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2013 ANNUAL REPORT Moving Women Beyond Poverty

WELCOME THE WOMEN’S FUND OF GREATER BIRMINGHAM AWARDED $278,000 IN GRANTS IN 2013, ITS LARGEST EVER. Thanks to you—women and men concerned about issues that disproportionately impact women and girls— The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham awarded $278,000 in grants in 2013, its largest ever. As Chairwoman of the Board, I thank each of you for ensuring that women and girls in Birmingham go to sleep each night safer and more financially secure. Knowing that no one agency can move women and girls out of poverty alone, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham launched a new and innovative initiative, Collaboration Institute.

2 | Annual Report 2013

It is a targeted twogeneration approach to move women and their children beyond poverty by providing educational opportunities for mothers and their children at the same time. I’m also pleased to share a second new initiative. The Women’s Fund was selected as one of only six statewide agencies to receive major funding from Attorney General Luther Strange as part of the National Mortgage Settlement. We were awarded $440,000 to implement Stepping In To Homeownership. This program provides housing support for Birmingham-

area women and their children as well as critical workforce development programs to move lowincome women into higher wage jobs. We anticipate that this program will improve the lives of more than 64,000 female-headed households in Greater Birmingham in the next two years. It has been a privilege to work with you to ensure that motivated, low-income women can complete their post-secondary education, have access to quality childcare, move into permanent housing, and gain jobs with a living wage. As a generous donor, you play a critical role in moving women and girls away from victimhood and into economic independence.

Linda Friedman 2013 Board Chair

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 3

WHO WE ARE 2013 BOARD Linda Friedman, Chair Brooke Tanner Battle Vicki L. Briggs Agnes Chappell Judith S. Crittenden Lisa Engel Liesel French Brenda Mitchell Hackney

Alesia M. Jones Ellen Jones Cheryl A. Kidd Emily Hess Levine Debra Taylor Lewis Deborah J. McGill Dianne A. Mooney

Barbara H. Oberman Judge Nyya ParsonHudson Lindsey F. Tanner Frances Verstandig Karla Wiles DeLynn M. Zell

STAFF Jeanne L. Jackson...................................................................................President/CEO Mary Page Wilson-Lyons................................................................. Program Director Wright Wiggins Rouse............................................................Development Associate Kanika Manne..............................................................................AmeriCorps Member



/womensfundbirmingham 2201 5th Avenue South Suite 110 Birmingham, AL 35233

4 | Annual Report 2013

(205) 326-4454

1997 FOUNDING BOARD Lin Carleen, Founder Lindsey Allison Candice Rogers Bagby Joan Becker Martha Warren Bidez Jane Stephens Comer Catherine Sloss Jones Natalie Davis Ann Florie Greer Geiger Gaynell Hendricks Shirley Salloway Kahn Joyce Lanning

Helen Shores Lee Susan Matlock Kathryn Miree Charlotte Murdock Dannetta K. ThorntonOwens Kay Blount Pace Lenora Pate Margaret M. Porter Barbara Royal Dorothy Cobbs Shaw Sabrina Simon

Jody Sims Eugenia Heslip Taylor Sandy Thomasson Judith Thompson Judith Todd* Frances Verstandig Cameron McDonald Vowell Jane Webb Cathy Wright * Deceased



The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 5

GRANTMAKING IN 2013, THE WOMEN’S FUND GRANTED $278,000 TO AREA AGENCIES AND COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS to move women and their children beyond poverty through educational and economic support. Over the past year, your money has benefitted 1,324 women and 758 of their children, empowering these families to amass a total of $1.8 million in new assets, income, and savings. Other achievements include:

“I AM TRULY GRATEFUL AT THE OPPORTUNITY THAT I HAVE BEEN GIVEN. IT GIVES ME A CHANCE TO BETTER MYSELF AND MY CAREER CHOICE AND BE A BETTER ROLE MODEL FOR BOTH MY CHILDREN.” - KAYLA Kayla participated in the Jefferson State Pharmacy Technician Training Program. While she was in training, St. Clair County Head Start provided childcare for her two children.

6 | Annual Report 2013

40 single women enrolled in post-secondary education programs

51 of their children enrolled in quality learning environments

47 single mothers and 105 children obtained permanent housing

14 single mothers secured higher wage jobs 119 single women opened new savings accounts and saved a total of $12,700 125 single women completed financial education seminars

44 single women received matched savings for homeownership or education

935 single women received free tax

preparation and received a total of $1,740,847 in Earned Income Tax Credits

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 7


provides scholarships to 10 single women working in the early care and education field. All recipients will receive guaranteed wage increases from their employer (2%) after their first 9 credit hours are completed.


economic support, including case management, childcare, transportation, work incentives/rewards, to homeless young mothers ages 16-22 and their children to stabilize their family and move them into higher wage jobs.



assists women in job training or working towards a post-secondary degree by reducing their child care expenses.

provides affordable, secure homeownership for lowincome (under 60% AMI) single mothers of young children in our community.

8 | Annual Report 2013

IMPACT ALABAMA’S SAVEFIRST PROGRAM ($12,000) - trains college

students to provide free tax preparation services to low-income Alabamians, primarily women, and ensures their receipt of tax deductions and encourages the saving of refunds such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. JEFFERSON STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE AND ST. CLAIR HEAD START’S JOB READINESS AND CHILDCARE FOR SINGLE MOTHERS ($25,000) - provides

Pharmacy Technician Certification preparation training for single mothers of children served by St. Clair County Head Start to move them into higher wage jobs with transferable, credentialed skills.


provides financial empowerment and homeownership support for single women, particularly mothers, participating in job training or higher education. THE SALVATION ARMY’S PERMANENT HOUSING PROGRAM ($25,000) - assists

working single women and their children with obtaining permanent housing from the private rental market through credit repair, utility deposit assistance, and rental deposit assistance.

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 9

GRANTMAKING STEPPING IN TO HOMEOWNERSHIP In April, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange awarded The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham $440,000 to implement our new initiative, Stepping In To Homeownership, which provides housing support linked with critical workforce development programs to increase women’s economic security through asset accrual.

The two-year grant is being distributed and will go toward launching a public campaign about local housing and credit services, providing 2:1 matched savings for homeownership or post-secondary education, and guaranteeing each woman’s success through programs linking housing and workforce development services.

THE IMPACT OF STEPPING IN TO HOMEOWNERSHIP By December 2013, the Individual Development Account program enrolled 24 single women in the Birmingham area in matched savings accounts, thanks to The Women’s Fund. These women are well on their way to saving a total

10 | Annual Report 2013

of $42,500, which will be matched by The Women’s Fund and federal support with $85,000. Your support leveraged $127,500 in new savings for these women to buy their first home or continue their education.

SARAH’S STORY Sarah, a single mother with a 5-year-old daughter, made the brave decision to pursue her education. She was accepted to nursing school but had no idea how she would pay for school, housing, and care for her daughter. Your support has given her the answer. With an Individual Development Account through the Stepping In To Homeownership initiative, she will graduate from Jefferson State Community College with a degree in nursing. This Sarah and her 5-year old daughter degree will help her move into a higher wage job and provide for her family. In her words, your support has “absolutely saved my education, sanity, and precious time with my daughter.”

“THANK YOU TO THE WOMEN’S FUND OF GREATER BIRMINGHAM. I APPRECIATE THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY. I BELIEVE THIS IS THE NEW CHAPTER OF MY LIFE THAT I’M CALLING ‘THE BEGINNING.’” - FALON Falon participated in the Jefferson State Pharmacy Technician Training Program. While she was in training, St. Clair County Head Start provided childcare for her two children.

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 11

GRANTEE SPOTLIGHT: RAMION BROWN Ramion, a single mother, is a hard-working nursing assistant at a local nursing home. She and her young son were left homeless after tornadoes swept through our area in 2011. With nowhere else to turn, she entered The Women’s Fund-supported Permanent Housing Program. Your contributions helped Ramion and her son move into a home, buy furniture, and pay her first utility bill— crucial supports to ensure the family’s initial success. Ramion’s favorite part of the experience? Letting her son choose his very own bedroom. Through your support, they are now both happily settled and stable in their new home.

12 | Annual Report 2013

Ramion Brown in front of her new home with a photo of her old home after it was hit by the 2011 tornadoes.

GRANTEE SPOTLIGHT: STEPHANIE Stephanie, 21, began Project Independence in early 2013 with her two-year-old daughter. With no source of family support, they had been “couch surfing,” which provided little to no stability for Stephanie or her child. Through Project Independence, she entered St. Vincent’s Jeremiah’s Hope Academy to earn a phlebotomy certificate. At the same time, her daughter was placed in a quality child development program. In October 2013, she completed the coursework and passed the National Health Association board exam to become a Certified Patient Care Assistant/ Phlebotomist. Stephanie successfully completed Project Independence and,

through their voucher savings program, left the program with a $1,200 check to begin her independent life. She is now employed at a local nursing home and home health agency and has the financial resources to support her daughter. She hopes to return to college to obtain her bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Stephanie with her Certified Patient Care Assistant/Phlebotomy certificate

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 13

COLLABORATION COLLABORATION INSTITUTE The Women’s Fund first biennial Collaboration Institute launched on June 13, 2013 with a day of workshops for area multi-sector organizations featuring Nisha Patel of the Aspen Institute in Washington, D.C. Collaboration Institute incorporates a nine-month curriculum that provides area organizations the time,

space, and resources to create formal collaborations to simultaneously move women and their children beyond poverty by providing opportunities for both generations. By bringing agencies together, The Women’s Fund increases community impact by bridging the gaps in existing services.

TWO-GENERATION GIVING: LISA AND ILANA ENGEL “I learned about The Women’s Fund from my mom and I was so impressed with the process to award grants based on the greatest impact for women and children. As a psychology major at Washington University, I have learned how much a child’s early environment affects who they will become as adults. By giving to The Women’s Fund, I am investing in young mothers and their children.” - Ilana Engel, Lisa’s daughter and student at Washington University

14 | Annual Report 2013

DOMESTIC MINOR SEX TRAFFICKING PARTNERSHIPS The Women’s Fund facilitates partnerships to reduce domestic minor sex trafficking in Greater Birmingham. On July 11, 2013, The Women’s Fund convened leaders from area law enforcement and social services to initiate the development of a comprehensive, common protocol for domestic minor sex trafficking victims. The session was facilitated by expert Lt. Henry Levenson with the Gulf States Regional Center for Public Safety Innovation

L-R: Mary Page Wilson-Lyons, TWF Program Director; Brandon Falls, Jefferson County District Attorney, Daniel Fortune, Asst. U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Alabama, Lt. Henry “Hank” Levenson, Gulf States Regional Center for Public Safety Innovation; Jeanne Jackson, TWF President

in Louisiana. Lt. Levenson noted the importance of this partnership. “[Sex trafficking] turns into a never- ending cycle,” Levenson said. “It’s critical that we work together.”

“As the proud mother of three daughters, I am passionate about all women having the opportunity to earn a living wage, the same opportunity that my daughters have. The Women’sFund empowers women in need by giving them the tools to become self-sufficient.” - Lisa Engel, Board Member

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 15

WOMEN’S FUNDING NETWORK REGIONAL SUMMIT The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham hosted the Southeast Regional Convening of the national Women’s Funding Network (WFN) in Birmingham this November. Fifty-five women from across the Southeast attended “Women and the New Economy,” which featured presentations by WFN President Michele Ozumba, Ida Rademacher L-R: Michelle Ozumba, President of the Women’s of the Corporation Funding Network; Rep. Patricia Todd; Jeanne Jackson, for Enterprise TWF President Development, and Christine Reeves of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. Alabama State Representative Patricia Todd emphasized the political power of women and participants enjoyed a reception at the home of Board member Barbara Oberman. Staff and Board members from women’s funds in Appalachia, Arkansas, Chattanooga, East Carolina, Georgia, Memphis, Miami-Dade County, Mississippi, and Southwestern Florida exchanged ideas and discussed solutions during the two-day conference in Birmingham.

16 | Annual Report 2013

ADVOCACY LOBBYING TO LIMIT PREDATORY LENDING Over 60% of payday loan customers are women. Thanks to the advocacy work of The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham and other consumer groups, Alabama TWF President Jeanne Jackson and Program Director Mary Page Gov. Robert Wilson-Lyons at a rally against predatory lending in Montgomery, AL Bentley and the Alabama Banking Department established new regulations in 2013 to implement a database of all payday loans in the state and require loan issuers to check the database to make sure that clients are not given multiple loans. While payday lenders have filed a lawsuit regarding the database, The Women’s Fund continues to advocate in the Alabama Legislature to reduce the current exorbitant interest cap of 454% on payday loans to 36%. States with two-digit interest rate caps save their citizens nearly $2 billion per year.

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 17

SMART PARTY SMART PARTY 2.0 RAISED MORE THAN $167,000 IN YEAR TWO OF THE EVENT. THAT’S 60% MORE THAN OUR INAUGURAL YEAR! On October 10, hundreds of people attended the live party at Iron City or joined online to celebrate the ten Smart Honorees and raise money to move women and girls beyond poverty. The top crowdfunder won a trip to San Francisco and a behind-the-scenes tour of Facebook headquarters and the runner-up won lunch with PBS commentator Gwen Ifill in Washington, D.C. Because of phenomenal support from you and our corporate partners, we were able to give two additional grants during the 2013 grant cycle.

18 | Annual Report 2013

(L-R): Alice Gordon, Bonika Wilson & Sireka Melton

(L-R): Ann Forney, Heather Barton, Valerie Ramsbacher, Brett Shaffer, Mindy Jo Santo

(L-R): Falcon Wiles, Committee Co-Chair Karla Wiles, David Nelson, Mary Goodrich, Susan Evans, Sid Evans

SMART PARTY HONOREES Tracey Morant Adams Helene Elkus Jessica Estrada

Michele Forman Valerie Ramsbacher Dr. Isabel Scarinci Dr. Pia Sen

Pardis Stitt Patricia Todd Teri Weksler

Tracey Morant Adams Dr. Isabel Scarinci Helene Elkus Dr. Pia Sen Jessica Estrada Pardis Stitt 2013 Smart Party honorees (L-R): Valerie Ramsbacher, Rep. Patricia Todd, Pardis Stitt, Michele Forman Patricia Todd Jessica Estrada, Terri Weksler, Michele Forman, Dr. Pia Sen, Dr. Isabel Scarinci, Valerie Ramsbacher Teri Weksler Helene Elkus, Tracey Morant Adams SMART PARTY HOST COMMITTEE Katherine Berdy Mimi Bittick Wendy Bozzelli Emily Branum Glenny Brock Staci Brooks Karen Carroll Cindy Crawford Carey Donaldson Catie Ferrell Cathy Friedman Brantley Fry Sarah Glover

Mary Goodrich Kim Hager Patricia Hansen Marcia Hart Claire Hart JP Hemingway Stephanie Hutcheson Morgan Johnston Dina Jordan Anna Kittinger Ricki Kline Gaines Kohn Megan LaRussa

Holly Lollar Theresa Long Libby Lord Jaclynn Maxwell Lauren Pearson Meredith Shah Hampton Stephens Katrina Watson Yvette Weaver Hannah Wolfson Adrian Zebot

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 19



The Altamont School Armstrong Relocation Balch & Bingham LLP Bridgeworth Financial Christy/Cobb, Inc. - Consulting Engineers Corporate Realty Associates, Inc. Golightly Landscape Architecture Indian Springs School Joe Piper, Inc. Marketry, Inc. Maynard Cooper & Gale PC Milo’s Tea Company, Inc. Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic Dora and Sanjay Singh ServisFirst Bank The Scout Guide Birmingham Signature Health, PC 20 | Annual Report 2013


Birmingham Mountain Radio Books-A-Million Chip Shots Photography City Vision Coca Cola Bottling Co. Crown Automobile International Wines

Kathy G. & Co. Portraits, Inc. Red Mountain Park Saks Fifth Avenue Smart Party LLC Smokescreen Printing Supreme Beverage

2013 Smart Party Committee (L-R): (Top Row) Dina Jordan; Theresa Long; Wright Rouse, TWF Development Assoc.; Gaines Grelier Kohn; Mary Goodrich; Katrina Watson; Mimi Bittick (Middle Row): Ricki Kline, co-chair; Karla Wiles, co-chair; Meredith Calhoun, co-chair; Jeanne Jackson, TWF President (Bottom Row): Karen Carroll, Marcia Hart, Katie Ferrell, Kim Hager, Katherine Berdy

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 21

2013 FINANCES 11% 13% 38%




Grants Received Smart Party Legacy Circle General Contributions Endowment

$256,160 $164,581 $89,676 $83,541 $75,453 $669,411

TWO-GENERATION GIVING: GRACIE AND MARY GOODRICH “As a volunteer for SMART Party I was able to gain a deeper understanding of The Women’s Fund and its impact on the lives of women in our community. My mother-in-law has been a supporter for some time now, and I am thrilled to join her and my sister-in-law.” - Mary Goodrich, 2013 Smart Party Committee member, Gracie Goodrich’s sister-in-law and Gillian Goodrich’s daughter-in-law

22 | Annual Report 2013





Programs and Grants Awarded Development General Administration

$399,921 $93,529 $30,266 $523,716

SUMMARY OF INVESTMENTS AS OF 12/31/2013 Endowment at CFGB Designated Fund at CFGB

$1,054,080 $1,160,841 $2,214,921

“Supporting The Women’s Fund alongside my mother and sister-in-law has brought us closer together and allowed us to help other women and their daughters.” -Gracie Goodrich, daughter of Legacy Circle member Gillian Goodrich and Mary’s sister-in-law

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 23





IN-KIND SUPPORT Alabama Media Group Balch & Bingham LLP BIG Communications Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP Bridgeworth Financial LLC Clarus Consulting Group Judith Crittenden & Philippe Lathrop

24 | Annual Report 2013

The Federal Reserve Bank – Birmingham Branch Kathy G. & Co. Merrill Lynch Barbara & David Oberman St. Vincent’s Health System


HEART FOR WOMEN Judy & Hal Abroms Candice Bagby Kay Bains Brooke & Bob Battle Dr. Martha Bidez Blair Family Fund Dr. Mary Lynne Capilouto Clarus Consulting Group Denise Dauphin Dunn French Foundation Ruth & Marvin Engel Linda Friedman Ronne & Donald Hess Foundation Jeanne Jackson & Dr. Mark Lester Dr. Nancy Dunlap Johns Ricki Kline

Dr. Kim Oh Barbara Royal Donna Dearman Smith TRAILBLAZER FOR WOMEN LaVeeda Battle The Honorable Agnes Chappell Dr. Liesel French Brenda Hackney Cheryl Kidd Debra Lewis Deborah McGill Smith The Honorable Nyya Parson-Hudson Dr. Isabel Scarinci Lindsey Tanner Frances Verstandig Karla Wiles Delynn Zell

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham | 25



Susan Livingston Virginia & Bob Loftin Carol Maxwell Jeanne B. Alexander Jeffrey Albright Lesley McClure Paul Billings Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Cheryl Morgan Mimi Major Bittick Inc. (Southeastern Region) Christy & David Nelson Vicki L. Briggs Gail C. Andrews Dr. Bill Nicholas Emily & Dowe Bynum Dr. Melanie L. Appell Lenora Walker Pate The C. Eugene Ireland William R. Battle III Claudia Pearson Foundation Katherine S. Berdy Katherine Pearson Lindsey & Lewis Chitwood Renee Blalock Bette Powell Jane Stephens Comer Brenda Blue Carol & Wilmer Poynor Rosanne Crocker Alice Meriwether Bowsher Lydia & Taylor Pursell Dr. Natalie Davis & Jim Davis Lynn & Steve Briggs Mary Jim & Mike Quillen The Day Family Foundation Dr. Joan W. Burns Carolyn S. Ratliff Nancy M. Delony Rebecca Castleberry & Dr. Margaret Ray Gracie Goodrich Robert Castleberry Webb Robertson Mary & Braxton Goodrich The Catharine & Edward Brett Shafer Barbara Hirschowitz Friend Fund Pam Siddall Pam & Pete Holby Kris Childs Dr. Farah Sultan Nancy C. Hughes Stewart Dansby Dorothy Thomas Barbara Jones Kay & Bruce Donnellan Tracy & Stephen Thompson Ellen Jones Susan Doss Rep. Patricia Todd Gayle W. Leitman Susan Doughton & Jennifer L. Clark Dr. Ruth Ann Lyman Ellen Elsas & Constance W. Urist Cecilia Matthews Dr. Frederick J. Elsas Adrienne & Darwin Paula Purse Pointer Ilana Engel Washington Kim & Bruce Rogers Ilene Engel Leila Watson Meredith & Mitesh Shah Sallie Farmer Susan Watterson Babbie Chenoweth Shelton Cherie Feenker Dr. Marjorie Lee White Dora Singh & Dr. Sanjay Singh Lisa & Randy Freeman Jane Williams Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. South III Brenda Friedman Pardis Sooudi Stitt Brantley Fry & John G. Wilson Craig Wilson Dr. Ellen Witt Gordon O. Tanner Candace & James Furr & Robert Patlan Joseph Gamble Eugenia Heslip Taylor Ann Damon Haas The Three S Fund The Hulsey Family Fund Cindi Minzell Vice Alesia M. Jones Jane S. Webb Allison & Ronald Kuehn Jayna Lamar Camie Lester & Dr. Jim Lester

26 | Annual Report 2013

UP TO $250

Javacia Bowser Wendi Boyen Julia H. Bradley Amy Adams Emily Branum Brooke Adams Elna Brendel Madeline Adams Judy W. Bridgers Tracey Morant Adams Lella C. Bromberg Karen Albright Staci Brown Brooks Rhonda Allen William Brown Gloria Anderson Harry Brown Ann Atkinson Kirsten Bryant Rebecca Bach Barbara Buchanan Dianne Baer Elizabeth Burgess Callen Bair Pamela Burks Josephine Banks Annie Butrus Gail F. Barber Dr. Harriott D. Calhoun Barbara B. Barnard Meredith Ray Calhoun Simmy Barrocas Caroline Calton Kristie Barton Patricia & Ehney Camp Teri Bascom Ann P. Campbell Marie Bateh Richard A. Campbell III Mary Lynn Bates Ray Cannada Jane & Joe Battle Leslie H. Carlisle Juliet M. Beale Wayne Carmello-Harper Suzanne C. Bearman Michelle B. Bearman-Wolnek Trish & Brian Carnahan Rebecca Carpenter Joan & Jack Becker Karen M. Carroll Kimberly Bell Brian V. Cash Michael Bell Jenkins Snow Ceil Alison Berman Freda Centor Andrea Bernstein Anne Berte & Dr. Neal R. Berte Cynthia Cephus Sheila Chaffin Phil Black Vickie M. Chandler Dr. Anne Thiele Blackerby Jennifer Chappell Dalton Forman Blankenship Megan LaRussa Chenoweth Mary M. Bledsoe Donna & Chris Christie Sissy Blount Kellie Clark Cathy D. Boardman Louise Bradford Clayton Barbara G. Bonfield Kate Cleveland Glenda Borden Mary Carolyn G. Cleveland Kelly A. Bownes

Katherine Cobbs Margaret Cobbs Mark Cohen Linda Cohn Juanita Holloway Colbert Liesa Cole Terri Coleman Patsy & Charles Collat Kathleen Collier Jeanne Collins Carolyn Conley Jean & Gil Conrad Caryn Corenblum Sahra Schmid Coxe Leslie Allen Coyne Carolyn J. Crawford Cindy F. Crawford Mary J. Crumbley Tamara Cusmariu Heidi W. Damsky Margaret Daniel Paige Daniel Jane Davis & Dr. Melvin H. Davis June F. Davis Taylor Davis Holly & Bob de Buys April A. Deal Jill Deer Kenneth DeLap Chinelo Dike-Minor Marilyn Dixon Carey Donaldson Beth Dorsett Harriet Doss Jesse Douglas Janice Douthard Suzanne Dowling Carlye Dudgeon Elizabeth Dunn

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Suzanne Durham Laura Eanes Joan Edmonds Nancy A. Ekberg Helene S. Elkus Anna Kathryn Ellis Beverly B. Erdreich Susanne Esdale Rachel Estes Lorrin Etka-Shepherd Jenelle D. Evans John Sidney Evans Jr. Susan Evans Michelle Farley Ellen Faust Lorie & L.B. Feld Cassandra Ferguson Leeann Fields Chu-Chi & Bobby Fierman Carol Filler Barbara E. Fine Grace C. Finkel Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith Gail Forest Perry Forman Beverly Richmond Francis Kelsey Freeman Sherri T. Freeman Anise Friedman Cathy O. Friedman Jessica Friedman Rachel Friedman Sally Friedman Carolyn Frohsin Rebecca Fulmer Julie Gabis Carla Burton Gale Lee & Jimmy Gewin Piyanka Ghosal Ashley Gilbert Gerry P. Gillespy Cathy Rye Gilmore

28 | Annual Report 2013

Sarah Glover Nancy & Glenn Goedecke Alexandra Goldman Ali & Charles Goodrich Elizabeth Goodrich Emily Goodstein Alice Gordon Ellyn S. Grady Blair Graffeo Sarah Graffeo Kim Graham Ellison Gray Joyce Greathouse Kathy & Scott Green Alan Greene Lisa Greene Sandra Greene Celeste Grenier Eleanor Griffin Karen Griner Dr. Vlada Groysman Kim Hager Georgia Sullivan Haggerty Hon. Madeline H. Haikala Andrea E. Haines Angela Hall Catherine Hall Susan Han Grace Hanchrow Patricia Hansen Kathryn & Raymond Harbert Marcia Hart Sherry Hart Cathy Harvey & Dr. Jimmie H. Harvey Jr. Susan Nabers Haskell Jerri Haslem Leigh Haver Deborah Hawkins Carleta R. Hawley Leah S. Hazzard Katie Held

Hannah R. Helman Sissy Hembree Aisha Henley Jane Newton Henry Carol F. Herman Dr. Constance H. Hill Lida I. Hill Holly Jaap Hilton Carey T. Hinds Leigh Anne Hodge Kathryn Horton Elizabeth S. Hughes Stephanie Hutcheson Bambi Ingram Catherine Inskeep Evelyn & John Jaap Amy Jackson Ashley Jackson Barbara R. Jackson Kathy Jackson Susan L. Jackson Kathleen Johnson Michael Johnson Ann Johnston Jill Jones Mary Ann Jones Dina Jordan Brad Kachelhofer Laide Karpeles Lavonda Keel Marty & Leland Keller Leigh Anne Kelley Lydna A. Kern Divya Keshavan Jennifer Kilburn Scarlotte Kilgore Mary Kimerling Judi L. King Lucia King Rupa Kitchens Anna Kittinger Evelyn Kline

Lindsay Knox Lauren Koch Gaines Grelier Kohn Sophie & Kevin Kozak Dr. Polly Kratt Sheri Krell & Dr. James M. Krell Eileen Kunzman Clementine Lacey Jem Lamb Joyce Lanning Cheryl F. Lee Kim Lepley Ted Lester Jay Lester Faye Levin & Dr. Robert Levin Mary & Mitch Levine Dr. Dominque Linchet & Jay Bender Susan Lines Mitzi Link Waller Lissa Alice Lizee Erik Lizee Holly Shepherd Lollar Carolyn W. Long Theresa Long Libby Lord Kyndel Lowe Lisa Lowrie Dr. Linda Lucas Tracy Lurey Glendacile Lyons Martha Lytle Francie MacDougall June Mack Koko Mackin Dr. Judith Malcolm Lisa Mani Dr. Suzanne Martin Edgar Marx Cynthia May

June B. Mays Raquel Mazer Katie & Andrew McAllister Melanie McCraney Sheard McCulley Maggie McDonald Barbara McElroy Dawn McGlothan Emily W. McGowin Bradford McKeown Shannon McMahon Sandra McMillan Sarah McNeill Louise & Frank McPhillips Michael Meeks Sharon Menachemi Candy Meyerson Teresa G. Minor Judith Mintz Karen Z. Mitnick Laura Montgomery Loren Mooney Ashley Moore Eleonor Moore Hon. Mary Moore Blake Morant Callie Morant Jane H. Morgan Lauren Morgan Marsha Morgan Virginia Morris Claudia Mosco Lillian B. Mosley Dorothy A. Mueller Dr. Joanne E. Murphy-Ullrich & Dr. David W. Ullrich Karen Musgrove Kara Myers Susanna Myers Hilary Nelson Sue & Alex Newton Rosemary Nichols

Kaitlin Nobles Frances & Bill Nolan Laura Noon David Noone Victoria Norris Susan N. Nuckolls Barbara & David Oberman Joy O’Neal Katy J. Ottensmeyer Yvette Page George Ann & Alton Parker Joy Parker Shefali Patel Suzanne Payne Dr. Renee A. Peacock Lauren Perlman Marjorie Perlman Betsy G. Perry Karen Peterlin Elizabeth Peters Sheila Phillips Virginia Phillips Jessica Powers Mary Powers Sallie & Bill Pradat Jacqueline Ramsbacher Valerie Ramsbacher Laverne D. Ramsey Marilyn Raney Lynn Rathmell Lynn W. Raviv Laura Read Donna R. Reddinger Mary Frances Forbes Reed Neal & Dudley Reynolds Dr. Sara Robicheaux Ashley Robinett Catherine Roden-Jones Becky Rogers Cindy M. Rogers Cathy Rogoff Millicent Ronnlund

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30 | Annual Report 2013

Ann Smith Deborah & Gary Smith Eudora Smith Sally Smith Betty & Jim Smulian Robert Smulian Rita & Clifford Spencer Joyce Spielberger Camille Spratling Mary Steadman Mary S. Steiner Marion Steinfels Hampton Stephens Martha Ann Stevenson Sarah Stokes Amanda Storey Yolanda Sullivan Susan Swartz Dr. Virginia K. Sweet Mae & Cecil Tanner Allison Taylor Brenda Taylor Rhett & Tommy Thagard Cynthia Tobias & Dr. Raymond Tobias Kelly Todd Peachy Trigg & Dr. Jack W. Trigg Jr. Debbie Tuck Fergus Tuohy Mimi Wilson Tynes Elizabeth Vaughan Sandra & Ron Vinik Constance Wagnon Nancy Walburn Andrea Walker Caroline E. Walker Sharon Ward Joanna & Paul Ware Greg Warner Katrina Watson Gayle Watts Edna Weaver Yvette Weaver

Julie Weinacker Phyllis G. Weinstein Teri Weksler Amanda Wheeler Rebecca White Earlisha Williams Gerald Williams Janice H. Williams Lara Williams Katie Wilson Kim Wilson Mary Lynne Wilson Mary Page Wilson-Lyons & Rev. R.G. Wilson-Lyons Mary Windham Hannah Wolfson & Dr. Randy Law Marcia Wolochow Joan Wright Malera Wright Teresa M. Wright Wilson Wright Louise Wrinkle Lisa Xu Kathy Yarbrough Anne Yuengert

HONORARY DONATIONS In honor of Charlene & John Abernethy Virginia Scruggs In honor of Richard & Laura Abernethy Virginia Scruggs In honor of Tracey Morant Adams Brooke Adams Rhonda Allen Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Southeastern Region) Teri Bascom Cynthia Cephus Terri Coleman Gail Forest Jerri Haslem Deborah Hawkins Mitzi Link Callie Morant Blake Morant Marsha Morgan Yvette Page Yolanda Sullivan Sharon Ward Adrienne Pope Kelly Washington Wilson Wright Malera Wright In honor of Lora Addy Donna R. Reddinger In honor of Mrs. Murray Alley Deborah A. Smith

In honor of Carol Tanner Barry In honor of Brooke Tanner Battle Shelby Calambokidis Kathy Yarbrough In honor of Jennifer & Lee Bartlett In honor of Lin Carleen George Ann Parker Barbara G. Bonfield In honor of Sarah Katherine Bateh Marie Bateh

In honor of Dr. & Mrs. John Carpenter George Ann Parker

In honor of Brooke Tanner Battle Jane & Joe Battle The Women’s Fund Board

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In honor of Frankie Burton Carla Burton Gale

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In honor of Phyllis Hall Mary S. Steiner In honor of Patricia Hansen Edna Weaver In honor of Cissy Held Gayle W. Leitman In honor of Tom & Sandra Hines George Ann Parker

In honor of Carol Rosenstiel & Fran Hogg Vickie M. Chandler In honor of Elizabeth Holt Alice Meriwether Bowsher In honor of Lonnie Humphries Lisa R. Engel In honor of Angie Proctor & Kirk Hyde George Ann Parker In honor of Carolyn Ingram Bambi Ingram In honor of Jeanne Jackson Alice Meriwether Bowsher Margaret Daniel Dr. Natalie M. Davis Karen Griner Dr. Judith Malcolm Dr. Cameron McDonaldVowell In honor of Mrs. Crawford Johnson III Kate & Claude Nielsen In honor of Alesia Jones Earlisha Williams In honor of Dr. Jeanetta Keller Alesia M. Jones In honor of Ashley Kerr Emily Hess Levine In honor of Anna Kittinger Elizabeth Peters

In honor of Ricki Kline Dalton Forman Blankenship April A. Deal Kathryn & Raymond Harbert Evelyn Kline Lindsay Knox Lauren Koch Judith Mintz Lynn Salsberg Debbie Tuck Marcia Wolochow In honor of Kay Kornmeier Judith L. King In honor of Rev. Susan Laney Kelly Ross-Davis In honor of Sherrie LeMier Cynthia Minzell Vice In honor of Faye & Robert Levin Virginia Scruggs In honor of Emily Levine Emily Goodstein Dr. Vlada Groysman Ashley Jackson Mary & Mitch Levine Lisa Lowrie Hilary Nelson Joy O’Neal Carolyn S. Ratliff Tanya Shunnara Susan Swartz In honor of Debra Lewis Cathryn D. Boardman Jenelle D. Evans Mary Samuels

In honor of Shirley Loraine Kelly Todd In honor of Glendacile Lyons Mary Page Wilson-Lyons In honor of Katie McAllister Jeanne L. Jackson & Dr. Mark Lester In honor of The Muscadines Mary Lynne Wilson In honor of Barbara Oberman Kathy Jackson In honor of Betsy Perry Margaret Daniel In honor of Rosemary Phillips Sheila Phillips In honor of Valerie Ramsbacher Mary Ann Jones Eudora Smith In honor of Lynn Raviv George Ann Parker In honor of Brenda Reece Anna Kathryn Ellis In honor of Frances St. John Rouse Herndon Rouse

In honor of Wright Wiggins Rouse Karen Griner Ashley Moore In honor of Amy Saag Debbie Tuck In honor of Becky Sanders Sally Smith In honor of Vickie Saxon Cynthia Minzell Vice In honor of Dr. Isabel Scarinci Michael Johnson In honor of Carol Schulz Dr. Polly Kratt   In honor of Mary Ann Serazin Ellen Jones In honor of Trinket Shaw Martha Ann Stevenson In honor of Dora & Uttama Singh Dr. Sanjay Singh & Dora Singh In honor of The 2013 Smart Party Committee Brantley Fry In honor of Betty Sue Smith Sally Smith

In honor of Mary Hunter Rouse In honor of Herndon Rouse Deborah McGill Smith Linda Friedman

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In honor of Hampton Stephens Sissy Blount In honor of Wylly Stirling Brooke Tanner Battle

In honor of Frances Verstanig Susanne Esdale Candace B. Furr Lida I. Hill Mary S. Steiner

In honor of Carlisle Wilson Virginia Phillips In honor of Mary Lynne Wilson Mary Page Wilson-Lyons

In honor of Dr. Cameron Vowell In honor of Alice Meriwether Bowsher Mary Lynne & David Wilson Elna Brendel Glendacile Lyons Mary S. Steiner In honor of Lindsey Tanner In honor of Paula Wilson Brooke Tanner Battle In honor of Bonner Wagnon Katie Wilson Alan Greene Elizabeth Rhett Thagard Gordon O. Tanner In honor of In honor of Nancy Wagnon Mary Page Wilson-Lyons In honor of Mrs. Cecil Tanner Mary S. Steiner Karen Griner Brooke Tanner Battle Glendacile Lyons In honor of Teri Weksler In honor of Joyce Taylor Kenneth DeLap Camie Lester & Dr. Jim Lester Elizabeth S. Hughes Mary Margaret Scalici In honor of Patricia Todd Carolyn Sherer In honor of Rebecca White Yolanda Sullivan Emily Hess Levine In honor of Pardis Stitt Ann Atkinson

In honor of Dot Turner Pam Siddall

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In honor of Karla Wiles Liesa Cole Sherry Hart

MEMORIAL GIFTS In memory of Caroline Beckers Juanita Holloway Colbert In memory of Edith Manly Binzel Leland & Marty Keller In memory of Elizabeth Blucher Lillian B. Mosley In memory of Grace Donald Carmichael Grace C. Finkel In memory of Lola Mae Coates Jenkins Snow Ceil In memory of Gwendolyn I. Davis Dr. Natalie M. Davis In memory of Irma Rae Erdreich Barbara E. Fine In memory of Jeanne George Beverly Richmond Francis In memory of Jimmie Hess Candace B. Furr Brenda Mitchell Hackney Jeanne L. Jackson

In memory of Virginia Laird Jackson Camie Lester & Dr. Jim Lester Jeanne Jackson & Dr. Mark Lester

In memory of Betty Rivkin Linda Friedman Jeanne L. Jackson In memory of Winyss Shepard Karen Shepard

In memory of Eva Jenkins Jenkins Snow Ceil

In memory of Susan Ann Schmitt Smith In memory of Katherine Jordan Jennifer Kilburn Elizabeth Simmons In memory of Linda Teal In memory of Joe Kimerling Mary Lynne Wilson Andrea Bernstein In memory of Toni Tully In memory of Rebecca Fulmer Mary Evelyn Lester Jeanne Jackson & In memory of Anita Vance Dr. Mark Lester Cheryl F. Lee Camie Lester & Dr. Jim Lester In memory of Emily Walker In memory of Lenora Walker Pate Anne Jackson McAllister Jeanne Jackson In memory of Doris J. Willis & Dr. Mark Lester Dr. Joan W. Burns Katie McAllister In memory of Ginny McElroy Allison Taylor Constance Wagnon In memory of Willine & George Mitnick Karen Z. Mitnick In memory of Joy Ray Marilyn Raney

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The Women's Fund 2013 Annual Report  

2013 was a groundbreaking year for The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham. The stories included in this report would not be possible witho...