned into twenty – her ‘bits’ became regular. The mid-eighties saw Deb’s first major Musical Theatre role came via the iconic Limelight Dinner Theatre playing the role of Diana Morales in A Chorus Line. Musical Theatre had become her life.

Lynda Pogue is an affordable artist with clients all over the world! She paints watercolours...acrylics...encaustics... mixed media...representational...abstract... and is a fun, fun, fun motivational speaker! www.lyndapogue.com lyndapogue@sympatico.ca

So…this dancer, comedian and vocal belter (think Ethel Merman) has been actively working in Musical Theatre now continued on pg. 62

60 www.womenwithvision.ca

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Debbie Collins...continued from pg. 61



for about three decades -- in numerous theatres throughout Canada. She was in the original Toronto production of The Producers in 2003 with subsequent productions at Stage West, Mississauga and Neptune Theatre. She has her own onewoman show – The Judy Garland Story – something she wrote back in 1999, and continues to perform. Lately, though, she’s started changing things up a bit. Why now? Why not!?! In the last 24-odd months she’s co-produced two seasons of live theatre at the Orillia Opera House as a founding member of “LaughoutLoud Productions”. More recently she added “Director” to her credentials: Hats – The Musical for the Stirling Festival Theatre, and shortly thereafter starred in her very first non-musical leading role – one half of the comedy Sexy Laundry. Currently, in her home-community of New Tecumseth she is active in creating live theatrical experiences at The Gibson Centre in Alliston.

■ Dean Hollin Singer, Play Write and Live Stage Performer www.deanhollin.com 62 www.womenwithvision.ca

© Teresa Kenney | Dreamstime.com

Change is good – it keeps things alive and fresh. Change is the only thing constant. Change has made Debbie Collins an even more valuable and sought-after entertainer than she was only a couple of years ago!

...gentle insights of awareness & change







...My Inner Voice By Lorraine Leslie


Born on June 6, 1958, at St. Joseph’s hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, the fabulously talented Jeanette Arsenault was to be the eldest of five siblings. Jeanette’s early childhood was filled with warm memories of her school, Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours… a French school run by nuns of the Congregation of Notre Dame. All the students wore uniforms and the nuns wore black habits.

When it comes to networking over the past fourteen years I’ve learned to listen and follow up on referrals. Receiving an email introduction from Women with Vision writer Donna Messer is always a delight but in the fall of 2011 the introduction to Jeanette Arsenault was absolutely a gift from the universe. Emails flew back and forth at warp speed as Jeanette and I chatted online. The emails were getting quite lengthy so I picked up the phone to chat with this amazing woman. Within two weeks Jeanette traveled to the Blue Mountains in a horrendous rainstorm. This dedicated woman traveled almost four hours to sit in my dining room and enjoy lunch while we laughed and shared our life stories.

“Two fond childhood memories I have include my very first audition in grade six for a variety night where I sang “Signs” by Five Man Electrical Band. (Interestingly, a few years ago, the bassist, Brian Rading, ended up at my house and I told him that my first song sung in public was his song! He was married to a woman whose grandfather built the house where I was living so they stopped in when they were visiting Prince Edward County, Ontario… and I was able to learn about some of the history of our house.) The other childhood memory I have was the day the nuns decided to let us have a snowball fight in the schoolyard – that was a big thing for them because we were always forbidden. We were so excited and had an absolutely fantastic day.” “A strong part of my rich Acadian culture is that our family has always been ‘family-focused’. For example, my parents would take my four brothers and me to a park just about every weekend.”

Jeanette at age 4 in 1962

Every second year Jeanette and her family would drive to Prince Edward Island (Where her parents were from.) and they would spend four to five weeks of pure joy on their summer vacation “My memories are vivid - with fourteen kids on Mom’s side and thirteen kids on Dad’s side; we had many, many cousins to play with. And the music – that’s what I remember most. Always house parties, kitchen parties, beach parties and music everywhere we went.”

© Shane MacLaughlan | Masterpix |masterpixcanada.com

64 www.womenwithvision.ca


“My brother Ron, who has cerebral palsy and is a spastic quadriplegic, still requires total care. He used to live with us and we always took him wherever we went. I used to push him in his wheelchair and I loved to make him laugh. But it was really difficult on my parents because he had so many medical issues that he needed 24-hour care; and they had four other children to take care of. When I was five-years-old, there were five of us under the age of five – including my brother with special needs. Imagine! So, at the age of six, Ron went to live in The Rygiel Home in Arsenault Family Hamilton and we would pick him up on weekends to go to the park. In my later years I wrote a song for his caregivers called “Everyday Heroes” because that’s what they are. Forty years later, he is still with them and has two of his original caregivers – his “other Moms” – as we call them.” “I need to tell you that because of my brother with special needs, I learned how to defend the defenceless and to be a voice for the vulnerable. I remember clearly standing up for my brother’s right to live when a student argued that because he was not contributing to society that he should be euthanized. Of course, I’ll never forget this argument!” continued on pg. 66

www.womenwithvision.ca 65







Jeanette Arsenault...continued from pg. 65

“I started working at Temp Secretarial Service. My first assigned job was working for CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency – Caribbean Division). I loved the people I worked with – I was lucky to work with folks who took me under their wing and cared about me. I remember we had a baseball team and we did many things together outside the office hours.”

Jeanette had gone to a French Emersion school until grade seven and was then given the option to continue in French or switch to English. So, upon deciding to attend an English school she made a whole new set of friends, met her first boyfriend and was shocked to find that by Christmas the whole family had to move north.

“I lived in a dorm-style room with a shared bathroom at the YM/YWCA downtown. I remember sitting in the lobby every night knitting hat/scarf/mitten sets for my family because I didn’t have much money …so that was their Christmas present.”

Jeanette’s family moved away from all their friends in the big city to a small town in December of 1970. They spent their Christmas holiday in a hotel room; not knowing anyone. On New Year’s Eve, her mom and dad went to a party so Jeanette had to stay in the room and babysit her three brothers. Life looked pretty dismal at this point. “Ah… my teen years. Tumultuous teen years – do we really need to revisit that? Haha. Dad had been transferred with CN Railway to Capreol which is north of Sudbury. I don’t think there is anything more devastating to a young teenager than to be yanked from school mid-year and start school all over again.”

At the age of nineteen Jeanette went to work on Parliament Hill for Arnold Peters, NDP MP from Northern Ontario. She shared an office with Tommy Douglas’ staff. Jeanette has her picture takne with the Right Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau mid 1980's Jeanette playing the piano in Capreol ON mid 1970's

She then went to work for the Food Directorate at Health Canada for a year. “My boss was wonderful. I even used to go to his house on weekends to help out with the fourteen horses he took in after they were left to starve in a field.”

“I learned the art of adjusting and adapting to any situation. I worked extra hard in high school to be involved in extracurricular activities and become a part of the community; not an easy feat as the new kid on the block on the cusp of teenagehood.”

Jeanette returned to Parliament Hill to work for Ray Skelly, NDP MP and then back to Temp Secretarial Service which landed her a job in the Ministry of Economic Development. This led her back up to the Hill as personal secretary to the Minister of Economic Development, the Honourable Senator H.A. “Bud” Olson, PC, MP who went on to become Leader of the Senate.

The stress of moving from a big city to a small town, and beginning a new school where she knew no one, was a struggle for Jeanette because of the language issue. Eventually she adjusted to her new life, as most young people do. She made friends and life moved on and got happy again. “At 13, I got my first job at “The Clarion”, our local ‘newspaper’ but it was more like a newsletter and I remember having to use the Gestetner machine to make the copies, collate by hand and staple the pages together.”

Jeanette working at her desk on Parliament HIll mid 1970's

In 1975 Jeanette turned sixteen and was crowned Miss Capreol: complete with cape and crown. “I remember riding in the open convertible in a parade. The speech I had made was on the importance of music in our lives and this, of course, ended up being my life’s calling.”

Jeanette with Governor General of Canada Hon. Ray Jnatyshyn in mid 1980's

With the family on the move again, Jeanette was learning to be independent, to manage her own money, find jobs that paid well, to know what fair pay was all about, to network, and to experience what the true meaning of hard work was all about. She also discovered the importance of integrity, loyalty, contributing to the community she lived in, supporting causes and organizing events. “I learned that being friendly, inquisitive, positive, hardworking, reliable, and helpful were noticed by employers and rewarded.”

In 1976, when she was eighteen-years-old, Jeanette graduated from Grade 13 with honours and she recalls after graduation on the Friday after graduation in June she hopped on a bus to Ottawa to look for a job.

“Those were heady days on the Hill; when Pierre Elliot Trudeau was Prime Minister and I danced with him in the foyer of the Senate. We used to have “Wonderful Wednesdays” from 5 to 7 p.m. and each cabinet minister’s office took a turn hosting it. Trudeau never went to any others but ours. We had a disco ball hung from the ceiling (after all, it was the early 80s and disco was still hot.) There was a stage where I sang a couple of songs I wrote including “Are You A Real Man?” to which he asked me while we danced later if I was indeed looking for a real man!” “One of the things that I was learning was how to get what I needed: information, documents, and resources for my cabinet minister. Our staff or our constituents were to network with the other cabinet ministers’ secretaries who had the inside scoop. I organized lunches and kept open lines of communication which served us all well. I’ll always be thankful that I learned the skills of writing a good letter, being organized, leveraging, delegating, researching and the art of diplomacy.” Jeanette also learned that not everything is black and white; not everyone is your friend. She found out that one has to have reliability, be honest, make alliances, create win/win situations, stay positive and work hard.

“Throughout my high school years, I was secretary of the Student’s Council, ran an after-school dropin program, had a job at a local variety store, played volleyball and baseball, was a member of both the Outdoors Club and the debating team, and was the president of the Drama Club. I spearheaded the “High School Spirit” campaign (which we won) and I also won best cheerleader in my high school. I’m told that this was a lot for one person to accomplish but I loved it all.”

66 www.womenwithvision.ca

“Tommy was always stopping in. He was always so jovial, kind and well-respected by all his peers. At that time, a group of us formed a band and ended up playing at one of the NDP’s conferences – MP Bob Rae on piano, Wally Firth on fiddle, some staff members on bass and guitar and me singing lead vocals. I made some very good friends during that time.”

Jeanette is crowned Miss Capreal Winter Carnival 1975

“My boss, Senator Olson, started his day with meetings at 7 a.m. and would go through to 11 p.m. or midnight. He was frequently having to travel and was constantly away from his family and his ranch that he loved so much. He took his job seriously and he gave a lot to our country. He was a wise and wily politician and he loved Canada. I learned to truly appreciate and value being a Canadian. Later I expressed this Jeanette as Emcee at Winterlude mid 1980's in Ottawa

continued on pg. 68

www.womenwithvision.ca 67





Jeanette Arsenault...continued from pg. 67

pride with my song, “This Is My Canada”, which I sang for Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and for our Canadian Olympic athletes at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City 2002 and then again in Athens, Greece 2004.” In 1989, at the age of 31, Jeanette quit her well-paying, high profile day job on Parliament Hill (where she had basically grown up since she was 19 years of age) to follow her passion: music. “I learned how to survive on Kraft dinner and toast! Seriously though, I learned that if you follow your passion and live your dream, God will help you achieve your goals – you just have to trust and have faith. I believe that if the passion has been planted in your heart, then it was planted by God and you have to honour that. You may not see how the future is going to unfold, but it should be enough to know that you have that passion in you because it was meant for you to pursue it.”

“I wasn’t making much money… nowhere near what I was making on Parliament Hill and certainly with none of the benefits of my former job. But, I was a strong believer that you need to follow your passion. It wasn’t good enough to just “exist” in a job and go through the motions. I believe that God wants us to fulfill our dreams – God plants the dream in the first place! If you do your best at what you are most passionate about, then you can’t help but succeed at what you do. I wasn’t doing it for the money – I was doing it because I loved it and couldn’t help it – I was compelled.”

Jeanette sings at Kinette Convention in Penticton BC mid 1990's

“Eventually, I started writing my own songs and introducing them at my gigs. I got positive feedback so I started to dream of producing a CD of my original music and looking for venues to perform.” At this time Jeanette was married with two step-children and wanted to also have a baby of her own. At age of 36, just when she thought having a child wasn’t going to happen, she started recording her debut album. To her surprise, after much heartache, she surprisingly got pregnant three months into the project. “I had a huge decision to make! Should I go on tour and leave my new baby daughter behind or take her with me as I criss-crossed the country… or… do I stay at home and put my singing career on hold. I chose to be a fulltime mom and work at my music along the way; working mostly close to home doing gigs in to keep my passion alive. Over the next few years I was excited and honoured to be invited to sing songs I had written at two Olympic Games! Then, after much hard work, in 1994, I released my first independent album. I was a full time mother and recording artist all at the same time…not a career path that was actually planned.” “I learned how to balance raising my daughter and two wonderful stepchildren with a husband who worked out of town all week and to 68 www.womenwithvision.ca

lesson about inviting an audience into your world rather than reaching out and trying to pull them in.”

“After my Olympic experience, I spoke to many young singers and students telling them to dream their dream. You don’t have to live in a big city to live your dream. Do what you love to do right where you are and follow your passion because it WILL happen for you if you follow your heart!”

Today, Jeanette’s life seems to be one big adventure with interesting things happening all the time. She explained how she would dream of putting on shows where she would play the piano and sing.

“I was an entertainer in restaurants, bars and lounges– that’s what I did for a living. I always said that I didn’t want to just be a jukebox on stage so I would animate and my goal was to always engage the audience. I would use all my energy to pull them into the songs – it was a lot of hard work! The person at the church who asked me to sing said, “Please don’t take this the wrong way. You don’t need to perform or entertain us. I would like you to just sing and share your My beautiful gift of music.” “performances” in and outside the church changed from that day forward. I understood what he meant.”

“I bought my music equipment, got an agent and started working in bars and lounges in Ottawa and Brockville. In the beginning, I only knew 40 songs which were just enough to last the four hours that I was booked for. If someone asked for an encore, I would sing one of the songs that I had sung in the early part of the evening because chances were that the person had not been there for the full four hours and would not have heard it yet.”

4 generations - L to R Mimi Josephine, Priscille (Mom), Jeanette and baby Katie Shannon in PEI 1995


write/record/perform my music with the help of great neighbours and good babysitters.”

Jeanette explained that once, when she sang at a local church for their Sunday service, she learned an extremely important lesson.

Living on $200 per month in Ottawa wasn’t easy. She used up all her pension in order to live her dream. “I decided I didn’t want to be on my deathbed wondering “if ” I could have… if I should have.”


Jeanette sings her own sings at the Proud to be Canadian Tour in Thunder Bay 1992

Now a fulltime single mother, Jeanette has produced 6 albums in 17 years. She’s been to two Olympic Games and attended an international Women’s World Congress in Finland. “The balancing act continues and it’s never perfect but it’s been an interesting and exciting journey so far.”

When she started to transition into doing more of her own music in concert settings, that’s when Jeanette started “sharing” her music rather than “How do you like me now?” entertainment. “My performances changed and my interaction with the audience also changed. We were going on a musical journey together rather then me doing all the entertaining and them sitting back and watching passively. They started to feel what I was feeling when I sang. And that was because I spent my energy ‘emoting’ the song and feeling it myself. I always say that the audience and I meet in the middle – we each contribute energy, passion and feelings to the performance which lifts us all up.” It was a lot easier and more natural to be able to really connect with my audience when singing my own songs …because they came from my heart. I like to write songs that are positive, uplifting and motivational. I’ve learned a valuable

“I could actually visualize the whole performance of each song. I wanted to travel the world and so far I’ve been to USA, Greece, Sweden and Finland. Singing with a full orchestra and choir playing my songs is a dream come true. And the best dream of all was having children – my daughter and my two stepchildren whom I love and adore.

Jeanette sings at Canada Day in Wellington early 2000's

Jeanette’s enthusiasm and passion has made her the dedicated woman whose vision has become a reality. She is recognized as a professional, motivating and encouraging person by all her peers. Jeanette’s vision is to make everyone happy with her music. Having listened to her music and now knowing the spiritual and supportive woman that she is I know that this beautiful singer and songwriter will give all who hear her many moments to remember.

■ copyright 2012, Women with Vision!

www.womenwithvision.ca 69








Steam Clean YOUR LIFE By Marj Sawers I was watching a steam cleaner ad on T V. They were able to get into all those nasty little corners that harbour grunge, and just steam them away. Wow, it sure would be great if we could just use it in our life! It is the beginning of a new season, a time of freshness and new beginnings, let’s just get into our hearts and brains or where ever we choose to store this “stinking thinking” and steam it away. I challenge you to set some time aside just for you, go to your favourite place, pencil and paper in hand and start to design “the new you”. (Ok! Techies you can take your lap top, but no cell phone).Visualize how you would like your day, your week, and your life, to look, tomorrow and onward. Ask yourself; what friends or habits take away from your quality of life? You want to get in shape? Set the time and money aside to work out. Throw out the negativity and pain you have been hauling around, and replace it with the things on your list that will make you happy and positive. Do you want to take a course sometime this year? Book it. Other people get what they want, why not you? Write your goals down clearly and concisely with time lines. Now, you are on your way, just follow through daily, if your fall off your schedule get back on…..this is your life, your one time to get it right! You can do it. I find that when I look around I see so many people doing or

70 www.womenwithvision.ca

being exactly who they want to be…why not you and I. I see it with couples, one has time to golf or follow some form of hobby, upgrade education etc. while the other one holds the fort together. After all of the funerals I have been to in the past two years I realize that we only get “one kick at the cat”. It is up to us to get as much out of life as we want. Go get it! As an after thought – in 1939 when Britain was being challenged with the threat of war, the War Ministry came out with a propaganda programme to assure the population. They did not use the posters etc. but one little nugget filtered through time and space and was found archived with a lot of war books. It read “Keep Calm and Carry On” the crown was at the top to represent the King and of course country. I actually received a coffee mug with these wise words on it, and it relates to us all every day. How we choose to deal with things is the hand writing on the wall for our future. I guess into today’s speak we would say “Suck it Up” but I think I will stick with “If it is to be….it’s up to me” or “Keep Calm and Carry On”. It will be easier on your blood pressure and your future. Steam clean your life and watch how marvellous all the corners become…

App GAP By Lynda Pogue

Some Women With Vision readers are extremely savvy about technology: computers, iPads, tablets, Blackberries, and all that jazz. And some aren’t… for their own personal reasons. In case you aren’t familiar with the term “App” it means applications… or the stuff you can buy to put into your technology to find out about more stuff you can buy/use/play with. It’s always been a source of amusement for high tech enthusiasts that there are so many people who, by choice, don’t want to feel that because they receive a ‘text message’ (an electronically typed out message) on their phone that they have to reply any time of day or night to a message that’s just been sent. Of course there are a zillion reasons why all this technology is great/current/cool... And… there are also a zillion reasons why it’s not. It’s often seemed like this is a generational issue. Young people, especially, are thumbing their way through their worlds (remember when that meant you were hitchhiking?). I often wonder if we’re evolving into a race of big muscular thumbs and slightly humped-over bodies with shortened necks. Come to think of it... if more and more people are using both their left and right thumbs to type their ‘text messages” what’s this doing to left and right-brain theories? Hmmmm. We continually hear about the upside, however, apparently the downside of ‘Social Networking’ is that more and more people are having a great deal of difficulty having real face-to-face conversations. Hmmm again. However the ‘age gap’ is old news. It’s now the App Gap.

■ Marj Sawers, Wedding Wizard plan@weddingwizard.ca

As an educator, I received this information as part of a

newsletter… what do you think when you read this? New research by Common Sense Media indicates a growing disparity in high-tech access. As reported in Education Week (November 2, 2011), the research indicates, on the one hand, that more than half of young children now have access at home to new mobile devices such as smart phones and iPad type tablets and more than a quarter of parents have downloaded apps for their children to use. On the other hand, only 14 percent of low-income parents have ever downloaded a mobile application for their children, compared with 47 percent of wealthier parents. I don’t think there’s an easy answer for this. Especially the poor/rich App Gap. As with most serious issues, we start with awareness and then move into gathering information/ researching / listening / reading / discussing until each of us formulates our own opinions and action plans. If we ourselves or our kids are being bullied into making mindless yet life-altering decisions because of either peer pressure or brilliant ( albeit sneaky) advertising, then something is terribly wrong. HOWEVER… if well-thought decisions are made because of a genuine need for personal enhancement to life, then go for it! App it up! How we spend our days, is, of course, how we spend our lives. -Annie Dillard

■ Lynda Pogue, Writer, Artist, Professor, Keynote Speaker lyndapogue@sympatico.ca lyndapogue.com www.womenwithvision.ca 71




Practical Intuition

Use It, Trust It! By Deborah Johnson

Over the years I have been blessed to work individually with thousands of people from all walks of life. These interactions have ranged from helping those at cross-roads in their lives make more appropriate decisions; to clearing a home that won’t sell of negative energies to generate a sale; to connecting loved ones who have passed over with those who still grieve so deeply on this side.

My work is multi-faceted and in past years sometimes viewed as unusual, but breakthroughs in science are revealing in leaps and bounds that intuitive abilities are not ‘hocus-pocus’, witchcraft, delirium or magic, in fact intuition is simply the ability to access a different area of the brain and put this part of the mind to practical use.

were contrary to normal. Rather than backtracking to the elevator, he shrugged, assumed there was some reason he was to take the stairs and continued his descent. As he reached the lobby he heard someone say the elevator was stuck between two floors and all power to the entire area was down.

What a novel thought! We can actually expand our awareness simply by learning how to access another region of our mind! Take a minute and think in the course of a day, how many times you could intuitively glean knowledge and how these additional bits of information could alter your choices and decisions in some way.

This was the beginning of the 3-day power outage and blackout we all experienced several years ago.

One of the things I impress most upon my students is to always trust your intuition first and foremost, logic second. To give you an example, several years ago a doctor, who trained with me to expand his abilities, relayed the following incident. His Toronto-based practice was on the sixth floor and for nine years his routine at day’s end was to leave his computer on, turn off all office lights, lock up and descend via the elevator just to the left of his office. This particular day however he felt compelled to print off his upcoming schedule. ‘What an odd thought’ he mused as his weekly agenda printed. He then turned his computer off, again abnormal for him. He frowned then chuckled as he remembered my instructions about trusting his intuition. Locking his office door he proceeded to the stairwell and was three steps down when he realized yet again his actions 72 www.womenwithvision.ca

Coincidentally, power to his building was not restored for those 3 days, he had no access to his computer system, yet was able to make several important speaking engagements and appointments on his agenda, which coincidentally he printed prior to leaving work. Had he second-guessed himself and followed his ‘logical’ path, not only would he have missed a number of important commitments, including retrieving his children from school that day, he would have been one of those unfortunate individuals stuck in the elevator for almost six hours. This is how practical intuition works! Begin to trust those inner thoughts and feelings; we all have them!

■ Deborah Johnson Author, ‘Look Within, Heal Without’ www.deborah-johnson.net

As the

Mountain Turns... Georgian Bay Life & Pictorial







S pe cial Eve nt s S howc as ing th e Co mm un ity...


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www.womenwithvision.ca 75


Life Numbers


S pe cial Eve nt s Sho wc as ing th e Com m un ity. ..


76 www.womenwithvision.ca


KARMIC LESSONS By Paola Gucciardi

Karmic lessons are derived by numbers missing in your full name. They appear in life as barriers that must be faced. You may have several Karmic Lessons or none. IfGEORGIAN your Karmic Lesson number(s) © BAY LIFE & PICTORIAL appears as one of your core numbers, its effects are lessened.

To Determine Karmic Lessons


1 A J S

2 B K T

3 C L U

4 D M V

5 E N W

6 F O X

7 G P Y

8 H Q Z

9 I R

1. Write your full name that appears on your birth certificate 2. Using the chart above, record the corresponding numerical value of each letter in your name For Example: Mary Ann Smith





1 5

1 4 9 2 8





3. Note: Since there are no letters with a value of 3 or 6, Mary’s Karmic Lessons are 3 and 6

Karmic Lesson 1 Learn to be more independent, selfconfident and assertive. Show more initiative and learn how to promote yourself. Strengthen your resolve and overcome the tendency to procrastinate. You will be forced to stand up for what you believe. Ignore what others think.

Karmic Lesson 2 Be more diplomatic, tactful and sensitive to others’ needs and feelings. Success is achieved through patience and working cooperatively with others. When necessary, stay in the background and accept that praise and reward are not necessary to accomplish goals.

Karmic Lesson 3 You are highly self-critical and must learn to lighten up on yourself. Be optimistic and cheerful as you are too serious. You are forced to face challenges. Your success requires a great deal of work and perseverance. Imagination and communication are required.

Karmic Lesson 4 You tend to be impractical and disorganized so establish methodical and

disciplined approaches. You’ll feel lost and frazzled by change unless you create a foundation for your life. Look within to find answers to life’s problems. Strengthen your concentration.

Karmic Lesson 5 To overcome your fear of living, broaden your horizons and be more adventurous. Travel, meet new people, and explore new experiences. You must learn to adapt to change by flowing with life. Have faith and learn to be flexible.

understanding of important matters allows you to experience the fulfillment of your true potential.

Karmic Lesson 8 Learn to handle money as it tends to slip through your fingers. You tend to experience both major successes and failures in your financial dealings. You are independent and feel challenged by authority figures. Learn your limitations and those of your resources. Be efficient.

Karmic Lesson 9 Karmic Lesson 6 Relationships are difficult for you. Responsibility and commitment to others is a major issue causing you to be guarded in relationships. Learn to show genuine emotions as you lack true communication of affection and care. Establish sincere relationships by learning to give and sacrifice when necessary.

Karmic Lesson 7 Deepen your knowledge and talents in a specific discipline as you lack the willpower and determination to fully develop your abilities. Learn to critique yourself without self condemnation. A thorough

Learn to be more compassionate, tolerant, and understanding. Broaden your perspective on life and understand at times you must sacrifice personal ambition for the good of community and mankind. Recognize your incredible ability to influence not only your own life but also the lives of others.

■ Paola Gucciardi, Numerologist www.lifenumbers.ca www.womenwithvision.ca 77

Women with...






Women with Vision was founded in 1998 to offer business women a networking venue in which they can provide support for one another and develop new business connections. Through this dynamic networking opportunity attendees will receive motivation, inspiration, advice and mutual support to help them take their business & lives in general to the highest possible level.

Guests & New Members are always welcome. Luncheons/Dinners: Luncheons meet at 11:30 a.m. / Dinners at 6:00 p.m. and last for two and a half hours. Each district has its own networking day and location.

Cost: Each district has its own fee structure ranging from $25 to $30. Reserved seating only. Contact the District Coordinator no later than 48 hours prior to the Women with Vision!™ Networking Luncheon/Dinner at the location of your choice.



Usual Agenda: 11:30 12:00 12:30 12:50 1:15 1:30

Registration & Networking Lunch Announcements & Introductions Guest Speaker Q &A Back to work…

Membership: Annual Fee: $75.00 + $9.75 HST = $84.75

Members benefits: • WWV Membership REFERRAL BONUSES* • Direct mailing of Women with Vision Magazine • $5 off on your luncheon or dinner – all regions • Member bio and picture on the Women with Vision website with a link to your website • 10% off magazine advertising*

• 1/2 hour telephone session with Award Winning Coach Lorraine Leslie • WWV Membership tax receipt • Advance notification of networking events, conferences and trade shows • Annual Membership Card • Franchise opportunities

To enquire about Networking Luncheon/Dinner locations across Ontario contact Head Office 156 Brophy’s Lane, Blue Mountains ON L9Y 0K3 Phone: 1-866-306-6021 womenwithvision@rogers.com www.womenwithvision.ca

New Regions Opening all the time Call us to become a District Coordinator in your community.

Start a Women with Vision! Networking Association in YOUR community today!

78 www.womenwithvision.ca

© Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

We are seeking businesswomen who are committed to excellence, leadership, mentorship and supporting like-minded women in business! The right person will understand business development, marketing and building the Women with Vision mission: to educate, motivate, inspire and promote women in business and daily living. If you are a leader that likes to change lives and you believe in working with a dynamic visionary team…Women with Vision is for YOU!

Give us a call today! 1.866.306.6021 or email your resume to: womenwithvision@rogers.com – Application Go to our website at www.womenwithvision.ca to see how we’ve grown from a one page newsletter to a full glossy magazine and 6 Women with Vision Networking Chapters. Send us your resume, request and application form, meet with us in person, and you could become part of the Women with Vision Networking Association in your community.

Women with Vision Networking Lunch & Dinners Barrie 1st Wed / month Luncheon District Coordinator Joan Oickle 705-722-6484

Collingwood 4th Thur / month Dinner District Coordinator Lorraine Leslie 1.866.306.6021

Owen Sound 3rd Fri / month Luncheon District Coordinator Lorraine Leslie 519-372-1595


NEW South Simcoe Cookstown area 1st Thur / month Dinner District Coordinator Andrea Roylance 705.321.4391

NEW North Simcoe Midland area 2nd Thur / month Luncheon District Coordinator Patricia Robitaille 705-528-3430

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Profile for Women With Vision

Women With Vision!™ - Spring, 2012  

Women with Vision!™ is a networking organization established in 1998, that educates, promotes, motivates and inspires women in business and...

Women With Vision!™ - Spring, 2012  

Women with Vision!™ is a networking organization established in 1998, that educates, promotes, motivates and inspires women in business and...