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If your goal is to build a rewarding and exciting career in publishing, then look no further than the best woman-owned company & professional networking team ~ Women with Vision! Inc.We can provide you with the opportunity to create a great career.

Women with Vision! Inc. is an award-winning publishing company that educates, promotes, inspires and motivates its readership, locally, provincially and across Canada. If you’re a positive outgoing person who likes to:

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We provide training, additional income streams, a vested interest in building the company, retirement security for you and your family while owning your own business within a business. Now that’s a VISION!™ Women with Vision! Inc. offers the opportunity of a lifetime for women looking to own their own business in publishing.



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How To Create Compelling Webinars By Susan Baka Try Putting A Little Spice In Your Life By Donna Messer


A Nutritionist’s Take On Canada’s Food Guide By Meredith Deasley Cool My Burning Heart By Lesley Paul Water Walking By Mark Metus

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Overheat Your Marriage Fast By Rick Ziemski


Avoiding Implementation Overload By Janette Burke


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What Is Cosmetic Tatooing? By Beth Nigh Flirty Fashion Toys And More By Marilyn Wetston

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! By Mary Ann Matthews Hot N’ Spicy DIvorce By Rose Pellar Summer Love - What Gives You The Edge? By Annette Lavigne

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Tateyama Home By Lorraine Leslie Some Like It Hot By Janet Kurasz Organize An Effective Consumer Complaint Campaign By Karen Sencich

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Iris Nowell My Life, Their Passion By Lorraine Leslie Leslie Kay - Having It All By Dean Hollin

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Dear Lorraine Enclosed please find a cheque for my year’s subscription to your magazine. I knew nothing of your magazine until this week when I spotted your most recent edition and was most impressed with the very interesting articles and excellent photography. VISION is a fabulous Canadian magazine which I intend to promote amongst my friends, Thanking you in advance Sincerely yours,

Moments In Time... Jennifer Robinson By Lorraine Leslie Bon Appétit! By Marj Sawers Straight Up Or On The Rocks By Lynda Pogue Twins By Deborah Johnson As The Mountain Turns Life Numbers By Paola Gucciardi Last Word By Lorraine Leslie




Women with...


Hi, Lorraine, I think of you often and enjoy getting your emails. I often wish I had the time to fit in your luncheons, but it just has not worked out. I appreciate everything you do for women in business and for women in business in Barrie especially. I think you are a remarkable woman! Thank you, Cheers..


Cathy Korpi



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Jeanette Arsenault

My Inner Voice

Laraine Hartley

Norm Foster - Playwright Extraordinaire By Lorraine Leslie

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Time Management Spring 2012

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I heard about [Women with Vision] from a friend of mine....her home is featured in it. As I’ve said before, it is beautiful.You have an amazing graphic art department, to say nothing of all the magazine’s other attributes. I continue to be astounded by your own variety of skills, even to the point of thinking of arranging veggies and fruits attractively to entice children to eat in a healthy fashion. I could hardly believe that Women with Vision has been in circulation for 13 years!!!! Congratulations!!!! Cheers,



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Lorraine, you are amazing...the photos are fantastic...you have inspired me today. Every issue of Women in Vision magazine has a new story to tell...from homes, fashion, personal inspiration to trends...as soon as I finish this one, I look forward to the next issue Thanks

Joyce Arsenault Hi Lorraine, Britt and I had a wonderful time Thursday night. It was such a special experience for me to see my daughter take part in such a venue with other inspiring women and totally enjoy it! Deborah was amazing and I will definitely contact her again as well as enjoy her book. I have started reading Vision Speak by Eden Watt and am really enjoying that as well and plan to buy a few more copies for friends and family. Thank-you so much for your gift in bringing people and events together and making magic happen! Warmly,

Karen Patriquin www.womenwithvision.ca 7






of Thought Most of us reach turning points in our lives. It could be moving to a new city; going to a new school, getting married or changing our career. And, sometimes we accidently come across something with incredible potential and if we act quickly our thought patterns will organize themselves and create what I call an incident of thought.

James Wright, an engineer, discovered how a combination of boric acid and silicone oil produced an interesting glob of goo that was used as wallpaper glue until he conducted more tests. He found it would bounce when dropped, stretch quite a distance, didn't collect mould, and had a very high melting temperature. This goo became a toy and a multimillion dollar enterprise called Silly Putty. Patsy Sherman, a research chemist for the 3M Company, was assigned to work on fluorochemicals to develop a new kind of rubber for jet aircraft fuel lines. Instead, a lab mishap spurred the invention of a completely different application when her assistant accidentally dropped a bottle of synthetic latex all over her white tennis shoes. Patsy was fascinated to notice that the substance did not change the look of the shoes, it could not be washed away by any solvents, and it repelled water, oil and other liquids. This accidental discovery later became known as Scotchgard™.

In this summer issue of Women with Vision, our feature article is about a woman whose thoughts and determination propelled her into the international spotlight. While gliding around the ice in Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum Jennifer Robinson’s thoughts were of gold and making the Olympic Team. These thoughts manifested a determination within her inner being to focus on her vision which became a reality. Iris Nowell thought about her gifted artist friends from the 1960’s and how their combined beliefs and talents made important changes in how Canadian abstract art was interpreted. Her call to action was finding a way to share their insights and creations; she wrote and designed a significant book on Canadian Art ensuring future generations will have the pleasure of enjoying the historically important Painters Eleven. Every second our life decisions are the result of our thoughts. Each thought starts a life of its own…either it was a mistake or an accident or an incident of thought. So, I ask you to move forward and take action on your personal incident of thought.

Allowing ourselves to be open and receive the unexpected is how accidents turn into incidents of thought. The moment we become aware of an idea it is our choice to act on it or let it fall by the wayside. Nominated for

Lorraine Leslie Founder/Publisher

2005, 2006, 2009 & 2010

The feature people about whom I write, have traveled a long, winding road to success – each one on their own journey; a journey that sometimes hasn't been smooth. These people open their hearts to inspire and motivate others, of all ages, to follow their dreams and passions, creating their ultimate VISION!™

8 www.womenwithvision.ca

…connecting through educational & networking updates

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Here are a few examples of what I mean… Frank Epperson, an eleven-year-old boy, left some soda pop outside with a stick in it and it froze. It tasted so good that Frank worked for eighteen years on patenting his enjoyable mouth-watering treat which was later famously named the Popsicle.









a Little Spice in Your Life!

to Market Your Business

By Donna Messer

Canada’s First “Spice Girl”

By Susan Baka

This cost-effective lead generator is a proven winner for companies of all sizes

There are many different webinar delivery platforms and presentation structures to choose from (search Google). For best results, make sure that you have: • A moderator – to introduce the speaker and help keep things running smoothly. • Expert(s) – one or more speakers, ideally including you. • Polls – ask questions of your audience throughout and post results immediately. • Q&A – answer audience questions at the end. This will not only demonstrate that you care, but will also help you learn what is important to potential customers. You can gauge the success of the session by the number of questions you receive. When crafting the content of your presentation: • Define your goals. Trying to attract new customers? Reach your existing clients? Introduce yourself as an expert? Establishing upfront what you want to accomplish will help you both create webinar content and promote it to the right audience. If it is your first webinar, make it a fairly broad topic. • Think about your audience at all times. Focus on their interests and provide solutions to their challenges. Make sure what you deliver is of value to them. For example, a website builder could present a webinar on ‘5 Proven Ways to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly.’ 10 www.womenwithvision.ca

Sometimes we don’t see what others see. When I looked into my mirror the day I knew I had to find a new career or a new job, all I saw was my education and where I’d worked in the past.

• Keep it simple with straightforward slides and accompanying words. Your webinar will only be successful if it draws an audience. Here are ways to promote it:

However, my friends didn’t see what I saw, they saw that “I made things taste good, look pretty; they said I was a good speaker and a good listener.” What did it tell me about myself that I didn’t know? It made me realize that sometimes we take for granted those special skills and talents that are easy for us.

• Create a pitch email. Use appealing images, large headlines that clearly state what the webinar is all about, easy to find registration links, and ensure the email renders well on mobile devices. • Promote it on your website, in your email signature and any other marketing materials that you create that have a short shelf life. • Use social media. Create an events page on LinkedIn and Facebook. Tweet often about it and ask your followers to retweet. Include social sharing buttons on email invitations. • Make it easy to register. Don’t ask too many questions in the registration form or try to add different marketing messages on the registration form’s landing page. • Send reminder emails. A good schedule to follow is 10 days prior to the webinar, then four days, then a reminder the day before. If you think a webinar would resonate with your potential customers, but you lack the skills to create and deliver a presentation, don’t hesitate to outsource. Writers experienced in the medium can create both your script and PowerPoint slides. Be sure to follow up webinar registrants afterwards. This is how you can truly generate leads. ■ Susan Baka, President Bay Communications & Marketing Inc. sbaka@baycomm.ca www.baycomm.ca

Once you know who you are, and where you’re heading, how do you take the right steps?

connection was a retailer who could buy my products. It was by building the relationship first, finding the common ground that I was able to tap into a market that would last me for a decade! I believed and I achieved I sold the spice company many years ago. The secret to my success was taking time to see what others saw when they looked in my mirror. My journey of discovery was exciting, exhilarating, and educational. What I learned then, I still use today. We were a small company, in the right place, at the right time, with the right product! We went from a loan of $3,000.00 to sales of over a million dollars in just over a year………and we did it putting a little spice into the lives of our customers!

For me it was learning from the experts, finding out what I didn’t know that would add value to who I was. In the past we used yellow pages – today its computers – who do we know that can help us move forward? Often, its seniors, people who have already been where we want to go. I went to Horton’s Spice Mills and met “old Tom”. I told him that I owned a company that manufactured gourmet herbs and spices and that I wanted to learn everything I could about the spice industry. He mentored me and shared his expertise. We never bought from anyone else!

■ Donna Messer Networking Expert, International Speaker www.connectuscanada.com

How did I find the team to help me be successful?

Photo: Yanka Van der Kolk

Presenting a webinar (a seminar conducted over the Internet) about a timely topic in your industry can be as engaging a way to generate leads as face-to-face marketing, but much less expensive. A webinar is not a sales pitch. Its purpose is to provide compelling content that will engage and educate your target audience, help them make decisions, increase the value of your brand by associating you with great content, position you as a thought leader in your industry and, of course, generate leads.

Look in the Mirror – what do we see?

I lived in the country; my neighbours were farmers. I called them, invited them to join me, and to see what I had to offer. They came, they looked, they tasted and they stayed! Why? Because their strengths that would compliment what we wanted to accomplish! My neighbours shared their contacts with me, and one

www.womenwithvision.ca 11




“We didn’t actually overspend our budget. The allocation simply fell short of our expenditure.” ~ Keith Davis Most of us would agree that adding some “spice” to warm up a marriage is good, but if you want a sure way to overheat it the wrong way, just ignore the issue of sound money management and watch what happens. Couples that know this lesson first hand and also those avoiding it are turning to financial experts for advice. Much financial advice is sound. However, beware of both the weak and the self-appointed breed of financial experts who lack adequate experience or skill and may not be subject to any uniform professional standard. Backgrounds can be varied and often riddled with conflict of interest, so pre-caution is mandatory. For those seeking advice, my advice is to look hard at the individuals behind the advice. Some of the more useful advice on money and marriage from both personal experience and that of others rolls up into one hand: 1. Early Dialogue Frequently, the same courting couples that intimately discuss personal interests, family, religion, sex, child rearing, blood types etc., will not mutter one word about personal finance. It’s almost like talking about money and marriage is the ultimate insult or deal breaker. Well, you need to get over it. Family finance is highly integral to the success of all marriages and unfortunately is today a leading source of marital breakup. So put the conversation at the front end of your screening process and if it kills the romance then consider yourself lucky. It probably saved you from some longer term grief. 2. Financial Literacy The overall level of financial literacy in Canada has proven inadequate and a key contributor to poor personal financial hygiene. It’s also true that financial matters have become much more complex and it is very difficult for the average person to go it alone without financial advice. Nonetheless, like learning to brush teeth, it’s incumbent on us to establish a base understanding of financial matters. Couples must commit to this learning. 3. Long Term Goals In the romantic pursuit years people often share life dreams with 12 www.womenwithvision.ca

prospective partners. These dreams make excellent seeds for developing goals which, in turn, are fundamental to financial planning; both long-term strategies and short term budgets. It’s a very naturally flowing process. Whether you want to be an Olympic equestrian medalist or raise a family of six, there is always a financial impact. If you translate your dreams into a good financial map, they can be realized and shared comfortably within your marital partnership. 4. Sense of Discipline Maybe you’ve noticed that “nature” is all about balance, including the way we humans live our lives. Unfortunately, achieving life balance is not possible without discipline. If we eat too much of the wrong food we will get fat and put our health out of balance and at risk. Likewise, excesses in spending money will imbalance and ruin financial health.Typically money is always a scarce resource, so both partners must exercise financial discipline. Remember that you can only spend or save what you earn.Those of us who ignore discipline and don’t leave our personal sense of entitlement at the marital doorstep will risk becoming irresponsible partners and will contribute to an unhappy marriage. 5. Proper Financial Structure For the best financial structure many advisors follow the “whatever works for you” thinking. My view is why grope around reinventing wheels.Take a page from business structures: • Combined simple structure with all financial activity transparent • Proven software: Quicken recommended • Simple joint banking with one of each; chequing, saving, credit card, credit line • Proven process; annual balanced budget, monthly reports and review meetings Ok, now let’s go out for dinner...spicy of course! ■ Richard Ziemski C.A. Management Consultant rickziemski@cogeco.ca

© Marco Lensi | Dreamstime.com

By Rick Ziemski


Avoiding Implementation

Overheat your Marriage Fast


Overload By Janette Burke

Many Women Entrepreneurs struggle with what they refer to as “implementation overload - where they find themselves bouncing from one marketing idea, program or strategy to the next before getting it fully in place or giving it a fair chance to work. No matter how good you are at juggling multiple tasks, there comes a point when you lose perspective on what is best for you to focus on. You may find yourself pulling back, putting key projects on hold, dropping out of coaching programs, not learning new business building strategies and reducing the goals you set - none of which is the best choice. If you don't address the underlying reasons that got you to this place first, the cycle will repeat itself. So let me share my three top secrets on how to consistently launch and implement new programs without stress: #1 LET GO OF THE LITTLE THINGS FIRST - While your initial reaction may be to let go of what you perceive to be a bigger project or commitment, or a project that’s outside your comfort zone, PLEASE DON'T! You'll be making a mistake as bigger projects are usually just the ones that will move your business forward. You’re better off immediately removing all of the small tasks from your to-do list and find the freedom and peace of mind you’re seeking. Pull out your to-do list and immediately eliminate three items on it that are not income producing. #2 NEVER SACRIFICE GETTING MENTORING OR COACHING - Women biz owners are notorious for trying to “go it alone” because they feel they “should” be able to do everything themselves. Ladies, this is not natural. Nor is it in Divine flow.Women are meant to collaborate and band together

during tough times. There is truly no shame in asking for help and it’s in no way an admission of failure. Your mentors are here to help you. So instead of retreating, reach out and ask for support. Reach out for help this week on a topic that’s been overwhelming you. #3 USE SYSTMS TO LIBERATE YOU When I started growing my business, I created a checklist at the start of every project, listing each of the tasks that would need to be done. Then, I would “work” off this list every day. It felt great to check off each action item I accomplished and get the emotional reassurance I needed to know I was on track. Even though my business is much bigger now, I still follow the same strategy. I'm addicted to the feeling of freedom, grace and ease that using checklists supplies that I can’t imagine going back to the “winging it” approach. © Yuri Arcurs | Dreamstime.com


Create a step-by-step checklist of what is needed to complete the project that feels most overwhelming. Even if you don't know how to do all of the steps yourself listing them out will help you feel energized and find the right resources. If you use the feeling overwhelm to help you create better systems and focus on letting go of the small stuff, you’ll quickly find the freedom you desire…and grow your business - so don’t panic or let yourself get off track.

■ Janette Burke Marketing/PR Coach, Consultant and Columnist janette@yourmarketingmagnet.com www.yourmarketingmagnet.com www.womenwithvision.ca 13





DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY! …I’m smiling, not frowning By Mary Ann Matthews The words in the title puts me in mind of Bob Marley’s song, ‘Don’t Worry. Be Happy’. Four little words of advice. Easy to say, yet hard to do.

That’s easy to say, yet not so easy to do. In handwriting and printing, worry shows up in a very logical way. Worry has to do with our imagination. I say to my students that every time you see a loop in handwriting or printing, it is some kind of imagination. Worry is upside down imagination. Worry is upside down because it is going nowhere!

Women with...


Life Line

Business Mentor

Transformational Coaching

Lorraine Leslie 1-866-306-6021 womenwithvision@rogers.com

14 www.womenwithvision.ca

Hot n’ Spicy

DIVORCE A “hot ‘n spicy” romance can sometimes lead to a bland marriage or one too hot to handle, resulting in a heated divorce battle, and the tales spun by one or both parties are only “spicy” enough to be in the tabloids.

To find the worry stroke in handwriting and printing, it most frequently shows up in ‘m’s and ‘n’s. Notice the ‘m’s in the words ‘I’m’ and ‘smiling’. They have those upside down loops in them. That’s worry. Similarly with the ‘n’s in the words ‘smiling’, ‘not’ and ‘frowning’. There are upside down worry loops here too. The intensity of the writer’s worry is directly related to the number of times they take advantage of the opportunity to make those upside down loops in m’s and n’s. In the above sample, the writer is a major worrier! Happiness, on the other hand, is characterized by positive emotions, not negative ones. Defining happiness is almost impossible. It means something different to each one of us, ranging from the joy of a warm bath, accomplishing a goal, to being in love. Bob Marley had the right idea. No need to waste time worrying when we can use that same time to be happy instead. Seems like a challenge! Yes, the trail of ink that we leave as our pen travels across the page really does tell our story.

• Marketing Consultant • Advertising Specialist

Life Line Transformational Coaching is your professional link to building awareness and taking your business and personal life to the next level. Improve your marketing and communications skills while achieving your life goals.


By Rose Pellar, B.A.S., LL.B.

We know that worry is a useless trait. It is an anti-happy trait. It is negative. As an emotion, it is anxiety or concern about something real or imagined. We worry about getting our kids through university. We worry about finances - will there be enough money for retirement? We worry that we will not be able to measure up. We worry about health issues. …and on and on….. It’s a known fact that it is impossible to worry when we are fully present. In other words, we can worry when we are thinking about something in the future (Will I be able to get to my destination on time? or -Will they think that I am incompetent and fire me?). We can worry about something that happened in the past (Why did I say that and cause an argument? or - I should have done that first instead of getting myself into such a jam.). When we are totally engaged ‘in the moment’, we are fully present with what is going on around us and we are unable to worry about anything.


■ Mary Ann Matthews CGA - Certified Graphoanalyst maryann@handwriting.ca www.handwriting.ca

To steer clear of a “hot ‘n spicy” divorce, may require you to avoid the “hot ‘n spicy” romance in the first place. I can hear the loud “Oh no’s” all the way over here in Wasaga Beach! Yes, it is so appealing to the romantically inclined to want to experience the thrill of a hot ‘n spicy courtship, and who can blame us? Movies, television and romance novels have all glamorized the hot ‘n spicy relationships. There is an old adage however that says “how you do anything is how you do everything”. So be prepared that the person who was so fervent and passionate will likely be passionate also in the divorce, but this time his passion is directed towards winning their fight, not your affection.

you. Instead, focus on exactly what you want in your spouse, make a list and tweak the list so it properly describes the qualities you are seeking. Look at the list every day and imagine how it feels when your ideal mate appears. Your relationship may not be hot ‘n spicy but it will sure feel like a nice warm blanket on a cold chilly night.

■ Rose Pellar, B.A.S., LL.B.,Barrister & Solicitor Pellar Family Law Professional Corporation rosepellar@pellarfamilylaw.com

Why not start your relationship on a solid foundation instead of one which has you participating in a “Survivor” challenge? Ask yourself what are your “must haves” in your potential partner? If integrity is a value high on your list, be wary of the suitor who cheats on his expenses, or who feels it is okay to tell lies. If sound financial management is important to you, chuck the individual who has declared bankruptcy or consistently buys “toys” he cannot afford. Watch your suitor to see how he treats his mother, his friends, the waitress, and other drivers on the road. Does he treat each person he interacts with in a respectful manner? Ask yourself – Do I like his behavior in all respects or do any of them irk me? Surprisingly, it’s the mundane that sometimes tip the scale when the romance is no longer there. One lady told me she always hated how her husband chewed his food and towards the end of the relationship it was everything she could do to avoid throwing a plate at him. Equally important, you should know exactly what you do not want in your life partner. Do you want a family but he is opposed to having children? Is Religion important to you but he is bordering on being an atheist? Is he a work-aholic whereas family time is important to you? Caution: do not focus on what you do not want because that is exactly what you will attract to

www.womenwithvision.ca 15





Summer Love…

What Gives You the Edge? By Annette Lavigne

Are you CI without OI? An acronym I developed to improve communications.

Curiosity Be curious; prepare the top 5 questions, current events or fact finding open ended questions, such as “Did you watch the Leaf games this year? How do you think they could improve and come together next year?” (This is a great conversation starter, trust me!) Use the names of those you meet, there is nothing sweeter than the sound of your own name. This will also allow you to pick up on whether the other person is self absorbed and is willing to learn a little about you.

Pellar Family Law Professional Corporation

Rose Pellar, B.A.S., LL.B.

“We care not only about your results, we care about you and your family” SEPARATION/DIVORCE RESOLUTIONS for Custody, Access, Support and Property Division through Litigation or Collaborative process

705-429-1153 Fax 705-429-2780 998 Mosley St. Unit 2 Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 2G7 rosepellar@pellarfamilylaw.com www.pellarfamilylaw.com

16 www.womenwithvision.ca

Interested Showing interest is the listening part. Part of the dating ritual is for two people to find out about each other. If you find yourself doing all the talking then stop, and it’s okay for you to say “enough about me” and ask one of your open ended questions or remain on topic. Over Indulgence OI is one the dangers in communications. You know what I’m talking about, that’s when we give too much information. How your ex took off with your best friend or your therapist is suggesting you get out more often.

...living life at its best

When you first meet someone new the goal should be finding answers to the who, what and where…anything more than that can be OI. A friend of mine shared with me that one popular date site has a questionnaire that is very extensive and one of the questions is “how long have you been divorced?” If you answer truthfully and it’s less than a year, they suggest you come back at a later time. It sounds unreasonable but until you’ve tried dating and saw how tender you or the other party is coming to terms with the experience – don’t go there. Time does heal and changes everyone’s perspective. Caution is always a good rule if you are involved with someone using online dating – be optimistic that the person you are conversing with is telling you the truth. If you do come across this experience, immediately close the conversation with directions to remove you from their data base. I still believe that if you can’t be with the one you love, than love the one you’re with. Surround yourself with others who build you up and encourage you. Do something out of the ordinary, join a group totally out of character. Go outside yourself to help others. People who love well look for others that love themselves. How do I know? This is just an observation I have made throughout my entire life. We are only capable of loving another if we truly love ourselves, so let that be your start to this summer’s love, and let that love be you! ■ Annette M. Lavigne The "Shy Buster!" www.speakwitheasenow.com

© Nia | Dreamstime.com

Back in 2009 on one of those dating review sites “singles that use dating sites, 33% formed a relationship, 33% do not, and 33% gave up on dating online.” It would be interesting to know if this still stands for 2012.Whether you choose to be online or face to face, the way you communicate or project yourself still matters.








A NUTRITIONIST’S TAKE ON CANADA’S FOOD GUIDE By Meredith Deasley EST 1981 by Joanne Davison-Shaw

Canada’s Food Guide is designed to be a guide for all Canadians as to the types and amounts of foods we need to eat, in order to be healthy. Nutritionists go to school for two years to study food and its impact on the body. Every nutritionist finishes school knowing that the food guide could keep this country considerably healthier than it is.

Do you have hair loss? Call for a FREE consultation. Male and female wigs and hair systems for pattern balding, chemotherapy, cranial surgery and dermatology hairloss conditions.

Looking at the Grain Products group, we are being guided to eat as many grains as we are fruits and vegetables, if not more. There is no question that we need grains for energy however fruits and vegetables are actually more needed by the body than are grains for their multitude of vitamins and minerals and detoxifying capabilities. And most grains are actually the hardest of all foods to digest; evidence of this includes the bloating and fatigue that so many experience after consuming a bowl of pasta. Healthier, easier to digest grains are not mentioned in Canada’s Food Guide. These include quinoa, spelt, kamut, and millet, to name a few. And 3-4 servings of them is enough in a day. The number of recommended fruits and vegetables is wonderful. I only have two concerns. Counting juice as a serving, when it is often not fresh and laden with chemicals and sugar, simply doesn’t make sense to me. Secondly, no mention is made of the need for organic fruits and vegetables. The soil in which our ancestors’ produce was grown, was loaded with nutrients, far more than the soil of today! Organic is truly the best we have these days. The Milk and Alternatives “food group” is actually not a true food group! Yes, milk products provide us with extra nutrients but dare I say that we do not need milk? In fact, milk is the number one common allergen in North America due to its pasteurization. The pasteurization is causing inflammation, mucus and numerous symptoms and conditions. It surprises me that nuts and seeds and legumes i.e. lentils, beans, chickpeas and green peas are included in the same category as Meat and Alternatives, albeit they are all foods rich in protein. Maybe this explains why so many don’t know what legumes are and why so many vegetarians don’t realize the importance of these foods. Then there is the picture of peanut butter in the chart; a healthier alternative would be almond butter. A nutritionist would enforce the need for clean meat, preferably organic but certainly preservative and antibiotic-free. And 4-5 serving sizes of protein each day would be paramount rather than the 2-3 servings that are recommended by the guide. I wish that good fats made up their own food group because they are truly that important. But I guess my BIG wish is that many are doing their own research on healthy eating, so that the health of the next generation surpasses that of our current generation.

18 www.womenwithvision.ca

■ Meredith Deasley, Author: The Resourceful Mother Secrets to Healthy Kids www.theresourcefulmother.com

Finding Health Clinic Now Open! Are you looking for an alternative health care system that has the power to transform your health...one that respects and operates in cooperation with your body’s priorities and needs? Then Jessy’s “Finding Health” Clinic is for you!

Reiki BodyTalk Access Fast Aid EFT

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Royal Court Medical Centre Beside Royal Victoria Hospital

(Emotional Freedom Technique)

1 Quarry Ridge Road, Unit LL5

Find, Optimize and Maintain your Health with Us. Call Jess to reduce your stress!


72 Ross St. Victoria Village Barrie


Osteopathy and more

705 241-8680

Barrie, ON L4M 7O1


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PPI’s are well tolerated, with rare incidences of headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. However, long term use has led to a few unexpected complications. Recent studies have cited increases in incidences of clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea and osteoporosis. As well, there are concerns surrounding interactions with other drugs and nutrient deficiencies.

Reward yourself with a beautiful smile

Dr. John R. Miller


12 Second Street, Collingwood 705-444-2668 866-544-4792 www.drmillerfamilydentist.com

…a gentle but effective exercise By Mark Metus, BSc DC

Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (CDAD) is the primary cause of antibiotic associated diarrhea and its incidence has risen dramatically in recent years. Although the exact reason is unknown, several studies have associated it with PPI use. Because PPI’s are often started during hospitalization, it can be hard to determine whether CDAD was contracted during the hospital stay or due to the acid suppression from the PPI.

For those who have physical limitations due to arthritis, back and neck pain or weight issues, most forms of exercise are prohibitive. Even if you are not an accomplished swimmer doing exercises in water could be your way back to fitness. A lack of overall muscle tone results in most musculoskeletal conditions remaining chronic. Improving muscle tone helps to protect injured tissue while at the same time increasing blood flow and reducing swelling. For those who can, swimming is a fabulous whole body exercise, but for those who find swimming difficult, water walking is an excellent alternative.

There are very few drug interactions with PPI’s but the most significant one is the interference with the drug clopidogrel (Plavix®), used commonly to prevent platelet aggregation and protect against heart attack and stroke. PPI users may also have an increased risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture possibly due to reduced gastric acidity which affects calcium absorption. It therefore may be necessary to increase dietary or supplementary calcium while taking PPI’s.

Water walking combines buoyancy with resistance. Standing in water at waist level reduces body weight by 50%. If you weigh 250 pounds on land, standing waist deep will allow you to perform stretching and movement exercises while weighing only 125 pounds. If you immerse to the chest, your body weight is reduced by nearly 75%. This is a great way to reduce stress on joints and ligaments and increase range of motion while toning muscles.

Many other nutrients require gastric acidity for absorption such as magnesium, iron, B12 and possibly other B vitamins. For the most part, younger, healthy adults using PPI’s will not have deficits in nutrients but since they are often used in our aging population this is an issue that should be discussed with a pharmacist or physician. The use of PPI’s has certainly changed the treatment of acid reflux or GERD in the last few decades, but with their increasing popularity unexpected side effects have emerged. As with any drug therapy, lifestyle modifications should always be incorporated into treatment and be certain to discuss any interactions or possible long term effects with your health care provider. ■ Lesley Paul, Pharmacist dlpaul@sympatico.ca

© Katseyephoto | Dreamstime.com

© Robert Byron | Dreamstime.com

Medications such as ranitidine or famotidine are available without a prescription to treat acid reflux. However over time these agents often become ineffective, especially in the absence of lifestyle changes. A group of medications called proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s) are currently the most effective drugs available today and are generally considered very safe. The use of PPI’s has more than doubled in the last decade. Whether this is because of its safety and efficacy record or due to Canada’s aging population remains unclear, but it is a known fact that there is much misuse of PPI’s.


Water Walking

Heartburn occurs when stomach acid refluxes or “backs up” into the esophagus causing a burning sensation in the chest, throat and neck. It is the most common symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Acid-related disorders are a considerable burden to our health care system and can lead to serious complications and even death. Prevention and treatment of heartburn should include diet and lifestyle changes such as limiting spicy, greasy foods and decreasing alcohol and caffeine intake. Eating smaller meals throughout the day and avoiding food four hours before bed have also shown to be helpful. And of course regular exercise, a good night’s sleep and decreasing stress are good measures to keep acid levels down.


Water provides resistance. Walking forwards, backwards and sideways in waist deep water helps to strengthen leg and core muscles responsible for supporting you more effectively on land. The speed and depth you walk in water determines the resistance your muscles experience. Start with slow walking and increase your speed and depth as you get stronger.

continued on pg.22

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Mark Metus...continued from page 21

For more resistance try marching in water while keeping your arms straight and the backs of your hands pointing forwards. Sculling the water by cupping your hands is an excellent workout for the upper arms and shoulders. For those who are not comfortable with deeper water, simply squat in waist deep water and experience the buoyancy. Use your arms to in a large circular motion to scoot yourself along while your feet continue to touch the bottom. This will improve your upper body tone as well.

What could be better than a gentle walk along the waters edge at the beach with a friend and both of you gradually immersing yourself into waist deep water on a warm summer’s day?

For greater confidence wear a buoyancy belt or inflatable arm bands. You will become even lighter in water and be more assured in deeper water. For more sure footedness wear a pair of water shoes; always put on your sunscreen and keep well hydrated.

■ Dr Mark Metus BSc DC, Clinical Director The Chiropractic Healthcare Clinic Kwikfit Studio Collingwood www.kwikfitstudios.ca

“Your Health is Our Concern” Georgian Health Foods is your store for all your health food and nutritional supplement needs. Located in the heart of Wasaga Beach and serving all areas of the Georgian Triangle. • Wide selection of quality supplements • Professional Brand Names available • Beauty and body care for all ages

• Sports nutrition for the athlete • Assortment of gluten free products • Professional accredited staff to serve you

Fill Your Nutritional Gap!

New Chapter Organics targeted nutrients are combined with organic super foods, spices and herbal extracts to compliment the health benefits of each targeted nutrient. Whole food complex vitamins and minerals the body easily recognizes and absorbs for both men and women.

Seven Probiotic, & Synergistic Products 1288 Mosley St. Unit 6, Wasaga Beach

22 www.womenwithvision.ca


www.georgianhealthfoods.com www.womenwithvision.ca 23




Revolutionary Sunglasses By Beach Eye Care's Dr. Ben Pezik

As consumers and citizens of this planet we are developing an awareness of the effect we have on this earth. As such we have seen an explosion of “green” or “eco-friendly” products. Many of us can agree that some of these products simply do not match up to their traditional counterparts in quality and performance; eco-friendly bathroom tissue is rarely as luxurious, and most hybrid vehicles sacrifice performance for fuel savings.

We offer all of our patients the most advanced technology by using the Optomap Retinal Scan as well as providing a High Definition Digital Eye Exam. Dr. Pezik provides comprehensive examinations for your entire family.

Dr. Ben Pezik Stonebridge Town Centre Wasaga Beach www.beacheyecare.ca Tel: (705) 429-EYES (3937)

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Watch out sunglass world, as ZEAL Optics embarks on a new frontier in ecologically responsible and high quality products. All ZEAL sunglass frames are made from castor beans, not crude oil; creating Z-Resin, a bio-based plastic made in Switzerland. Crude oil releases tons of CO2 during manufacture, which harms the eco-system. The castor plant; however, has a positive effect on the environment and can be planted and replanted. In fact, it's a perfect resource because it's an efficient, extremely fast-growing perennial that's easy to grow, withstands drought and thrives on marginal land – meaning it doesn't compete with food crops. ZEAL sunglasses bring your world into view with top quality Hyperion lenses. Crafted in Japan just for ZEAL; the Hyperion lens is impact resistant and scratch resistant for safety. The lenses allow exceptional visual clarity, and are polarized to block reflected light from asphalt, snow, and water. ZEAL frames are available in prescription, done by their parent company Maui Jim, well known for their commitment to quality. The lenses block 100% of UV light, and also block 95% of HEV, the type of light recently implicated in macular degeneration and cataracts. Beach Eye Care is proud to be the only retailer in the area to carry ZEAL sunglasses, a revolutionary product for your eyes and the planet.

All fashion photography: Shane MacLaughlan | masterpixcanada.com


Model Angie Vancise Fashions by Awear eco-boutique www.awearecoboutique.ca Collingwood ON

All fashion photography: Shane MacLaughlan | masterpixcanada.com

All fashion photography: Shane MacLaughlan | masterpixcanada.com

Models Cathy Brown, Beth Nigh & Angie Vancise Fashions by Awear eco-boutique www.awearecoboutique.ca Collingwood ON

Models Beth Nigh & Angie Vancise Fashions by Awear eco-boutique www.awearecoboutique.ca Collingwood ON

All fashion photography: Shane MacLaughlan | masterpixcanada.com

All fashion photography: Shane MacLaughlan | masterpixcanada.com

Models Danielle Bryson & Heather Cook Fashions by Leuk www.leukbijhermas.ca Collingwood ON

Models Heather Cook & Danielle Bryson Fashions by Leuk www.leukbijhermas.ca Collingwood ON





What is



Walk-ins always welcome

Cosmetic Tattooing? By Beth Nigh

Technically, the name is Micropigmentation. But it is often referred to as Permanent Make-up or Cosmetic Tattooing. It is a technique in which pigment is implanted below the epidermis for cosmetic and/or corrective enhancement in the eyebrows, lash lines and lips.

After four to six weeks, a follow up treatment should be expected. Several possible factors may influence the life span of permanent cosmetics. A very natural looking application is likely to require a touch up sooner than a more dramatic application. Influences include lifestyles that find one in regular sun exposure, such as gardening, swimming, golf, tennis etc. Sun screen will help in preserving the colour. Using skin care products directly on the treated area containing retinols, glycolics, or AHA's should also be avoided. Swelling and redness is generally mild and the resumption of most normal activities within 24 hours can be expected. Cosmetic tattooing is a wonderful alternative for women who may struggle with make up application due to cataracts, severe arthritis or allergies to make up. Loss of eyebrows due to aging, alopecia or chemotherapy can be quickly remedied by having this procedure.

30 www.womenwithvision.ca

36 St. Marie Street, Collingwood May I see your credentials? May I see photo's of your past work? If possible, may I contact a current or former client? How long have you been practicing? What is your follow up policy? Any dedicated specialist will be happy to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable with communicating anything that may be on your mind.

Fun with Fashion

Clothing for your active lifestyle

Cool Bianca dresses all Summer long!

You should also have a consultation first, during which time you can discuss your expectations and have an allergy test to ensure that there aren't any. Imagine your make up enduring a hot summer's day, and not having Georgian Bay wash it all away? Enjoy your summer everyone, and please don't forget your sun screen!

■ Beth Nigh, Certified Esthetician

The Painted Wardrobe © Andrey Armyagov

A local anesthetic is applied to the area, which makes the procedure much more comfortable.

But Do Your Homework! Ask Questions!

© Rgbspace |

The process is relatively quick, typically taking between one to two hours. Not all of this time is afforded to the tattooing.There are pre and post procedures associated with the service.

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Martina Hingis Tennis Wear Collection

shop online: www.awearecoboutique.ca 143 Hurontario St. Collingwood 705-293-1008

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The Wardrobe Doctor As the weather warms up we try to dress so that we feel and look cool and stay comfortable. For some women the solution to feeling over heated is to undress and wear as little as possible. This tactic works when you are in shape and have nothing to hide. For the rest of us the more exposed we are the more we need a strategy to keep the attention up at our head and shoulders and away from areas we wish to minimize in importance.

• Earrings. Drop earrings of any size and colour frame your face and complete your look without making you feel warmer. They do make you look more approachable and polished. Select ones that are of a scale to suit your face and your overall stature. Generally pair bigger earrings with bare necks so they deliver a clear uncluttered message and vice versa.

• Use wrist and arm candy to fill the nakedness of bared arms and wrists Enjoy wearing a larger watch and do add one or more bracelets, bangles or wrist cuffs of any style and in any combination that suits. The effect is stylish, pleasing and comfortable regardless of the number on your thermostat.

• The sparkle of rings on any finger, even your thumb will help enhance your communication skills. Whenever you move them or point in any direction, eyes will follow.

• Bling in shiny metals, mixed with pearls, crystal or glassy stones will reflect light and look icy cool.

• Footwear can weigh you down or not. When you opt for

Your extras, the “Fashion Toys” may be small; however they deliver hugely in a few ways. They spice up our look so that it is delicious and palatable. They make our less, look more, so we can be cool, comfortable and confident we look our best.

• When you have to wear hose opt for stockings that match

To stay fresh and look great consider using the following:


neckline while they keep the attention at your head and shoulders. Wear them separately or combine a choker and pendant. Create the combination that looks and feels right for you.

Our accessories can save the day.

It is up to you to select the special accents to highlight your assets and your clothes. Use them to convey the message you wish to express as well as stay comfortable in the hottest weather.


bare sandals with great pedicure your feet breathe and you look perfect.

your skin tone. Think light, airy and as invisible as possible.

• Sun protection and fashion statement merge with a

Dresses for all occasions... over 600 in stock... largest selection in the area!

Ideal Ladies Wear

brimmed hat. Don’t shy away from one if you are comfortable wearing a hat. Just seek out the ones that suit all aspects of who you are and deliver what you need.

It is possible to stay comfortable and look stylish when you merge the right clothing with the perfect accessories. Take the time and make the effort and you will reap rewards and look and feel like a million.

• Light and airy shawls slipped over your shoulders will camouflage flabby arms and add colour and texture to your outfit. The perfect way to make sleeveless look great and still feel cool.

Ideal Ladies Wear For The Latest in Fashions

• No need to wrap scarves around your neck, rather slip them under your collars and let them fall

• Current chokers, pendants of all lengths and huge

■ Marilyn Wetston marilynsthestore@rogers.com www.marilyns.ca

519-323-1970 Mount Forest, ON N0G 2L0

museum piece necklaces will fill in any open 32 www.womenwithvision.ca

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© Gabriel Gonzalez | Dreamstime.com

Beth Nigh Certified Esthetician

Herbal peeling treatments that lighten hyperpigmentation, tighten enlarged pores and improve skin texture

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Ge o r gi a n

Ge o r gi a n



Bananas Harol d

Grilled Salmon

By Harold Bickerstaff

with Summer Fresh Pico de Gallo and Grilled Vegetables

This dessert is best made with the help of friends just before dinner. Give them each a job to do to make it fun. Special attention should be given to the person who has to slice the bananas, as knives are involved. Especially good at a backyard BBQ as you should put this on the BBQ just after you’ve taken off the steaks, hamburgers etc. and should be cooked on low heat. It’s all mixed in the same aluminum foil pan - no mess!

Ingredients 4 – 6 pieces of salmon 6 Roma (plum) tomatoes ½ red onion, minced 3 green onions, chopped 3 T fresh cilantro, chopped 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced ½ lime, juiced

2 cloves garlic, minced 1 pinch ground cumin Salt and pepper to taste Olive oil Directions Mix tomatoes, red onion, green onion, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, garlic and lime juice together in a bowl. Season with cumin, salt and pepper. Refrigerate for 3 hours before using. Brush salmon with oil and season with salt and pepper. Grill over medium heat until firm and until fish easily flakes with a fork. Remove to plate and top with the pico de Gallo mixture. This salmon recipe pairs perfectly with fresh grilled vegetables. Choose a variety of your favourites like corn, peppers and mushrooms. Brush then with oil, season them with fresh herbs from the garden and grill then for about 10 minutes while you are grilling the salmon. We always try to use local produce when we can and it doesn’t get more local than our own backyard garden. That’s what makes this a perfect summer recipe.

36 www.womenwithvision.ca

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

By Kathy Ray of Mylar & Loreta’s – Singhampton

Ingredients 5-6 Bananas (sliced - enough to cover the bottom of a 9” X 12 “aluminum foil lasagna tray) Chocolate chips – semi sweet used for baking – a handful Raisins – A handful Slivered almonds – Half a handful Chocolate Syrup – To Taste – Use the squeeze bottle version for more fun! Caramel Syrup - To Taste – Same as above Orange Juice – Just enough to cover the bottom of the pan to keep the bananas from going brown Grand Marnier – To taste – Anywhere from “just a little” to WOW that’s strong! Ice Cream – Vanilla makes it look good.

How It’s Made: 1. Slice the bananas – (should be peeled first) then cut into sections so that they lay down flat on the bottom of the pan. Make them bite size. Remember to give this job to the person who has had the least to drink. 2. Once the banana slices are laid out in the pan –use more bananas if needed - pour orange juice over them just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. This helps keep the bananas from going brown.

3. Spread the chocolate chips randomly over the entire pan. Counting the chips is not necessary as it’s not that fancy a recipe. Spread the raisins over the mixture – again lining them up in straight rows would be nice but who has time? 4. Spread the slivered almonds over the mixture. 5. Add Chocolate and Caramel Syrup. Ok now you can have fun. Use the squeeze bottles as it’s easier to make lines in the dessert. Happy faces or initials are also encouraged. 6. Grand Marnier – Pour some over the entire mixture. “ Some” is a relative word here.The bananas will soak up the liquor when heated, so be sure to use enough to retain the taste of the GM but not enough to spoil the taste of the bananas. 7. Put this whole delicious mixture on to the BBQ on very low heat. Cooking time may vary depending on how long it takes you to eat dinner. Safe to say that this dessert is ready to serve when the chocolate chips are almost melted into the rest of the mixture. 8. When serving, scoop out just enough for each dessert plate, add on a scoop of ice cream and then scoop out some of the sauce that has been formed in the bottom of the pan and drizzle on to the ice cream. Remember that this is where most of the Grand Marnier has settled, so ration this accordingly. www.womenwithvision.ca 37

Ge o r gi a n

Ge o r gi a n



Grandma Lambe's

Barbequed Grilled Apples By Cailey Lambe

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Ingredients Two local Georgian Bay grown APPLES. Empire or Spy variety. 1/4 cup of Local MAPLE SYRUP Sprinkles of CINNAMON, and NUTMEG

The Quality Place

• Fresh home grown produce • Daily baked pies and goodies • Hand made crafts & home accessories

Owned and operated by Jim & Isabel Almond

East of Meaford on Hwy 26 519-538-2281

Preparation: 1. Wash Apples, core, cut into approximately 1 inch slices. 2. Brush apples with maple syrup, using a basting brush. 3. As they are cooking sprinkle with desired spices. 4. Cook for approximately 3-4 minutes on each side. 5. Sprinkle with the topping of your choice... Maple syrup, nuts, sprinkles, ice cream This recipe serves approx. four people. There are many variations to this recipe. Have some fun with it. • Put the apples on top of Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles for a delicious birthday treat. • Try the grilled apples on top of some vanilla Greek yogurt Top with granola, slivered almonds and cinnamon. • Make some Carmel sauce, drizzle over top of apples. • Enjoy on top of a salad.

Grandma Lambe’s

Happy Grilling ☺

APPLES & APPLE PRODUCTS • Country fresh baking every day

• Jams & pies made in our own bakery • Frozen fruit available all year • All occasion giftware & baskets

Four generations of serving you 7 days a week, year round

Highway 26, East of Meaford, N4L 1W7 • Phone & Fax 519.538.2757 Highway 6 & 10 Chatsworth • Phone 519.794.3852

38 www.womenwithvision.ca

www.womenwithvision.ca 39


Ge o r gi a n


HOME, GARDEN DESIGN ...creative and helpful tips

Celebrating 27 years in the Community Locally owned, operated and supported since 1984

Private dining, Events, Business Meetings & Buses For Reservations please Call 705-445-1247 Open Daily from 10 a.m. 794112 Grey County Rd 124 Singhampton

40 www.womenwithvision.ca

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™


Home of Denise and Kevin Tateyama



TATEYAMA quite contemporary, so the elements of exposed duct work, vaulted ceilings, large windows, custom wrought iron railings and open concept became the focal points of our design.”

“We settled on an area and bought a half acre lot in 1997. Once we began the design phase, we realized the lot was too small. Fortunately the lot next door was available and we immediately bought it.”

Armed with architectural renderings, they hired a project manager and construction began. Supporting local business was important to the Tateyama’s, so wherever possible, they used local trades of the Georgian Triangle community.

The lots were filled with gorgeous white pines, so rather than clear them, they hired a professional tree moving service and moved all the trees to the perimeter creating insulation from the street and a natural canopy of privacy. They started a home idea wish list that included pictures from all sorts of magazines. The pictures were assembled into a binder that was categorized into separate rooms. They collected over 100 pictures and the blue print for their home started to become a reality. With binder in hand, they sat down with an old friend Randy Guthrie, a Toronto architect, who interpreted their wish list into design drawings. “The vision for our home was to have a combination of Toronto industrial loft meets Blue Mountain ski chalet. Our tastes are

The 4200 sq. ft. of living space includes four bedrooms, three and half bathrooms, den, and a billiard loft. The home features many walkouts that provide access to the multiple outdoor living spaces which include a full service cabana and pool. “As important as the interior space, the outdoor landscaping was equally important to us. We were drawn to incorporate natural local elements of stone, trees and shrubbery. All of us love to be outside.” Denise notes the main floor living area was designed for casual and contemporary living allowing them to have intimate dinner parties or large gatherings with ease. “Fourteen years later, the house has met our expectations and we look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.”

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

House After more than a decade as weekenders, Denise and Kevin Tateyama decided to make Blue Mountain home. Construction on their home started in the spring of 1999 and they moved in nine months later.



Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™



Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™










Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™


56 Hurontario Street Collingwood


800-946-7444 www.ftd,com/smartsflowers

46 www.womenwithvision.ca

www.womenwithvision.ca 47







Prunus x cistena Purpleleaf Sand Cherry. Leaves open bright red in spring, stay intense reddish purple all summer. Reaches 7-8 feet tall and wide. Tolerates pruning.

Hot! © Jill Lang | Dreamstime.com

Sambucus ‘Sutherland Gold’ Elderberry. Foliage is bright golden, with deeply cut leaves with a fern-like effect. Creamy white star shaped flowers develop into red fruit clusters that attract birds. Deer Resistant. © Dmitriy Shironosov | Dreamstime.com

Shrubs Aronia melanocarpa ‘Autumn Magic’ Chokeberry. A large shrub with glossy green foliage that turns fire red in autumn. White scented flower clusters in spring are followed by large edible berries that mature over summer. Barberis thunbergii. The Japanese Barberry is the most commonly known, and used. Good foundation planting. Larger varieties are used for hedging and thorny barriers. Deer and rabbits will generally leave these thorny bushes alone. Buddleia Butterfly Bush. Touted as easily grown, the butterfly bush seems to require a little more luck in most northern gardens. Generally hardy to zone 5, 'Adonis Blue' and 48 www.womenwithvision.ca

'Strawberry Lemonade' can be successful in zone 4. Long and prolific blooms, attracting butterflies and supplying endless cut flowers. Cotoneaster (various types). Cotoneasters are woody shrubs for use in hot, dry situations. They are used along the base of a wall, in large planters, as a connecting plant between trees and shrubs, and among rocks.

Potentilla (various types) Cinquefoil. Referring to the woody bush, this 2-3' mounded plant produces tiny bright flowers. Drought tolerant and blooms from spring to frost.

Butterfly Bush

Burning Bush


Golden Elder


Syringa (various types) Lilac. Choose an old fashioned or a hybrid, you can’t beat the beautiful spring scent of a lilac. Hardy to zone 3, most reaching between 8 and 12 feet but can be pruned. For a smaller rounded lilac with sweetly perfumed blooms, try the 'Miss Kim'.

If that isn’t enough to get your started, you can explore the world of ornamental grasses.

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Euonymus alatus Burning Bush. A colorful shrub in fall; it has deep emerald leaves that look rich and healthy all summer with little attention. In full sun, the leaves turn blazing red in fall. The bark and young stems of Euonymus are susceptible to rabbit and rodent damage in winter. Juniperus (various types) Juniper. In locations where erosion problems exist, or in dry, poor, or sandy soils, a juniper may fit the need. This plant can also be used as a foreground for deciduous trees and shrubs, and as a connecting plant in the landscape.


Rhus (a few varieties) Sumac thrives in poor soil and hot, dry locations. It spreads by suckers and by stolons, so it can form a large colony. These traits make it an excellent choice for erosion control and on steep banks. The leaves are aromatic; they turn a good red in fall.

By Janet Kurasz, Hort, AMCT(A) Seasonal changes make demands on gardens and we can all agree that the latter few weeks of the summer months, before the nights start to get cooler, are probably the most challenging time. Typically, there has been little or no rain for several weeks, drying winds and hot, hot temperatures. There are steps we can take to help plants survive. Irrigation, of course, is the most obvious, but what if there is not an abundance of water? Perhaps you are on a well, or the municipality has imposed watering restrictions. It makes sense to choose plants that not only can handle heat and drought, but thrive on it! Yes, there are beautiful shrubs and perennials, tolerant of near arid conditions; and they can survive in the coldest Georgian Bay winters.





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AN EFFECTIVE CONSUMER COMPLAINT CAMPAIGN By Karen Sencich When I learned that the theme of this summer issue was “hot and spicy”, I immediately thought that readers may benefit from learning the steps to organize an effective consumer complaint. All of us have, at one time or other, been locked in a customer service battle. The frustration can leave us feeling hot under the collar and spewing spicy language. Relax! Employ these simple consumer complaint strategies that I learned from my father who was the King of Consumer Advocates. 1. Harness your temper! Don’t alienate the customer service representative.

9. Create a folder to hold e-mails and correspondence until the matter is settled.

2. Introduce yourself, then record and use the name and title of each representative who communicates with you.

10. If you are not getting satisfaction via phone or e-mail, escalate your complaint to the next level. Address a letter of complaint to the department head who deals with your issue. Phone the company switchboard to obtain the specific name and title of the best contact person. Also copy other pertinent departments.

3. Ensure that you deal with someone with the authority to make concessions; if not, ask for the supervisor. 4. State the facts unemotionally. Facts will trump feelings. Use this formula to clearly state your case: This is what I know… This is how I feel … These are my recommendations to resolve the conflict. 5. Corporate regulations are usually defined in black and white; explain clearly how your situation may be in an undefined grey area.

...experiencing classical & creative masterpieces

11. If you can find a fax number, send your letter of complaint via fax. On the fax cover page, print a compelling call to action using a dark magic marker and large letters i.e. “I have a complaint that needs immediate attention.” I have had results in as little as 15 minutes using this technique. 12. If all else fails, post your complaint (concentrate on the facts, not the feelings) on social media and wait to see if the public weighs in to turn the tide in your favour.

7. Decide whether you’ll accept a compromise such as a store credit or a discount on your next order. 8. Log the timeline of events, especially the time spent on hold. Companies often respond to my “Three Strikes and You are Out Rule”. If you can prove that ongoing poor customer service prevented reaching a resolution, you will often receive a refund or rebate of some sort. 50 www.womenwithvision.ca

■ Karen Sencich CPO® Certified Professional Organizer®, Speaker and Writer www.havoctoharmony.com

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6. Be very clear about your expectations for a full refund or rebate.

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My Life. Their Passion. By Lorraine Leslie I’m not an early morning riser on a regular basis; however I made an exception one crisp fall morn in Sept 8th 2011 to meet my friend for a 7:30 a.m. breakfast meeting. I had been informed a few days prior that our breakfast would be at the South Georgian Bay Rotary Club in Collingwood. All I knew was an amazing female author was going to share some fantastic pieces of art from the group known as Painters Eleven.

advertising department for warehouse distribution house.

As Iris started her presentation there was a sense of awe in the room. Fascinated by her lecture and storytelling ability I felt bound to meet this wonderful woman in person and find out more about her books and the fabulous art that she shared with her audience. Raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Iris remembers playing the piano at the age of five. “Our neighbours had to move away so they graciously gave their piano to my parents who allowed me to learn and play classical music; but by the time I was thirteen I was in love with jazz.”

Photo:Yanka Van der Kolk

Upon arriving we enjoyed a few moments saying hello to friends and business colleagues before finding our seats at a table with an unobstructed view of the presenter Iris Nowell.


When Iris moved back to Toronto she continued to build upon her writing talents. “One of my first jobs in my early twenties was working with an ad agency as a copywriter. At that first job interview the copy director told me to go and write a television commercial before he would consider hiring me. I was an organized, creative person with lots of energy so I wrote a good commercial and got the job.”

A career in writing was born and Iris began making a name for her self in advertising. She took some time off Iris Nowell to write her first book which she completed but to this day it is still unpublished as Iris found her freelance work took too much time away from her project. She worked at the McConnell “I liked school and was an honour student. In grade five I Eastman ad agency and then went to Grant Advertising. On one competed in an essay contest and the teacher suggested that I occasion she was with the copy director traveling to Windsor, should develop my writing skills. In high school I realized I Ontario to present a commercial for the agency’s Chrysler wasn’t interested in going on to university fulltime so I actually account. The actual commercial was finished by the copy dropped out of high school and later took university courses director on the plane to Windsor, after having had a late night over the years. I moved to Vancouver where I started working at out with friends. some very interesting jobs.” One such job was working in the 52 www.womenwithvision.ca



the mainstream. After accomplishing their mission they agreed to disband the Painters Eleven in 1957 …but their evolution continued.” Iris knew from her life experience and knowledge of the painters that something was percolating within her very soul. “By being part of the inner circle I knew many of these artists so well that I started to gather all I could about the eleven painters.”

Iris shows Lorraine her Painters Eleven book at the South Georgian Bay Rotary breakfast, September 8, 2011

Still searching for her niche, Iris felt she needed to take her writing skills in a new direction. One of the ad agencies had the Max Factor cosmetic commercial account and Iris wrote a proposal to present cross-Canada fashion shows highlighting the company’s cosmetics.This led her to her career as a fashion show commentator. “It was an exciting time being with models, involved with the behind the scene organizing and all the fabulous fashions… but I was still searching for that special project.” Around this time Iris was sent to interview an artist in an historic building in downtown Toronto near King and Jarvis. This was a turning point for Iris; the rest of her life would never be the same. She would go on to have a twenty-four-year love affair with an artist who was fifteen years her senior: Harold Town (1924 –1990). Harold was brilliant… a well known raconteur who was at the height of developing his reputation as one of Canada’s foremost abstract expressionist artists.

“The book needed to be done! I knew why I had to write the it – I had to continue the work of the artists who believed in changing the world of Canadian art.It took me five years to do the research, write and gather up the paintings for the book; and in addition I had to raise funds to get the book published. To start I needed $4000 to produce a prototype. Four publishers turned me down because they didn’t have the funds which made the project a real challenge for me. While chatting with a man who happened to be a major art collector, he provided the first funding. To have the book published I raised $135,000 before it could go to press. This covered the design fees, editing, photography and copyright permissions for 279 reproductions.” continued on pg. 54

Lynda Pogue is an affordable artist with clients all over the world! She paints watercolours...acrylics...encaustics... mixed media...representational...abstract... and is a fun, fun, fun motivational speaker! www.lyndapogue.com lyndapogue@sympatico.ca

At this time Iris was also working as freelance art consultant. “Harold and I spent weekends at his farm in Peterborough where he created five art studios. I learned so much about art from him and the other artists he worked with.” In 1953 Harold Town and ten other painters created the Painters Eleven: a group of Toronto abstract expressionist painters which included Jack Bush, Oscar Cahén, Hortense Gordon, Tom Hodgson, Alexander Luke, Jock Macdonald, Ray Mead, Kazuo Nakamura, William Ronald, and Walter Yarwood.” “Painters Eleven wanted to elevate abstract expressionist art to

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Leslie Kay

Iris Nowell...continued from pg. 53



Having It All! By Dean Hollin

Harold Town - Charlie Chaplin 1970

Harold Town’s composition of Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich – called Superstar

Iris stands beside the original sketch portrait drawn by Harold Town

The paintings in this important book came from public galleries and private collectors. At her book launch in September 2010 Iris sold 93 copies of Painters Eleven – The Wild Ones of Canadian Art. It sold out in three months and went into a second printing in early 2011. Iris continues with her dedication to those astounding painters in showcasing their work. She has been appointed to the Board of Trustees at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa. “My speaking engagements take me to so many interesting communities and art galleries. I’m pleased that I have helped to raise awareness of Painters Eleven and have helped to promote their work to a wider audience.” Among Iris’s six published books are Hot Breakfast for Sparrows, My Life With Harold Town (1992) and Women Who Give Away Millions (1996) which is a book that pays tribute to 14 unsung Canadian philanthropists: women who donate millions of dollars to causes close to their hearts. Iris is working on her newest art book Harold Town – Master Canadian Abstract Expressionist Painter scheduled to be released in 2013. Iris is a caring, ambitious and committed woman who goes the extra mile to make things happen. I’ve enjoyed reading and studying the many pieces of art in her book and I’m reminded of our new friendship every day when I glance at my own copy of Painters Eleven – The Wild Ones of Canadian Art that sits proudly on my coffee table.

In 1946, Irving Berlin wrote “There’s No Business like Show Business” for the musical Annie Get Your Gun. This classic show-tune tells of how difficult the business of entertainment is, yet despite all the hardships and challenges, show-people keep giving it everything their heart and soul’s got to give! Well, believe you me not much has changed in the sixty-odd years since that tune was penned – entertainment is still one tricky way to carve out a living! It is a business that does not particularly lend itself easily to long-term relationships, home life, having families, owning homes, cars and many other things that folks might see as the norm. So, some opt out of the biz for a lifestyle with a bit more security – others decide they’re willing to give up those everyday things to pursue their passion! Still others again, like actor Leslie Kay, decide…”what the heck – I want both!”

Leslie Kay

Leslie started much the same as do a great many in the field of entertainment, getting her feet wet in school productions, dance classes and community theatre productions. Then it was off to McMaster University for…a Bachelor of Science and Math?!? You heard right! However, the “passion” pulled and pulled and so it was off to Sheridan College and its Musical Theatre program. Employment came quickly and regularly. During one of those contracts she met Christopher. Then came love, then came marriage, and then came…listen, having a career as an entertainer as well as a marriage and a home and a family is certainly possible – it’s just miles trickier! Trust me. Family matters lured Leslie and her new husband, Christopher Gray back to Leslie's hometown Burlington. In 2007, whilst the two were in the midst of bringing their own wee something special into the world, they hatched the idea of "bringing something special" to their community - professional theatre. So, with baby #1 barely a year old, Les was back performing again with Chris at her side. Now, give credit where credit is due – for a woman in the performing arts to decide to have a family is considerably more of a sacrifice than when a man makes that same decision. I mean, Leslie’s dancer/actor/singer-trained body got the privilege of going through some pretty radical changes!

Painting photo credits: 1. Harold Town, See Through, 1959. From the collection of John E. Ruddy 2. Harold Town, Superstar, Composite of Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich, 1970. Courtesy of the Estate of Harold Town 3. Harold Town, Charlie Chaplin, 1970. Courtesy of the Estate of Harold Town

Wife, ...mother of one, …producer, …promoter, …tap-dancer, …then mother of two,…Leslie Kay is all these things. Each of continued on pg. 56

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Leslie Kay...continued from pg. 55

Norm Foster…



Playwright Extraordinaire By Lorraine Leslie Over the past twenty years Norm Foster has become one of the most outstanding and popular playwrights in Canada. His plays receive an average of 150 productions annually making him one of the most produced playwrights in Canadian history.

Leslie performing in ‘Rock Around the Clock’

Norm was born on St. Valentine's Day, in Newmarket, Ontario. Then, when he was just one-year-old the family moved to Toronto. AS he grew up, he attended West Hill Public School, West Hill Collegiate Institute and went on to study Radio & Television Arts at Centennial College before finishing his education at Confederation College in Thunder Bay. Upon completion of his studies, he began a radio career that would span 25 years and take him from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg, then to Kingston and finally to Fredericton, New Brunswick. This was where, in 1980, Norm was introduced to the world of theatre. "A friend of mine was going to audition for a community theatre production of the play called ‘Harvey’ and he asked me to go along. At the audition I was asked to read for the lead part and just for a lark I did…and I wound up playing the part of Elwood P. Dowd. The funny thing is… I had never even seen a play in my life before this."

Leslie and friends performing in Broadway Moments

Foster fell in love with the theatre right there and then, and two years later he penned his first professionally produced play called Sinners. “Sinners was produced by Theatre New Brunswick and directed by Malcolm Black, who would also direct my next play The Melville Boys which became a highly successful production across Canada and in the United States, including a well-received off-Broadway run in New York.”

the past five years has seen exciting growth – in her family and in her commitment to deliver quality entertainment to her community! Professionally, her company – KooGle Theatre – has gone from outdoor, in-the-park, two-handers to traditional theatre, cast-of-eight “Broadway Moments”!! This summer she’ll be performing the hilarious ins and outs, ups and downs, of love, dating, marriage, children, sex, …well…it seems Leslie’s two worlds have collided! ■ Dean Hollin Singer, Play Write and Live Stage Performer www.deanhollin.com 56 www.womenwithvision.ca

Norm Foster

I asked Norm about his writing… how long he writes and how much he will pen at a time. “If I write four pages it’s a good day, seven pages is a great day…one page is okay. I write for about three or four hours each day. If I can turn out even one page per day I’m happy, and, it doesn't take long before I’ve got a ninety page script. I also have learned over the years when to stop writing and when to decide that the play is finished. One of the curses of being a playwright is never being completely satisfied with one’s finished product. There is always that one line you think you can Norm rehearsing with Patricia Vanstone continued on page 58

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Photograph © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Leslie with her husband and business partner Christopher

The Melville Boys would become Norm’s signature play and the one which would bring his name to the forefront of Canadian theatre. Since then he has written nearly forty plays, including The Affections of May which was the most produced play in Canada in 1991. Norm has also written musicals with composer Leslie Arden (The Last Resort, Jasper Station, Race Day, Sitting Pretty & One Moment).





Norm Foster...continued from pg. 57


improve. And when you improve that line, you find another… I’ve learned when to stop. I finish a play, do some re-writes when I see it on its feet (on stage, in rehearsal) make the final changes and won’t touch it again after that.” “My plays are known mainly for their comedic qualities. I never thought of myself as a funny person yet I know that I can write funny things. It goes back to my radio days when I was writing things to entertain people every morning. Maybe 10% of what I write is from my personal life; the rest is from incidents of friends or from things that happen that make a significant impact. I find it far more satisfying if I can make an audience laugh and also feel a little heartache within the same story. The farces (Sinners, Self-Help) are a lot of fun to write but it's the stories that touch an audience's heart as well as its funny-bone that are the most rewarding.” We talked about how and when his plays are published. The Playwrights Union Press makes a copy of scripts available to theatre groups such as Vintage Foster, OneActmanship, Triple Play or The Foster Season. Looking and The Love List are published by Samuel French. After being asked, Norm was delighted to return to acting on stage after an eight year absence. "Acting is fun, but writing is my first love.When I write I visualize the actors on stage, how they interact with each other; and I can hear the lines they are performing as I write them down. A lot of people out there like the 'idea' of being a writer.The notion that writers just sit around and talk about writing with other writers is a fallacy. The actual process of writing is what excites me.You can take a course on writing but no one can teach a person to write…it comes from within. I start with a thought or an incident and pull it out of my head; that’s where the characters come from. This is why I rarely set my plays in real cities with place names we recognize. I want the audience to imagine these locations right along with me."

...gentle insights of awareness and change

Norm in the play, Old Love

“Most of my plays are about ordinary people who are just trying to live life. I don’t try to teach a lesson but in most plays there is a message. I like to make the audience feel a little better about the world we live in. The play Skin Flick, which was first premiered in Halifax in 2009, came from the idea of a real wealthy couple who lost everything…it then changed to a couple who needed to make some quick money. This became the storyline. A writer has to really see it! Each character has his or her own voice which is the rhythm they speak in. One might say ‘didn’t’ and another might say ‘did not’.” “My professor in university taught me that if you’re going to be a writer, write something every single day, whether you use it or not. You have to persevere; I’ve been pretty luck without too much rejection. Someone somewhere will like what you’ve written.” “I’m a loner. I enjoy being on my own. I’m selfish and a romantic. I’m retrospective as I look back a lot at my life. I’ve always been confident with what I’ve done. I have no plans on retiring…I consider myself lucky that I’ve been able to do this most of my life.


“I’ve come a long way since my first job in a music store. My second job was working at a resort, then to riding a lawnmower. I then got my radio job where I stayed while I wrote plays on the side.” “A bit of advice: if you have a good job, hang onto it! But then again be happy with what you are doing.”

I have to thank Irene Thomas of Theatre Collingwood for this extraordinary introduction to Norm Foster, and I’m looking forward to seeing Norm perform this summer in Skin Flick at the Gayety Theatre. 58 www.womenwithvision.ca

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Norm’s life journey comes from the days when he went to see a move at the Roxy Theatre for twenty five cents to today where he is now a famous Canadian actor and playwright entertaining all who come to see his professional work.

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In 2009 I met a young woman while we were both modeling for a fundraising fashion show in Barrie, Ontario. We chatted a bit as we changed our outfits but never thought we would run into each other again. Then, in 2011, I was invited to a business-related 10th anniversary party to be held on a boat while touring Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie. To my delight the same woman was the MC for the day. Jennifer Robinson is a wellknown figure skater who represented Canada in the 2002 Winter Olympics (she proudly placed 7th) and she’s the only Canadian woman to hold six Canadian National Figure Skating Championships.

Jennifer Robinson




...Moments in Time By Lorraine Leslie Jennifer was born December 2, 1976 in Goderich, Ontario to Louise and Cliff Robinson. Louise was a hard-working receptionist and Cliff worked diligently for Maple Leaf Foods. Interestingly, the family lived in an apartment in a Seniors’ Home before moving to Windsor when Jennifer was six-years-old.

and then moved to Barrie in 1988. Since the beginning of the school he has coached twenty-six World Championships and six Winter Olympic Games. His school was designed to offer the best facilities and coaching which would stimulate growth and learning in competitive figure skating.”

“My mom wanted me to play outdoor sports (which I loved!) because she didn't want to continue to be in arenas… she had already spent so much time in them with my brothers and their hockey games. As a young child I was taken to the Ice Capades and the moment I saw all the glittery costumes with all the sparkles and twirling skaters who flew across the ice I was hooked. By the time I was an eight-year-old I started to figure skate and my mom was there with me all the way through practices. When I had started skating on a public skating rink with my family I heard whispers that I was a quite a skater. I was so fascinated with how the Ice Capade skaters used to push off with the tip of their skates that I practiced over and over with my pic skates.”

“In my younger years, my parents were able to hire coaches to train me. (Many competitive skaters’ families are on a budget.) My dad was starting his own business around this time so I was thankful to be able to participate in the Mariposa School. With my family on a budget I was thrilled to have skates and a costume to perform in - that was all that I needed. Being on ice made me feel very special. I skated in Barrie in the summer months and returned to Windsor when school started. As I was doing quite well, Doug asked my parents if I could stay throughout the school year in Barrie. It wasn’t a difficult decision for me as I wanted to skate. My whole family sacrificed a lot to let me move to Barrie to attend school and skate. I boarded with skater families… similar to the same families that helped out hockey players in the OHL (Ontario Hockey League).”

“My first coach was Lori LaffertyVilneff. She approached my parents after watching me on the ice saying that she saw something in me and “In my first Sectionals, I didn't asked to see if I would be interested qualify to move onto anything in taking private lessons with her. higher than that competition. The Not being extremely confident, I second year I competed I did would cry at the drop of a hat but qualify to the Divisionals in Jennifer skating as a little girl she was very patient with me. She Thunder Bay, and then qualified even hung out with my family and would drive me around for the Canadian Championships. I didn't progress out of the from place to place to skate.” initial portion of the event in my first year, so for the second semester of high school, I returned to Windsor during the off At age ten Jennifer started to compete in small competitions and season. I didn’t have any problem switching back to my old to her delight was beginning to taste the thrill of winning. She school; it was nice to be with my old friends again. I never explained that it was all about selling the judges on what she missed out on any of the fun… I played soccer, did track and could do on ice. “When I was 13, Lori thought she had taken field and even went to my prom.” me as far as she could as a coach so I was introduced to Doug Leigh who had been coaching since 1969. Doug had “At fifteen, after school broke for summer vacation, I moved established the Mariposa School of Skating in Orillia in 1973 back to Barrie to train all summer. That summer I continued on pg. 62

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Jennifer Robinson...continued from pg. 61

”In 1998 at the seasonal Canadian Championships there was no spot for a Canadian woman to go to the Olympic Games. I was tremendously disappointed because I believed these were the games I was aiming for. After all my hard work throughout the season and no Olympic spot I ended up 3rd again, just like the year before. I was really confused! To work so hard and end up with the same results was frustrating. That summer I decided to train with a new coach Richard Callaghan who trained World and Olympic Champions in Detroit, Michigan.”

Jennifer went on to Divisionals in Thunder Bay; it was her first time on a plane. “Just in case I never got back to that level of skating I kept every piece of memorabilia: my plane ticket, newspaper articles, and pictures. I still have that scrapbook – I’ll always remember everything about that time of my life!” “Things were moving quickly as I was on CBC TV in Windsor and in Thunder Bay. By this time I was a part of the skating team that traveled and competed against each other. Wanting to do my best all the time I was so focused that I was able to qualify for the Nationals. I remember calling home on a pay phone to talk to my parents and of course their reaction was fabulous. My mother had made all my costumes until I reached the Canadian Championships - I had about fifteen home-made costumes to choose from.”

Jennifer gets a hug in the 'kiss and cry'

Jennifer with her medal win in 1996

In the summer of 1993 Jennifer was skating back in Barrie. “I remember coming home after a training session with my coach and wanting to quit skating. My parents always told me that if I didn’t want to continue I could quit. I decided to finish the summer training and see what happened. I competed that summer to see how my progress was coming and see if I could digest the coach’s feedback. Usually, individuals and teams are based on national placements. For some reason things turned around that summer when I competed as I ended up qualifying for the teams and when I went to the Nationals I came in eleventh as a Junior. This was very significant time in my life because it qualified me for the Junior World Championships.”

Jennifer wins first place at the 2002 BMO Canadian Championship - Senior Ladies

“After proudly winning my first Canadian Championship at the age nineteen I found that trying to defend my title was the hardest thing I had ever set out to do. I was so afraid of falling in competition… newspapers like to print those pictures of people making a mistake. Before the competition started I was quoted as saying “If I was to lose my title, I would be okay losing it to Susan Humphreys.”

62 www.womenwithvision.ca

Jennifer had always liked to watch the television commentators while waiting for her turn to skate, so, she applied for a job with CBC Windsor (right across the river from Detroit) as an on-air personality. She got the job but had to give it up before she started. “Assuming I was only going to be training two sessions in the morning, I thought that I could work at CBC in the afternoon… which turned out not to be the case. I was going to be training four sessions a day, which I had never done before. This was a huge undertaking in my amateur career as I recognized I needed to be working harder to achieve my goals. I attribute so many great things to that summer while training with Richard… like skating my first clean program, ever! I learned so many techniques that let me achieve the results that I was looking for in my skating career. Richard had given me the key that I needed to unlock that personal best skate that I always dreamed about. I was able to push through those barriers that I had placed on myself and the results started coming. I won back my Canadian Championship title that year and went on to the World Team. I was duplicating my training performances during the competitions when pressure was on the line. That was the changing moment in my amateur career and I retained my title as Canadian Champion four more times after that.”

In 1991 Jennifer was off to the Nationals in Moncton, New Brunswick where she completed her figures for the last time in competition. (Figures is carving specific patterns or figures into the ice. These patterns of compulsory figures all derive from the basic figure eight.) Although figures no longer exist in competition, they have evolved into the contemporary discipline of figure skating. The ranks include Novice, Junior and Senior… and Jennifer was finishing on a regular basis in fourth or fifth place.

“I came to understand how challenging it was going to be as defending champion to stay on top. I did lose the title to Susan Humphreys not only because she was very good but also because I learned that I should have done


triple jumps instead of doing several double jumps. This was a turning point as I vowed to work harder than ever to get my title back. I went to the gym twice a day, skated longer hours and worked on ice harder than ever.”

accomplished my first triple jump. The moment was surreal and quite a significant move for someone of my age and experience.”

“I started to train with Shane Dennison who used to skate pairs with Julie Lawrenson. I went on to the Junior Championships and passed all the levels and went to the Junior Canadian Championships at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario. Significantly, people told me I was going to win hands down and I believed in all the hope… and sometimes even negative comments were a motivator.”


Jennifer with local dignitaries at the Ontario Winter Games

“One of the most important things I learned when skating was about facing down irrational fears. I believe that fear is one of many things that stops anyone from achieving his or her goals. I’ve had a few fears in my life, but the greatest one was about one specific arena… Copps Coliseum. Many skaters have ice surfaces that they just love, buildings that they tend to skate better in… however, for some reason, I never competed very well at Copps Coliseum… and… much to my dismay every Olympic qualifier was held in this building. For one full year before the competition was held, I told myself that when I was on ice about to start my training program that I was in Copps at the Olympic Qualifier and placed myself in that scenario so my vision to make my Olympic dream would come true.” “Very few things live up to their hype, but qualifying for the Olympics was one thing that surpassed my expectations. The whole event for the ladies was during the second week, so many of the women don't come until the end of the first week to make it feel like a normal competition. I went for the entire two weeks because I knew that it was going to be my one and only chance to live The Games. I walked in the Opening Ceremonies, went to watch hockey games, short track, and speed skating, lived in the village, and supported my fellow athletes.”

“By the time the actual competition arrived I was finally comfortable being in this building and ready to make my dream become a reality. There was only one spot on the team for the women, and as defending Champion, I would have done anything for that Jennifer with her Canadian Champion Medals

continued on pg. 64

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Jennifer Robinson...continued from pg. 63

”When Shane and I decided that we wanted to start a family, my professional focus was to go back to working on television… I had been co-hosting the news on Rogers Television, First Local in Barrie before I had started skating professionally. Then, coming off the tour, I was sent a message from Glenn Coulson, who heard that I was possibly staying home. We met for coffee and he told me all After that about the show. I wanted sure was I conversation, and television into back to get people.” interview to learn how

spot. When the competition started, I wanted to finish in the top 10. I wasn't nervous at all; my parents and my fiancé Shane Dennison (who later became my husband!) were there to cheer me on. The competition came and went and I found myself qualifying for the Olympic team in 2002. It was an incredibly amazing experience. I ranked 6th… which surpassed my goal. It felt like the best skate in my life.” Jennifer, at age 25, was competing at the Canadian Championships for her 7th title. The whole week was a challenge for her. During the qualifying round, Jennifer suffered from food poisoning and only practiced twice that week because of being sick. Still, she qualified in the top three; then on to the short program. Note:The place where the skaters sit after their performance is called the kiss and cry zone. This is where all the cameras are on the skaters and the coaches while the results on their technical and artistic performance are being tabulated. “I was about to start my short program and for the first 20 seconds I completely forgot what I had rehearsed. That hadn't happened to me since I was twelve-years-old! I was slated to skate the long program last and I knew, as I skated off to the kiss and cry, that I had lost my title. (I ended up in 3rd place.) As I stepped off the platform I saw Cynthia Phaneuf, and it was a full circle type of moment from when I won my first title against Josee Chouinard. I congratulated Cynthia and her coaches on her first title. Then a surreal moment happened… the curtain was pulled aside for me to go backstage and I saw so many skaters, judges, peers, coaches who were congratulating me on what I had achieved in my skating life. That was an important moment in my life: I saw how there are critical moments in my life that really affect me forever. All of these moments created who I am today.” During Jennifer’s thirties she went on to tour with ‘Stars on Ice’, travelling for seven months of the year. “I had been married for five years and had the most supportive husband in the world. Shane has always said that I should skate for as many years while I still enjoyed it. We were always, unfortunately, used to living apart for my skating. That is how we dated for ten years before getting married. The tour started in Japan, and then traveled west to east across the US, and then I traveled from east to west across Canada. It was an experience that I never felt that I could partake in because of the pedigree that the skaters had on this tour. They are all Olympic and World medalists and I never had that same résumé. The one thing that I tried my best to do the first year of being a regular cast member was being the first one there and the last one to leave. I would always ask if anyone needed help. I treated every day as if it was just like another audition. That is how I managed to tour with Stars on Ice for so many years.” Jennifer became interested in doing volunteer work with World Vision and took a few trips including one to Zambia with Fred Penner who was famous for his work for children in film and TV. “For 12 shows, during the skate intermissions I was able to inspire people to sponsor 469 kids around the world. (The year prior, there were approximately 20 children sponsored.) Two years later, I went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to see for myself what child exploitation and the sex trade were doing to the youth of the country. It was one of the hardest few days I have ever experienced. I met many inspiring young girls who were working on learning a trade after being rescued out of the brothels. That was a life-changing moment; to see that children who had everything taken away from them and could be rescued. And these brave souls were still able to smile and trust people. That is one thing that has always stuck with me.”

Jennifer in action

Jennifer co-hosts the OWG with Scott Thornton

TV Host Jennifer Robinson on the daytime set at Rogers, Barrie

“It was very different from reading a teleprompter to working on a live show. I completely loved the aspect that anything can happen at a moment’s notice and you still have to roll with it. At the same time I was meeting so many interesting people who were changing lives daily. And, if they weren't changing lives, they were definitely affecting change. This was one of the most fun jobs that I have ever had. While I was doing this, I won the job to be a commentator for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games… I was hired to be part of the ladies skate event and also the dance event.” “A few weeks after being hired, I found out that I was pregnant. My due date was two weeks after the end of the Games. CTV/TSN were ready to make the necessary adjustments for travel, a flight out to Vancouver, and a train ride of four days back home. Two days before I was supposed to leave, my daughter Reese was born five and a half weeks early. She was healthy, but pathologically jaundiced. She was in special care and I stayed at the hospital for an extra six days. My flight was changed, and I left Reese in the hospital to catch my flight to go to the Olympics. Walking out of RVH was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Luckily, five days later, Reese, Shane and my mom caught a flight out to Vancouver and we spent the three weeks cheering for Canada. Reese was incredible and so were my mom and Shane. We made it work!” “In all of years of skating and living in Barrie and using my name for various charities, I was approached from time to time to see if I would consider running in politics. I never thought that I had the right amount of time to do it. However, now my entire family lives here, so I thought this was the moment that I could consider running for office. In 2010 I entered the race for Ward 8, which is the south-central part of Barrie. The night before the election took place, I was in Washington DC skating in a charity show.



The flight back to Canada was oversold and I almost didn't make it back until later that night. Waiting for the election results was very nerve-racking; the race was going back and forth between me and Allison Eadie. Because I was so tired from skating the night before when I got home I went directly to bed. The results came in around 3 a.m. While I was sleeping the phone rang… I had won! The margin of victory was 23 votes for the position of councilor for Ward 8. A few days later, I also found out that I was twelve weeks pregnant with our second child. Lots of good news all at once.” Jennifer went on to perform with the Elvis Stojko Tour of Champions and Celebration on Ice. She has dazzled audiences across Canada during the 21-city Skate the Nation tour. In 2003, her skating dream came true when she was invited to perform in the Stars on Ice tour, where she recreated a routine ("Blues in the Night”) that Olympic Champion Katarina Witt had performed during the U.S. Stars on Ice tour. Since then, Jennifer has gone on to become a popular television personality on Simcoe County Rogers Television. Most recently she was asked to be the honorary co-chair for Winter Games where over 2500 athletes competed. The event was hosted by the Town of Collingwood where she was part of the opening, closing and some medal ceremonies. She has communicated vital information all over the region and investigated a number of important issues and events. The afternoon tapings allow her time to teach skating in the morning and the producers are giving her time off when skating performances are on her schedule …and, of course, she continues with her busy role as a city counselor. Jennifer believes that community service is the price you pay to be a citizen of any great community. She has demonstrated her commitment in a number of ways such as serving, for the last four years, as Greater Simcoe County Honourary Chair and World Vision Canada Ambassador. I continue to cross paths with Jennifer at events throughout the region and it is always a delight to be updated on how this amazing woman with vision continues to give so much of herself for the benefit of others… both personally and in the sports/entertainment world.

■ copyright 2012, Women with Vision! 64 www.womenwithvision.ca

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On the Rocks Bon Appétit! By Marj Sawers

Have you ever had a “Rubik’s Cube” day, month or year? I think we all have.You know those kinds of days that you just can’t get your thoughts and or action lined up; everything seems to be a jumble. No matter whom you talk to or what you do, you just keep turning things around to try and make sense out of what is coming down in your life. Then viola, after a lot of twists and turns the pieces start to come together and the pattern appears. There is no pivotal moment, there is no bright light in the sky or a shooting star you just have a bit of a break through, then and only then you are on your way. Geographic changes, shopping, a change of view, and expensive trip, nothing will do the work for you. It is your work!! You know my favourite saying.....”If it is to be it is up to me”, quite often the answer lies within, we just need to stop the rotating and sit quietly in our own space and let the message come through. I was having one of those days, too cool to work in the garden, and I just did not know what I wanted to do, so I made my favourite soup. In that soup I found yet another answer to life. I got the action started by adding diced onions for taste to some heated oil in my favourite soup pot. For colour I added thinly sliced carrots and added celery for texture, I slowly browned them together. For some zing I added the meat out of three

66 www.womenwithvision.ca

Italian sausages. As the pot simmered the fragrance built up my anticipation. By adding two cans of tomatoes and a can of navy beans for substance and a little more texture things were starting to happen. I then decided to call my neighbour to come over for lunch. I added two cups of chicken broth and a cup of water, to stretch the soup because her Daughter was there and she was coming over to. I was almost ready and completely out of my funk. I added the final touch with a half a cup of fresh oregano I had grown on my window sill. The soup was simmering, the fragrance was wonderful, and the anticipation of my lunch guests had totally changed my day. Even my old dog wandered into the kitchen to see what was up. Now, all I had to do was warm some rolls, and set the table. Problem solved, soup was low in calories and high in goodness and I had connected again with my Friend. Nothing is nicer than a meal shared with someone. Attitude, fragrance and texture with a heaping cup of action can keep our lives “hot and spicy”; no one enjoys a pity party. Bon appétit!!! ■ Marj Sawers, Wedding Wizard plan@weddingwizard.ca

© Raja Rc | Dreamstime.com

By Lynda Pogue

It sounds so sexy when asked if you want a drink to be ‘straight up or on the rocks’. It can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic… it doesn’t matter. It’s argued that there’s more flavour in something that’s ‘straight up’ because it’s not diluted with ‘rocks’. It strikes me that this phrase is a metaphor for many things: landscapes, a floundering ship, or it could be about relationships. I have a friend who told me how she pictures her personal relationships as moving in and out of concentric circles. She thinks of herself as being in the centre, family and really close friends around her in the next circle, colleagues in the next circle, and so on. We talked about the fact that people move in and out of those circles all the time. For example, think of your very best friend when you were about seven-years-old. Chances are that he/she is not your closest buddy right now… at about Grade Nine most of us meet a new social group and those who were in the closest circle might now be in the farthest circle… or have disappeared from the circles totally. Then relationship circles changed again as we became adults and continue changing to this day. As time goes on, it’s interesting to consider why certain people stay close to you. It’s often because they are trustworthy and straight up with you! If someone is dishonest or has betrayed your trust… then the relationship they had with you is probably on the rocks.

My friend paraphrases Caroline Myss (Anatomy of the Spirit… a GREAT book!) by saying that choosing to be with people who sap your energy and never give back can make you sick and they don’t belong in your life. She says we should put those people on the rocks. She says that she actually fires some people and blasts the relationship right out of the circles. (She’s tough!) So… when considering your most intimate relationships, being straight up takes HUGE precedence over on the rocks. Add spice/heat/excitement/realness/energy to those you want closest to you by telling the truth about how you feel... by being honest about what you need/want. Holding onto some relationships drag you down and you’ll never be straight up until you put them on the rocks. This takes heaps of ‘intestinal fortitude’, however, aren’t YOU worth it?

■ Lynda Pogue, Writer, Artist, Professor, Keynote Speaker lyndapogue@sympatico.ca lyndapogue.com

www.womenwithvision.ca 67



As the



Mountain Turns...

I suppose my view of energies and view of life has always been somewhat unique compared to most peoples. I believe we pass from a physical state of being to a vaporous state and back again to the physical. We repeat this process continuously. I also feel that many questions can be answered if viewed from an energy perspective rather than our traditional taught viewpoint.

Countless dollars and hours have been spent over the years analyzing the connection between twins. I believe we choose our parents, our life, and our path prior to our birth. We wait for physical conception, which creates an opportunity to enter the physical plane. If there are two eggs, then two separate souls enter, each claiming an egg and a physical body. These twins will have a bond and closeness derived from time shared together in the womb, yet they are two completely unconnected unique individual souls. Although strong similarities created by like genetics, they are not completely identical in appearance, thoughts or actions. They may possess an energy connection to varying degrees, however some twins have little or no energy or psychic connection whatsoever. Twins born of the same egg are a different story, and there are two scenarios to consider. The first, when two souls of equal strength enter one egg simultaneously, causing the egg to split in two. Two souls each claim one-half of the egg, producing twins. They will be identical in appearance because they are derived from the same egg and genes, yet their personalities can be complete opposites and their psychic connectedness can vary greatly.

68 www.womenwithvision.ca

The second scenario is the situation where one egg is occupied by one soul, and because of physical genetics the egg splits in two. In this instance, the soul will also be forced to split, with half a soul in each half of the egg. This is not a ‘good/bad’ split. The positive and negative personality traits will also be divided. As with one egg and two souls, these twins are physically identical. Since in essence they are one soul and one being, the psychic makeup and connection is profound as one soul tries to remain connected in two separate physical bodies. These twins will feel each other’s physical pain, know each other’s thoughts and often mirror each other’s behaviour even when separated by thousands of miles. Why? On an energy level they are in essence one soul, one being not two. These twins feel a much deeper degree of loss when one passes, since it forces one half of the soul to reside on the spiritual plane while the other half lives out the rest of their life. When the second half passes and the soul leaves the physical body, the two halves will reconnect as one soul again, ready to re-enter the physical world when the next opportunity presents itself.

■ Deborah Johnson Author, ‘Look Within, Heal Without’ www.deborah-johnson.net

Photograph © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

The intuitive connection between twins is a prime example and I’d like you to consider the following as ‘food for thought’.

© Kellers | Dreamstime.com

By Deborah Johnson


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Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Photography © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Spe cial Even ts S howc as ing th e Co m m un ity. .. GEORGIAN BAY LIFE GEORGIAN BAY LIFE


www.womenwithvision.ca 71

72 www.womenwithvision.ca


Photograph © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Photograph © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Special Even ts Sho wc as ing th e Co m m un ity. .. GEORGIAN BAY LIFE GEORGIAN BAY LIFE


www.womenwithvision.ca 73

74 www.womenwithvision.ca


Photograph © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Photograph © Lorraine Leslie | L’original Productions | Women with Vision! Magazine™

Special Even ts Sho wc as ing th e Co m m un ity. ..



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Life Numbers

Women with...

THIS SUMMER EXPLORE THE PASSION REVEALED BY YOUR HEART’S DESIRE! By Paola Gucciardi Since your Heart’s Desire (HD) identifies what you really want in life to feel fulfilled, this summer use the passion hidden within your (HD) to guide your relationships, career, business, personal, and spiritual development. These characteristics are often what you look for in a mate.

To Calculate... Add the numerical value (in brackets) of the vowels in your full name A (1), E (5), I (9), O (6), U (3) and sometimes Y (7) – (if no other vowels in the syllable)


1 2 3 4

1. 2. 3. 4.


A N E M A R I E S M Y 1 5 1 9 5 7 6 15 = 1 + 5 = 6 7 6 + 6 + 7 = 19; 1 + 9 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1 Heart’s Desire



Write your full name (on birth certificate) Below each vowel in your name, record the corresponding number Subtotal the values of your first, middle and last name Add the subtotals – Reduce the SUM to a single digit

Heart’s Desire 1 You are an independent and courageous trendsetter who enjoys utilizing your strong drive and confidence to lead and succeed. Pursue projects of interest and use your tenacity and determination to overcome obstacles. Guard against tendency to dominate others.

Heart’s Desire 2 It is time to assert yourself and to stand up for what you believe. Your sensitivity, intuition, and compassionate personality require that you have peace and harmony in all aspects of life. Ensure that you maintain a healthy nervous system.

Heart’s Desire 3 Since you enjoy creativity and entertaining others, surround yourself with social, witty, and humourous individuals. Use art and other methods of selfexpression as creative and constructive outlets. Discipline and hard work may be required to ensure success.

Heart’s Desire 4 As a practical, conservative and analytical individual, you prefer to engage in

structured and organized activities that allow you to pursue the security, stability and the sound financial foundation that are important to you. Focus on the big picture and remain flexible.

Heart’s Desire 5 You are an enthusiastic, extremely curious, and intelligent individual who is eager to experience life to its fullest. For summer fun, seek activities that allow you to explore freedom, change, progression, adventure and travel. Discipline is necessary to successfully complete projects.

Heart’s Desire 6 Happiness and enjoyment come from your home, family and work. You are a natural helper, caregiver and counsellor and maintaining a harmonious and balanced environment filled with love and security is important to you. Do not take on the burdens of others.

Heart’s Desire 7 As the seeker of truth and the mysteries of life, you are an intelligent visionary who loves knowledge, wisdom, research and

analysis. Spend some time researching, reading and contemplating life.

Heart’s Desire 8 You are a natural leader with strong business acumen who enjoys pursuing and achieving success in all areas of life (wealth, power, material comforts). Positively use power and guard against becoming selfish, cruel or self-destructive.

Heart’s Desire 9 Spend time performing humanitarian and philanthropic activities. You are a compassionate, highly intuitive and natural caregiver who enjoys making the world a better place. Guard against arrogance and learn to forgive.





Women with Vision was founded in 1998 to offer business women a networking venue in which they can provide support for one another and develop new business connections. Through this dynamic networking opportunity attendees will receive motivation, inspiration, advice and mutual support to help them take their business & lives in general to the highest possible level.

Guests & New Members are always welcome. Luncheons/Dinners: Luncheons meet at 11:30 a.m. / Dinners at 6:00 p.m. and last for two and a half hours. Each district has its own networking day and location.

Cost: Each district has its own fee structure ranging from $25 to $30. Reserved seating only. Contact the District Coordinator no later than 48 hours prior to the Women with Vision!™ Networking Luncheon/Dinner at the location of your choice.



Usual Agenda: 11:30 Registration & Networking 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Announcements & Introductions

12:50 Guest Speaker 1:15 Q & A 1:30 Back to work…

Membership: Annual Fee: $75.00 + $9.75 HST = $84.75

Members benefits: • WWV Membership REFERRAL BONUSES* • Direct mailing of Women with Vision Magazine • $5 off on your luncheon or dinner – all regions • Member bio and picture on the Women with Vision website with a link to your website • 10% off magazine advertising* • 1/2 hour telephone session with Award Winning Coach Lorraine Leslie • WWV Membership tax receipt

• Advance notification of networking events, conferences and trade shows • Annual Membership Card • Franchise opportunities

To enquire about Networking Luncheon/ Dinner locations across Ontario contact Head Office 156 Brophy’s Lane, Blue Mountains ON L9Y 0K3 Phone: 1-866-306-6021 womenwithvision@rogers.com www.womenwithvision.ca

New Regions Opening all the time Call us to become a District Coordinator in your community.

Start a Women with Vision! Networking Association in YOUR community today!

We are seeking businesswomen who are committed to excellence, leadership, mentorship and supporting like-minded women in business! The right person will understand business development, marketing and building the Women with Vision mission: to educate, motivate, inspire and promote women in business and daily living. If you are a leader that likes to change lives and you believe in working with a dynamic visionary team…Women with Vision is for YOU!

Give us a call today! 1.866.306.6021 or email your resume to:

womenwithvision@rogers.com – Application Go to our website at www.womenwithvision.ca to see how we’ve grown from a one page newsletter to a full glossy magazine and 6 Women with Vision Networking Chapters.

■ Paola Gucciardi, Numerologist www.lifenumbers.ca


Send us your resume, request and application form, meet with us in person, and you could become part of the Women with Vision Networking Association in your community.


www.womenwithvision.ca www.womenwithvision.ca 77


Jazz & Blues at the Station The Jazz & Blues at the Station concert series has become a highlight of summer in Collingwood, this Wednesday evening series of concerts now in it’s 6th year is held at the Collingwood Station & Museum, 45 St. Paul Street in Downtown Collingwood in a beautiful park-like outdoor setting. The concerts attract an audience of local residents, guests, visitors and tourists. The 2011 series had the largest turnouts to date with an ever widening demographic. The series has become known for the high level of talented performers who present some Canada’s finest jazz and blues on the Station stage, and the 2012 series is no exception.

Last Word Spreading wings catch the wind, Saying good day as night begins. A glowing sun slips into the night, Throwing crimson beneath its flight.

Speckled clouds mosaic in size, Throw us nature’s true majestic prize. Take your life one day at a time, Living and laughing to make it fine. Fly like the gull with airborne feet, Share your dreams with all you meet. By Lorraine Leslie 78 www.womenwithvision.ca

© Sergey Shcherbakov | Dreamstime.com

Rippling waves gently sway, Capturing bits of light along the way.

The soulful acoustic blues of Cheryl Lescombe and the Tuscon Choirboys opens the series. The amazing Jordan John with the Blues Angels featuring Rock & Roll Hall of fame bassist Prakash John are not to be missed. This young star is rising fast internationally. Canadian Blues veteran Bobby Dean Blackburn joins up with sax legend Steve Kennedy. Mike Grace who played with Dizzy Gillespie, Mel Torme and other jazz giants will bring his all-star quartet. Chuck Jackson, lead vocalist of the Downchild Blues Band features keyboard great Michael Fonfara.. Mike Tilka and the Mo‘ Vista Quartet. Hammond B3 Organ monster Lance Anderson will be joined by Mike Sloski. Canada’s top Roots drummer and Blues Harp giant Roly Platt will grace the state in August. Juno Award winner Eddie Bullen will bring his band and the fabulous Miku Graham will make her first appearance in Collingwood, it won’t be her last. The series wraps up with Cold Jack who wowed the audience in 2011. Bring your own lawn chair to this FREE series and enjoy the great music and electric atmosphere. The series is presented by the Collingwood Downtown BIA and the Collingwood Jazz & Blues Society, supported by the Town of Collingwood. www.womenwithvision.ca 79

Profile for Women With Vision

Women With Vision! ™ - Summer, 2012  

Women with Vision!™ is a networking organization established in 1998, that educates, promotes, motivates and inspires women in business and...

Women With Vision! ™ - Summer, 2012  

Women with Vision!™ is a networking organization established in 1998, that educates, promotes, motivates and inspires women in business and...