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Pamela's Story

Pamela and her daughter.

Pamela developed a plan for vocational training and a better job.

Most of us know someone like Pamela—someone who has struggled with addiction. Pamela is a single mother from Walker County and refuses to let addiction ruin her future or her children’s. Project Vision, funded though The Women’s Fund’s Collaboration Institute 2.0, provided the support she needed to get back on track.

Last year, Pamela’s substance abuse resulted in her arrest and referral to Drug Court. She dedicated herself to treatment while juggling a fast food job and caring for her three children and elderly grandmother. With $6,000 in court fines to pay off, providing for her family seemed impossible.

Then Pamela was accepted into Project Vision, a collaboration between Jasper Area Family Services Center, the Walker County Department of Human Resources, and the Walker County Coalition for the Homeless. With these services, Pamela developed a plan for vocational training and a better job. She was promoted to manager at the restaurant where she works, and has paid time off to spend with her family for the first time. By last September, she paid off her fines and graduated from Drug Court.

Project Vision even helped with clothes and school supplies so her children had a strong start for the school year.