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September 2014

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Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


Voluntary RE:action W

elcome to our volunteer column sponsored by Grand Rapids Community Foundation. Discover which volunteer position best describes you. Pick a cause and react voluntarily!

n The Art Prize

There are all kinds of ways for friendly, fun-loving people like you to get involved in Art Prize. This year, Art Prize runs from September 24 until October 12. Opportunities: HUB Hospitality, Kids Art Room, Voter Registration, Wayfinders Sign Up:

n The Stride Maker

Volunteer for ‘Making Strides Against Breast Cancer’ put on by the American Cancer Society on October 25, 2014 at Rosa Parks Circle. There are many ways to help out! Opportunities: Registration, Water Station, Information Sign Up: or call (616) 551-4062

n The Face Painter

ACT (Artists Creating Together) is an organization that brings students with disabilities together with artists and art projects. ACT is looking for volunteers to paint faces during an Early Childhood night, help with social events, or help with administrative needs. Opportunities: Face Painter, Event Helper, Administrative Assistant Sign Up:

n The Miracle Musician

The Volunteer Raquel took a thirty-day trip to India, which inspired her to start volunteering. During her trip, she had the opportunity to study with the Dalai Lama, which reinforced her desire to give back. Raquel is passionate about causes related to business start-ups, education, diversity and inclusion. She volunteers over 200 hours per year for the causes that are closest to her heart. In fact, she has been teaching a business class at Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW) for three years now. Raquel says that being a volunteer is a fantastic experience and the people you meet along the way are simply extraordinary.

Endless Possibilities. By supporting students beginning in the 6th grade and promising free college education or vocational school, Challenge Scholars is opening up a brand new world of possibilities to thousands of Grand Rapids Public Schools students. SU PPORT TH E RISE WITH US CAM PAIG N AT CHALLENG ESCHOL ARS .ORG .

Mercy Health is looking for volunteer musicians to play instruments in the lobby of the Lacks Cancer Center/Hauenstein Center. Opportunities: Volunteer Musician Sign Up:

n The Lab Assistant

The Women’s Resource Center is looking for a lab assistant to provide basic computer tutoring, help participants navigate job-seeking websites, and provide basic support to women using the computer lab for job searches and skill building. Opportunities: Lab Assistant Sign Up: or call (616) 885-5866

n The MomSquad

Join the MomSquad at MomsBloom. Volunteers offer families with a newborn an extra pair of hands, a listening ear, and encouragement that many new parents need. Opportunities: Helper, Listener Sign Up: email Angie at or call her at (616) 516-9553

n The Caregiver

Ele’s Place, a healing center for grieving children and teens, is seeking caring adults to volunteer as facilitators of children’s support groups. There is no previous experience required. Opportunities: Support Group Facilitator Sign Up: or call Kristyn Sterk at (616) 301-1605


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

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worthy teacher, and an She is an ambitious independent, a trust with passion and integrity. al ssion profe empowering, open-minded entrepreneur, politician, do-it-all She’s a fearless leader; she’s your local mother, artist or community inspiration. e are countless women in our She’s right here in West Michigan. Ther their effort, success or community that deserve recognition for aps our nation, a better, aspirations to make West Michigan, or perh are honest and hardworking, more unique place to live. These women just like you.

rtunity to interview and get to Our staff was delighted in taking the oppo for this month’s edition. know a handful of women who set the tone uraging CEO of GROW Take Bonnie Nawara, for example, the enco druff, humble co-CEOs Woo Rita and (32), sisters Mary Gill-Thornton itious president of the amb the er, Sieg a Dian of Gill Industries (12), or In addition, the artist Grand Rapids Community Foundation. ArtPrize have plenty to teach entrepreneurs you will encounter during us about persistence and hard work (6).

O urcl ot hes f it eevcetr y asp of your l ife!

try planning your on-the-go For the woman who wears multiple hats, confidence during busy days by meals on the weekends (60). Keep your and keeping a day-to-night bag multi-tasking during your workouts (36) in your car (34). rce and network listing that Take advantage of our local career resou big project (38). These may serve as the foundation for your next ination will take you resources coupled with your relentless imag wherever you’re aiming.

yday duties easier, inspiring This edition is all about making the ever recognizing each and every those who wish to pursue a passion, and community. one of you who make a difference in our ess.

Go ahead. Show us that you mean busin Richelle Kimble Editor

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Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


Over on the musical side, I decided to connect with Karisa Wilson to understand how she navigates a creative field that is notoriously unpredictable. Wilson always had a passion for music. At ten years old she studied violin with a member of the Grand Rapids Symphony. She admits that while she was recognized for her talent, she didn’t always have the discipline as a child. She credits a later music teacher with instilling that important trait into her education. “She was an excellent teacher. She pushed me,” said Wilson. “I draw upon her and use the same techniques with my own students now.” Years ago, Wilson quit a salaried job as a schoolteacher to be a full-time musician. In addition to performing and recording she also provides music lessons three days a week at the Triumph Music Academy. An accomplished vocalist and guitarist, as well as a classical violinist, her music is described on her website as a “unique blend of jazz, blues and folk— think eclectic Americana.”


The Impressionist:

Appreciating the


eing an entrepreneur is a risky but rewarding business. Adding the title of an artist can cause the risks to go through the roof. Wonderfully, so can the reward.

Across artistic mediums, generations and length of time invested in a creative business, I talked to three women who share qualities of tenacity, passion and talent.

Elizabeth Merriman is a filmmaker with a production company called Happy Hat LLC. After talking with her over lunch recently, I came to the conclusion that despite any particular circumstance in life, one can often choose which hat to wear.

Merriman grew up in Muskegon, and her dad was a janitor at her school. They didn’t have a computer at home, so she would go in with him at 4 a.m. and complete her assignments in the library while he worked. Overcoming many challenges, including recovery from a stroke in her early 20s, taught her to be a problem


by Kerri VanderHoff photo by Two Eagles Marcus

solver. Solutions may not be easy or clear at first, but she believes they always exist.

“Perseverance, together with a good attitude, will take you far,” she says. Merriman spent the last few years working on various projects for companies throughout the region. She is grateful for the experience, but believes it’s time to begin focusing more on her own creative ideas. One such project takes a closer look at women in the film industry. Though she would never be considered a quiet participant, she tries to bring her positive attitude with her into her work. “I have big opinions and big ideas about [the filmmaking] community and industry as a whole,” Merriman said, explaining the importance of the freedom of working on her material. “This allows that opinion to come out.”

Wilson and her husband John recently celebrated the birth of their first child, yet another exciting milestone that comes with adjustments. Staying focused while working from home, with distractions and interruptions, can be challenging, as is traveling with an infant. However, the rewards are there, too. “I get more attention!” says Wilson. “People love babies and identify with me more now that I have one. [The experience also provides] lots of source material for writing.” In the world of fine art, the large, bold paintings lining the wall at the Richard App Gallery intrigued me. I ran into the artist, Sheryl Budnik, at a recent art opening and pulled her aside to learn a little more about her background. She received her BFA in painting from the University of Michigan and went a little edgier into assemblage and sculpture for her MFA at Wisconsin. She exhibited at the Madison and Kohler Art Centers. Budnik married a man with four kids and together they had two more. As her life progressed, her work began to veer towards Realism. She painted landscapes inspired by their hobby farm and included the children as subjects. To support her family after a divorce, Budnik began working at the Grand Rapids Press in creative services. She credits this job with honing her marketing and business skills. Upon retirement, Budnik devoted herself full-time to painting and her landscapes moved in a more abstract direction. In addition to three years now at the App Gallery, she is also represented at the Romany Kramoris Gallery in the Hamptons, New York. Her work is found in numerous shows, exhibitions and collections throughout Michigan and beyond. In her early ‘70s now, there seems to be no limit to her energy and passion for art, and her success no doubt connects to that. “I get up every morning, go to my studio upstairs, and paint,” Budnick said. “I’ll take a break for lunch and sometimes I’ll attend social events and network, but there’s nothing I want to do more that put on my work clothes and paint.”

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

While she was influenced by the war going on, it was the Detroit riots of 1967 that really streamed what was happening in the nation, raising awareness of issues and the need for a change. After graduating college, Sieger worked at the American Red Cross, full-time, while taking on a year of graduate school at Western Michigan University. She graduated with a master’s in social work on a Saturday. The following Monday, she started as the associate executive of agency relations and planning at United Way of Kent County. There, she connected with non-profit and business leaders.

Better Tomorrow Achieving the Promise of a by Bri Kilroy • photo by Johnny Quirin


emember the saying, “When you’re doing something you love, an hour feels like five minutes”? In Diana R. Sieger’s case, 27 years “feels like five minutes.”

Sieger has been the president of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation (GRCF) for almost 30 years, focusing on civil rights and embracing inclusion and diversity. Her drive and contribution to the community is the reason ATHENA, a prestigious awards program that supports, develops and honors women leaders, will present her with this year’s ATHENA Award.

“I am over the moon excited,” said Sieger after being chosen from eight other finalists as the recipient. Although this isn’t Sieger’s first time being honored for her unmatchable leadership and contributions, the


impact of receiving the ATHENA Award doesn’t soften the thrill she has for being in the company of past award winners. Growing up in Detroit during the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement and emerging advocacy for Women’s Rights really set the tone for Sieger. “It was a time of tumultuous social change,” said Sieger. She knew at a young age she wanted to be part of the change. Motivated by civil rights, Sieger left the comfort zone of many at the time, exposing herself to experiences she didn’t confront in her middle-class life by volunteering at an inner-city school in Detroit.

“Compromise is a fact of life, especially in the work I do,” said Sieger. “Things don’t happen over night.” In 1987, when the executive director of the GRCF position opened up, Sieger applied and got the job. Since then, she’s loved every minute of it, recognizing that even the discouraging minutes make her stronger. “You can allow yourself to feel discouragement, but you can’t live in that,” said Sieger, who has dealt with the affects of being a successful woman. “There are some days where I’m just ‘Wow, the barriers are still there’ and other days where I see that we’re really doing something.” Sieger admits she’d be lying if she said every day was easy. She appreciates what she’s learned from failures, discouragement and compromise. “Compromise is a fact of life, especially in the work I do,” said Sieger. “Things don’t happen over night.” With strong persistence as key, Sieger mostly credits her wonderful network of friends, both male and female, for helping out. Sieger raves about her strong, supportive staff that makes everything possible. Four years ago, they initiated a program called “Challenge Scholars,” working with schools to make sure the students are graduating with strong educational opportunities. Thanks to donations by foundations, corporations and individuals, $28 million has already been raised, leaving the GRCF only $4 million away from their goal. The first class of Challenge Scholars enrolled this year. While Sieger is celebrated for her contribution to the community, she returns the applause, saying that seeing the progress and the teamwork Grand Rapids has to offer are what really inspire her. “I’m always so heartened by how this community comes together in a very positive way around some very serious issues,” said Sieger, thankful for all the support she’s received from the award win. The ATHENA Awards Celebration will take place September 18 in Amway Grand Plaza’s Ambassador Ballroom with additional presentations of the Young Professional Award and various scholarships supporting education dreams. To learn more about the GRCF and the Challenge Scholars program, visit www. Raise your glass our Grand Rapids community for being our home and being spectacular.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

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Buy Local.

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Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014 for more information. 9

things for

September by Peaches McCahill

2 1 4

Plan for your “back-nine.” Wherever you are in life, begin financial planning. Whether it is for your children’s education or your retirement, make sure you have a plan.

Continue to carve out some “me” time. This is the time necessary to exercise, eat healthy foods and to take care of your skin.




Live in “day tight” compartments. This is a timeless anxiety-busting strategy! Children are the best at this practice. Remember that we only have the day in which to exist.

Make the first day of school special. At the start of each new school year we took a picture of each of the kids in front of a chalkboard with their grade for that year printed on it. Priceless!

5 Check your manners quotient. Are you scoring in the “A” range? Please, thank you, may I? Enjoy Michigan apples. Celebrate the fact that we are the nation’s third largest grower. In addition, they are a wonderful source of immune boosting vitamin C, a large source of soluble fiber and have antioxidant compounds that aid endurance and reduce inflammation. Cook them, eat them raw, slice them for a snack and give them as gifts. They are the ultimate super food!

8 AbouT ThE AuThor

10 10

Keep it simple. Try not to complicate issues.

“Fall has always been my favorite season the time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the final finale!” - Lauren DeStefano Wither

Make extra keys. As someone who loses keys, it is much less stressful to have an extra set in the cupboard or the drawer to quickly reclaim both your sanity and the time you lost.


Time to detox the locks. After a summer of pools and lake water, try a Malibu treatment.

Teach and live kindness.

Peaches McCahill is founder and president of The McCahill Group, a leading provider of health, wellness, beauty and talent solutions. She is passionate about the power of positivity in life, and aims to inspire people with simple suggestions.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

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Women IN Industry by Richelle Kimble photo by Two Eagles Marcus


Sisters Mary Gill-Thornton and Rita Woodruff, co-CEOs of Gill Industries

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


distinct childhood alongside watching their parents create and grow a business has inspired these sisters to continue and improve the family trade. Now, as co-CEOs, they’re celebrating Gill Industries’ 50th anniversary.

Family: Mary Gill-Thornton, 60, and Rita Woodruff, 59, grew up in a family of 12 children. Now, they are both married with children and grandchildren. Childhood professions: Cabbage planting, onion topping, making sunscreen out of muckpacks, sewing clothing and babysitting. Unusual facts about their youth: A Steelcase conference table served as their dining table, baking 12 loaves of bread for the family was a chore, and at any given time, they had a full baseball team on call. Perks of being a grown-up: Having their own underwear drawer and owning a meticulously clean house (things they didn’t have when they were kids). Gill Industries is a… certified female-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise Council. The company is a full-service supplier of engineered, mechanical assemblies to the automotive, furniture and multi-use vehicle markets. How they’re celebrating 50 years in business: A party at the Grand Rapids Art Museum with a 1964.5 Mustang on display. The product that launched Gill Industry’s success was a part for the ashtray for that vehicle. In addition, each of the Gill plants is promoting a new charity every month for the next year, matching donations and hosting a competition between the plants for the highest contributor. Business advice: “You’re not smart enough to do it all yourself – so you have to hire people that are smart – sometimes smarter than you. You can’t have the ego to think you know it all. The moment you think that, you’re on your way down.”

Celebrating 50 Years

It was almost an accident. Fifty years ago, founder John Gill began a small tool and die company with Gerald Williams. The company was located in Byron Center, and served primarily tool customers with the goal to lower costs and increase quality. As customers began asking for more parts, John began stamping products in the ‘70s, and in the ‘80s, as pure effort to meet customers’ needs, value-type products and assemblies, welding and manufacturing began to take off in the purchased building off Plainfield Avenue. With the help of John’s wife, Rita Williams, John and Gill Industries began to take off in the ‘90s. Rita Williams served as the general manager of the company beginning in 1985, and in the following 24 years, grew sales from $8 million to $100 million. Rita Williams led Gill Industries as CEO until 2009 when her and her husband passed the controlling interest in the company on to their two eldest daughters, Mary Gill-Thornton and Rita Woodruff. The sisters’ involvement wasn’t in the playbook, necessarily. As a family business, almost all the kids contributed in some way, even if it involved cleaning on the weekends. Mary began in the accounting field, and Rita aided with human resources. When the ‘80s rolled around, their mother needed some behind the scenes support and the collaboration began. The sisters offered a fresh, more professional viewpoint that aided the company to further success. Although it’s not concrete, there is mention that the company will be passed on to the third generation;

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

three next-generation family members work at the company, and Rita and Mary are slowly beginning the process by incorporating them into board meetings. “We’re trying to groom these kids to take our places on the board and to represent our family,” Rita said. However, they don’t plan on leaving the company too soon. “I think we’ll be here until we feel comfortable that we have the right, exact leadership for the company,” Mary added. Now, the company employs over 2,000 people worldwide, is approaching a half-billion in sales and has nine manufacturing plants. The company recently expanded with the acquisition of GR Spring & Stamping. The sisters are humble when it comes to the company’s success, though, crediting their advisors, attorneys, accountants, president and managers with equal responsibility. “If anything, we want to tout the people who work for us – they’re the brains behind the company. They are what make things happen,” Rita said. The hard work is finding leadership that embraces the same values as they do. Now, with a president that they describe as phenomenal and diligent employees, they can focus on their roles aside from CEOs; Mary serves as the director of corporate relations, and Rita as VP of administration. The organization is in place, and they joked that they’re simply along for the ride. “Sometimes we’re in a big room of paper. We just sign things,” they chuckled.

Company Code

The company values go back to when their mother and father began the business. Honest service to the community, safety and health are three of the main focuses. Their parents have instilled one value, though, that they believe has paved the way for their family business’ success: passion. “You really have to have a passion for what you do in order to be successful,” Mary said. “[Our mother] was very passionate about the success of this company, and she passed that on to us. We are passionate about it. We want it to succeed and grow.” Although their parents aren’t involved much anymore with the company, both Rita Williams and John still attend board meetings. Mary and Rita are reminded of these family-instilled values often; having three generations involved in the company makes it hard to forget.

“She’s My Boss”

Around twenty years ago, a woman stood on the operations floor of a manufacturing industry, observing machinists, engineering flow and various tool and die machines. As the general manager of Gill Industries gave a tour of the company to a customer, the unfamiliar man casually, yet assertively mentioned, “ What is that woman doing here? Get her out of here,” bringing light to the unusual presence of a woman in an “unfit,” working environment. The GM politely responded, “I can’t. She’s my boss.” It was more difficult for women to be in the automotive business in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Mary and Rita explained, reflecting on this story their mother shared with them. “It’s slowly getting better,” they agreed.

Gender equality in the workplace is a constant topic of discussion, and when it comes to industrial careers, it is safe to say that the general presumption is that fewer women are involved. It’s a get-your-handsdirty career path that deals with mechanics, logistics and production. At Gill, however, this hackneyed perception is broken. In fact, with a woman-dominant history of successful leadership and current chief executives, the company continually counters this stereotype.



really have to have a

“I think in business, men still occasionally treat you differently based on your gender,” Mary said. However, being owners of a company has led them to many experiences, and often, the sisters are fairly perceptive of anyone who is condescending or uses sycophancy. “We can see it. They don’t know we see it, and that’s the funniest part!” Rita chuckled.

for what you do in order to be successful.

A Delicate Balance Perhaps they’ll meet for at 6 a.m. yoga, a workout training session or take a walk around the community. Arriving at work around 8:30, the two women put on their CEO hat, maybe attend a board meeting and merge their talents to keep their family company thriving for another day. Recently, they visited an art museum, proceeded to take several photos with the flash on, and eventually laughed together after realizing that wasn’t allowed. They keep each other company, laugh at each other’s dispense and somehow have found a way to turn their childhood arguments into a unique cohesion of their different personalities. Mary is the “liberal one,” Rita exclaimed, referencing her sister’s laid back, reserved attitude and highlighting her own conservative, spontaneous and outgoing demeanor. “We have totally different personalities, although we are getting more like each other over time, like a married couple,” Rita said, making eye contact with her sister next to her.

“She does the dirty work and tells me what to do,” Mary said with a smile. “I’m good with perception. It’s a good balance.” They’ve learned that communication is critical, and having respect for one another makes it easier to wash away the disagreements. Mary looked at me and closed the interview with a reassuring statement that although their mockery, sarcasm and wit is at an all-time high between them, their experience as co-CEOs has brought them together in a way they hadn’t expected. They keep each other young in more ways than they can capture. “Rita is a lot of fun to hang around.” “[sigh] Thanks, Mar.”


Women’s Fall 2014

Eyewear Trends

courtesy accessorize

Enigmatic Perspective

Fall’s dark and mysterious color palette is in full swing when it comes to eyewear this season. Slick black, brooding gray and shimmering graphite give these cool-weather frames a versatile and wearable base, while angular lines and aerodynamic shapes lend an air of renewed intrigue. In contrast, winter white also makes its mark for a pristine, elegant finish. Intricate textures and patterns spice up this monochromatic trend with ease to give each and every frame that little something extra. Grid-like prints, marble motifs, latticework and poignant splashes of color transform these specs and sunnies into fashionable must-haves.

Prada Spirited Necessities High-energy, sleek designs and a kaleidoscope of hues united on the fall runways for an all-out sporty-chic look. A plethora of shapes and sizes make their debut, especially in wayfarer, aviator and wraparound styles. In addition to streamlined profiles, flashy mirrored lenses steal the show in an array of colors like ocean blue, limeade yellow and gradient gray, topping off these designer duds in complete

athletic confidence. Overall, this trend intermingles two traditionally opposite sectors, high fashion and recreational, into one cohesive classification to appease eyewear lovers from both sides of the spectrum. Big and bold colors, including peppy pinks and sunny yellows, help drive the upbeat vision of these specs and sunnies home, while compelling cut-outs, straightforward patterns and easy-to-wear shapes provide feminine finesse.

Modern Prep


Throwback Renaissance

A rich tapestry of burnt orange, fiery red and mosaic tortoise sets the tone for classic frames making their grand entrance this season. Earthy roots remain at the forefront; however, updated, glossy finishes and refurbished silhouettes tap into a more à la mode culture. Honest rounds, old-school aviators and refined Clubmasterinspired frames are dressed up with


Lace is one of the most sought-after appliques, but other intarsia-like patterns are on the rise, whether they’re animal inspired, abstract or mottled. Badass browlines and new-age bridges pack on the drama with sophisticated flair!


Classic silhouettes from the ‘60s seamlessly fuse together with today’s polished and preppy touches for ultimate modern appeal. Balmy neutrals, pale pinks, pine greens and periwinkle blues set the backdrop for these simple, yet quaint, frames. Quintessential shapes range from rounded cat-eyes, to oval squares, to masculine rounds – soft curves and fluid architecture offer up impeccable profiles suited for almost any face shape. At first glance, these glasses and shades seem

to be all about going back to the basics, but smooth colorations, patterns and detailing set them apart for a re-energized, panache look. Watercolor-inspired effects take center stage, creating ladylike allure. Flaunting eyewear featuring washed out, overexposed florals or sweeping brushstroke markings atop cosmetic nudes or sheer pastels is the perfect way for any lady to flawlessly frame her face.

vibrant colorations, metallic fixtures and defined brow bars for a truly refreshed outlook on what is considered some of eyewear’s most established staples. Old souls searching for their spexy counterpart won’t be disappointed in this fall’s eclectic selection. This romantic concoction of browns, reds and oranges is not only foolproof for the chillier times of the year, but it’s also complementary to most skin tones, cultivating a flattering effect.

Calvin Klein

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Let us show you what’s new in vision and eyecare.


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ails have become the ultimate form of self-expression in beauty. From classic French manicures and gel finishes to elaborate designs and bold neons, nails reflect your own unique style. This season, make sure your tips are healthy and perfectly polished to enhance your classy, professional appearance.


Whether you want a pop of color to match a new outfit or a subdued nude overlay, a perfect polish is the final step needed to complete a well-crafted look. No matter your personal style, there are hundreds of shades to choose from. To nail your ideal shade, visit a store that has a wide color selection of nail polish. It doesn’t have to be a fancy beauty store, try stores such as Meijer or Walgreens for a variety of options.

Make Moisturizing a Habit

You Nailed It courtesy of Family Features • photo courtesy of Getty Images

Refresh Your Look

Maintain Your Manicure

The signs of healthy nails include a strong, smooth surface, free of dents and dings, with a consistent, uniform color throughout. Invest in quality nail care supplies to keep them looking their best. A complete kit should include a fingernail clipper, cuticle stick, emery board and a buffer. While the rate at which your nails grow can vary from person to person, filing about once a week is a good way to keep up with maintenance. Of course, filing is a good idea any time chips, breakage or rough edges appear. For the best results, cut and file right after bathing when your nails are soft. The Studio 35 beauty line offers nail implements and all the basics you need to maintain your manicure.

Cuticle Care

The cuticle located above the nail bed also requires proper moisture, so be sure to use a special cuticle formula or your favorite lotion to apply onto this area. If you have brittle nails, invest in a strengthening base coat before you begin to polish.


Brighten up any day or night with brilliant color. Give your nails personality with the beautiful shades from the Revlon ColorStay collection with flirty hues, such as Bubbly or Trendy.


Before you break out the polish, be sure to also give proper attention to your hands. Invest in a deeply hydrating formula of hand cream or body lotion and apply to hands throughout the day, every day. Some key ingredients to look for include retinol, vitamin B and alpha-hydroxy acids, which work together to provide smooth, supple skin from the fingertips to the palms.

Brighten Up with Hot Hues

Small, chic updates to your look don’t require spending a fortune. Paint those nails pretty with a statement color — vibrant neons. To get the look, check out the Sittin’ Pretty or Vices Versa shades by Essie.

At-Home Innovations

While many women rush to their local salon for professional gel procedures, new at-home products provide the same look, feel and durability. Some manufacturers even offer gel products that don’t require an LED light for application. Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy gives flawless color and brilliant shine in just two steps.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


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It’s time

by Diane Devereaux, “The Canning Diva” photos by Megan McCloud

Raw Sauerkraut makes 4 quarts

For a healthier way to eat, revel in this season’s canning opportunities. Canning is a sure way to provide food that is eco-friendly and BPA free; and, if you can your favorite foods now, you’re able to enjoy them all year long.

I love using this simple, healthy recipe to create sauerkraut right at home. This recipe makes a delicious topping to any meal fresh off the grill. Simply add this amazing sauerkraut and a touch of spicy mustard to your bratwurst. 16 cups cabbage, shredded 2 teaspoons cumin seeds 2 teaspoons mustard seeds per jar 3 1/2 tablespoons Celtic or Mediterranean sea salt 5 cups water 4 wide-mouth quart jars In a bowl, mix cabbage with cumin and mustard seeds. Using a potato masher or wooden kitchen mallet, pound/mash the cabbage and seeds for several minutes to release the juices. Fill each quart by tightly packing the cabbage using the opposite end of a wooden spoon. Allow a generous 1-inch headspace.

Tex Mex Corn Relish

Mix water and salt until salt has dissolved. Pour liquid mixture over

the cabbage. Using the air bubble remover tool, press the cabbage downward to remove excess air bubbles. Add additional liquid mixture if necessary, being sure to keep the generous 1-inch headspace. Wipe rim of jar with a warm washcloth dipped in vinegar. Add sterilized lids and rings and hand tighten.

Place jars on a dishtowel on your countertop in your kitchen and keep at room temperature for 3 days (72 hours) to allow natural fermentation to take place. After 72 hours has passed, transfer to cold storage in your refrigerator. The sauerkraut can be eaten immediately but improves with age. Because the jar contents are active during the fermentation process, please note there may be some seepage from the jar prior to and during cold storage. Simply wipe the jars and the surface in which they sit if this occurs.

makes 5 to 6 pints

Spice up your dishes with this colorful and flavorful Tex Mex Corn Relish. Use it in any recipe calling for traditional pickle relish. It is excellent in egg salad sandwiches, adds flair to any breakfast burrito and will livenup plain hamburgers and brats. 4 1 1/4 2 8 4 1 3/4 1 2 2 2 1/4 2

cups white vinegar cups raw sugar tablespoons sea salt cups corn kernels cups red and green bell peppers, seeded and diced celery, diced cup onion, finely chopped tablespoons dry mustard teaspoons celery seeds teaspoons ground turmeric cup water tablespoons canning gel

If using fresh ears of corn, blanch the corn for 3 minutes first before removing kernels. Use a corn cutter to effectively remove each kernel. If you are using frozen corn kernels, be sure to thaw and drain the kernels prior to making this recipe.

In a medium-sized stockpot, combine vinegar, sugar and salt. Bring to a boil over medium heat being sure to stir until all sugar is dissolved. Gradually add corn kernels, peppers, celery and onion being sure to keep everything boiling. Stir often to avoid scorching. Add the spices and stir. Combine the water and canning gel, mixing well until it dissolves and creates a thin paste. Stir the thin paste into the vegetable mixture while it is boiling. Reduce heat and boil gently for 5 minutes stirring often to avoid scorching. Ladle hot relish into hot jars, being sure to leave 1/2-inch headspace. Wipe rims with a warm washcloth dipped in vinegar and secure sterilized lids and rings. Hand tighten. This recipe can be hot water bathed because we have increased the acidic value by adding vinegar. Place jars in water bather and cover with 1-inch of warm water. Process pints in a hot water bath for 15 minutes. Remember, timing doesn’t start until water has come to a full, rolling boil.

For more recipes, visit


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Styles & Savings

Fall is here and it’s time to refresh your home!

Hormone Happy Hour Our experts answer your questions on hormones, bladder issues, and everything “down there.”



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Doctors Diane Bigham, DO, and Jannah Thompson, MD of Urologic Consultants with special guest, Mary PreFontaine, RPh, FAAFM of Keystone Pharmacy.

Custom-Made in the US Inspired by the World

Norwalk Furniture offers great designs, over 850 fabrics and leathers, customizable options, high quality products, and quick delivery.

Jannah Thompson and Diane Bigham

Wednesday, September 10 5:30 pm

Stop in to see the latest Fall Order must placed by 3/31/14. Prior sales excluded. Not valid with any other offer. trends andbe decor ideas.

STANinteDALE riors

Urologic Consultants 2093 Health Drive SW Suite 202 Wyoming, MI 49519

An Interior Design Boutique featuring (616) Cabinetry, 453-8201 Furniture & Accessories, Flooring, Standale Interiors Blinds & Window Treatments 4046 Lake Michigan NW 4046 Lake Dr Michigan Dr. NW Grand Rapids, MI 49534 Grand Rapids, MI 49534 One store. Endless choices. 877.782.6325 Mary PreFontaine Hours: Monday and Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm, Friday: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Sunday: Closed

Ladies, seating is limited, light refreshments served.

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Whirlpool® kitchen collections redefine classic design with beautiful finishes and modern signatures. Accent with cues of metal, White Ice Appliances offer a unified feel and greater refinement.

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616-532-3626 Serving the Grand Rapids Area for Over 65 years. Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014



Oatmeal courtesy of Family Features

If you think of oatmeal as old-fashioned, it’s time to think again. “It’s amazing how toppings found at the grocery store or farmers market can transform a traditional bowl of oatmeal into a culinary delight,” says Samantha Stephens, owner of OatMeals, the world’s first oatmeal bar, which opened its doors in New York City in 2012. “Ingredients like fresh figs and blueberries or even tomatoes and basil can help boost the dish’s flavor to the next level and change the way we typically enjoy oatmeal.” Stephens discovered her love for all things oatmeal in college and since, has devoted her life to sharing her passion, creativity and appreciation of oatmeal. She recently teamed up with Quaker and has been named their Creative Oatmeal Office. She shares two of her recipes here.

4-5 fresh raspberries Drizzle of honey

Red Fruit Trio Oatmeal makes 1 serving

1/2 cup Quaker Oats (quick or old fashioned) 2 tablespoons diced strawberries 3 pitted and halved fresh cherries (or 1 tablespoon dried cherries)

Pay it forward. Helping others always makes me happy. When I see someone help out a homeless person, it warms my heart and encourages me to follow suit. Sometimes I give away a hot bowl of oatmeal to a person in need, sometimes it’s the change in my pocket. We’ve all been down on our luck at one point or another and I’m a firm believer in helping those less fortunate. Life can change in an instant and we never know where we’ll end up. I encourage everyone to pay it forward, if able.

Samantha Stephens

Samantha Stephens A Handful of Days of Happy, Day 5 blog post

Whole grain oats are one of the most versatile breakfast staples and provide a perfect blank slate for seasonal ingredients. Your favorite fruits and vegetables like corn, tomatoes and zucchini are great additions to turn oatmeal from a traditional cold weather comfort food into a fresh treat.

Prepare oatmeal as directed. Top with fruit, drizzle with honey and enjoy. Also try adding 2 teaspoons of dried currants or dried cranberries to create a more flavorful red fruit experience.

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Sweet Corn, Tomato and Pancetta makes 4 servings 1 1/2 2 1 1 2 2 1 4

tablespoon olive oil cup diced pancetta (or bacon, prosciutto or ham) cups corn (about 3 ears fresh, or frozen and thawed) cup halved cherry tomatoes tablespoon butter diced whole small shallots (optional) diced whole garlic cloves (optional) cup Quaker Steel Cut Oats cup low sodium chicken stock Freshly ground black pepper to taste Grated pecorino or Asiago cheese

In a large sauté pan, heat olive oil at medium heat. Add pancetta, corn and cherry tomatoes and cook for five minutes. Remove mixture from pan and place in bowl; set aside. In same pan, add butter, shallots and garlic and cook for two minutes at medium heat. Add steel cut oats and stir continuously for two to three minutes, until lightly toasted, golden and fragrant. Add chicken stock and stir to combine. Cover pan and reduce heat to low. Simmer for 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally, until oats are al dente. Add pancetta, corn and tomato mixture to the cooked oats and stir to combine. Season with black pepper to taste and top with grated Pecorino cheese.

Want more? Visit for inspiration from Stephens’ blog, videos, and more recipes including her “banana split” oatmeal parfait and peanut butter and jelly apples oatmeal.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014



Get your life back! Effective Relief From:

Dr. Daniel Burton, Director, Grand Rapids Headache Center

Have you tried everything and found no relief? Finally there is a truly successful solution.

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East Grand Rapids

DRUG-FREE, NEEDLE-FREE treatment. Patients often experience immediate relief after the first treatment. Over 93% find lasting relief with this life changing, therapeutic treatment.

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Headaches Migraines TMJ/D Face Pain Jaw Pain Clenching Grinding Vertigo Tinnitus

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reductions scheduled in September. **Not in combination with any other discount. Scheduling must be initiated in September but services do not have to be rec’d in that month.


6 Ways



courtesy of Family Features

hen it comes to offering specialized, one-on-one support and niche product offerings, nothing beats shopping with a locallyowned small business.

In a recent survey fielded by the UPS Store to get the pulse of business in America, 94 percent of consumers believe that supporting small companies within their community is important. The survey also found that consumers are increasingly willing to spend more money and travel further out of their way to shop with a small business. As an entrepreneur, you may wonder how you can be a part of this rising popularity and expand your own enterprise to reach these quality-seeking customers. Here are a few ways to make a big impact with your small business.

1. Go above and beyond for customers.

While companies continue to get bigger, instances of excellent customer service seem to be dwindling. Due to this widespread lack of quality, many individuals are choosing to support small business when it comes to obtaining what they need. Small companies have the unique opportunity to provide one-on-one attention to their customers. Those who excel at enticing and serving customers set themselves apart from the competition.


2. Get involved in your community.

Some of the best marketing you can provide your small company is with involvement in philanthropic efforts in your local community. Though restricted budgets cause some small businesses to keep charity to a minimum, there are a variety of other meaningful ways to show your organization’s generosity. Give your time to charitable causes related to your field. For example, if you sell pet products, offer to volunteer at a local animal shelter. Or, if your field is architecture, get your company involved in organizations that build homes for families in need. If you have employees, encourage them to also help out. Sponsor a company-wide volunteer event at a local food pantry or offer paid time off for such charitable endeavors.

3. Share your knowledge through education and mentorship.

As a small business owner, you offer those within your community a unique background and expertise. One of the easiest ways to give back is by educating eager minds interested in your field. Whether lecturing at the local college or getting involved in a mentorship program, presenting yourself as a respected colleague not only sheds a positive light on your company, it also helps you build relationships. These relationships can be informal or you can team up with an organization like SCORE to volunteer as a mentor. For more information, visit

4. Make products and services stand out.

As a small business owner, you have the advantage over big box stores who lack specialized knowledge. Offer your customer base a niche product or service that can’t be found elsewhere. Give them quality, both in the product and customer support, and your business will reap the rewards of happy, repeat customers and word-ofmouth promotion. If you offer several products, but find that most customers want only one or two offerings, focus on increasing the quality on that area of business.

5. Expand your reach through technology.

Social media allows small businesses to reach a global population like never before. Start small with just one social media outlet and then build on your presence from there. If you have a marketing team, ask that they maintain the account, or hire an outside consultant. Your website is also a powerful tool, so make sure it reflects your business in the way you want to be portrayed. Regularly update your site to keep it current with the changing times. Also, make sure your website is optimized so more people looking for your unique products and services can easily find you.

6. Network with other small businesses.

Join your local chamber of commerce, trade associations, business clubs, Local First and your neighborhood business group. Participate in workshops, classes and networking events to make important connections and to get fresh ideas.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Legal Problems? Your Success Is Our Business

Rebecca M. Jansen, MD New Dermatologist with an Emphasis on Women’s Needs

As the largest organ in your body, your skin can profoundly affect how you look and feel. Dr. Jansen is specially trained to diagnose and treat patients with pediatric, general, surgical and cosmetic dermatology needs.

AVANTI LAW GROUP SM, PLLC Not all law firms are created equal. Avanti Law Group was created with you and your budget in mind. That’s why at Avanti, we focus on you, your goals, and your budget to deliver the most innovative and cost-effective solution to your legal needs. We are passionate, committed, focused, empowered, creative, accountable, and aggressive. We’ll do whatever is legal and necessary to get the results you want, need, and care about. We are the team that gets the work done. Avanti. Quite different. And better.

Contact us today to put our winning approach to work for you. Hablamos Español.

Her interests include female genital dermatology, blistering diseases and the use of dermoscopy (a specialized hand-‐ held microscope) to help diagnose melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers.

photo by Black Chair Photography

Dr. Jansen feels strongly about making sure her patients are comfortable discussing their dermatologic problems and then educating them about their treatment options. Locally owned and operated by Board Certified Dermatologists since 2000, Dermatology Associates of West Michigan’s physicians have been voted “Best in Grand Rapids” for seven consecutive years by Grand Rapids Magazine readers.

600 28th St. SW Wyoming, MI 49509 Dr. Jansen is now accepting new patients. Please visit online for more information or call for an appointment. Appointments: 616.949.5600

Come visit my



(616) 257-6807

Website: • Email:

24 hour emergency phone line: (616) 257-6807 We are a Debt Relief Agency Representing People Filing for Bankruptcy Relief Under the Bankruptcy Code.

Business Law • Divorce/Custody • Immigration Law Criminal Defense • Employment Law • Bankruptcy

The Garden Goddess makes house calls . . . Consultations, education, advice on plant care/selection Design, re-design, renovation services Perennial gardens, seasonal containers & plantings Maintenance, weeding, pruning Working for you or with you • Affordable hourly rates

September 19th, 6:00 - 8:30P September 20th, 1P - 8P September 21st, 1P - 8P Can’t wait to see you there!

2901 28th St. Ridgemoor Center (Right Next To Qdoba’s By Woodland Mall)

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Call for your Consultation Gail Mason, A.S. Landscape Horticulture Certified Green Industry Professional

(616) 745-4441



Chic&Tidy 6 Tips for a

Workspace by Ashley Cole


hether in a space at home or a cubicle in a large office, we spend many hours in the confines of a desk. It’s easy to allow things to pile up and get in the way of productivity. Most of us know that physical clutter can create interior mental blocks and loss of energy. Clear the space around you and observe as creativity suddenly begins to flow again. Here are six tips to creating a chic and tidy workspace.

from the entanglement of printer, computer and fixture cords and give it another home.

1) clear clutter weekly.

4) accessorize and personalize.

In a perfect world, we would do this small task at the end of each day. Let’s be real, the chances of that happening are quite slim. Be realistic with this goal and spend a few minutes each Friday clearing your workspace. Recycle or file papers, sort through mail and put random objects where they belong. There is nothing like commencing to the weekend with a clear desktop. Monday morning will thank you.

2) cord control.

Nothing will ruin an efficient and attractive desk area like a massive tangle of cords. With our technological world, they are a necessary nuisance. Commercial style desk systems often have built-in cord management systems to help tame this unruly beast. If you have a more traditional desk, implement cord control by bundling loose cords together and fishing them down a desk leg to the outlet source. Utilize products out on the market that help keep the cords together and hidden. If a device can be charged elsewhere, free it


3) savvy storage solutions.

Office storage is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be an eyesore. From bookshelves and file cabinets to console tables and desktop organizers, look for pieces with both form and function. Even attractive, colorful files can bring a smile to your face in the middle of a hectic day.

You accessorize your home, so why not your workspace? Frame a favorite family photo, display a cherished object found on your last vacation and layer in a beautiful rug. Be selective with just a few pieces that mean a lot, as you don’t want to add too much into an already clutter-attracting space.

5) add life.

Bring the outdoors in. Greenery has a positive effect on you because it actually cleans the air you breathe. Plants are extremely effective at removing environmental toxins from the atmosphere, absorbing the carbon dioxide we exhale and giving us fresh air to breathe in return. Add to this benefit the subliminal, yet measurable, effect of reducing stress and the simple fact that they are pleasing to look at, and you’ll wonder why we don’t surround ourselves with more nature all the time. When in doubt, a small bouquet of fresh flowers will brighten any workspace.

6) put inspiration on a board.

If you’re anything like me, Pinterest is an obsession. Who doesn’t enjoy getting lost browsing photographs that link you to delicious recipes, exotic travel locations and your next chic hair style? This website is such a success because it allows you to create virtual vision boards with easy accessibility. However, inspiration doesn’t have to be confined to the computer screen. A tangible visual space dedicated to what moves you can be an important part of the problem solving process. It can be challenging to come up with solutions or start a work project by just staring at a screen. Hang a cork, magnetic or white board and create a collage of photos, print-outs, quotes, materials and anything that inspires to get the juices flowing. Make your workspace work for you. Keeping it free of clutter and filled with attractive objects will transpire a more peaceful and enjoyable work environment. Swap out that stained, chipped coffee cup for a new, colorful one. It will make a difference. Ashley Cole is a professional interior designer with a passion for all things style. Her work has been featured on HGTV as well as numerous publications. www.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


No one plans to fail, they simply fail to plan.

with the world’s most


Not the Forever After you had planned on? Contact Sarah & Paige to review your current plan.

travel search engine...

Your travel agent It’s a small world, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can get big pretty fast. We study, we explore, and our expertise — combined with our membership in one of North America’s leading travel agency networks – consistently delivers the best travel experience. And the best value.

Agents, New York Life Insurance Company

Sarah Niemeyer & Paige VanVliet* Financial Services Professional Agents, New York Life Insurance Company *Registered Representative offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), A Licensed Insurance Agency

Paige: (616) 610-0957 Sarah: (616) 460-4920

3250 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids 616.942.5112 |

333 Bridge St NW Ste 600 Grand Rapids MI 49504 © 2013 New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Life Insurance. Retirement. Long-Term Care.

M-F 8:30 am - 5:30 pm, Wednesdays 8:30 am - 7:00 pm

This is not a sofa bed,

it’s an eye-catching, sleepinducing, marvel of modern engineering. No bars, no springs, no sagging.

The Comfort Sleeper™ is in a category by itself. It’s not only a gorgeous piece of furniture, it’s the only sleeper with the Tiffany 24/7™ Sleep System. Solid platforms provide even support for the full-length, high-density foam mattress. And, the patented mechanism opens and closes almost effortlessly. No other sleeper is as comfortable, because no other sleeper compares. Available in cot to king size with a Tempur-Pedic®, Gel or Premier mattress, in 14 styles, sofas and sectionals. Made to order in Dallas, Texas. In your home in about 30 days.

The Comfort Sleeper™ by American Leather

New Breckin high-leg style

On SALE Aug. 30 to Sept. 30

4181 - 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512 616-940-9911 Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


What You Need to Know

Women and the affordable care act:

by Dr. Denice Logan


ealth insurers must cover at least one preventive doctor appointment per year. Are you aware of healthcare details like this? If not, you’re not alone. Sixty percent of women don’t know about their free preventive visit, according to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Women often wait until they’re sick or injured to take care of themselves, sometimes with tragic consequences. Many illnesses, like cervical cancer, do not have warning signs until the illness is serious and much more difficult to cure. By getting regular PAP smear screenings and pelvic exams, you can catch cervical cancer early, when it is nearly 100 percent treatable. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a lot of changes were made to ensure women have access to important preventive services. All ACA-compliant plans, along with many other plans, must cover a specific list of services for women without charging copayment or coinsurance. This is true even if you haven’t met your yearly deductible. Below are a few of the services provided for free under your health plan: • Breast cancer mammography screenings every 1 to 2 years for women over 40. • Breastfeeding comprehensive support and counseling from trained providers, and access to breastfeeding supplies for pregnant and nursing women. • Cervical cancer screening • Domestic and interpersonal violence screening and counseling for all women. • Tobacco use screening and interventions for all women and expanded counseling for pregnant tobacco users. • Well-woman visits to get recommended services for women under 65.

As long as the doctor is in-network and the visit is for preventive care, then you don’t have to worry about a co-pay, coinsurance or deductible. Keep in mind that out-of-pocket expenses may occur if: • A patient receives other services during the same visit that are not preventive • The services are used to treat, diagnose or monitor an illness, injury or health problem When you first enroll in a plan, it can be overwhelming. To save you time and money in the long run, make sure you read through your documents to know what’s covered. All insurers are required to give you a document called a “summary of benefits and coverage.” If you don’t have it, most insurers have a copy online or can mail you one upon request. If you get coverage through your employer, the insurer works with your employer to provide these summaries. If you want to continue to be there to care for your loved ones, you need to care for yourself. Make your health a priority. Schedule a doctor’s appointment today, and make sure you continue to receive regular preventive screenings. For more information on how to better understand and use your health insurance, visit

For a complete list of services, you can visit the website. In addition to routine services, all health plans must cover maternity services and newborn care and employers must provide time and space for breastfeeding. Women can no longer be denied coverage based on a pre-existing condition, and we cannot be charged more for insurance based on gender.


Dr. Denice Logan, DO, is a medical director at Blue Care Network of Michigan.

Five costs that make up your health plan The easiest way to understand what you pay is to understand the terms your insurance company uses: • Premium: A premium is a fixed amount paid (typically monthly) to the insurance company for health coverage. Premiums vary based on what expenses are covered in a plan and which doctors are seen. • Copayment (or Copay): A fixed dollar amount (for example $15) paid by you at the time of a service, such as a doctor visit. • Deductible: A fixed dollar amount paid by you for medical services (as outlined in your plan) before your insurance company starts to pay. • A consumer pays 100 percent of the covered medical costs until the deductible amount is reached. • Preventive services (like your annual wellness visit) are covered by the health carrier and don’t count toward the deductible. • Coinsurance: A fixed percentage of the costs of the covered services that are shared with the insurance company after the deductible is met. • For example a 20/80 coinsurance means the consumer pays 20 percent of the costs and the insurance company picks up the remaining 80 percent. • Out-of-Pocket Maximum: This is the maximum dollar amount paid in deductibles, copayments and coinsurance during one plan year. • Once the out-of-pocket maximum is hit, the health carrier will typically cover 100 percent of what is owed for covered services.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014



Michigan Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C. W e l l n e s s

f o r

W o m e n

One of our greatest needs is having enough foster parents to provide homes for the children that need our help. As the number of children who come into our care increases, the need for foster parents increases too. Open your door, open your heart! To learn more about becoming a foster parent visit or call 616.451.2021.

Steven J. Lown, D.O. • Peter Kaczkofsky, D.O. • Kelly Hansul, D.O. • Mary Beth Grey, D.O. • Judy A. Florido, D.O. • Brad Irving, D.O.

Grand Rapids 247-3800

Wyoming 532-5025

4300 Cascade Road

2221 Health Drive SW • Suite 2100 (Near Byron Center Ave. & 56th Street)

Offices also located in: Allendale, Caledonia, Hudsonville, and Wayland: 532-5025 Belmont, Comstock Park and Cedar Springs: 247-3800


At Kreis Enderle, we understand women in business want their voices heard. And we believe we are very good listeners. After all, the ability to listen carefully is fundamental to the effective representation of our clients. Our professional team of 34 attorneys represents a unique blend of talents and specialized practice areas including business law, real estate, collections, estate planning, family law, labor and employment law, municipal and government law, and much more. With each

and every client, we seek to develop a strong relationship based upon a spirit of genuine empathy and a profound desire to understand and respond to her needs. Kreis Enderle has offices in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek and St. Joseph to serve clients throughout the region. We invite you to learn more about the outstanding women attorneys shown here, as well as the entire Kreis Enderle team, by visiting our website. We’re here to listen. We’re ready to serve your legal needs. | (800) 535-4939 Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014



Dig, Drop, Done by Rick Vuyst

hen it comes to gardening, you mean business because you have things to do, places to go and people to see. When it comes to flower bulbs, September is planting time, but you have little time to spare. It’s a busy back-to-school and back-to-work month. Let me use my “two-lips” and tell you that flower bulbs can be as easy as dig, drop and done. You probably didn’t know that there actually is a DDD foundation created to promote the joy of flower bulbs and ensure their future in flower gardens across North America (their website is You can even take a bulb personality quiz to learn which bulbs suit you, your tastes and your style. When I took the quiz I was told daffodils best fit my personality. I am the life of the party and always see the glass as half full. It’s always exhilarating to see bulbs pushing their way out of the ground after a long, snowy winter. In order to enjoy that, you have to make an investment in your “hort”-folio in September and October by planting some bulbs. To start, I recommend planting bulbs in

areas where you have good drainage. The next step is to dig deeper. No, this doesn’t involve extensive study or research; I already told you it’s as easy as dig, drop, done. When I say dig deeper I mean dig deeper. Bulbs that are placed in the ground a little lower than recommended on the planting instructions have always done better for me. I’ve found that especially with tulips, I’m able to get more years out of my investment by initially planting them a little deeper. A general rule of “green thumb” is to plant a bulb three times the bulb’s height in the ground. I like to stretch that by planting 4 to 5 times its height. Spring flowering bulbs like tulips are “one and done” when it comes to the work of planting in the fall. Dig, drop them in the ground with a little bulb fertilizer, cover them up and water them in. One watering will do and they will enjoy the rest under the cover of snow, only to reward you with lots of color next spring. Struggle with Bambi eating your tulips you say? Then try planting colorful alliums, fritillaria, iris, chionodoxa or daffodils. In general, deer, rabbits and squirrels will “leaf” these bulbs alone. Alliums are an alluring “ornamental onion” that comes in many different sizes, including the giant alliums that bloom

on 3 to 4 foot standards with flower clusters on top the size of a softball! Fritillaria, also known as crown imperial, put on a stunning and unique flowering show in spring. The bulb is left alone by marauding squirrels because of its strong smell. The best way I can describe it is a sweaty gym bag that has not been emptied out for a week. You get the idea; the variety from hyacinths to crocus, tulips to scillas is a kick in the “plants.” Despite your busy schedule, I hope I’ve given you a shovel-ready stimulus to plant some flower bulbs this fall. Perennial punster Rick Vuyst is CEO of Flowerland, host of the Flowerland Show on NewsRadio WOOD 1300 and 106.9 FM as well as Mr. Green Thumb on WZZM TV 13.

Check out our new boutique location to see the latest Fall trends! Or visit our website to see the selection. We love to find high quality, adorable items and offer them to our fans. Visit our website to see the full collection and latest trends! We hope you enjoy our selection!

3504 Chicago Drive, Hudsonville Visit our Facebook page! 28

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


HoME oF:

A 30 DAy ALL iNCLuSivE CLEANSiNg progrAM

Pain Relief is the #1 Reason Americans Receive Acupuncture

Kelly S. Hassberger, N.D. Specializing in Naturopathic and homeopathic care. Kelly offers a qualified, holistic approach to your health, having earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

Our patients consistently find it to be a very gentle and relaxing experience and wish they had tried it sooner.

Call for a Free 15 Minute Consultation

Ask about our 7 day introductory cleanse now available online

Join us Friday, october 24th for a kick-off to our next 30 day all-inclusive cleansing program. This one wraps up with an overnight retreat at Lake Michigan!

Call today to schedule your free consultation.

Call Today:(616)264-6556 5131 East Paris Ave, SE Kentwood, MI 49512 (Located inside of Chiropractic Unlimited)

Stephen Durell, MTOM, R. Ac.

2815 Michigan St. N.E., Suite A | Grand Rapids, MI 49506 Call for a free consultation | 616-855-7718 |

It’s time to decorate your windows for the holidays. Save with mail-in rebates on a selection of stylish Hunter Douglas window fashions, September 16–December 16, 2014. Ask for details.

SAVE 100 $



OR MORE WITH REBATES on qualifying purchases of

Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades

The Shade Shop, Inc.

422 Leonard St NW Grand Rapids, MI M-F: 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM Sat: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM 616-459-4693

The Art of Window Dressing idea booklet


with this ad

Follow Us At Facebook or Twitter * Manufacturer’s mail-in rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases made 9/16/14 –12/16/14 from participating dealers in the U.S. only. Rebate will be issued in the form of a prepaid reward card and mailed within 6 weeks of rebate claim receipt. Funds do not expire. Subject to applicable law, a $2.00 monthly fee will be assessed against card balance 7 months after card issuance and each month thereafter. Additional limitations apply. Ask participating dealer for details and rebate form. ©2014 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas. HOL14MB1

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014





Blog by Liz Galvan

ne way to share projects, your passion or a start up business is through blogging. A blog is simply a personal website or web page where a person can post their opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis, like an online diary. A while back I started a blog to share my projects, crafts, home decor and furniture makeovers. Sometimes blogging is a hobby, but it can also become a job. Through advertising and other forms of revenue, some bloggers are actually paid to share information. Whether you want to start a blog for fun or for a job, here are ten steps to start and grow your own so you can share your ideas with the world.

Buy your domain name.

This is the time to buy that domain name you have been considering or think of what you want your blog name to be. My domain name is and I purchased this through a web hosting company (WordPress). Doing some research can help you decide which hosting platform is the best fit for you.

Design Your Blog.

You have two options: to have someone else do this for you, or to dive in and learn how to do it yourself. There are many blog designers who can help you, but being familiar with the back end of your site has its advantages for future changes. To do it yourself, once you choose a blogging platform or engine (WordPress or the like) and buy your domain, you can choose a theme and design that will give your site the look you desire. StudioPress, a theme designer for WordPress, separates the body and frame from the aesthetics, giving you plenty of design options. Depending on the platform you use, you can find designs (on Etsy, for example), to purchase if the host doesn’t have a template that you’re satisfied with.

start blogging.

Begin blogging about what you love. It’s best to create one or multiple themes to establish continuity with your blog writing. This will draw a loyal audience and


give you an established voice. Do not feel like you have to blog about a certain thing because you see everyone else doing it. Set yourself apart. If you do not blog about what you love you will get tired of it very quickly. A few other steps to do when you start blogging include: • Create an “about me” page that explains who you and why you blog. Introduce yourself! • Create a sidebar filled with what you want your readers to see and include your social media platforms, how to contact you and an email subscription bar where people can sign up to get your posts delivered to their emails. • Create a project gallery tab where you can add all of your posts. There are many widgets/plugins available for WordPress that do all the hard work for you. Search for plugins that help you with adding things to your sidebar and much more. It may take some research to find the plugins that are best for you and your blog.

expand your social media.

Choose the platforms to compliment your blog that you enjoy most. Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter and an Instagram are all great options. As you’re creating accounts, try to keep the username as consistent as possible with your domain name. The easier it is for people to remember you, the easier it is for them to find you. By creating these pages for your blog, you are setting up places where viewers will be able to see updates and the things that you want to share. Also, it’s a place where the people who read your blog can come and connect with you outside your work. I love chatting on social media platforms; one of my favorite parts of blogging is having the opportunity to talk to people that love the same things I do.

pin your posts.

There is no way I can discuss all things Pinterest in this article, or it would be way too long for its own good. Pinterest is an amazing way to get the word out

about your blog posts. Plain and simple. A few helpful Pinterest hints include: • Be sure to pin the best images from your posts. • Add words to the photos to label what the post is about. • Re-pin your images to group boards. • To grow your Pinterest board often, pin others content and things that fit your style.

comment, share, and like others posts.

Connect with other bloggers. Share their work and comment on their posts when you love something they do. They want to hear from you, and who knows, you could make a new blogger friend. Also, join a blogging group. There are local blogging groups in Grand Rapids, or you can find a group of bloggers you admire and create a Facebook group where you can connect and encourage each other. This is a great way to get support from your fellow writers. Connecting with others is what blogging is all about.

Do some research.

There are a lot of people who blog about blogging. Posts about search engine optimization (SEO), Twitter, Facebook, and much more are available. Do some searches and read up on all things blogging. Be sure to not overwhelm yourself. This is supposed to be fun, so relax and do a little at a time.

share your work.

There are awesome places online where you can share your posts for others to see. Sites like craftgawker, dwellinggawker, foodgawker, Instagram, and home talk offer opportunities to share your work. There are also “linky parties” which some blogs host week. These parties are a great way to link your posts up for others to see and for you to visit other blog posts that are linked up as well. Don’t forget to share your posts across all of your social media platforms when you post them, as well.

Be consistent, be yourself and love your blog.

Be consistent with your blog posts. This doesn’t mean you have to blog everyday or even three times a week. Just keep your blog updated with content regularly. Be yourself. This can be hard sometimes! You see everyone else decorating with chevron pillows and even though you hate chevron, you start using it too. Don’t do that, be you instead. Use polka dots if you love them, even though you are being drowned in a world of chevron. Be yourself, be unique and you will find that being authentic keeps that lovely little blog of yours going. Love your blog. Have it be your happy place, the place where you can come to share things you love and connect with people who love your blog, too. If you have wanted to start a blog to share your passions, follow these ten easy steps to begin your journey. Happy blogging!

Liz Marie Galvan is a Grand Rapids native with a knack for interior design. She is passionate about DIY, her husband, and sharing her passion. Follow her blog at www.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Current Studies to Improve the Quality of Life for Women


The pain you feel is real…


even if others can’t see it.


OU ndY

Overactive Bladder Research Study

Endometriosis Pain Clinical Research Study The SOLSTICE clinical study is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of an investigational drug for moderate to severe endometriosis pain symptoms. The study may last up to approximately 20 months and involve about 14 study visits.

If you experience a frequent and sudden urge to urinate, followed by leakage or bladder control problems, you may be eligible to participate in the SYNERGY study. There is no cost to you to participate.

You may be able to join the study if you: • Are 18 to 49 years old and have not gone through menopause • Have been surgically diagnosed with endometriosis in the past 10 years and have pain symptoms during your period and at other times in your menstrual cycle • Are not taking pain medication to treat a chronic disease other than endometriosis • Do not have a history of osteoporosis or another bone disease • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding or planning to get pregnant within the next 24 months

The SYNERGY study is a research study evaluating an investigational combination of two drugs prescribed for overactive bladder (OAB) to see if, when taken together, they may provide more relief than when taken on their own.

Study participation is voluntary. You will receive all investigational study medications and study-related tests and procedures at no cost.

Who is eligible? Men and women 18 years of age and older, who • have symptoms of OAB that include uncontrolled leakage of urine • have had symptoms for at least three months

To learn more or see if you may quality for the study, visit , text ENDO1 to 87888, or call our research team at 616-588-1130.

The 18-week study includes the following, all at no cost: Six appointments with the study doctor and his / her staff Study-related care and monitoring Study medication or placebo

There are other requirements to be in the study that the study doctor will discuss with you to determine if you are eligible to participate.

Night time trips to the bathroom keeping you awake? We are currently recruiting men and women, age 50 years and older, for a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational nasal spray to reduce the number of times you get up each night to urinate. If you wake two or more times each night to urinate and have experienced these symptoms regularly for six months or more, you may qualify for this study. Qualified participants may receive confidential study related medical care, including physical exam, lab tests, and study medication, at no cost. Additional compensation for travel and other expenses may also be provided. For more information, please contact our research team at 616-588-1130. Douglas Van Drie, MD | Michael Bennett, MD | Jason Bennett, MD | Raisa Platte, MD, PhD 555 Mid Towne St NE Suite 450 Grand Rapids MI 49503 | Research Team: 616-588-1130 Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


around what the community is doing that can align with what GROW is doing. I answer questions from staff; respond to e-mails, trying to connect people. I’m working to move the pieces forward.” Connecting with the community became a priority for GROW because it is Grand Rapids that makes the business successful and special.

“... Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can’t let the fear stop you. You have to look at it as an opportunity.” “I think that we’ve gotten more involved in the community,” Bonnie said. “We have a deeper penetration of our services in some community collaborations. We are interesting in areas we could grow in… no pun intended.”

An Opportunity to

GROW with Bonnie Nawara B

onnie Nawara came to Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW) with her feet firmly planted in the business world. In 2010 she became the CEO of the project, hoping to breathe new life into an organization that she felt had plenty of possibilities. However, making companies better is not foreign to Bonnie. She owned a printing business after deciding that if she was going to work hard, she might as well do it for herself. Now, she uses the expertise garnered from her experiences to help other women to be able to do the same. “When I came in four years ago it was a 20-year-old nonprofit with a long history,” she said. “But there was no synergy around the organization, a lot of people


by Hannah Brinks • photo by Adam Bird

wondered if we were still around, if we were even in business. I saw an opportunity to bring some renewed vitality to an organization with great potential.” As the CEO, Bonnie finds there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done, crediting the rest of her team with keeping her sane, and the company successful. Each member is fairly industryspecific, using their professional training to keep in tune with today’s budding entrepreneurs. For Bonnie’s part, she takes a broader course of action when it comes to the day-to-day running of GROW. “I do a lot of meetings, a lot of connecting,” she said. “We’re growing the organization so I’m always looking at collaborative pieces, for any synergy

GROW’s relationship to the community is a symbiotic. While GROW offers a variety of open classes for the community, the community in turn helps to make the classes useful and poignant to new business owners by hosting and helping to teach some of the classes. Volunteering opportunities are available on the GROW website, as well as information on their fall fundraising event: Seeds of Growth. Bonnie cites this community involvement as part of what makes her job exceptional. “I love my job; I think it’s a wonderful opportunity. I like growing things, I like changing, and their help has allowed us to do our training. It’s all donor driven. Most of our classes are experts from the community that do the teaching.” The thought of starting, or expanding, your own business can be intimidating. The classes that GROW offer provide women with the recourses to overcome these fears and pursue their dreams. Interested women can come to GROW with an idea or passion and learn how to transform that passion into an actuality. The starting point is an Intro to GROW class to help clients discover what services the company offers, as well as pointing them toward their next step. Though GROW has traditionally been involved in what Bonnie calls “lifestyle” corporations, she is very exciting to witness the diversifying of their services, including less traditional companies such as manufacturing. “Maybe more people are looking at us,” she hoped. No matter what type of business you might be considering, she explained that great things often start small. “If you’re thinking about starting a business, you should start researching looking for some resources. You shouldn’t be afraid to go and talk to someone that’s in the business you’re looking at breaking into. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can’t let the fear stop you. You have to look at is as an opportunity.”

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Don’t just deal with payroll. Solve it. Because you never stop looking for ways to make your business run more smoothly, we’re always developing innovative business tools to make it possible. With our Payroll Services, for example, we combine payroll management, human resources and reporting tools into one seamless solution, which turns a monthly headache into your personal competitive advantage. Discover a bank that’s focused on your business, and here to get you there. Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


From Day to Date by Ashley Petroskey


he modern woman wears a lot of hats, whether she’s mom, wife, businesswoman, party planner, partygoer, sports enthusiast, or a social activist (or maybe all of the above), she’s juggling a lot and often being involved in everything helps her to be her best self. We want to celebrate the multi-layered modern woman and help her shift from daytime responsibilities to nighttime fun seamlessly. Here are a few quick tips to make the to make transition as simple as possible. Use your morning makeup as the base; there’s no need to re-do all the steps. Make sure you start with a face primer and eye primer; this will help keep the color in place all day long. It will also keep the shine at bay. If you start with the primer in the morning, you should have a solid base to start the evening look. Pack a black liner, mascara, powder, blush and lip-gloss. The black liner and mascara will help to refresh the eyes. A statement eye is key to a polished look, and the powder will help to lessen any shine accumulated throughout the day and give flawless coverage. A pop of blush on the cheeks adds a little color to brighten your face, while the gloss is the final touch to freshen the look and make a bold statement.

I also like to keep a fresh fragrance in my car. No matter if you’re going to a work function, happy hour with friends, or your child’s school function, every woman should feel refreshed as she enters the room. Other key essentials to keep on hand include tennis shoes, work out clothes, a pair of high heels, earrings, and a light sweater. Tennis shoes and work out clothes are great to have on hand for any last minute stroll with friends, bike ride to explore the city, a drop in to a rousing game of dodge ball, or, let’s be honest, no one wants to miss an impromptu walk with your boss or boyfriend. (Or maybe that’s just me.) Be ready for an adventure the night may bring. A pair of high heels will allow you be ready for a quick bite to eat or happy hour with co-workers or best friends, maybe even after your exercise activity. I think it’s best to always keep an option open for hitting the latest restaurant for a yummy dinner. For me, there is nothing better than exploring a new area and then stumbling on a great local haunt for a unique meal. If the dinner flows into the evening hours, having a nice sweater on hand will allow you to be comfortable as the sun sets and the evening arrives. It’s best to choose a neutral sweater that compliments any outfit to make sure you feel as confident as possible. For the on-the-go woman, it’s convenient to keep a “go to” bag packed in the car so you’re ready for any last minute plans that may arise. My goal is to keep the list simple but practical. If you leave the house in the morning with these already on hand, you will be ready for your evening shift on the town.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Women Caring for Women

beautiful Color Me

September Specials

$50 off Permanent Make-up & Touch-ups Diane C. Bigham, D.O.

Jannah H. Thompson, M.D.

Sexual Dysfunction and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Every day in the United States 3,500 women enter menopause. · Your hormone response is as unique as your fingerprints · Stress suppresses estrogen function · Estrogen has 400 crucial functions in your body Including but not limited to: • Increases

your metabolic rate • Regulates body temperature • Helps maintain muscle • Decreases vaginal dryness

25 Michigan St N.E., Ste 3300 Grand Rapids, MI 49503

• Maintains

the amount of collagen in your skin • Increases reasoning and new ideas • Improves your mood and many more…*

2093 Health Dr., Ste 202 Wyoming, MI 49519

Call (616) 459-4171 to schedule your appointment or visit *Source: Pamela Wartian Smith M.D., MPH

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

$95 Laser Hair Removal (per treatment area) Bikini Line, Chin, Underarm $10 off Facial Peels Glycolic Acid, Salicyic Acid & Alpha Beta

Free Consultation for Electrolysis 3427 Salerno Dr. NE • Grand Rapids • 49525

Call for your appointment: (616) 447-9393 Gift Certificates Available •


Fitting in by Kimberly Olson


n my field, the biggest objection I hear from people in regard to sticking to an exercise program is not having enough time. In my early twenties, I faced the same challenge while beginning my career in a fast-paced job while also working on my master’s degree. I became completely fed up with how infrequent my gym visits were and decided to get creative with my fitness. To start, I realized I had to find a way to maximize my time away from work to get it done. I decided to choose the elliptical and stationary bike as my form of cardio so I could chip away at my schoolwork simultaneously. I could read, highlight and memorize as I burned those calories! Not only did I experience the benefits of how good it feels to work out, but I also felt a sense of accomplishment as I made my way through my studies. I also decided to participate in the Team in Training (Grand Rapids Chapter) marathon program that raised funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma foundation in honor of my grandpa. Committing to a cause or training with a program is a sure way to keep your fitness excelling; having others count on you forces you to stick to a regimen. While training five days a week for six months, I learned basic Spanish through audio programs. I would download audiobooks onto my iPod and hit the trails. Passersby would sometimes stare at me repeating “deseo una cerveza fría” to myself, but it was definitely worth it in the end. When I decided to start my blog, FitKim, I didn’t know anything about Internet marketing or how to create a website. I used iTunes to download as many podcasts as I could find and listen to them while running or cycling. I have been able to absorb hours upon hours of information while getting fit. I also used this technique to prep for my Personal Training

certification and various lecture topics as well. Even today, when I go for a quick three mile run, I will listen to a couple of YouTube videos on whatever topic I’m currently studying up on or want to learn more about. The time flies and I have gained even more than just the mileage I put on my running shoes.

busy schedule and finally be able to stick with it.

Adopting this concept can be simple. If you go walking every evening after work, maybe you could call a friend that you have been meaning to catch up with. Instead of meeting for lunch with your co-worker, you could ask them if they’d like to go for a walk instead. When the girls want to get together, why not ask them if they’d like to take a boot camp class? This same idea applies to family time; go hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding or anything that gets you moving while spending quality time together. With just a little creativity, you can see how easy it is to make time for fitness while also accomplishing other important activities in your life. We are all busy, and there will always be factors that make it difficult to stick with our commitment to an active lifestyle. If you can find ways to knock out two birds with one stone, you will be able to fit fitness into your

Nutrition and fitness expert Kimberly Olson, PhD, CNC is the creator of FitKim, a nutrition and fitness blog that teaches people how easy it is to be healthy.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Kids Club Kids


TRAde In/ TRAde-UP Ski Sale

are the


of this business



Jeff Swain, Owner

It’s more than a job. It’s family!

September 1st to September 30th

Do you have experience working as a caregiver? Do you have a passion for taking care of others? If so, then contact us today to schedule an interview.

Employee benefits include: • Online training through Homewatch CareGivers University • Career advancement • Flexible schedules • Bonus earning

(616) 975-1980

Visit our website to apply!

BILL & PAUL’S SPORTHAUS 1200 East Paris Ave S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546

(616) 458-1684 Monday - Friday, 9am - 9pm Saturday, 9am - 6pm Sunday, 12pm - 5pm

25% Off All pocketed (no bra required) clothing, all swimwear and wigs. *Sale does not include products that would be billed through insurance. Offer expires 9/30/14.

No bra required

Amoena is a registered trademark of Amoena Medizin-Orthopädie-Technik GmbH

Our Mission: To meet the special healthcare needs of women and make a positive difference in the way women look and feel about themselves.

Women’s Health Boutique offers a full line of post-mastectomy products. We accept Medicare/Medicaid and most private insurance, prescription required. Certified Mastectomy Fitters – No appointment needed. Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

A Division of Airway Oxygen, Inc.

5150 Plainfield NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (616) 364-5431 Open Mon. through Fri. 8 am to 5 pm


Career & Networking

resources American Advertising Federation of West Michigan

Association of Information Technology Professionals


Bl2end: Business Leaders Linked to Encourage New Directions Contact: (616) 459-9196 or Purpose: For advertising and marketing professionals. Activities include industry advocacy, social and community events and educational programs. Contact: Purpose: To support and promote the growth of the interactive and technology industries throughout West Michigan.

Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs Contact: (616) 458-3404 Purpose: AWE, a division of Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW) offers a wide range of benefits, training, support and networking opportunities for women-owed businesses.

American Marketing Association of West Michigan Purpose: Facilitate awareness and effective use of information technology, and provide members with leadership opportunities. Contact: Purpose: To foster an environment where young professionals of color can connect with each other, develop professionally and contribute to the local community.

Business and Professional Women, Michigan Contact: (313) 885-8338 Purpose: Supporting workforce development programs and policies that recognize the diverse needs of working women, communities and businesses.

Economic Club of Grand Rapids Contact: Purpose: To provide solid, marketingoriented programs, unique and fun networking events and introductions to key marketing professionals at some of the premier regional companies. Contact: (616) 454-1883 or Purpose: To promote interest and enlighten members on governmental, economic and social issues that affect the local economy.

Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance

Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids Contact: Purpose: To help women in all accounting and related fields achieve their full potential and contribute to the development of their profession.

Associated Builders & Contractors, West Mi Chapter Contact: (616) 942-9960 Purpose: An association of general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and associates who work together to improve the construction industry.

Association of Fundraising Professionals, West Mi Chapter Contact: (616) 222-6144 or deb.odonnell@ Purpose: Advancing philanthropy by enabling people and organizations to practice effective and ethical fundraising.

38 Contact: (616) 532-4200 Purpose: Provides free career planning services and access to computers at The Career Center. No appointment necessary. Goodwill also has job finding and job securing resources including training, placement, counseling, classes and referral programs.

Grand Rapids Association of Realtors Contact: (616) 940-8200 or 888-940GRAR Purpose: Advancement of the West Michigan real estate community.

Greater Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce Contact: (616) 771-0300 Purpose: Creating opportunities for West Michigan businesses to connect, grow and succeed.

Bridgett Tubbs of Appletree Learning Centers receives the Woman-Owned Business of the Year award at the Epic Awards.

Grand Rapids Bar Association Purpose: A climate in which lawyers and judges work together to improve the delivery of legal services.

Grand Rapids Inventors Network (GRIN) Contact: Purpose: GRIN helps members to further their creative ideas. It’s also a place where inventors, marketers, and creative people can learn and network.

Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW) and AWE Purpose: Providing women with training and networking opportunities to acquire knowledge and develop skills to become economically self-sufficient.

Grand Rapids Young Professionals Contact: Purpose: Dedicated to providing young professionals with the opportunity to interact professionally and socially with each other through get-togethers, volunteer opportunities and leadership roles.

Grant Writers Roundtable

Contact: or (616) 331- 6801 Purpose: An informal, monthly lunch group offering practical help and collegial support to attendees.

GRAPE – Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence Contact: Purpose: An informal, monthly gathering of business professionals to network and learn from one another..

Greater Grand Rapids Association for Human Resource Management Contact: Purpose: To provide information, professional development, and networking opportunities to human resource professionals.

Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council Contact: (616) 574-7307 Purpose: Dedicated to educating the community and celebrating the legacies of local women, preserving knowledge of their past and inspiring visions for their future.

Hello West Michigan Contact: (616) 818-9080 or brownc@ Purpose: To promote West Michigan as a place where business thrives and people want to live and work. Collaborates with organizations across the region to help new residents find their fit in West Michigan.

Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids Contact: (616) 281-2021 ext. 254 or pat. Purpose: Networking opportunities, educational programs, insurance and group benefits, legal advice and more.

Inforum Contact: (616) 588-9400 Purpose: Providing networking opportunities for businesswomen to connect, discuss civic and business issues, and advance as leaders. (continued on page 70)

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014




Consider what a NEW coat of paint can do!

DONE Consider It Done is a locally-owned life organization business offering beneficial and personalized services including: n n

cart cart

n n n

Painting Garden Clean-up steer steer Spring Cleaning Organizing Catering

Errand Running Grocery Shopping spray paint spray paint n Vacation Planning n Pet Services n Decorating n n

Contact me today for a free quote! Sheila Gunneson spray bowl bowl

n 901-5235 n paint cart dog vacuum iron vacuum iron dog







Consider what a NEW coat of paint can do!

iron rake rake



Grand Rapids OB/GYN PresentinG stAte-of-the-Art CAre

bulb bulb

tree tree

lights lights

rake woMen for

Specializing in : Robotics • Endometriosis • Pelvic Pain Bladder Dysfunction • Pregnancy • Menopause Birth Control • Office Tubal Sterilization Decreased Sex Drive • Heavy/Irregular Periods tree bulb lights 3D/4D Ultrasound

AlwAys PersonAlized CAre! Dr. Stephen Dalm Nisha McKenzie PA-C GrAnd rAPids oB/Gyn


Dr. Stephen Dalm and Nisha McKenzie, PA-C specialize in personalized and complete women’s healthcare at Grand Rapids OB/GYN. “We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to practice in an environment where we can spend time with our patients and help them both feel better and improve their quality of life.”

| 5060 Cascade Road SE, Suite C | (616) 247-1700

| Most insurAnCe ACCePted | www.GrAndrAPidsoBGyn.CoM |

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


new PAtients




in Film by David Postma

Legally Blonde (2001) – Reese Witherspoon solidified herself as an ascending superstar in this movie starring a ditsy girl who, after being broken up with, confidently discovers herself. Based on the novel by Amanda Brown, the story follows sorority-girl Elle who aims to surpass perceived expectations of her by achieving a law degree. Witherspoon was nominated for a Golden Globe for the role and shined as a woman. Despite her patent heels and pet Chihuahua, she goes beyond the societal stereotype of a typical girly-girl. Witherspoon shows that her character has a strong, independent mind to compliment her dramatic style.

Nothing is more impressive than someone with business savvy and wit. While some may say there’s not enough strong women taking charge of situations in movies, these three movies, along with our new movie for September, show that when it comes to women working to get it right, there’s few movies out there better than these.

Erin Brockovich (2000) – Steven Soderbergh was nominated for Best Director of two films in 2001, one of them being Erin Brockovich. In addition, Julia Roberts earned a well deserved Oscar and Golden Globe for her leading role as an unemployed mother of three. After losing a court case, Brockovich begins to work at a law firm and unearths corruption with an energy company. None can bring in more suave than Roberts, who plays the character as a three-dimensional, flesh and blood individual we can identify with. Instead of focusing on her as a mother, the movie shows the resourcefulness and strength in Brockovich as a professional. This film remains one of the best pictures for showing women overcoming the “system” and rising to the occasion. 9 to 5 (1980) – Dolly Parton is now one of America’s most recognizable celebrities, and 9 to 5 did much to land her in America’s consciousness. The comedy exploded into screens across the country empowering women to overthrow sexist and egotistical bosses everywhere. The movie also stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda living out their dream of getting even with company autocracy. A truly phenomenal movie, and hilarious to boot, 9 to 5 remains an entertaining classic. It also doesn’t hurt that Parton sings one of the best known theme songs in movie history. Our new release for September is The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (2014). The director Ned Benson wrote three films from three different perspectives, Him, Her, and Them. The Them version will premier in the U.S. September 26, while Him and Her will be released about a month later in select art house cinemas. Critically acclaimed, the film takes a stunning and heartbreaking look into a New York relationship, starring James Macavoy as Connor Ludlow and Jessica Chastain as Eleanor Rigby. The main draw to the story is how raw and open the characters feel and the level of empathy the audience will innately feel toward them.

Erin Brockovich

9 to 5 Legally Blonde


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014



and Resale


GR Northeast

Not a traditional thrift store. We buy estates and sell the contents in our store. Therefore we have a large variety of items. Something for everyone, from household to antiques. For more information on what we do stop by our website at Also follow us on facebook for photos and updates.

Gild the Lily

Y.E.S.S. Thrift Shop

(616) 214-7329 | |

450 East Division HOURS: Mon-Fri 10-7, Sat 10-4 (616) 863-8491 Two floors of fresh fashion for your home & body at “get it now” prices. Formal wear, plus, petite and designer departments. Nominated 2010 Rockford Retail Store of the Year.

LBD Exchange

11 North Main Street HOURS: Mon-Thurs 10-7, Fri-Sat 10-6 (616) 863-3600 LBD Exchange is a designer consignment boutique specializing in brand name ladies apparel, footwear and accessories.

Lowell Flat River Cottage

317 East Main Street HOURS: Mon 11-5, Tues-Sat 10-6 (616) 897-8601 The Flat River Cottage has anclectic mix of vintage and antique treasures, beautiful one-of-a-kind custom painted furniture and accessories, and pieces to make a house a home.

Holland Holland Furniture

753 Lincoln Avenue HOURS: M 10-7, TWRF 10-6, Sat 10-4 New furniture, home accessories and upscale resale items. Our inventory of quality, reasonably priced consignment furniture changes weekly, so be sure to check often to see what’s new.

(Your estate Sale Showcase) 3516 Plainfield Avenue NE HOURS: Mon-Sat 10-6, Closed Sundays (616) 214-7329 Come explore antiques, furniture, collectibles, housewares, books, home decor and tools.

GR Southeast Hello Again

5767 28th Street SE HOURS: Tues-Sat 10-6 (616) 608-6265 Hello Again brings you a little New York, LA, and European fashion to Grand Rapids without paying full retail. We look forward to having you walk through the door and finding something you can’t live without.

Rock Paper Scissors

145 Diamond SE HOURS: Mon-Sat 10-7 (616) 805-6848 Top-notch, fun, unique and quality clothing brought to you at a great price. At RPS, you’ll have the thrill of the hunt and the bragging rights of finding something amazing for way less than retail.

Comstock Park Open Doors Thrift and Consignment Shoppe

6661 Alpine Avenue, NW HOURS: Mon-Sat 10-7 (616) 784-1650 Furniture, home decor, household treasures. We buy used furniture. Complimentary coffee bar, senior and group discounts.

3516-B Plainfield Ave. (at Four Mile)

In the Northtown Shopping Plaza next to the Secretary of State. Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00AM - 6:00PM, Sunday CLOSED

Do you know all the new tax laws? Taxpreparationlawsareconstantlychanging.Theregulationsand corresponding paperwork are more complex than ever.

Tax Problems? Call the Expert.

(616) 691-8107 Mon-Fri 9 to 5

CallJudyatJ.Kelly&Associatestodayforyourpersonalor business tax needs. Judy is a professional. She is reliable and cares about your business. She has been my acountant and tax consultant for 21 years. She would be an asset to any business. – Tom Skipper, Cannonsburg Sand & Gravel

Want to start your own business? Don’t know where to begin? Get answers about starting your own business at a FREE class offered by Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW).

To learn more: | 616.458.3404 |

450 E. Division Rockford, MI (616) 863 8491

Fresh fashion for your home and body... Eco Chic Consigment Boutique

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


EAT FRESH, EAT LOCAL Anna’s House 3874 Plainfield Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (616) 361-8500 Come see what the buzz is about. Anna’s House was recently voted Best Breakfast Joint in the state of Michigan by MLive. Their most popular house specialties include Breakfast Lasagna and Twilight French Toast. The menu is forever changing, unique and amazing! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Bar Divani 15 Ionia Ave SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 774-9463 Serving fresh, sustainable and, whenever possible, local products. Featuring Live Music Tuesdays, Wine Social Wednesdays and Ladies’ Night on Thursday with half-off martinis and a birthday club. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CityVu Bistro 61 E 7th Street Holland, MI 49423 (616) 796-2114

CitySen Lounge 83 Monroe Center St NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 608-1720 CitySēn Lounge located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids is a hip bar with a big city feel, offering exciting options for lunch, dinner, and breakfast on the weekends. The focus is on fresh ingredients and a full bar with local brews, wine and creative cocktails. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– D&W Fresh Market Cascade, Caledonia, Gaslight Village, Knapp’s Crossing, Breton Village


Fred’s Italian Restaurant Pizzeria & Grill 3619 Plainfield Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (616) 361-8994 Great food, great prices, great fun! A family tradition since 1963, Fred’s offers legendary pizza and delicious entrees, salads and desserts with a generous selection of wines, liquors and beers. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Grand Rapids Downtown Mazrket 435 Ionia SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 805-5308 Mixed use facility featuring produce. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

CityVū Bistro is a distinctive rooftop dining experience in downtown Holland. Fryers and frozen foods are out; fresh gourmet flatbreads and an array of seasonal entrees are in. The contemporary yet casual atmosphere, full bar, and unique menus make it the ideal spot for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Rockwell Republic

cheeses, a great wine selection and fresh produce, providing value for all of your fresh foods and grocery needs. Carrying over 250 products grown and produced in Michigan throughout the season. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Each D&W Fresh Market is a premiere grocery store for premium meats and

Hudsonville Ice Cream Since 1926, the family-owned company has been making great ice cream. Look for limited edition flavors identified by their red lid. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Kingma’s Market and Butcher Shoppe 2225 Plainfield NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 (616) 447-2090 Kingma’s features a huge selection of Michigan produced specialty groceries along with a full-service butcher shop, cheeses and a large selection of fine wines and beers, many locally made. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– La Bonne Vie Personal Chef and Catering Service 616-822-8838 La Bonne Vie is a professional personal chef and catering service operated by chef and owner, Jen Foley. Specializing in event catering, in-home family meals, dinner parties and culinary instruction, guaranteeing a stress free dining experience every time.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

What is canning gel? Be appreciated, day and night.

Canning Gel is a modified food starch derived from non-GMO corn maize. It can withstand high temperatures, reheating and acidic foods - which make it perfect for home canning.


It is clear in color when cooked and remains smooth. It works well when freezing and allows you to lessen your sugar content without losing your jelling capacity! Best of all, the manufacturer has certified that the product is not grown from hybrid seeds, and it’s gluten free. Q: When should I use canning gel? A: Use Canning Gel wherever ClearJel is called for in canning recipes. You can also use it to reduce sugar content when making jams, jellies and preserves.


Canning Gel Advantages • Gluten Free • Derived from Non-GMO Corn • Reduce sugar when making jam • Does not breakdown like Pectin • Use in canning, baking & cooking • Replaces store-bought cornstarch

Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva® Food is Art. Canning is my way of Preserving Art!™ The Canning Diva’s Canning Gel is sold at all 4 Rylee’s Ace Hardware locations in Grand Rapids as well as Red Barn Market in Lowell - and online with FREE shipping, source code: WLIFE2014 |

Latte art poured by Ferris Barista Cody Flowers

The newly-designed Ferris cafe is now open at 227 Winter Ave. Across from the Downtown YMCA Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


Satisfy Your Cravings . . .

Rockwell Republic Kingma’s offers the finest in wines, beers, a full-service butcher shop, cheeses, great selection of produce ranging from Michigan apples to zucchini, dairy, baked goods, snacks, chocolates, nuts and candies. 800 Wines • 400 Beers • 300 Cheeses • Olive Bar • Dips Great Wall of Chocolates • Made to Order Gift Baskets

Featuring a Huge Selection of Michigan Produced Gourmet and Speciality Groceries and Wines

2225 Plainfield NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 (616) 363-7575 Meat Department: (616) 447-2090

HOURS: Mon-Sat 8 am to 8 pm. Closed Sunday Meat Dept: Mon-Sat 8 am to 7 pm

EAT FRESH, EAT LOCAL Marco New American Bistro 884 Forest Hill Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546 (616) 342-9100 Simple, fresh, rustic cuisine prepared with gourmet flair. Owner/Chef Mark prepares everything in-house, using Michigan foods when available. Impressive wines and delectable desserts. Minutes from downtown. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Marge’s Donut Den 1751 28th St SW Wyoming, MI 49519 (616) 532-7413 Marge’s Donut Den offers handmade delectable donuts, all occasion cakes, and a huge variety of delicious Danish, muffins, brownies and cookies. Marge’s – a place to meet old friends and make new ones. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Grand Rapids • 616.451.9779 South Haven • 269.281.3737


Pietro’s Italian Restaurant 2780 Birchcrest SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506 (616) 452-3228 Pietro’s is the highest acclaimed Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria on this side of

the state. They are pleased to bring to you a wide array of cuisine such as their signature Fettuccine Michael, a local staple for over 30 years, alongside an extensive wine list. Be sure to ask about Pietro’s family style dining and house wine programs! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rockwell | REPUBLIC 45 S. Division Ave Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 551-3563 Rockwell-Republic takes great pride in their commitment to the use of only the freshest ingredients available. They serve delicious American and Asian food made from scratch using fresh, locally farmed cuisine, incredible sushi and martinis galore. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The Cheese Lady 315 Fuller Avenue NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 242-9880 Specializing in cheeses from Michigan and around the world, gourmet and specialty groceries, soups and a nice selection of wines. Gift baskets, party trays, catering and private parties available.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Specializing in cheeses from around the world.

September Special

Meadowkaas Gou

Only $10.d!00

• Over 100 Cheeses • Sampling Encouraged • Michigan Beers and Ciders • Wine • Cheese Accompaniments • Gift Baskets • Party Trays • Catering


per poun


Picnic eunions! Family R DAY CALL TO 4 361-899

HOURS: M-TH 11AM to 11PM FRI. 11AM to 12AM SAT. 12PM to 12AM SUN. CLOSED

The Cheese Lady 315 Fuller Ave NE • Grand Rapids, MI (616) 242-9880 Hours: Tues-Fri 10-6 • Sat 9-4 • CLOSED Sunday & Monday More info at and

3619 Plainfield Ave, NE • Grand Rapids, MI • (616) 361-8994

Call us for your autumn affairs. Full service food, mobile bar and beverage catering with event staffing.

Call Angela Now at:

(616) 430-5766 or email her at She also has venue ideas for you.

Your guests will LOVE our portable wood-fired pizza oven, smoker and grill.

Due North Catering • 168 Louis Campau • Grand Rapids, MI 49503 • (616) 430-5766 • Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


‘Back to School’

Rockwell Republic

Pencils Binders



Glue Sticks

DONUTS! - GRILLED WATERMELON SALAD 1751 28th Street S.W. • Wyoming, MI 49519

(616) 532-7413 •


Slow Food West Michigan (718) 260-8000

Slow Food West Michigan advocates for a good, clean, diverse, sustainable, accessible and fair food system. They educate the communities by collaborating with food growers, distributors, artisans and other community organizations. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Terra gr 1429 Lake Dr SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506 (616) 301-0998 Inspired, handcrafted foods that nurture both body and community. Terra follows the seasons for only the freshest, health-filled ingredients from the region’s most dedicated growers. Open seven days a week. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––




616.608.1720 /


The Local Epicurean 111 S. Division Ave Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 206-5175 The Local Epicurean features more than 125 organic, handmade pastas including vegan and gluten-free. Gift baskets are a specialty and often include hard-to-find Itallian cheeses,

proscuitto and house-made sauces. Classes in pasta, chocolate and infused butter making are offered five days a week. Handmade, organic chocolates can also be found here. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Timbers Inn Restaurant & Tavern 6555 Belding Rd NE Rockford, MI 49341 (616) 874-5553 Enjoy great home cooking and friendly Michigan faces in a comfortable lodge atmosphere. With its crackling fires in fieldstone fireplaces, knotty pine walls displaying trophy moose, caribou and fish, Timbers Inn is a reminder of those enchanted days gone by. Happy Hour specials seven days a week. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Twisted Rooster 1600 East Beltline Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (616) 301-8171 Twisted Rooster’s specially created menu is centered entirely around locally-sourced, Michigan-made products. Their culinary team is focused on creating a unique dining experience, complete with impeccable food and drinks in an energetic, family-friendly atmosphere.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Rockwell Republic

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014



Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


Grand Rapids first annual Balloon Festival September 5 & 6

Ongoing: Dog Story Theater welcomes Actors’ Theatre back for their Second Space Series.

your life and re-discovering the skills to thrive during all of its challenges and joys. In this eight-week class you will explore the time honored practices of mindfulness meditation and yoga to free yourself from the vicious cycle of negative stress patterns. Holistic Care Approach.

Through September 14

Through October 12

Through September 13

Just Fort Fun! The newest exhibit at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum providing resources to create imaginative and crazy spaces that will bring you right back to the fun of childhood. Visit for hours.

Through October 1

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with April Hadley. Mindfulness is a way of relating directly the experiences of

GRAM Selects ArtPrize 2013: Encore. This exhibition underscores the significance of Grand Rapids’ annual ArtPrize event by presenting selected highlights from ArtPrize on a year-round basis.

Through October 15

The Grand Rapids Original Swing Society presents swing dancing at Rosa Parks Circle every Tuesday. Check out

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

the website for a list of different themes and dances. 7 pm.

Through October 25

Observation night at James C. Veen Observatory. Along with the observatory telescopes, association members set up their own telescopes so that visitors can view the splendors of the night sky. Visitors can tour the facility and enjoy an audio-visual presentation about the GRAAA and the James C. Veen Observatory. Check for times and featured objects.

Through October 31

Discover Meijer Garden’s special twoyear exhibition showcasing revolutionary sculptor Bernar Venet. Demon-

strating his iconic work in steel, five of Venet’s large-scale sculptures will be displayed outdoors on the front lawn.

Through November 21

Fish Lads Frydays. The Downtown Market Grand Rapids will host the weekly Friday night all-you-can-eat fish fry. 4-7 pm. Downtown Market Grand Rapids.

Through June 1

The Rise of the American Aircraft Carrier. This exhibit explores the development and role of the aircraft carrier ships that launch planes over the sea. Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. 9 am - 5 pm.



ChiCk Corea

by Sally Zarafonetis

Chick Corea is coming to Grand Rapids. The 20-time Grammy winner and brilliant pianist will be playing with his band, The Vigil, at St. Cecilia Music Center. The evening will be a night of sublime acoustic to scintillating electric jazz within the Royce Auditorium, a performance hall that has been proclaimed as “one of the finest halls in the world” by world-renowned artists who have performed there. Corea has attained living-legend status after five decades of unparalleled creativity and staggering keyboard performance. He is the fourth-mostnominated artist in the history of the Grammys with 61 nominations. In addition, he has garnered three Latin Grammy Awards. Corea will be joined by The Vigil band members, bass phenomena Hadrien Feraud, creative force Marcus Gilmore on drums (carrying on the lineage of jazz from his grandfather, Roy Haynes), dazzling sax, flute,

bass clarinet artist Tim Garland, and rising guitarist sensation Charles Altura. Corea began his career with apprenticeships with the likes of Stan Getz, Sarah Vaughan and Miles Davis’s band, where he participated in such landmark sessions as In a Silent Way and Bitches Brew. Embarking on a solo career in 1966, Chick has been at the forefront of jazz, both as a renowned pianist forging new ground with his acoustic jazz bands and as an innovative electric keyboardist with Return to Forever and the Elektric Band and now the electro/acoustic Vigil. His extensive discography boasts numerous albums, beginning with his 1968 classic, Now He Sings, Now He Sobs. He is performing for the largest fundraiser for St. Cecilia Music Center, the Great Artist Gala event on September 18, 2014. Visit www.scmc-online. org for tickets and more information.

Straight Talk from Chick Corea Q: All About Jazz says The Vigil CD release is the “best electric album in decades, blending acoustic and electric music and allowed you to consolidate many of your eclectic musical interests. What are your eclectic musical interests and who inspired these interests? A: If eclectic means without boundaries, then it’s true, my musical interests are pretty wide. I enjoy all kinds of music and art. I like to hear something or see something when it’s fresh and uninhibited. Experiencing other people being creative always inspires me. Q: You’ve played in the Midwest before, but have only two stops on your current tour. What are your thoughts about the Midwest and is the reception here different than what you find in other places? A. My sweet wife Gayle Moran Corea is from a little town called Spring Arbor in Michigan. The great jazz drummer Elvin Jones is from Michigan - also the legendary bassist Paul Chambers. I have always had a good time playing anywhere in the Midwest–but I find creative music is appreciated anywhere I go.

effects that are pleasant enough to be acknowledged with an award. I continued to have a lot of fun creating music–but there’s extra fulfillment in knowing that it gives pleasure to others.

Q: For this concert tour with The Vigil, will listeners be surprised by the music? A: I’m not sure. I never try to second-guess how an audience will respond. Each night is new and different– each audience is new and different. That’s the adventure that I love. Q: What is your overall passion in life? A: Well, I love to give other people static experiences, especially if it encourages them to be creative themselves. But I am as well pleased to just provide some diversion and entertainment for others. If we could Chick Corea and his wife Gayle Moran Corea.

live our lives, more and more artistically and encourage others to do the same, I see that life can become much more pleasant and fun.

Q: Where do you escape to reset and relax so you can keep the creative fires burning? A: I love to drive to Clearwater Beach with Gayle, sometimes late at night, and walk under the moon next to the Gulf of Mexico. I try to grab a free moment here and there to sketch and draw. In fact I recently published a book of my “Doodles.” Q: People know and love your work and the music that you’ve created. However, what don’t most people know about you as a person? A: Just for fun I’ll, make the shortlist for you: One of my favorite dishes is spaghetti, scarpariello Napolitan style. I enjoy listening and studying the music of Arnold Schoenburg and Henri Dutilleux. My aunt Marie gave me the name “Chick” when she used to pinch my cheeks as a newborn baby and say “chickie chickie chickie” - this is the story my mother Anna told me, later confirmed by Auntie Marie herself.

Q. When you take home a Grammy now, is it less exciting than the first time? A. It’s always inspiring to me to be recognized by my peers especially. It confirms that I’m creating musical

Sally is the owner of SallyZara PR and writes for Women’s LifeStyle on subjects ranging from music, food and entertainment, to women’s issues.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

SO Special Sophisticated



Chick Corea and The Vigil














SO SURPRISING. SO SCMC. 616.459.2224 Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


SEPTEMBER Events September 1

Labor Day Truck & Ice Cream Social. Bring an appetite for big trucks, ice cream, hot dogs and a parade celebration stretching from Zeeland to Holland. Starts at Mainstreet Zeeland. 9:15 am.

September 2

Meanwhile Movie: The Big Lebowski at Wealthy Theatre. 8 pm. Partake in insightful discussions of this month’s book choice, “On a Father Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson” at the Art & Gardens Book Discussion Group. For more info, contact Shelly Kilroy at skilroy@ or call 975-3144. Planned Parenthood Women’s Issues Forum. Discuss women’s issues that are important to you with your elected officials. Open to the public at Women’s City Club. 6 pm. Find further details at Meijer Free Tuesdays means free general admission and explorations to the Grand Rapids Art Museum from 10 am-5 pm.

Through September 4

Life After Beth (film). UICA. For list of details and showings visit

Through September 11

Frank (film). UICA. For list of details and showings visit

September 2-25

The Forest Hills Fine Arts Center presents the Karen Hoekstra Art Exhibit. Forest Hills Fine Arts Center.





Grand Rapids engagement is welcomed by Aon; Lacks Industries; Mercy Health Saint Mary’s; The Sharpe Collection; and Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge.


September 3

Small business class: using the library to begin your business plan. This course will highlight library resources to assist students in crafting a well-written business plan. Grand Rapids Public Library. 7 pm.

September 4

Reading the Great Lakes. Join the librarians as they lead this book club covering a range of titles set in the Great Lakes region. This month’s selection is “American Salvage” by Bonnie Jo Campbell. Grand Rapids Public Library. 7 pm. Visit for full listing. New Beginner Yoga Class with Marti. Expressions of Grace Yoga. 10:30-11:45 am.

Reception for Artist in Residence Karen Hoekstra. Forest Hills Fine Arts Center lobby. 6 pm. Meijer Thursday Nights providing free admission and an evening of art pieces at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. 5-9 pm.

September 4-13

NorthEast (NORDOST). Don’t miss this award-winning German play. Set in October 2002, Olga and her daughter find their seats at the Dubrovka Theatre in Moscow, about to enjoy a family musical. Suddenly, Chechen Militants seize the theatre and hold them and the other audience members hostage in this gripping account of those affected by the siege. Dog Story Theater. 8pm (3pm September 7). For tickets and specific show times, visit

September 4-20

Circle Theatre presents Carrie The Musical, based on the novel by Stephen King. $27. Call (616) 4566656 or visit for more information.

September 5-6

As the sun goes down, watch as the hot air balloons “glow” throughout the night sky when 20 of the best hot air balloon pilots from around the Midwest launch during the Grand Rapids first annual Balloon Festival held at the Gordon Food Service home office at 1300 Gezon Parkway. Events include hot air balloon launches, food, games, pilot meet and greet, and family friendly activities. For details and complete schedule visit www. Celebrating 37 consecutive years in 2014, the Hispanic Festival is recognized as the largest ethnic festival in Grand Rapids and one of the largest festivals of its kind in the state. Food, vendors, games and see local, regional and national Latino artists at Calder Plaza 11:30 am – 11:30 pm on both days. The 5th annual Pewamo Block Party. Come to this family-friendly event for a movie, art mural, carnival, dancing and more. Pewamo, Michigan on Main Street. 8 pm kickoff on Friday. Call (989) 593-2479 for more information.

September 5 through October 14

A Walk Along the Shore, a peaceful exhibit with artwork by Robert de Jonge. Van Singel Fine Arts Center, 8500 Burlingame. Visit for more details and showtimes.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

September 6

The Center for Women in Transition is holding their 12th annual Le Style de Vie, an evening of wine tasting and fashion. Behind Butch’s Dry Dock, Holland. 5 pm. Email Ellie at ellied@ or call (616) 494-1756 for reservations and more information.

peek preview performances at Circle Theatre’s Annual Season Party. Complimentary picnic-style cookout and beverages is free for season ticket holders and volunteers. 1-4 pm. RSVP by calling (616) 456-6656. The Black Keys at Van Andel Arena. 8 pm.

Drop-In Family Saturdays at the Grand Rapids Art Museum welcomes families to join the fun and participate in exciting art activities in the museum’s Education Studio.

Escape on a tram through the Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park exploring the varieties of trees that make up the surrounding beauty at the Tree-mendous Tree Tours 11 am. Visit for details.

Creston Days Car Show. The free event will feature a plethora of fantastic cars, live music, beer tent, pie eating contest, children’s activities and prizes. STAR Collision CARSTAR. 11 am.

September 6-7

Urban/Rural, Michigan Outlook. Absorb yourself in an exhibit featuring a collection of works highlighting Michigan’s diversity. Opening event with live jazz music. LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas Location. 5 -8 pm. For more information, call the gallery at 451-3850 or visit Art in Sight series featuring Fearless, a collection of images celebrating the female form at Sight Optical Boutique, 7-11 pm. The Fall Rose Show at the Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. A chance for the roses that bloom in autumn to show off in various flower arrangements and a judged competition. For more information, visit

September 7


Auditions for Poltergeist: A Musical Parody. Dress comfortably and be prepared to move and dance. Ambrosia Theatre Second Floor Blackport Building. Sat 1pm-5pm. Sun 6pm-9pm.

September 8

The Eagles at Van Andel Arena. 7 pm. Experience an Evening with Vieux Farka Toure at Wealthy Theatre. Often referred to as “The Hendrix of the Sahara,” Mali-born Vieux Farka Toure is the son of legendary guitar player Ali Farka Toure. Proceeds benefit Ebony Road Players and 88.1 fm WYCE community radio. 8 pm. For tickets call Wealthy Theatre box office at (616) 459-4788 x 130. Chair Yoga with Marti Delong. Incorporate this peaceful practice even when sitting. Experience a good stretch, better breathing habits, improved muscle tone and a sense of well-being. Expressions of Grace Yoga.

Eat, Drink, Mingle, and enjoy games and entertainment, and get see sneak

Based on the novel by STEPHEN KING



Tickets: $27

Rush Price: $13.50 - Call for Details

Vieux Farka Toure at Wealthy Theatre Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Circle Theatre 616.456.6656 1703 Robinson Road SE / GR / 49506 53

September 9

At the end of YOUR ROPE? Manage your stress and enjoy new health and well-being! 8-WEEK MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION PROGRAM: Free Information Sessions: Week of October 6 & 13 Classes Begin: Monday, October 20 @ 6:30 pm Wednesday, October 22 @ 9:30 am Thursday, October 23 @ 6:30 pm

UPCOMING EVENTS: Hardwiring Happiness: A 1-Day Workshop with Dr. Rick Hanson October 17, 9-4 pm Continuing Education Credits available for Nursing and Social Work

*** 8-Week Mindful Parenting Course: Cultivating Clarity and Compassion on the Parenting Journey Begins: Tuesday, October 21 6:30 pm CALL 616-361-3660

Meanwhile Movie: Labyrinth at Wealthy Theatre. 8 pm. Meijer Free Tuesdays means free general admission and explorations to the Grand Rapids Art Museum from 10am-5pm. Let’s Play! Workshops. An interactive workshop for children, ages 0-5, with a childhood specialist on-hand to answer parent’s questions about their child’s development. Grand Rapids Public Library. 6:30-7:30pm. Fall Fashion Trunk Show featuring Hush Puppies, Jenna Kator Collection and LOLÉ at LOLE Grand Rapids. 4-8 pm.

September 10

Small business class: Grantseeking basics. This course is designed for beginner fundraisers and will show how your organization can identify potential funders. Grand Rapids Public Library. 7 pm.

attractions are cleaned, stored and installed when they’re not engaging the public. 6:30 pm. Michigan International Speedway teams up with Michigan Blood for The Spirit of America Blood Drive, honoring the victims and heroes of September 11th. 6 am-6 pm. Sign up online at www. or call 1-866-MIBLOOD.

September 12

Enjoy supported poses that deepen relaxation, restore energy and reduce stress with Restorative Yoga with Jessica Roodvoets at Expressions of Grace Yoga, 7 - 8:30 pm. Call (616) 361-8580 or visit

September 12-14

Grand Haven Salmon Festival. Packed with events that will keep all ages having fun well into Sunday. Arts, crafts, food, wine, live music and exhibits complemented by the region’s annual salmon migration. Downtown Grand Haven. All day.

Women, let’s discuss all of our hormone, bladder and pelvic issues related to aging and menopause with our experts. RSVP’s appreciated, light refreshments offered. 5:30 pm at Urologic Consultants. Snacks provided, RSVP’s appreciated at

September 12-28

September 10-11

Make your very own mosaic bird bath

9/11 Never Forget Traveling Exhibit. Artifacts, videos and live tours from FDNY heroes paying tribute to the heroes of September 11. Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

September 11

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre presents The Boatwright by Bo Wilson, original play and story of life, loss, dreams and friendships. For all showtimes, visit

September 13

bowl with Fiesta pieces at Rylee’s Ace Hardware. This is a “hands-on” workshop for “hands-on” fun! 10 am – 12 noon. Class size is limited so please call to make your reservation for this delightful workshop. Contact Mo at (616) 451.0724 x204 or e-mail Oddball: LUX. Get a first look at UICA’s ArtPrize exhibition, Collaboration. Paired with fine refreshments and installations, music and opulent paper gardens throughout the floors. Tickets include strolling dinner, one-drink voucher and parking. Visit for more details. West Michigan Mom’s Sale. Sell or buy gently used baby, children and maternity clothing along with toys, nursery furniture and more. DeVos Place. 9 am. Drop-In Family Saturdays at the Grand Rapids Art Museum welcomes families to join the fun and participate in exciting art activities in the museum’s Education Studio. Free with general museum admission. Early Childhood Essentials: Laughter is Good Medicine. Experience laughing for the health of it and learn ways to include laughter in your life. Grand Rapids Public Library. 11 am.


Dave Ramsey and daughter, Rachel Cruze

New Beginner Yoga Class with Marti. Expressions of Grace Yoga. Flashy Plants for Fall at Meijer

FIND OUT WHAT Gardens. Discover how to use the MINDFULNESS CAN DOseason FORtoYOU! your advantage with

perennials and ornamental grasses that reach their peak during fall. 6:30 pm The Legacy Journey Live! Dave Ramsey and daughter, Rachel, share personal stories relating to how you can manage your own legacy in wealth and family. DeVos Hall. 7pm. Find tickets at

We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success. – Arianna Huffington (President and Editor In Chief of Huffington Post)


Meijer Free Thursday Nights providing free admission and an evening of art pieces at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. 5-9pm. Business Exchange Luncheon. Network with over 100 people and don’t forget your business cards! Prince Conference Center, Calvin College. 11:30 am 1:30 pm. Reserve a table at It’s like a backstage pass to the Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park’s famous sculptures! Take a behind the scenes look at how the

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Forest Hills Public Schools

Tom Briggs


Weddings, Corporate Events & Private Parties

A New Decade Ten Years and Going Strong

Forest Hills Fine Ar ts Center 2014-2015 Season

Book me now at

(616) 532-7059 EMAIL:


You loved DOGS IN PARTY HATS See C. Marcus Stone’s Newest Artwork

Big Dogs Sept 19 - Oct 12

FRANK CALIENDO Friday, October 10, 2014 7:30 pm

$40 • $44 • $48 • $54 A high energy comedic act blending observations, impressions, characters and anecdotal stories that start at a frenetic pace and never let up.


$32 • $34 • $40 • $50 One-of-a-kind concert experience, bringing to life favorite hits from The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Motown & The Four Seasons.



LOCAL EPICUREAN 111 S Division Ave, Grand Rapids Visit for more info.

Spirit Dreams

1430 Lake Drive SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506



Friday, November 7, 2014 7:30 pm

Monday, December 15, 2014 7:30 pm


$38 • $42 • $44 • $50 After two decades with Brooks & Dunn, over 30 million records, 75 major country music awards, and 23 #1 hits, Brooks is still singing for his fans.


$32 • $34 • $40 • $44 Best-selling solo pianist of our time, Jim Brickman, on his 18th annual holiday tour, will once again wow audiences across America with On A Winter’s Night.


Intuitive / Psychic Readers Call (616) 456-9889 to Schedule

$40 for 1/2 hour reading, $80 1 hour. Gift certificates available. Rev. Karen L. Hays • Psychic Reader Clairvoyant, Psychic Reader, Reiki Master Teacher. Offering intuitive readings, healing, and spiritual teachings. Experience the flow of Divine Wisdom, Love, and Light that will help to illuminate your highest path. Vivian Love Kyle • Intuitive Angel Reader 5th generation medium, intuitive artist and Spiritual counselor with 25 years experience. You take home a sketch of your personal angel. Eugenia Marve • Psychic Reader Award winning educator, motivational speaker,intuitive/psychic over 35 years. God is her foundation for information on client’s relationships, economics, health and loved ones. She works with (ABC) WoodTV8. Margaret Newman Nickelsen • Psychic Reader 34 years experience reading for people from all walks of life. Each reading is unique, personal, in and atmosphere of calm assurance. Your Divine Self guides your reading. HOURS: M-F 11 to 6 • Wed 11 to 7 • Sat 10-5 • Sun 12-3

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

CELTIC THUNDER Friday, March 27, 2015 7:30 pm

$44 • $46 • $50 • $60 This tour features an eclectic collection of the group’s best-loved and most popular songs from the past seven years, married with their huge signature sound, dramatic lighting and imposing set fans love.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 7:30pm

$26 • $30 • $32 • $40 Recreating greatest moments from the finest shows featuring actual stars of The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, CATS and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Season Tickets on Sale August 18 at 9am

Season subscriptions close on October 10 at 5 pm Season tickets can be purchased by: calling 616-493-8966 or 616-493-8965 during office hours (credit card orders only), stopping in person at the FHFAC Box Office, faxing the form in to 616-493-8969 (credit card orders only), mailing the form in to the box office. Season forms can be found at Fine Arts Center Box Office: 600 Forest Hill Ave., SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Season Sponsors

Single Tickets

Single tickets on sale for Frank Caliendo on September 15, 2014 at 9 am. Single tickets on sale for The Midtown Men on September 29, 2014 at 9 am. All remaining single tickets on sale Monday, October 13, 2014 at 9 am. Single tickets can be purchased in person only at the FAC Box Office, at any Ticketmaster outlet, by calling 800-745-3000 or at

Cleaners & Tuxedos


The Forest Hills Fine Arts Center’s professional season is funded through ticket sales, sponsorships, and advertisers.


RunGR Bridge Run September 14 Walk with the aim to turn Type One diabetes into Type None with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Registration 8:30 am, starts at 10 am. 1.5 miles. Ah-NabAwen Park. Visit or call Julie at (616) 957-1838 for details. Join in on a beautiful walk through the zoo, fun activities and food to help grant wishes for Michigan children with life-threatening medical conditions at the Make A Wish Walk for Wishes – West Michigan at John Ball Zoo. Registration begins at 8 am. The walk will begin at 9am.

September 14

LEMATA/Models for the Cure. Join us for the 4th annual “Models for the Cure” and pay tribute to cancer survivors as they rock the runway and raise awareness of cancer in the community. Eagle Eye Golf Club. 4pm. Call (517) 853-7793 for more information. To purchase tickets, visit

Escape on a tram through the Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park exploring the varieties of trees that make up the surrounding beauty at the Tree-Mendous Tree Tours 11 am. Visit for details

See many of the best sights in Grand Rapids with the RunGR Bridge Run. 10 mile run, 5k run or 5k walk. Start in heart heart of downtown Grand Rapids at Rosa Parks Circle. From there the course will take you over the city’s historic bridges, along the Grand River, through parks, and back to the finish on Monroe Center. Charity partners include the No Surrender Running Club for at-risk youth, and Mercy Health lacks Cancer Center. See schedule and race information at

September 13-14

September 15

Japanese Garden Tram Tours. Catch a glimpse of waterfalls, gazebos, islands, sculpture sites and plantings through a narrated tram tour around the garden’s perimeter. Heirloom Tomatoes. Enjoy a cooking demonstration and inspiration on how to incorporate this healthy food, in all its varieties, into your lifestyle. Samples are promised. 1 pm.


The Fox & the Hound: The Birth of American Spying. Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. 7 pm. Root Vegetables & Fish. D&W Culinary Classroom. 6 pm. West Michigan Jazz Society Presents Monday Night Jazz Serries. Bobarinos at the B.O.B. 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

Chair Yoga with Marti Delong. Incorporate this peaceful practice even when sitting. Experience a good stretch, better breathing habits, improved muscle tone and a sense of well-being. Expressions of Grace Yoga. 10:30-11:45 am.

ArtPrize on Tap: Flight 5. Plot your adventure through ArtPrize 2014 with help from ArtPrize experts, curators and staff paired with Founder’s amazing food and craft beer. Founder’s Centennial Room. 5-8 pm. Visit www. for tickets.

September 16

Compassionate Living. Learn to create a more harmonious and healthy world. Lecture by Dr. Will Tuttle, author of “The World Peace Diet”. Free admission. Fountain Street Church. 7pm. RSVP to

Small business class: Join the business librarian for an informative journey through business resources. Grand Rapids Public Library. 7 pm. FCP Editing- Certification Class. Learn the basic process of digital video editing. Bridge St. Studio. 12 pm. Register at Meanwhile Movie: The Jerk at Wealthy Theatre. 8 pm. Pies & Tarts. D&W Culinary Classroom. 6 pm. Meijer Free Tuesdays means free general admission and explorations to the Grand Rapids Art Museum from 10 am - 5 pm.

September 17

ArtPrize Preview Kick-Off. Live art gallery featuring local artists, musical entertainment and silent auction. Ballroom at Cityflats Hotel, Holland. 6pm.

Lovingkindness Meditation with Jessica Roodvoets at Expressions of Grace Yoga, 12:15 - 1:15 pm. Call 616-361-8580 or visitwww. for details Information Session for Potential Literacy Tutors. Those interested in becoming volunteer tutors can find out more about the center and its literacy programs. Literacy Center of West Michigan. To register call 459-5151 Bicycle Maintenance 101. As bikes begin to make their way into preferred transportation, the Spoke Folks share tips and show you how to keep your bike in great shape so you can keep saving money at the pump. Feel free to bring your own bike if you have specific questions regarding your ride. 6:30pm. Michigan St. Store.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


In our Continuing Studies ProFolio and GrowFolio programs, you’ll maximize the potential of your creativity to uncover new and powerful ways of seeing, thinking, working, and solving problems. With over 70 courses, from Right Brain Drawing for Non-Artists, to Adobe Flash App Development for Designers, to Customized Workplace Training, there’s something for every lifelong learner. Fall Classes Begin September 8 Discover more at 616. 451 .2787 ext. 3012





ages 3+

ages 5+

ages 5+

Your young dancer will learn musicality, coordination, balance and grace along with ballet vocabulary and classroom etiquette.

The Boys Class provides an energetic, creative time while developing coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance.

Students will receive the highest quality dance instruction in a nurturing and encouraging environment while developing knowledge of technique, self-discipline, poise, grace, and a love of dance.


ENROLL TODAY! Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

! EE

For more information, schedules, and tuition, visit:

ADULT BALLET CLASS Open to all ranges of ability and experience levels focusing on: Ballet Technique Stretching Conditioning




Contact us: or (616) 454-4771


September 18

St. Cecilia’s Great Artist Gala featuring Chick Corea and the Vigil. Sponsor ticket $250 include an elegant fourcourse wine-pairing dinner by Martha’s Vineyard, premier concert seating, post-concert reception and $100 donation to SCMC. $125 benefactor includes B section seating and postconcert reception, $90 concert only. 8 pm. ATHENA Awards Program at the Amway Grand Plaza hotel Ambassador Ballroom. Diana R. Sieger will be honored as the 2014 awards recipient. 11:30 am-1:30 pm. Smart Lipo event. One on one consultations with Board Certified Physician, Dr. Carlson. Appetizers, refreshments, giveaways and 20% off on any Smart Lipo area. 6-8 pm. Carlson Laser Aesthetics. New Beginner Yoga Class with Marti. Expressions of Grace Yoga. 10:30-11:45 am. www.

Drop-In Family Saturdays at the Grand Rapids Art Museum welcomes families to join the fun and participate in exciting art activities in the museum’s Education Studio. Free with general museum admission. Plant your Spring Bulbs Now! Seminar. Tony Weits from VanBloem Gardens will show you how a little strategic planning in the fall will reward you the following spring. Attend to receive a 20% coupon for all your Spring Bulb Purchases the day of the seminar. Michigan St. Store. 10 am. Now TV-Certification. Leave class with skills to run a TV camera and audio board, be a host and produce your own TV show! Bridge St. Studio. 10 am. Register at

September 18-21

Kids Cook Italian. D&W Culinary Classroom. 11 am.

Special midnight performance of Carry The Musical, based on the novel by Stephen King, at Circle Theatre. Call (616) 456-6656 or visit www. for details.

Make a delicious memory as you create your own apple pie. Start from scratch, using an old-fashioned “nut wizard” to gather apples from the Frederick Meijer Gardens’ farm orchard then make the pie with a simple, foolproof recipe that will leave you with the American classic dessert and plenty of samples to go around. Classes are 10-11:30 am and 1-2:30 pm.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Built to Amaze at Van Andel Arena. For times and tickets check out

September 19

Girls Night Out- Spa Night. D&W Culinary Classroom. 6 pm.

September 19-October 25

Autumn’s here and so are the Chrysanthemums along with other fall foliage. Enjoy family fun indoor and outdoor activities at this event and shift your setting to the beautiful colors of fall.

September 20

You’re invited to the Local First Lakeshore Street Party at the Washington Square in Holland. Leave it to them to provide the food, beverages, music and activities and enjoy this celebration of local businesses and community. New Holland Brewing Company will be serving beer, Vander Mill Cider will be providing cider, Electric Cadillac Delicatessen and Ray’s Tamale King, will be serving up dishes while local bands play live music. Partake in face painting, interactive art and other activities. 3-9 pm. HUB Grand Opening/Regestration Day. Activate your voter status to prepare for ArtPrize. Stock up on the newest gear and explore past winners. The ArtPrize Hub. 9 am-12 pm. Horizen Hydroponics 5th Grand Harvest Festival. Help Horizen collect


1,500 lbs of fresh produce to donate to Feeding America West Michigan. Grand prize of $500 in garden equipment for the most produce donated by weight. Free admission with family fun, games and prizes. Horizen Hydroponics.

Michigan Notable Books Homecoming will celebrate nine Michigan authors featuring a presentation by Wade Rouse. Grand Rapids Public Library. 7 pm.

September 20-21

The Fallasburg Art Festival. Enjoy autumn and live music while grazing over 100 fine arts, crafts and food booths set in the picturesque Fallasburg Park.10 am-5 pm. The Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park will inspire you with new ways to use herbs and gourds at the Herb & Gourd Fest, just in time to give your skills some autumn frosting.

September 21-22

Opening Reception at Fountain Street Church. Artists present their artwork under the theme of “Art to Change the World: Inspiring Social Justice.” Fountain Street Church. 2-3 pm

September 21

Take a sneak peek inside an ArtPrize venue as San Chez is transformed into a lively street fair packed with art vendors and great music to benefit Avenue for the Arts. 5-9 pm. Call 454-0928 for tickets.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Grand Rapids Native, Diva on a Dime Interiors’ Marissa Iacovoni



HGTV’s Kitchen Crashers‘ Alison Victoria

at the DeltaPlex 2500 Turner Ave. Grand Rapids

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


September 22

Chair Yoga with Marti Delong. Incorporate this peaceful practice even when sitting. Experience a good stretch, better breathing habits, improved muscle tone and a sense of well-being. Expressions of Grace Yoga. 10:3011:45 am.

September 23

Let’s Play! Workshops. An interactive workshop for children, ages 0-5, with a childhood specialist on-hand to answer parent’s questions about their child’s development. Grand Rapids Public Library. 6:30-7:30 pm. Side by Side- Comfort Food. D&W Culinary Classroom. 6 pm. Meanwhile Movie: The NeverEnding Story at Wealthy Theatre. 8 pm. Meijer Free Tuesdays means free general admission and explorations to the Grand Rapids Art Museum from 10 am-5 pm. ArtPrize opening event and fundraiser for The Rapidian at Site Lab’s instillation at The Morton GR. 7 pm.

September 24

Small business class: Proposal writing basics. Join the business librarian for a session on writing an effective proposal. Grand Rapids Public Library. 7 pm. Learn Pressure Canning Basics in the D&W Culinary Classroom. 6 pm.

September 24-October 12

Art Prize 2014. The famous, international art competition will return with thousands of art pieces by artists from all over the world. Three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids will become a gallery filled with conversation, community and events. Round 1 voting begins the 24th kickingoff with the GVSU Marching Band at Rosa Parks Circle. Visit www.artprize. org for more information. Collaboration. Community, identity, learning and nature are expressed throughout UICA’s ArtPrize 2014 exhibition.

September 25

30 Minute Meals. D&W Culinary Classroom. 6 pm.

Short Story Sampler: New Work from Local Writers. Join us for this special evening featuring three local awardwinning authors. Grand Rapids Public Library. 7 pm.

September 25-28

Public Exhibition of the Historical Buddha’s Relics. Fountain Street Church. 6 pm

September 26

The Art of Food at Downtown Market in honor of ArtPrize. 7-9 pm.

September 26-27

Fall Bridal Show. Everything from wedding inspiration to resources! Will showcase premier bridal vendors, wedding planning ideas, and fashion shows for all personalities. Take advantage of show specials and discounts. DeVos Place. Fri 5-9 pm. Sat 11 am-4 pm.

September 27

Michigan Adventure Race: ArtPrize edition. A part bike, part running race where two-person teams weave through ArtPrize confronting Amazing Race-like challenges. 9 am-1 pm. The Canning Diva will be adding delicious Apple Pie Filling and delightful Tomato Apple Chutney to your recipe book, giving you two new tasty ways to answer that autumn, apple sweet tooth. Michigan St. Store. 12 pm. Drop-In Family Saturdays at the Grand Rapids Art Museum welcomes families to join the fun and participate in exciting art activities in the museum’s Education Studio. Free with general museum admission. Take steps to cure cancer with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk at the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids. During these evening leisurely walks, Champions For Cures carry illuminated lanterns - white for survivors, red for supporters and gold in memory of loved ones lost to a blood cancer. 5 pm. Walk to honor loved ones, raise funds and save lives at The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s 11th Annual Out of the Darkness Walk at Millennium Park. 10 am – 1:30 pm. Color Vibe 5k at Riverside Park.

September 29

Chair Yoga with Marti Delong. Incorporate this peaceful practice even when sitting. Experience a good stretch, better breathing habits, improved muscle tone and a sense of well-being. Expressions of Grace Yoga. 10:3011:45am Cooking Matters for Families. The first of a six-week nutritional education program that teaches families how to


make healthy food choices on a budget. Grand Rapids Public Library. 6 pm. Register at

September 30

Let’s Play! Workshops. An interactive workshop for children, ages 0-5, with a childhood specialist on-hand to answer parent’s questions about their child’s development. Grand Rapids Public Library. 6:30-7:30 pm. Meijer Free Tuesdays means free general admission and explorations to the Grand Rapids Art Museum from 10 am-5 pm. Adventures of Balance Return to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. Put your balancing skills to the test on 21 feet of balance beams along with other balancing activities. Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. 9:30 am-5 pm Singer/songwriter Mary McGuire preforms her Love Struck Concert at the St. Cecilia Music Center, also featuring ArtPrize exhibits. Be sure to text Mary’s vote code 56809. Meanwhile Movie: Dirty Dancing at the Wealthy Theatre. 8 pm. Health & Fitness Experts Panel. Local experts answer questions and describe roles fitness has in healthy living and wellness. Pharmacy Seminar Room. 6 pm. RSVP

September 30 – October 5

Broadway Grand Rapids presents one of the most enduring shows of all time, Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the irresistible family musical about the trials and triumphs of Joseph, Israel’s favorite son. Directed and choreographed by Tony® Awardwinner Andy Blankenbuehler, this new production will feature Broadway/ television star Diana DeGarmo (Hairspray, Hair) as The Narrator and Broadway star Ace Young (Grease, Hair) as Joseph. Retelling the Biblical story of Joseph, his eleven brothers and the coat of many colors, this magical musical is full of unforgettable songs including Those Canaan Days, Any Dream Will Do and Close Every Door. Book your tickets and be part of the magic! Showtimes and tickets at

On the Horizon: October 14

Seeds of GROWth Conference. Networking opportunities featuring a line-up of influential speakers and local business display tables followed by a luncheon/awards ceremony. JW Marriott. Visit for more info.

October 18

Real Pirates: The Untold Story of Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship. This swashbuckling exhibit will feature treasure chests, pirate dress items, daily ship tools and weaponry recovered from the ocean floor. Grand Rapids Public Museum.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Find your balance! Grand Rapids Tai Chi Center

Fall Classes Now Forming Grand Rapids Tai Chi Center offers ongoing Yang and Chen style Tai Chi group classes. Teacher Gary Lee is a certified instructor with more than 20 years experience.

Autumn Special

Flow into autumn with one of the oldest forms of exercise, Tai Chi! Beginner’s class (Yang or Chen style), 4 weeks only $25

Call (616) 334-8984 or email All classes held at 2740 Fuller NE • Grand Rapids Private instruction also available in East Grand Rapids area; please contact Gary for more information.


SEPT 10, 2014


Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth invites you to the BE GREAT Gala. The BE GREAT Gala will include the second annual BE GREAT Awards, exciting auction, delicious food, and live music. Join more than 300 supporters of Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids as well as prominent citizens and businesses in the Greater Grand Rapids Area!

W W W. B G CG R A N D R A P I D S . O R G Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


Reader’s Lounge by Tracy Brogan

New reads • New MOTIVaTION This month’s reads are all about inspiring; whether it’s an encouraging novel about balancing your diet with a busy work life, a historical account on women’s liberation and freedom or an enthralling account of personal exploration, these pages will have you radiating positivity for future endeavors.

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

Sue Monk Kidd, celebrated author of The Secret Life of Bees, presents a masterpiece of hope, a quest for freedom, and the desire to have a voice in the world. Hetty “Handful” Grimke, an urban slave in early nineteenth century Charleston, yearns for life beyond the suffocating walls that enclose her within the wealthy Grimke household. The Grimke’s daughter, Sarah, believes she is meant to do something large in the world, but she is hemmed in by the limits imposed on women. Kidd’s novel is set in motion on Sarah’s eleventh birthday, when she is given ownership of ten-year-old Handful, who is to be her maid. We follow their remarkable journey over the next thirty five years, as both strive for a life of their own, dramatically shaping each other’s destinies and forming a complex relationship marked by guilt, defiance, estrangement and the uneasy ways of love. Inspired by the historical figure of Sarah Grimke, Kidd goes beyond the record to flesh out the rich interior lives of all of her characters, both real and invented. This exquisitely written novel is a triumph of storytelling that looks with unswerving eyes at a devastating wound in American history, through women whose struggles for liberation, empowerment, and expression will leave no reader unmoved.

Featured Local Authors

Waist Away: How to Joyfully Lose Weight and Supercharge Your Life by Mary Clifton, MD and Chelsea M. Clinton, MD

Waist Away is written by the mother and daughter physician team of Mary Clifton, MD, and Chelsea M. Clinton, MD. The book reflects upon 15 years of medical experience and cutting-edge nutritional know-how. Their philosophy is that good food is always your best medicine. You’ll read stories of their patients who lost weight and conquered chronic diseases, simply from eating a delicious, plant-based diet. The book features special sections on revving up your sex drive, staving off osteoporosis, conquering food addictions and sailing through menopause. You’ll also get great advice and recipes from the biggest names in the nutrition world. If you’re ready to lose weight joyfully and live a life free of disease in a delicious way that makes sense for yourself and the planet, this book is for you. The conversational tone is engaging, encouraging, educational and


Lean In

by Sheryl Sanberg Men and women graduate from college at an equal rate in the United States, yet men still hold the vast majority of leadership positions in government and industry, meaning women’s voices are still not heard equally in decisions that most affect their lives. In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg examines why women’s progress in achieving leadership roles has stalled, explains the root causes and offers commonsense solutions to empower women to achieve their full potential. Sandberg is the chief operating officer of Facebook, is ranked on Fortune’s list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business and as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. In Lean In, Sandberg digs deeper, combining personal anecdotes, hard data and compelling research to cut through layers of ambiguity and bias surrounding the choices of working women. She recounts decisions, mistakes and daily struggles to make the right choices for her career and family, provides practical advice on negotiation techniques, mentorship and building a satisfying career, urging women to set boundaries and to abandon the myth of “having it all.” She offers steps women can take to combine professional achievement with personal fulfillment and demonstrates how men can benefit by supporting women in the workplace and at home.

Euphoria by Lily King

From New England Book Award winner Lily King comes a breathtaking novel about three young anthropologists of the 1930’s caught in a passionate love triangle that threatens their bonds, their careers, and, ultimately, their lives. English anthropologist Andrew Bankson has been alone in the field for several years, studying the Kiona river tribe in the Territory of New Guinea. Haunted by the memory of his brothers’ deaths and increasingly frustrated and isolated by his research, Bankson is on the verge of suicide when a chance encounter with colleagues, the controversial Nell Stone and her wry and mercurial Australian husband Fen, pulls him back from the brink. Nell and Fen have just fled the bloodthirsty Mumbanyo and, in spite of Nell’s poor health, are hungry for a new discovery. When Bankson finds them a new tribe nearby, the artistic, femaledominated Tam, he ignites an intellectual and romantic firestorm between the three of them that burns out of anyone’s control. Set between two World Wars and inspired by events in the life of revolutionary anthropologist Margaret Mead, Euphoria is an enthralling story of passion, possession, exploration and sacrifice.

often humorous. The approach is down-to-earth, grounded, and practical, and the recipes reflect their focus on healthy living. In addition to Waist Away, the authors have written a cookbook titled Get Waisted: 100 Addictively Delicious PlantBased Entrées, and host an on-line community at Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Clifton-Wendt now practices Internal Medicine in Duluth Minnesota but local meetings in the Grand Rapids area are available.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

The best jewelry for the lowest price.

Shop for a Good Cause



Stop in and see WHAT’S NEW!

Create the look you want.

Order online at

Necklace $35 • Bracelet $39 • Earrings $19 • Set $73 Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

53 Monroe Center Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Phone (616) 259-8708 Open: Mon - Thurs 11-6, Friday & Sat 11-7

Betty Ford’s openness and candor about her breast cancer fostered public discussion. ABC News anchor Amy Robach continues the conversation by chronicling her own journey with breast cancer to honor Betty’s legacy. The event is free and open to the public. For more information and to register, visit

Candid Conversations

Betty Ford Breast Care Services Wednesday, October 8, 2014 DeVos Place 303 Monroe Avenue NW, Grand Rapids

Featuring Keynote Amy Robach The Changing Face of Cancer Care in the 21st Century Judy Smith, MD, MS, CPE, FACS Medical Acupuncture for Symptom Management and Beyond Leonard Wright, MD

3 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Health Fair

At High Risk? Screening and Management Melinda Miller, MD

4:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. Candid Conversations

Closing Remarks Susan Ford Bales

Amy Robach ABC News anchor

Susan Ford Bales

Special Thanks to Our Honorary Host Committee

Join the virtual ribbon campaign in support of Betty Ford Breast Care Services. Donate $10 by texting RIBBON to 41010.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

Chris Arnold Stacie Behler Rosalynn Bliss Peg Breon Bridget Clark-Whitney Kathy Crosby Jeanne Englehart Ginger Feldman

Lou Ann Gaydou Diane Griffin Brenda Heacock Jane Hofmeyer Deb Hoogendoorn Sylvia James Jennifer Jurgens Ruth Kelly

Randy Kimball Birgit Klohs Senita Lenear Stephanie Leonardos Judy Smith Victoria Upton Wendy Wigger Shannon Wilson



by Jen Foley • photography by Two Eagles Marcus


can’t help but notice that each summer seems to fly by faster than the one before. The impending routine of autumn can easily sneak up, leaving us feeling disorganized and stressed. Falling into an unhealthy habit of fast food options becomes all too easy with this challenging seasonal transition. My recommendation: get in the habit of prepping some nutritious “grab and go” items at the beginning of each week. You’ll be amazed by just how much smoother and healthier your mornings become simply by stocking your fridge with these ready-to-go options.

Frittata Cups

These cute little cups are a simple way to get a tasty, satisfying breakfast on-the-go. Makes about 10-12 mini frittatas. 5 2 2 1

large eggs tablespoons milk stalks of asparagus, thinly sliced tablespoon roasted red peppers, thinly sliced 2 tablespoons of feta A pinch of salt and black pepper Non-stick cooking spray In a small bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, salt and pepper. Fold in the asparagus, red peppers and feta. Spray the entire muffin tin with cooking spray and fill each cup almost to the top with the egg mixture. Bake the muffins at 375 F for 8-10 minutes or until the center of each frittata is set. Gently remove each frittata from the muffin tin and allow them to cool completely before storing them in an air-sealed container in the fridge. When ready to enjoy, heat a couple of them for 30 seconds in the microwave. They can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

All-In-One Mason Jar Salad

This is the most convenient lunch imaginable. Just grab, shake, and enjoy! Feel free to use any salad recipe you’d like. Yields five servings. 3 1/2 1/4 1/4 1/4 2 12-15 5-10

cups romaine, chopped cup baby spinach cup roasted baby corn kernels cup red bell pepper, minced cup black beans tablespoons red onion, minced ounce chicken breast, cooked and chopped ounces Bolthouse Farms cilantro-avocado yogurt dressing (depending on how much you like)

Line up five glass mason jars. In each jar, add a fifth of each ingredient in the following order: dressing on the bottom, followed by the onion, red pepper, corn, beans and chicken, topped with the spinach and romaine. Regardless of what kind of salad you choose to make, it’s very important to have the dressing on the bottom and the delicate lettuce on the top to prevent the salad from getting soggy over time. Screw the lids tightly on each jar and store in the refrigerator for up to five days. When you’re ready to eat, simply shake the salad until it’s well combined and enjoy. If you’d like to add a little crunch, I enjoy tortilla strips added at the very end.

Jen Foley is a professional chef and a new mom based in Grand Rapids. You can find her online at www.

Energy Bites

These are a great snack to have on hand to quickly fill your belly and give you a jolt of energy to help you get through the day. Makes about a dozen. 1/2 1/4 1/4 1/3

cup oats cup nut butter of choice cup toasted coconut flakes cup ground flax and chia seed mixture 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips 2 tablespoons of honey 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract In a bowl, combine all ingredients. Chill the mixture in the fridge for about an hour or until it’s slightly firm. Scoop the mixture into balls about an inch in diameter and roll them in your hands until smooth. Store in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Energizing Coconut Water with Lemon and Cucumber makes five 8-ounce servings.

Coconut water is packed with hydrating nutrients while lemon and cucumber are proven metabolism boosters and vitamin carriers. That’s only to name a few benefits of this tasty drink. Make a pitcher at the beginning of the week to fill your water bottle with in the morning. 40 ounces coconut water 2 lemons, sliced 1/2 seedless cucumber, sliced

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014


Who the Roost? by Angie Hultgren

ne of the common misconceptions that many dogs have is believing they are in charge. Do you know this type of dog? Our dog always sat on the back of the couch, above our heads on the top cushion. It was cute at first, but then it became a problem. He would also move swiftly through each door prior to us walking through it. He had to be the first to get to any destination; at times he even bumped into our legs as we tried to walk. The stairs were an even larger challenge. If you attempted to walk up them, all seventy pounds would jump on you to say hello. When it came to feeding time, the big-mouthed beast would dive in before the food bowl hit the floor. All these things seemed relatively innocent in the beginning. The bigger picture was clear: our dog was the alpha.

Imagine our beloved pooch’s surprise when doggie boot camp hit the household. We called in the big dogs. We went through rigorous training with a puppy professional. We leashed him indoors to prevent him from jumping up on people. We had to delay the answering of the door until he calmed down and respected his commands. This way, we ensured guests could walk in the door without getting trampled by his excitement. We even made him sit, wait, sit and wait some more before he was allowed to eat the food that had been set before him. The couch became a couch for humans. If he was allowed up, he had to be invited. This process took months and was hard work. It also seemed too good to be true, and it was. The person doing most of the commanding was my husband. Guess who was alpha? Not me. Our household developed a hierarchy: husband, followed by dog and I was third in line. If I tried to command the pup, I swear I heard him chuckle to himself. How does one fix the bronze medal of family existence? It was nearly impossible, but possible. It took time, patience and consistency. It also required me to put my big girl pants on. I had single-handedly become a doormat for my dog’s behavior. Fixing this problem required a few strange methods. I had to growl like a dog in a mean guy voice and I had to toss beanbags on the floor to mimic thrashing teeth. Ultimately, I had to develop a leader-of-the-pack presence in my household. This also meant I had to stop treating my pet like my “child”; I had to treat him like a dog. The message is simple: don’t be absent in the leadership role of your pet. Be active in training and discipline and be on the same page (and rank) as your spouse, because it’s a lot harder to reverse an established hierarchy than developing it correctly the first time.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

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THE Ongoing

Conversation by Megan Stubbs


chool is approaching quickly, and a new year is beginning; there is no better time to brush up on important parenting topics and to start an open dialogue with your child. Regardless of their age, creating a conversation and being engaged with your child is critical. Here are some important topics that parents should include in a back-to-school conversation.


Teaching this is as important for your young toddlers as it is to your teens. Consent is the permission for something to happen or someone to do something. Teaching your child to seek permission first lets the receiver be the one in control. If the receiver says no, that is perfectly ok, and the “no” needs to be honored. It is also important to note that a lack of a “no” doesn’t necessarily mean a “yes.” As teens get older, things such as towel snapping in locker rooms and any forms of touching can run rampant through hallways. It is important to address these issues because its not simply “boys being boys,” it is harassment. Flip the scenario with your child and ask them how they would feel if someone did that to them. Even if your child isn’t participating in the incident, but sees it, teaching them to speak up on behalf of the victim is just as important.


Puberty can be a tough time for your child. The body that they once knew is now becoming unfamiliar. Their voices are changing. They’re developing breasts. Their genitals are growing and getting covered in pubic hair. They’re menstruating. To add to it, they are dealing with an onslaught of hormones that can cause them to experience a whole host of different reactions. There is no time more important for you to be building up your child’s selfesteem than now. According to a national report done by the Dove SelfEsteem Fund, 70 percent of girls feel bad and do not like the way they look. That number is crushing. Helping your child to realize how amazing they are starts with you. Compliment them on their body and their brain. So often we as a society have perpetuated the stereotype that girls are pretty, dainty and cute, and boys are tough, strong and smart. It’s time to blur the binary. Having your child realize that not having to look a certain way can completely shift their confidence. Making sure they know that others value them and that they are beautiful is an important first step.


In my perfect world, there would not be “the talk” (you know, the one about S-E-X) only once, but instead, a long conversation spanning the entire life of your child. Whether you have yet to begin this conversation with your child or are continually engaging in it, now is a great time to cover some important topics.


“It is also important to note that a lack of a no doesn’t necessarily mean a yes.” Gatherings or parties in middle or high school can put pressure on your child to experiment with drugs or alcohol. While it is clear that the message from you should be don’t do them, it is important that you are realistic with your child and make sure that they have a course of action in case things do happen. Ask them questions to help stimulate thinking critically prior to sticky situations arising, such as: If you get caught, how will this affect your schooling/athletics? If your driver has had too much to drink and you’ve been drinking too, how will you get home? (It is important to note that your child should know that they can always call you for a safe ride and to pick them up from any situation. The risk of them unsafely getting home is much higher than the repercussions of misbehavior). What do you know about (insert drug)? How will you know if you’ve done too much? Can someone who is drunk or high consent to being touched by you or anyone else? Asking questions like these can help your child start thinking about the consequences of doing drugs or alcohol without having to be in the situation first. Hopefully with this knowledge they will make informed, smart decisions. According to the Guttmacher Institute, the majority of young people have had sex for the first time by the age of 17. It is imperative that we equip our children with accurate, honest information surrounding sex, and that is beyond puberty, pregnancy, and STD/STIs. Normalizing the conversation surrounding sex will put them at ease and hopefully make them more comfortable coming to you with their questions. Now is a great time to instill your morals, values and wishes for them, but don’t limit their access to information. Teens are hungry for knowledge surrounding feelings, assault, contraception, consent, different activities and more. You may blush. You may cringe. You may want to scream in a pillow, but please don’t shoo them away or tell them no. They’ll find a way to learn about it with or without you, so why not have it come from someone who loves and cares about them. Cheers to a safe, healthy year. You can do it. I believe in you!

Dr. Megan Stubbs is a Sexologist, the job you never saw on career day. For insightful tips or a good laugh, find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014



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Career & Networking Resources (continued from page 38)

International Association of Administrative Professionals, Grand Rapids Contact: (816) 891-9118 Purpose: To promote excellence for administrative assistants, executive secretaries, office coordinators, information specialists and related administrative professionals.

LinkedUp Grand Rapids Purpose: A professional online networking group for people in the greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan area.

Literacy Center Contact: (616) 459-5151 or LCWM@ Purpose: Programs that aid in improving literacy including English classes for adults in the workforce, as well as job seekers.

Local First West Michigan Contact: (616) 808-378 Purpose: To encourage the development of a vibrant, sustainable West Michigan economy by promoting local business ownership, social equity and environmental kinship through education, support and collaboration.

Michigan Nurses Association Contact: or (517) 349-5640 or 888-MI-NURSE Purpose: Providing educational opportunities and comprehensive services that advance the professional and economic interests of registered nurses.

Michigan Works!

Neighborhood Ventures

Toastmasters International

Multiracial Association of Professionals (MAP)

Rotary Club of Grand Rapids

The Right Place Inc.

National Association of Legal Professionals of West Michigan (NALS)

SCORE, Counselors to America’s Small Business

Unstoppable Women’s Networking

Small Business Resource Center (in the GR Public Library)

West Michigan Public Relations Society of America (WMPRSA) Contact: (616) 988-5400 Purpose: To provides business information and classes to start, manage, and grow your business. Contact: Purpose: To help public relations professionals develop the knowledge and skills needed for effective organization management

Society of Women Engineers

Women In Development (WID) Contact: (517) 371-1100 Purpose: Provides assistance to job seekers in preparing for career opportunities and helps businesses find qualified employees. Purpose: Dedicated to connecting professional newcomers of color to the community through luncheons, tours and other events. Contact: (616) 317-0177 Purpose: Enhancing the knowledge of its members through continuing legal education, certifications, resource materials and networking opportunities.

National Association of Social Workers, (NASW) Mi Chapter or Contact: (517) 487-1548 or office@ Purpose: To enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards and to advance sound social policies. Contact: (616) 301-3929 or info@ Purpose: NV is an information and advocacy organization for neighborhood businesses and districts. Contact: (616) 459-5640 Purpose: To provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and to help build goodwill and peace in our community. Contact: (616) 771-0305 or Purpose: Delivering free, confidential, valuable advice for your start-up or existing business needs. SWE gives women engineers a unique place and voice within the engineering industry.

National Association of Women in Start Garden Construction (NAWIC), GR Chapter Contact: Purpose: To enhance the success of women in the construction industry through scholarships, job site tours, and industry speakers.

Purpose: A $15,000,000 fund investing $5,000 into a new idea each week with the general public endorsing ideas. Ideas can come from anywhere.

Michigan Small Business Development Center Purpose: To provide home-based entrepreneurs the benefits of being included in a business community to make connections that lead to inspiration and leadership.

Contact: Purpose: Meets at Wolfgang’s Restaurant on the last Thursday of each month from 7:45 am to 9 am for breakfast, networking and support. There are no dues, no rules and no obligation.

Women’s Resource Center of Greater Grand Rapids Contact: (616) 458-5443 Purpose: A career development agency, serving women of all economic and social backgrounds. Contact: Purpose: To provide emerging nonprofit leaders under age 40 with opportunities for professional development, education, and networking.

Zonta Club of Grand Rapids

Michigan Women’s Foundation Contact: (313) 962-1920 Purpose: To promote economic selfsufficiency and personal wellbeing for women and girls and to maximize their contributions to society.

Michigan Women’s Marketplace

70 Contact: (616) 771-0325 or Purpose: To promote wealth creation and economic growth in the areas of quality employment, productivity and innovation in West Michigan.

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Greater Grand Rapids Contact: (616) 331-7480 Purpose: To provide services and support to the Michigan small business community in the areas of counsel, training, research and advocacy. Serves Kent, Ottawa and Muskegon Counties. Purpose: An online information center for women business owners featuring articles, links and resources and business tools. Contact: (949) 858-8255 Purpose: Members learn to improve their communication and leadership skills by attending and participating in meetings.

Bridgett and Anna Tubbs Contact: Purpose: A worldwide organization of business executives working together to advance the status of women. Local efforts have included annual Girls Only STEM Science fair, providing materials for Project Thrive and supporting community organizations with specific needs (such as purchased a van for YWCA’s Domestic Crisis Center to transport victims of domestic violence).

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • September 2014

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Women's Lifestyle Magazine, September 2014, She Means Business  
Women's Lifestyle Magazine, September 2014, She Means Business