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Four Ways To Recognize Opportunity By Janette Burke


Happiness By Donna Messer The Oligops Want To Stay By Rick Ziemski Why Settle By Rose Pellar

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A Good Night’s Sleep By Lesley Paul


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Creating Our Dream Home: The Home of Dana Burns By Lorraine Leslie

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Would a, Could a, Should a By Marj Sawers Signs, Signals, Grateful Awareness & Closure: What More Can We Ask By Deborah Johnson

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Nature’s Art Gallery By Janet Kurasz


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Sacha Law... As Good As It Gets By Lorraine Leslie

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As Good As it Gets!

Sitting on the longest freshwater beach in the world in Wasaga Beach with my seven year old Granddaughter, watching her interact with other children and building sandcastles is on my list of As Good As it Gets.

Sitting at my desk and being able to look out the window I love watching the seasons change. It’s the moments like when I can watch a family of swallows collect tiny twigs and try desperately to carry them through the small little hole of the birdhouse. Their determination to make their nest, keep their eggs safe from Casper my cat and being there at the right second when the babies take their first flight is something I will always cherish. Being a newbie gardener I’ve found a special kind of pleasure from the patience needed to pluck the weeds and make room for the fabulous blooming plants that now adorn my flower beds. As Good As it Gets is all about the day to day journey. As Women with Vision celebrates fifteen years with this issue I reflect back on my As Good As it Gets.

I am truly thankful that I am able to take my vision to a whole new level. Each issue brings new insights about life and opportunities that surround me. I’m grateful for a team of writers whose continued support and expertise provide our readers with the most up to date information and the ever changing vision of the world around us. Creating a one page newsletter that has evolved and changed many lives is certainly As Good As it Gets!

We only have one life to live and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, celebrate with me - my plan is to fill it up with a lot of ‘As Good As It Gets’ - how about you?

Lorraine Leslie Founder/Publisher

Nominated for

2005, 2006, 2009 & 2010

The feature people about whom I write, have traveled a long, winding road to success – each one on their own journey; a journey that sometimes hasn't been smooth. These people open their hearts to inspire and motivate others, of all ages, to follow their dreams and passions, creating their ultimate VISION!™


…connecting through educational & networking updates

Appreciating the little things, like watching the rain drops gently cascade down a window or seeing the leaves change slowly throughout the fall months, one can better understand and enjoy life to its fullest…

© Viktor Gladkov |

Since moving to the countryside I’ve become more aware of the little things around me. Many of us take for granted the everyday happenings in our lives. Stepping back and learning through life’s experiences, like seeing a deer staring back at me from the bush as I take my morning walk is high on my list. It gives me a sense of calm as I think about our few minutes together…








to Recognize Opportunity By Janette Burke By Susan Baka

Though we’re not wired to recognize them, for us to have it ‘AS GOOD AS IT GETS’ in business and life, we must be able to see and act on opportunities as they arise without picking them apart or finding every excuse why we can’t do it.

Being an award winner impresses potential customers and packs a powerful marketing punch.

The process of applying for business awards may seem timeconsuming and even somewhat arduous. So why bother? There are a host of good reasons. Winning an award can: • boost your profile and market presence, opening the door to new business opportunities • provide valuable publicity • increase credibility with customers and investors • contribute to an increase in employee morale through recognition of their efforts • advance your business and personal networks • create opportunities to actively participate on boards, government committees and/or industry associations. How do you win? First of all, you have to apply for them. Don’t be afraid to self nominate for an award or to ask a close business colleague to nominate you. And even if you don’t win, you can include the fact that you’ve been nominated in your marketing materials. Here are a few awards that you may want to check out.

• RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards. Since 1992, these awards have paid tribute to Canada's most successful female entrepreneurs for their contributions to the Canadian and global economies as well as to their communities. Categories include: Deloitte Start-Up, HUB HKMB Impact, RBC Momentum,TPH Sustainability, Trailblazer, and PROFIT Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship. Many past winners feel that the Award has opened new doors, generated respect and approval from their peers and customers, and even launched some into the international marketplace.Visit

• Organization of Women in International Trade-Toronto (OWIT-Toronto) Awards. Three awards are presented at an annual gala: The JoAnna Townsend award recognizes an outstanding woman in Ontario who creates opportunities to support Canadian women-owned businesses expand and


succeed globally; The Award for a Woman Exporter recognizes an outstanding woman exporter to more than one international market and through her business is advancing women and/or the image of Canadian business women globally; and the Award for a Student of International Trade recognizes an outstanding female student who has put into action what she has learned. Visit

• YWCA Women of Distinction. Over 60% of YWCA Member Associations host these annual awards which recognize women from local communities who, through their own initiative, ability and effort, have made an exemplary accomplishment in their field, and who are outstanding role models. There are numerous categories, most of which pertain to improving the lives of girls or women and community-related achievements. Visit or your local YWCA website.

• Ontario Business Achievement Awards (OBAA). Created to celebrate business success, companies are awarded for achievements in areas including innovation, market expansion, exports and corporate citizenship. All size enterprises from across sectors are eligible.Visit

• Business and trade associations often have awards programs exclusively for their membership. If you belong to an organization, check that out too. If you need help to complete your application, don’t hesitate to ask a professional writer to assist.When I was lucky enough to win a couple international awards, I wrote and distributed a news release to my database, and got some great comments back that I could use as testimonials in my marketing.Talk about a boost.You can also leverage your award to get speaking events if you enjoy giving presentations… and this will raise your profile even more. ■ Susan Baka, President Bay Communications & Marketing Inc.

Photo: Yanka Van der Kolk

You work hard, and you’re good at what you do. So, don’t be shy…take a bow! An innovative but often overlooked approach to raise your profile in the marketplace is through winning business awards, then leveraging that recognition through your marketing efforts.

Here are 4 ways to do that…

Another challenge might be a lack of confidence, so the opportunity is to raise your confidence. By the sheer act of stepping into your new role, you will give yourself an experience your subconscious can’t deny, and your self-confidence will naturally rise. In the future when you teach, confidence will become less of an issue.

1. Write down your “need,” to the penny of your monthly bills. Are you meeting your need every month? If not, write down what you want, your financial goal.

Next to each challenge on your list, imagine what the opportunities are. Let yourself SEE what’s possible, where the next stage of growth is.

2. Now, make a list of every opportunity (no matter how farfetched, unappealing or scary it may seem) that comes to mind that could help you meet your need or want.

If, after completing your list, you feel excited at the prospect of stepping into that growth, congratulations! That’s the key to overcoming any challenge. View it as an opportunity, and then step into it.You will soon see there’s nothing you can’t do.

Our subconscious preserves the status quo to keep us safe. But if we truly want our businesses and life to be ‘AS GOOD AS IT GETS’, it’s our job to see the natural opportunities provided and evaluate them from a broader perspective.

3. Every opportunity comes with at least one challenge something that makes you think the opportunity would be difficult or impossible to obtain. The most common challenges are not enough money or time, issues with a loved one or prior commitments. Look at your list and write down the challenges that arise as you consider each opportunity. 4. Now, what opportunities are those challenges presenting for you?

■ Janette Burke Marketing/PR Coach, Consultant and Columnist

Each challenge you record is an opportunity in disguise – a chance for you to overcome that challenge. Once you meet a challenge, you grow past it and won’t have to again. It may still appear in your life, but you won’t perceive it as a barrier. Suppose your need is $8,546.35 a month, you’re not meeting it every month, and you want to become a mentor to others in your industry. One of the opportunities on your list is an invitation to teach a class with someone who’s already there. One of your challenges is sharing the costs with that person. You think you can’t afford it. The opportunity in that challenge is that you will have to start learning how to manifest money in your life. As you learn how to do that, you’ll stop seeing money as a problem.





IS THIS AS GOOD AS IT GETS? By Donna Messer This month’s magazine has a theme, and when I thought about it, I recognized that sometimes we have to revisit where we’ve been in order to know where we want to go. The theme is “As good as it gets”. I heard a story that I thought I would share with you. It was about an elderly man who recently lost his wife. He needed to move to a nursing home. He was legally blind and when he walked into his room he said, “I love it!” How did he know if he couldn’t see the room? His response was something to consider, “Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. It’s a decision you make every morning when you awake. Each day is a gift. Today, I decided I would love my room”. I recently asked my son what he thought Happiness was and he said, “Happiness is not what you want. It’s what you already have – Re-evaluated.” I liked the sound of that answer and began to explore what it was that I already had, but didn’t really evaluate. I offer to share with others the contentment and happiness that I’ve found. I’m happy and for me this is as good as it gets! Who am I? What do I know? What can I share with others? While the questions are simple, it’s often difficult to really answer truthfully.

Who am I? I’m a journalist, an author, a speaker, a trainer and a coach. I believe in helping others before I help myself. I mentor and I role model for those I mentor. What do I know? Strange as it may seem it’s not what I know, but rather whom I know and how I can share that knowledge that is important. The Apostle Paul said it beautifully, “consider others better than yourself.” I take time to get to know people who have the strengths I lack and I constantly refer their expertise. What can I share with others? I have found the secret to contentment and happiness. It is - “it’s better to give than to receive.” I have a database of thousands and I happily share it with others who are like me, and will not look to their own interests first. I host regular networking events that are always well attended. People are held accountable and agree to help others achieve their goals. Five simple rules to be happy and content: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Free your heart from hatred and envy. Free your mind from worries. Live simply. Give more. Expect less.

At ConnectUs we have a workshop called “What is Happiness” We are happy to share it with you, should you want to re-evaluate what you already have. ■ Donna Messer Networking Expert, International Speaker


© Ying Feng Johansson |


© Yuri Arcurs |




The OLIGOPS Want to Stay By Rick Ziemski “For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Very few people would ever argue the beauty and natural wonders of Georgian Bay. In fact life on “The Bay” can truly be “as good as it gets”. For this reason, several years ago I started plans to build a retirement home on the shores of Owen Sound Bay. As I look at my house plans and the surrounding views, it truly seems that it can’t get any better. Even have endorsed Owen Sound as one of the top Canadian retirement destinations. Unfortunately, as expressed above by Longfellow, there is another side to “as good as it gets”; a side that is defeatist in nature with the view that we humans cannot manifest our realities and that things just are what they are. The view is shared by some of my new neighbours on the subject of telco services in the Owen Sound Bay region. It comes when I rant about the daily breakdowns of my 1 MBPS (megabyte per second) “turtle speed” DSL internet service (sold as a 5 MBPS plan) and also the crackling, “one bar” cell phone signal that costs $80 to $100 per month for voice service only.

monopoly or oligopoly is ever good for the consumer or in the end for the economy. This type of business structure is typically a self-serving, not consumer-serving animal. Today telecommunications is a key strategic asset for Canada in navigating the waters of the global economy, just like railways were over a hundred years ago. The spectrum that is being lusted for by the oligops is a national asset that we Canadians own and it should not be squandered through oligopoly hoarding to control competition. It needs to be in use and more competition is the way to ensure that. Consumers can make a difference but it means not following the sheep. We speak with our dollars. Things I have done recently to free myself from the oligops (savings annually for me $2400):

• Cut cable TV in favour of internet TV like Netflix and added an HD antenna.

• Irrespective of any inconvenience moved cell service to a small competitor.

Recently, the “Big Three” Canadian telcos, an oligopoly, have issued challenges to the Federal Government via advertising, lobbying and court action over its policy directions to expand competition and loosen the strangle hold by the oligopoly on prices and services in Canada. Compared to other parts of the world, choice for Canadian consumers is limited especially in rural areas. From personal experiences the Owen Sound Bay falls in that category. Arguments by the oligops include fearmongering like threats by BCE to roll back rural services; those same rural services that were promises to government for concessions on spectrum purchase in the past, but which magically didn’t materialize in this far and forlorn northern community of Owen Sound Bay. We Canadian consumers need to open our eyes and irrespective of any fears of the “Big Government Boogie Man”, we need to get behind the Feds on this one. No

• Cancelled digital phone service in favour of a near zero cost VOIP phone.

• Moved internet to a small point to point radio wave internet service provider.

• Filed complaints inside the oligopolies and also to outside regulators.

• Participated in internet based consumer movement. I never liked Wadsworth Longfellow anyway.

■ Richard Ziemski, C.A. Management Consultant






WHY SETTLE? By Rose Pellar, B.A.S., LL.B. You may recall the movie “As Good as It Gets” starring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt when both pretty much settled with each other because they felt neither could do much better. Although many individuals may set their sights too high and so have difficulty finding a life partner, there are others who are too quick to grab anyone as long as they are of the right gender. Selecting the right life partner is only part of the answer to staying in love forever. You also have to be the right life partner for your chosen one. How does one determine who is the right one for them? It starts with self knowledge. If you don’t know who you are at your inner core, (i.e. your values, your character, your personality, your goals) what your likes and dislikes are, your beliefs about family, relationships, religion, health, financial matters, career, etc. and your tolerance level (just to name a few) any choice you make will be a disaster unless you are incredibly lucky. If you like games of chance, then forget what I said and pick anyone based on unimportant things like looks, the vehicle he drives (warning, it may be leased or financed!!), having fun, he buys you expensive gifts, etc..



in activities (work or play) which will leave you wanting more attention than he/she can give you? Are there any ex-wives, ex-husbands or children of the former marriage who will challenge your relationship? Are you able to communicate with each other about important things as well as trivia? How do you relate to the other’s friends, etc.? There are thousands of questions that must be answered before entering into a permanent relationship. Forget the biological time clock, forget your friend’s pressure to hook up with someone. Instead take the time to know who you are, what you need and want, accept that you deserve to have them and don’t settle. It is not always as good as it gets. ■ Rose Pellar, B.A.S., LL.B., Barrister & Solicitor Pellar Family Law Professional Corporation

© Yuri Arcurs |

Dating is fun for some and for others it is very stressful. During the dating period, everyone is generally on their best behavior and so for the most part no one shares his/her true beliefs for fear of driving the other person away. Behaviors that would ordinarily be unacceptable are overlooked and the individuals participate in activities in which they have no interest. Men will sit through “chick flicks” to gain brownie points and women watch TV sports just to be with a man. If you play this game, don’t be surprised that once you are married the mask falls off and there are now two discontented individuals headed for an appointment with the Divorce Lawyer.


The key to finding and being the right partner for each other is to be authentic. If you are, and you allow your prospective partner to be real, and give yourself enough time to know each other it may well be that it is as good as it gets but not from the standpoint of settling. I would like to clarify that time is not measured in months and years but in experiences. How does your intended partner relate to his/her parents and his/her siblings? How does she talk about her ex husband? Is your intended partner a good father or does he show traits that would suggest he would be? Is your intended partner involved


Pellar Family Law


Professional Corporation


Rose Pellar, B.A.S., LL.B.

Michelle Francis 519-938-9344

“We care not only about your results, we care about you and your family” SEPARATION/DIVORCE RESOLUTIONS

Women with...


for Custody, Access, Support and Property Division through Litigation or Collaborative process

Life Line

Business Mentor

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• Marketing Consultant • Advertising Specialist

Life Line Transformational Coaching is your professional link to building awareness and taking your business and personal life to the next level. Improve your marketing and communications skills while achieving your life goals.

Lorraine Leslie 1-866-306-6021

705-429-1153 Fax 705-429-2780 998 Mosley St. Unit 2 Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 2G7


© Dotlock | life at its best






A GOOD Night’s Sleep… By Lesley Paul, B.Sc. Phm Sleepless nights don’t have to be a nightmare. The ability to fall asleep or stay asleep not only saps our energy level, but also has a negative effect on our health, mood, work performance and quality of life. Without a good night of shuteye, our bodies’ are deprived of 6 to 8 hours of repair and recovery. The amount of sleep needed varies from person to person.Typically adults require 7 to 8 hours per night. Older adults however tend to sleep lighter and for shorter periods of time, necessitating the need for longer periods of sleep or daytime napping. One in seven Canadians have trouble falling or staying asleep. Proper sleep hygiene is the first step to a good night’s sleep. Be sure to rise and go to bed at the same time every night. Avoid large amounts of liquids late in the day or close to bedtime including caffeine and alcohol. Reserve the bedroom for


© Olga Ekaterincheva |

Sedatives or sleeping pills can be helpful in such situations. In Canada, over seven million prescriptions are written yearly for sleeping pills; sixty percent of those are for women. Although newer versions of the drugs used to treat insomnia are safer, they are not without risks. People who use medications for insomnia or anxiety have a 36% higher risk of mortality. They are especially dangerous for those who also use alcohol or other medications. Sedatives are effective for acute insomnia but overuse can lead to dependence or even tolerance. Sedatives should only be used under a doctor’s supervision. Never use anyone else’s prescription, as your physician should determine the underlying cause of the insomnia first. If you are having trouble falling asleep, it is best to take the sedative at least thirty minutes prior to going to bed. Always allow at least seven to eight hours of time in bed and never take a sleeping pill in the middle of the night. The goal is to be rested in the morning and not feel “hung-over”.



RESPONSIBLE SUNLIGHT EXPOSURE IS A GOOD THING! As summer fades, don’t let your tan fade with it; hang onto your tan with our simple, inexpensive maintenance program.


At SIESTA SUN we offer a controlled, intelligent way to get your Vitamin D and a tan. Did You Know? Tanning also helps lessen the effects of acne, psoriasis and eczema. SUN Information:;;;

30 Forty Fifth St. S. Wasaga Beach, ON 705.429.7474

Our motto: “NEVER BURN”

It is important to realize that using a sedative occasionally is okay but since insomnia is not a diagnosis but rather a symptom of another condition, sedatives should not be relied upon. Some lifestyle changes can make your night’s sleep as good as it gets.

sleeping only (no violent TV shows or stressful computer work). Regular exercise will help you to sleep better, but it is best to do so earlier in the day rather than later. There may come a time however due to added stress or an underlying disorder that sleep just doesn’t come or stay. Longer work days and more demands from family, friends and our society in general are leaving us with less time for sleep. An increase in the incidence of depression is also contributing to sleepless nights.

■ Lesley Paul, Pharmacist





EYE Care

Dr. Ben Pezik & Kaillie Pezik

Finding Health Clinic Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™


Are you looking for an alternative health care system that has the power to transform your that respects and operates in cooperation with your body’s priorities and needs? Then Jessy’s “Finding Health” Clinic is for you!

Lets Talk... Because sometimes the best medicine is a good dose of knowledge.

Reiki BodyTalk NLP Hypnosis Timeline Therapy EFT

(Emotional Freedom Technique)

Workshops and more

Find, Optimize and Maintain your Health with Us.

Stuart Ellis Pharmacy

Call Jess to reduce your stress!

Hours: Mon Mon to to Fri Fri 8:30 8:30 to to 9, 9, Sat Sat 8:30 8:30 to to 5:30 5:30 Hours: Sun.& Holidays Holidays 10 10 to to 55 Sun.& Free prescription prescription delivery delivery Free

169 Hurontario Hurontario St. St. Collingwood Collingwood 169

705 241-8680 72 Ross St. Victoria Village Barrie

705.445.4711 705.445.4711

Visit us at

Rapidly growing optometry practice Beach Eye Care opened its doors in the spring of 2011. The husband and wife team of Dr. Ben Pezik and Kaillie Pezik offer comprehensive eye care; including eye exams, eyewear, contact lenses, sunglasses and laser surgery co-management. “We offer the best selection of eyewear in the South Georgian Bay area, with over 1000 frames to choose from, we strive to meet everyone's needs, from simply functional to absolutely stunning designer eyewear. Top brands include Gucci, Dior, Jimmy Choo, and Maui Jim, just to name a few.” The roots of this business started locally, Dr. Ben Pezik grew up on a farm near the small town of Elmvale, academic success culminated with a Doctorate of Optometry from the University of Waterloo, where he met his soon to be wife Kaillie, who was studying Kinesiology at Wilfred Laurier. Kaillie's business acumen comes from years of healthcare management experience in the fields of physiotherapy and long term care. Dr. Pezik developed a passion for high quality eye care with early practice experience in Midland and Barrie. Wanting to bring their skills together and create something special is what led to Beach Eye Care. The team at Beach Eye Care is focused on delivering the best vision solutions for each individual patient, utilizing the most advanced testing technology and custom made Nikon ophthalmic lenses they offer an eye care experience you would normally need to go to a bigger city to get.

Zeal Wellness is a synergistic blend of whole food concentrates. It contains stabilized rice bran, the most nutrient dense whole food source on the planet! Zeal takes the quesswork out of staying healthy with an all-in-one natural nutritional formula. Drink at least one serving a day to get the nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins your body needs. Target the 7 major health challenges and save hundreds of dollars a month!

The same ingredients for $450/mo* *You’d have to spend up to $450.00 on all these products to get the combination of ingredients found in Zeal.

Great Value at $60/mo

Kim Mugford 705.718.6658 Innisfil ON

“We are committed to providing a unique eye care experience for every patient. We get to know you and your vision needs, so we can determine what will work best for you, because no two eyes are alike!”






“I laughed so hard I peed” or “I just have to run to the bathroom” (after going for a run) or commercials proclaiming, “just wear a pad in case of accidents.” The above makes light of symptoms that are now deemed as a normal part of aging. But incontinence (a form of pelvic floor dysfunction) isn’t normal. Yes, it may be common with 3.3 million Canadians suffering, but it doesn’t have to be! Pelvic floor (PF) dysfunction isn’t just about incontinence or urgency. Pelvic pain and painful intercourse are also common symptoms for many people. A healthy PF must contract to maintain continence and relax for voiding and sexual function. When it doesn’t, specially trained physiotherapists can help. Laura Powers, a registered physiotherapist from Collingwood Sport Medicine, now part of the Centric Health Group, has been making a concerted effort to increase the awareness and education of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. Since it is a relatively new division of physiotherapy many people are unaware of its benefits, such as decreased medication use, surgery prevention, and lifestyle improvements. It can also be covered under extended insurance plans which include physiotherapy. Laura became passionate about this aspect of physiotherapy during a Women's Health clinical placement in Perth, Australia, where she studied. She realized the change she could make in people's lives as many clients are able to see improvements after just a few sessions. There is nothing more gratifying!


Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Laura Powers…pelvic care for everyone.

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Laura Powers



Casual and classic coordinates for fall

fashion Angie Vancise Gaia – Thornbury On location at By Gone Days Heritage Village


Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™


Elizabeth Ward McCarthy Leuk – Collingwood On location at By Gone Days Heritage Village





My dad, may he rest in peace, always told me life goes by quickly, like a dream, so make the best of every day. As I age I understand.


Yesterday’s become fond memories and future aspirations may reach fruition or not. The person we are now is “as good as it gets” for the present.

By Beth Nigh

I encounter women each day who browse and put off building a wardrobe until…until they lose twenty pounds or they have room in their closet, or… To me this indicates that they are not just putting off a day of shopping, they are losing the opportunity of achieving their best look for the present. Rather than seizing the day, enjoying their days and working towards their goals, they opt to stand still until….

While flipping thought the channels one night, I came across the Tyra Banks Show. The topic was the transformation of the everyday male and female into picture-perfect, living, breathing mannequins. Another segment of the show was discussing "Manscaping". This got me does the average male feel about Manscaping ? Curious, I wanted to hear from the ladies. So I conducted a small survey with my clients and girlfriends and was astonished with an almost unanimous result. 95% of the responses were that they like their men clean shaven with a hairless body (which includes all of the places we ladies look after!).

To these individuals I say accept yourself and make the best of who you are in this moment. Do set goals. Definitely plan forward but not at the expense of losing the pleasure of enjoying who you are today.

So there you have it - the word is out fellas! If women are expected to keep their legs, underarms, and bikini area tidy, then why shouldn't men? There are many ways to groom - Shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, electrolysis and laser hair removal are some to name a few. There are a couple of new products on the market: The NO NO which is a mini shaver for women who use it on their arms, legs, upper lip and sideburn area to mention a few. Then there is Nair Hair Removal, a cream that is applied and after twenty minutes you hop in the shower and whala the hair is rinsed down the drain. The electric shavers men have today have multiple attachments that groom, thin and trim. And then there is the visit to the esthetician for the good old hot wax and rip the strip – OUCH!


continued on pg. 26

So ladies, what’s your choice? Mustache...a little chest hair...full body hair, or is you man 'scaped' down to the last itty bitty detail?

Fashionista MAKE EVERYDAY YOUR BEST DAY... By Marilyn Wetston

■ Beth Nigh, Certified Esthetician



The Wardrobe Doctor








The Wardrobe Doctor...continued from pg. 25

It is possible to look good at any size or age and on any budget. Each of us can have a wardrobe in colours that compliment us, in styles that flatter us and create balance and proportion. The right clothing will deliver a positive message and be as comfortable as a second skin. Stylish clothing and accessories are tools that we can use to highlight our positives and camouflage what we wish to hide. Having a realistic understanding of your natural gifts and “imperfections” can help you map your wardrobe so you can look your best every day of your life. An understanding of current fashion trends will help you gain a fresh perspective so you can determine the message you wish to deliver with your clothes. Once you evaluate yourself with a friendly eye and know what the current looks are, you are ready to edit your closet and pull together your wardrobe for this season. If you plan to lose weight, know that every ten pounds is roughly a size. Wear clothes that sit close to your body and add a third piece. A jacket, vest, or cardigan will conceal a problem area until your diet and exercise plan kick in. Use pattern and textured fabrics where you wish build visual volume and dark smooth ones to diminish them. Strive for eye contact. Use accessories to frame your face and wear the lighter and brighter hues on the upper part of your body. Now that you are armed with the strategies that help you highlight your best features; you are ready to work with your clothes and acquire something new if you wish.

What is new? • The Gatsby influences: multiple necklaces especially pearls, scarves, fur items such as muffs, collars, and wraps. • The Military Look: drab green, camouflage print fabrics, epaulettes. • Menswear: pinstripe fabrics, hounds tooth check, tuxes. • Bulky knits paired with leggings or skinny jeans • Leather: trim, or individual items such as a great pant,jacket ,skirt or dress • Colour blocking moves from black and white of summer to black and cream or grey • Winter white or rich colours including orange , wine, grape, emerald and warm neutrals of brown • Peplums: accent a smaller part of you and hide what is beneath! • Bold accessories: chains ,chokers, cameos, stud and spike trims, id bracelets • Eastern European influences: embroideries and embellishments on clothing and accessories Today becomes fond memories quickly. Enjoy who you are. Use today’s fashions to look your best as you move toward your future and you will live without regrets.You can be your best every day and live life to its fullest

Enjoy your journey... it is as good as it gets!

■ Marilyn Wetston

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Permanent & Corrective Cosmetics Electrolysis •Professional treatments for men & women •Safe effective permanent hair removal


Walk-ins always welcome By Appointment

Lorraine A. Twine C.P.E. Permanent & Corrective Cosmetics Clinic Inc.

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results 36 SUCCESSFUL St. Marie Street, Collingwood with our GREEN PEEL Herbal Peeling Treatment

Electrolysis hair removal is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. It does require multiple sessions to achieve best possible results, but permanent hair removal isn't 100% guaranteed for everyone. How Does it Work? An electric current is applied with a very fine needle-shaped electrode, or metal probe, into each hair follicle to destroy the root. There are three types of electrolysis: galvanic, thermolysis and blend.

Nancy Kivell Certified Esthetician

Georgian Wellness 124 Ontario St. Collingwood



Hair grows in different stages: growing, resting and shedding. Because all of the hair isn't on the same stage at any given time, multiple sessions are needed to get the hair in the growth phase for electrolysis hair removal to be most effective...just like laser hair removal. Consider all your options and decide which is the best method for you.

© Neacsu Razvan Chirnoaga |

Beth Nigh Certified Esthetician

Herbal peeling treatments that lighten hyperpigmentation, tighten enlarged pores and improve skin texture, drink and entertain

Oysters on the Half Shell By Lorraine Leslie

Chef Nelson Marques & Janice Biffis

To separate the oysters… Wash oyster shells thoroughly. Insert blunt knife (please wear protective gloves so you don’t cut yourself on the shells razor sharp edge). Near the hinge use a twisting motion to pry the shells apart. Separate the shells by cutting the connecting muscle, and loosen the oyster. Try to retain as much juice as possible. Discard one of each pair of shells. Serve the oyster on the other.

Chef Nelson Marques fulfilled his lifelong dream of moving to Wasaga Beach where he opened Barcelos Restaurant.

Seafood Cocktail Sauce Combine together in a glass bowl 1 cup ketchup 2 T finely chopped onion 2 T lemon juice 2 T horseradish 1 T of minced garlic 1 T Worcestershire sauce

Open all year round, Chef Nelson serves steak and seafood with a Portuguese flare! If you’re looking for a mouth-watering steak, Barcelos serves only Certified Angus beef. It arrives sizzling at your table on a 500 degree granite stone with fresh vegetables and dipping sauces. If seafood is your preference, Chef Nelson will prepare a 7 lb. seafood platter served in a traditional Portuguese clay pot with saffron rice and fresh bread for two to share.

Serving Cover small plates with shredded lettuce. Put 3 tablespoons of chilled cocktail sauce in a small dish and place in the centre of the lettuce. Place 6 – 8 oysters on top of the lettuce to surround the sauce. Garnish with lemon wedges. Some people will enjoy more…so have a few extra prepared on the side. Serve at once with a chilled beer or glass of white wine. There are various ways to prepare Oysters Rockefeller and Oysters Chicago…one local expert is Chef Nelson Marques at Barcelos Restaurant in Wasaga Beach who specializes in Steak & Seaford.

Before your main course, indulge your taste buds in one of the many appetizer selections, Digby Scallops, Signature Caesar Salad or Chourico on Fire, just to name a few.

Baked or Grilled

To accompany your meal, Janice Biffis will help you choose a wine from Barcelos fine wine collection, from Portugal and around the world. A little port after your meal is a wonderful finish to your dining experience.

The warm summer months welcome its patrons to a tropical style patio along with live entertainment for your relaxation. Order from the menu or enjoy one of Chef Nelson’s delicious specialties served from the barbeque. By popular demand Chef Nelson has created his own “Barcelos Peri-Piri” hot sauce, which is now available for purchase at Barcelos and selected stores.

…all seafood tastes great with Peri-Piri Hot Sauce


Chef Nelson’s passion for cooking inspired him to create Peri-Piri, and his love for people is what makes Barcelos a truly unique dining experience.

Salmon Steaks By Lorraine Leslie

Preheat oven to 450º Brush glass baking dish with a light coating of vegetable oil. Allow about 10 minutes baking time per inch. Turning is not necessary. DO NOT ADD WATER to the baking dish at any time. Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Barcelos opens its doors for corporate and private functions and will customize a menu to suit your needs. Off-site catering is also available, including pig roasts at your location.

½ tsp celery salt ½ tsp dried parsley Chill thoroughly Yield: 6 – 8 servings

Dredge 4 salmon steaks (2 lb each) in a mixture of ½ C pre-sifted all purpose flour and ½ tsp salt. Arrange salmon steaks in a greased baking dish – avoid overlapping any edges. Melt in a frying pan 3T butter Add 2 T chopped onion 2 T diced celery Cook until tender

Combine with 1 ½ C soft bread crumbs ½ tsp salt ¼ tsp marjoram A few grains of freshly ground black pepper

Spread the dressing over the salmon steaks. Bake in oven for 20-25 minutes, or until fish flakes easily at the bone. To cook on the BBQ The barbeque should be preheated to a medium setting. Arrange one bunch of fresh thyme on grill and place salmon steaks on top. Grill covered for about 10 minutes or until fish flakes when tested with a fork. Transfer salmon steaks to a serving platter, discard the grilled thyme and serve with lemon wedges, Hollandaise or Tartar Sauce.


Ge o r gi a n



& Local Brews By Grey Coyote

The leaves will soon change their colours, and reds, oranges and yellows will be a part of our visual landscape both in our cities and parks as well as our stews and roasts as we add peppers from the harvest to our hearty fall and winter fare. To help us pair these comfort foods properly, I've studied the local craft breweries to help you get an idea of what is available to compliment these full-flavoured repasts.

While the idea of opening a restaurant was always in the back of his mind, The Smoke owner and chef, Cam Dyment didn’t seriously start considering the idea until just over a year ago. And what a whirlwind of activity that year has been. Cam has always been a great cook. He has created dishes by instinctively knowing what would taste great together. He is a business man, with skills in marketing, sales, manufacturing and finance. However, his passion for food combined with his business acumen have launched his restaurant into an award winning restaurant for carnivores, piscivores and vegetarians. He has seats for 82 inside and another 28 on the patio. The look is modern, clean and inviting. Most of the food is smoked in one of his five smokers from 2 to 12 hours. Everything is made fresh, from scratch, and all are Cam’s recipes and techniques.


Rather than follow others with “wing night”, he has created his own feature days including “Sandwich Day”, “Rib Day” and “Burger Day”. You can save quite a bit on these Feature Days. Some of his unique creations are: The Poutine Burger, Wild Boar Bacon Sandwich, Smoked Turkey Burger (it’s like a Thanksgiving Party in your Mouth), Smoked Trout, Smoked Balls of Meat, and of course the staples – Brisket, Ribs and Pulled Pork. His sides are just as tasty, Coleslaw, Mac n Cheese, Home cut Fries, Salads and his BBQ Beans (a 24 hour process in itself). Save room for dessert. Cam makes his own Wild Boar Bacon Bourbon Ice Cream. That’s Right, Bacon and Ice Cream. Amazing! Cam truly is taking BBQ to a whole new level. Find out more at for info such as their Oktoberfest event.

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Chef Cam Dyment

One of the most successful of the local breweries is Creemore Springs. Their premium lager is perhaps their most famous beer, and indispensable for summer fare, so lets focus on their other products.Their Traditional Pilsner is perfect for hearty soups and stews, as well as the lighter cheeses served at parties and special events. The Hops & Bolts I.P.A. is handy for when the same dishes get spicy – and especially tasty with hot curries. The Collaboration Altbier will take you into the realms of old fashioned Dutch standards such as sausages and rye bread, fresh pretzels, apple pie – or even better yet, apple pie with cheese! The UrBock is the go-to for the heartiest and most fullflavoured meats, stews, cheeses and pies and well as rich chocolate desserts and meat pies. A little further south in Barrie, The Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery is also doing some unique things. Their Hoptical Illusion Almost Pale Ale (A.P.A.) is terrific with nuts and fullflavoured hard cheeses. Curries with strong herbs would find a home here, as well as hearty fish stew. The Netherworld Cascadian Dark Ale can be plunked down with confidence beside steak, pork tenderloin and roasted, spicy vegetables, as well as the oldest, sharpest cheddar you can get your hands on. With the Smashbomb Atomic I.P.A., try some salty fries and fried chicken or pork with dipping sauces, as well as fish and chips. After that, some raspberry-rose truffles would be a delight! With the Flying Monkey Amber Ale, any type of light stew will do, as well as brie and camembert melts. Keep those ovens and crock pots going!

Also available at the local watering well are some of Hockley Valley's brews. With the Hockley Amber, get those burgers right off the grill and dress them with mushrooms, peppers, havarti and sauteed onions. On the same menu card, you could serve a medium-spicy chicken wing appetizer. The Hockley Dark, which has received the gold medal from the Canadian Brewing Awards, is perfect for rich beef or pork tenderloin and mushroom stews. It can also be a fireside strong nut and cheese partner, and will easily hold its own with sausages, lamb and game meats. Finally, the Hockley Black & Tan goes with most basic roasted or barbecued beef, chicken or seafood – and of course, most Irish food. So there we have it, but remember to always get a bit creative and experiment with any food pairing suggestions. The kitchen is your palette! We'll be able to enjoy the great indoors more when we're eating and drinking responsibly and thoughtfully. Cheers!

■ Grey Coyote former Sommelier daily Bon Vivant!



Simon Bailey’s passion for culinary excellence is extensive from the meals he prepares professionally to the ones he prepares at home.

By Lorraine Leslie Melt in a saucepan 1 ⁄3 C of butter Add, cooking until tender ½ C finely chopped onions

“A menu should not be so complex that only trained Chefs can do the cooking.” says Simon, who started his career in England at the age of sixteen. Simon achieved his credentials through City and Guilds 706 One and Two which is equivalent to the Red Seal. Eventually, he combined a young man’s wanderlust and vision with a culinary career that took him to the Southern French Alps Ski resorts, a private 100-foot classical ketch that sailed around the Mediterranean, a cruise ship that traveled the Eastern coast of Australia and a day trip pleasure boat that was based out of Sydney Harbour.”

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Returning to England, Simon became the Chef for a private hotel called Pondsbourne Park Hotel in the English countryside. Still not done with travelling, he and his wife immigrated to Vancouver Canada in 1999 for one year. They then moved to London Ontario where he worked for ten years at the West Haven Golf & Country Club, Custom Cuisine Catering and London Health Science Centre before he moved his family to Collingwood in 2009. Now the Executive Chef at the Georgian Manor Resort, Simon feels he has found his home. “Having traveled the world and experiencing many different cultures and type of cuisine I feel very comfortable preparing a menu with flair.” “I enjoy working with my team… we do everything the kitchen way as a team.”

Bon appétit


Blend in 1 ⁄3 tsp pre-sifted all purpose flour 2 ½ tsp curry powder 1 tsp salt ¼ tsp ground ginger Gradually add, stirring constantly 2 C cream or evaporated milk 1 C chicken broth or bouillon Stir and cook until smoothly thickened Add 4 C cooked shrimp (14 oz package of frozen shrimp) 1T lemon juice Heat thoroughly, stirring frequently Serve on a hot bed of long grain rice with side dishes of chutney, pineapple chunks, salted peanuts, fresh shredded coconut, crisp bacon bits, sliced avocado and fried bananas. Note: this is a moderately flavoured curry dish. For more punch to the taste buds increase curry accordingly. This dish goes great with a Mexican light beer or Tequila. White Sangria is most acceptable to the palette.

Things to Remember ABOUT SHELLFISH

Chef Simon Bailey world cuisine expert

By Lorraine Leslie Lobsters may be purchased alive, cooked and frozen, or canned. The shell of live lobster varies from dark green to blue, and turns bright red when cooked. Crabs are available cooked, fresh, frozen or canned. Always check the expiry date on product packaging. Cook within a few days of purchase. Live crabs are sold only in areas close to fishing centres. Oysters from the Atlantic coast are sold in the shell or shucked. The shells should be tightly closed. Pacific (or Japanese) oysters from the west coast of Canada are larger and always sold shucked. They may be fresh, frozen, canned or smoked. Clams are sold alive in the shell, or shucked in fresh, frozen or canned forms. Like the oyster the shell on a live clam should be tightly closed. Scallops are always sold shucked, either fresh or frozen. Thaw frozen scallops before using. Shrimps are available fresh, frozen and canned. Most frozen and some canned shrimp have the dark veins removed. If not, it should be lifted out with the point of a knife. To defrost shellfish you can place them in a container of cold water until they are thawed evenly. NEVER RINSE UNDER HOT WATER to defrost shellfish.


Mylar and Loreta’s Steak & Seafood House

LLBO • PATIO • BBQ Tel: (705) 429-3685 22 Sunidale Road

Mylar and Loreta’s Restaurant was established in 1984. Sandy Hamilton and her son Spencer have created a home away from home. The interior of Mylar and Loreta’s is a step back in time with its unique, glistening antique lamps and chandeliers. The cozy booths complete with comfort pillows and gentle background music makes one feel content. After a fabulous meal…home cooked of course, venture to the old post office and the new gift shop, or behind the manicured gardens you will find a compilation of collectables. “Quite often people will drop off memorabilia to which we are most grateful.” Sandy has been lovingly restoring the building over the past twenty eight years. “Taking care of a historical building from 1863 is no small feat… it is an ongoing passion.”


Owner & Historian

The walls throughout the restaurant showcase pictures of the small hamlet known as Singhampton. There are a lot of fond memories for the locals who continue to drop by for a Saturday or Sunday night prime rib dinner. “If the walls could talk I’m sure there would be some tall tales told around the bar.” Complete with the fine food, the kitchen and wait staff work as a team to ensure their patrons are happy and full. “As we are located on the highway a lot of cars drive by – just this past week I had four couples say after many years it was their first time coming in for a meal. We are very busy with special events and seasonal parties through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.” “We look forward to seeing you soon…”

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Sandy Hamilton

…all seafood tastes great with Peri-Piri Hot Sauce



For over fifty years, Grandma Lambe's has been serving the Southern Georgian Bay area with friendly, old fashioned hospitality and the best home baking anywhere! Three generations work in the store: Grace, known as Grandma Lambe today, Darlene Smith, who is 2nd Generation and Cailey MacDonald, 3rd Generation. Visitors to the area love the unhurried pace of a bygone era and the knowledgeable assistance of Grandma Lambe, her family, and the staff at the stores.

Women with


The fantastic aroma of fresh baked pies makes your mouth water! All the ingredients, apples, berries and rhubarb, are grown on their farm or neighbouring farms.




Grandma Lambe would like you to “Come and visit us... Enjoy the memorabilia in the stores and take home some of our local crafts and gift baskets.”

Three generations baking for you... 38

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Fresh vegetables are locally grown through the seasons corn, squash, carrots, potatoes, and there's more! The jams, jellies and even diabetic pies are all home made. Items such as fresh eggs, apple cider, bread and maple syrup are also available.



Grandma Lambe’s APPLES & APPLE PRODUCTS • Country fresh baking every day • Jams & pies made in our own bakery • Frozen fruit available all year • All occasion giftware & baskets

Four generations of serving you 7 days a week, year round


Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Highway 26, East of Meaford, N4L 1W7 • Phone & Fax 519.538.2757


Ge o r gi a n




for deta ils

...creative and helpful tips

Š Kwasny221 |


www .wo men with visi on.c a

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188 First Street






46 Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™





Marcy Stewart



Interior Design The daughter of an interior designer Marcy Stewart never thought she would follow in her mother footsteps... As a child she enjoyed helping her mother with event planning and flower arranging. Not thinking she would follow in her mother’s footsteps she attended a College of Hair and Esthetics in Barrie. A few years later after having two children her interest in pre and post natal drew her to Toronto to receive her certification through Baby & Me Fitness. Marcy started up her own studio and has been running the classes for nine years. She went on to get her Can Fit Pro Certification at the Barrie College and taught as a volunteer at the Collingwood YMCA teaching Buff Mom & Babies Fitness.

Great Business Opportunity with Excellent ROI Are you an entrepreneur or looking for a retirement opportunity? Please contact us for more information 201-10 Keith Ave. Collingwood ON L9Y 0W5

email: Tel: 705-293-3393

In 2012 Marcy opened up the MS Design One Stop Christmas Shop in downtown Creemore. The demand from locals was so huge the shop stayed open for a month and a half to showcase the local artists….look for her again this season. This fall Marcy is attending the Toronto Academy of Floral Design. “I am truly grateful that my talent has been embraced by the Georgian Triangle.”


Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

“During this time I was asked to help decorate the downtown core of Collingwood and Creemore. I then started to realize my true passion was event planning and interior/exterior design. Staging outdoor patios keeps me busy during the summer and decorating Christmas trees and store front windows during the winter.”

Women with


Flooring • Lighting • Plumbing • Window Coverings • Countertops


Flooring • Lighting • Plumbing • Window Coverings • Countertops

84 High St., Collingwood 705.444.2100






Kitchen & Bath Studio

What is your vision? Are your thoughts limiting you or are you living to your highest potential. The Georgian Triangle allows one to experience all that life has to offer, from the amazing views atop Blue Mountain, the challenging terrain of the escarpment, to the scenic caves and the exhilarating trails for hiking and biking to the magnificent waters of Georgian Bay.

I was given the opportunity to work with a woman who was very strong minded and a real entrepreneur. She was the first woman I had ever met that had her own business. A single mom and very independent who became a mentor for me and was someone I modeled myself after.

Happiness can be defined differently by everyone, but a common thread that we all share is our home. Whether you are contemplating your first home or you are in your tenth, your home should bring you joy. Real Estate options abound in this magnificent area. Whatever your vision there are homes and investment options that can fulfill your passions.

That was my introduction into kitchen and bathroom design. Working in the office initially I took calls and booked appointments. Being a good organizer, I helped the guys in the morning to send them out to different worksites. In less than a year, I asked to be put into the field so I could get some understanding and experience in renovations. Being inquisitive and a high energy gal I was hungry for knowledge. I would do every task that was asked of me from making coffee to doing lumberyard runs, driving to Toronto to pick up products to installing tile backsplashes.

• Wasaga Beach with its endless shorelines and magnificent sunsets is the longest fresh water beach in the world. Wasaga offers excellent family communities and leisure opportunities. Wasaga is not just a summer destination any more; the growth of this community is unstoppable as more people discover this area.

Barb thorne

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

After operating a twenty five year business in Mississauga ON, my husband and I sold the business in 2003 to relocate to this wonderful area next to the mountains and water of Georgian Bay.


• Clearview covers a diverse geographic area encompassing interesting hamlets with unique shops and even a brewery. If you are interested in a rural flare you may have found your home here. Still not too far from the action yet close enough to jump in when you feel inclined. Our area is also rich in farmland, and don’t forget orchards, vineyards, vegetable farms or dairy, beef, poultry and hog, or equestrian, you know that farming is an industry that is thriving here. Whatever your vision, the Georgian Triangle has real estate options that can make your life a living treasure. Many people have made the choice to live in this area to afford their families a more wholesome lifestyle. Take advantage of what this breath taking area has to offer. The sky is literally the limit. Your cup can most definitely run over if you make this area home or a weekend destination of choice. ■ Monika Gibson Sales Representative Century 21 Millennium/Collingwood

• Collingwood, whether it is communities by the bay, or some of the subdivisions covering a number of price ranges, all have easy access to great shopping, theatre and dining. Access to our endless trail systems for walking and biking, oh, and don’t forget the ski hills are always just a short distance away. If you are looking for lifestyle homes, there is a wide range of Condominium developments.

I truly had a blast and feel blessed to have had that exposure at a young age. It took me down the career path that I am still on today.

Believing in one’s ability and listening to the dreams and visions of my clients has allowed me to carry on creating great spaces for hundreds of families with particular wants and needs.


By Monika Gibson Living in the Georgian Triangle area can certainly define the term “as good as it gets”. Living the life you imagined, fulfilling your dreams, experiencing the joy in simple all begins with YOU!

In 1978 as a young woman finishing school, like many of my peers, I was trying to find my particular place in life and still wandering without much direction. I had studied drafting and quite enjoyed architecture...I liked trying to figure out how things were built.

Thirty five years later I am still having fun! I now work with Corinthian in Thornbury, a fabulous kitchen and bath studio. I embrace being a problem solver and welcome challenges every day. My reward is seeing the smiles on client faces when a project is complete.

AS GOOD AS IT GETS! Does your cup runn’eth over?


• Blue Mountain offers numerous communities of villages and hamlets each with its own charm. This area is a true four season resort area with something for everyone: excellent skiing & golf, hiking, endless swimming and boating points, thrills can be yours mountain biking, zip lining or wandering in the scenic caves. Also, check out the new features found within Blue Mountain village: tree top trekking, mini golf or the new roller coaster. It is in this area where your front porch can have views of the skyline of the mountains and your back deck can be the perfect view of Georgian Bay. • Meaford situated at the mouth of the Big Head River and on the shores of Georgian Bay boasts rocky shorelines and more unique shops and culinary delights. The historic downtown features some of the red brick homes and stores seen in other communities. Meaford has seen some new developments that have been key in bringing new families to this vibrant community.

51 51




Dan Bryl

Property Services Dan Bryl has known the Georgian Bay area since childhood. Twenty years ago he moved back into the area to work and ended up raising a family and calling it home.

Georgian Design Centre is a family run business. Helen and David Labelle started the business in 1993 as Georgian Flooring Centre offering residential and commercial flooring. “We expanded our business to include plumbing fixtures, solid surface countertops, window coverings, home décor and lighting which gave us the opportunity in 2007 to move to our current location at 84 High Street.”

Dan has worked for many local businesses, the last eight in property maintenance and construction. This past year, in June he decided to move on and created his own small business, caring for clients in need of his services, one that is designed around his client’s wants, needs and desires.

“After deciding to renovate our own kitchen, we soon realized that as the homeowner, we were required to make many decisions regarding taps, countertops, lighting, and flooring. Many of our selections were made out of town and demanded many hours of our time.”

“I enjoy working on properties around the area, cutting grass, staining decks, pressure washing, whatever the customer needs, sometimes it’s just a small job that the customer can’t do on their own, or they can’t find help in the yellow pages. So, while I’m there I will do the little things… I like to think putting a smile on someone’s face is the reason I’m there in the first place.”

Helen and David, along with all of their sales staff decided that it would make the process much easier and more enjoyable if they were able to shop locally – but more importantly shop in one location. At Georgian Design Centre, you can see it –feel it and try it. The toilets flush, the shower heads work and so do the taps. This makes the experience easier for the customers to make their selections.

“I go the extra mile…a contractor who specializes in a certain field can’t oblige the customer by staying behind a few minutes to do an extra little job – I am there to assist them.”

“We have many flooring options on display in the showroom - carpet, hardwood, cork, laminate, luxury vinyl tile, sheet goods, porcelain tile, natural stone and more.”

Though Dan has just started his business he does have an established clientele. With the semiretirement of a former employer, Dan was passed down several clients, who were happy to know that they were going to get the same quality of work that they have come accustomed to.


Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

“Even Casper the cat loves my services…”

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

“There is a lot I don’t do, but in these cases I usually know someone who can, and I will gladly make a referral. Therefore once again I put a smile on your face, and mine too.”

“There is a huge demand for bathroom renovations. Our team goes into to the customer’s home and removes the old fixtures and redesigns their bathroom. No job is too small or too big! Every customer is important to us.” Helen and David pride themselves on their customer service. They offer free in home estimates and have qualified contractors who install what they sell. “We look forward to showing you around our 10,000 square foot showroom that displays hundreds of light fixtures on the ceiling and offers lighting from most major suppliers.” Drop by and say hello Monday to Friday, 8:00-5:30 and on Saturday’s from 9:00-3:00.

Helen Labelle




Kitchen & Bath Studio

No obligation quotes • Professional design services Full kitchen and bath renovation services Granite, quartz and laminate counters Dining furniture • linens • home décor and accessories

REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE... “Let’s have a glass of wine and talk about a business opportunity” – that is how it all began almost 3 years ago when Lorraine McDonald, Barbara Boothe and Madelyn Fisher decided to start a new business in Collingwood. What a great business inventory costs. What better location...Cranberry space, lots of free parking and traffic all day every day. We opened our doors on May 20th, 2011. We are proud to call ourselves a truly environmentally sustainable business, with a premise built on the three R's – Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Our daily goal - operate a well organized, disciplined, highly visible retail outlet for our sellers wishing to sell furniture and accessories that no


longer fit into their home décor or lifestyle. Conversely, it has always been our focus to provide our buying customers with high quality, clean home furnishings and accessories at a fraction of the price of new. Inventory changes daily – and we always have a backlog of items scheduled to arrive each week. We are very selective when it comes to deciding what will sell. Our typical customer is either looking for rustic items or more contemporary items to decorate their homes or rental properties. Our customer base covers the Georgian Triangle Area and beyond. Because we are a tourist destination, we often see our items head to the city and on many occasions, we have sold items that are heading to winter homes in the sunny south.

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Visit our showroom, 99 King St. e., Kings court Mall, thornbury

519.599.2800 1.877.349.2800




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Art Gallery By Janet Kurasz, Hort, AMCT(A)

looks as a focal point in the garden; creating balance between the plants and patio furniture. Were the plants already there and the patio was built afterwards? A good design looks like it belongs there, like it always was there.

One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday afternoon, when I have a few hours to pass, is to take a drive in the “Country”. I try to go a different route every time, to discover another hidden gem in Southern Georgian Bay and the Beaver Valley.

No matter which direction I go, I always find my way back to my favourite treks – the 7th Line that offers every vista (it seems) one could ever imagine and then County Rd. 7 with that spectacular view of Georgian Bay as you head north from Griersville, or going west to east on County Rd. 40. And, then there is the scenic drive along Grey Rd. 13 through Eugenia south to Flesherton. There are wonderful rolling hills from Collingwood to Creemore and spectacular views of the escarpment from deep in the valleys as you travel along the lake and then climb high up on the hills. When I come back from these country drives, I feel inspired and awe struck that I am so lucky to live in a wonderful part of the world. If ever there was a nature’s art gallery, I think we have found it here in our own back yard. I am reminded of what it is about gardening that I love so much and it is really the essence of why we create gardens.There is lots


of scientific evidence to support the benefits of the natural environment on human physical, mental and emotional health so those wonderful rejuvenating feelings are not a figment of the imagination but are a chemical/ hormonal reaction to nature. This is why, I believe, we are drawn to nature and why we garden. When you think about it, the flowers, the grass, the trees, rocks and water are all created by nature and we assemble a sampling of these to create gardens. On one of my recent excursions, I took photos of a garden in Grey Highlands that represents this very well: In this section of the garden, the plants are a backdrop for a picturesque sitting area. What is surprising is the Spruce tree tucked in the back. How often do we see a Spruce tree poking up from the middle of an old rubble foundation or in an abandoned field? And how wonderful the Purple Smoke bush

A picturesque raised garden bordered by a manmade stone retaining wall up against an old cement and stone wall from an old building long since gone. The wall reminds me of the stone walls of the escarpment.There are Engelmann’s Ivy climbing up the wall and Clematis supported cleverly on trellises made of wire that are well hidden, giving the illusion that the vines are growing out of the wall. Common, easy-care ornamentals grow in the rather narrow raised bed. Annabelle Hydrangea, Black-eyed Susan, Daylilies and in the background, soon to come into bloom, are New England Asters and Garden Phlox. A less invasive form of Periwinkle scrambles along the ground. The plantings are full and create a layered effect with shorter plants in the front and taller ones in the back. The Annabelle Hydrangea, in this arrangement, is a feature plant. There is hardly a space for a weed to grow, yet the plantings look natural and carefree and I love the way the natural stone, concrete and manmade stone work together to create a sense of authenticity and permanence. This garden would fit in well in just about any landscape. ■ Janet Kurasz, Horticulturist





Pat Adams


of the administrative tasks previously performed by him. As the company expanded and technologies changed, my involvement grew to include accounting, human resources and network administration." The Macdonald family has served Meaford and the surrounding area since 1953, both through their retail operations and active involvement in community organizations and events. "Working for a family oriented business in my hometown has given me the opportunity to balance the joys and responsibilities of family life with a fulfilling career."

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"For a number of years I had the privilege of working closely with John Macdonald, one of the founders of the company. John was an excellent mentor, and upon his retirement I assumed some


Sharon Owen

Office Manager Pat Adams is the Office Manager at Macdonald's Furniture & Appliances in Meaford. In 1989 she joined the Macdonald's team on a short-term basis to assist with implementation of a computerized point of sale system. Upon completion of that project, Pat continued working in the office on a part-time basis. "As my children grew and became more independent, my hours and responsibilities increased until eventually I was working full-time."


Sales associate & In-Home consultant Sharon Owen grew up in Thornbury learning the family business and installing Satellite Dishes. Wanting to further her career base she went to Mohawk College to study Recreational Leadership. After graduating she returned home to manage the Georgian Health Spa in Clarksburg for ten years. Being from an entrepreneurial family, Sharon and her husband opened and operated a pool and spa business but they both realized they didn’t need two sales people. Having a good eye for colour and a flair for design she took her sales and merchandising talents to MacDonalds Furniture in Meaford.

Sharon feels like part of the MacDonalds family, working with three generations she has enjoyed her nine years as an in-house furniture consultant. She assists customer’s interior decorators with furniture sizing, placement and colour coordination…plus most importantly helping them stay within their budget. Working with local builders and designers in the Georgian Triangle area Sharon is able to find the right product for the right price. She also enjoys working on fundraising project with the staff at MacDonalds.


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My passion in Real Estate leads to your Good Fortune.

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Monika Gibson Sales Representative Representative Sales

72 Hurontario Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 2L8 Direct Line: 705-607-0445 Office: 705-445-5640

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ORGANIZED While on the Go

...experiencing classical & creative masterpieces

By Karen Sencich

Life is as good as it gets when your vehicle is organized while you are on the go which saves time and increases your personal effectiveness. Whether you are a road warrior working from your vehicle, or a busy carpooling parent, you’ll want your vehicle to be clean, tidy and functional. Car manufacturers now provide tons of storage by including hidden and convenient places to store essentials. The following organizing tips will illustrate how to assign a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

Glove Compartment • Keep the car manual in the trunk to free up the glove box for gloves, sunglasses, CDs and a small supply of change for the drive through or parking meters. • Include a duster to periodically dust the dashboard and seats. Cup Holders and Armrest Storage • Most vehicles have armrest storage between the passenger and driver. New models often have a plug so that cell phones and other electronics can be safely hidden out of sight while recharging. • Carry a thermal travel cup to keep hot fluids hot and cold drinks icy for hours. • Include a bottle of water, gum, mints or other non perishable snacks.


Door Pockets • Always have a miniature umbrella handy. • An envelope can hold restaurant and shopping discount coupons. • Lighten your wallet by keeping a small case with membership cards for Costco, the library or the gym. • Store lists such as a pharmacy print out of your prescription medications and contact information, in case of an emergency. • Eye glass cases, zippered pencil cases, small makeup bags or even clear plastic bags can store grooming necessities: a comb, nail clippers, emery board, toothpicks, toothbrush, mouthwash, bandages, wet wipes and hand sanitizer. • Another bag can hold office supplies: paperclips, tape, a note book, pen, pencil, stamps and elastic bands. Seat Pockets • It never hurts to have maps or a print out of directions to frequently visited locations in case the GPS fails. • Business people will benefit from keeping a zippered business portfolio with paper, pen, calculator, business cards and promotional material. • A zippered tote bag can also double as a briefcase. • Puzzle books or toys to entertain children ensure stress free trips. • A garbage can is essential to keep your car organized. ■ Karen Sencich CPO® Certified Professional Organizer®, Speaker and Writer

© Svitlana Mykhalevych |

Trunk Organization • Utilize totes (available in fabric or hard sided bins that fold flat). Allocate space for necessities such as fluids, jumper cables, a flashlight, flares and a first aid kit. • Tuck a supply of reusable grocery bags, including a small folding cooler bag for transporting frozen foods. • If the weather suddenly changes, an old pair of comfortable shoes will save shoe leather from being ruined. • A shawl, poncho or raincoat is handy for added warmth and protection. • Gardening gloves are great protection when pumping gas or filling up engine fluids. • Keep several plastic bags and a small towel for cleaning up messes. • Store binoculars in the trunk to guarantee that you’ll have them for the theatre and concerts.




Talk & Action By Dean Hollin

Megan Murphy


Wake up. Shower. Brush teeth. Get dressed. Grab a bit of breakfast – maybe some coffee in your favourite mug. Sounds pretty ‘every day’ for millions of people, right? However, if your shuffle-off-to-work means topping up that coffee and shuffling to the next room, switching on a monitor and a microphone and sharing some laughs with thousands of listeners, well…that’s pretty sweet! Megan Murphy was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario. The middle of three girls, seems she caught the theatre bug fairly early in life, participating in community theatre productions and such. Perhaps even earlier than that, she caught the “community service bug”. A win-win situation because as her high schooling was ending, she was one of a small handful of Canadian youth recognized and awarded the TD Canada Trust Outstanding Community Leadership Award. Along with that prestigious award came a $50,000.00 scholarship which ended up covering all the costs of her post-secondary education – a Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University. Wow!

Megan visits Dingle Peninsula Ireland visiting in memory of her father.

Meg’s work with and for the community continued with organizations such as the MS Society. Her work in theatre also forged along. She was one of a handful of actors who started up a new Toronto-based theatre group – Column 13. The group produced and presented theatre in the old distillery district of the city – theatre with some edge and some grit. Life often throws curve-balls, and before Meg reached her quarter-century mark here on this planet, she got one in the form of her father’s illness and eventual death from cancer. Understandably, it was a difficult time.

Building a house with friend Amber in Thailand after the 2004 Sunami.

Her father’s illness had brought her back home to Peterborough. That summer, the theatre-girl accepted a job in radio – well sort of – driving the local station’s “Summer Cruiser” (a 40-foot R.V.) to hot-dog festivals and the like. Summer ended and it was back to Toronto, and as 2005 rolled in, it was off to Asia. Asia? You bet! You see, during Christmas of ’04, the world experienced one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history – the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. Meg felt compelled to do something, so she jumped on a plane and flew to South Thailand – on her own coin. She spent four months there picking up pieces and building houses. continued on page 66




& ENTERTAINMENT Megan Murphy ...continued from page 65

Megan plays with a small boy who lost both his parent in the 2004 Sunami

...gentle insights of awareness and change

hiking in Northern Viet Nam at the end of her Asian trip

Impressive of Meg is her boundless energy, enthusiasm and spirit. Despite losing her mother a year ago (also to cancer) she continues as film-maker, professional improv artist, and co-host to not one, but two morning shows – STAR 93.3 and 107.9 The Breeze – via internet from the comfort of her own home. Wow, Meg, wow! Dean Hollin Singer, Playwright and Live Stage Performer


© Janaka Dharmasena |

Not too long after her return to Canada, the “radio people” called. Their morning show girl had left and they had Meg in mind for the job. The next few years were a bit of back and forth between Coburg and Toronto – radio and theatre – on-air and auditioning. Included was a 10-month program with the Second City Conservatory. More recently she made some time to study Documentary Film-making at Seneca College.








Moving to Canada in 1978 at the age of five from Dundee Scotland, Sacha Law found her new home a bit of a challenge in the beginning. Even though she hailed from Scotland, Sacha was named after a French folk singer, Sacha Distel. Her surname, Law, is Gaelic for the word ‘hill’.

As Good As It Gets... By Lorraine Leslie


“By the time we moved to Canada, I had travelled twice to Europe in a large van that my Dad had converted to a motor home. I had many experiences that most young children do not get. I watched the indigenous women of Morocco wash their clothes in rivers, using rocks and seeming to be quite happy as they performed this chore.We crossed borders into countries where the guards had machine guns and learned to eat many different types of foods and adapt to different cultures from Germany to Spain, Holland to Turkey, the Eastern block countries and even into Africa. Traveling through the Sahara desert on one occasion, where the motor home broke down in the middle of nowhere and the Nomads appeared and towed us back to their oasis, where we stayed for three weeks while repairs were made to the vehicle. They were a very accommodating people, even bringing us fresh fruits, such as bananas and dates, in the middle of nowhere! I have never tasted anything that has even compared to those dates! One exciting experience I will never forget is going up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower and seeing the Coliseum, Moroccan markets and living briefly in Portugal and Spain. I even went to Nursery School there! How fortunate I was to be able to speak both Spanish and English at an early age as my parents would often



take me to markets to “translate” as best as I could. I was eighteen months old the first time and three years old the second time we made the journey.”

“My parents, Marlyn and Derrick, were having a hard time naming me, so when I left the hospital I was called “Baby Law”. I believe it was my Dad who came up with my name. I have no middle name, nor do either of my parents. An only child with adventurous parents, I was in tow as they travelled extensively, throughout Europe and North America.”

Shane Maclaughlan |


Sacha at six months

Sacha with on the rocks in Morocco - age two

“Being a redhead had its advantages, as I would often be given gifts, such as fresh fruits or jewels, as Redheads are quite rare. Only two percent of the population are redheads. Many of the places we visited had never even seen anything like me before! Flaming long red hair and white alabaster skin...not sure they knew what to make of me!” When Sacha’s family decided to immigrate to Canada in 1978 they settled in Toronto near Victoria Park and the Danforth area. After six months they moved to Yonge and Eglinton; then to Mississauga... “I made a conscious effort to get rid of my accent. Not only did I have red hair, I talked ‘funny’, according to the other children at school. I attended over seven public schools in and around the Greater Toronto Area and believe that I am a better person for it. Gregarious by nature, I believe being forced into situations where I had to meet new people has helped with my ability to converse with anyone, anywhere. Anyone who knows me knows I am not shy! This certainly helped me in later life as a professional performer.” “I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be involved in many different school productions throughout my

Sacha with her mother in Portugal - age three

continued on pg. 70





Sacha Law ...continued from pg. 70

Sacha Law ...continued from pg. 69

By the age of ten, Sacha had been in numerous productions including - The Three Little Pigs,The Wizard of Oz, countless Variety shows, and had competed in Choral Singing Competitions. “I always had great musical mentors and was fortunate they recognized my abilities at a young age. From teachers to friends and family I was very much encouraged to cultivate my gift of singing”.

Sacha in Paris - age four

“I recognized this was not my vision which resulted in selling the property in 2000, to Donna Mullen, another Woman with Vision!”

“When I started classes at Wexford, it was in the process of becoming the Performing Arts School that it is recognized for today. Being involved in the production of Godspell (twice), we (the cast) competed in the Sears Ontario Drama Festival at the University of Toronto Hart House Theatre – we won Second Place.”

In 2001 Sacha sold her property in Wasaga Beach and moved to Collingwood, where she bought a Georgian Home in need of some love and repair. During that time she worked for Carriages in Thornbury, now known as Bridges. “I started bartending and working for the Bed and Breakfast, meeting some very interesting characters along the way! I really enjoyed Thornbury and was sad when the business was sold.”

“That was the first real stage production I was in and I loved every minute of it! I thoroughly enjoyed the ensemble numbers and I became quite comfortable as a solo performer. Acting was something new to me and the Wexford Music Theatre program helped me to explore that side even more. Under the creative guidance of Ann Merriam, Bob Johnson and many others, the cast was exposed to many opportunities, such as performing for the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon.” Sacha's Grade One School photo

As Sacha’s high school years were coming to an end she was unsure of her career path. She explored the possibility of getting into Radio and Television Broadcasting at Centennial College. “I had always known I enjoyed using my voice in front of people and thought I would enjoy being behind the scenes. Life however, had other plans for me and I didn’t continue with post secondary education.”

“Music was still a large part of my life and in 2005 I competed at the Fergus Scottish Festival, the largest one of its kind in North America. I won the title of Celtic Idol which gave me a chance of a lifetime and an experience I will never forget. My Celtic roots really helped me and I had the chance to work with Canada’s own Tom Leadbeader, a fantastic talent. This is one award that I proudly show people. It has empowered me to explore all the facets and genres of music.” “It was shortly after that I started working in Fashion. I have always been a clothes horse and couldn’t believe that I had never worked in a retail clothing store. It is such a reward to help someone find that perfect outfit or accessory piece that they love. The irony is that fifteen years later I now work for a new boutique in Collingwood.”

“My parents decided to return to Scotland for a few years and as a young woman in my twenties I opted to stay and live in the city. This is where for about five years there was no music, in the way of performing, in my life. At this point, I cannot fathom how that happened.”

“While living and working in Wasaga Beach I was fortunate to join the Wasaga Beach Theatre performing in the production of Oklahoma where I met friends that I still have to this day. Also, through that I was introduced to many local musicians and subsequently started to perform in bands around the area. Playing in bands was new to me and I had always been in musicals and plays. (However) it is subtly different and I had a learning curve, one which I can say I have taken full advantage of and have succeeded at through the encouragement of many, many great local musicians, such as local talent, Jason Redman, John Eaton and John Marshall, plus countless others. I am happy to say that

“Music is such a creative outlet for me. It keeps me balanced. I cannot imagine not having it in my daily life!” Sacha describes herself as a hard working tenacious woman. “I’ve always been steadfast, determined. My parents made sure of that! I grew up helping my parents as we renovated houses; like sanding and painting my bedroom dresser


“Opportunity knocked and I moved out of the city to start a family business in the wonderful, wacky and sometimes wild world of a Restauranteur. I opened The Food Factory Diner in Wasaga Beach in 1997 where I met some wonderful people and learned many lessons. Having had no formal cooking training or business background I was up for the challenge.” Not yet understanding or starting to follow her true path, Sacha felt that having something so consuming as a restaurant was not her life-long dream and commitment.

Upon returning to Canada, Sacha entered Wexford Collegiate in Scarborough Ontario, knowing that she wanted to perform. It was there that she got her chance to become a better well-rounded performer.

“Going to the TV studio was such a thrill as a teenager! We also staged a production of Grease, where I played a few different roles including the actual singing for the lead role Sandy; yes it was a Milli Vanilli moment!”


at the age of six! I got my first ‘job’ when I was about eleven, working for my uncle in his bakery, and my first real job was working at the Dominion grocery store at Eglinton Square in Scarborough; first as a cashier, and then in the Deli department, where I continued to work for eleven years.”

childhood, which is where my heart truly lies. A born performer, I spent many days playing dress up with my Nana, and I believe that was only a stepping stone into the world of Entertainment.”

At age eleven Sacha and her parents moved back to Scotland for a couple years. This was another transition time for her. “Again I had to alter my new Canadian accent and replace it with a Scottish one. I know this helped my ability to mimic different tones when singing.”


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Sacha performing at the Kasbar in Collingwood at the Improv Night

Jason has recently joined our Band, Touch of Vinyl. We look forward to playing with such a well rounded performer. We just performed for the second year at the Collingwood Elvis Festival was so much fun!” “As I look back on my twenties and all the fun I had with friends and family, I realize now that it wasn’t until my thirties that I found my passion in life. Healing, music, fashion, these are all things that I am passionate about. It suddenly occurred to me they all have a common theme, making yourself or someone else feel good. Harmony is a common theme in my life. As we get older and life starts to spin faster and faster, it only makes sense that we should do the things that make us feel good as a person, on the inside and out.” Through Jin Shin Juytsu, a Japanese Healing Art, and Essential Oils and music, Sacha has finally found her road to inner peace and sanctuary that many people don’t even realize they are missing. “People need to relearn how to just ‘BE’. Life really is simple when you take it one day at a time. My five year plan is to be fit and fabulous at forty and record my first CD by Christmas 2013.” continued on pg. 72

Sacha's Graduation at age 19








Sacha Law ...continued from pg. 71

Would a, Could a, Should a…

“My thirties were definitely a time for reflection and redesigning myself as the person I strive to be. I found a sense of community here in Collingwood, and have had the opportunity to work closely with many great people, in many different capacities. Some highlight events I really enjoyed volunteering for are;The Ontario Winter Games,The MS Walk, CIBC’s Run for the Cure, and The Annual Collingwood Music Showcase which benefits the Collingwood Optimist Club, helping schools to buy musical instruments, which is something close to my heart.”

“You can’t find a missed opportunity!”

“Having turned forty I am now enjoying all the possibilities that life is offering me, such as being on the cover of the Women with Vision Magazine and sharing my life story... A few years back, I was fortunate to get the chance to do the radio jingle for Lorraine’s Women with Vision commercial, with the assistance of John Eaton, whom I have worked with over the last ten years. John and I also continue to play music in local bands. Recently with the addition of Julie Leblanc, I have also tried my hand at Comedy Improv. This past summer I completed my second show at the historic Gayety Theatre in downtown Collingwood. What a great experience! The first of many to come, I’m sure. All this time and I didn’t know I was funny! This is something I look forward to cultivating more as I enter into this decade of my life and beyond.” Sacha shared with me that happiness is something that comes easily to her. “People always comment on the fact that I am smiling a lot! Why not? I’m surrounded by many great friends and family and mentors and teachers. Having lived in the area for almost fifteen years now, the longest I have lived anywhere, I feel that I am truly blessed. I live and work and play in one of the most beautiful places and am proud to say that I have recently applied to become a Canadian Citizen, something that has become important in my life as I get older.


Sacha performing Improv skits with John Eaton and Dean Hollin in Collingwood

I will never discard my Scottish heritage, and all the experiences that I have been afforded in my life. Making Canada home has been one of the best things for me. I cannot imagine living anywhere else but here.” Sacha lives by what she believes – Be true to yourself and follow your chosen path...find what you love to do and be a happy positive person. This is as good as it gets!

■ copyright Lorraine Leslie – Women with Vision Magazine September, 2013

~ Lorraine Leslie

© Brad Calkins |

Sacha performing at an outside Street Party in Blue Shoes

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“When I was about ten, I began to learn the clarinet, but then moved back to Scotland. It was there that I was first introduced to the guitar, however for me, it was a full size guitar and sadly, I was unable to play it. My fingers couldn’t even reach the top of the strings. So, at the age of 30, through the encouragement of a good friend, I decided to learn the guitar, and through that discovered that I also really enjoyed the Bass too. As much as singing is a passion for me, it was through playing an instrument that I feel I have grown as a musician. Watching and listening to the amazing talent in the Georgian Bay area, I felt inspired to join in on the fun. The support has been amazing and very much appreciated. I’ve learned something from every artist I have had the privilege to play with. This will be a lifelong journey for me, continuing to grow as a musician and as a person. There is something special about being able to connect and communicate with other people through music.”

By Marj Sawers

Remember the old saying....”When life deals you lemons, make lemonade”? I am not sure how old I was when I first heard it, but I have used it as a guide line most of my life. Now, I don’t know about you but my life has not always been easy, but it has been consistent with the amount of change I have experienced. After I grew out of temper tantrums, and “the would a-could a-should-a dance” I stopped looking back and started to plan forward. I put the energy I could have spent on a pity party into researching my market for direction. If my new approach did not work then acceptance always did. The trick is if you bomb with your new idea, reinvent it, or start over with a fresh new plan. When I accepted my situation as my new normal, solutions started to unfold. Listen to input from your peers and your clients. You are have had, or are having the same experience. I feel adversity has always brought the best out in me, it is where I have learned my most valuable lessons, I could not have come through those challenges without the support of my Peers, Family and Friends. That is when they shared their “knock down” moments as an object lesson rather than a “pity party” topic. The time to become a sponge (not a sponger) is when you are down, take a fresh look at your business or situation “top to bottom”, it just may be the time to sit and wait for the answer. Now is your opportunity to grow and to

expand your horizon. Read and discuss the challenge and some of your possible solutions with a trusted, experienced friend, sit quiet and wait for the answers.....they will appear. Do some research on what other people/companies in your industry are doing. Maybe it is time to upgrade your training in your selected field. Research what courses are available and also if there are any grants available. If you are an employee, you may be experiencing a set back at work? I have several friends who are in a panic because some of their co-workers are being offered packages and they assume they will be next. Look into getting out of the Department/product you are in. Do some research to see if you qualify for some grants or training for your own business or to upgrade your education? See it as an opportunity, not a setback. Take advantage of this time to adjust your sails and figure out who you really are or where you are in the market place. I find it so uplifting to speak with my peers who are upgrading their education. Some have gone back to finish degrees. I take my hat off to them. Is it easy? No! But, is it doable? Definitely! Set your goals, do not take your eye off them and you can make any changes you choose.

■ Marj Sawers, Retired Philanthropist




Signs, Signals, Grateful Awareness & Closure WHAT MORE CAN WE ASK!


© Cornelius20 |


By Deborah Johnson

Have you ever unintentionally hesitated as a light changes from red to green and as you delay another vehicle runs the intersection? Had you moved forward as you normally would…weren’t you lucky you paused for some unaccountable reason!

Was it luck, intuition, or a loved one who has passed, keeping you out of harms’ way?

Was it a malfunction or was my client’s father getting his ‘two cents worth in,’ to give her comfort and closure?

Coincidence? This occurrence gave greater consolation to this person than any words I or anyone else could have said. Our loved ones have subtle ways of letting us know they are still with us; from finding dimes at our feet, to seeing a particular bird dear to them when they were alive; to dreaming of them, feeling them and detecting their ‘scent’. Sometimes though subtleness is not enough and our passed loved ones need to make their presence known to us in more expressive ways – such as the incidents I have mentioned. Whatever the way and means they use; it gives us amazing comfort and reassurance to know they are still with us emotionally, mentally and spiritually – even though we have lost them physically.

During a group of readings last year the entire home filled with the aroma of roses during the entire reading for one particular person. As I learned through the reading, this person’s mother loved, grew, and sold roses right up until the time she passed. The over-powering fragrance vanished instantly from the entire house as soon as this individual’s reading ended.

Having this awareness and trusting they not only stand with us but continue to assist us, give us guidance, direction, assurance, and in some cases keep us out of harms’ way is truly as good as it gets…if we trust the signs they give us and embrace the energy they impart to us!

Stranger still, I was doing the readings in the basement, it was the middle of winter, all windows were closed, there were no flowers blooming in the house, nor any artificial fragrances being used.

■ Deborah Johnson Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker


© Elena Elisseeva |

Not long ago my husband and I visited a car dealership where coincidentally one of my clients works. This client recently lost her father and unfortunately never made it home in time to see him before he passed. Within minutes of us leaving the lot, all of the dealership door alarms began to chime and ring. The alarms continued shrilling for 20 minutes as staff frantically raced around trying to source the cause. As the bells rang around her my client stopped searching along with the others, sat down, smiled calmly to herself and acknowledged her father. The racket ceased instantly upon her acknowledgement. Technicians came in and inspected the system thoroughly but found no reason for the ‘malfunction’. The malfunction had never happened previously nor has it happened since.

...Explore the world around you



There are various sizes of ships. A cruise could be for a group of twelve or a few hundred people but each ship is designed to accommodate each guest; whether you are on a small or large ship personal attention is the mandate of the any cruise ship company. Personal attention; prompt seating in the dining room – attention to detail is of the upmost importance. Even the embarking and disembarkation are smooth and efficient. Oh, did I mention the food...the members of the Advisory Culinary Council has some of the world’s most influential chef ’s design the menus for your dining pleasure. In fact this is the only time I was served a perfect martini and it arrived on a silver platter. Be prepared to gain a pound or two and the pastries are amazing...but a girl can share.

All Aboard!

Formal dining is an elegant experience. Be sure to bring on dress up outfits. There are specialty restaurants or casual dining in many other areas of the ships. It’s like going out to a special spot every night without needing a designated driver. I love dancing or taking in an after dinner Cabaret show. Strolling the decks in the warm tropical breezes is delightful or sitting in a deck chair as the sun rises is breath taking.

By Marion Primeau

As a travel consultant for over thirty years, I invite you to embark on a journey with me...a fabulous cruise.

On board you can learn a new skill, such as flower or cake decorating. Take Signature cocktail classes, do wine tasting and when docked visit vintners. They have something for everyone and for all ages. What about keeping in shape while on vacation? On board you can participate in a Tai Chi class; play a game of volleyball or basketball or spend some time working out on the latest gym

It can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience or you could become extremely addictive and you become a cruiser for life.

equipment such as cardio and weight machines in the Fitness Center – what a great way to work up an appetite. Love to relax with a good book. An extensive on board library is available to research your next Port of Call. You’re Travel Guide will highlight all the cultural and natural highlights before you take your day trip ashore. Duty free shopping is always fun or stay aboard and enjoy a massage at the spa or try a new hair cut at the salon. Rain or shine take a plunge in one of the two pools with a retractable roof. There are even private cabanas by the Lido Pool for honeymoon couples. On some cruises the Port of Call presentations can have exclusive access to private homes; tours for sights off the beaten track, as well as the regular excursion. It doesn’t get any better when you go ashore with your very own personal driver and guide. In every Interior or Ocean View Stateroom there is personalized cruise stationery; fresh flowers; Euro-top mattress; a variety of firm, medium and soft pillows; 100 % Egyptian cotton towels; bathrobes for your use; flat panel TV and a DVD Player and more. All the comforts of home! All aboard!

■ Marion Primeau, CTM Certified Travel Consultant


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Cruising is one of the best ways to experience a vacation and see the world. There are so many destinations – and the nice thing is you settle into your stateroom and don’t have to unpack for a week or more.




Over the past twenty five years houses, cabins and a church have been relocated to the site…some coming as far away as Gibraltar. The Presbyterian Church which is still used for weddings year round brings a nostalgic atmosphere.

By Gone Days Heritage Village Village to Historical Adventure By Lorraine Leslie

Frank and Shirley Fisher were historical enthusiasts. Their interest in the Georgian Triangle’s heritage ignited a vision that became a reality in 1965 when they decided to slowly transform their operating Village into an educational tourist destination. The purpose of this small village, Fisherville, was to represent the ancestral homes, industry and home life of pioneers who selected this region into their homestead dating back to 1887. Fisherville gave Frank and Shirley a trilogy to be proud of. The original


name of their Village took on a life of its own and is now called By Gone Days Heritage Village. Today By Gone Days Heritage Village is managed by Don Hounsome and Al Findley. They continued to maintain all the buildings - houses, saw mill and Presbyterian Church on a daily basis. They can be seen making their own shingles in the saw mill and replacing old ones on the roofs of the log cabins or claylog homes.

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The original buildings arrive empty at the site before they are positioned, refurbished and furnished by doing historical research to ensure the demographic culture of the buildings is kept in its truest form. “People who have visited the historical site have turned around and donated many artifacts which we have staged to look like the original home environment that our ancestors lived in.” shared Don. The Fifty Year Anniversary will take place in 2015 and Dan and Al are working alongside the sites historical committee in hopes of doing some fundraising events and or receive grant funding to celebrate in the style which the village deserves. “Many families are linked to the founders and the people who donate their time and efforts to maintain this important project. We hope to revive the school educational programs so that younger generations can come and experience the site and will better understand the importance of their heritage.” says Don. During the summer months By Gone Days Heritage Village provides space for day camps and throughout the months of June, July and August many people book space for barbeques, weddings in the chapel which is complete with two operational organs. The buildings surround a natural pond with beautiful willow trees. The path of buildings start at the general store, to the printing workshop, leather house

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and saw mill to mention a few…all the way around to the beautiful white historical chapel

As the


Mountain Turns...


Shirley Fisher passed away in 2000 followed shortly after by Frank in 2002. Their legacy has become an important part of the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area.

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Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

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Sue Armstrong’s ‘The Wedding Planner Party’





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By Paola Gucciardi Throughout the calendar year (Jan – Dec), the Personal Year number offers insight about trends and experiences you will attract. The Personal Months have a secondary influence that colour this momentum and theme. To maximize the opportunities available to you, learn the overall purpose of your Personal Year and how to best utilize your Personal Months.

To Calculate Your Life Personal Year ... • Add the numerical values of Month of Birth + Day of Birth + **Universal Year (See Below) • Reduce the SUM to a single digit • **Universal Year – add the numerical value of the calendar year • 2013 = 2 + 0 + 1 +3 = 6; 2014 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7

Example: Born on October 16 1 2 3

December (10th month) 16 **Universal Year for 2013 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 1+6=7 6 1 + 7 + 6 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5 Personal Year

To Calculate Your Personal Months… • Add your Personal Year number + the numerical value of each month and reduce to a single digit Example: Personal Month in November 2013

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Personal Year November (11th month) 5 11 = 1 + 1 = 2 5 + 2 = 7 Personal Month in a 5 Personal Year

1 Embrace change; be decisive, daring and innovative. With confidence and determination plant the “seeds” that create the foundation upon which to build your future. Be open-minded, organized and focused. Avoid distractions and pay attention to details. 2 - Unusual sensitivity requires you to be patient and to use tact, cooperation and diplomacy. Stay focused on your goals as the momentum of last year is absent. To balance your nervous system, take time to rest, eat properly and meditate. 3 - Socializing, entertaining and creative expression is desirable this year. Stay focused on completing tasks to avoid scattering energies. 4 - Organization, practicality, security and working hard are essential. Concentration and perseverance are necessary but may cause frustration.

Flexible and versatile are important to guard against rigidity and worry.

5 - Impulsive energy promotes change, progression and variety. Embrace new opportunities, people, and travel while you move past last year’s restrictions. Restless energy may present challenges so use wisdom and prudence when making choices. 6 - Focus is on progress, financial

advancement, family and business. Work on creating an atmosphere of balance and harmony. Do not allow the burdens of others to become your own. Guard against worrying about financial affairs.

7 - Introspection is required to seek a deeper understanding of self and the purpose of life. Quiet the mind and use intuition to tune into what really matters to you. Not a year/month to make material goals your primary focus.

8 - Powerful year focused on pursuing

and achieving business goals. Referred to as the year of harvest and rewards where reward is directly proportionate to your commitment, efforts and motivation of the previous 7 years. Pay attention, stay positive and tap into your intuition, inner strength and confidence.

9 - Complete unfinished business and

de-clutter your life. Close doors to things that no longer serve you to make room for the new opportunities ahead. This low energy year is easier to handle if you redirect your attention to the needs of others.

■ Paola Gucciardi, Numerologist


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Life Numbers


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Into the distance I walk alone, Collecting my thoughts all my own.

Freedom to dream of tomorrow’s delights, I feel the warmth from the sun’s golden spotlight.

The glow will shine its endless light, Showing me the way to a peaceful night. Seagulls gliding near and far, Rippling waves splashing sandbars,


Women with Vision was founded in 1998 to offer business women a networking venue in which they can provide support for one another and develop new business connections. Through this dynamic networking opportunity attendees will receive motivation, inspiration, advice and mutual support to help them take their business & lives in general to the highest possible level.

What more could you ask for... Sun, sand and a glorious glow, This life, is truly as good as it gets.

By Lorraine Leslie

Guests & New Members are always welcome. Luncheons/Dinners: Breakfasts 7 a.m. / Luncheons 11:30 a.m. Dinners at 6:00 p.m. and last 2.5 hours. Each district has its own networking day and location.

Last Word

Districts: Barrie, Brampton, Collingwood, Etobicoke, Grey County, South Simcoe, Owen Sound

Cost: Each district has its own fee structure ranging from starting at $35. Reserved seating is a MUST! Contact the District Coordinator no later than 48 hours prior to the Women with Vision! Networking Breakfast/ Luncheon/ Dinner at the location of your choice. ™

Membership: Annual Fee: $75.00 + $9.75 HST = $84.75

Members benefits: • Direct mailing of Women with Vision Magazine to home or work • Card holder members receive $5 off on breakfast, luncheon or dinner In all regions

• 10% off magazine advertising* • 45 minute telephone coaching session with Award Winning Business & Life Coach Lorraine Leslie • WWV Membership tax receipt • Advance notification of networking events, conferences and trade shows • Annual Membership Card • Franchise opportunities

New Regions Opening all the time… To become a District Coordinator:

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As I stroll down the beach at day’s end, I know the sunset will not twist or bend.

Phone: 1-866-306-6021

Start a Women with Vision! Networking Association in YOUR community today! We are seeking businesswomen who are committed to excellence, leadership, mentorship and supporting like-minded women in business! The right person will understand business development, marketing and building the Women with Vision mission: to educate, motivate, inspire and promote women in business and daily living. If you are a leader that likes to change lives and you believe in working with a dynamic visionary team…Women with Vision is for YOU!

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