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editor’s note Respected Readers, May the month of January 2018, bring heap full of happiness and motivation in your life. With the hope that your Christmas may have passed with delight and marry making may you achieve your New year’s resolutions. Apart from societies plural approach, there is no harm in living the moment that begins as the year change its last digit. We have come up with an enthusiastic edition this month with inspirational, struggling and motivational stories that are vital for the women to keep on moving ahead. Apart from stuff for foodies, fitness conscious lasses, beauty hacks and compulsive shoppers, we are featuring an interview of versatile and multitalented women, Uswah Aftab, Vice Chairperson of CM’s Task Force on Information & Culture in Punjab, you would love to read her brighter perspective about politics of Pakistan. We believe that Every mother is super mother but a single mother makes a more struggle to be super. Let’s meet the brighter side of struggling single mother who is super at the same time, we have featured. We have covered events from all over the country for you to have a glimpse. Different launches of hot restaurants of the town, feminist comic con, SOS village carnival, winter exhibits, coffee beans & Tea leaf launch and a lot of other exciting things. Away from biggest runways we have tired to cover literary festivals and erudite discussions portraying women as antagonist in the main theme of universe. The volume also contains lots of stuff for you to read and get pleasure. To keep you updated with unique household ideas and abreast with technological move is one of our main focuses. Your ideas and suggestions are more than welcome, so don’t forget to send us your precious feedback on your reading experience with us. Women are essence of universe, a quote for them is must of magazine: The picture that this world presents from woman gets its tints and scents: She is the lyre that can impart pathos and warmth to human heart.

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There is no Harm in Living the Moment _ New Year’s Eve

Uswah Aftab-Chairperson CM task force on information & Culture



Black or Blessed Friday Sale?




Diet Plan of the Month Books and Beans A Vintage Book Store and Café

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Women Empowerment Society Feminist Comic Con


THE MIX - Eventful ending of tech, culture, food and music

Beauty Hack – Get Perfect Look by Concealing Flaws in Skin

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Interior Décor – Comfort, Relaxation and Elegance


Zainab Tiwana – Single Successful Mother

Movie Review – Rangreza, Arth

Maria. B. Evening Wear WOMEN TIMES


How was Uswah as young school girl and then a college girl I used to be very naughty; I use to play all the time. I would never want to go back home. Academically, I was good at study. As college girl I got oriented toward my studies and career more, although, I don’t really know what career I am going to pursue. I use to see myself as pilo t or a corporate lawyer. I never wanted to become doctor at all, I hated doctors. Then, I did my masters with majors in marketing and management. By the end of my studies , I knew that marketing is my profession.

What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite food?


How is your experience working in the male environment? A little harder or challenging? No, I think it’s all depend on you. How strong you are as a person. Weak ones have no career out of their homes. You have to be strong from inside. I thin k if you work with good intention, Allah’s pro tection is with you.

How do you manage work with home? With the big laugh she replied I did n’t do any household chores owing to tim e constraints and work pressure. But I love baking but it’s not a regular patch up.

When you're not busy, what are your favorite indulgences?

Versatility and Passion unifies in the blood of very few, Let us meet today a women among those few who is multitalented and a very humble lady. She has gained many miles in production, marketing and advertising, now in Politics also. She is currently Vice Chairperson of CM’s Task Force on Information & Culture in Pujab. She is the one who can inexplicably make you feel really good, an interviewer’s delight! 6


I watch movies, English movie defi nitely. As far as Indian movies are concer ned, I don’t really watch them because I think; they are imparting their culture in us.

Do you like tra vel ling , wh at’s you r fav ori te pla ce? Yeah, I love travelling because trav elling really, opens up your mind, gives you exposure & confidence. France & it’s very beautiful.

What you do with your salary? She boldly replied, “Aww, I eat and I do k good things and I do a lot of charity, I thin the ’s one has to create a social balance that only way to go forward.

How much of your earning you spent on shopping? I used to be a freak and outspending, but as am growing older I will mellow down soon rather then shopaholic.

How do you manage to remain attractive in all fields, you opted for career? With a witty smile on her face she replied “it’s just all the love, I received and Allah’s blessings, and believe me 70 % it’s just everybody’s love for me”.

What is your role as Vice Chairman, Chief Minister’s Task Force on Information & Culture?

Oh, this is about campaigning and commuall nication across Punjab and supervising rse cou of , And ed. lish the content being pub y yda ever e aus its really exciting for me bec y stor there is news, everyday there is new and I think it’s going great.

Any bad experience you faced in your career?

Factually, good and bad are part and pars cels of life. I think you must have bad one to know the flavors of good. In my case Allah has been very kind. Actually, Human being is nothing and all the blessings belong to Allah.

What is the future of politics in Pakistan?

Politics looks green in Pakistan, we see k CPAC and Orange Line will be on the trac got soon, Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute inaugurated, our kids are going to better school, we have better health facilities and Punjab has worked as a brand and it’s a new concept in Pakistan.

Would you like to join politics?

No, not really, because I think by design I am not for it and by default I don’t know maybe.



What do you think PTI is domination and Imran being declared clean? Look, its very good to have a good competition, it keeps you on toes. But at the end delivery matters. People are quite sensible now; nobody is now willing to go for (dharna Warna). People can see clearly that PTI is still far away from actual ground s. The Nation knows who did deliver in Pak istan and who can convert support in vot es.

How did you find your Boss as a boss (CM Punjab)?

He is War handler and tough on his work. I have realized that if Pakistan wan ts to progress, then this is the right pac e. He hardly, sleeps. He has proved the wor ld that he is the only visionary leader afte r Quaid e Azam who transformed dreams into reality.

If you have to opt between your home commitments and your professional duties, what did you go for?

Profession is what we live and hom e commitments are the life line. I have to manage my time to help my son in his studies . After even a hectic day, you get to know you have a science project, yet to com plete and its submission is right tomorrow. We have manage them all that’s life is all abo ut.

What do you think is the key for a woman to excel professionally?

Believe in yourself, nothing is imp ossible, Intention is what it is! If you have goo d intention, Allah is with you. You just have to be patient. You cannot make and change every day, it’s a process, it’s a long way and you emerge every day.

What are your future targets?

She replied humbly “God knows futu re, you are just to follow, if you read Qur an and if you do your prayers properly the n you really don’t need to have any strateg y, it comes naturally”.

Any words of wisdom to pass on to our readers and the nation? Believe in Pakistan, this is where we grow, we are going to go miles and heights we never seen and the economic growth that we have been waiting for, now is the moment and we will achieve new heig hts. 8




“Friday is the day of shopping but

Black or Blessed is the day of Crazy Shopping” Friday Sale?

Black Friday Black or Blessed Friday sale? whatever it is, but women don’t let the chance go, to shop in amazingly low price. It was kicked off on 23 November when a renowned brad among ladies, Gul Ahmed, announced up to 70% off on their entire stock. There was a huge jam pack of ladies grabbing their favorite outfit in unbelievable low price. It seemed as Gul Ahmed store located on MM Alam road, Lahore was besieged and attacked by women force, emerged from their houses all of sudden, ironically. To join this race, Limelight, known for its striking replete of eastern and western wears, kicked off 40% flat off on their stock. Acknowledging this a tremendous offer, women run after to limelight store and embarked on here to shop western cum eastern outfits. It started calmly, but the situation got worse with every passing minute and in the peak shopping hours, there was a women brawl on the counter. With the intent to scan their shopping first, a huge situation of rush and bulldoze

To join this race, Limelight, known for its striking replete of eastern and western wears, kicked off 40% flat off on their stock

cluster created there. Salesman crazily shouted to make ques for clearing on the counter. Overall the limelight store was filled with young girls leaning to get western wears. Few young girls while talking about their shopping craze told women times “We can spend every single rupee we have, as soon as we are in the market. Can’t control it, shopping is the real love”. Wondering, why women love shopping this much? Women times got the chance to ask this question to few shoppers there. A woman cognizing it right said “shopping is the way of catharsis”. To some extent, it was really a matter of fact. However, not only different brands offered this huge discount, different online store too participated in this contest and offered drastic concessions on products and even on electronics like,,, and many others. Black Friday had been commemorated in America and Canada since very long after the Thanks-

giving Day. A festival that was intended to thank after the harvest. But in Pakistan, it has taken a boom recently. And it was well acknowledged and welcomed by the public. Basically, when retailers began to realize they could draw big crowds by discounting prices, Black Friday became the day to shop.

Retailers cognizing it as regressive move for their businesses, manipulated the name from Black Friday to Blessed Friday in order to win the credibility of the shoppers. Here I would mention the alleged controversy regarding Black Friday, chiefly its name, different people boycotted it condemning its name and claiming that “Friday is never black and it’s always blessed”. Retailers cognizing it as regressive move for their businesses, manipulated the name from Black Friday to Blessed Friday in order to win the credibility of the shoppers. Gladly, turning deaf ears to such controversies, women didn’t miss the chance to shop on discounted prices and they overwhelmingly, demonstrated it in shopping stores.





Women Empowerment Society Feminist Comic Con Eventful ending of tech, culture, food and music

“It’s incredible to see such events become a staple in the yearly calendar,” The Women Empowerment Society held their second annual Feminist Comic Con with the aim to highlight women’s narratives as well as their contribution to mainstream media.The first day featured gaming competitions, lip-sync battles, fandom trivia and much more. While the second day featured the same events as well as a cosplay competition, a story building workshop with Marvel’s writer Khaya Ahmed, a concert by Maria Unera and a Yule Ball. Apart from fun activities and competitions, the Feminist Comic Con also featured panel discussions.

Pakistan information technology board (PITB) arranged a two days’ technology based festival, MIX, at Al Hamra Cultural Arts Complex, Gaddafi, Lahore. It was really a MIX, a unique blend of technology and culture, a wonderful effort by PITB in Pakistan to advance the technology into the culture. Two days festival was jampacked with number of activities including tech display, art display, concert, food stalls, eateries, fashion, AR/VR, 3D gaming, Music, Food, Heritage, Health, Finance, Media, Kids section, Digital Libraries, Art, Theater etc. First day concluded with a concert cum musical show and exciting performances. It was followed by the Verna’s special appearance Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid. Chairman PITB Dr. Umer Saif getting it a good chance, mount the stage to through his vision, said “Technology is enabling and disrupting everything in Pakistan and all of that has come together through this festival”.





Q. Does your daughter’s father see your daughter? No, he does not see his daughter, actually its complicated due to different countries we live in and our legal suits. Q. Does he pay child support or describe your financial struggles? No, he does not pay child support although he is liable to pay by the family court itself. 95pc of my daughter’s expenses are upon me with a 5 pc financial support from my family. Q. Did you press for child support?

When a marriage becomes a burden to breed in darkness then it’s better to part ways to grow healthier lifestyle. There are millions of single parents raising their children all alone but the way is worst for the divorced women all alone raising her child in Pakistani society and culture. Our Interviewee Zainab Tiwana may be a motivation for those depressing single mothers who are dejected by the society’s common perception of single mothers. She has been raising her daughter for last five years very efficaciously bearing her financial burden solely working as preschool teacher. Her struggle may prove an impetus to help lead a healthy life. Let us share it with you: 14


I have pressed for child support and I have the decree from the family court which specify certain amount that her father should pay to her but I think, he is too ignorant and I don’t let it bother me.

she said “but most of the time I make sure, I tell them that I have more to myself and to give my daughter then a happy married life of my own”.

someone who will whole-heartedly try to be a good father to my child as well. I had a failed marriage but I still strongly believe in this institution itself (still hopeful).

Q. What lessons do you feel are the most important to teach children in this day and age? Are there any lessons they, or perhaps we as parents should unlearn?

Q. Does your daughter love her father and wants to meet him?

It is very important for children to be instilled with faith, immense positivity, unshakeable perseverance, fighter-spiritedness, love for peace, buckets of patience, respect for humanity and animals and a self-acknowledging confidence that keeps them going. We as parents must unlearn to be extremely materialistic, judgmental and intolerant. Oh, and I must add

Q. Can you describe a typical weekday? I start off my day, by getting both of us (me and my daughter) ready for school. I work my way till 2:30 PM. Where there is gazillion things on my hand and almost thirty preschoolers to handle. From school I travel to my university, attend my classes, if I get some time after that I try to fix in a socializing schedule because of course my support system needs me too.

we should start being forgiving towards each other too.

Q. What is your biggest struggle with being a single mother?

Q. Any words of wisdom to pass on to our readers?

Seeing my heart walking on two legs and smiling right in front of my eyes.

“You will always get naysayers in life, accept their challenge prove them wrong with the Right Will of Allah keep moving on and ahead!”

Q. Did your family accept you and your lifestyle? Acceptance of being s single mother in our society, I believe we still need to grow our hearts bigger and change stereotyping of a divorced woman. Sometimes, I get too many discouraging naysayers to think that I have no future because I am divorced at times and it makes me cry! With damp eyes

Q. What about other marriage? I would love to share my life with someone who has an open mind and a heart big enough to fit me in with my baggage from the past. Anyone who is less bothered about the fact what people will say if they get married to me! I am not just looking for a good husband only but

Our divorce and custody war was a great deal of ugliness we all had to go through as a family. However, I make sure there is nothing negative said about the situation and people involved in it. I am a firm believer that if you feed your children negativity about anyone they will grow up to be bitter beings. Whatever happened between us as husband and wife altogether, to parting ways doesn’t need to make a father to be looked down as a bad father or a bad mother! Actually, we fought fiercely and in the face to keep her after separation, but I guess whatever happened was meant to happen. I got the privilege of attaining the custody of my adorable daughter. She will always know and learn to respect and love her father. Once she is older enough to understand our situation she will have a free will to meet him too! It is preposterous to introduce a child to the feeling of hatred at such tender age! Q. What did you feel when you see other children with their both parents? It breaks my heart a little bit when I see a complete normal family with the parents and children. Not that I feel unhappy for anyone but little upset for our situation that my child and I are in. I would definitely want my daughter to have both the mother & father figures around her; I pray one day it happens and we find and make a complete whole heart as a family who loves each other unconditionally. <3 Q. What about being a Super mother? Super-mothers are a myth; for me every mother is super, single or not! WOMEN TIMES


Books and Beans “Books n Beans, a vintage bookstore and cafe in the heart of Lahore, is a collaboration between Vanguard Books and The Elbow Room” is an exquisite intro of such an amazing place where book lovers can go, spend as much time as they want, feast with delicious coffee and all the tea party menu. It is located on the Gurumangat road, a few seconds distance away from a very famous road of Lahore M.M Alam road. When you open the door of such an excellent place and step in, it seems like you entered the valley of books. The look can even excite the ones who love to remain in books. The interior of the bookstore is so amazing and it feels that it might probably has been designed by keeping in view the esthetic sense of all kind of book lovers. Another good feature of Books and Beans is that price is displayed on every book and they are not so much costly as in other famous book stores. Of many good things, another good thing is that they allow small book launches, small literary events, study circles and meetings there. I think this is wonderful! In our Pakistani society, it’s a small endeavor to promote books reading. Overall, the bookstore cum coffee shop is excellent and I would give five out of five stars. The only shortcoming, I faced is smoking is allowed. They should have not allowed smoking inside the store because the ones who do not smoke or have smoke allergy would not prefer to visit it again.





teachers and all the lovers of Jane Austen’s writings. Austentistan covers classic themes in Austen's novels like money and social class and applies them to our contemporary Pakistani setting. There are seven stories in this collection and the glue which binds them together is Jane Austen, of course. Each story begins with an Austen quote — interestingly enough, most of them are from the cult work, Pride and Prejudice — and then proceeds to tell us about the Pakistani protagonist, her hopes, fears, and her love life or the lack of it.

Austenistan: Book Launch and Discussion Austenistan book launch kicked off in Lahore hosted by The Last Word. Wonderful women behind Austenistan: Laaleen Sukhera, Mahlia Lone, Nida Elley and Sonya Rehman marked the stage and narrated the excerpt from their short stories. The Launch was attended by the writers - a mix of journalists, editors,





SOS Children's Village Carnival 2017 The organization is working towards the goal of one day being able to provide shelter to every deserving child in the country. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Children are butterflies of heaven, there is no work dearest to God than the work being done by SOS villageâ&#x20AC;? SOS village has organized a fund raiser festival for the benefit of orphaned and abandoned children in their care. Festival was kicked off, at Gaddafi Stadium, Football Ground, Lahore. Children accompanied by their families were entertained at the carnival. There was different fun filled activities including Lucky Irani Circus, food court, puppet show, celebrities, games etc. Mian Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman minister Excise & Taxation attended the festival and promised to be in forefront for the support of the SOS children village.





Breakfast (266 Calories)

Avocado-Egg Toast • 1 slice whole-grain bread • 1/4 medium avocado • 1 large egg, cooked in 1/4 tsp. olive oil or coat pan with a thin layer of cooking spray (1-second spray) • Top egg with a pinch of salt and pepper (1/16 tsp. each) • 1 clementine Morning Snack (61 calories)

• 1/3 cup blueberries • 1/4 cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt Lunch (341 calories)

• 2 cups Ravioli & Vegetable Soup • 1 Tomato-Cheddar Cheese Toast Afternoon Snack (93 calories)

• 3 Tbsp. hummus • 1 cup sliced cucumber Dinner (451 calories)

Salmon & Vegetables • 4 oz. baked salmon • 1 cup roasted Brussels sprouts • 1/2 cup brown rice • 1 Tbsp. walnuts • Salt and pepper to taste (1/8 tsp. each) Vinaigrette • Combine 1 1/2 tsp. each olive oil, lemon juice and maple syrup; season with salt to taste (1/8 tsp.). Coat Brussels sprouts in 1/2 tsp. olive oil and bake at 425 degrees F until lightly browned, about 15-20 minutes. Coat salmon with 1/4 tsp. olive oil or a thin layer of cooking spray (1 second spray), add salt and pepper to taste (1/8 tsp. each). Bake at 425 degrees F until done, about 4-6 minutes. Serve brown rice, Brussels sprouts and salmon drizzled with vinaigrette and topped with walnuts.





Models at the Launch

Rumsha and Nida

Faizaan and Zara

Kanwal and Zainab

Natasha and Abida

Sehar and Abbass

Aamir and Sarah

Alizah and Imran

Alia Saadat and Rubeena

Balaaj and Maria

Sadia and Abeera

The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafÂŽ Famous international brand The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafÂŽ was launched in Pakistan by young entrepreneurs Usman Yousuf and Adnan Azam at a glamorous event hosted by Natasha Hussain and top

Guria, Raheela and Baleena

Farah and Tania



models. Mayor of Islamabad Sheikh Ansar Aziz cut the ribbon and other dignitaries from the federal capital also participated in the event.

Rubina, Nuzhat and Shahnaz

Rabia and Kayed Al Hadad

Waleed and Sara



Models at the Launch

Haider and Sarah

MaheNoor and Zarar Mustapha

Faraz Gul and Omer Ehtisham launched

Atif and Mahjabeen

MaheNoor and Zarar

Zoya and Sabeen

Faraz Gul and Omer Ehtisham launched Wild Wings at a glamorous launch hosted by Models and handled by Rezz PR and Events. Wild Wings is first and only Sports Lounge and Restaurant in Pakistan! Located in the heart of Islamabad F 7, bringing you wings, burgers, shakes and more. Imran and Saad

Aneeq and Wajeeha

Hira and Ali



Nabila and Ghazal Zafar

Rezz Aly Shah and Qurat Chaudary

Shoaib and Naila

Zain and Shahpara

Rumsha, Qudsia and Sarah

Harika and Lubna

Asad and Saba

Naimal and Juju Haider

Aleezay, Hasnain and Harmaine

Neeli and Zehra

Naimal Salim, Rezz Aly Shah and Juju Haider

Owners Mr and Mrs Omer Ehtisham and Mr and Mrs Faraz Gul

Models at the Launch



Eating disorders are an important cause of physical and psychosocial morbidity in adolescent girls and young adult women. They are much less frequent in men. Eating disorders are divided into three diagnostic categories: a

to “behavior or eating patterns that are characteristic of some or all eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and compulsive overeating”.

nervosa and atypical eating disorders has received remarkably little research attention.

Norexia nervosa

There are many signs and symptoms of these eating disorders, if you find any of those in you must have serious approach regarding that. Some are mentioned here:

Bulimia nervosa

Constant dieting.

Atypical eating disorders.

Hiding food or food wrappers.

According to Meriam Webster definition “anorexia nervosa is a serious disorder in eating behavior primarily of young women in their teens and early twenties that is characterized especially by a pathological fear of weight gain leading to faulty eating patterns, malnutrition, and usually excessive weight loss”.

Eating in secret.

Google definition referring to bulimia nervosa is “An emotional disorder characterized by a distorted body image and an obsessive desire to lose weight, in which bouts of extreme overeating are followed by fasting or self-induced vomiting or purging”. According to a research the atypical eating disorder that is very common in women refers



Eating to the point of discomfort or pain. Self-induced vomiting. However, the disorders have many features in common and patients frequently move between them. The cause of eating disorders is complex and badly understood. There is a genetic predisposition, and certain specific environmental risk factors have been implicated. Research into treatment has focused on bulimia nervosa, and evidence-based management of this disorder is possible. A specific form of cognitive behavior therapy is the most effective treatment, although few patients seem to receive it in practice. Treatment of anorexia

Laxative use. Excessive exercise. Frequent bathroom trips after eating. There is no known way to prevent any of these eating disorders. Early treatment may be the best way to prevent the disorder from progressing. Knowing the early signs and seeking treatment right away can help prevent complications of eating disorders. So, women! Be cautious about your health and proper diet and adopt a balanced diet approach. WOMEN TIMES














Lahore: Dolce Vita Home in collaboration with The Exhibit showcased 50 major brands under one roof on Tuesday at Zafar Marquee. The Exhibit is the first and one of the biggest multibrand event organisers in South Asia, showcasing everything from fashion, jewellery, interiors and other high-end lifestyle items. The High-end exhibition was attended by who’s who of the fashion industry, socialites, models, bloggers



and media. Speaking on the event Designer Shugufta Agha from Des Dinnerware said, “People of Lahore are crazy about food. I got inspired by the food cuisine of different countries. So, I decided what If I start making my own dinnerware and sell them out. My friends insisted me a lot into this profession. I used to buy antique pieces and design them with Dinnerware’s. With a plate or bowl for every course, these matching

sets have been expertly designed to create a statement table setting for every event from everyday dining to the swankiest of soirees,” she said. On the occasion, the founders of the Exhibit, Alyzeh Rahim & Sania Ali said that The Exhibit has been the pioneer of Lifestyle and Fashion expos in Pakistan. The Winter Exhibit is bigger and better than before with an amazing line up in fashion, jewellery, interior, homeware and food. WOMEN TIMES


Glamorous premiere of Parchi in Karachi After the release of films on big screen in Pakistan, there are a lot of expectations from the public. Only a few meets the public demand. If the film is good, music takes its level down. But the case with Rangreza is whole opposite. Song and music of the film has done a great job to win the believe of public on Pakistani movies but rest of the film has done the same injustice with the hopes of audience eager to see cinema revival. The movie revolves around Reshmi, who belongs to a traditional Qawwal family and has been engaged since childhood to her cousin, Waseem and Ali Zain (played by Bilal Ashraf) interested in Reshmi. Real twist of the movie arises when Ali, a famous popstar falls in love with Reshmi. The film is a journey of how two different classes and schools of thought come together. The movie starts with a storyteller introducing spectators with the different characters of the movie. Rashmi’s first encounter with the famous singer-musician Ali Zain (Bilal Ashraf) was a great union of attraction. What happens next, how Rashmi deals with the situation, Waseem’s reaction, Ali’s future are some questions that I am leaving unanswered for you to find out. Bilal’s performance as a rock star is readily believable. He never even gave a single wrong move and put forward Pakistani cinema its new wonderful performer. However, everyone felt that, Urwa didn’t show a single facial expression in the whole movie. Even at the most emotional sequences, Urwa failed to move her facial muscles, making her indifferent and disconnected with her love interest and family honour. In my critical observation, there were little pauses in the screenplay, making it quite less quality wise.



The film opens with the statement, “Inspired by Mahesh Bhatt”. It is actually the Pakistani version of Mahesh Bhatt’s 1982 classic by the same name, in which the legendary Shabana Azmi was in the lead role. Mahesh Bhatt had directed and written the script for this semi-autobiographical film, Shaan Shahid has done the same for the Pakistani version of it. It revolved around a writer Uzma (played by Uzma Hassan) and how her life is thrown upside down when her film-maker husband (Mohib Mirza) falls in love with the superstar Humaima (Humaima Malick). She then begins a friendship with singer Ali (played by Shaan himself). Uzma Hassan is a natural as the earnest and unsuspicious wife whose husband is cheating on her. Humaima Malick as the seductive but schizophrenic actor is riveting as a home-breaker, while Mohib Mirza as the struggling but spineless film director fits into his role with aplomb. Shaan Shahid is in the lead role as the recently divorced singer whose wife has taken him to the cleaners, and who returns to Pakistan from UK after a hiatus of twelve years, hoping to revive his career in music. 

Parchi premier kicked off in Karachi at a local multiplex loaded with almost all the stars of the industry landed on red carpet. The brilliant cast comprises of Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan, Usman Mukhtar, Ahmed Ali Akhbar, Shafqat Khan, Mojiz Hasan, Mahenur Haider, Shafqat Cheema, Salmaan Shaukat and Faiza Saleem. Written by Shafqat Khan, and directed by the Janaan director, Azfar Jafri, Parchi is the third project of IRK films after Siyaah and Janaan that released in 2013 & 2016. Plot of the movie revolves around a group of friends who find themselves in trouble when one receives a ‘Parchi’ from the gangster he owes money to, and what follows is a series of funny situations, and a full-fledged rollercoaster ride. It is a situational comedy that circles around gangsters, and focuses the ‘parchi’ system in Pakistan without any serious tinges. Parchi has been getting great reviews after the premiere, and I hope the spectators will also like the movie when it hits the cinemas.

The weakness of the film lies in the direction, even I didn’t feel any hesitation calling it a disastrously directed film. The director is afraid to stay still on a frame for more than one or two second. WOMEN TIMES


After the trailer has been released of movie “Verna” by Shoaib Mansoor, a renowned director cum producer of “Bol” and “Khuda Ku Lye”. An excitement enthralled all across the country to watch it. Soon after the declaration of release date, tickets were sold out. Public was enthusiastically waiting for the release when a news of its ban, begins circulating. Luckily, after having been reviewed by the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) after a temporary ban, the film has been released without slashing any scene.

extravagant performance has done amazing job in the movie. Even her appearance has concealed many shortcomings in setting of the movie. Haroon Shahid show up a little less effort, his performance seems like it can be better with a little more add up. Maybe, his flimsy appearance strengthens the heroine’s character making her the antagonist. However, Zarrar Khan’s performance was amazing and provide a cutting edge to the viewers to sit and watch the whole screenplay with keenness. Music and songs are soul of screenplays but the songs in “Verna” has squeezed the soul of the movie and convert it to a dried one. Even the “happy songs” have not been shot in a creative manner. Although, the songs in the film are meaningful and symbolic to the movie’s theme but they are not melodious enough.

It was initially released on Friday, 17 November all across the country. Cinemas were jampacked with spectators with the hope to experience a different trend than an expected film repute of Pakistani movies.

Script of the movie was expected to be incredible and it will portray social issue as most of the Shoaib Mansoor’s project are socially oriented and confiscating stereotype. When its trailer came to sight, it suggested the same and hooked up the public’s attention in this regard.

The title of the movie “Verna” suggests that Mahira Khan, the leading role of the movie is going to take revenge for something bad happened to her. It opens with a romantic movie and grows to a mystery of rage, which hooked up the audience complete. Developing further I came to know, movie is around the mature women issue, violation of women’s bodies and their right to its ownership.


Dazzling Performance

However, anyone who has seen the trailers of the film must be well aware of the main plot. The question is does the film have still enough surprises? While Verna succeeds in showing the mental approach of many of the politicians who are at the helm of affairs in our country faultlessly. Different dialogues in the movie are repeated many times in overall. There are a few hard dialogues in the film but there are so many others which fall completely flat because you hear the characters say those things but you don’t actually feel them. Acting and direction has done justice with the characters and their dialogues as Shoaib Mansoor has opted specialist of acting world. Everything moves in rhythm



and certain synchronization except a little diversion of focus. Everybody expected that story will develop taking the women issue in focus as Shoaib Mansoor’s movies mostly, revolve around social issue but it fails to do justice with that part which covers victim’s story. Instead, it develops to the other track, surrounded by Politian’s ill practices. Long story short, movie focused only on politics and did not drag women’s rights into the discussion. Overall, it was a master piece of Shoaib Mansoor’s screenplay. Direction has done justice to the movie. Mahira Khan’s WOMEN TIMES






Aymen and Hurmat

Director Kale Pakistan Mr Farhan and Mrs Tahira Farhan

Maliha and Rezz Aly Shah

Shabnam and Vaneezay

Zeinab, Aamer Shafiq and Safina

Begum Alia and NIli

Aneeq and Wajeeha

Zara Zaman

Nimra and Noman

CEO Kale Pakistan Mr and Mrs Hasan Shah

Nida and Tehreem

Wajeeha and Faisal Arshad


Kale Pakistan launched Flagship Store ISLOO : Kale Pakistan launched Flagship Store in Islamabad at a Glamorous Red Carpet Event. PR by Rezz PR & Events , and Event by Troika Raheela , baleena and Guria



Fariha and Samia WOMEN TIMES


Bilal and Sabeen

Raheela , baleena and Guria

Ali and Mash

Usman, Nida and Amir

La Socie’te’ Red Carpet

Emaan Khan

La Socie’te’ was launched at a Glamorous Red Carpet Event in Islamabad . Event by Rezz PR and Events. Grooming by Toni & Guy Islamabad Fakir and Tehmin

Natasha and Amna

Usman, Shaid, Marium and Jahanzeb

Talha and Maryam

Jawad, Hina and Omar



Amir and Sarah

Erum , Azin and Hira

Tehreem, Niili and Anam

Madeeha masood

Rushna and Sadia

Nadia, Marium and Sania Baig WOMEN TIMES


Prince Harry, Meghan

release official engagement photographs

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have marked their engagement by sharing a series of portraits of them embracing. The 33-year-old royal asked the former 'Suits' actress to be his wife last month, and ahead of the couple's much-anticipated wedding at Windsor Castle in May next year, the pair carried out a photoshoot with fashion photographer Alex Lubomirski at Frogmore House in the town in Berkshire, England. A series of posts on Kensington Palace's Twitter read: ''Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have chosen to release official photographs to mark their engagement ... The photographs were taken by Alex Lubomirski earlier this week at Frogmore House, Windsor.'' The first picture of the loved-couple sees them cuddling on the steps of the property, with the brunette beauty's engagement ring, which Harry had custom made, on display. Alongside the photo, the royal household wrote: ''Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle, December 2017.'' The same caption was added to a closeup black and white image of Meghan smiling as she held onto Harry's bearded chin. The photographer also took to Instagram to thank the couple for choosing him to capture their love for each other in the stunning portraits. Alex wrote on Instagram: ''A huge thank you to His Royal Highness Prince Harry and Ms Markle, for allowing me to take their official engagement portraits. Not only was it an incredible honour, but also an immense privilege to be invited to share and be a witness to this young couple's love for each other. I cannot help but smile when I look at the photos that we took.'' The love birds will tie the knot on May 19 next year, at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. The Palace previously announced the news in a statement, which read: ''His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Ms. Meghan Markle will marry on 19th May 2018. Today's announcement follows earlier confirmation of the month of the wedding and its location at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.''





HUM Bridal Couture Week Hum TV in collaboration with Pantene hosted its Bridal Couture Week from 8th-10th December which brought together talented designers under one roof. The dynamic designers presented their colourful collection with vibrant hues of hot pinks and greens. The makeup for the entire show was done by Team Nabila. As far as the hair were concerned, sleek buns with middle parting were popular along with wavy hair. The appearance of the night was Sajal Aly who walked the ramp in a stunning mint blue ensemble from Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s “Gulab Sandesh” collection. Week ended on high notes of magnetism, brilliance and quality fashion to contribute towards the rising of Pakistan Fashion Industry.





No harm living the moment Whatever you set out to achieve for yourself at this point will give you a sense of happiness. It may be a momentary thing, you can rest assured that it shall give you the necessary impetus.



“Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s a nourishment of the sole and body; it’s truly love”. I was not aware of the importance of this quote until the same unexpectedly happened to me. I still remember the day I received the call from a friend of mine to visit a new restaurant “Chaaye Khana”. It took just an hour an hour to get ready and I was there in the elevator to encounter new experience of the restaurant. It was located on MM Alam road. When I entered the restaurant, a smell of riveting food reverberated me through all my mouth and head. I was looking for my friend but to my surprise my all group was there waiting for me. They all greeted me Birthday. Yes, it was my birthday but I never expected to celebrate it with my friends. After few moments, a waiter dressed in traditional outfit came to take our order.

to other customers make me feel hungry. To my fortune, I didn’t have to wait long and the waiter was there to serve us food. The food was really tasty and seemed as if the chef had made a special piece out of ordinary ingredients. Overall the quality was good and all hygiene were taken. After the food, our mixed tea was arrived. Most of all the tea was of exquisite taste. Tea (chaay) lovers should surely try chaaye khana’s mixed tea. Its delicious taste was simply sensual for me. On another thing that is important to mention was presentation of food. It made me feel excited because of its royal presentation.

The menu was amazing offering different chicken and beef steaks and beverages and the wide verity of Chinese and junks. The special beverage they offer were diverse kinds of tea. Then I looked at the environment of the restaurant.

I suggest this restaurant to those who love to have tea after food. Don’t ever forget to try its tea if you ever visit this particular restaurant. On the contrary, if you are not tea licker, then your preference should be something else. Or if your date love to have tea, then hurry to take her there!

it was sophisticated and adorable with stylish lamps, wooden shelfs of books, black napkins paintings hanging low on every wall of the restaurant. It felt wonderful around this atmosphere. Ravening smell of food being served

I would give 5-star rating out of 5 because of its tea(chaaye) recipe. There is no doubt that if the restaurant keeps practicing the same service, there name become the regular talk of the town. WOMEN TIMES


Book Review

Our Story Ends Here Do you know what it feels like to live without a heart, a soul and her? This opening line of the novel hooked me up and am sure it is going to enthrall all the readers. Writer narrates the story of Sarmad, a terrorist with a view that terrorists are not born to love but he falls in love passionately and unwillingly. On the other hand, Mahar from Army background feel the same for Sarmad but destinies have written something else for them, when Mehar came to know that her brother has been killed in a terrorist attack plotted by Sarmad. Sara Naveed is an emerging author and novelist of Pakistan. Her writings depict that she is inspired from Pakistani liberal class and in this respect, she has impressively portrayed them. The title of the book “our story ends here” suggests that the two lovers are going to apart from each other like all the tragic love stories. On the contrary, cover of the book seems that two lovers are meeting and holding each other with deep affliction. Her another piece “undying affinity” was a romantic story. Likewise, this novel is of same genre. Published by well reputed publication house “Penguin Random House”. Her romantic and fictitious style is a good read to pleasantly spend your spare time. Chronologically, every word is



organized, order of each and every phrase is best fit for the place, according to the appealing sense of the scene. I would like to appreciate the techniques of the author which she used to make it well arranged. Eloquently, genre of the book is romantic fiction. She took the reader to the alum of fantasy and love. where nothing is beyond love and romance. Writer is the believer of platonic love. she views that even well-mannered, wise, serious looking and composed people when fall in love, they drive all the senses from heart instead of mind. Their wistfulness refuses to take directions from mind and

they do whatever their heart said without the care of right or wrong. Her style of writing is informal which make the readers easy to approach and convincing. She avoided using difficult terms and opted for quite understandable and inspiring terms. During different discourses in the novel she used the literary terms that are used in our routinely conversations and this technique of her writing make it epic. She concluded every scene in well and composed way without any absurdity. She has tried to explain the rationales of love. It’s a nice piece of romance and fantasy, overall its master piece, I would say, but one thing which I regard as the lag point of the story is that, she doesn’t properly wrap the ending of the story and leave the readers in ambiguity. It will be an enchanting story for youngsters and will get the pleasure while reading it. Designing a home is about giving people space to live and allowing them an outlet to express themselvesWant a lavish and Royal bedroom? Here’s what you need.Not only does art mimic life – it can do much more, if treated with due respect. Artwork is visual spice for gracefully adorned interiors, and it can bring out the finest features of different décor elements if chosen with care and taste“It doesn’t matter if your taste is modern or traditional, classic or retro. If a house has a good feel to it, it will always be a home”. Cameron Kimber, interior designer He said, "Three words dominate my designs: comfort, relaxation, and elegance. As one moves from house to house or country to country there are pieces that stay with you. I see my role as an interior designer, as part editor and part designer to create and beautify a place you want to be. My aim is that every room in the house has an over-all look and feel of comfort and relaxation with certain panache - a touch of the unexpected but always being very polished." WOMEN TIMES


International Women Squash Championship 2017 The Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) is all set to hosted the Pakistan Open Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Squash Championship and CAS Women International Championship at Mushaf Squash Complex in Islamabad. The tournaments took place between 17 and 23 December. 48 international squash players from various countries along with Pakistani squash players participated in both the events. Marwan El Shorbagy from Egypt is the top



seed in the menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s title, while Annie Au from Hong Kong has been seeded first in the CAS Women International Championship. Four matches were played in the CAS International Women Squash Championship in which Enora Villard, Nouran El Torky, Hana Moataz and Hana Ramadan defeated their opponents to book their place in the main draw. The prize money for CAS Women International Championship was $25,000. WOMEN TIMES


Get Perfect Look by Concealing Flaws in

Conceal eye circles Use concealer to cancel out blue eye circles. A frequent mistake is to apply concealer with several thick strokes directly under your eye, but this will highlight all the flaws. Draw a kind of triangle and blend it out carefully with your fingers. In more serious cases, when the circles are too deep, a red lipstick can help you out. Apply it on the problem area, blend carefully, then add concealer and blend it too. As a result, you’ll get a perfect skin

How to get even tone skin? Nowadays it’s becoming headache for ladies owing to the growing polluted atmosphere. Especially, for those working women, who have to travel all day long and work outside home. Skin tan is another growing dilemma of women. So, don’t worry anymore. Here we have solution to all your problems related to skin. Use these simple and effective ways to get your desired skin tone first with cleaning and then with makeup to get the perfect look. Beautiful skin is the key to fascinating makeup. Some girls choose the most famous and expensive cosmetics, follow trendy bloggers, and try new products. But, unfortunately, the result often leaves much to be desired. Here is the full set of life hacks that will help you make your skin look perfect with slight effort.

Properly cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin The most important thing is to care for your skin and keep it looking beautiful and healthy. Follow a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious and vitamin-packed foods, and choose the cosmetics according to your type of skin. Cosmetologists also recommend peeling your skin and applying nourishing masks regularly. But the number one rule is cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin in the morning and evening. It’s not enough just to rinse your face — you should really apply a tonic lotion and moisturizing cream.

Conceal the flaws of your skin Use concealers of different colors to hide flaws. Green concealer cancels out red splotches and pimples — dot it on the flaws with your index finger or a sponge. If you want to conceal yellow or brown pigment spots and freckles, choose purple or blue concealer.



Apply blusher

Choose and apply foundation properly Choosing foundation is a serious task because the result of your efforts will depend on the quality of foundation base. To find the most suitable tone, apply several different tones to your neck — it will help you choose the right color. Remember that our facial skin tone changes a little bit because of the weather, our mood, and other things.Apply your foundation from the center of your face with a special wide brush or your fingers. Pay attention to your forehead area, where your hair grows, and the sides of your nose.

A slight blush makes your face look fresh and healthy. For fair skin use pink tones of blusher, while bronze and coral tones will e be suitable for darker skin. Nud and brown-pink tones suit almost everyone.


Contour correction lets us conceal flaws and accent some parts of our face. You can find different kinds of cosmetic products in the shops. Liquid and cream concealers take more time to apply properly and aren’t good for everyday makeup. Powder concealers and highlighters look much more natural and are easy to apply. Follow the contouring steps shown in the pictures. The main rule is to highlight the areas you want to accentuate and darken the areas you would like to conceal. To contour an oval face, darken your chin and forehead where your hairline starts. To make a narrow face a bit wider, apply blusher to your cheekbones. Do not lengthen the line to your temples.

Fix your makeup

aCarefully dab your face with a p der per napkin, then apply pow to your chin, T-zone, under-eye not area, and around your lips. Do  eks che apply powder to your , to avoid gloss. Use light powder for example a mineral one. WOMEN TIMES


Aries seems to bring positivity for you. Cosmic powers are likely to shower you with some great results on the marital front. From the very beginning of the month, bountiful romance can be expected. The planet of love, Venus showers its blessings on you. The second half of the month would mark happiness and favorability towards children and progeny aspects. Health should mostly be stable. Expect high levels of energy and stamina in this month. Mars, your ruling planet, graces you with toughness too during this time.

For Taurus, this month is likely to bring a better prospective than the previous month, even though the aspects might not be exceptionally bright. The strenuous atmosphere on the domestic front should calm down to some extent in the second half of the month. However, mother’s health might still need care and attention until 16th. This month holds promise and potential in frames of love and romance. Although, for married couples, ego tussles and feeling of domination may still thrive. You may influence the opinion of others as per your needs. However, deception and aggression should be avoided completely to maintain positive relationships. Career prospects should remain average through

As per Gemini monthly horoscope for this month, the cosmic changes should bring about mixed results. In the skies of love, you may see a dozen doves fly, as planets are making some rare and positive combinations in your house of love in this month. You should expect a rise in libidinous action during this time. Financial gains are also likely to occur. Your health, however, might put you on the back seat. Allergic ailments might affect your skin or breathing. Your mother’s health might need your attention, as she may too feel a little under the weather.

Libra, the Horoscope should bring much vibrancy to your personality. You may spend extra efforts and time to maintain your appearance also this month. With great looks, comes great responsibility! However, you should be careful not to go over the top. You should display high levels of energy but be careful not to reach uncomfortable heights with your vigor. Over enthusiasm could lead to problems too. This time, you may also feel spiritually inclined. Health may feel a dip around. This should however, be only a temporary phase.

Scorpio, the monthly horoscope indicates that this may be an average month overall. A journey with spouse for personal pleasure may be beneficial. The trip may have multiple purposes and might even help you to build new business contacts and connections. For businesspersons, financial gains may trickle in after some delays. Matters associated with the government are likely to bring disappointment, particularly during the first half of the month. For government employees, any projects related to other countries should be avoided.

As indicated by the monthly horoscope for Sagittarius, career should be your primary focus this month. You may expand your influence to a wider clientele through an overseas journey. A spiritual journey is also likely after 16th of this month. However, health of your father may demand your attention. If you are in a job, you may work on a challenging new project. inancially, this month should be beneficial. You may choose a more disciplined & serious lifestyle now. Energy levels should stay satisfactory. However, health of children may suffer. In addition.

Your Horoscope displays high levels of energy. You would stay energetic and have good stamina throughout this month. Your career is likely to benefit from this. This would also help you become more stable professionally this month. Work related trips, however, though could be there but may not be very fruitful. During this time, you may accumulate materialistic achievements, which would provide you with comfort and happiness. Spiritual inclination is likely to bring mental peace. However, you should keep your temperament in check during this time.

Leo, according to your Monthly Horoscope, you are likely to remain exhausted during the first half of the month. As indicated, your energy levels may remain low and you may need to improve on your diet. Thereafter, you should expect some improvement. After 16th November, a significant boost in your stamina would be there. On the finances, you seem to do well financially and your decision-making skills are likely to improve during this time. There could be likely spends on luxuries and your materialistic accumulations may grow. Luck quotient should remain high throughout this month. You should keep a check on your harsh tone and temperament as it might create trouble for you this month.

The Monthly Horoscope looks positive for Virgo. Great strength, vigor, and high energy are indicated during this time. Your intellect should shine like a star. However, you should not let your credibility fall prey to arrogance or anger. Career should be of high priority during this time. Professional goals may not be as easy to achieve. You may have to struggle to get the desired results during this month. Travel opportunities may only be scarce, if any.

The monthly horoscope for Capricorn indicates average trends. You may follow a serious disposition towards life during this time. Your creative skills should be on a high during this time & your artistic pursuits may go up. Good levels of energy and stamina are indicated. However, hot temperament may cause anger issues. You should avoid starting any arguments and try to maintain calm. Financially, this month should be smooth and you may expect gains after 16th of this month, provided you put in the needed efforts. A long journey is possible.

For Aquarius, the monthly horoscope indicates a phoenix emerging from the flames. The month and your luck should be in general, favorable but still you may encounter some hurdles. You may experience low energy levels, followed by a possible lack of courage and boldness that you may otherwise possess. Siblings and children may not be at their healthiest selves. On the positive side, spiritual inclination might lead to a rejuvenating journey that may brighten your spirits. The period after 16th is highly promising for Government related matters. Career and should be of high priority this month as indications of disap

The monthly horoscope for Pisces indicates a phase of changes. Contrary to your nature, you may develop an aggressive temperament during this month. Spiritual pursuits may take a back seat now. Health could turn out to be an area of concern this month. Stay cautious of ailments like stomach, weakness, gastric track, indigestion, back pain, ear etc. Health of father may also need attention. Siblings may not enjoy a comfortable period during this time as their health is likely to suffer.





I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old familiar carols play. And wild and sweet the words repeat Of Peace on earth, good will to men. I thought how as the day had come The belfries of all Christendom Had roll'd along th' unbroken song Of Peace on earth, good will to men. And in despair, I bow'd my head: "There is no peace on earth," I said, "For hate is strong and mocks the song, Of Peace on earth, good will to men." Then pealed the bells more loud and deep; "God is not dead, nor doth He sleep; The wrong shall fail, the right prevail, With Peace on earth, good will to men." Writing credits go to John Mark Hall / Dale Oliver / Bernie Herms







Women Times Jan 2018  
Women Times Jan 2018