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DO YOU THINK you’ve got the right


to win? en prove it! IF YOU think you have the skill and that competitive edge, round up your friends, call in that favor from your cousin and raise the necessary entry fee. All it takes for you to sizzle is $500*. You can walk away with the title of “Winner of the Great Mate’s Hot Chefs Under Fire” cook-off competition. A special award will be presented to the winning chef. Everyone is invited to enter and audience participation is a must! All chefs must register by Wednesday, March 14th Contact Sydney 941729-9011 or


Here is my donation on behalf of my chef: $_____ $25 $50 $100 _______________________________________________ COMPETING CHEF’S NAME _______________________________________________ MY NAME _______________________________________________ MY PHONE NUMBER _______________________________________________ MY E-MAIL ADDRESS Additional forms are available on line at

Hot Chefs Under Fire! Elimination Round Thursday, March 15

One (1) Tapas of contestant’s choice, pre-prepared off site, brought in and served to 3 Judges. Top 5 finalists will move on to the Main Event.

Main Event Friday, March 23

• Chefs will be provided gas powered hot plates, 2 shared microwaves, shared grill outside & serving dishes. All other equipment is responsibility of chef. • Chefs will be provided with 15 pantry items and allowed to bring in 5 additional ingredients of their choice to the Main Event • One secret Ingredient will be given to each chef at the beginning of The Final Round. This ingredient must be used to prepare a dish of their choosing. • Contestants will have 30 minutes to complete their dish. Great Mates

*SUGGESTED DONATION. Any donation will be accepted for entry to the event. All entry fees due Thursday, March 15. Make checks payable to the Women’s Resource Center

Bradenton Yacht Club

Women's Resource Center presents ► Hot Chefs Under Fire  

DO YOU THINK you’ve got the right INGREDIENT to win? ►Prove it! Great Mates Bradenton Yacht Club Elimination Round► Thursday, March 15 Main...