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For 20 years, The Women’s Fund has worked to create a just and safe Miami-Dade, where power and possibility aren’t limited by gender.


Miami-Dade’s only

organization directing all our energy toward creating equal opportunity, access and influence for women and girls. Through research, collaboration, and grant-making, we expose the issues, give voice to the silent majority, and pool our collective giving power to provide grassroots solutions. By doing this, we make our community a better place for everyone.

MESSAGE FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR I was thrilled and honored when I learned that The Women’s Fund had selected me to be their Executive Director. My research into the work of the past twenty years had convinced me that the mission is work I want to be associated with. In 1993 a small group of dedicated women made a decision that transformed the lives of many women and girls in Miami-Dade County. They founded Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade. With just $5,000, they began to fill the huge funding gap that existed for programs working exclusively with girls and young women. The Women’s Fund initially focused on grants for pre-teen and adolescent programs. In subsequent years, they have continued to grow and have focused their grant-making to developing women and girls as leaders, ending violence against women, fostering reproductive and healthcare justice and increasing economic security for families. Poised to begin our next twenty years, The Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade continues to support programs and initiatives, to advocate and to lead on behalf of the women and girls in our community. My vision for Miami is a community where one thing can be taken for granted about women: they can do anything. This is a vision shared by the staff, board members and supporters of The Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade. Together, with the help of our community, we will work to transform the lives of women and girls in Miami-Dade County by providing hope, opportunity and empowerment. We welcome you to learn more about our work by reading this annual report, by engaging with our team, by volunteering or donating to support our many programs and initiatives. Whatever means you choose, I know that you will find what I have found – that our women and girls are our community’s most valuable resources. Join us as we continue to empower them with advocacy and to fund innovative initiatives that build equality, foster social change and create community partnerships.

Marilyn Fizer March Executive Director


< REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE MIKISHA, 17 Mikisha is a founding member of Passage 2 Womanhood, a signature Hands 2 Help program. Raised by a single mom on public assistance due to medical issues, Mikisha came to the program to counteract neighborhood influences, and has done extremely well in school and in the community. But this year she gave birth to a baby boy. It was the first teen pregnancy for the program. Passage 2 Womanhood has stepped up to this challenge by changing their focus to teen pregnancy and the dangers of unprotected sex. Mikisha has remained in high school with the encouragement and guidance of the program, as well as the loving support of her mother. In June 2013, Mikisha will graduate from high school with not only a diploma, but also a four year paid scholarship to the university of her choice. Hands 2 Help: A Women’s Fund Grantee Partner since 2006

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ENBAR, 16 > At 16 years of age, I sat in front of 40-60 teachers I had never seen before and shared my story of the struggle I had coming out to my parents as a lesbian. I shared the pain, the betrayal, the emptiness that I felt as my Conservative Jewish parents disowned me as their daughter after I told them I was gay. This was the beginning of my life journey with Safe Schools South Florida as a youth panelist at teacher training workshops. Sharing my story served as my personal therapy. After 4 years of sharing my story, I found my inner peace. At the age of 20, I was invited to join the board of Safe Schools and I was proud to serve as Assistant Director. And further, I am now an Aventura City Commissioner. Safe Schools South Florida: A Women’s Fund Grantee Partner since 2012

WHEN WE INVEST IN WOMEN AND GIRLS, IT GETS BETTER FOR EVERYONE. We believe that Miami-Dade can be a place where women need not fear violence at home. We know it can be a community where girls see a path out of poverty. We actively pursue and protect justice for women and girls in our county and our state, including our rights to reproductive freedom, healthcare and education. We know that by identifying, funding and mentoring best-in-class programs that build opportunities for women to lead, we make this vision real.

< FREEDOM FROM VIOLENCE MARIA Maria, a young woman with Down syndrome, came home from school crying. A male student sexually harassed her when the staff stepped out of the classroom. The sexual name calling, exposure to pornographic images, and explicit language describing how he would abuse her caused tremendous fear. When she reported this in school, the teachers did not take her seriously. She was terrified to ride the school bus because this same student followed her onboard. When her mother contacted the school and asked for action, Maria was called out of class and intimidated. She was put in a room with the bully and two male school police officers who kept telling her to deny what happened and even suggested to her that she had initiated the harassment. The Center for Independent Living is fighting for Maria. Their actions on her behalf ensure that these issues are being dealt with in the Miami-Dade School District. Center for Independent Living: A Women’s Fund Grantee Partner since 2010

ECONOMIC SECURITY KIMBERLY > Kimberly began using drugs at 12 and found herself in trouble over and over again. She ended up in prison. “I was ready to give up. I thought that I did not have any good in me and that I would always be the same.” Then she met the people from LEAP (Ladies Empowerment and Action Program). Very soon after she began the entrepreneurship program, she began to get hope back into her life. Released from the Broward Correctional Institution in 2011, she now works and attends school. “I honestly believe that if it were not for them I would not be where I am today.” LEAP: A Women’s Grantee Partner since 2010


Over the past 20 years, the Women’s Fund was there to help 400 organizations and more than 60,000 women and girls benefit from the collective support of our generous members and supporters.

1993 1996 First Annual WOMEN’S FUND FOUNDED

Luncheon. Grants expanded to


include women as well as girls.

1993 1994 1995 1996 1997




First grants First research project

awarded as a

establishing the need

result of the

for programs serving


at-risk girls.

First CREW event.

1997 2002


Women’s Fund cumulative grant awards top $3 million.



Women’s Fund

Women’s Fund

creates endowment.

wins Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce NOVO Award.

Women’s Fund presents In Our Own Backyard: Girls for Sale in Miami and Across America, a town hall



meeting. Making the Case report is published

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

2008 First Raise the Women’s Fund publishes

Bar event.

The Portrait of Women’s


Economic Security in Greater

Women’s Fund


celebrates 20th Women’s Fund publishes Adolescent Girls in the Sex Trade research






Jean Ryan

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General Membership ($100-$499)

Edward S. Moore Family

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Visionaries ($5,000+)

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Judith Chestler

Virginia S. Mead Miller Family Foundation

Many of us choose THE WOMEN’S FUND to honor our mothers, stand with our sisters, and protect our daughters; to maximize our impact; to play an active role; and to identify the most pressing issues and bring people together to find solutions.

Jane S. Cohen

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*Please forgive any inadvertent omissions or errors. Please contact The Women’s Fund with any corrections.

Randie Siegel

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Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe

Emerita Member

STAFF Fran Katz, Senior Programs Officer Stacey de la Grana,

Chief Development Officer

Karen Blaire, Development Officer Donys Callado, Project Coordinator




by te NUMBERS 7,000









60,000 40,000



People served








WHY DO WE NEED THE WOMEN’S FUND? The Women’s Fund was there in 1993 to help farm families in South Dade as they struggled to overcome the impact of Hurricane Andrew, and to convene community leaders and law enforcement to create real resources to help women suffering with domestic violence. The Women’s Fund was there to incubate start-up organizations committed to serving women and girls. Programs like Lotus House and Casa Valentina received their first funding from The Women’s Fund. The Women’s Fund was there to produce research that informs and advises community leaders on the status of women and girls, including the Portrait of Women’s Economic Security in Greater Miami, which revealed the stark economic realities facing our community. Over the past 20 years, The Women’s Fund was there to help 400 organizations and more than 60,000 women and girls benefit from the collective support of our generous members, making your dollars work more efficiently and effectively. BUT THERE IS MUCH MORE WORK TO DO There were 9,313 domestic violence related offenses in Miami-Dade in 2011. Our city was #3 in the country for child sex trafficking. We need The Women’s Fund. Women earned just 83 cents for every dollar earned by men in Florida in comparable work. The wage gap is even wider for African-American and Hispanic women in Florida, who earn 62 cents and 58 cents, respectively, to every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men. We need The Women’s Fund. Our rights continue to be challenged. In 2012, one constitutional amendment proposed to limit Florida’s participation in federal healthcare reform, which created long overdue healthcare access for women. We need The Women’s Fund. Our voice is not being heard! In our state legislature, just 25.6% of those representing 9,551,065 women are female. In Washington, no Florida Senators and just 6 out of 26 Representatives are women. We need The Women’s Fund. 25.5% of children in our county still live in poverty, and need help finding the path to a better future. WE NEED THE WOMEN’S FUND.

3001 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Suite 264, Coral Gables, FL 33134 PHONE 305.441.0506 WOMENSFUNDMIAMI.ORG

The Women's Fund of Miami-Dade 2013 Impact Report  
The Women's Fund of Miami-Dade 2013 Impact Report  

In celebration of 20 years of service to the women, girls and their families in Miami-Dade, this report provides a snapshot of the scope of...