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April 2013



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We’re having a


Celebration at all 4 stores!

- Westside re a w rd a H e c A ’s Rylee pids, MI 49504 a R d n ra G • . W t S n 1205 Fulto

3 Days Only

Stacking Chair


April 19, 20, 21

In Five Fabulous Colors Stacking chairs and sets available only during Grand Opening Celebration on April 19, 20, 21 while supplies last. No rain checks. First come first served. No prior sales.





oc 4L

Other matching furniture available:

4 Chairs Mix n Match Any Colors AND a Dining Table Available only during Grand Opening Celebration on April 19, 20, 21 while supplies last. No rain checks. First come first served. Table ($50 value) not available separately. No prior sales.

Rocking Chair $40 Side Table $15 Kids Chair $15

Join us on



Umbrella $30 Chaise Lounge $60 Kids Bench $20

Grand Opening Specials available at ALL four stores April 19, 20 & 21 Rylee’s Ace Hardware - Westside 1205 Fulton St W Grand Rapids, MI 49504 (616) 233-4711

All for Only

Rylee’s Ace Hardware 1234 Michigan St. NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 451-0724

Rylee’s Ace Hardware - Walker 4300 Remembrance Rd. NW Walker, MI 49534 (616) 453-7741

(while supplies last. No prior sales) . Rylee’s Ace Hardware - Allegan 558 Water St. Allegan, MI 49010 (269) 673-8942

OPEN: Mon-Sat 8-8 • Sun 10-5

The People Who Make It Happen . . . Publisher/Owner Victoria Upton Editor in Chief Jennifer Wilson

April 2013

Creative Inspiration Wangari Maathai Contributing Writers Laura Naughton Czumaj Bront Ashley Cole Lauren Cole Elizabeth Finch Jen Foley Ruthie Paulson Gomez Tina Marie Greene Azizah Hines Nadira Kharmai Jeremy Kress Kelly LeCoy Elizabeth Lueder Kim Monaghan Rimple Nayyar Kimberly Olson Cara Essick Ontiveros Lucia Rios Raquel Salas LeAnn Secord Kerri VanderHoff Elisabeth Veltman Rick Vuyst Photography Two Eagles Marcus Daniel E. Johnson Ruth Parbel Gina Grover Graphic & Web Design Two Eagles Marcus Marketing Assistant Aemelia Tripp Advertising Sales Susie Gordon E.B. Clousing Michelle Lund Victoria Upton Intern Kristen King

PHONE: (616) 458-2121 EMAIL: WEBSITE: MAIL: 820 Monroe, NW, Suite 320 Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Volume 179

LIFE 27 Dresses, Anyone? ........................................................................................................................... 8 Squirrels and Cats and Plane Rides… Oh My! ................................................26 Our Blue Thread ..................................................................................................................................... 36 Goodwill Blue Equals Green ...................................................................................................38 Reader’s Lounge .................................................................................................................................. 51 Movies ............................................................................................................................................................. 54

STYLE Green Trends 2013 for the Home .........................................................................................6 Fashion: Picture This! .......................................................................................................................... 18

BEAUTY Raw Beauty from the Kitchen .................................................................................................52

FOOD & DRINK Eat Fresh, Eat Local .......................................................................................................................... 12 Veggie Taco Salad ......................................................................................................................... 35 Biodynamic Wine: A Trip for the Mind and Palate ........................................53

HEALTH Spring into Fitness ................................................................................................................................ 30

LEARN In the Garden: April’s Promise .................................................................................................10 Downtown Market: Teaching the Value of Fresh Food ............................20 A Root Awakening ............................................................................................................................. 22 Legally Speaking: I Want a Divorce ..............................................................................24 Being Green in Grand Rapids ..............................................................................................28 Delightful Discoveries ...................................................................................................................... 32 DIY: Household Cleaners ............................................................................................................34 April Events .................................................................................................................................................. 40 The Impressionist: On Stage ......................................................................................................42

2012 Business of the Year Award by Grand Rapids Opportunites for Women

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine

JOIN US: Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013



ent. In r to the GREEN movem Grand Rapids is no strange City” due st ene Gre ’s rica me “A ed us fact, Fast Company nam lity. abi tain ts and leadership in sus to our innovative projec es. pag our ide ins s you will find Here’s just a few of the gem

guest colconnected by perusing our Find out how we are all al Acent onm West Michigan Envir umn from Rachel Hood, p. 36). d”( rea Th e director, “Our Blu tion Council’s executive sby’s Cro thy Ka O CE ill at Goodw Then also take a meander . blue equals green (p. 38) take on how her agency’s l occasion dresses? have a closet full of specia But that’s not all… do you a princess expericre your wardrobe and ate out an cle to how you w We sho Find out the latest afford a prom dress (p. 8). ence for girls who cannot . Discover DIY housedowntown market (p. 20) news and progress on the . And, learn all about leave toxins behind (p. 34) hold cleaners that won’t nt to incorporate ly that you will definite wa ign des e hom in ds tren green 6). into your living space (p. cy what our fitness finally arrives, you’ll fan When our elusive Spring (p. 30). You will also s” with “Spring into Fitnes eve sle g” her up has ert exp yst’s “A Root Awakenin the garden with Rick Vu yearn to start digging in (p. 22). ns this month. Our ugurated two new colum ina we , ugh eno not t’s If tha theatres along with those contemporary movies in media lounge focuses on o debut “The Impresin time (p. 54). And we als films that take you back s.” This month, our & Culture in Grand Rapid sionist: Impressions on Art It’s without a doubt, ap. GR r theatre (p. 42) all ove live in s ble dab an spi the a can’t miss! never been easier. en in Grand Rapids has gre ng goi it… e hav you So there bal tea and relax as mic chair, sip on some her ono erg t tha in t sea a e Tak your latest edition of ed paper we print on for you flip through the recycl Women’s Lifestyle.

Jennifer W ilson

Editor In Chief

Find your balance!

Grand Rapids Tai Chi Center

Spring Classes Now Forming Grand Rapids Tai Chi Center offers ongoing Yang and Chen style Tai Chi group classes. Teacher Gary Lee is a certified instructor with more than 15 years experience.

Spring Special

Flow into spring with one of the oldest forms of exercise, Tai Chi! Beginner’s class (Yang or Chen style), 4 weeks only $25

Call (616) 334-8984 or email All classes held at 2740 Fuller NE • Grand Rapids Private instruction also available in East Grand Rapids area; please contact Gary for more information.

Vintage Garden Show { Statues, trellis, baskets, gates, fences, tools, furniture…and more. }

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946 Fulton St., E, Grand Rapids

Make the Switch Experience the Credit Union advantage!

800.323.2129 Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

APRIL 19-21 Friday & Saturday from 9:30am – 6pm Sunday from 11am – 4pm • Daily Door Prizes • Gardening Tips Seminars • Beverages + Snacks • FRIDAY from 1 – 3pm: Demonstration by Katie Romence from Romence Gardens

For more info go to or call 616.456.7888 Find us on


New MotionSense technology from Moen offers you three ways to operate the faucet. In addition to the traditional handle, you can activate the kitchen faucet by waving your hand over the faucet to turn on and off or by placing your hands or an object under the spout.



hances are you made more than one purchase last year for your home that was a sustainable product, whether or not you intentionally set out to do so. Seeing as “green” is now a way of life as opposed to a short-lived trend, manufacturers are making it easy to be both stylish and earth-friendly. Sustainable materials, furnishings and appliances that were once tricky to track down are now the norm. New technology and greater awareness are pushing these trends quickly, improving our homes one product at a time. If you are in the process of remodeling, building or simply looking to add a little something new, here are a few green trends to look for.

Earth-friendly Wood Flooring

Design forecasters predict 2013 to be “the year” for pre-finished and engineered wood products for floors. Though nearly identical in appearance to solid wood flooring, engineered wood is built differently. Instead of one solid piece of wood, three to seven layers are stacked and glued or laminated together over a core composite material. The greenest of options are cautious with the adhesive and core products used in this process. Engineered floors use about 30 to 50 percent less wood than hardwoods do, so there are fewer raw materials involved. Unlike solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring is compatible with under-floor radiant heating systems, a popular energy saving addition to current homes. There will also be a shift to more ceramic tile that appears to look like wood for their durability and sustainability factors.

Smarter, Less Costly Automated Controls

Due to high demand and cutting edge technology advances, the once pricey and confusing automated home control systems are now sleek, affordable and easy to use. From the touch of a smart phone or


for 2013 by Ashley Cole

other single handheld device, you are able to control lighting, temperature, electronics, security and more. These systems have the ability to be controlled remotely, react intuitively to a homeowner’s habits and adjust to conserve energy costs. How great is that?

Do your part this year to help make our world a better place, starting in your home. More Double-Duty Furnishings

With homes continuing to be scaled back, more furniture and furnishings need to do double duty in smaller spaces. Ottomans are used for seating and storage, well made casework that functions as a desk by day can fold down into an extra bed at night and coffee tables rise in height for dining. Europe and other countries use to living in small spaces have had these features for years, but now we are seeing them more and more in our own homes. Smart design not only saves precious space and the cost of multiple items, but also supports the less is more theory. The earth will thank you.

Energy and Water Conservation

The once rare dual flush or low flow toilets have made impressive advances in the past few years. You’ll now find the new models are more efficient than ever and offered in all the great styles of the less efficient toilets on the market. Solar panels are making headway as

well. The new designs allow for better integration into the roof and prove to be less of an eyesore.

Handcrafted Elements

Homeowners desire hand-crafted artisanal pieces for a greater personalized and cons cious option to decorating. The mass produced plastic products manufactured across the ocean do very little to help in sustainability, not to mention the lack of interest, texture and warmth received in a handmade local piece. Artists and craftspeople are continually finding new ways to reuse old materials to create functional and beautiful art and furnishings. Reclaimed rustic wood headboards, vintage factory carts as coffee tables, scrap fabric made into new blankets and repurposed canning jars into light fixtures all add interest to your home without putting a dent into our earth’s resources. Scour local consignment shops, home goods boutiques, art festivals and the internet to search for your nearest handmade pieces.

Do your part to help make our world a better place, starting in your home. With the availability and improved affordability of sustainable products, there is no excuse not to make a conscience decision when selecting materials and furnishings. Shop smart. Shop local. Shop green. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ashley Cole is a professional interior designer. Her work has been featured on HGTV as well as numerous publications. Ashley’s passion is “creating environments that enliven the spirit”.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

D 27 Dresses,

Anyone? by Elizabeth Finch

Do you have a closet full of beautiful gowns from years past of school dances and bridesmaid ventures just like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses? What do you do with your old frocks? Do you give it to your little sister, a cousin, or your niece? What about a friend? Can you reuse it or remake it into another dress? Sometimes they just seem to sit in the closet forever until they are finally thrown away or donated to your local charitable thrift store. But what about girls that can’t afford to buy fancy couture -- even a gown in a second-hand store? Where can you recycle your dress to make sure it finds a home with a person who desperately wants to attend her high school dance? Dresses can be expensive to purchase for any high school dance -- let alone prom -and it seems like such a waste that they are a one-time decadence. They should at least be used for more than one occasion. There are several organizations nationwide who strive to provide a second life to used dresses for high school girls in need. One such organization in Michigan is the Adoptive Family Support Network (AFSN). They run a campaign called, “Say Yes to a Dress” which focuses on foster children. Becky Afendoulis Trierweiler of Afendoulis Tuxedos has been helping with this program for several years and even assists with a spring fashion show

for the girls that are receiving the dresses. Proudly, Afendoulis Cleaners has collected more than 1,000 dresses over the past two years and all at absolutely no-cost to the high school-ers who enjoy scouring the racks finding the perfect gem for their princess experience. “Some of these young women model their dress at AFSN’s spring fund raising event,” shares Becky, “where AFSN gives out the Judge John P. Steketee Award that honors a community advocate whose life work impacts adoptive families. Last year’s recipient was Judge Nanaruth H. Carpenter, a Probate Court judge. This year’s honoree is still a secret.” Hope Closet is another such organization that has been in existence for 10 years in the Detroit area. They have a similar goal to help young women with financial constraints be able to attend their high school formals. Their program runs from April 13-20 and they service between 400500 girls. “Hope Closet was started after I saw a special on Oprah about a similar program called The Glass Slipper Project,” says Whitney Drake, one of the founders. She and others wanted to ensure that girls don’t miss this milestone in their life. A prom is a very special moment in a girl’s life and it is unfortunate if she cannot go because her family cannot afford a dress. Donating your dress to a girl in need is a wonderful thing to do and no one should miss this rite of passage because of circumstances beyond their control.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Elizabeth Finch resides in Grand Rapids, MI and has a B.A. in Anthropology as well as an MBA in International Globalization. She’s an avid traveler, blogger and married to renowned ice sculptor, Randy Finch.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Choose a Brighter Future for Your Child nEW ViSion. nEW CHoiCES. WE ArE


5 in Top 5: Five GRPS schools are in Michigan’s top 5% for academic performance. City High-Middle School (7-12th grade) is THE top performing school in West Michigan and the ONLY school to offer the coveted international Baccalaureate program. Others include Coit Creative Arts Academy (K-5th grade), 6th grade schools Blandford School, Zoo School, and the Center for Economicology @ City.

“CooLEST SCHooLS in AMERiCA”: Parent and Child Magazine recently recognized Zoo School, Blandford School, and the Center for Economicology in their rankings of the “Coolest Schools in America” for unique curriculum and programming.

LEADinG MonTESSoRi THEME SCHooLS: Grand Rapids Montessori, the nation’s first and region’s only public Montessori theme school, serves students from preschool to 12th grade. GRPS is expanding north park Montessori to serve grades PK-8 starting with a new 7th grade in 2013-2014.

CEnTERS oF innoVATion: GRPS is home to five ‘Centers of Innovation’ with college prep themes and strong public-private partnerships with local job providers, universities, foundations and more.

- CoMinG FALL 2013 - innovation Central (9th-12th grade): All the

innovation, talent, resources, and partnerships of four Centers of Innovation combined on one campus near the heart of downtown and the Medical Mile. The Academy for Design and Construction; GRApCEp/Engineering and Biomedical School; School of Business, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship; and the School of Health Sciences will co-locate for maximum educational outcomes.

- Grand Rapids University prep Academy (6th-12th grade): Small class sizes (18:1), rigorous college prep curriculum, and a brand-new state-of-theart building.


Apply TOdAy!

QUESTIONS? Call 819-2150 or visit


In the Garden:


In April, I always dream of daffodils.

Just the thought of them, yellow as sunshine, and the gardens starting to come to life outside my windows, makes me swoon. This is more than spring fever. After the winter we’ve had, it is a resurrection: daffodils and primrose, snow drops and Lenten roses, crocus and bluebells, grape hyacinths, full-size hyacinths, pansies that survived the snow, and little mysteries I have forgotten, buried under the weight of winter. Notice I haven’t mentioned tulips.

As beautiful and bold as they are, as much as I yearn for their sturdiness of character and brash display of color, tulips are a lost cause where we live. Between the marauding hordes of rabbits and thieving gangs of squirrels, tulips don’t stand a chance — bitten off and spat out, left like so much discarded crepe paper. I don’t even bother planting them anymore. Instead, I fill the garden with daffodils, yellow faces and white, orange and a shade of coral that is the color of West Michigan sunsets. And I am more than satisfied. To me, daffodils are poetry, a prayer, a perfect song, a promise. They make up for the gray days of March, the weariness of winter. They trumpet what is ahead.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Susan is a veteran reporter and columnist, receiving over 70 writing awards. She has been a popular columnist and reporter for the Muskegon Chronicle and the former Booth newspaper chain for nearly 40 years.

by Susan Harrison Wolffis

too little time. I wanted to be outside until the street lights clicked on. I wanted to be among the peonies and roses, the iris, the lilies, the cone flowers and daisies, no time limits. I wanted to muck about, free to weed, free to feel the sun on my back or a cool mist on my face. In retirement, there still isn’t enough time for all I want to do. But every spring, sometimes in March, and always in April, I am given the gift of time — and renewed resolve. Time to see what the garden and I are made of, if I can rise to the occasion, if I can make up for the slights of autumn, if I can make the most of things, if I can throw off the chains of obligations and end up on my knees, weeding. For as long as I can remember, gardening has been in my blood. Even as a kid, I loved digging in the soil, planting good intentions, lifting up hopes of a new life. Every place I’ve lived, I’ve had to plunge my hands in the earth. I’ve had to grow things. I’ve had to provide a place of safety for butterflies and bees; a home for toads and earth worms in a world that is increasingly hostile to living things and the natural order.

Spring. Soon I’ll be on my knees again in the garden, making amends, facing my transgressions from last fall when life was so chaotic, I didn’t get some of the work done until December. Even with the extra grace period, not everything is deadheaded or dug up; not everything got divided or replanted.

And so it starts, every April, I dream of daffodils and plot out this year’s plantings. I pour over the seed catalogues that come in the mail. I visit nurseries and green houses, waiting for the day I can first venture into the garden, grubbing about to my heart’s content. I’ll deadhead to a fare-thee-well, making up for lost time, and I’ll make promises that I can keep because everything is new in spring. And possible.

Luckily, gardens are naturally forgiving. They specialize in second chances. I’ve learned over the years there is no need to confess. No use wasting time in needless repentance. Haul out the hoe, instead; find your best trowel and spade. Sharpen the deadheading shears, and get to work. It is the only way to make things right. As soon as I can, I’m going to lace up my garden shoes, throw on my hat and wade into the garden. It is time to reacquaint myself, to express my appreciation, to luxuriate in daffodils and other spring flowers and find that sense of renewal that April affords. For years when I worked, confined to an office and computer, sitting behind a desk, I lifted the weekend gardener’s lament: Too much to do;

“More grows in the garden than was sown there.” - English proverb 10

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

The Odd Ball 2012 at UICA. Exciting performances. Artfully prepared food. Open Bar. ‘Alien chic’ theme. UICA will unveil its ArtPrize exhibitions. And - for the first time ever - ascend to UICA’s new 4th and 5th floors. Funky and fabulous attire is encouraged. $149. 7pm. www.

2012 West Michigan

Author talk and booksigning with Calvin College professors Dr. Gary Schmidt and Dr. Vande Kopple. Schuler Books and Music on Alpine. 7 pm. www.

Heart Walk

Ah-Nab-Awen Park- Pearl & Front Street Grand Rapids, MI

October 13, 2012

DETAILS 8:00 am

Festivities/check-in begins

9:00 am

Opening Ceremonies begin

9:20 am

Walk begins Festivities will continue after the walk until 11:00 am

The Heart Walk fights heart disease & stroke, America’s #1 and #4 killers, by raising money to support lifesaving research, programs and education. It also helps people take the first steps toward a heart-healthy lifestyle by eating better and moving more.

Presented nationally by:

Other Questions?

Contact the Heart Walk event staff:

Norine Mulvihill 616-482-1502 Locally sponsored by:

Essential, entertaining and enlightening content forCheese women, available in ~ Salami ~ Home Made Italian Sausage ~ Pasta

Large Wine Selection ~ Personal Service ~ Discount Prices

print every month and

Free Wine Sampling on Friday & Saturday Afternoons.

online at... Joineveryday our VIP club. Text VINO to 91944

Located in the Town & Country Plaza 4301 Kalamazoo Ave. SE at 44th St. • Grand Rapids 616-827-3902 •

The Garden Goddess makes house calls . . . Consultations, education, advice on plant care/selection Design, re-design, renovation services Perennial gardens, seasonal containers & plantings Maintenance, weeding, pruning Working for you or with you • Affordable hourly rates

Call for your Consultation Gail Mason, A.S. Landscape Horticulture Certified Green Industry Professional

(616) 745-4441



Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Swing Dancing at Rosa Parks Circle. 7pm - 10 pm. $5 donation. www.


Dr. Ann Auburn presents “Boosting Your Immunity: Prepare for Cold/Flu Season.” Learn ways to help prepare your body for the upcoming cold and flu season with this informational lecture. Free. Natural Health Improvement Center.

Get even with your

Doctors William G. Dodds, founder of the Fertility Center, presents on the subject of Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common reproductive endocrine disorder. Free. 6pm. Celebration! Cinema North.

September 20-23

The circus is coming. Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey With present Balance Fully Charged at VanAndel Arena. Symmetry Shapers

Got Pain? Neuropathic pain can show up most anywhere in the body. Diabetes September 21 patients know this all too well. If you Friday Nights at the GRAM: Unwind suffer from neuropathic pain of any during Friday Nights at GRAM with description, join pharmacist Dr. David art, live music, and good conversation. Miller, compounding expert and pain Galleries are open late each Friday, and management specialist for a discussion a cash bar is available in the Museum on causes and treatments options for Lobby. 5pm – 9pm. Admission. neuropathic pain. At Keystone Pharmacy Conference Center, 4021 Cascade Rd, SE, Grand Rapids, 49546. RSVP online Live music with Ashley Daneman.Schuler ® It’s your secret. Balance Books shapers Amoena at or little by calling andfrom Music, 2660 28th Street SE. 7 slip into your bra to help restore your silhouette after a (616) 558.8334. pm.

lumpectomy, reconstruction or if you’re naturally uneven.

September 19

Body Double: The Figure in Contemporary Sculpture at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. www.

Hula Hoop Workshop at Expressions of Grace Yoga. Burn up to 600 calories 5150 Plainfield NE, an hour, sculpt arms, abs, thighs & Grand Rapids, MI 49525 buns while restoring the mind-body (616) 364-5431 connection! 6pm – 7pm. $15. Open Mon. – Fri. 9am-5pm

Lunch with Punch Networking at Holiday Live music featuring Rick Chyme and Inn. Presented by GROW, entrepreneurs Ryan Wilson. Schuler Books and Music, and business start-ups meet for lunch 40 Fountain Street NE. 6 pm. and networking. Register online. $10. A C C E P T I N G N W PAT I E N T S

September 19 - October 7

Dance Fridays Night. 7pm dance Michigan Obstetrics Open & GDancing ynecology, P.C. lesson. until 11pm. Social Dance

ArtPrize 2012; the world’s largest art competition. The top prize W is e determined l l n e s s solely by public vote. For 2012, 1517 artist entries display at 162 venues. 1000 volunteers assist with the event.

September 10 - November 18

Somewhere Else exhibit at UICA. Whether best described as through the looking glass or over the rainbow, the landscape shifts with the onset of ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. Spectacle and curiosities emerge during this citywide event, evoking a hybrid of beauty pageant, sideshow and relational aesthetics playground.

September 20

f Studio. o r o m e n

September 21 & 22

Bridal Show of West Michigan at DeVos Place. Meet leading bridal exhibitors face-to-face to help make your wedding special. Bridal Show exhibits will showcase premier bridal vendors, wedding planning ideas, wedding dress fashion shows - newest bridal gown styles & trends, “gallery of cakes” vote for your favorite cake, coupons, and local wedding resources for every bride and groom’s personality. Elegance, Romantic, Contemporary and Funky styles alike will be featured throughout this show. $7.

Booksigning with author Bryan Berghoef Informative Seminar is led by a Grand for his new book, Pub Theology: Beer, Health Partners bariatric surgeon who Conversation, and God. Schuler Books will describe the different weight loss and Music, 2660 28th Street SE. 9am surgeries, insurance coverage, costs, J. Lown, D.O.important • Peter Kaczkofsky, D.O. • Kelly Hansul, D.O. 11 am. healthSteven advantages and other • Mary Beth Grey, D.O. • Judy A. Florido, D.O. • Brad Irving, D.O. details about the procedures available. Opening Night Spectacular GR Free. 6pm. (616) 956-6100. Symphony Wyoming at DeVos Performance Grand Rapids Hall. The striking first half, featuring Author talk and booksigning with Tobin 247-3800 532-5025 GRS percussionists performing in Buhk for his new book, True Crime in the 4300 Cascade Road 2221 Health SW •isSuite 2100 ensemble withDrive orchestra, followed Civil War. Schuler Books on Alpine. (Near Byron Center & 56th of Street) by the incredibly lushAve. melodies Rachmaninoff. 8pm. Offices also located in: Allendale, Caledonia, Hudsonville, and Wayland: 532-5025 Award-winning writer, critic and translator Belmont, Comstock Park Cedar Springs: 247-3800 Daniel Mendelsohn will present “Medea w w w . and m i c h i g a nA o b g y nwedding . c o mfashion event with two-day on the Jersey Shore: Tragedy showcases Uptown Kitchens’ event the Crisis of Reality in Contemporary OBSTETRIC & GYNECOLOGICAL CARE • INFERTILITY • Sas URGERY • ULTRASOUND space as well the premiere of Vue Culture.” Free. 7am. GVSU LV Eberhard • URINARY INCONTINENCEDesign’s • ROBOTIC SURGERY mix-n-match award-winning Center.

September 2012


EAT FRESH, EAT LOCAL Specializing in cheeses from around the world. Cheese Catering, party trays and gift baskets available.

Art of the Table 606 Wealthy Street SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 301-1885

The Cheese Lady 315 Fuller Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI (616) 242-9880

Hours: Tues-Fri 10-6 • Sat 9-4 More info at and

D&W Fresh Market Cascade, Caledonia, Gaslight Village, Knapp’s Crossing, Breton Village

Art of the Table features 200 food & decor items made locally. The special retail shop is filled with gourmet foods including olive oils, cheese & chocolate, as well as tabletop accessories and serving pieces. cool, smaller batch wines, beers & liquors. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Carrettino Italian Market & Wine 4301 Kalamazoo SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508 Phone: (616) 827-3902 Featuring Sicilian and regional Italian groceries, many products are available exclusively at Carrettino. Be sure to visist the deli where Greg, Mike & Gina Russo, create lots of wonderful Italian foods, including Italian sausage, meatballs, sauces, pasta salads, cannoli, and more.

Learn about the incredible healing power of plant-based foods and how it can change your life with Cooking Simple: Living Well with Master Raw Food Chef and WOTV 4 Women’s Healthy Eats Expert, Margaux Drake. Each D&W Fresh Market is a premiere grocery store for premium meats and cheeses, a great wine seleciton and fresh produce, providing value for all of your fresh foods and grocery needs. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Fred’s Italian Restaurant Pizzeria & Grill 3619 Plainfield Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (616) 361-8994 Great food, great prices, great fun! A family tradition since 1963, Fred’s offers legendary pizza and delicious entrees, salads and desserts with a generous selection of wines, liquors, and beers. (continued)

HOURS: M-TH 11AM to 11PM FRI. 11AM to 12AM SAT. 12PM to 12AM SUN. CLOSED 3619 Plainfield Ave, NE • Grand Rapids, MI • (616) 361-8994 12

Scallops at Rockwell/Republic

photo by Two Eagles Marcus

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Delicious food. Warm ambiance. Gracious service.

Dinner for Two

Be appreciated, day and night.

Every month we create a Dinner for Two package - four courses featuring fresh, seasonal items. Appetizer, salads, entrées, desserts, and a bottle of wine. Bring this ad to receive the same pricing as our Bistro Rewards members. $65 per couple. Monthly menu available at

Tuesday Tapas

Marco New American Bistro

884 Forest Hill Ave. | Hours: Mon-Thur 11am-10pm | Fri 11am-11pm Sat 5pm-11pm


Reservations Accepted 616.942.9100

Want to feel and look great? There is no better time to make a positive impact on your well-being. Cooking Simple: Living Well is a new in-store educational series that will help provide solutions for those looking for a fresh new approach to a healthy lifestyle. Hosted by Master Raw Food Chef and WOTV 4 Women’s Healthy Eats Expert, Margaux Drake, you will learn about the incredible healing power of plant-based foods and how they can change your life. Her enthusiastic approach to teaching will inspire you to take control of your health while enjoying the journey.

d&W Fresh market at breton village Tuesdays / April 2, 9, 16 & 23 10:00 - 11:00am

d&W Fresh market at cascade Tuesdays / April 2, 9, 16 & 23 6:00 - 7:00pm

d&W Fresh market at knapp’s crossing Wednesday / April 24 Thursdays / April 4, 11 & 18 6:00 - 7:00pm

ApRiL WEEk OF ApRiL 15

Juice Feast:


Healthy Nutrition Tips for Athletes: All levels welcome. plant-based, whole food ideas on what to eat and drink before during and after training.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Dive into three delicious freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices that you can make in your blender or juicer (V/gF/R).

WEEk OF ApRiL 29

Asparagus Season:

Asparagus Fajitas (V/gF) and Asparagus Bisque (V/gF).

WEEk OF ApRiL 22

Love your planet:

Simple ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse in celebration of Earth Day.

For more information visit:



Call or visit us online (616) 987-9597

Parts is Parts: Pub and Brew Food Cooking the Unusual April 16 April 10 6:00PM – 8:30PM FEE 40.00 Oxtails, chicken feet, bone marrow, pig knuckles----really, are these all that Unusual? Not particularly but perhaps you’ve never tried and always wondered what do they taste like? Wonder no longer as we use these savory parts in the kitchen to make delicious tasting food. Beer Braised Pig Knuckles with Apples and Potatoes, Oxtail Soup, Chinese Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce, and Roasted Marrow with Parsley Gremolata. Adult Beverages are welcome. Skills Covered in Class Include: Roasting; Pressure Cooking; Preparing unusual cuts; Flavor profiles; Deep frying; Presentation.


6:00 – 8:30PM FEE 40.00 Bridging the gap between pubs and gastronomy, come prepare this sophisticated, upscale pub fare and enjoy it later at the Kissing Rock Kitchen’s “Bar”. Frisée Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette and Poached Egg; Belgian Ale-Steamed Mussels; Grilled Steak Sandwich with Béarnaise, Caramelized Onions and Arugula; Truffle Roasted Potatoes. Skills Covered in Class Include: Preparing a Warm Vinaigrette; Poaching Eggs; Steaming Mussels; Caramelizing Onions; Roasting Vegetables; Understanding and Using Truffle Oils

Spring Training

April 18 6:00 – 8:30PM FEE 40.00 Time to get ready for Spring Produce at the Market---if it isn’t already there! Sweet Pea Hummus with Pita Chips; Salmon en Papillote with Citrus Herb Butter; Warm Couscous Salad with Orange Zest and Fresh Herbs; and Basil Custard with Apricot Mince. As always, adult beverages welcome. Skills Covered in Class Include: Working with Spring Produce; Making Vegetable Dips; Selecting and Baking Fish; Determining Fish Doneness; Preparing Compound Butter; Preparing Custards; Working with Fresh Herbs; Whipping Cream.

April in Paris

April 23 6:00 – 8:30PM FEE 40.00 Learn French cooking techniques while mastering a menu full of flavor, including Asparagus with Sauce Gribiche; Steak au Poivre with Cognac Pan Sauce and Truffle Mashed Potatoes; Vanilla Crème Brûlée. Adult beverages welcome. Suggestions? Sancere and Cote du Rhone, of course. Skills Covered in Class Include: Blanching Green Vegetables; Getting Familiar with French Cooking Techniques; Balancing Flavors; Caramelizing Sugar.

Wine Tasting Dinner

April 25 6:00PM – 9:00PM FEE 55.00 Join John Russo and Chef Tina Marie as they pair food and wine for your tasting pleasure. Featuring the mouth-watering wines of the Golden State with Shaved Fennel, Watercress and Orange Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette; Pork Tenderloin with Rhubarb, Raisin and Ginger Chutney; Pomegranate and Cranberry Sorbet, Salmon with Sautéed Snow Peas with Bacon and Mint; Strawberry Cardamom Shortcakes with Maple Whipped Cream. These flavorful ingredients will keep you mouth moving and your taste buds at attention.

Chef Tina Marie is passionate about creating wonderful and memorable food experiences. She brings her considerable experience and talents to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of life through the sharing of good food.

Chef Tina Marie

Team Building through Cooking • Private Cooking Classes

Interested in designing your own class for a group of friends? Give us a call. (616) 987-9597 Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Crab Cakes at Marco New American Bistro

Satisfy Your Cravings . . .

photo by Two Eagles Marcus

Michigan Made M Satisfy Your Cravings . . .

a sampling of local and regional food brands


Kingma’s Market and Butcher Shoppe 2225 Plainfield NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 (616) 447-2090

Marco New American Bistro 884 Forest Hill Ave. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546 616-342-9100

Simple, fresh rustic cuisine prepared Kingma’s features a huge selection of with gourmet flair. Owner/Chef Mark Michigan produced specialty groceries prepares everything in-house, usalong with a full-service butcher shop, ing Michigan foods when available. cheeses, and a large selection of fine Impressive wines and delectable deswines and beers, many locally made. serts. Minutes from downtown. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Kissing Rock Kitchens Marge’s Donut Den 2750 Kissing Rock Avenue SE 1751 28th St SW Lowell Township, MI 49331 MI 49519 butcher shop, Kingma’s offers the finest in wines, Wyoming, beers, a full-service (616)cheeses, 987-9597great selection of produce (616) 532-7413 ranging from Michigan apples to zucchini, dairy, baked goods, snacks, chocolates, nuts and candies. Meet new friends, try new foods or Marge’s Donut Den offers hand-made 800 Wines • 400 Beers • 300 delectable Cheeses • donuts, Olive Bar • Dips book your own private cooking classes all occasion cakes, Great Wall of Chocolates • Made to Order Gift Baskets for your family or friends. Chef Tina and a huge variety of delicious Danreflects her love of using fresh foods ish, muffins, brownies and cookies. grown here in Michigana and in many Marge’s – a place to meet old friends Featuring Huge Selection of Michigan Produced cases, her own garden. and make new ones. Gourmet and Speciality Groceries and Wines –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– La Bonne Vie Personal Chef Old World Olive Press and Catering Service 102 Monroe Center St NW 616-822-8838 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 551-2648 2225 Plainfield NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505

(616) 363-7575

La Bonne Vie is a professional personOld World Olive Press offers over 50 Department: al chef and catering service operated flavors of Meat high quality, first pressed ol(616) 447-2090 by chef and owner, Jen Foley. Specialive oils and balsamic vinegar. They’ve izing in event catering, in-home family grown to three locations where you meals, dinner parties, and culinary can stop in and sample selections from HOURS: aMon-Sat 8 am to 8 pm. Closed Sunday instruction, guaranteeing stress free jalapeno to dark chocolate. Meat dining experience every time.Dept: Mon-Sat 8 am to 7 pm (continued)

Cole’s Quality Foods Grand Rapids and Muskegon • Frozen garlic bread • Great tasting bread that can go from the freezer to your table in under 10 minutes • Available in supermarkets and convenience stores nation-wide • La Tortilla Factory • “Baking the best tasting tortilla wraps that contribute to a healthy lifestyle” • Smart & delicious products • Available at retail chains and many independent markets nationwide • Metropolitan Baking Company • Premium bread products provided to restaurants in Southeastern Michigan like Big Boy, Gordon Foods, and Miltons • 50 varieties of handcrafted breads •


Reny Picot - Benton Harbor • Makers of the best loved cheeses in Europe made with wholesome American milk • Cowslip Creamery - Grand Rapids • Cheeses are handmade with fresh milk from cows grazing in sustainable Michigan pastures • S. Serra Cheese Co. - Clinton Township • Available at Westborn Market, Food Coop and Busch Market in Ann Arbor, Kingma’s and Carrettino Italian Market Butterball Farms, Inc. - Grand Rapids • Butterball premium balls • Roses & rosettes • Pipe-N-Go squeezable flavored butter that adds beautiful design to anything •

Preserves and Sauces

Kingma’s offers the finest in wines, beers, a full-service butcher shop, cheeses, great selection of produce American ranging from to SpoonMichigan Foods, Inc.apples - Petoskey, Pastas Harbor Springs, Charlevoix, Traverse City, zucchini, dairy, baked goods, snacks, chocolates, nuts and candies. and Saugatuck Al Dente Pasta Company Wild whimbleberry jam• Dips Whitmore Lake 800 Wines • 400 Beers • 300 •Cheeses • Olive Bar • • Pappardelle noodles Great Wall of Chocolates • Made to Order Gift Baskets • Big, wide noodles that make a hearty stew and go great with just about any kind Billy Bones BBQ - Sanford of Michigan • Winner of over 250Produced awards for of sauce Featuring a Huge Selection their sauces Gourmet and Speciality Groceries and Wines • • Elena’s - Auburn Hills • Pasta Famiglia, a family homemade pasta available in many cuts and flavors to suit your pasta palette • Pasta Famiglia available at gourmet food markets, stores, and chains •

Koeze – Grand Rapids • All-natural peanut butter and organic peanut butter 2225 Plainfield NE • Grand Rapids, MI 49505

(616) 363-7575

Mrs. Dog’sGrand Rapids Meat Department: • Disappearing Mustard (616) 447-2090 • Jamaican jerk marinade •

Metro • Prem restau Big Bo • 50 v • www


Al De Whitm • Papp • Big, stew a of sau • www

Elena • Past pasta suit yo • Past marke • www

Detro • Orig follow • Avai • www

Michigan Turkey Producers Grand Rapids • Ready to cook and ready to eat products made from all natural whole muscle cuts of premium turkey • Provides turkey products for commodity, foodservice, andDonuts retail customers Fresh Daily •

Michig Grand • Rea made premi • Prov foods • www

First Communion Cakes Graduation Cakes Cheeses Cakes for Any Celebration Dogwood Farms, Comes LLC - Byron Center Quality First


La To • “Bak contri • Sma • Avai indep • www

Detroit Sausage Company - Detroit • Original sausage made from pure pork following the same great recipe since 81928 HOURS: Mon-Sat am to 8 pm. Sunday Red HeadClosed HummusLake Leelanau • Available at Detroit’s Eastern Market Meat Dept: Mon-Sat 8 am to 7 pm • Hummus available in four radical flavors • • Carrettino Italian Market and Wine by John Carrettino Italian Market and Wine by Russo - Grand Rapids John Russo - Grand Rapids • Italian Sausage • Marinara Gregorio • •

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Cole’s Grand • Froz • Grea freeze • Avai conve • www

Pop’s BBQ Sauce • Delicious BBQ sauce, available in 20oz bottles, in four awesome flavors • Retail locations listed at Chef Robins Hummus - Belmont • Four Flavors available at Art of the Table

Art’s Hot Salsa - Kalamazoo Where you meet old friends • Made from a recipe that has been in Art’s Familyand for 30make years new ones. • Dancing Goat Cheese, made the • Available at local shops in West Michigan old-fashioned 1751 traditional wayStreet with S.W. • Wyoming, 28th MI 49519 including Art of the Table fresh milk (616) 532-7413 • • •

50 September 2012


Carre Russo • Italia • www


Dogw • Dan old-fa fresh • www

Twisted Rooster

photo by E.B. Clousing

EAT FRESH, EAT LOCAL Rockwell’s/REPUBLIC 45 S. Division Ave Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 551-3563 Rockwell Republic - Takes great privde in their commitment to the use of only the freshest ingredients available. They serve delicious American and Asian food made from scratch using fresh, locally farmed cuisine, incredible sushi and martinis galore. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Slow Food West Michigan (718) 260-8000 Advocates for a good, clean, diverse, sustainable, accessible, and fair food system. We educate our communities by collaborating with food growers, distributors, artisans, and other nonprofits. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Twisted Rooster 1600 East Beltline Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (616) 301-8171

locally-sourced, Michigan-made products. Their culinary team is focused on creating a unique dining experience, complete with impeccable food and drinks in an energetic, family-friendly atmosphere. Trillium Haven 1429 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506 (616) 301-0998 A true farm to table restaurant focusing on local, sustainable, ethically raised proteins & produce. Open for lunch, dinner, and brunch 7 days a week. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The Cheese Lady 315 Fuller Avenue, NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 242-9880 Specializing in cheeses from Michigan and around the world, gourmet and specialty groceries, soups and a nice selection of wines. Gift baskets, party trays, catering, and private parties available.

Twisted Rooster’s specially created menu is centered entirely around


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Enjoy personalized service at a family owned, independent local garden center.

Bring in this ad for a

FREE PERENNIAL with any purchase! Exp 04/30/13

Upcoming Events: May 8 May 15 May 22 May 29 June 5

6-7pm 6-7pm 6-7pm 6-7pm 6-7pm

“Where gardeners go to grow.”

Gardening Trends Vegetable Gardening Fairy Gardening Bee Keeping Herbs: Growing, Harvesting Owners Cathy and Kim Evanzo have over 50 years of combined experience and are ready to help you create uniquely beautiful gardens and spaces.

4015 Fruit Ridge Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49544 (616) 785-1177 Located just 1 mile north of I-96 on Fruitridge Avenue.

Connoisseurs of Style & Quality

Cascadia is a great solution anywhere that space is limited, and terrific for a home office. The collection includes a Desk, a Mobile File Cabinet and a versatile Console/Laptop Desk. A clean, linear design with beautifully finished surfaces. Available in white or walnut.

Shown with the Setu® chair from Herman Miller®.

4181 - 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512 616-940-9911 Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013


Picture This!


by Azizah Hines

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but that bold, beautiful, digital image printed on the silk blouse that you put on this morning….THAT will leave them speechless! Digital images are the hot new trend. They are the perfect marriage of technology and fashion. Printing images directly onto fabric opens the door to endless creative possibilities. In the past, designers were limited to working with patterns that had to be woven directly into fabric or fabric that was designed through the use of screen printing. Now, with the use of digital printing, there are no limits. Designers can use textiles with abstract images or clear, crisp, landscapes. Any design imaginable can make its way from an iPhone, digital camera, or computer, onto the runway. Designers drew their inspiration from nature and incorporated natural landscapes in their Spring 2013 Collections. Both Michael Kors and Tracy Reese used digital images of water reflecting light in their spring designs. Designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, of the label Proenza Schouler, incorporated several digital images in their fashions, including a dress with a serene beach scene. Other designers used digital images of mountains, jungles, and canyons in their couture. So, how should you wear a digital image?

First of all, let’s clear the air. You may have a t-shirt with a picture of your children, your puppy, or a group of friends on a canoe trip. Although this t-shirt may be adorable and fun; this is not the type of digital image “fashion” that we are talking about.

When choosing fashion of the digital type, go with bold prints and statement pieces. Stay away from smaller images. Landscapes are a good choice. Look for images of mountains, meadows, beaches, or large botanical prints. These subjects are beautiful in color and can be very dramatic in black and white. Be sure to wear only one image at a time. If you wear a blouse with a meadow on it, pair it with simple jeans. If you wear a dress with a beach scene, pair it with monochromatic heels. The images have a lot of detail. They are like works of art. You will want to keep everything else to a minimum, including your jewelry. Have fun with your digital wardrobe, the sky is the limit…or is it?!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Azizah Hines is a Sales Specialist for Teva Women’s Health. You might find her at a fashion show on a Friday night and an Astronomy viewing on a Saturday night… mixing it up keeps her life interesting.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013


s u o l abu ion! ash


Downtown Grand Rapids

The half marathon is full, but you can still sign up for the Gazelle Girl 5k!

GRAND RAPIDS • 3930 28th St SE 616.940.9888 • M-S 10-9 | Sun 12-5

Event VOLUNTEERS are needed.

Locally owned locations in Downtown Holland & Kalamazoo, too!

More info at


Silhouette® Window Shadings


4 Duette Architella® Honeycomb Shades


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You can light up a room. With Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings, you can diffuse and disperse the sun’s rays into soft, pleasing light throughout a room. Save on them now, plus receive a Free LiteRise® cordless lifting system with your purchase. Ask for details today.

The Shade Shop, Inc. 422 Leonard St NW Grand Rapids MI M-F: 10 to 5:30 Sat: 10 to 2:00 616-459-4693

Follow Us At Facebook or Twitter * Manufacturer’s mail-in rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases made 4/3/13–6/14/13 from participating dealers in the U.S. only. A qualifying purchase is defined as a purchase of any of the product models set forth above in the quantities set forth above. If you purchase less than the specified quantity, you will not be entitled to a rebate. All rebates will be issued in the form of a prepaid reward card. Ask participating dealer for details and rebate form. This rebate offer may not be combined with any other Hunter Douglas offer or promotion. © 2013 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas. 34292

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by Ruthie Paulson Gómez photography by Two Eagles Marcus

Downtown Downtown Market: Market Part 1

Teaching The Value of Fresh Food I

magine a culinary classroom wherein the countertop surfaces are on hydraulic lifts which maneuver up and down to adjust for the child’s height. Six student stations face an instructor station which has a top view camera, set up to capture the very essence of each recipe as it is prepared. Each student has the best view of the instructor’s cooking in action, since every student station contains its own monitor which live-streams the instructor’s cooking up close, step by step. Afterwards, the student chefs and instructor sit down together in a separate eating space to taste-test their delectables. Although this may sound very Jetson-esque, such a place indeed exists, right here in Grand Rapids.

“The two focused goals, among many, are education of healthy eating for everyone and accessibility. In addition, The Downtown Market will house a banquet facility which will seat 300 people classroom style We want this to be a with permanent cameras in the ceiling and 4 drop-down large screens. All community place.” of which will be available for lease. Previously referred to as the Urban Market, the 25,000 square foot yearround indoor market place in-themaking has officially been dubbed the Downtown Market. After all, it is in the core of downtown Grand Rapids, located on Ionia Street just south of the Wealthy overpass (435 Ionia SW). It will debut in its entirety in the summer of 2013.

Grand Action has raised all of the funding used to construct the Downtown Market through capital campaign and grants. Although some cooking classes will be offered for a fee, The Downtown Market is currently working on establishing a 501(c)3 non-profit status. Open air food demos and special chef series will be ongoing and free of charge, and will be a combination of cooking + greenhouses + education.

Mimi Fritz, President and CEO of The Downtown Market, explains, “ The two focused goals, among many, are education of healthy eating for everyone and accessibility. We want this to be a community place.” Partnerships are key. Mimi has been approached by community organizations all over Grand Rapids looking to partner in some way. And yet, the Market only has so much time… and so much space. “Our goal is to reach all parts of the community,” she shares.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Try Spinning for FREE! Only $10 per class (first class free)! No contracts or membership fees. Regardless of how fit, flexible, or coordinated you are, everyone can benefit from a spin class.

GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING FOR WOMEN $10 per hour with no contracts or membership fees. Fun environment to get in shape.

"After one spin class, I was addicted! I never imagined that I could burn 1,000 calories in 1 hour, and the best part is that you are not even sore the next day! I love the encouragement, the music and best of all – the results!" – Shannon B.

Call today (616) 318-3503

Social service agency partnerships with the Downtown Market will create programs to teach the value of fresh food. Participants will learn how to efficiently use what they buy, and how to make the most out of it. For example, by purchasing one bushel of apples, one could do some canning, bake an apple pie, and eat the apples whole. The value becomes more than just a bushel. “We’ll be helping them learn how to eat fresh food,” Fritz continues.

1290 36th St. SW • Wyoming, 49509

Now in Grand Rapids!

She wants the Downtown Market to become a place that people can be proud of. She is working with the developers and with the city to improve the sidewalks, streets, and landscaping. Not only will it be a vibrant and exciting place, it will fill the neighborhood’s need of a district marketplace. Currently neighborhood residents need to go for a bit of a drive to go grocery shopping. Not only will The Downtown Market be easily accessible, it will be fresh and local. When asked about challenges she’s faced, Mimi responded that it has been difficult at times in finding the right tenants. With 20-24 spaces available, there will be only one space for a bread bakery, yet so many bakeries have applied. “Who is perfect for us, and are we perfect for them? Are they passionate about food? Do their visions and goals tie in with ours? Does the product taste good? A vendor which seems to be the perfect fit may ultimately not work out,” says Fritz. Having enough time to do it all, has been another struggle. “We’re building this in a structural sense but also in a programmatic sense. We’re building rafters, yet also developing programs. Licenses need to be applied for,” Fritz conveys. “It’s a lot of work.” Surely, many may be wondering how to snag a job opportunity working within such a prodigious place. Mimi recommends checking back with the individual businesses/ vendors within the Downtown Market such as the restaurant, pub, bakery, etc., since she has already hired for select positions that had previously been available for Downtown Market staff. The Indoor Market is slated to open on July 1, 2013, although the date may be pushed back if need be, and the Outdoor Market is scheduled to open on May 4, 2013. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ruthie Paulson Gomez thinks, dreams, and loves in two languages: English and Spanish. She modeled professionally in Milan and Nice and now works in the nonprofit sector in West Michigan.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

A healing center for grieving children & teens • (616) 301-1605


A “Root”

Awakening by Rick Vuyst


f April showers bring May flowers then, you my friend, are in for a “root” awakening. Every April is different which adds to the adventure. I’ve seen 80-degree temperatures and I’ve seen frosts that would freeze the hardiest of plants. I’ve see sunshine and I’ve seen snow. Sounds like a James Taylor song doesn’t it? Last year we had an early March warm up waking the entire landscape only to freeze in the great Arbor day frost of 2012. So what should we expect from our landscape dreams during the month of April? You, my friend, are in for a “root” awakening.

April, first of all, is a big month for lawn care in Michigan. The lawn greens and begins to grow and we welcome the sound of lawnmowers awakening in our neighborhoods. It is also a great month to get a deal on a 4-step lawn plan. Be sure to apply the first step now and store the remaining three steps in the garage or shed for applications later in the year. The first feeding generally includes a crabgrass control which is important after the hot year we had in 2012. Crabgrass seed from last year winters in the soil of your lawn and will wake and germinate when soil (not air) temperatures get to be around 60 degrees or warmer. If you don’t have a soil thermometer, which most people don’t, you can listen to me on my radio show or you can use the old fashioned less scientific way of gauging spring’s wake up call. That would be to act when the forsythias are in bloom or apply sometime around tax day. Certainly much easier for you than having to understand the methods of “growing degree days” that us horticultural people like to track at this time of year. Applying a crabgrass control in spring, especially in the hottest areas of the lawn like driveway or sidewalk edges or non-shaded areas will create a barrier to germination so you don’t have an infestation of unsightly crabgrass come the heat of summer.


If April

showers bring

May flowers then

you my friend are in for a

“root” awakening. April includes Arbor Day which here in Michigan falls on the last Friday of the month. April is a great time to plant a tree or landscape shrub. We see many trees show off in April with Crabapples, Redbuds, Juneberry, Magnolia and Cherry trees to name a few. This month is perfect for planting evergreens and woody landscape plants, saving the more tender plants for May when frost is less of a threat. Remember that when it comes to “tender” plants, a great frost tolerant plant for some early April flowers in the landscape would be Pansies. In regards to tender foliage, keep some deer repellant handy and make sure to apply to susceptible plants during the month. Hungry deer after winter are anxious for a buffet of tender green growth including delicious Tulips and Hosta. Not tonight “deer.”

Understanding the weather can be a variable and tricky issue in April. It is a good month to work on soil preparation, planting bed preparation and some mulching. You don’t have to protect dirt and mulch from overnight frosts. Raised plant bed soil warms quicker in spring. If you’re itching to plant some herbs, pot up some containers and move them in and out contingent on weather conditions. In regard to mulch, many will apply because it looks nice. True, but there is a functional use for mulch too. I saw a study that described the impact an appropriate layer of 2 inches of mulch can have for your landscape when the heat of summer does arrive. In this study on a San Antonio Texas day where the air temperature was 105 degrees, in the sun felt like 130 degrees, the bare soil was 102 degrees, the soil under the grass was 92 degrees and soil under 3 inches of mulch was 76 degrees. That gives you an idea of the soil temperature regulating benefit of mulch as well as its ability to hold moisture in the soil. Let’s get out there and get “growing” now that winter is finally over. You, my friend, are in for a “root” awakening.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rick Vuyst is CEO of Flowerland, host of the Flowerland Show on NewsRadio WOOD 1300 and 106.9 FM as well as Mr. Green Thumb on WZZM TV 13. You can find more about Rick at Flowerlands website,

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

events. Events and membership open to all.

NALS of West Michigan (National Association of Legal Secretaries) Purpose: Enhancing the knowledge of its members through continuing legal education, certifications, resource materials, and networking opportunities at all levels in the organization.

National Association of Social Workers, NASW Michigan Chapter or Contact: 517-487-0675 or Purpose: To enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards, and to advance sound social policies.

National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), GR Chapter

The Right Place Inc. Contact: 771-0325 or Purpose: To promote wealth creation and economic growth in the areas of quality employment, productivity and innovation in West Michigan.

Unstoppable Women’s Networking Contact: Leah Grace, co-founder, 813-8601 or Purpose: To provide the opportunity for home-based entrepreneurs to experience the benefits of being included in a business community and be a catalyst for connections that lead to inspirations, motivations, growth and leadership.

The Urban League Purpose: To enable African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity and power and civil rights.

West Michigan Public Relations Society of America (WMPRSA) Purpose: To enhance the success of women in the construction industry. for Purpose: To help public relations Prepare professionals develop the knowledge Neighborhood Business Alliance and skills needed for effective management of organizations. Contact: Purpose: NBA is an information Women In Development (WID) and advocacy organization. The Contact: NBA meets quarterly to share best Purpose: Meets at Wolfgang’s practices and advocate on issues Restaurant on the last Thursday effecting neighborhood businesses of the month from 7:45 to 9am for and districts. breakfast, networking and support.


Legal Problems? Your Success Is Our Business


Not all law firms are created equal. Avanti Law Group was created with you and your budget in mind. That’s why at Avanti, we focus on you, your goals, and your budget to deliver the most innovative and cost-effective solution to your legal needs. We are passionate, committed, focused, empowered, creative, accountable, and aggressive. We’ll do whatever is legal and necessary to get the results you want, need, and care about. We are the team that gets the work done. Avanti. Quite different. And better.

Contact us today to put our winning approach to work for you. Hablamos Español.

On Site Storage Clean/Glaze and Deep Conditioning

photo by Black Chair Photography

UGG!) (We also clean cashmere, Thereleather are no dues,and no rules and no obligation. Repair • Restyle • Appraisals Purpose: Neighborhood-based Women’sFurs Resource Center of Greater community and economicConsignment Grand Rapids Neighborhood Ventures

development organization that works to bring greater vitality and success Purpose: A career development SPECIAL GIFT: Summer bag or scarf ($29.95 value) into neighborhood business districts. tote agency that serves women of all

with storage and cleaning (while last)! economic andsupplies social backgrounds. Rotary Club of Grand Rapids Services include comprehensive Purpose: To provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

employment preparation and career development services, one-onone career guidance, job leads, a In Gaslight Village resource library with information on 660 Croswell S.E. many occupations, information and referrals to community resources and East Grand Rapids –– Simply Beautiful Service Corps of Retired Executives personal counseling. (616) 459-8331 Hours: Mon - Fri 9:30 to 5:30, Contact: 771-0305 or Sat 10 to 3 Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Greater Grand Rapids Purpose: SCORE is a national, Gloves • Scarves • Handbags • Jewelry • Accessories • Luxury Items nonprofit organization dedicated to Contact: helping small businesses begin from Purpose: Provides emerging those which are someone’s dream; to nonprofit leaders under age 40 those already in business which may with opportunities for professional have challenges. development, education, and

Do you know all the new tax laws?

networking, while promoting a Start Garden Tax preparation laws are constantly The regulations dialoguechanging. among nonprofits in the and corresponding paperwork are more than ever. Greater Grandcomplex Rapids region. Contact: Purpose: A $15,000,000 fund Tax problems? today for a ZontaCall International investing in two ideas a week at FREE phone consultation. $5,000 each. Ideas can come from Purpose: A worldwide organization anywhere. Get started. of executives in business and the

Toastmasters International

professions working together to (616) 691-8107 advance the status of women. Meets monthly. Contact: 949-858-8255 Purpose: Members learn at to improve Call Judy J. Kelly & Associates today for your their communication and leadership personal or business skills by attending and participating in tax and accounting needs. Judy is a professional. is reliable and cares about your business. She has been my meetings. Various chaptersShe located tax consultant throughoutacountant Greaterand Grand Rapids.for 17 years. She would be an asset to any business. – Tom Skipper, Cannonsburg Sand & Gravel

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

September 2012

Wyoming, MI • Headquarters 600 28th St. SW Wyoming, MI 49509

Holland, MI 720 Michigan Ave.- Suite A Holland, MI 49423

(616) 257-6807

(616) 392-4867

Website: • Email:

24 hour emergency phone line: (616) 257-6807 We are a Debt Relief Agency Representing People Filing for Bankruptcy Relief Under the Bankruptcy Code.

Business Law • Divorce/Custody • Immigration Law Criminal Defense • Employment Law • Bankruptcy

of GROWth Conference 3Seeds Brazilians for& Luncheon $99 Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Conference: 7:30am – 11:05am Networking & Display Tables: 11:05am – 11:30am Luncheon: 11:30am – 1:30pm (Table Seating at 11:50am) The Goei Center Conference/Luncheon: $85 per person (members of AWE) $95 per person (non-AWE members) Luncheon only: $50 per person Conference Presenter

Quick | Professional Hygiene First | Certified & Licensed A Division of GROW

3737 Lake Eastbrook Blvd Grand Rapids | (616) 309-0561



Legally Speaking


I Want A Divorce

12 steps you can take towards your freedom without ending up broke (emotionally or financially)

If you are like me, I bet you walked to the altar and said a resounding “YES!” when you were asked if you accepted Prince Charming as your husband. But, what do you do when Prince Charming is no longer charming and you are considering filing for a divorce?

A divorce is a significant event in a woman’s life. Most women will encounter a lot of mixed emotions such as sadness, confusion, anger, embarrassment, anxiety, guilt, and frustration during a divorce process. But, beyond the roller-coaster of emotions associated with a divorce, there is also another significant matter to deal with: money. In their 1996 book, The Millionaire Next Door: Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy, Professors William Danko and Thomas Stanley reported that the majority of wealthy people in America are married and stay married to the same person. This report is based on the premise that people who are married and stayed married accumulate more wealth than those who are single or divorced. But, marriage shouldn’t be about money, right? So, if you can no longer put up with Prince Charming (or if you think your Prince Charming might not want to continue putting up with you), and filing for a divorce is likely to happen in the near future, careful planning is a must. Here are 12 steps to help you plan a way out of your marriage without ending up broke:

by Elizabeth Lueder and Raquel Salas


Get familiar with the household expenses, income, and assets.


Identify all the marital debts and start reducing all the debts. To do this, you may want to consider selling unnecessary assets (think of timeshares, boats, etc.).


If you will be receiving a big bonus or a raise at work, you may want to complete your divorce before you have an increase in income.


If Prince Charming is unemployed, back in school, or has a temporary disability, you may want to wait until he is back on track. At all times, encourage him to find a job and generate income.


If you plan to ask for custody of your children, meet with an attorney to go over the “Best Interest Factors” so that you can focus on the things that matter in case of a dispute over custody. This is extremely important because courts consider the depth and quality of your relationship when making custody and parenting time decisions.


Keep living at all times in the marital residence. But, if you have to move out of the house, do not move out without your children.


Do not admit marital misconduct. Never. Remember, anything you say can and may be used against you. You may not want to lie either. This is where a simple “think what you want” is the perfect line. 8.


Watch what you do, say, or write in emails, texts, and on social media. Remember, pretty much everything can be evidence in your divorce case. Do not leave a paper trail yourself. However, do save his paper trail; keep all of his messages, emails, texts, etc.

10. Take time to go around the house and make a list of all the property that belongs to you (e.g., your high school yearbooks). Also, make a list of the items that you really would like to keep after the divorce. Do you really like that painting cousin Vinny gave to both of you as a Christmas gift two years ago? Write it down! 11. Prepare and analyze your individual budget. Make sure to include all of your expenses so that you can determine how much money you will need to cover on your own after a divorce. 12. Meet with an attorney to review your personal situation, get an assessment applicable to your particular situation, and to determine child support, spousal support and division of assets and liabilities. This may seem cold-blooded planning and the idea of doing all this might get you sick. But, you must protect yourself and put yourself ahead of the game. As Carrie Bradshaw once said, “As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.” Careful planning will definitely help you keep going.

If your spouse is ever violent, call the police and make sure there is a police report documenting the incident.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Raquel Salas and Elizabeth Lueder are attorneys with Avanti Law Firm. Visit to learn more about the work they do.

“ 24

As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going. Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

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Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cara Essick Ontiveros is a busy modern-day mom. Cara is a business owner, culinary arts student, and mom to two very active girls. She is a theater lover, dog lover, shopaholic and vino drinker.

Squirrels and Cats and Plane Rides... Oh My!


When I was a little girl I was deathly afraid of cats. No joke, cats. Put a creepy bug, spider or a large barking dog in my path…no problem. But, put me in the same room as a cat and I would freak out.

When I was about twelve-years-old, I babysat for two adorable little boys in my neighborhood and they had a cat named Tuxedo. I had to finally break down and tell their parents that for some unknown reason I was afraid for my life when Tuxedo was around. They had asked me all of the obvious questions; was I attacked by a cat, bitten by a cat, or scratched badly by a cat? I answered all three with a resounding “no.” Call me crazy, call it a quirk but for some strange reason I was simply terrified of their 15-pound feline friend. Tuxedo truly gave me the heebee jeebees!

So, per my request on the nights that I would babysit Tuxedo would be quarantined to the basement. All was good, right? No! Tuxedo hated, and I mean HATED, being trapped in the basement. He would put his tiny paws under the basement door and hiss and meow so loudly, which made the entire situation even worse. What if he somehow opened the door with his claws? I mean, that could happen, right? Cats are tricky and sneaky animals. Needless to say Tuxedo fortunately never broke loose of the basement prison that I requested he be confined to. So, where in the world would one get an unjustifiable fear of cats? I had never in my life had a bad experience or unsettling encounter with a cat. Not-a-one! Well, my friends, for me my fear of cats was passed down to me by my mother. It’s true! My fear of cats was more or less a learned behavior. Growing up I remember my mom being afraid of three things:

1. Squirrels 2. Cats 3. Plane rides 26

by Cara Essick Ontiveros

Guess what was passed down to me? Bingo! The strangest trifecta of fears one child could ever have. On a side note, I would also like to give an honorable mention to snakes. When I was a child I would watch how my mom became visibly distraught if a cat came near her. Or, how she would often run the opposite direction if she spotted a squirrel while taking a walk. And, let’s not forget the valium and glass of wine it would take her to physically get into an airplane. Never mind the death grip on the hands of those sitting next to her or the loud anxiety filled sighs during a take-off or landing. Not to throw a bunch of psychology out there, but it is true, or at least it was in my case, that as a young child I learned and mimicked certain behaviors from my parents. Observing the fear of cats, squirrels and plane rides as a little girl really made an impact on me and in return more or less “learned” to become fearful of all those same things. Now before I move on and before she disowns me, I just need to publically state that I am NOT bashing my mom in any way. I have NOT spent time in therapy because I am afraid of squirrels. On the flip-side, I also am one of the biggest worry-worts on the planet, and I can thank my dad for that one! Being a “good” parent is a constant work in progress. We figure out along the way what are the important lessons, values and goals we want to teach our children. And, in many cases, some of those lessons are what we have learned from the “mistakes” (and I use that term very loosely) from our own parents. One thing was certain for me; I didn’t want my children to grow up with unnecessary fears. I want my daughters to be fearless and strong and to have the confidence to tackle anything they deem difficult. We all know that it can be rather hard to mask your fears in front of your children. As an adult, I have gotten over my fear of squirrels and cats. The one fear that I am still trying to overcome is

my fear of flying. And ironically, I fly the friendly skies quite a bit. Whether vacationing, visiting family or work trips, I am in the air multiple times a year. When my job would take me out of town, it would take me days to mentally prepare for an upcoming flight. There have been many times that I would ask the person sitting next to me if I could hold (and by hold I mean squeeze the life out of) their hand during take-off and landings. I would always look in the cock-pit and eyeball the pilots to make sure they looked “seasoned” (old enough to know what in the heck to do in case of an emergency). And, if a flight was turbulent… well, forget it… a total stranger would have to calm me down as I would have mini-panic attacks and cry. Talk about flying with a nut-case. I hated that my fear of flying was becoming more and more intense with each flight. It’s not like I was not going to stop traveling. I needed to get my emotions and fears under control because I was now a mom, and I was NOT going to let my children learn and observe this behavior from me. So, how could I conquer this fear and teach my children a good lesson? What was I really afraid of when it came to flying? I wasn’t claustrophobic and heights don’t bother me, but what did scare me were the things I simply did not understand. And those were the mechanics and aerodynamics of a plane. How did I begin my “healing” process? Well, I learned how to fly a plane, that’s how! I have a LONG road… or actually a LONG sky ahead of me before I receive my private pilot’s license. No, I am not kidding. If you told me five years ago that this would become a passion and goal for me, I would have laughed. But conquering this has been rewarding and has built a great deal of confidence in me. More importantly, my kids see their mom doing something that is “so totally way cool” as they say. I think that Karl Augustus Menninger said it best, “Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.” Tackle a fear you have, I guarantee you will amaze yourself and your kids will think you’re a rock star.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

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Marta Swain

photo by Two Eagles Marcus

Being Green in Grand Rapids

by Anna Wright

Named “America’s Greenest City” by Fast Company nagazine, Grand Rapids is no stranger to the green movement. Grand Rapids has more LEED-certified buildings per capita than any other city in the country and achieved a number of LEED firsts including the nations first LEED-certified art museum. From city hall, through universities and grassroots initiatives, a wide range of sustainability efforts flourish in this community. Going green also means helping the environment by making personal choices and decisions. Here are three innovative local companies offering earth friendly products and solutions to consider:

Clothing Matters Founded in 1996 by Marta Swain, Clothing Matters’ mission is to “provide the highest quality sustainably manufactured apparel, and to support practices that conserve natural resources, reduce pollution and promote social justice.” They first started out as the Eastown clothier Hemp Goods, but as the store evolved, came a name change, as well as a wider variety of textiles. Organic cotton, soy, bamboo, hemp, wool and recycled fibers are among the many different types of materials used to produce fashion with a conscience.

Mary Brooks

photo by Two Eagles Marcus


“We not only care about the materials used, but how we benefit the people and communities that make them,” explains Mary Brooks, a bubbly four-year-customer-turnedsalesperson, as she shows me their indigenous section. “All of this clothing was handmade by women in South America from impoverished communities. Making clothing helps them support themselves and their families, as well as their entire village.” They make sure that all of their regional, domestic, and overseas partners’ practices confer with Fair Labour Organization standards, and their practices benefit both humans and animals alike. “We love peace silk,” explains Brooks. “In it’s production, the silk worms aren’t killed, and the moths are allowed to emerge from their cocoons and live.” Marta advises you to “put the good stuff on your precious body.” Good stuff available at Clothing Matters for head to toe includes handmade headbands, early friendly jewelry, and shades and shoes by TOMS. Marta notes “we’re serving people who are frustrated with buying TOMS shoes online. They get a chance to put them on here and get what fits,

including half sizes. We have 12 different styles of fabulous wedges in the store right now.” Her passion is evident as she invites you to feel and try on comfortable and figure flattering tops, skirts and pants. Goddess sizes are available for customers with “greater curves and frames.” Menswear is also found on the racks.

Red Wedge by TOMS

Apparel by Michigan designers have become top sellers at Clothing Matters. “Last year in five months we more than tripled sales of products designed and hand made in Michigan, compared to all five years prior,” Marta reports. One of their top selling designers is Yana Dee of Traverse City, their longest running Michigan design partner. Marta attributes the success of Yana Dee’s line to “the simplicity and sophistication and outrageousness of her designs.” Marta adds, “We’re having the best year ever.”

Colorful apparel by Yana Dee

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

WIG SALE Wigs, long, short, or in-between, many styles available in the color of your choice from Jon Renau, Aspen, Paula Young, or Nalee.

Organicycle Founded in 2011 by Dan Tietema, Organicycle takes organic waste and turns it into nutrient-rich compost. “We provide the region’s only curbside composting service for both commercial and residential customers,” notes vice-president Justin Swan, “It’s a zero waste initiative which allows businesses and homes to be landfill free.” Using an all-natural, greenhouse-gas free process, waste is sorted, shredded, allowed to naturally decompose and then pasteurized. Once in compost form, it is then re-sorted and put into bags, where it is sold to the public. Organicycle collects paper waste, food waste (including bones), yard waste, and all types of pet waste, including cat litter. Customers involved in the program receive a separate Organicycle waste container and they still throw “normal” (non-recyclable) trash away in the garbage. Though they’ve only been around for two years, this convenient and innovative program is already making a huge difference right here in west Michigan. “We are diverting 95% of household trash out of the landfill for GR customers, and 85% for commercial customers,” notes Swan. “It saves the community money because taxpayers pay to operate incinerators, waste plants and garbage trucks, and with less of a need for these services everybody wins.”

Horizen Hydroponics Horizen Hydroponics is a Grand Rapids-based year-round gardening company. The word hydroponic derives from Greek origins, hydro = water, and ponos = work. Hydroponics is an advanced method of growing plants that offers a variety of benefits for the grower and the environment. Despite pop culture and common stereotypes, people don’t only use hydroponics to grow the illegal sort of greenery.

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Many fans of organic produce want to be able to grow their own goods year-round, and this is the best way. “Our most popular herbs are basil, oregano, and sage,” notes founder Bridgette Ejlaky. “Wheatgrass is popular too, as are lettuce, tomatoes and peppers.” Products include growing lights and systems, a vast variety of supplies and organic products. Ejlaky and husband John founded Horizen back in 1999, when they only had an online store. “Our mission has always been to educate the community about the many benefits of year round gardening, while providing quality product at a fair price,” notes Ejlaky. For more information: Clothing Matters - Organicycle - Horizen Hydroponics - ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anna Wright is a budding writer, yoga and music enthusiast. With a deep interest in culture of all kinds, she loves all things art, nature, and travel. She’s also obsessed with small fluffy dogs.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

(616) 588-1200 • 555 Midtowne St. NE Suite 400 •

September 2012


Spring into

Fitness by Kimberly Olson photography by Martinmark


ith warmer weather finally here, we excitedly open our windows for the first time in months. We hear the birds chirping, see flowers blooming and are immersed in the sense of newness spring offers us. A chance for a fresh start is in the air, and this is your opportunity to spring into fitness.

Instead of joining a gym and spending even more time indoors, I challenge you to take it outside. Being outside fills our lungs with fresh air and that glorious sunshine boosts our moods. Better yet, outdoor workouts can be done anywhere and are typically very cost effective. Here are my top five favorite ways to take it outside.

Boot Camps. Over the last few years, boot camps have become all the rage, and for good reason. Think of them as an amped up version of traditional group exercise classes. Taking place outdoors, boot camps often incorporate functional movement exercises that mimic every day activities. With every workout being a bit different, this style of training keeps your body constantly guessing and forces it to improve quickly.

By using playground equipment in a unique way, I’m able to get in a fun, full-body strength training session while having a blast.

5Ks. I completed my very first 5K at Stoney Creek

Park in Shelby Twp. when I was 24, actually placing in my age group. I’d never been a fast runner in school and the sense of accomplishment when I crossed that finish line was exhilarating. Even if you’ve never ran a day in your life, check out a Couch to 5K program online. Over the course of nine weeks, the program literally trains you to go from being completely sedentary to running 3.1 miles! Imagine how awesome you would feel? Find a friend and train together for your first one.


Playgrounds. You probably didn’t see this one coming, but playgrounds are one of my favorite places to get a workout in. When traveling around the country, I love to find the nearest park and see what it has to offer. Beyond jogging trails, I love to see how I can turn a park into my playground. By using playground equipment in a unique way, I’m able to get in a fun, full-body strength training session while having a blast. Get your kids involved too; they will love it.

Get in Nature. With our fast-paced schedules

and always being on the go, we tend to wish we could spend more time in nature. Why not turn that longing into reality by incorporating physical activity and nature together? Try kayaking, hiking, mountain biking or anything else you’ve been wanting to do. Not only will this positively impact your overall sense of well-being, but your waistline will benefit as well.

Join the Team. Once we graduate from high school or college, we rarely give consideration to being part of an organized sport. However, being part of a recreational team is a fabulous way to get in a routine of regular physical activity. With others expecting you to be there, there is a natural dynamic of accountability. This is a super important tool when it comes to making fitness a habit. Consider any organized sport such as softball, soccer, beach volleyball or any others that look like fun to you. Who knows, you might make a few new friends along the way! With summer right around the corner, let’s take advantage of this beautiful weather and get our bodies in shape. With a little creativity and commitment, shopping for a cute new bathing suit will be on the top of your list. Spring into fitness to make this your best summer yet. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nutrition and fitness expert Kimberly Olson, CNC, CPT is the creator of FitKim, a nutrition and fitness blog that teaches people how easy it is to be healthy.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

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Women’s Health Services Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

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Delightful Discoveries Recycled Wine Bottle Etched-Glass Tumblers

U.S. glass decorating manufacturer, Rolf Glass is known for unique, original and quirky designs on high-quality glassware. Their Glacier Glass line is inspired by the opportunity to give used bottles a chance of a second life. Made entirely from recycled wine bottles, the line, designed by Paula Sansone-Johnson, combines innovative product design and environmental awareness. Named after the majestic ice mountains of lore, the glasses are designed to mimic glacial fluidity and grandeur. With gentle, cascading waves horizontally etched into the lower three quadrants of the cup, the tumblers are sturdy, yet easy on the eyes. The pearlized waves have texture, which allows for a nice grip, and the domed base vaunts it’s wine-bottle origins. Available in a 12 or 16 oz tumbler, glacier glass brings affordable, eco-friendly chic to your kitchen.To find a retailer near you call 1-800-364-4603 or email

Pretty Pendant

This silver Ginko Leaf pendant on a silver chain accented with green freshwater pearls is elegant enough for a night out on the town, but understated enough for everyday wear. The Isabelle Grace collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings ooze timeless-chic. The earth-friendly line is crafted from recycled recycled lead-free pewter, sterling silver and 14 carat gold, and founded in a belief of sustainability. Hand-made in the U.S.A. Learn more at

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September 2012

Sat: Sun:

9:00am-3:00pm Closed


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Consignment Boutique


Gild the Lily 450 East Division HOURS: Mon-Fri 10-7, Sat 10-4 (616) 863-8491 Two floors of fresh fashion for your home & body at “get it now” prices. Formal wear, plus, petite and designer departments. Nominated 2010 Rockford Retail Store of the Year. LBD Exchange 126 Courtland St HOURS: Mon-Fri 10-7, Sat 10-5 (616) 863-3600 LBD Exchange is a designer consignment boutique specializing in brand name ladies apparel, footwear and accessories.


Flat River Cottage 317 East Main Street HOURS: Mon 11-5, Tues-Sat 10-6 (616) 897-8601 Eclectic mix of vintage and antique treasures. Beautiful one-of-a-kind custom painted furniture and accessories. Pieces to make a house a home. Night Forest Jewelry (Located inside Flat River Cottage) 317 East Main HOURS: Mon 11-5, Tues-Sat 10-6 (616) 897-8601

Treasure hunting has never been so rewarding as it is when you shop Night Forest and their delightful mix of vintage and new jewelry pieces. In addition to beautiful jewelry you’ll find new tops, scarves and handbags to complete your look.

Denise Maghielse

GR Southeast

Broker Owner

One Girl’s Treasure 1146 Wealthy Street SE HOURS: Mon-Sat 10-8 (616) 233-9940 One Girl’s Treasure offers women’s gently used women’s clothing, specializing in today’s most current fashions, as well as vintage and locally designed pieces. The staff is specially trained to purchase high quality articles of clothing and accessories that fits into today’s trends.

LBD Exchange is a designer consignment boutique that specializes in brand-name ladies apparel, footwear and accessories. Our knowledgeable staff is here every day to help you make that perfect selection.

(616) 863-3600 Open Monday - Friday 10-7 Saturday 10-5

126 Courtland St

blue Boutique 974 Cherry Street SE HOURS: Tues-Sat 10-6 (616) 458-6354

(across from Cinco de Mayo)

Downtown Rockford

blue boutique will offers trendy merchandise in a hip eclectic setting. New and gently used designer apparel, accessories, and home décor are offered.

GR Downtown

blue at MoDiv 40 Monroe Center NW HOURS: M T W F 11-6, Thurs 11-7, Sat 11-5 (616) 458-6354

450 E. Division Rockford, MI (616) 863 8491

Fresh fashion for your home and body... Eco Chic Consigment Boutique

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013


DIY: Household Cleaners by Kelly LeCoy


he Do-It-Yourself mentality seems to be on the upswing with the rising popularity of blogging, concern for budgets and awareness of the environment. From crocheting scarves to party decor, fixing pipes to making bread, you can find step-by-step instructions for just about anything. But when it comes to messing with chemicals and cleaners, it seems easier (or at least less intimidating) to buy it off the shelf. Take a peek in your cabinet. Each room in your house, your clothes and even your indoor air most likely has its own cleaner, freshener or sanitizer. Recent studies estimate that these add up to roughly 10 gallons of harmful chemicals per American household. I always defined effective cleaning by the pungent smell in the air after cleaning with my standard host of sprays and wipes. But since switching over to natural ingredients and putting together homemade cleaners, my standards have changed. Now, I’m overwhelmed by the smell of toxic chemicals and long for the subtle hints of lemon and herbs in natural (but effective!) cleaners. Putting together your own cleaners is really easier than it sounds and can be done with a variety of products you already have around the house.

YOUR GREEN DIY CLEANING TOOLKIT: A quick search on the internet will provide you with a plethora of recipes for everything from cleaning your stove to your shower drain. But to help get you started, here are few of my favorite all-natural recipes for green cleaning I’ve collected and tweaked over the past year. - Measuring cups or spoons - Spray bottles - Water - Baking soda - Hydrogen peroxide - Vinegar - Essential oils (lemon, tea tree, rosemary, etc.) - Castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) - Olive or vegetable oil - Fresh herbs, citrus or citrus peels

YOGA MAT WASH: White Vinegar Warm Water Essential Oils

Mix one part warm water with three parts white vinegar in spray bottle. Add 8-12 drops of essential oils and mix thoroughly. Spray mat, wipe down and lay out to dry.


Place a few thin strips of a lemon or orange peel in your disposal, run water and turn on disposal.


• Boil cinnamon, cloves, pine needles or other herbs over the stove • Fill a small decorative jar with plain white rice and a few drops of oil • Fill a wide-mouth quart glass jar halfway with dried lavender and top with a small candle

EASY MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER: Castile Soap Tea Tree Oil Olive Oil Warm Water

Mix two parts castile soap and one part olive oil with 10-15 drops of tea tree oil in a small bowl. A little goes a long way! Dip the brush in the mixture and run under warm water until the water runs clear, swirling the brush in your hand. Squeeze out the excess water, reshape the brush and let dry.


1 tsp baking soda 2 Tbsp vinegar warm water a few drops of lemon essential oil (or your preferred scent) Add the first two ingredients to a spray bottle and give it a shake. Let it sit for a minute, fill with warm water and shake it up again. Give it a minute to calm down, add your essential oil and clean away!

Still thinking you would rather save the effort and buy a pre-made cleaner at the store? You can find plenty of natural options on the shelves at your local hardware or grocery store. Look for a cleaner that is non-toxic, biodegradable and made from renewable resources. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kelly LeCoy is a Grand Rapids native, entrepreneur and graduate of Calvin College. She owns Uptown Kitchen, a shared-use kitchen and event space in Eastown and is passionate about food and small business.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Bringing healthier foods to the table can be easier and more delicious than you might think. When you add highquality proteins such as soy foods to the menu, you open up the door to a wide variety of tasty and nutritious meals. The plant-based proteins of soy are packed with benefits for your body. They: • Have all the essential amino acids needed for growth. • Are equivalent to animal sources of protein but have no cholesterol and little saturated fat.

Quick & Easy Recipe Veggie Taco Salad 4 servings 2

cups soy crumbles (you can find these in your grocer’s freezer section or refrigerated meat section) 3/4 cup salsa 5 cups shredded lettuce 1 cup corn kernels 1 cup black beans Topping Options: 1/4 cup sliced green onions 1/4 cup shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese 2 tablespoons sliced ripe olives 2 tablespoons fat free sour cream In large nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray, cook crumbles and salsa over medium heat about 5 minutes or until heated through, stirring frequently. In large bowl toss together lettuce, corn and black beans. Arrange on 4 serving plates. Top with crumbles mixture. Sprinkle with toppings. Nutrition Information Per serving: 180 Calories, 4 g Total Fat, 14g Protein, 26g Carbohydrate, 8g Fiber, 600mg Sodium

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Kelly S. Hassberger, N.D.

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Specializing in Naturopathy and homeopathic care. Kelly offers a qualified, holistic approach to your health, having earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

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Women and Water

by Rachel Hood

We are water. In my case, I’m 70%

Our connection to water was powerfully demonstrated by native Anishinawbe women through their Mother Earth Water Walk. Native grandmothers walked the shores of our Great Lakes Basin from 2003 to 2009 in a 6 year prayer for our freshwater inheritance. The prayers of these women were generated in the face of increasingly frequent droughts that impact people across the world, in the United States and even here in the Great Lakes basin.

An ancient Chinese proverb says that, “An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.” In the Great Lakes Basin, this idea becomes literal when we are conscious of the fact that we are connected by a blue thread made up of drops of water that we recycle daily, share across generations and between humans and wildlife alike.

The Anishinawbe women bravely call us to action to protect our water and our lives. So here, in the simplest of terms, I’ll discuss what we can do this Earth day and everyday:

Lake Michigan and a 30% blend of English, Irish, German and Swedish DNA. Michigan is surrounded by a unique inheritance of fresh water that was placed here by glaciers and protected by generations so that we might find joy in quiet journeys down a stream, grow food and quench the thirst of our children and ourselves.

Water is also the foundation of Michigan’s economy. Water is critical to production and shipping of the products we deliver to the world. Agriculture and Tourism vie for the 2nd and 3rd major industries in our economy and both are obviously interconnected to our fresh water inheritance. The connection between women and water is ancient, rooted in our history as the bearers and keepers of life. Life, of course, depends on water and where we find water, we find life. Whether we are women who struggle daily to access fresh water, or if we are women in midst of the Great Lakes using water that flows (seemingly) without effort, water is inherent to our daily activities. This vast dichotomy of access to freshwater will be increasingly central to our lives as our planet’s wealth of freshwater diminishes due to population growth and abuses.


Recreate in Water

Preserve Water

Whether you believe in big or small government, protecting public health is a core function of the state and protecting water is critical to protecting public health. Michigan’s ability to sustain jobs, quality of life and natural resources is dependent on 21st Century water protection policies and public funding for water protection activities. By protecting our water we commit ourselves to sustaining the blue thread that connects people across the Great Lakes Basin, those who are born and those who will be born to a world facing global water scarcity. In this way, we will bring life to our communities and sustain our futures.

Immerse yourself, family and friends in the activity of discovering our community’s inland lakes, streams and creeks and the Great Lakes. This is the surest way to preserve our history of advocacy for the Basin.

Protect Water

Eliminate the use of unnecessary chemicals and responsibly dispose of pharmaceuticals, lawn chemicals, cleaning products and other pollutants through your county’s hazardous waste services.

Gather Water

Gather water in and around our homes and communities and return it responsibly to the earth. Capture stormwater in rain barrels and rain gardens and encourage local planning and zoning practices that do the same.

photo by Terry Johnston


Our Blue Thread

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rachel Hood serves as the executive director of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, the region’s premier nonprofit environmental education and advocacy organization. Rachel lives with her husband and two burgeoning lady environmentalists in Grand Rapids.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Celebrating 15 Years Of Making West Michigan Even More Beautiful! • Laser Hair Removal • Permanent Make-up • Electrolysis • Facial Peels • Free Consultations

Betsy Ludwick, R.N., R.E., C.M.E. Jill Petter, R.E., C.M.E.

3427 Salerno Dr. NE • Grand Rapids • 49525

Call for your appointment: (616) 447-9393

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013


Goodwill Blue Equals Green! by Kathy Crosby photography by Photobug


hen I joined Goodwill Industries in 1980, the organization was growing jobs for people through donated goods, contracts, and on-the-job training. I was thrilled to be part of a movement across the country designed to give people independence and self-worth through employment. We were innovative in job creation. We were fiscally responsible in our operations. We were employment and training specialists. But . . . talk of ‘green’ or the environment was still a whisper at Goodwill in 1980.

It’s true that Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970. And the environmental conscience of America was refocusing as Earth First! was founded and the National Environmental Education Act was passed. There was growing concern regarding landfill space and littering laws were taking hold across the country. But at Goodwill, we remained focused on jobs and training, somewhat oblivious to our environmental roots. However today . . . Goodwill blue equals green. Since the late 1990s when we entered into our partnership with Dell to recycle computers and electronics through more than a decade of focusing on our greener side, we have steadily moved from embracing our role in preserving the environment to leading as a nonprofit protecting the environment. We are green in so many ways. •


Our newest stores are LEED certified. Stores in Standale, Rockford, and Cascade were all built to LEED standards.

The goods you donate to us are sold in one of our fifteen stores, in our boutiques, online at, in our outlet, or as a commodity. Goodwill extracts value from 85% of all the material donated to us.

There is little waste for the landfill. Many of our stores do not have trash pickup. In fact, 12.2 million pounds of materials were diverted from local landfills in 2012.

Energy efficient lighting has been installed in our buildings.

Environmental education is part of our employee-training plan. Recycling bins for plastic and paper are visible in all of our buildings.

Our hospitality program uses biodegradable paper and plastic for service.

Our cleaning crew uses environmentally safe and friendly products to clean our buildings.

Through supply chain management, we are working to reduce the number of miles our trucks travel on a daily basis.

Our strategic plan includes a commitment to our environment. It’s part of our culture. It is our commitment to the west Michigan community.

I love walking into a Goodwill Store today. The bright, happy atmosphere makes me smile. And I know shopping will be an adventure…discovering bargains and unanticipated treasures! My grandchildren love the Goodwill shopping adventure. They also love sharing their used clothes and toys by donating them. And we all love re-purposing items that still have value! It’s a great way to teach our children the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. A lesson to serve them well for a lifetime.

Today, Goodwill is still about jobs. Literally 40% of the labor in our donated goods program is provided by people in transitional work experiences who are preparing for a job in the community. And the revenue earned by our donated goods business supports our career and talent development services for people across the community. Today, along with work experience, we offer ‘green’ experience. Today, we are about jobs and the environment. I love Goodwill! I often tell people my blood runs “Goodwill blue.” The good news is that today, Goodwill blue definitely equals green! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathy Crosby is the CEO of Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids, an alumni of the University of Maryland (Executive MBA) and an alumni of Siena Heights University (BA & MA). She attended the Aspen Institute on Community Leadership in 2008. Kathy is a wife, mom, grandmother, sister, and Tudy’s daughter.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

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Events Butterflies are Blooming at Meijer Gardens

Through April 28

through the adventure jungle as you build a walkway over a bubbling lava pit, carefully cross the raging river, and walk on stilts to see over the tree tops.

Connected and Disconnected: The Sculpture of Hanneke Beaumont at Frederik Meijer Gardens. The Dutch sculptor’s perplexing bronze figures.

Through April 6

Through April 21

Actor’s Theatre Grand Rapids presents (title of show), a book by Hunter Bell , music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen. It’s is a hilarious new musical about two guys writing a musical. 8 pm.

Graphic Design: Now in Production at Grand Rapids Art Museum. The largest of the design professions, graphic design shapes the thousands of messages we encounter each day.

Through April 14

Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection at Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. During her career in public service, Madeleine Albright famously used her jewelry to communicate diplomatic messages. The exhibit reveals an intriguing story of American history and foreign policy as told through Secretary Albright’s jeweled pins.

Dreamweavers: Adding Texture to Textile. See unique rugs and pillows made from upcycled objects such as neckties, zippers and teddy bears. Creations are whimsical and eyecatching at Design Quest.

Through July 7

The Mona Lisa Project Revisited at Keeler Gallery Fountain Street Church. Twenty women artists create self portraits as the Mona Lisa in this collaborative exhibit, paying tribute to Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic image while exploring the painting’s cultural relevancy 500 years later. Times vary. For more information, email

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Grand Rapids Public Museum. On April 15, 1912, Titanic, the world’s largest ship, sank after colliding with an iceberg claiming more than 1,500 lives. In Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, more than 150 legendary artifacts conserved from the Ship’s debris field are showcased offering a poignant look at this iconic Ship and its passengers.

Through April 30 A visitor favorite in its eighteenth year, Butterflies Are Blooming features butterflies from tropical regions around the world flying freely in the 5-story Tropical Conservatory.

Through May 5 Limit(less) exhibition features artist’s responses to the teem of “limits,” and whether they are an asset or a burden. UICA.

Through May 22 Adventures in Balance at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. Journey

Through October 31 Discover Meijer Garden’s special, yearlong exhibition showcasing revolutionary sculptor, Bernar Venet. Demonstration his iconic work in steel, five of Venet’s large-scale sculptures will be displayed outdoors on the front lawn.

Through November 30 Great Lakes Shipwrecks, Storms and Stories. Visitors to the Grand Rapids Public Museum can delve into the secrets of the “inland seas” at the Great Lakes Shipwrecks.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Grand Rapids Public Museum.

Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013


Needs Water EARTH DAY


4.16.13 Learn more and buy tickets at A night of fun, food, music and wisdom to benefit efforts to protect freshwater resources in West Michigan. Featuring nationally renowned freshwater advocate Maude Barlow, author of Blue Gold.

7 pm to 10 pm | Frederik Meijer Gardens | $60 Single/$100 Couple Butterflies Are Blooming

Silent Auction



presentED BY Photo Credit: Elyn Courey

Thursday, April 18, 2013 / 4 - 5pm Aquinas College Performing Arts Center


Where Children Matter: Linking Children’s Health to Our Environment

17th Annual Wege Foundation Speaker Series

Dr. Marie Lynn Miranda

Dean, University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment RSVP to or 616.632.2805 by April 8, 2013 Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013


Art Culture

The Impressionist: Impressions of


O n S tag e

by Kerri VanderHoff


hen I was a kid, I loved library day. We’d go single file down the hall and through the dark wooden double doors. Moving along the low shelves one day, I came across a different sort of book. I hadn’t seen anything quite like it before; it was a stage version of The Diary of Anne Frank. I was mesmerized. It was a curious peek behind the scenes, a sort of instruction manual, and a new world opened up for me! Not only was the story compelling to read, but I was invited even further in, to walk in Anne’s shoes, to bring an extraordinary girl back to life. It was a way to more deeply understand her circumstances, to try to connect with her emotions. While the neighborhood kids I recruited as actors back then were less than committed and my fourth grade attempt at producing a backyard play fizzled out quickly, my fascination with the magic of live theater was cemented into place. And fortunately, the amazing amount of theater available to explore year round in Grand Rapids present day, on so many levels, leaves no one standing alone. If you’ve never attended a play or musical, try one. If it has been awhile since you’ve visited the theater, you’ll find there are great new options, and if you are a regular theatergoer, well, you know exactly what I am talking about. There’s unique energy in a theater. When you find your seat, and join the others who are anticipating what is just about to take place, you also become part of the production. Each audience has its own character, and acts differently each night. The cast and crew respond to you, even as you are responding to them and to each other.


A whole creative world in Grand Rapids opened up, and it felt like I became part of a large, extended family among the theater folks. Seek out a big, bold touring production such as Anything Goes with Broadway Grand Rapids, or an Off Broadway contemporary experience at Actors’ Theatre with Looking for Normal; try a timeless, heartwarming story for all generations with Anne of Green Gables at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre or The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) with Heritage Theatre Group; enjoy a rousing season opener of The Wedding Singer with Circle Theatre or original works by local playwrights in the intimate space of Dog Story Theater; the options are many and exciting for a city the size of Grand Rapids. When I first moved back from LA about ten years ago, I wasn’t quite sure I could readjust. Honestly, after years exploring the multitude of creative and cultural experiences along the California coast, I wondered if life back in Michigan would leave me feeling once again like a kid standing alone in the yard. Interestingly enough, it was the same extraordinary young girl who again inspired me. I read about auditions for Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids in the local paper, was cast in a small role for that play, and by

the very next production in the season I found myself completely immersed as a producer for The Diary of Anne Frank. A whole creative world in Grand Rapids opened up, and it felt like I became part of a large, extended family among the theater folks. It’s a welcoming family too, no matter one’s age or background. Get involved if you are curious to find out more. Grand Rapids resident Kriss Macomber remembers first walking into a rehearsal with a friend who was designing costumes for a play. Since Kriss was new in town, the friend suggested she tag along to meet a few people. “It wasn’t long before I was interested in helping out and they asked if I knew how to run a light board,” says Kriss, who admitted to the lighting designer that she did not know what that meant. “They told me I would be perfect for the job then because I had no bad habits and could be molded.” Kriss learned quickly and has found her niche working lights for numerous productions over the years. She loves watching the performances from the tech booth and the camaraderie among the cast and crew backstage. She adds, “In that green room, that’s where the magic happens too.” ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kerri VanderHoff is a co-creator of the program and works at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, focusing on a new project called the GRAM GoSite.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

April 1 - 5 Studio Create Spring Break is a creative camp environment that encourages creative exploration through art-making activities for youth, ages 7-13. UICA.

April 1 Adult Computer Class: Introduction to Computers is a basic course designed to provide students with and intro to various aspects of personal computing. 11am - 1pm. Grand Rapids Public Library. Free. Yo! Spring Break - Hip Hop Dance Camp and Workshop. Breakin’ a sweat in a fun easy way to stay active and healthy. Teaches kids self-confidence, respect and what hip hop really is. Reflections of Dance in Holland. http://yospringbreak.

Teen Basic Typing Class at the Grand Rapids Public Library. 3pm - 4pm.

April 3 Kid Rock: Rebel Soul Tour 2013 at the Van Andel Arena. 7:30 pm. $85.50, $69.50 & $49.50. Adult Computer Class: Blogging 101 at the Grand Rapids Public Library. 3pm 5pm. Free. Awakened Women’s Boot Camp which provides smart, self-aware women with everything they need to create the lasting changes they’ve been longing to make, but keep falling short. 6pm 8:30pm. Open Mind Store in Rockford. $20.

April 4 April 2 – 23 Cooking Simple Living Well with Margaux Drake. Learn about the incredible healing power of plantbased foods and how they change your life. D& W Fresh Market. $15 per class with your YES card. Visit www. for times and locations.

April 2 Showing at Wealthy Theatre’s Meanwhile Movie: Back to the Future. Doors 7:15 pm. Movie starts 8 pm. $5 member, $6 non-member. 8 pm. www.

Dancing From Within: Free form dance for women. Learn how to free your body and your mind will follow. Experience being danced by funky world beat music. 6pm - 6:45 pm. $10. Wealthy Thetatre. Reading the Great Lakes: We’ll read a range of titles including mystery, history, fiction and non-fiction taking place in the Great Lakes region.7pm - 8pm. Free. Grand Rapids Public Library.

April 5 & 6 Circle Celebrates: The First 10 Years. A look back at the sensational musicals

and plays presented on the Circle Theatre stage. Horse d’eurves and cocktails at 7pm. Program at 7:30pm. $35 general public.

April 5

Tom Briggs

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April 9

April 6

April 10

Drawing limits class. Participate in drawing games that use limitations to create limitless results and explore the UICA galleries featuring the Limit(less) exhibit. 1pm - 4 pm. Individual members $2 and nonmembers $7. Adult Computer Class: Basic Internet. 3pm - 4pm. Grand Rapids Public Library. Free.

April 7 Right at Home’s Madhouse 10th Anniversary. Special sales and giveaways. 10am - 5pm.

April 8-20 George Washington’s copy of The Acts of Congress on display at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Musuem.

April 8 Showing at Wealthy Theatre’s Meanwhile Movie: Back to the Future – Part 2. Doors 7:15 pm. Movie starts 8 pm. $5

Gift Certificates Weekly Specials Beginners Welcome New Classes Starting Now Your First Class is Free


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Parts is Parts: Cooking the Unusual. Oxtails, chicken feet, bone marrow, pig knuckles—-really, are these all that Unusual? Not particularly but perhaps you’ve never tried and always wondered what do they taste like? Wonder no longer. 6pm - 8:30pm. $40. Kissing Rock Kitchens.

April 11 – 13 Fashion and Tea at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Tour the Streets of Old Grand Rapids to set the scene for a presentation of fashion from the Victorian Era. Tickets are $15 for nonmembers and $13 for members. www.

April 11 Galaxy In a Can: Create a limitless expanse of time and space… actually a really cool LED planetarium projector. Tickets include admission to the exhibition and bring a bottle of wine,, this is a BYOB event. 7pm - 9pm. $15 members and $20 nonmembers.

Got STRESS? Get CALM. Embrace life more fully and effectively-one moment at a time. • 8-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Classes

• Free Information Sessions • Monday, April 8 & 15 • Tuesday, April 9 & 16 • Wednesday, April 10 & 17 • Thursday, April 11 & 18

Tuesday, April 16, 7:30 AM– AM–9:00 AM The Omelette Shoppe, 545 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids, MI

For details and registration, visit or call (616) 458-3404.

Adult Computer Class: Word Processing II & Spreadsheets. Grand Rapids Public Library. Free.

• Next Series Starts April 22 - 25

Add Creativity to Your Problem Solving

New breakfast event! Network with women business owners and get connected with the AWE!

Adult Computer Class: Internet Security 101. 7pm - 8pm. Grand Rapids Public Library. Free.

Friday Nights at GRAM features galleries open late, live piano music, and a cash bar. FREE for members and $5 for nonmembers. 6pm.

Start Spring with Yoga!


member, $6 non-member. 8 pm.

5270 Northland Drive Grand Rapids, MI 49525 616-361-8580

CALL 616-361-3660


Adult Computer Class: Facebook 101. 7pm – 8pm. Grand Rapids Public Library. Free. NYC to GR: Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center’s Final Season Performance. 7:30pm – 8:30pm. Tickets $10 - $35.

April 12 – 13 Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ Program. Originally crafted as a “one man orchestra” to accompany silent movies, the Museum’s magnificent Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ lures guest musicians from around the globe to play.

April 12 Friday Nights at GRAM features galleries open late, live piano music, and a cash bar. FREE for members and $5 for nonmembers. 6pm. Art.Downtown. 2013 This one night celebration is the perfect chance to visit the art galleries, restaurants and shops that make Downtown Grand Rapids so exceptional. Climb aboard a trolley to view the work of over 300 local artists in 25 energetic downtown venue. 6pm – 11pm. Free.

April 13 Gazelle Girl Half Marathon and 5K Run/ Walk. 6am packet pick-up. 8am Half marathon start. 8:05 Run/walk start. Rosa Parks Circle.

West Michigan Mom’s Sale is a great place in Grand Rapids to save money on your children’s clothing, toys, nursery furniture, and maternity wear. Shop from over 200 booths filled with gently used items. DeVos Place. 9am – 3pm. Admission is Free - Suggested $1

bridal gown show, donation at options. the doorFashion to benefit Alpha wedding and localRapids. DJ. Friday Woman’svendors, Center of Grand night at 6:30pm with dinner and exclusive fashion show – tickets $25 (or 2 for $40) and Saturday @ 10am – 2pm with Louise Mosrie in concert at the Wealthy appetizers and Ticket roaming brides$12 - tickets Theatre. 7pm. Prices: $2/person. For more info, visit with General, $10 Seniors & Students

September 22

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at RiverTown Crossings Mall. Registration 6:30am. Event Deck 7:30am. Race Start 8:30am. Booksigning with Gordon Beld for his new book, Grand Times in Grand Rapids: Pieces of Furniture City History. Schuler Books and Music, 2660 28th Street SE. 7 pm. Metro Health Hospital Feelin’ Grand gala. DeVos Place. 6pm. Auditions for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Master Arts Theatre. Free. 10am.

September - 30 student ID’s25 two admissions for $10, $9 Blue Man Group at year DeVos Performance Members, $3 2-12 olds. Hall. With no spoken language, BLUE MAN GROUP is perfect for people of all ages, and cultures. $34.50. Superlanguages, Happy Funtime Burlesque Spring Tour Kickoff Show at The Pyramid Scheme. 9pm. $10 general admission. September 26 Not Your Average Speaker Series: Tech Buzz. Wealthy Theatre. Free. 5:30pm. Adult Computer Class: Thingamabobs & Doodads. Do you have a new tablet or handheld electronic device? Are September 27 purchasing one? This you considering Manasseh Project some Presents: Allmore Eyes classwill highlight of the Open. thedevices, media projects of popularUnveiling electronic how they 6work localand high school Wealthy how you students. can use the library’s Theatre. electronicFree. resources to maximize the use of your device. 11am – noon. Free. September 28 Friday Nights at the GRAM: Unwind during at Great GRAMmusic with for a Jake’s Friday Music Nights Festival: art, live music, and goodthe conversation. great cause benefitting local chapter Galleries are open late each Friday, and of the Juvenile Diabetes Research aFoundation. cash bar is4pm available in theWealthy Museum – 11pm. Lobby. 5pm – 9pm. Admission. Theatre.

April 16

Yoga on the Ball at Expressions of Grace Yoga. 1pm - 2pm hips and lower back. 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm shoulders, neck and arms. $25 each or $40 for both. Grand Raggidy Roller Girls: All Stars and Attack VS Paper Valley. Free-$12. Rivertown Sports.

September 23

Sunday Tea Dance at Social Dance Studio.

September 24

Informative Seminar is led by a Grand Health Partners bariatric surgeon who will describe the different weight loss surgeries, insurance coverage, costs, health advantages and other important details about the procedures available. Free. Noon. (616) 956-6100. Auditions for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Master Arts Theatre. Free. 6:30pm.

Live musicatwith Potato Moon. Schuler Showing Wealthy Theatre’s Meanwhile Books Music, 28th Street Movie:and Back to the2660 Future – Part 3. SE. 7 pm. Doors 7:15 pm. Movie starts 8 pm. $5 member, $6 non-member. 8 pm. Live music with Joe Reilly. Schuler Books and Music, on Alpine. 7 pm. Alliance for Women Entrepreneurs: Add Creativity to your Problem Solving with An Evening with Blondie at Forest Hills Mike Novakoski and Rhoda Kreuzer. The Fine Arts Center. Omelette Shoppe7:30pm. on Michigan. $22 $47. Open Dance Fridays Night. 7pm dance lesson. Dancing until 11pm. Social Dance Studio.

September 29

Seasonal Detox for a Happy Body at Expressions of Grace Yoga. 1:30pm. Walk to End Alzheimer’s - Grand Rapids meets at Millennium Park. 9 am. Live remote broadcast with WLAV. Schuler Books and Music, 2660 28th Street SE. 10am - noon.

September 25

Live music with Graham Parsons & the Go Rounds. Schuler Books and Music, 2660 28th Street SE. 7 pm.

Meanwhile Movie: Cool as Ice. Wealthy Theatre. 8pm. $6.

September 30

Artist Sue Clay will teach “Primitive Wool Rug Hooking” at LowellArts! 6pm. $35.

Swing Dancing at Rosa Parks Circle. 7pm - 10 pm. $5 donation requested.

Fulton Street ARTisan Market. 11am3pm. Be sure to visit the online calendar at for more details and updates. You can submit your events there too.

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Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

September 2012

The Wege Foundation welcomes Dr. Marie Lynn Miranda, Dean of the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and the Environment and a national expert on children’s environmental health as the keynote speaker for the 17th Annual Wege Speaker Series.

Lunch & Learn: It’s never too early to learn about social security. Bring your brown bag lunch and hear Vonda VanTil, Public Affairs Specialst for the Social Security Administration. Noon – 1pm. Grand Rapids Public Library. Free. Pub & Brew Food: Bridging the gap between pubs and gastronomy, come prepare this sophisticated, upscale pub fare and enjoy it later at the Kissing Rock Kitchen’s “Bar.” 6pm – 8:30pm. $40. Adult Computer Class: Google Essentials. This class is designed to provide students with an intro to some of the tools and applications offered by Google. 3pm – 4pm. Free. www.grpl. org. West Michigan Needs Water: Earth Day Celebration 2013. A night of fun, food, music and wisdom to benefit efforts to protect freshwater resources in West Michigan. 7pm – 10pm. $60 single ticket, $100 couple ticket.

April 17 Small Business Research Essentials: in the Business Librarian for an informative journey through the Library’s small business resources and cover topics

such as where to find business plan outlines and samples as well as the most useful sources for competitor and customer information. Free. 7pm – 8pm.

April 18 The Wege Foundation welcomes Dr. Marie Lynn Miranda, Dean of the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and the Environment and a national expert on children’s environmental health as the keynote speaker for the 17th Annual Wege Speaker Series. Dr. Miranda’s pioneering work uses mapping tools to pinpoint environmental issues to support preventive interventions and help improve the health of children. The event is free and open to the public at Aquinas College’s Performing Arts Center. Guests are invited to stay for a reception after Dr. Miranda’s talk. To RSVP, email or call 616.632.2805 by April 8, 2013. Limited seating is available. 21st Annual Reach for the Stars: Join New York Times-bestselling memoirist Mary Karr. All proceeds benefit the Center for Women in Transition. 5:30 cocktails and auction, 6:30 dinner. 5:30pm – 8pm. Holland Doubltree. $100/ticket.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013


TICKETS General Public: $27 / Season Ticket Holders: $25

SEASON TICKETS SAVINGS Each Season Ticket saves you up to 25% off regular box office prices. You can also purchase additional tickets for all of our productions at a discounted rate!

FLEXIBILITY Use your Season Tickets in any combination you like! Each Season Ticket is worth five (5) admissions. You can see each show in our Main Stage season or use all of your admissions on one show. It’s up to you!

Season Ticket Price: $105 Online: Over the Phone: 616.456.6656 In person: 1607 Robinson Road SE / GR / 49506


Spring Produce Class: Working with Spring Produce; Making Vegetable Dips; Selecting and Baking Fish; Determining Fish Doneness; Preparing Compound Butter; Preparing Custards; Working with Fresh Herbs; Whipping Cream. 6pm – 8:30pm. $40.

free copying and printing during the event. 6pm – 7pm. Grand Rapids Public Library. Free.

April 19-21

Justin Kellner: Solo at LaFontsee Galleries. 5pm – 8pm. Free. www.

Grand Rapids Symphony presents Cirque Mechanicsat DeVos Performance Hall. $18+.

April 19-28 The Civic Theatre presents Anne of Green Gables. A timeless, heartwarming story for all generations – follow the misadventures of a wildly independent orphan with fiery red hair and a temper to match.

April 19, 20, 21 Rylee’s Ace Hardware grand opening event to celebrate their new store at 1205 West Fulton, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. All four stores are participating.

April 19 Visit the Vintage Garden Show at bluedoor, 946 Fulton Street and partake in door prizes, gardening tips, beverages and snacks. Friday Nights at GRAM features galleries open late, live piano music, and a cash bar. FREE for members and $5 for nonmembers. 6pm.

Kenny Chesney’s ‘No Shoes Nation’ Tour comes to Van Andel Arena on April 25.

Goodwill Is The Largest Recycler In The World! Be a part of something BIG... donate today. Your donations provide LOCAL job training and placement services!

Genealogy Lock-In. Learn how to use the microfilm reader/scanner/printer, save images, and take advantage of

Bobby McFerrin: Spirit You All event at the Forest Hills Fine Art Center. 7:30 pm. Tickets $40, $44, and $48. www.

April 20 Tales of the Titanic: Nationally recognized Titanic authority Floyd Andrick shares personal interviews with 14 Titanic survivors and through his own personal research, he provides a fascinating look at the doomed Ship’s construction, final hours, and aftermath. 1:30pm. $3. Grand Rapids Public Museum. Red Tail Ring: musical brainchild of two old-time-minded Michiganders – Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo. $3 - $12. Wealthy Theatre. www.

April 22 Meatless Monday: Whether you want to learn about plant-based diets or partake in the Meatless Monday movement, this workshop can help you. 6pm – 7pm. Uptown Kitchen.

April 23 April in Paris: Learn French cooking techniques while mastering a menu full of flavor. 6pm – 8:30pm. $40. www.

This SPRING is the perfect time to clean out your closets. Set aside the gently used clothing and household items you no longer use and DONATE to Goodwill. SHOP & DONATE 28th Street 29th Street 54th Street Alpine Big Rapids Cascade

Division Greenville Ionia Jenison Lowell Mt. Pleasant

Plainfield Rockford Standale Outlet Center Blue Boutique - MoDiv Blue Boutique - East Hills



Byron Center Caledonia

Cascade Grandville

Hudsonville Jenison

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Spirit Dreams

1430 Lake Drive SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506


Intuitive / Psychic Readers Call (616) 456-9889 to Schedule

$40 for 1/2 hour reading, $80 1 hour. Gift certificates available. Rev. Karen L. Hays • Psychic Reader Clairvoyant, Psychic Reader, Reiki Master Teacher. Offering intuitive readings, healing, and spiritual teachings. Experience the flow of Divine Wisdom, Love, and Light that will help to illuminate your highest path. Vivian Love Kyle • Intuitive Angel Reader 5th generation medium, intuitive artist and Spiritual counselor with 25 years experience. You take home a sketch of your personal angel. Eugenia Marve • Psychic Reader Award winning educator, motivational speaker,intuitive/psychic over 35 years. God is her foundation for information on client’s relationships, economics, health and loved ones. She works with (ABC) WoodTV8. Margaret Newman Nickelsen • Psychic Reader 34 years experience reading for people from all walks of life. Each reading is unique, personal, in and atmosphere of calm assurance. Your Divine Self guides your reading. HOURS: M-F 11 to 6 • Wed 11 to 7 • Sat 10-5 • Sun 12-3

Dancesport Is Here!

First Annivesary April Special

Train with a Professional Competitive Instructor, Make Your Dream Come True!

Discover Ballroom Dancing with a

• Private Lessons and Group Classes Will Help You Achieve Those Goals and Dreams • Train Like Competition Dancers • Put Dance Into Your Sport • Get In Shape • Tone and Lose Weight • Improve Posture and Build Confidence

By Appointment, Saturday or Sunday in April. Call Now to Schedule Your Lesson.


MAY 3 & 4, 2013 7:30PM DEVOS HALL Free Introductory Lesson for New Students!

“The journey begins with your first steps.”

WeddingLetDance Lessons us teach you how

Opera Grand Rapids Box Office

616.451.2741 EXT. 2 The Betty Van Andel Opera Center 1320 East Fulton, Grand Rapids Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4pm

OPERAGR.COM TICKETMASTER Sung in Italian with English titles. Tickets $21– $98 each, and include pre-performance talk at 6:30 pm.

Tango • Ballroom • Swing • Night Club • Salsa • Wedding

Phone: (616) 735-9090 4335 Lake Michigan Drive, NW • Grand Rapids, MI 49534 Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013


en hat noon.

– 7:30pm. Noto’s Old World Dining. $40 members, $50 nonmembers. www.

More than everything you wanted to know about birds.7pm – 8pm. Grand Rapids Public Library.

April 24

ecuyour rus er

on org.

There’s No Place Like Home: Where Fashion Meets Art – a benefit for Liz’s House and Bridge Street Place and the extraordinary courage of those taking their first steps towards a new life. 5:30 pm. Goei Center.

open ee bers. itions pm –

Adult Computer Class: Facebook 201. Students will go beyond the basics of Facebook and learn more advanced functions. 7pm – 8pm. Free. Grand Rapids Public Library. History of the Rapids: Tim Gleisner, Head of the Grand Rapids History and Special Collections Department of the Grand Rapids Public Library will discuss the history of the rapids on the Grand River. 7pm – 8pm. Free.

s os 67.

April 25-28

). w.

West Michigan Savoyards return to Wealthy Theatre for five performances of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance. $15 in advance $18 at the door. Times vary.

6pmgned ation plan.

Kenny Chesney’s ‘No Shoes Nation’ Tour starring Kenny Chesney and Eli Young Band with special guest Kacey Musgraves. Van Andel Arena. 7 pm. $49.50 & $79.50. Grand Rapids’ Red Project’s Dining out for Life 2013 – to benefit local HIV service organizations. When you dine out at any of the participating restaurants in Grand Rapids, a portion of your food bill will be donated. See full list of restaurants at www.

ures trmy sh

s, and ear, dults

All Hands on Deck at the VanSingel Fine Arts Center. Based on Bob Hope’s 1942 USO tour to the troops in the field, this play is anew, two-act revue performed by four charismatic singer/dancer/ comics and 9-piece orchestra.7:30pm.

ReAvon bout e story ho town, nding ored in ager, nd an nizer been t is a twines aracway ply casts the

April 26 Friday Nights at GRAM features galleries open late, live piano music, and a cash bar. FREE for members and $5 for non-members. 6pm. Eat, Drink, Be Merry: Enjoy the elegant atmosphere of St. Ceceila Music Center and the luxurious tastes of Martha’s Vineyard’s best while bidding on special experiences and items. 6pm – 8pm. $35.

April 27 The Grand Raggidy Rollers Girls at Rivertown Sports. All Stars vs Queen City / Attack vs Killa Crew. 6pm – 7pm. $8 - $15. Spectrum Health Gala 2013: Pursuing Powerful Answers to Save Lives and Restore Health. DeVos Place Ballroom. $200/ticket. 6:30 pm – 9pm. www.

April 30

April 25

s m. ww.

Wine Tasting Dinner with John Russo. 6pm – 9pm. $55. Kissing Rock Kitchens.

Adult Computer Class: Selling Online (Etsy, Ebay, and more). 11am – noon. Free. Grand Rapids Public Library. Inforum: Inner Circle. Inner Circle celebrates our region’s most accomplished and admired women – those in the “inner circle” of the business community – and gives them a forum to share practical know-how and inspire leadership in others. 5pm

Showing at Wealthy Theatre’s Meanwhile Movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Doors 7:15 pm. Movie starts 8 pm. $5 member, $6 non-member. 8 pm. Speak Up GR Community Forum: Culture Warfare Against Senior. Explore how it affects our community with Dr. Henry Holstege and Dr. L. James Harvey. 3:30pm – 4:30pm. Grand Rapids Public Library. Adult Computer Class: Skype 101. Want to connect with your relative in another state or chat with a friend overseas for free? We’ll show you how to connect with this revolutionary videoconferencing service. 7pm – 8pm. Free. Grand Rapids Public Library. Be sure to check our website for up-todate events listings, and more details for the events printed here. Find us at and on facebook at We’re out there! Find out which events will be at with our cameras by joining us on facebook. To be included in our calendar, enter your special event in our online calendar found at Open calendar and click “post your event.”

ary 3



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Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

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Meet Up D

present Gilbert & Sullivan’s

with us!

o something GREAT for your body - and your mind - with a

Lolë Meet Up!

Enjoy personalized wardrobe shopping, prizes and refreshments afterwards.

LOLË Yoga Meet Up Gazelle Sports KALAMAZOO Wednesday, May 1, 2013 • 2:00pm – 6:00pm Tuesday, September 25, 6 pm

Louis Benton Steak House, Downtown Grand Rapids • $25.00

* Meet at Gazelle Sports Kalamazoo.

and Herman Miller bring Emmy award winning media 2-Mile EcoTrek* Meet Up Gazelle Sports GWISE RAND RAPIDS strategist Shawne Duperon to Grand Rapids for a marketing

Tuesday, October 2, 6 pm

mini-bootcamp. Only brave business women need attend! * EcoTrek sessions integrate strength training, cardio and flexibility all in one fun workout. Meet at Gazelle Sports Grand Rapids. Dress to Master be outside!how to:

April 25-28, 2013

• Draw in customers and volunteers with compelling videos

the worst types of posts on Facebook and Twitter LOLË Yoga Up Gazelle Sports• Avoid HOLLAND Thursday 7:30, Friday 1:00Meet & 8:00, • Use the two secrets behind Facebook fan pages that attract Thursday, October people to LOVE your page, not just LIKE it Saturday 8:00, Sunday 2:30 4, 6 pm

Special Friday Matinee

All Tickets $7 for Students, Seniors and Adults

Admission Adults

In Advance

$15 • Seniors $13 • Students $7

Day of Show Adults $18 • Seniors $16 • Students $10 Group Pricing Call 248-921-7595 for details.

* Meet at Gazelle Sports Holland.

• Forgive yourself quickly and move into clean, impactful marketing • Create the most impact by converging your marketing efforts around powerful media interviews

Wealthy Theatre

1130 Wealthy Street SE,

Grand Rapids, MI 49506 Visit for details. Buy Tickets

Women In Successful Enterprises

Online at or Wealthy Theater Box Office at 616-459-4788 x131

Register today @

28th St & East Paris 616.940.9888 . Sun 12-5 M-S 10-9 Women In Successful Enterprises



WISE-Ad-2013.indd 1

3/26/13 10:34 PM

Basic Membership

Free & Effective. 1-hour combo fitness orientation/personal training session with a new membership!

Unlimited weights and cardio for use during staffed hours: 8 am - 8 pm Monday-Friday and 10 am - 2 pm Saturday.




Basic PLUS Membership Unlimited weights and cardio. 24-hour access, 7 days per week!








Premium Membership

Located In Downtown Grand Rapids’ Boardwalk Condos & Office building.

Relaxing. **

Unlimited weights, cardio, tanning, and classes! (classes may include zumba!, pilates, body pump, yoga, etc.). 24-hour access, 7 days per week! MONTH**





A Healing Touch Therapeutic Massage is located on-site! *One-time $59.95 processing fee applies. **Offer valid for a limited time only.



Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

September 2012


Reader’s Lounge

by Schuler Books and Music

Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini

New York Times Bestselling author of the Elm Creek Quilt series brings us Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, the stand alone and engrossing novelization of the extraordinary relationship between Mary Todd Lincoln and her seamstress, Elizabeth Keckley, who was born into slavery, but won her freedom by the skill of her needle. This lovely account is a historically accurate and beautifully written portrayal of friendship during a tumultuous time in history. It’s a wonderful read for Chiaverini fans and history buffs alike. Reviewed by Emily Stavrou

The Spillover

by David Quammen Whether you’re a fan of the apocalypse, adventure stories, or just first-rate science writing, you need to read The Spillover. While taking the reader across time and around the world, Quammen delves into the world of animal-borne viruses, from the fairly common to the downright nasty, and the biologists, geneticists, doctors and veterinarians who work their whole lives to identify and defeat the ‘next big one.’ Unfortunately, as Quammen lays out, it’s not a matter of if another global pandemic arises, it’s when. Reviewed by Kim Fox

33 Minutes...Until Morgan Sturtz Kicks My Butt by Todd Hasak-Lowy

Sam finds himself in an all-together too common predicament: his grade school buddy has given him over for the new kid in middle school and Chris isn’t even a nice kid. In fact, he’s a fairly destructive new kid. But Sam and Morgan Sturtz have been best friends since forever, so they should be able to weather this, right? Then, over the course of a school year, Sam gets smart and Morgan becomes a star football jock and now Morgan seems to think he needs to kick Sam’s butt! But for what? Certainly Sam is the victim in all this. Or is he? 33 Minutes sets apart a truly intricate motion of events from the ordinary dilemma. Reviewed by Charity McMaster

The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones

The Uninvited Guests, by British author Sadie Jones, was recommended to me as fitting right into the Downtown Abbey mood. The book starts out as a charming tale of the Torrington’s, an Edwardian family whose estate has been in steady decline. Plans are in place for a dinner party to celebrate elder daughter Emerald’s 20th birthday (complete with two dapper potential suitors), but the weekend is thrown into havoc by a train that is derailed nearby, leaving the Torrington’s to shelter the ragged survivors until help can arrive. The writing in this novel is so smooth and well styled that before you know it, the charming country-house tale becomes something all together more chilling, with the author’s literary skill providing surprises on nearly every page. I especially loved the youngest Torrington, 9-year-old Imogen, who spends the evening obsessed with completing - and hiding - her Great Undertaking. Reviewed by Whitney Spotts

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

The Zero-Waste Lifestyle: Live Well by Throwing Away Less by Amy Korst

Amy Korst shows you how to lead a healthier life by generating less garbage. Drawing from lessons she learned during a yearlong experiment in zero-waste living, Amy outlines hundreds of easy ideas; from the simple to the radical; for consuming and throwing away less. Amy has a Master Recycler certificate and is a frequent speaker for environmental causes.


Raw Beauty from the Kitchen

Honey-Avocado Invigorating and Revitalizing Hair Treatment Makes 1 application

• •

1 medium avocado - peeled and stoned 2 tablespoons honey

Mash together the ingredients in a small bowl. Massage into hair. Leave for 20-30 minutes. Wash hair as usual.

Tightening/Toning Lemon Egg White Mask Makes 1 application • •

Juice from 1/2 a lemon (strained) 1 egg white

Beat together the egg white and lemon juice for 3 minutes. Apply directly to your face, avoiding the eyes. Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Vegetable Oil Nail Strengthener Makes 20-30 applications • • •

2 tsp castor oil 2 tsp salt 1 tsp wheat germ oil

Pour all ingredients into a sealable bottle. Before each use shake well. Rub a small amount of the mixture onto your nails. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. Wipe off with a cotton pad.

Brown Sugar Hand Softener Makes 1 treatment • •

1/4 cup course brown sugar Baby oil to make into a paste

Mix together. Using a hand washing motion apply the mixture to the hands. Continue the washing motion for a minute then rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

End-of-Day Foot Spa Good for one home pedicure • •

1/2 cup Epsom salts Essential oils of your choice Fill either a foot bath or your bath tub to ankle height with warm water. Dissolve 1/2 cup Epsom salts in the warm water and add the essential oil of your choice (lavender, rosewood, patchouli and sandalwood are relaxing oils, while lemon grass and eucalyptus are uplifting). Soak for 10-15 minutes. Pat dry and moisturize.


Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

BIODYNAMIC WINE A trip for the mind and palate by Elisabeth Veltman


hear you. You might be sick and tired of people saying, organic this or non-GMO that. Or how pesticides are killing the honeybees, getting in our livers, and causing cancers, autoimmune diseases, and autism. So now I’m about to mention something that you may have never heard before: a farming practice called biodynamics. The practice is entirely fascinating, and takes organic farming to a whole new level. The essence of biodynamics is that the farm is not just a farm. It’s an organism that is completely self-sustaining, producing its own animal feed and manure, and supports a diverse ecosystem of predator, prey, bird and insect populations. Much like oriental medicine sees the human body as a holistic system, biodynamic farming views plant or animal disease as a symptom of an imbalance in the whole farm, not a single problem to be cured with a “drug.” Get this: the farm can also be in or out of balance with the cycles of the moon and planets. There is a time to reap, and a time to sow. There is a proper balance of soil and rotation of crops. The plants, animals, the soil and even the farmer are all part of the bigger whole. The same cosmic page. On the same crazy, tree-hugging trip. Before you dismiss biodynamics as a nutty idea, let’s discuss wine. In 2004, Fortune Magazine put together a

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

photo courtesy Emiliana Organic Vineyards

panel of wine experts to test the claims of biodynamic wines. The test was blind, so they had no idea what they were testing. They found that the biodynamic mix of homeopathy, astrology and organic grape growing produces a better product than regular ‘ole grape growing does. Here’s an excerpt from that article: Out of ten pairs of wines, only one of the conventionally made wines was judged superior to its biodynamic counterpart. Says Doug Frost, a Master of Wine and Master Sommelier: “The biodynamic movement seems like latent ‘60s acid-trip-inspired lunacy--until you taste the wines.” -Moonshine, Part 2: A blind sampling of 20 wines shows that biodynamics works. But how? Austrian philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) is credited as being the founder of biodynamic farming, and inspires a certain amount of controversy because of some of his ideas. But it leaves one to wonder if he isn’t just another brilliant guy who is bringing us back to the laws of physics that existed long before the modern manipulation of the planet. It also leaves us to wonder how much human disease there would be if we listened a little more to how the earth wants to be treated, rather than try to pound the bugs, plants and animals into submission. OK. Back to wine. Biodynamic wine is becoming more popular. Experts agree that when you get a truly biodynamic wine, you know that it is made without pesticides or chemical processing, and that you will

most likely taste the flavors, smell the aromas, and feel the textures of the area where the grapes are grown, or what they call the “terroir.” One of my favorite vineyards to watch and learn from has been Emiliana Vineyards in Chile. They produce biodynamic and organic wines. They post pictures on Facebook that are simply stunning. They also produce a mighty fine drink that is reasonably priced. You can find one of their brands, Natura Wine, at different specialty stores in Michigan. Another area where biodynamics is practiced is in raising cattle. I had the opportunity to speak to La Censa Beef in Montana last year and to learn a ton about grass fed meat, as well as organic and biodynamic farming. Biodynamic winemakers and farmers are true artists that help bring out the most wonderful subtle, sumptuous flavors. Flavor brings us so much joy when we drink and eat. Joy, my friends, is essential to life and health. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Owner of Blue Pearl Strategies, Elisabeth is also The Tender Foodie. She started this blog and The Tender Palate, to help those food allergies and sensitivities.



For over a century, Hollywood has been there to entertain us, and also to educate about important issues. Over the past few decades, the number of movies with environmental themes has boomed, so it was not easy to decide what one to focus on for my flashback film. Do I talk about the controversial documentary An Inconvenient Truth and how it brought global warming to the forefront with the backing of Al Gore, and became one of the most commercially successful documentaries of all time? Do I look back to a big budget action flick like the Day After Tomorrow and ride the (absurdly) environmental roller coaster with Jake Gyllenhall? Or do you want to read about one of my childhood favorites and discuss the environmental lessons Ferngully taught me about the conflict between man’s endless quests for resources and how fragile an Eco-system was. I could spark the debate of how it sounds a lot like the record breaking Avatar for a new generation (just doesn’t include the catchy Sheena Easton or Elton John songs from the early 90’s).

The 11th Hour

In Theatres This Month: The Big Wedding ushers in the spring wedding season with an all-star cast led by Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Robert DeNiro, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace, Ben Barnes, and Robin Williams. This romantic comedy follows a familiar formula of a big weekend wedding celebration complete with lies, misconceptions, and hurdles they must overcome before the happy couple (Seyfried and Barnes) can get married by the priest (Robin Williams). From the same guy that wrote The Bucket List, we can expect some great cast charisma, some predictable storylines, but plenty of laughs (and possibly a few tears) as this star studded cast is thrown together for the weekend. While I am interested to see DeNiro and Keaton play the divorced parents of Barnes – Susan Sarandon playing DeNiro’s girlfriend will be the most exciting. Anytime Sarandon is on screen is a treat, but considering the wedding theme – I won’t be able to stop thinking about Rocky Horror Picture Show!


The options just keep going as I look through my shelves in the library: • Erin Brockovich • The 11th Hour • Winged Migration • The Cove • Promised Land • China Syndrome • The Lorax • Gorilla’s In The Midst • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (yeah - this one is a stretch!) Honestly I was a little surprised I had so many that fit well into the environmental category as I browsed the lineup in my film library - but after much consideration, I am most drawn to Wall-E. While Disney and Pixar didn’t market this as an environmental film (and director Andrew Stanton even insists that was not the intent), once you were drawn in by the charm and charisma of the lonely robot cleaning up mounds of our trash on a deserted planet - you were then hooked into messages of environmentalism whether you liked it or not. It was one of those films that touched you with the humor of the simplicities of humanity that we overlook, the innocent romance with Eve, and even angered you as you begin to see reflections of the truth when you least expected them - all in a visually stunning feature. It was well deserving of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and will always be one of my personal top picks. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeremy Kress is the Director of Marketing & Promotions for Celebration! Cinema. He is passionate about theatre, movies, graphic design, traveling, and social media.

Women’s LifeStyle Magazine • April 2013

Support Locally Owned Business

Did you know 73% more money stays in our community when it is spent at a locally owned business? Food & Beverage

n Art of the Table n Byron Center Meats n Carrettino Italian Market & Wine by John Russo n Cascade Winery n Connies’ Cakes n Forest Hills Foods n Grand Central Market n Founder’s Brewing Co. n Kingma’s n Marge’s Donut Den n Martha’s Vineyard n Mary Ann’s Chocolate n Monica’s Gourmet Cookies n Sietsema Orchards & Cider Mill n Smitty’s Specialty Beverage

Farms & Producers n Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery n Sietsema Orchards & Cider Mill

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n Ball Park Floral n Creekside Garden Center n Eastern Floral n Fruitbasket Flowerland n Romence Gardens


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n n Northlight Nannies

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n Art of the Table n Bill & Pauls Sporthaus n Clothing Matters n Gazelle Sports n Global Gifts - Your Fair Trade Store n Horizen Hydrophonics n Lafontsee Galleries n Minty Keen n Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery n Second Chance Clothing n Spirit Dreams n Standale Interiors n Stone’s Throw n Wealthy at Charles n Women’s Health Boutique


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n AL&S Solutions n Ashley Cole Design n Bev Boerman / Five Star Real Estate n Decker & Sons n DeGraaf Interiors n Frames Unlimited n Godwin Plumbing & Hardware n Gordon Water n Halverson Building n Kissing Rock Kitchens n Nawara Bros. Appliance, TV & Bedding n Pulmonary Home Care (PHC) n Rylee’s Ace Hardware n The Shade Shop, Inc. n Tazzia Lawn Care n UBU n Verhey Carpets

Life Services

n Beacon Hill at Eastgate n Heritage Life Story Funeral Homes

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Women's Lifestyle Magazine, April 2013, The Green Edition  
Women's Lifestyle Magazine, April 2013, The Green Edition