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Contents Hello from Angela A great big welcome to our 6th Maximise Conference & Awards. I am so glad that you have joined us, we have planned an extra special day for you today! Maximise is all about you and we have done all we can to put on an event that will benefit you and your business from beginning to end. Our mission, vision and obsession at the Women's Business Club is simply to connect, support and empower businesswomen. Today is a great celebration of all our clubs coming together in one place for one whole day, where members can meet each other for the first time after interacting on social media and where nonmembers can experience our club in action.

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Schedule 09:30 - 10:00 Doors Open & Networking Auditorium 10:00 - 10:30 Talk 1 with Danny Witter: The Rise of Compassionate Capitalism West Room Talk 2 with Julia Stock: Apprenticeships – Pile of overcomplicated rubbish or genius way to rocket propel your business? East Room 10:30-11:15

Talk 3 with Leon Streete: Simple 3 Step Formula to Earn the “Lifestyle” and not just a Living East Room Talk 4 with Delia Zanatta: From passion to start-up: being bold and driving change West Room

11:15 - 11:30 Talk 4 VIP Session with Delia Zanatta West Room Talk 3 VIP Session with Leon Street East Room 11:30 - 12:30 Sheryl Andrews: The Author’s Journey Oval Room 12:30 - 1:00

Alison Edgar: Reaching and Maintaining an Amazon Best Seller Oval Room

2:00 - 2:30

Talk 5 with Angela De Souza: Automate Your Business Main Stage

2:30 - 3:00

Dragoness’ Den Main Stage

3:00 - 3:30

Compère introduction with Paul Martin: My journey as a TV presenter and business owner Main Stage

3:30 - 4:30

Awards Ceremony Main Stage


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Exhibitors 1 - From Russia With Love 2 - Jurys Inn 3 - Raindancers 4 - Start and Grow Enterprise 5 - The Lady Saddler 6 - Amaryllis Associates 7 - Doterra 8 - Utility Warehouse 9 - evhop 10 - Tree Aid 11 - Optunli 12 - Be Astute 13 - PFP Wealth 14 - Double Tree 15 - GTex 16 - Work for Good 17 - Pension Bee 18 - 3 Degrees Social 19 - Elation Experts 20 - Business Owner Elevation 21 - Thomson & Bancks LLP 22 - HazelBee Candles 23 - The Growth Hub 24 - Review Biz 25 - Exela 26 - Jelf 27 - Digital Print Services AUTHOR HUB | OVAL ROOM 28 - Sheryl Andrews 29 - Swatt Books 30 - The Entrepreneur's Godmother 31 - Librotas 32 - Headshot Diva


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Angela De Souza

Paul Martin

Founder of the Women's Business Club

BBC TV presenter & Businessman

Alison Edgar

Danny Witter

Delia Zanatta

The Entrepreneur’s Godmother

Investment Banker turned Social Entrepreneur

Founder and Co-CEO, Optunli

Julia Stock

Leon Streete

Sheryl Andrews

I can help your business fly

Lead Generation Coach

From Overwhelm To Clarity in 7 Steps


Lucy Sherry Solicitor-Advocate; Head of Medical Negligence, Thomson & Bancks Solicitors, Cheltenham After gaining my Law degree at Cardiff University and Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice at the College of Law, I qualified as a Solicitor in 2001. I started out as a Defendant personal injury Solicitor for Local Authorities via their insurers, dealing with employer and public liability claims. This gave me much court advocacy experience and I went on to obtain the separate qualification of ‘SolicitorAdvocate’ in 2008 after taking on additional studies and exams. I also have a Master’s Degree in Business from The Open University and am a PRINCE2 Project Management Practitioner. I have specialised in medical negligence litigation since qualifying as a Solicitor-Advocate. For approximately half of my career I represented the NHS Litigation Authority and one of the GP Unions before switching to working with injured individuals and bereaved families to achieve compensation for adverse outcomes as well as high value personal injury claims, which I find much more rewarding. I believe my background gives me the breadth of experience to tackle my clients’ concerns as proactively and efficiently as possible because I understand how the claim is viewed from both sides. No 2 days in medical negligence are ever the same as I can deal with claims involving delayed diagnosis of diseases, errors in surgery or even birth injury. Whilst this is challenging and requires me to attend many hours of medical lectures each year to keep abreast of changes in treatments, it satisfies my lifelong love of learning and is very interesting. In my spare time, I am an active member of my local Cycling Club and I enjoy film, theatre and music events, as well as running and swimming and travelling to far flung destinations such as South East Asia, Australia and Peru.

How long have you been a member of the Women’s Business Club and why did you join? I have been a member of Women's Business Club for 2.5 years because I was looking for a networking event which was local to our offices opposite Cheltenham Town Hall and I was impressed by Angela De Souza’s supportive ethos, social media prowess and goal to become a nationwide club which is now halfway to becoming a reality! What have you gained thus far from the Women’s Business Club and what do you still hope to achieve? The monthly speakers are of high quality so there are always great business tips to take away, as well as new connections to be made locally. What would you say to others who are considering joining the Women’s Business Club but are not sure what to expect? The fact that there are only 1 member from each field of business allowed to join each club gives each of us an exclusive platform to network our goods or services. Everyone is made to feel part of the wider family and the business spotlight and burning business problem slots each meeting helps everyone to support and learn from each other. How does your local club help you and your business as well as your connection to the national network? We are introduced to online opportunities for promotion which are second to none and outside of meetings, we can post a question on our private members club Facebook page and be inundated with helpful replies.


- attractive to talented people looking for the best employer - loyal employees who know you care for their wellbeing - clear to clients that you’re a great company to work with - easy to implement with so many benefits for your business - rewarding for the entire World - EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEERING! Li be ra te d He to lp c gi aus ve es, tim sha e r es & cha kill , nge t s he wo rld fo r goo d! #EmployeeVo lunteering

Vtues gives employees access to rewarded volunteering, helps manage EV leave & publishes your company’s contributions

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: £588: up to 12 employees (add more), account & public page creation, training, promotion, support, access to volunteering FREE employee volunteering policy & procedures template FREE 12-month Vtues platform: manage, report & publish - Continue after if you agree it’s good for your business (£24 p/employee p/a) Prices exclude VAT. Offer valid until 14 Feb 2019

Vtues Ltd – reg.10889908

Anne Thomas, CEO, Vtues Modern consciousness and the need to sustain the World brings demands on corporations to take responsibility. It’s no longer good enough to focus only on maximising profit. Huge impacts can be made through individual action, however most people do not have enough time to volunteer because of work commitments, as reflected in the 2017 Government Community Life Survey, which showed this being true for 61% of people aged 16 - 65. As an employer you have the power to release your employees into volunteering. AND when you see the benefits Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) brings to your business (no matter how many you employ) you’ll likely be compelled to introduce a program right away. Here are 5 immediate benefits:

Through volunteering, employees develop new skills from exposure to varying environments and teams, (CIPD ‘Volunteering to Learn. report cites many examples). Additionally, 76% of people who volunteer feel healthier and 94% experience a positive impact on their (UnitedHealth Group survey). 4. Return on investment The financial benefits can far outweigh the cost of providing extra paid time off. For example, a company that employs 20 people with an average salary of £27,000 would see a maximum cost of £6,220 p/a for ESV. Should that company retain just 1 employee as a result (data suggests more) then it would save over £8,500 on recruitment and training costs alone. Add to this the improved business performance, increased employee productivity and skills development then that’s a wonderful ROI. 5. It’s easy to implement

1. Maintain great customers and a strong business reputation 91% of consumers expect businesses to operate responsibility (Cone Communications/ Ebiquity Global). Companies that apply good CSR practices, such as Employee Volunteering, see increased business performance from improved reputation and client loyalty. They gain 19 times higher return on assets compared to those that don’t (Kenexa High Performance Institute in London). 2. Attract the best employees & keep them Millennials value purpose over money. 64% won’t take a job if a potential employer doesn’t have strong corporate responsibility practices and 75% would actually take a pay cut to work for one that does (Cone Communications). ESV attracts decent people with strong ethics, who will feel more engaged and loyal to you. In fact, employees who are most engaged with their employer perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave (Corporate Leadership Council). 3. Develop teams, skills and improve wellbeing

Implementation is simply deciding how much time to give, putting in place a policy and delivering the great news to employees. Choose to run brokered team projects or install a low maintenance service like Vtues where individuals connect with causes they care about and request time off to complete activities. These are recorded and validated through the platform and time credited to your business. THE IMPACT WILL BE VAST If each of the 26.7million people employed in UK private sector were given just 24 hours of EV leave this would provide 641 million hours p/a to charity and other purpose-led organisations who’d benefit from new skills, increased awareness, additional funds, reduced costs and innovation. The benefits are clear and starting an ESV program is easy. Once you’re set, shout about it through social, web and client comms and be sure to highlight it in recruitment drives. I’m a big believer in celebrating and rewarding business and individual engagement, which was the driver behind creating the Vtues platform.

Lynda Taverner Raindancers Child and Family Mentoring Hi, my name is Lynda, I‘m a single mum of two fine young men, now 21 and 17 and have the privilege of living in the beautiful Cotswolds. My passion is all about people, especially children and families. Seeing children and families blossom from their circumstances, is the thing that brings my life alive. I own Raindancers Child and Family Mentoring which is all about setting children and families free. Free to live a life that is full of purpose and joy and

not one of worry, fear and anxiety. An experienced mentor, with Ofsted Outstanding for my work in school and along with a career history of working with children and families laid the foundations for launching Raindancers Child and Family Mentoring. I love to work with individuals and families, tailoring sessions, offering support, advice and mentoring. Anyone who knows me, will know that I’m not adverse to public speaking, especially if it helps get the message across in regards to the wellbeing of children. With that passion also comes The Parenting Parenting Course, my way of helping all parents find real pleasure in parenting.

How long have you been a member of the Women’s Business Club and why did you join? I was introduced to the Women’s Business Club back in the Summer 2017, initially to attend the Ultimate Business Course, of which couldn’t of come at a better time, as I had recently lost my job. The course launched me into, what is now, a thriving, multi award winning business with children and families being supported all over the country. As soon as the course was completed I had no hesitation on becoming a full member of Women’s Business Club, the support, advice and connection is something to celebrate and I haven’t looked back since! What have you gained thus far from the Women’s Business Club and what do you still hope to achieve? What I’ve gained, well that list is pretty extensive. I think the most important one for me is, a voice, a voice that people are now listening to in regards to the wellbeing of children, families, mental health and education. Being given a platform to share my passion, gain confidence in my abilities and knowledge has propelled Raindancers Child and Family Mentoring to a whole new level and I know I could not of achieved this without Women’s business Club. What would you say to others who are considering joining the Women’s Business Club but are not sure what to expect? Don’t think just do, would be my answer to that. Being self employed at whatever level, has the potential of being a lonely exercise, it can be overwhelming and hard graft. The support and opportunities you will receive are second to none and regardless of which membership you choose it will be repaid in so many ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’re at corporate level, membership to Women’s Business Club will not only boost your business but yourself as well.

How does your local club help you as well as your business as well as your connection to the national network? Being a part of the club has been amazing, rewarding, supportive and completely energising. Every month I look forward to our meetings, meeting new and inspiring ladies, I also have the privileged of encouraging others to keep going, as I now lead two groups, Cheltenham and Winchcombe. In the ‘keep going’ it’s important to remember that the club is not just a once a month activity but available to us throughout the month. Angela has built a fantastic team around her and those people, not just ladies, are available to members as well. Along with Angela’s team there are also ??? members to call on and it’s our comembers that bring friendship, connections, advice, clients and sales and effectively that’s what we’re all here for. I must add, I haven’t had one day that I’ve felt lonely whilst working from home. What an amazing year, amazing connections, truthful support and empowering encouragement has been nothing short of life changing. I’m now on the road to a strong and fulfilling career. I know Women’s Business Club will continue to journey with me and I’m looking forward to the many years of growing connections and friendships to come. Maximise is also a great part of belonging to Women’s Business Club and anyone coming to the conference will go away with so much, not least the deep values behind Women’s Business Club. Experiencing the day with so many others I’m sure will bring talent and enthusiasm into the regional clubs. Can’t wait to put names to faces and meet many other members from around the country All things Raindancers






Business Lunch & Mastermind Boardroom Connecting, supporting and empowering business women through friendly business networking and intimate peer to peer mastermind meetings.

Maximise is just the beginning, get involved at a club near you!

“Angela is a great speaker, with a genuine and honest presence allowing her to connect with listeners on a really personal level.� - Tim Groves, Commercial Insurance Broker

Book Angela for your 2019 event

Author Hub The Author Hub – What is it? The Author Hub is the go to space to meet and mingle with wannabe and published authors alike. Being an author is a journey and it is so much more fun with like-minded people who get the frustration and can support you through the change. Whether you are just starting out or you are successfully published and marketing your book, there is something for you. Existing authors get to promote their books and be in ‘The Author Spotlight’ to share their journey. This helps their readers to get to know the author and it inspires new authors on the journey wanting to shift from dreaming to actually publishing their book. Plus book mentors and coaches Karen Williams and Sheryl Andrews will be available all day to answer all your book writing and marketing questions.

the skill or the time needed to make it really stand out from the crowd?

Have you ever thought about publishing your own book, but felt overwhelmed by what’s involved, or not even sure where to start? Do you have a book already, but don’t have


If you answered yes to either of those questions, Sam Pearce can help. She helps independent authors to self-publish professionally, affordably, and ethically. She offers an all-inclusive publishing solution that takes you from edited manuscript all the way through to your book being on sale worldwide - that takes the pressure out of self-publishing and allow you to get back to what you do best – writing!

Author Spotlight Alison Edgar | Every year we interview published authors who share their journey and this year is no different. We are particularly excited to have the opportunity to hear from Alison Edgar, Managing Director of Sales Coaching Solutions and The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, who is also one of the UK’s Top 10 Business Advisers and #1 in Sales and Marketing.

Alison is regularly featured on BBC 1 Breakfast, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian as well as BBC Radio 4 Moneybox and has recently appeared on LBC Radio.

She has trained thousands of people nationally and internationally. Her client list ranges from start-ups all the way through to multi-national conglomerates and includes Dragon’s Den and Apprentice winners. She will be telling us how she achieved Amazon #1 and WH Smith Travel top 10 Business book and continues to sustain regularly sales. As Alison quite rightly points out, without sales we don’t have a business.


Meet The Authors Sheryl Andrews Manage Your Critic – From Overwhelm to CLARITY in 7 Steps

Your critic (that little voice in your head) often has lots to say and can impact every thought and every decision you make, resulting in self-doubt, feelings of guilt and fear of failure. Manage your critic is a practical guide to develop the skills, support and resources you need to work and live at your best with others.

Photo Credit: Deborah Selwood Lis Mcdermott Mixed Feelings - True Love Doesn’t Care about Age or Colour

In an age where people increasingly worry about their looks, age and being socially accepted, read the story of Lis and Conrad. Twelve years apart in age and growing up with very different social, cultural and educational backgrounds, Lis and Conrad meet on the dance floors of Cheltenham. On paper they should have nothing in common…


Azmina Jiwa Freedom To Be Me

If, like many, you've spent most of your life putting the needs of others before yourself, you may well find that you're now at the bottom of a very long list - if you're on the list at all. The symptoms of living your life like this may include feeling unhappy, exhausted, worthless and anxious. You're probably wondering how you're going to get to that place where you can feel happy again... If this describes how you're feeling, Azmina's book is for you. Photo Credit: Deborah Selwood Karen Williams Your Book is the Hook Book Marketing Made Simple

Karen Williams is one of the UK’s leading Book Mentors. Having written and published five of her own books, she knows first-hand that it’s not easy! This has led to her developing a proven sixstep system that works. She and her team have helped hundreds of nonfiction authors to write, publish and market business building books, that have successfully developed their credibility and helped them to reach more people with their story and expertise.


YOURLOCAL INSURANCE EXPERTS Jelf can provide access to market leading insurersand schemes designed specifically for your business including: • Accountants, Therapists, Shop owners and Business coaches along with many more • A dedicated team to manage your insurance • A proactive and reassuring claims service Whether itʼs time to renew your policy now or in the future,contact: Bath 01225 444553 Cheltenham 01242 225860 Or This is a marketing communication. J elf Insurance Brokers Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Not all products and services offered are regulated by the FCA. Registered in England and Wales number 0837227.Registered Office: Hillside Court, Bowling Hill,Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6J X.FP18.752

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