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WA 2016-2017 Annual Report

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Wo m e n ’ s A d v o c a t e s MESSAGE FROM THE E XECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Dear Friends and Supporters, Warm greetings from 588 Grand, the home of Women’s Advocates since 1974! The past year has been an eventful one for our organization and for me personally, as I had the privilege of joining this remarkable team. It is humbling to lead an organization that has been on the vanguard of the movement to end domestic violence from the very beginning. I hope that by exploring this document, you’ll learn something new about the work of Women’s Advocates, be moved by the stories of the women and families whose lives we touch, and feel inspired to continue your important work to end domestic violence. Because our partnership with you is what makes our work possible. Together, we provide women and children support for the journey to wholeness and a new chapter. Together, we walk with survivors as they heal. Your support gives us the strength to do our work. You give us hope. In the words of American composer Ysaye Barnwell, “If we want hope to survive in this world today, then every day we’ve got to pray on, teach on, work on, march on, sing on.” Thanks to you, we march on. With gratitude,


Wo m e n ’ s A d v o c a t e s


The mission of Women's Advocates is to eliminate violence in the lives of women, children and families.


Women's Advocates spans across three large connected houses that contain 15 bedrooms, the Women's Program, the Sheila Wellstone Children's Program, Outreach Services, a 24/7 Crisis Line, and the Aftercare Program.

In the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year: (Between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017)



140 women and 184 children received shelter at Women’s Advocates. “He took EVERYTHING. So I survived. I let him keep the broken pieces of me. I grew away from my shattered body through forgiveness, self-love, sobriety, god, and honesty. I have become the author of my story. This is my surviving journey. You, too, can thrive and strive to make a difference. So reach out, speak up, create from a place of understanding. Let’s help each other.” – 2017 Resident

22,014 nights of shelter were provided to women and children. 66,042 meals were provided to women and children.

Shelter program expenses for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year were $704,595. Shelter expenses comprised 30% of organizational expenses.

Some of Women's Advocates' first residents with our founders at the original house at 584 Grand Avenue

SHELTER Women’s Advocates opened its doors in 1974 as the first shelter in the nation for women escaping domestic violence. Located in Saint Paul, Women’s Advocates provides shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence in a secure location with round-theclock staff support available to residents. Sheltering up to 50 women and children daily, residents have a bedroom, home amenities, and a full service kitchen serving three meals a day. The shelter is also home to the Women's Program and the Sheila Wellstone Children's Program. Women's Advocates welcomes domestic violence survivors of all backgrounds and cultures. Our shelter is a safe place where women and families can build pathways towards safety and stability. Situated in three houses in the Summit Hill neighborhood, our shelter is a critical public safety resource in our community.

On average, women and children spend 45 days at Women's Advocates.


In the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year:


(Between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017)

140 women created safety plans.


"I have been lost for some time. My life had not been mine or what I thought needed it to be. I came to Women's Advocates with nothing but hope that a turnaround would follow. I may be a work in progress but I have belief that the best is yet to come. My growth is evident and patience is a virtue. I thank all the compassionate hands that have helped me get to this mindset thus far." - 2017 Resident

70 crisis interventions were conducted. 80% of women found safe housing in the community within three months of arriving at Women's Advocates. 90% of women gained knowledge in the Women's Program that changed the type of relationship they'll seek in the future. Women's Program expenses for the 20162017 Fiscal Year were $556,167. Women's Program expenses comprised 24% of organizational expenses.

WOMEN'S PROGRAM The Women’s Program works intensively with women residing at our shelter. Our program aims to create a safety plan and pathway to independence for each woman as she plans for a stable and violence-free future for herself, and in many cases, her children. When a woman arrives at our shelter, one of our trained advocates works with her to create an individualized safety plan and begin the pathway to a violence-free life. Women's programming includes access to on-site, one-on-one mental health counseling from a licensed therapist, legal support from volunteer lawyers on-site, systems navigation for courts-related issues, and connections to housing, education, and employment resources. Our staff offer daily support groups to all residents for peer support, parenting, chemical health, mindfulness, and other topics related to physical, sexual, mental and spiritual health.

On average, a woman will leave an abusive relationship 7 times before she leaves for good. Statistic from "50 Obstacles to Leaving" Austin, TX: The National Domestic Violence Hotline


In the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year:



"I stayed at Women’s Advocates as a kid, which surprises my friends. I didn’t think it was a big deal because it was a good place and I made good memories there. I didn’t realize the reason I was there was because of what was going on at home. Every time I drive by the shelter now I think ‘they were there for me and they’re still there for other people and working really hard with their heart to help people heal.’“ -2005 Child Resident

(Between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017)

184 children ages 0 to 17 stayed at Women’s Advocates. 85% of children over 4 years old completed a safety plan. 3,054 hours of advocacy, activities, childcare, school enrollment, family assessments were provided. Children's Program expenses for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year were $288,694. Children's Program expenses comprised 13% of organizational expenses.

Grand opening of rennovated play area

SHEILA WELLSTONE CHILDREN'S PROGRAM Children who arrive with their mothers/guardians as they escape violence have many ways to participate in the Sheila Wellstone Children’s Program. Children’s Program staff work with each child and their mother at the shelter to nurture each child’s development as the family plans for a stable and peaceful future through safety plans and case by case management. Children’s Program staff also conduct a child and family intake assessment with each of the women who arrive with children. This assessment gives Children’s Program team members a foundation for goal setting with each child and parent. Children have access to safety planning, school support, mental health counseling, family, art and music activities, and dropin childcare.

92% of children at Women's Advocates have experienced domestic violence.



Women’s Advocates offers a 24-hour crisis line for people experiencing domestic abuse. “While each crisis line caller’s story is horrific in its own way, I am reminded over and over again of how resilient survivors are. To endure abuse and to survive. To endure abuse and reach out. To be hopeful. To persist.” - Claire, Crisis Resource Advocate 10

In the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year: (Between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017)

19 women received supportive services and 10 families received rent support from Women's Advocates after leaving the shelter. 2,195 women who called our crisis line received crisis interventions and shelter referrals. 325 referrals to legal, housing and other resources were made to crisis line callers. Aftercare expenses for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year were $169,205. Aftercare expenses comprised 7% of organizational expenses.

Each woman who leaves our shelter receives a word cloud with positive descriptions of her that staff have observed. This is always a meaningful moment. Says Erin, Housing & Aftercare Advocate, of her work with women once they leave, "to see the women for the first time have keys to a place they can call home is one of the greatest experiences. The pride when I am given a tour of their home and how they plan to decorate, the excitement and joy and the look of relief on the children’s face leaves a strong impression. I feel very fortunate to be a part of these women’s transition and pursuit of a violence-free life."

AFTERCARE Women in our aftercare program have access to our supportive services after moving out of our shelter. Our Housing and Aftercare Advocate visits families in their new homes to ensure they have access to resources so they remain independent and safe. Collaboration with landlords provided a creative approach to connecting 10 exiting families last year to safe housing. A survivor of domestic violence often has the keys to a place she can call her own for the first time after leaving our shelter. Home visits and phone check-ins offer connections to education, employment, and community resources for survivors transitioning into independence and sustained safety. Aftercare services are available for up to a year for women after they leave, and rent support is available for up to two years for a limited number of families after leaving the shelter.

63% of homeless women are victims of domestic violence. Statistic from "Domestic Violence Counts: A 24-hour census of domestic violence shelters and services across the United States.” Washington, DC: National Network to End Domestic Violence.


Women's Advocates staff at the MN Coalition for Battered Women's Statewide Day of Action

In the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year:


“You gave me courage. I am now giving others a voice. I will not be quiet. I will not stop until they have justice. Thank you for helping me to see that what happened to them was abuse." – An abuse survivor's parent (whose peers also endured abuse) who attended a Women's Advocates' educational presentation

(Between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017)

18 shelter tours were provided to community members, global leaders in women's safety, and program partners. 17 informational tables were presented at community events, farmers markets, and health fairs. 83 educational presentations were offered on domestic or dating violence, healthy relationships, digital dating violence, engaging boys and men, and human trafficking. Community Outreach Program expenses for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year were $84,165.


Community Outreach expenses comprised 4% of organizational expenses

Women's Advocates staff at the Minnesota State Capitol Building

Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman speaks at Women's Advocates' open house.

COMMUNIT Y OUTREACH To connect domestic abuse victims to safety resources through targeted outreach and to prevent future incidences of domestic violence, Women’s Advocates’ Education & Outreach Coordinator works to increase awareness of issues related to safety, familiarity with local and digital safety resources, and knowledge of the signs of domestic abuse. Students, service providers, emerging partners in violence prevention (dental clinics, veterinarians, salons, chiropactors, daycare centers), the digital community, and volunteers in safety advocacy are provided violence prevention education and awareness through presentations, printed materials, and partnerships. Educational topics include domestic violence, dating violence, stealthing, digital dating violence, revenge porn, reproductive coercion, economic control, isolation, stalking, and children’s experiences.

Domestic violence is the 2nd most common person-based crime in Minnesota. Statistic from "The 2016 Minnesota Crime Victimization Survey.” Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs

Wo m e n ’ s A d v o c a t e s

IMPACT IN THE 2016-2017 FISCAL YEAR Continued shelter and safety 22,014 nights of shelter were provided. 66,042 meals were served. 324 women and children received safe, secure shelter at Women’s Advocates. 100+ Orders for Protection were filed by residents while at the shelter. 70 crisis interventions took place with residents of the shelter. 2,195 people seeking safety from domestic violence got help via our 24/7 Crisis Line. A Resident Council was formed, giving leadership opportunities to women at the shelter. Safer futures for children 148 children participated in healing children’s activities and safety planning. 10 hours per week of children's therapy were added with the arrival of a new therapist. 1,073 hours of care were provided to children, using a childhood development curriculum. Increased community engagement Over $8,000 in gift cards was collected for residents' holiday gifts and move-out kits. 19 families got help with safety, housing, and other needs for a year after leaving the shelter. 1,577 individual visits were made by volunteers to the shelter, averaging 4 volunteers per day. Growth of violence prevention education An Education and Outreach Coordinator joined the team at Women's Advocates. Over 30 schools in the metro area received education and resources on dating violence. Online safety resources were accessed by 3,117 unique website visitors. Safety in our values and in our facility Our playground was updated so children can play on new, safer equipment. Women's Advocates adopted seven "core values" that we embrace in all facets of our facility, programming, administration, and outreach. These values include belonging, collaboration, compassion, data-driven decision making, dignity and respect, excellence, and safety.



FINANCIAL REPORT 79%: Programs & Services

78%: Program Revenues

15%: Management & General

20%: Contributions

6%: Fundraising

2%: Debt Forgiveness, Miscellaneous

2016-2017 Audited Financial Statements Assets

Total Current Assets 2,668,386 Net Property & Equipment Total Other Assets


Net Assets

1,056,112 -

Total Assets 3,724,498 Total Current Liabilities


Long-Term Debt


Net Assets: Undesignated 1,402,720 Net Assets: Board Designated 1,956,184 Net Assets: Temporarily Restricted


Total Liabilities and Net Assets 3,724,498 Revenue

Program Service Revenue 1,756,027 Contributions 440,492 Debt Forgiveness 25,584 Interest & Miscellaneous 32,559 Total Support & Revenue 2,254,662

Expenses Programs & Services 1,801,875 Management & General


Fundraising 132,409 Total Expenses 2,282,873 CHANGE IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS (28,211) NET ASSETS - BEGINNING OF YEAR 3,502,318 NET ASSETS - END OF YEAR 3,474,107

Audited Financials provided by third party auditing firm CliftonLarsonAllen LLP


WOMEN'S ADVOCATES' CONTRIBUTORS KEY FUNDING PARTNERS The Minnesota Office of Justice Programs Child and Adult Care Food Program, U.S. Department of Agriculture The Greater Twin Cities United Way DONORS OF $5,000+ Anonymous AT&T Corporate Social Responsibility Caroline's Kids Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Grotto Foundation Carole Howe Hugh J. Andersen Foundation Mississippi Market Opus Foundation Otto Bremer Trust Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation Richard A. Newman Foundation Kaitlyn Rusert The Saint Paul Foundation Corey Sauer Caroline Stone Verizon HopeLine Program 16

DONORS OF $1,000-$4,999

$500 - $999

Lucas Corty Erickson Schwab Charitable The Allstate Foundation Fund Alpha Chi Omega Guild of Oriental Dance Foundation, Inc. Archie D. and Bertha H. Kathryn Hammond Dan Healy Walker Foundation Jill Marie Johnson MacDonald & Mack Mary Kaczorek Architects Nancy McLean Connie Barry Karen Nancekivell Lynette Bertsche Bill and Christine Sand Carol Oeltjenbruns Robert Opdyke Bluhm Anne and Bill Parker Bremer Bank Bethany and James Cinda and David Sexton Jensen Noreen Shaughnessy Sean Conway Timothy Smith Costco Sandra G. Sponem Loralee and Gene St. Mark Lutheran DiLorenzo Church Gregg and Mary The Summer Fund Dourgarian Angela Thomas Joan Duddingston Patricia Thompson Mary Gabler John Turner Mary Henehan United Way of Greater Highland National Atlanta Women's Golf Club James Walker Louis F. and Kathrine Janine Wenholz E. Hill Garret White House of Hope City of Woodbury Presbyterian Church HRK Foundation Babette Jamison DONORS OF $100 Jefferson and Andrea - $499 Johnston Brian Adams John Koller Amy Albus Kopp Family Alicia Cozine and Eric Foundation Johnson Mary Kopriva Allina Health Mary B. Kusske Community Margaret H. and James Engagement E. Kelley Foundation, Alpha Chi Omega Inc. Janice Anderson Bruce Montgomery Patricia Anderson Joseph Payne Roger and Margie Dee Polacek Anderson Mr. Manaster and Mrs. Anonymous Recibe Julienne Applebaum Ryan Family Donor Amy Josefa Ariel Advised Fund Rosie and Jim Schueller Maggie Arzdorf Avista Communications Kyle Solstad Margaret and Ian Ball Jean Sweeney Mary V. Bandt UnitedHealth Group Barbara & Erik Randall Wilke Westgard Sandra Zipp Barbara Broen M. Marie Beck Cheryl Behrent Steven Belton DONORS OF Jason Benson Kathleen W. Berdan $500 - $999 Audrey Berg Sally Ehlers and Ann Maryann Kolbo Adams Bergantine Anonymous Beth Bergman Janice Barker Marilyn Bjorklund Nancy Bonnema Debora Blakeway Liz and Tom Boyd Cynthia Bond Stephanie Carlson Judy and George Thrivent Choice Bonnell Quinn Driscoll Linda Boss Tim and Rebecca Ben Brandt Emory

$100 - $499

Shamala M Brandt Mary Brennan Laurie Burns Ann Cady Marcia Carson Kathleen Cecere Erin Ceynar Chad and Sandra Wyffels Robert Chase City of St. Paul Public Works Elly Nyberg Clark Melissa Cline Lavonne Cobb Warren Cohen Beth Commers Emergency Care Consultants Corporate Technologies Katrina Coss Mary Costello Carrie Dahl Daniel Davis Judith Dawes Margaret Dayton John and Kathleen Deslauriers Brian & Jill Dobie Janet Dolan Joseph Dolson Marybeth Dorn Suzanne Ducker Elaine Dunbar Margaret Dunham Tony Ebertz Lance Egley Suzann Eisenberg Murray Becky Erickson Sarie Erickson Phyllis and Ronald Ettinger Ann B. Fendorf Bradley Samuel Filice James Flaherty Teresa Forliti Jane Frazee Darcy Frederickson Lisa Fridland Victoria Fuehrer Deborah Fulton Tom Gabriel Margaret Gadient Rachel Garton Sue Gehlsen Gemini Incorporated Josh Gerdes Dennis Gerhardstein Carla Gillespie Gillman Family Charitable Fund GiveMN Thomas and Gwendolyn Gmeinder Mary Sue Godfrey Nate Grahek Erin Gregoria Carolyn Hanka Debra Hanson Melissa Hardy Meghan Harris

$100 - $499

Pat Harris John Hayes Mary Hendrickson Amy Higgins Catherine Holtzclaw Ivori Horwath Bob Hughes Piper Jaffray Aya Johnson Denise Johnson Kay Johnson Kelsey Johnson Tricia Johnson Carolyn Jones Joyce Osborne Gina Kapaun Karma Boutique Sunny Kase John and Susan Keilholz Alexander J Kender Kit's Furniture Repair, Inc. Karli Knox Heidi Koehnle Christopher A Kramme Linda Lane Christelle Langer Debbie and Andy Lee Gwen and Irving Lerner Beverly Liebenstein Danielle Loewen Pamela Lohse Tony Looking Elk Morgan MacBain Priscilla MacDougall Mary Madill John Manning and Andrea SteinerManning Chad Margerum Rachel Matteson Richard Maxon Megan McCarthyBobrowski Debra McCormick Liz McDevitt Kim McDonald Paulette Medin Robert Mendel Mary Mentone April Middleton Michelle Miller Christopher Ryan Moehrl Debbie Montgomery Kathie Montgomery Mpls Storm U12 - A Girls Hockey Sarah G. Mulligan Jill Murphy Susan Illg and David Musielewicz Srinivasan S. Namakkal Mary Nash Dee Anne Nelson Jane Norgard Ingrid Nuttall Ellie O'Brien Mark and Wendy Stansbury O'Donnell Meghan OHare

$100 - $499

Pam Olson Mary Kay and Paul Orman Josh Ortiz Bjork Ostrom Jim Pagliarini Elizabeth Perry Carole Otte Pesek Patty Peterson Suzette Schommer Peterson Kim Jensen Pfieffer Connie Phillips Pi Beta Phi Alumni Andrea Plautz Tom and Laurie Pratt Judith Priadka Marne Rasinen Regan Hall Reinerth Ian Reinl Lauren Rimestad Julie Rismoen Carol A. Robertson Daniel Rodriguez Karen Roerig Cindy Rogers Megan Rozowski Christine J Rusin Diane Sachse Renee Schaefer, Jen Schepers Lisa Schreier Erica Schumacher Jeannie Scott Judith Searles Joyce Serido Diane Sharper Carol Sheggeby Carol Shelly Cari Simonson David Simpson David Singley Kecia Sinkfield-Harden Joan Eileen Sirotiak Paul Christopher Sisson Lorna Slott Margaret Solberg Meredith J. Sommers Margaret Sorensen Delta Tau Sorority Evon Spangler St. Matthews Mens Club Nancy Stanton Elizabeth Stockton Amy Stolpestad Julie Stoltz Dale Sulzen Allina Health System Christina M Szitta Rachel Thaney Brantingham Susan Thayer Lindsey Thiss Thomson Reuters, My Community Program Karrie Tozzolino Krista Twesme Angela L. Urbanek Vanessa McDuffie and Ali Elabbady

$100 - $499

Karla Vaughan Tara Wallin Suzanne Walsh Mary Ward Darcee Weber Sandra Wenholz Sonya Talarico Wennberg Erin Westerlund Christy White Helen Whitmill William and Carol Beadie Stephanie Willing Wings Financial Credit Union - Highgrove Branch Greta Wintheiser Hilary Otey Wold and Benjamin Wold John and Kathy Wuorinen Mollie Yocum Leslie Yoder Anna Mary Kathleen Youngerman Jeanette Zaczkowski Teri Zebrosky


Mark and Frances Agnew Christine Albrecht Arlene and Tom Alm Amazon Smiles Ameriprise Financial Kelly Anderson Andrea Kaufman and Jim Jacobson Anonymous Mukta Arora Steven Ayres Lisa Bah Tori Bahr Alina Bailey Ashley Bailey Derek Baker Alicia Baldwin Brandon Balfanz Melissa Barott Sarah Bartl Margaret Basnett Michael Bauer Hannah Baxter Linda Baynton Aimee Becker Arlene Beebe Deneice D. Beise Michael Belton Lalitha Belur Bruce Beneke Jeremy Berger Jessica Berger Gena Berglund Vivian M Bernau Bonnie J. Berquam Samuel Bird Chelsea Birkholz Jennifer BiscigliaHeideman

UP TO $99

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Tara Boedeker Kathryn Bolinder Georgia Ann Bond Bruno Bornsztein Ronald A Bornsztein Emily Breen Emma Bridges Thomas Brinker Tom Brown Cheryl Brown Jean Brown Nancy Browne Bethany Brunsell Miranda Bryan Elisa Cady Molly Lyn Carlson Raelene Caswell Mary Catlin Charlotte and Aaron Przybylski Kathleen Childers John J. Choi Barbara Chopp Melinda Christenson Anna Christie Brenda Ciccone Kathleen Clinton Neena Cohen David Colby and Laura Clay Ali Cole Nicole Coleman Erika Collins Barbara J. Columbus Jill M. Combs Phyllis Conlin Lynn Craig Sterline Saran Cryer Meredith Cuda Megan Cunningham Marilyn Ann Curtis Leah Dale Savanna D'Amico Daniel and Beverly Anonen Kim DeBaere Julene Kay Denet Jane DeSignor Joseph Dierkes Maureen Dolan Valerie Dosland Nancy Driessen Jill Marie Droubie Elizabeth Nowlin Drumm Katherine Dudding Brian Duren Saroeun Earm Caitlin Eccles-Radtke Ed and Jackie Nelson Cady Eddy Katherine and Mark Edwards Kelly and Phillip Elkin Julie Lynne Elliott Diane Erickson Kelly Evans Andrea Fahey Fair Anita SBC Aimee Farley

UP TO $99

Sandra Mae Fecht Amy Fehrer Maya Fehrs Carla Feldhamer Kimberly Finch Sharon Flaherty Emma Flemmig Dr. Nancy Flynn Jane Fosse Catherine Gadient Catherine Gadiet Brenda Gagnon Christopher Gardner Patricia Garness Patricia Gavilan Sarah Gerrish Erica and Tom Giorgi Jonathon Glashan Karen and Howard Gochberg Sjeila Goetzke Jacqueline Gohdes Danielle Gordanier Wendy Gordon Mary Lou Grahek Brandon Griffin Patrick Gruber Masiti Haji Peggy Hall Liz Hamburger Margaret Hamburger Joan Hancock-Dow Kathryn and Brian Hanley Carrie Hansen Marilyn Hansen John Harrington KJ Harstad Patricia Hartford Mirae Hassler Mary Hauenstein JoAnn Hawkins Nora Hayes Melissa Hazel Kathleen Heinze Katherine Heise Laura Helmueller Curtis Hennemann Joan Henry Kristen Henry Allen Hester Erik Hinkie Kamarra Hobson Ella Hoffman Kelsey Hokenson Marion Holly Judy Holmquist Ann Holwell Tina Houareau Audrey House Hayden Howland Mary Hunter Cheryl Huss Jennifer Jacobson James and Mary Fignar Kathleen Jesme Allison Johnson Ken Johnson Lucy Johnson Trenece Jones Kelly Jozwowski Karen E. Kalewski

UP TO $99

Mary Kaminski Millicent Kasal Harpreet Kaur Casandra Kautzman Barbara Kessler Naaima Khan Judge Mary Louise Klas Greg and Chris Knopff Crystal Kory Kristen Kranzler Sara Krasny Ann Kuitunen Garrett Kunz R. Michael Lacy Beatrice Laizer Alexandra Lapides Elizabeth Larsen Kristen Larson John Lesch Claire Lienesch Dallas Lindgren Susan Long Nicole Lovold-Egar Jo Ellen Lundblad Megan Magnuson Robert and Helen Mairs Sheila Maki Donald and Abby Marier Marilynn Thaney and Karen Mahler Mary and Mary Holmes Mary Kay and John Bailey Brian Mason Stacia Mason John Mathews Monica Mauritson Amy McDonough Julie McDonough Joy and David McElroy Mary Sylwester McKay Kim McKeage Lauren McKliget Andrew E McNattin Marjorie Medley Rosa Mejia Lynn Mellang Phyllis Merrill Patty Michaud Jeanette Milgrom Amy Miller Laura Miller Margaret L. Miller Kimberly Mills Community Shares Minnesota Mary Minton Mary-Helen Mische MN Doll & Toy Collectors Club Jean Moede Jill Moes Molly Moonen-Hohn Nancy Morales Lisa Mountain Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Lenore Jensen Zoe Mullendore Patricia M. Mullenix

UP TO $99

Mary J. Murphy-Kerr Susan Myers Sarah Nargang Judy Neece The Beavers Music Nikki Nefstead Mary Newell Jean Oalkers Jennifer Oie Kathleen Oker Beth Olenius Kelly Olmstead Kristen Olsen David Olson Donna Marie Oman Stormi Oman Margie O'Neill Elisabeth O'Toole Katie and Jeff Pan Patrick and Elizabeth Chartraw Susan Pearson John and Nancy Penn Laura Peters Josh Peterson Vi Phung Laura Pittner Deb Pleasants Courtney Poja Beverly P Propes Mike Pumroy Pure Romance Laura Randall Shanda Reetz Caitlin Reid John C. Repp Sara Rice Liz Richards Kevin Riordan Andrea Roads Peter Robella Julia W. Robinson Shelley and Michael Robshaw Cori Rogers Kelly Rosemark Chelsea Rosendale Mary Rozwadowski Thomas W Rupp Mary Russell Catherine L Ryan Gigi Sadat-Hendi Vernessa Sain Brian Sampson Nancy Scanlan Heidi Schallberg Pamela Schmid Dirk and Tamara Schmitz Mary Schrankler Jacqueline Schroeder Rachel Schromen Benedict John Schweigert Derek Sciacca Tracy Sciacca Linda J. Seifried Karen Shapiro Elizabeth Shippee Amelia Shoptaugh Marjory Singher Jill Skogheim

UP TO $99

Hilary M. S. Smith Michon True Smith St. Paul 1st Seventh Day Adventist Paul Steiner Jeffrey Stephenson Sarah Jane Stewart Dameun Strange Sonya Sustacek Suzy & Paul McCoy Andrew H. Thomford Chris Tolbert Balinda Tomczak Matthew Toupal JoAnn Trygestad Jane E. Tschida Karla Ugalde University of St. Thomas Holly Urban Judy Urban Myra Van Delist Nancy Van Dyke Eric J. and Kathleen A. Vande Berg Mary Vanderwert Janie Vang Jody Vetsch Kathryn Vogel Barb Waldschmidt Robert Wales Michael Wallace Janet Walsh Leanne Walter Ashley Ward Dianne Ward Erin Washington Ginny Watkins Kelly Watkins Robin Weber Kathleen Weiss Julie Wells Matt Whitt Lori Whittaker Susan Kay Wiegand Vanhatten Cheryl Wilke Karen Williamson Ardith Wilson Lorelei Wilson Somah Yarney Al Zdrazil Anna Zeck Kathleen Ziegler Kate Zieman Anna Zwirn




Between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

Between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

Estelle Brouwer, Executive Director* Babette Jamison, Executive Director** Mandie Kender, Director of Programs & Services JoAnn Hawkins, Director of Operations & HR Ellie O'Brien, Director of Finance Lauren Rimestad, Director of Development Shirley Johnson, Facilities Manager Nikki Beasley, Programs Manager

Jill Johnson, Uproar Consulting, Chair Karen Nancekivell, Treasurer John Steiner-Manning, Minnesota Private College Council, Secretary Janice Barker, Ramsey County Attorney’s Office Liz Boyd, Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library Matt Fisher, SPC Companies**** Dr. Tanya Gladney, University of Saint Thomas**** Kathryn Hammond, Business Consultant Aya Johnson, Bush Foundation***

*Began June 2017 **Left December 2016

Sgt. David McCabe, St. Paul Police Department Anisha Murphy, Northside Economic Opportunity Network**** Erin Westerlund, Medtronic, Inc.

In the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year, Women’s Advocates’ paid staff included 24 full-time employees and seven part-time employees.

***Term ended in the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year ****Term began on July 1, 2017


The Opus Group encouraged the community to select the winner of the Gerry Rauenhorst Building Communities Award, which Women's Advocates won thanks to over 10,000 votes for our organization!

Mississippi Market's "Positive Change" Program benefited Women's Advocates in April 2017.

America's Fun Science was one of many community partners to visit the Children's Program.

COMMUNIT Y SUPPORT Women’s Advocates appreciates the dedication of volunteers at our shelter and in the community. Our meal service, governance, housekeeping, outreach, events, donation drives, landscaping, and children’s services benefited greatly from the donated time and energy of 522 caring volunteers last year. In addition to board members and the various other community partners with whom we collaborate, we would like to thank the following individuals and groups for their volunteer service in the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year: Groups:


House of Hope Presbyterian Church

Macalester College

Toni Brezina

Alpha Chi Omega - University of MN

MacPhail Center for Music

Laurie Larsen

Delta Tau - Hamline University

Marsh, Inc.

Lucy Moran


St. Catherine University

Joan Perkins

Hamline University


Laura Utley


University of St. Thomas

Order of the Eastern Stars

University of Central Oklahoma

Volunteers gave 3,352 hours of service in the year, equaling the time of

1.6 full-time employees

5 8 8 Gra nd Ave nue , S a in t Pa u l, M i nne so t a 55102 wa d voca t e s. or g f a c e b o o k . com /wa d voca t e s Admin 651.227.9966 2  4 Hour Crisis Line 651.227.8284

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Womens Advocates Annual Report 2016-2017  

Womens Advocates Annual Report 2016-2017  


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