Women's Resources of Monroe County Annual Report 2017

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Creating a legacy of






An open Letter to the

Silence Breakers Dear Silence Breaker, We believe you. Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, age, or legal status. As a domestic and sexual abuse crisis center, we operate separately from the legal system and have no authority in playing judge and jury over your story. We’re here to listen, provide you with options, and empower you to create a safe and healthy life for yourself. We are proud of the strength and courage you exhibited when you came forward and told your story. You are paving the way to a healthier future not only for yourself, but also for the rest of us. For the girls and boys who will one day enter the film and entertainment industries, legislative offices, churches, military, and corporate offices. For the thousands of women and men who currently experience sexual misconduct and harassment in their workplaces. Without individuals like you who are willing to come forward and shatter the silence that so often cloaks these cases, no progress can be made. Your reports to law enforcement, crisis hotlines, and human resource departments are vital because they are the necessary first step in an investigation. With more and more people like you speaking out and saying “Me Too” we hope that more institutions will begin to investigate these cases rather than sweep them under the rug.

These investigations, reviews, and continued media coverage are beginning to unsettle the distribution of power. As with any movement, there is always resistance and backlash. Those who stand to lose power and status will begin to perpetuate the idea of rampant false reporting and unfair hardships on alleged perpetrators. Fear not dear Silence Breaker, this is a longstanding tactic meant to silence and discredit you. Stay resolute in your request for an investigation and accountability. To those Silence Breakers who did not have a public platform to share their story, have chosen to remain anonymous, or have not yet come forward, we’re here for you too. Find support from a friend, loved one, a helpline, the human resources department and your job, law enforcement and or the legal system. Tell your story; make the report, your safety and wellbeing are important. Everyone deserves the ability to participate in their workplace or community free from sexual harassment and misconduct. Finally, to those impacted by sexual abuse, whether personally or through supporting a friend or loved one, reach out to a free and confidential helpline like ours, 24 hours a day by calling (570) 421-4200. Sincerely, Advocates at Women’s Resources of Monroe County, Inc.




A note from the

board of directors Dear Friends of Women’s Resources, It has been a privilege to be the Board President of Women’s Resources since 2013. I’m honored by the confidence you have had in the leadership of the same executive committee throughout the years: Hazel Fisher PHD, Vice President and Personnel Committee Chair, Velma Lubliner, Secretary, and Sharon Griffith, Treasurer. We have worked together since 2012, when we had challenges meeting payroll and no line of credit! Today through the diligent leadership of a strong, transparent, finance committee lead by Sharon Griffith, Treasurer, and Karin Hornkohl, Manager of Finance at Women’s Resources, we present our annual report for 2015/16 and 2016/17. We have a solid balance sheet and a budget that provides the guidelines for our management to meet our financial responsibilities while planning for the future needs. We are continuing to be the provider of services for victims of domestic and sexual assault, and delivering programs focused on prevention and the belief in the mission of Women’s Resources. Your generosity has been the foundation of the growth of our fiscal soundness as a non-profit serving Monroe County. I could never have imagined that when I chaired the Black & White Gala eleven years ago, or the first Martinis & Manicures event in 2008, that we would be in such a solid financial condition. It was my goal before becoming director to create a re-sale shop of gently used clothing to establish a fund for legal representation to help victims of domestic abuse. Today Echo, our re-sale shop on Ann Street in downtown Stroudsburg, continues to be a line item of income to fund various legal representations. Now with three office locations in Delaware Water Gap, Brodheadsville, and Tobyhanna, that provide counseling and direct services, we are filling the need and desire for victims to have a reputable safe haven when they have experienced domestic abuse, sexual assault or harassment. In closing, I’m so grateful for each of you and the blessing you have been to Women’s Resources during my presidency. Our board of directors is very dedicated with strong, professional volunteers who will continue to provide oversight to the governance of Women’s Resources along with our Executive Director, Lauren Peterson. Lauren was selected as one of 30 out of 600 applicants for the elite Allstate Foundation’s Greater Good Nonprofit Leadership Program to continue her executive leadership education and receive mentoring from prestigious nonprofit leaders working with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Her leadership will only enhance the work of the newly elected President, Loren Speziale, Esq.; Katherine Moyer, CPA, Treasurer; Betsy Gustafson, PHD, VicePresident; and Marynell K. Strunk, Secretary.

board of directors Sharon Sinkevich President Owner, The Apple Tree Fine Women’s Clothing Boutique Hazel Fisher, Ph.D Vice President Associate Dean, Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus Sharon Griffith Treasurer CRA Officer/Loan Origination Mgr. ESSA Bank & Trust Velma Lubliner Secretary Assistant Director of Advancement Blair Academy Ali Schratt President of Local Flair, Inc. Loren L. Speziale, Esq. Partner Attorney at Gross McGinley, LLP Marcia Welsh, Ph.D. President of East Stroudsburg University Tricia Dunkelberger-Fritz Executive Vice President Dunkelberger’s Sports Outfitter Anita Smith Senior Cash Analyst, Customer Accounts, Sanofi Pasteur and Hotline Volunteer Dr. Betsy Gustafson Assistant Superintendent, Pocono Mountain School District Kevin Ahnert Chief Operating Officer, Pocono ProFoods Katherine Moyer, CPA Senior Accountant, Concannon Miller & Co., PC

Creating a Legacy of Hop With gratitude, Sharon Sinkevich President, Board of Directors



A note from the

Executive Director

Dear Friends and Supporters of Women’s Resources, Looking back over the last two years as we compiled this report, it stands out to me how much Women’s Resources has grown. In this short span of time we have completed and started a comprehensive three-year strategic plan, added two new satellite offices, and increased our staff to continue meeting the ever growing needs of our clients. Women’s Resources strives to be proactive on behalf of victims and survivors, not only for their immediate needs but also to plan for their safety, security and a healthy, violence-free future. Identifying where services need to be developed or added on to, and then strategically addressing them is key in our work with victims and their families. We couldn’t continue to do this kind of advocacy and activism without the support and assistance we receive from the community, our partners and individuals like you. Recently, not a day goes by that we don’t hear about new allegations of sexual misconduct, abuse, or gender inequality. The #MeToo movement, and Times Up campaign have caused ripple effects that are felt even here, across the country from Hollywood. When survivors hear about others who have gone through what they have, and have been believed, supported and their abusers held accountable, they are more comfortable coming forward and reaching out for help. Here in Monroe County we have seen a rise in hotline calls, and victims and survivors coming in for services. Abuse and violence can affect anyone, no matter where they come from, or who they are – anyone can be a victim, and therefore anyone can be eligible for services at Women’s Resources of Monroe County. Now, more than ever, it is important to stand up together for victims and survivors everywhere. Women’s Resources relies on and thanks you for your support of our work, we look forward to continuing the Power of Partnership as we move into this new year, stronger than ever and ready to face any new challenges that come our way. Sincerely, Lauren Peterson, MPA Executive Director




Our facilities

PO Box 645, 225 J. Wilson Drive, Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327 570-424-2093 (Administrative Office) 570-421-4200 (24-hour hotline) Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Services now available at new locations... Women’s Resources’ West End Office is located in Brodheadsville, at the Chestnut Hill Township Parks building. We offer counseling services at this location, appointments only, no walk-ins. For appointments please call our hotline: 570-421-4200

Women’s Resources Mountain Center Office is located in Tobyhanna, offers appointment based counseling services, in English and Spanish, as well as Legal Drop-In hours with a trained legal advocate. This office is currently open Thursday and Friday, part-time. For appointments please call our hotline: 570-421-4200



Our impact A snapshot of our work from 2015-2017

24 Hour Hotline

• 24-Hour Crisis Hotline is available 365 days a year including weekends and holidays; staffed by highly trained employees and volunteers. • More than 2,900 calls answered from 1,406 individuals. • 50 sexual assault victims accompanied to the hospital.

Safe Emergency Shelter

• 22-bed emergency shelter; a safe, comforting, home-like atmosphere providing group and individual counseling, advocacy and information about resources such as housing, finances and employment. • 333 adults and children spent over 9,844 nights in our shelter


• The Frances Hughes Crisis Counseling Center offers free and confidential crisis counseling with a traumafocused, empowerment approach to serving victims of domestic and sexual violence. • 2,395 adults and children received support for domestic violence and sexual assault through 9,430 hours of crisis counseling.

Volunteer Program

• 4,922 Hours of direct service were provided by Volunteers. • 16 new volunteers completed the 69 hour Counselor/ Advocate Training.


• Prevention is key when our mission is to end domestic and sexual violence, and starts with our youth. The violence prevention programs help them grow into healthy, violence free adults. • Our prevention education department delivered 109 programs to 2,646 youth, empowering them to be leaders and take a stand in preventing violence. They received classroom training about healthy relationships, respect, consent and safe technology use. • 224 outreach events educated the public about the impact of domestic and sexual violence, the programs at Women’s Resources and how to protect children; 3,173 adults participated. • 506 community professionals were educated at 14 training programs.

Legal Advocacy

• Our legal advocates assist victims with exploring their options and understanding their legal rights. Advocates also accompany victims to court proceedings. • 324 clients received Legal Advocacy services and support for a total of 655 hours. • 520 hours spent in Protections From Abuse (PFA) court (5 hours per week) providing assistance to victims pursuing a protection order. • Victims were able to pursue legal action and receive representation through Women’s Resources Legal Fund: $23,680 was used to help cover legal expenses for victims.




statement of financial position Women’s Resources of Monroe County, Inc. fiscal year ended 2016 & 2017

REVENUE 2015/16

revenue 2016/17


Current Assets: 2015/16 Cash and cash equivalents $535,917 22,967 Cash - board designated 7,000 Cash - restricted 84,210 Grants and contracts receivable 1,742 Prepaid expenses Pledges Receivable

2016/17 $696,025 27,593 757 171,768 1,742 625



Total Current Assets












Fixed Assets: Property and Equipment, net



Foundations Contributions




Total Assets



United Way


United Way


Other Income


Other Income


Total Income


Total Income


* Excludes in-kind contributions.

* Excludes in-kind contributions.

liabilities and net assets Current Liabilities: Accounts payable Accrued expenses

Total Current Liabilities


$17,840 25,630

$16,735 23,530



Net Assets: Temporarily Restricted Board designated assets Unrestricted net assets

757 7,000 27,593 22,967 3,006,998 3,197,784

Total Net Assets

3,036,965 3,226,134

Total Liabilities and Net Assets

3,080,435 3,266,389
















Total Expenses $1,059,564

Total Expenses $1,157,464

* Excludes in-kind expenses.

* Excludes in-kind expenses.

statement of activities Women’s Resources of Monroe County, Inc. fiscal year ended 2016 & 2017

Unrestricted Net Assets:

Revenue, Gains and Other Support:

2015/16 $292,692 215,317 94,154 36,718 57,699 49,558 253,273 234,750 255,865 27,515 5,338 1,124 ---

2016/17 $301,692 287,428 122,235 58,316 90,020 51,896 201,433 142,747 246,301 29,496 14,071 2,978 6,243



927,586 70,412 314,839

960,036 119,579 279,281

1,312,837 211,166

1,358,896 195,412





Net Assets, Beginning of Year



Net Assets, End of Year



Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Other Government Contracts Contributions Inkind contributions Foundation and corporate support Fund-raising United Way Other income Interest Net assets released from restrictions Total Unrestricted Revenue, Gains and Other Support


Program Management and general Fund-raising *Total Expenses   Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets

Temporarily Restricted Net Assets: Contributions restricted by purpose

Increase In Net Assets

*Total expenses includes $253,273 of in-kind expense 2015/16 *Total expenses includes $201,433 of in-kind expense 2016/17






(a long standing client) started with Women’s Resources several years ago in a very bad place. Was physically assaulted by her husband. Got a PFA then went back. Was assaulted again, got another PFA and finally moved forward. She was able to continue her college education after she was awarded a WISP scholarship, which our counselor helped her apply for. Women’s Resources also assisted with legal funds to retain an attorney for her divorce, help her with relocation to get her new apartment, and recently she also received an award of excellence from ESU and received some grant money for continuing education. Yesterday she came in to show her advocate her final divorce papers that are signed and ready to go (after a very long battle). She is elated to say the least and is moving on beautifully in her life.


came into shelter and for 2 weeks she was afraid to walk outside the fence let alone go out into the community. She used counseling services in shelter and Jessie for sexual assault counseling. She has made great strides, is less afraid and is working on making steps to get out. She loves to share her strength with others.

came in with 2 children, no job or no form of income and did not drive. She was terrified to be away from her children and it created a tremendous amount of anxiety for her just thinking of it. She was on the verge of tears during many of her discussions w/staff. She stayed in shelter for just over 2 months. During that time, we were able to watch her grow in self-confidence. In spite of her fears, she was determined to move forward. Lidia learned to maneuver through the Pocono Pony bus system. She was able to get to the County Assistance office and apply for medical, cash assistance and food stamps. The assistance office got her into their Pathstones program to assist with finding employment and in doing so, she did not have to pay for daycare. She found a daycare that was willing to let her children start for a few hours each day prior to her beginning the program. Within 2 weeks of starting that program, she had prepared a resume and obtained employment. We gave her a voucher for our thrift store ECHO, and she was able to get professional work attire. Shortly after that, she moved into PATH.


, who we’ve been working with through counseling for over 3 years, finally made the move to enter shelter. She had been abused, both physically and sexually, by her husband and had two children. For years, she would say she was coming into shelter, and then wouldn’t. Finally, she made the move and came in to Shelter. She stayed for two weeks, and continued counseling, and the Shelter Counselors helped her to find a place to stay more long term. She was able to move into a family member’s house and continues to come in for counseling.


“i am

not entirely sure who will be reading this email, but I had to just say a sincere and genuine Thank You to the staff at your facility. I am a survivor of domestic violence and your staff completely changed my life. A year ago, I would have been huddled up in my home scared and looking over my shoulder. Today, I proudly sat through my first class of the fall semester at Northampton Community College- confident and unafraid of my surroundings. I wouldn’t have been able to begin to get my life back on track without Women’s Resources and Jessie. You provide an amazing service to those who unfortunately need it. I truly hope that one day, domestic violence becomes non-existent and that those women who have lived through it are able to feel as empowered as I do. You have truly made an impact, for which I am beyond grateful. Thank you!”



has been a domestic violence victim for 10 years by her husband who brought her to the US from Mexico. The first years they lived in NYC, and after few years he bought a house in a secluded rural area in the Poconos where she lived for the last 5 years. With our support, legal advocacy and guidance she was able to find the courage to move out of the house to a safer home with a friend. Once she moved out, she filed for spousal support which was granted to her in September. Currently she has completed training to work in Child Daycare and started her new job in a day care on December 20. She began college in the fall of 2016 to get her degree in social work. *Names are changed to protect confidentiality

honoring our volunteers




Women’s Resources was founded by volunteers and continues to rely on the services of volunteers who cover the hotline whenever the office is closed. Volunteers provide accompaniment, crisis counseling, and continued supportive counseling to clients. Volunteers are also educators and ambassadors in the community, as well as supporters of legislative efforts to help survivors. Direct Service Volunteers complete our 69 hour Counselor/Advocate training and assist with supporting victims and their children. Trained volunteers help answer our 24-hr hotline, provide counseling and advocacy, and provide support to victims of domestic and sexual violence in hospital emergency rooms. The Counselor/Advocate Training Course is designed to engage volunteers on a personal and

theoretical level, to challenge their thinking and to develop awareness. Women’s Resources training course is divided into two parts. The first twelve sessions provide learning about oppression related violence, factors contributing to violence against women and children, myths and realities, legal interventions and healing issues for survivors. The second part of the training focuses on awareness of bias and prejudice, skill building in basic counseling, advocacy and accompaniment roles, Women’s Resources policies, procedures and specific volunteer roles and responsibilities for hotline workers. The training class is concluded with an open-book written exam and roleplays. Helping at our front desk, greeting clients and visitors to our Counseling Center, assisting with events and fundraisers, and working at our ECHO thrift boutique in Stroudsburg are a few options for those interested in other volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are the back-bone of Women’s Resources – without their dedicated commitment of time and effort, we would be hard pressed to meet the needs of victims and survivors in Monroe County.




Our events

Women’s Resources of Monroe County holds many awareness and fundraising events throughout the year, there is something for everyone to get involved in. Bringing awareness to the issues of domestic and sexual violence is key in the work we do to change the culture and norms that allow abuse and oppression to continue. Fundraisers bring much needed financial support to Women’s Resources, which allows us to continue to grow our programs and services.

butterfly release for peace

Butterfly Release For Peace In September, Women’s Resources uses a release of monarch butterflies to raise awareness about the strength of domestic and sexual violence survivors. Butterflies, though fragile looking, possess an inner strength to break free of their confining cocoon to start new lives. This is a good metaphor for the ordeal that survivors go through to break free of their dark world of abuse, seeking support at Women’s Resources to learn they have the wings to fly free and live their own lives away from violence and fear. Joined by friends, supporters, community members and survivors, hundreds of monarch butterflies are released at once symbolizing not only strength but the unity we have together to end the violence.

Take Back the Night

Take Back The Night In April, community members, ESU students, staff and faculty join together with Women’s Resources advocates and clients to march through downtown Stroudsburg, to ESU’s campus. The Annual Take Back The Night march and rally has been happening in Monroe County for over 30 years. This event raises awareness about sexual violence and its prevalence in today’s society.

candlelight vigil

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Candlelight Vigils October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Each year Women’s Resources holds candlelight vigils in Stroudsburg and in Coolbaugh Township. Stories of survival and strength are shared as candles are lit in remembrance of those lost to violence, those who escaped and those who are still in an abusive relationship. This event brings awareness to the plight of domestic violence in Monroe County, and across the nation.

martinis & manicures

Annual Martini’s & Manicures

Every April, Women’s Resources of Monroe County holds their annual Martini’s & Manicures event at a local resort. In 2016, the Chateau Resort and Conference Center, Tannersville hosted the event and in 2017, the Stroudsmoor Inn was the chosen venue. Martini’s & Manicures features a fashion show by The Apple Tree and Dunklebergers, special martinis, appetizers and great raffles from local vendors such as ThirtyOne Bags, Stella & Dot, Silpada Jewelry, JS Advanced Skincare and Spa, and more. The Martinis and Manicures event kicks off Women’s Resources’ Spring fundraisers and raises awareness about sexual and domestic violence.

BLack & White Gala

Annual Black & White Gala

Women’s Resources celebrates the much anticipated Black & White Gala, in mid-May at Kalahari Resort and Convention Center. Consistently, more than 400 guests enjoy a magical evening of dancing to a live band, live and silent auction items, and a four-course meal. This event is the largest fundraiser for Women’s Resources.

our board of directors

Sharon Sinkevich President

Owner, The Apple Tree Fine Women’s Clothing Boutique

Marcia Welsh, Ph.D President, East Stroudsburg University

Hazel Fisher, Ph.D Vice President

Sharon Griffith Treasurer

Associate Dean, Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus

CRA Officer/Loan Origination Mgr. ESSA Bank & Trush

Anita Smith

Tricia Dunkelberger-Fritz

Senior Analyst, Customer Accounts at Sanofi Pasteur and Hotline Volunteer

Executive Vice President Dunkelberger’s Sports Outfitter

Velma Lubliner Secretary

President, Local Flair, Inc.

Ali Schratt

Loren L. Speziale, Esq.

Kevin Ahnert

Dr. Betsy Gustafson

Katherine Moyer, CPA

Assistant Director of Advancement, Blair Academy

Chief Operating Officer Pocono ProFoods

Assistant Superintendent, Pocono Mountain School District

Main Office

PO Box 645, 225 J. Wilson Drive, Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327 Administrative Office: 570-424-2093 Fax: 570-424-2094 Counseling Appointments: 570-421-4200

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Emergency Hotline 570.421.4200

Partner Attorney, Gross McGinley, LLP

Senior Accountant Concannon Miller & Co., PC