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Women’s Support Services    

News I was  recently  retired  and  wanted  to  help  other   women  that  did  not  have  the  fortunate  life  I   have  been  able  to  have  had.                        Pat  Whelan  

Volunteer Recognition  

Winter, 2017  

Having volunteered  in  various  ways  in  many  places,  I  am  acutely  aware  of  how  important  training   is  to  effective  service.  When  I  spotted  a  WSS  poster  offering  training….  I  jumped  at  the  chance.   The  program  required  a  commitment….  rewarded  with  connection,  information  and  inspiration.     I’ve  been  helping  out  with  administrative  tasks,  outreach  at  community  events  and  assisting  the   WSS  Family  Violence  Victim  Advocate  at  court.    The  dedication,  knowledge  and  empathy  of  the   WSS  staff  is  truly  remarkable:    a  beacon  of  hope  not  only  for  those  who  need  their  services,  but  also   for  those  of  us  concerned  about  the  future  of  human  rights  in  this  era.                                                                                             Deborah  Gobble-­‐‑Lewine     Women’s   Support   Services   relies   heavily   on   the   generosity   of   our   many   volunteers.   Certified   volunteers   commit   25   hours   to   training,   and   last   year   five   volunteers   spent   nearly  250  hours  assisting  WSS  staff  with  court  advocacy  and  outreach.  Four  non-­‐‑certified   volunteers   dedicated   a   further   100   hours   to   WSS.   More   than   220   community   members   committed  nearly  1,000  hours  to  bring  our  signature  fundraising  event  –  Trade  Secrets  –   to   fruition.   And  we   could   not   forget   our   industrious   board   members   –   our   15   members   donated  nearly  400  hours  of  their  time  last  year.  Thank  you!  Thank  you!    

Thank You!!  

Rebecca Allyn   Toni  Castro   Kelly  Churchill   Hank  Collins   Deborah  Gobble-­‐‑Lewine   WSS  was  my  choice  because  it  services  the  real  needs  of   Lisa  Kohomban   women  and  children  in  peril.  I  worked  there  from  2015   Mohammed  Moro   to  2016  before  moving…Many  thanks  to  a  most   Pat  Pancer   welcoming  staff.  I  cherished  my  Fridays  with  all  of  you.                                   Jess  Troy                                                                                                                                                  Pat  Pancer                                                                                                                                                                                           Pat  Whelan   Barbara  Zucker-­‐‑Pinchoff  

Trade Secrets  has  a  new  date  –  May  13  &  14,  2017   Women’s  Support  Services  Annual  Fundraiser  -­‐‑  TRADE  SECRETS  –  will  be  held  on     May  13  &  14,  2017  –  a  wonderful  way  to  spend  Mother’s  Day!   Saturday,  May  13:  Rare  Plant  &  Garden  Antiques  Sale,  LionRock  Farm  Sharon,  CT   Sunday,  May  14:  Self-­‐‑guided  Garden  Tour,  Ashley  Falls,  MA;  Cornwall  &  Falls  Village,  CT   Please  visit  for  more  information.  

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Teen Dating  Violence     Did  you  know  that  1  in  4  Connecticut  teens  experiences  dating  abuse  each  year?    

Dating violence   includes   psychological   or   emotional   violence,   such   as   jealousy   or   controlling   behavior;   physical   violence,   such   as   hitting   or   punching;   and   sexual   violence   such   as   nonconsensual   sexual   activity   and   rape.   Teen   dating   violence   is   of   concern   as   it   can   set   patterns   for   both   victims  and  perpetrators.  22%  of  women  and  15%  of  men  who  experienced   rape,   physical   violence   and/or   stalking   by   an   intimate   partner   as   adults,   first  experienced  some  form  of  partner  violence  between  the  ages  of  11  and   17   (Centers   for   Disease   Control   and   Prevention).   WSS   is   working   with   youth   and   teens   from   area   schools   to   improve   our   resources,   but   please   visit  for  additional  information.  The  CT  Coalition  Against   Domestic   Violence   has   also   created   a   mobile   app   –   TD411   –   to   educate   teens  on  healthy  relationships.  

Dear Friends  and  Supporters  of  WSS,   W it h   g ra t it u d e ,   I   th a n k   e a ch   a n d   e ve ry   o n e   o f   y o u   w h o   r e s p o n d e d   t o   o u r   A n n u a l   A p p e a l   a n d   o u r   H o lid a y   R e q u e s t .     M a n y   o f   y o u   a l s o   s u p p or t e d   W S S   on   G i vi n g   T u e s da y   a n d   t h r o u g h   t h e   A m a z o n   S m ile s   p o r ta l ,   w h ic h   d o n a t e s   a   p e r c e n t a g e   o f   y o u r   p u r ch a s e s   t o   u s   a s   y o u r   d e s ig n a te d   c h a r it y .   Y o u r   s u p p o r t   g i ve s   h o p e   t o   t h o s e   w h o   co m e   to   u s   f o r   h e lp   a n d   t o   t h e   s ta f f   t h a t   re s p o n ds .   I t   e n co u ra g e s   o u r   Bo a r d   o f   D ir e c t or s   a n d   a n im a t e s   th e m   in   t h e i r   w o rk .   I n   s h o rt ,   y ou r   g e n e r o u s   s u p p o rt   is   mo r e   t h a n   a   f in a n ci a l   g if t .   I t   is   a   v it a l   e x p r e s si o n   of   p a r t n e r s h ip   in   o u r   m i s si o n   t o   e n d   d o m e s ti c   v io le n ce   in   o u r   c om m u n it ie s.   We   c a n   b e   s u c ce s s f u l   i n   ou r   m is s io n   o n ly   w h e n   th e   c o m mu n it y   j oi n s   u s   i n   t h i s   i m p o rt a n t   w o rk .   I f   y o u   w ou ld   lik e   t o   le a r n   m o r e   a b o u t   th e   s e r vi ce s   w e   p r o vi de   to   p e o p le   a f f e c te d   b y   d o m e s ti c   vi ol e n c e ,   o r   a b o u t   t h e   p r e v e n t io n   e d u c a t io n   p r o g r a m s   w e   b r in g   to   o u r   lo c a l   sc h o o l s   a n d   d a y   c a re s,   o r   a b o u t   o u r   a v a ila b i lit y   t o   c o m e   t a lk   t o   y ou r   c iv ic   o r   re l ig i o u s   g r o u p ,   p l e a s e   c a ll   m e ,   e m a i l   m e   o r   s e t   u p   a n   a p p o i n t m e n t   f o r   a   f a ce   t o   f a ce   d is cu s si o n .   I   w o u l d   lo v e   to   h e a r   f ro m   y o u !         S in ce re l y ,   B e t se y  M a u r o   E xe c u t iv e   D i re c t o r   b m a u r o @ w ss d v .o r g   8 6 0 -­‐‑ 3 6 4 -­‐‑ 1 0 8 0  


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WSS COMMUNITY   PARTNERS  TAKE  THE   PLEDGE  TO  END  VIOLENCE   Cornwall/West  Cornwall   Cornwall  Bridge  Post  Office   National  Iron  Bank   United  Church  of  Christ   The  Wish  House     Falls  Village   The  David  M.  Hunt  Library   The  Falls  Village  Inn   Housatonic  Youth  Services   Bureau   Toymakers  Café     Kent   Backcountry  Outfitters   Kent  Memorial  Library   Kent  Station  Pharmacy   SoDelicious  HomeMade  Bakery     North  Canaan   Douglas  Library   Immaculate  Conception  &     St.  Joseph’s  Catholic  Churches   Stateline  Wine  &  Spirits  

Salisbury/Lakeville Black  Rabbit  Bar  &  Grille   Churchill  Building  Company   Johnnycake  Books   Roaring  Oaks  Florist   Salisbury  Bank  &  Trust  Co.   Salisbury  Visiting  Nurse   Association   Salisbury  Wines   Scoville  Memorial  Library     Sharon   The  Hotchkiss  Library   Rafe  Churchill  LLC   Rick’s  Wine  &  Spirits   Sharon  Farm  Market   Sharon  Health  Care  Center   Sharon  Hospital   Sharon  Pharmacy     Please  contact  Rebecca  Cohen-­‐‑ Lillard  if  you  are  interested  in   the  program  -­‐‑  860-­‐‑364-­‐‑1080.    

State Police  Troop  B.  Barracks        

Taking a  Stand  Against  Violence   Students,  faculty,  and  staff  members  joined  forces  to  send  a  

strong message   against   violence   in   their   communities.   Students  at  Kildonan  School  and  Dover  Central  School  District   spent   a   week   focusing   on   topics   ranging   from   bullying   to   dating  violence.  Entitled  Operation  Jungle  Red,  the  idea  was   inspired   by   college-­‐‑level   programming.   WSS   Community   Educator   Rebecca   Cohen-­‐‑Lillard   adapted   the   program   for   area   schools.   The   week   culminated   in   a   mass   pledge   signing,   distribution   of   bracelets,   and   painting   pinky   fingers  red  to  signify  solidarity  against  violence.          

Thank you  to  our  recent  donors    

Women’s Support  Services  would  like  to  thank  the  following   donors  for  their  support  this  past  quarter:   Archdiocese  of  Hartford  -­‐‑  Archbishop’s  Annual  Appeal     The  Buchanan  Family  Foundation  

Violence Against  Women  Act  Funding  Under  Threat   The   current   administration   is   considering   cutting   all   funding   for   the   Violence   Against   Women   Act   (VAWA).   Victims   of   domestic   violence,   sexual   assault,   stalking,   and   dating   violence   rely   on   federally-­‐‑funded   services,   and   cuts   to   these   programs   will   endanger   lives.    Initially   passed   in   1994,   VAWA   created   the   first   U.S.   federal   legislation   acknowledging   domestic   violence   and   sexual   assault   as   crimes,   and   provided   federal   resources   for   community-­‐‑based   programs   combating   violence.   Please   contact   your   congressional   representatives   and   urge   them   to   protect   this   vital  support.        

Connecticut Coalition  Against  Domestic  Violence   CHUBB  Charitable  Foundation     Foundation  for  Community  Health   Kent  Presents   Low  Road  Foundation   Middle  Road  Foundation   North  Canaan  Congregational  Church   Northwest  Connecticut  Community  Foundation   Smithfield  Presbyterian  Church   Steven  and  Sheila  Aresty  Foundation   Tony  Kiser/The  William  and  Mary  Greve  Foundation   The  United  Church  of  Christ  in  Cornwall  



About WSS  

WSS is  able  to  offer  our  services  free   and  confidential  thanks  to  YOU!     • Send  a  check  or  make  a  secure   donation  at   • Send  in  your  LaBonne’s  receipts   and  WSS  will  receive  a  percentage     • Donate  your  old  cell  phones   • Create  a  fundraiser  on  Crowdrise  -­‐‑ ssupportservice     • Consider  donating  items  that  help   our  clients  in  need:          *Phone,  Gas,  or  Grocery  cards    

Women'ʹs   Support   Services,   Inc.   (WSS),   is   a   non-­‐‑profit   domestic   violence   agency   serving   Northwest   Connecticut   and   the   surrounding   communities   in   New   York   and   Massachusetts.   The   mission   of   WSS   is   to   create   a   community   free   of   domestic   violence   and   abuse   through   intervention,   prevention,  and  education.        Our  current  services  –  free  of  charge  -­‐‑  include:   • 24-­‐‑hour  confidential  hotline   • Short-­‐‑term  emergency  shelter   • Individual  counseling  and  safety  planning   • Support  groups   • Legal  advocacy,  transportation,  and  referral   • Violence  prevention  education  and  programming     • Training  for  local  professionals   • Violence  Prevention  Education  Program  for  pre-­‐‑K  -­‐‑  grade  12  

   *Gift  certificates  to  local  eateries              *Used,  but  usable  cars  for  our                Calling  All  Cars  program  


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Women’s Support  Services  Provides  a  24-­‐‑hour  Crisis  Hotline  (860)  364-­‐‑1900   All  services  are  FREE  and  confidential.    Collect  calls  are  accepted.       BOARD  MEMBERS  

Contact Us:     P.O.  Box  341     158  Gay  Street     Sharon,  CT  06069     Phone:  (860)  364-­‐‑1080     Fax:  (860)  364-­‐‑5767     E-­‐‑mail:    

Judith Crouch,  Chair     Emily  Vail,  Vice  Chair     Steve  McKibben,  Treasurer   Mimi  Estes,  Secretary     Diana  Bisselle     C.  Warren  Carter     Susan  DeMelle     Lisa  Foster     Katherine  Freygang     Maria  Horn     Alexandra  Lange   Clare  Rashkoff   Carrie  Smith   Emma  Wynn  


Dr. D.  Elizabeth  Mauro,  Executive  Director     Vicki  Kirkpatrick,  Trade  Secrets  Event   Coordinator  &  Financial  Administrator       Shelly  Ross  Robbins,  Fund  Development  &   Communications  Coordinator   Maggie  Ianello,  Program  Manager     Liz  Davis,  Adult  Counselor  Advocate     Jessica  Troy,  Adult  Counselor  Advocate   Rebecca  Cohen-­‐‑Lillard,  Child  Advocate  &   Community  Educator     Lisa  Waldron,  Family  Violence  Victim  Advocate     Ashley  Gille,  Hotline  Counselor     Elly  Roraback,  Hotline  Counselor     Noemi  Medina,  Hotline  Counselor    

Find us  Online     Twitter:  @Trade_SecretsCT   Instagram:  trade_secretsct  

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