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Serving a Very Practical Need from the Heart

When a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis, their world gets turned upside down; their treatment and recovery become a constant focus. It’s an overwhelming, stressful, & exhausting time. Their family also experiences high anxiety levels & more responsibilities as they support their loved ones. During cancer treatment, families struggle to keep up with simple day-to-day tasks, like grocery shopping, laundry, and house cleaning. Jeannie and Terry Henderson chose to

become partners with CLEANING FOR A REASON.


Everyone can help CLEANING FOR A REASON to serve more patients here in Kalamazoo and across North America.

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CANCER PATIENTS. Partnering with more than 1,200 residential cleaners throughout the United States and Canada, they offer free house cleaning to any household battling cancer. Since 2006, the nonprofit and its partners have donated more than $15.2 million in services, helping more than 45,000 cancer patients. “We are in the cleaning business, but a clean house is not the only goal of our services. Our primary goal is to Make Lives Better in All That We Do,” said Jeannie Henderson. This couldn’t be more true than when a cancer patient receives a donated cleaning visit. Cancer treatment drains the patient of energy needed for healing. Their family is also struggling with all that needs to be done. The experience of having your home cleaned is uplifting, calming, and joyful. It’s almost like magic; the dust, cobwebs, and crumbs have disappeared. It allows the patient and family some time of rest and enjoy their home instead of having to clean. “A cancer diagnosis comes with many emotions and challenges, which affect the entire family. I was no longer able to care for my family and home.” shared a Cleaning for a Reason recipient. “Living with cancer can be difficult, but I continue to thrive because of people like YOU!” One fantastic thing about Cleaning for a Reason is that if a loved one lives far away, they can be nominated and paired with a partner cleaning service in their area. It is difficult to know how to help a loved one from a distance, so Cleaning for a Reason provides this much-needed service to patients and those who love them in their time of need. Cleaning for a Reason needs your help to serve more cancer patients. To raise awareness and raise much-needed funds, Jeannie Cleaning is hosting the 4TH Annual

Cleaning for Cancer Week, October

24-28. During this unique five-day event, Kalamazoo-area cancer patients will be cleaned daily. The week will culminate with the #PINKOUT for a Reason Celebration & Fundraising Event on Friday, October 28. to CleaningforaReason.org to nominate a patient anywhere in North America.

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A five-day event where Kalamazoo-area cancer patients will be cleaned daily.